Best Ziplock Treat Bags Wedding

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1. SAILING GO Translucent Chocolate Wrapping Stickers

SAILING GO Translucent Chocolate Wrapping Stickers

Good seal, reuse, recyclable, odorless, and absorbent are some of the other features. The bag has a black dot decoration. The bag has no self-adhesive seal function. A sticker with a white pattern on black paper. 100 bags, 100 black stickers, and white ribbon are packed. There are no other decorative items. It's suitable for packaging homemade biscuits, candy, cakes, chocolate, snacks, doughnuts, etc. Also suitable for small gifts. It's the best choice for gift and baking packaging. Business, gift, packaging, Occasion: The bag is 28.6 cm. Can I get 16 Swiss lotus chocolate? The bag is 28.6 cm. Can I get 16 Swiss lotus chocolate?

Brand: Srainbowpp

👤1. I liked the bags that came. The reason for the low review is that they were not pictured. I was very disappointed in that. The ones pictured seem to be able to sit on their own. There is no way I could get half of the treats in this bag. They were not as big as the picture showed. 2. The white ribbon shown is wide. The ribbon was very thin. * I won't order them again because they are misrepresented and really fraudulent. So disappointed. I needed them a few days after receiving them, so I used them. 3. I liked the bags themselves. They looked cute after making the bows. They were not what I thought they would be.

👤I rarely leave reviews but this product was so good that I had to highlight the high quality of the bags and the seal stickers. Very professional appearance.

👤My favorite packaging has been bought in a while. Cute and good value. It holds about 6 cookies. No more than that. There are 3-4 large cookies. Will not hold anything more than that. One large brownie of muffin size will be held.

👤These were the things I needed to give my teachers for the holiday season. The bags have a hint of design. The hand made stickers and ribbon made the bombs look extra special. I would recommend them. Good size, quality, and value!

👤The bags are strong and they do not leave butter in cookies. The bags do not have a flat bottom to stack cookies. I can fit 6 bags of cookies. I didn't use the ribbon. If you need to adjust, the bag material is easy to remove. If shipping adds packing material, it will prevent crushing.

👤The bags were easy to use. I used to make bows out of the ribbon. The process of attaching bows and a sealed bag was really nice. My only sad detail is missing bags. I only received 96 of the 100 bags that were stated in the description. I needed 100. I should have opened and counted before filling. If the count was correct, I would have given this product 5 stars.

👤I was looking for something safe to serve and show to our guests at our son's wedding because of the virus situation. The bags were perfect. They kept the candy fresh and people could see the traditional way of wrapping them. My son and his fiancĂ©e loved them all and we received a lot of compliment from their guests. Thanks to Amazon. It came quickly and on good conditions.

👤These are inexpensive but still look good for packaging a large number of gifts. The bags are as described with the exception of the ribbon which is half the width. Once the side gussets are opened, the measurements are accurate. If the contents are pushed to the bottom of the bag, it will stand. They hold 2 cups of nuts but are not wide enough to hold many cookies. If the stickers are lifted from the wide end and pulled toward the narrow end, they won't tear.

2. Resealable Cellophane Bakery Candle Cookie

Resealable Cellophane Bakery Candle Cookie

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee - No Conditions - Your satisfaction is guaranteed. These bags are strong and protective and will keep your treats fresh and tasty for a long time. A set has 300 PCS, which is good for packing. The high quality 1.4mil thick cello bags can easily hold dried fruit, nuts, candies, cookies and other snacks. They're great for storing arts and crafts materials. The seal strip that protects the contents is Grease resistant and FDA and USDA compliant. If you have any questions in the purchases, do not hesitate to contact them, they will be able to solve your problems one-on-one.

Brand: Neoact

👤They are much thinner than I expected and for the price. It is like a cling wrap that is not as thick as when you get cookies or baked goods at bakeries. They use them for handmade items so they do the trick.

👤I bought these to protect my nails. They fit all of the sizes. I felt it was important to protect the edges of the packages when they are in a container back to back, as they tend to catch on each other and cause damage. This protects from spills.

👤The 5x7 is the perfect size for masks. Very clear. I bought the 4x6 for cookies. Will buy again.

👤These bags hold a lot. I use them for my business and they look professional, stay sealed and hold a lot! I love them!

👤I used these to hold candy for a wedding. The appearance of the bags is excellent. These are easy to seal. The bags were neatly sealed when adjustments were needed. They are also useful for storing and protecting small items.

👤A couple of little pinwheel sandwiches are in the right place. It is a good size for a child's birthday party to keep people from touching each other. We skipped the birthday party for a 2 year old who didn't have a first birthday party because people were afraid of Covid and we wanted to help prevent it.

👤I use the bags to ship my masks. They are the right size. I like the fact that they are resealable in case I need to add a note to the mask before mailing it. They make my masks look professional and clean, so I use them for masks I give away.

👤These are the things I need to put my handcrafted items in the polymailers. Work well. I use them for what they are sturdy enough for.

3. BakeBaking Wow06 Adhesive Christmas Decorative

BakeBaking Wow06 Adhesive Christmas Decorative

100% money-back guarantee. They're confident you'll love their bags just as much as they do. If you don't want to exchange your order, contact them and they'll give you a full refund. Food grade safe cello bags are made from 100% new Oriented Polypropylene (OPP), non-toxic, odorless, and eco-friendly. ICKER AND STRONGER. 3x5 inches, not including the flap, and not Gusseted bottom, have excellent quality, keeping the food and treats fresh and tasty for longer. There is a wide gaping hole. A variety of snack nuts, biscuits, candy, and other items can be packaged with self-sealing sticks. The package is called a sled. The pack of 200 cello bags is great for keeping the store fresh and convenient. Home and Kitchen must-haves include gift wrapping, bakery package, wedding party favor, and home and kitchen. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. They are confident that you will like their plastic clear cello bags, and that you will buy them from them. They want to keep you happy.

Brand: Bakebaking

👤I've been purchasing these bags from Amazon for almost a year and they've always been the same high quality cello bags. The last time I ordered these, I just clicked the Reorder button, and this time I received a bag from Bion Now, which was terrible. The bags are not 11x14. They are 11x12 I'm stuck using them until I can get better ones. I don't understand why the Reorder button is linked to another seller and product that I have never ordered from before. It felt like a bait and switch. I hope this is fixed by Amazon.

👤The product is consistent. I have ordered it 4 times. The first time I saw the product, it was exactly what I expected. The second time after increasing the amount I purchased. The bags were made of plastic and had strips on them. Very low quality. The product was the same as it was the first time, I thought maybe they just didn't have them in stock to accommodate a larger purchase, but I received it again. I received my fourth order of the same product. High quality again. I was charged 200 for the 50 I was sent. The company is the same every time.

👤The bag is perfect for my baked goods. I need a high quality bag for presentation of my cookies. My cookies fit perfectly in the bag. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it.

👤I don't know how this is called accessible. This is not. It doesn't have a seal to open and close. I don't understand how many good reviews it has if the advertised item doesn't work out. I'm returning a cheap item. I am going to have to return an item I bought because I am going to have to use Xoom 100 every time. Garbage bags that are non-resealable!

👤Exactly what I needed. My daughter had a Harry Potter themed party and we gave her treat bags with various Honey Dukes inspired candy including Chocolate Frog and whizzbees. We have to get these out of the bag with all the other candy or it will melt. I bought the smaller bags to put the frog and bees in. They were put in the larger treat mag. It was perfect.

👤The product is cheap, but the material they use to cover the glue is terrible. The piece of plastic you have to peal off is cheap and static, and it comes with the cheap material. After just a few, you can see my glove. It covered my gloves, hands, table, and pants after I peaked at 50 or so. This makes it incredibly difficult to do high quantities. I think it's a good idea to go for a slightly more expensive product that invests more in the covering. It will allow you to spend more time with your team.

👤These were perfect for the kids' party. The 5x7 size was purchased by me. They'd be perfect for a lot of cookies. I am pleased with the quality.

4. MoloTAR 1 4mil Cellophane Cookies Candies

MoloTAR 1 4mil Cellophane Cookies Candies

The package includes 100 x gold heart bags. Food grade safe is 100% new Oriented Polypropylene (OPP), non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly and clear than PP plastic bags. 5 random colors twines are 3.5 inches long and are great for making bags and accessories for your wedding, birthday party, cake pops, lollipop, candy making, more than 100 count in package. Strong bags have excellent vapor blocking properties, keeping the food and treats fresh, extends the shelf life. 200 treat bags with 200 twist ties in a re-sealable bag are an economical package. Birthday, Wedding, Party, Home and Kitchen must-haves. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee - No Conditions - Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Brand: Molotar

👤You can't beat these for the price. These bags are very nice and can be used for anything. I wanted to put cookies in as treats. The bags were a little larger for my cookies, but I folded them and heat sealed them, and they worked perfectly! It is perfect for bake sales or just leaving a treat bag to make someone special.

👤The bags were used to line the inside of the favor boxes. I needed something that was tall enough to hold a pencil. I have extras left for the next time because these worked perfectly. Our party theme was red gold and silver, so the twist ties were related to that.

👤The bags are of good quality. I like the fact that they don't have any marks on them, just clear bags. I used them for party favor treat bags. You could put cookies in them or small loaves of bread.

👤The bags are great. I package popcorn.

👤These fit my cookies perfectly. It came with twist ties.

👤These wrappers are great for royal icing cookies. The twist ties are weak and hard to separate, so I don't use them. I like ribbons for a professional look. The cellophane is strong.

👤I paid over $10 for 100 flimsy bags, which is a lot of money for a poor quality bag, but I thought they might be a bit stronger from reading other reviews. They are an added negative bonus because they come from China. Next time I go shopping at a Michael's store, I'm completely unhappy with this purchase.

👤The bags were not usable for what I needed them for. I contacted Amazon to get my money back. The bags seemed to be decent quality.

👤It was the right set for my birthday.

5. BagDream Bakery Window 3 54x2 36x6 7 Inches

BagDream Bakery Window 3 54x2 36x6 7 Inches

The small bakery bags are 3.54x2.36x7. A window bag is a good gift for roasted coffee beans, cookies, trail mix, popcorn, candy bar, and other goodies. The laminated Poly Liner keeps the contents fresh. There was no grease from butter cookies. When writing on cookie bags, there is no bleeding or smearing. The design is unique. Metal tabs are suitable for storing. The viewing window is a good place to look at your stuff. The little party favor bags are better than plates or cups for the reason that guests could seal and take home. BagDream paper bags can be recycled. The window bag is made of paper and can be removed with a tin tie. Multiple uses. These bags are perfect for holding handmade laundry soap, dog treat business and other things. A logo sticker or some cute labels could be used.

Brand: Bagdream

👤I was surprised at how small they were. I thought they were going to be bigger. As it turned out, they were perfect. I was amazed at how well they were made. I bought them to hold brittle for Christmas. They are perfect. The ties that close the bags are amazing. There is nothing cheap about these bags. I will be buying more from this company. I received them in a day. I wish the company was as good as this one. I have ordered many bags to put kids' toys in and while they may be bright and pretty, they are not worth the hassle. Not this company. I'm happy I found them. I tell everyone to buy from them.

👤The bags looked small but when I filled them with pub mix and popcorn they were perfect. The oil from snacks did not stain the brown bag I filled two days before the baby shower, because they were lined. The roll top kept the snacks fresh. I would buy again.

👤These were perfect. These were perfect for making s'mores bags for my birthday party. They are safe and cute. It's perfect for favors and a great price. I highly recommend them.

👤Needed to make 50 Father's Day gifts. The bags were perfect for the price. I needed a window in the bag as well. I stuffed each bag with goodies stickers and mustaches. The wire at the top made it easy to fold over and down, then squeeze closed.

👤These are great. I wanted to put peanut brittle in Christmas gifts. It was very easy to assemble them with the roll down top. The recipient can see the candy in the bags and the bags are fresh. I will use them again in the future.

👤I wanted to get away from using the typical treat bags and found this product while browsing. You don't need separate ties for this, it's built in. I was surprised at the size because I didn't bust out my ruler to check the dimensions. I was the one who didn't check. The product was of high quality. It is easy to use. Would purchase again.

👤The candy table at our wedding was perfect for these. It is the perfect size for people to carry some candy. You don't want to put a lot of candy in a bag because it's going to go fast.

👤Good size. It was going to be too tall to be used as a goody bag. It was perfect! I put a chocolate bomb and some trail mix in them and they held up.

6. SumDirect 3 5x4 7 Drawstring Organza Christmas

SumDirect 3 5x4 7 Drawstring Organza Christmas

It is easy to close the bags. The gold heart pattern is attractive. Great for favors, watches, chains, merchandising, bracelets, weddings, stones, gifts, crafts, jewelry, parties, sachets,credit card,business card and so on. Approx. size. 9 x 12 cm is the measurement of 3.5 x 4.7inches. The package includes 100 x gold heart bags.

Brand: Sumdirect

👤I have ordered this product many times. This is the only product I receive that is of good quality. And quanity. I get 100 if I order 100. These are the ones to order if you want quality and quanity without an issue.

👤It's perfect for shipping my Lipsense products. I'll be shipping in style. ... They are a perfect pink with gold hearts.

👤So cute! I use these for jewelry sales and gifts for friends and relatives. I received hearts this time. They're inexpensive and a nice touch for someone to receive. The quality is pretty good and there is a good mix of colors. Would recommend!

👤I love them. I am very happy about this purchase. There is something unique about giving a card to a child. I use holidays for that reason because I love giving gifts. This year I'm giving these to my work buddies, full of sweets and pens, as well as interesting doo-dads. I haven't had any trouble with the drawstrings yet, and I've used about 15 now. I don't mind that these are very thin bags and there is a small amount of metallic hearts. I would never be happy if I let that stuff get me down.

👤These bags are very pretty. They did a great job with these bags. The pull strings are strong and the gold on the bags is flawless. I use these bags to put items from my business in when shipping to my customers and it serves its purpose for me. I get a lot of praise for these little bags. Great purchase. I will definitely buy again.

👤I bought these to hold small chocolates for my staff. I needed two packages of 100 piece units to make 150. They were consistent in size and color. I placed 8. Hershey could have gotten in another 2 without feeling like it was too full. These would work well as part of a wedding guest gift bag, or as part of a set of earrings or small jewelry for gifts or selling at a show.

👤I used them to put kisses in my baby shower. They looked great! I didn't worry about the mesh falling apart because it was thin. There was only one ribbon tie string that had an issue because the threads were not put on it correctly. The gold hearts put it over the top. I put 9 kisses in the bag and it looked good. You can add more than that.

👤The ribbon is faulty and 1/3 of these don't close. The majority of them are cut on angles. I have less than 5 days to get married. I would have paid more for a set that made a nicer impression if I had known they were irregular and nonfunctional.

👤These bags are pretty. The variety of colors were lovely. I filled them with sweets and they went down a treat.

👤The product is cheap and great for packing gifts. I have a small business and my customers love it.

7. Sannigora 200pcs Resealable Adhesive Cellophane

Sannigora 200pcs Resealable Adhesive Cellophane

When you order from them. You will receive 100 cookie bags and 100 thank you stickers. Food grade safe is 100% new Oriented Polypropylene (OPP), non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, clear than PP plastic bags and can protect your food well. Grease is FDA and USDA compliant. TheICKER AND STRONGER: 6'' x 9'' inches, not including the flap, is sold in a pack of 200.stronger bags have excellent vapor blocking properties, keeping the food and treats fresh. The strip protects the contents from dust, bugs, moisture, and mildew. The OPP bag is easy to use and can keep food fresh longer. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the Cellophane Bag set, so you can be confident in buying it. They want to keep you happy.

Brand: Sannigora

👤This product is for a lollipop idea. The bag is clean and clear and the glue works well. It continues to stick after opening even though my idea did not work out how I wanted it to. It would be great for a treat. A personalized sticker or logo sticker is a very professional and personal looking product. If I make cookies or other goodies for gift giving, I would buy this again, even though it didn't work out for my project.

👤We used them for a lot of projects at Christmas. They did a great job. They were easy to seal. The bags did not split apart. I will buy them again.

👤The glue is holding it all together. It's perfect, but at least 2 have ripped along the seams. I've used about 50 so far. Works well. The brown cards are inside. It fits perfectly.

👤The Sannigora bags are what I need to order. If you want a thick, durable bag, you should do the same thing. I put light items in the bags and crammed them into them. The ability to reseal with ease! I reopened at least 3xs of the bags and each time the bags were easy to open and resealed as if I was using them for the first time. The bag looks professional. I paid nothing for hundreds of bags. Can't beat that! Sannigora. I tried others. I won't reorder them if Sannigora bags are not available. This has been a very positive review by an Amazon customer. I love AMAZON. Jeff is awesome. The man is Bezos. Yes, too!

👤I used them to hold the personalized M&M's I got for my sons high school graduation open house as a party favor. They sealed it perfectly. Not a single seam failed. There were lots of nice things to say about how they looked. I ordered them to hold my Color Street sample kits, which include a 2-pack of nail strips, a small wooden cuticle pusher, mini nail file, nail prep pad, nail polish remover pad, and 2 different business cards. It was perfect! The professional and attractive look I have gotten a lot of praise for. They are flat as well. Will order again when I run out.

👤The bags are used to package cookies. They work well for their intended purpose but the strip covering the stick is hard to remove. It would be easier to remove if they made them a tad longer. It takes extra time and patience to remove the peel strip. If you're trying to package dozens of cookies at a time, it's not fun.

👤This is the perfect size for packing candy. The strip closes well, but is a bit fiddley. My method is to put the filled portion of the bag in a packet and then use the strip at the top to close it. I put a label on top to keep it in place. When you open the bag, the sides might split. The seams hold up well.

8. Ziplock Resealable Sealing Plastic Birthday

Ziplock Resealable Sealing Plastic Birthday

It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the Cellophane Bag set, so you can be confident in buying it. They want to keep you happy. Their clear plastic bags are made of high quality plastic. Good protection and display for your goods is provided by a non-toxic, odorless, and food grade safe. The bags are very strong. 400 zip lock plastic bags are 2 mils thick and are completely waterproof, and have excellent vapor blocking properties. These clear bags can package biscuits, candy, with self-sealing and need not twist ties, and can be used for many times. Their small poly bags can be used for many things, including saving pills, small jewelry, cookies, photos, candy, small soaps, party favors, varieties of snacks, buttons, beads, coins, paperclips, fishing set ups, earbuds, screws, bolts, and more. It's perfect for storing, keeping, and protecting your goods. They are great for industrial, food service and medical industry applications. They'll give you a satisfaction guarantee, so you'll love their bags just as much as they do. If you don't want to exchange your order, contact them and they'll give you a full refund. They'll give you a satisfaction guarantee, so you'll love their bags just as much as they do. If you don't want to exchange your order, contact them and they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: Rkzct

👤The bags that the stones come in for diamond paintings are not usually ziplock, and if they are they are thin and hard to work with. When I'm working on the diamond paintings, I bought these to keep the stones in. They are easy to use.

👤These are perfect for organizing my leftover diamond dots. They are easy to open and close.

👤We have used them for many things. My husband will take medicine in his gym bag. I used them when our dogs were sick and had different dosages of pills. I labeled the bags with the dog's name, date, and time. It's much easier to ask if the dogs have their meds yet. I have used them to take dog treats in my purse or pocket. They are great for the little round Bandaids that get lost in the bottom of the box. I will be using them to decorate ornaments. They will get their own bag so they won't go to waste. We will have more variety next year.

👤These are nice bags. The size you are ordering is important. There is a The 3.5 x 5 headlline is the outside dimensions so subtract. There is a The size of the interior is 3.5 x 4.5. It's great for sorting.

👤These are good. I don't have to bring 20 pill bottles to work with me, I just bring a few baggies and sort out my blood pressure meds in one and keep a few bags with me. It can fit a few days worth of pills in this size.

👤Small Zip Lock bags are not worth much. They are perfect for coin storage. If you have a lot of coins, you can package them and store them in a box. I used it to mail a lot of coins.

👤I work on crafts. These are perfect for a lot of things. My things are organized. Small pieces are being stored. I use them for small samples. These are hard to find in stores. I found them on Amazon.

👤These are the right size. They work well and seal well. I can only bring candy to my wedding. That was an easy fix because of this.

9. Adhesive Plastic Transparent Reclosable Packaging

Adhesive Plastic Transparent Reclosable Packaging

100 gold chocolate wrapping foil sheets are included. PRUDUCT: The bag is 4 x 4 inches. There are 200 bags. 2 mils is the material. The plastic is thick. Virgin materials were used for USDA approved applications. There is a multi- function. It's ideal for party packaging cookies, snack nuts, candy, chocolate,biscuits, marriage gifts, and gift cards. The quality is high. The bags are suitable for a variety of uses. It's waterproof, durable, portable, and friendly. Best gift is suitable for birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year gift and etc. It's perfect for daily or commercial use. It's ideal for cookies, biscuits, desserts, candy, chocolate, any snacks, or dried flower. Your customers will be impressed with a unique design.

Brand: Aootoosport

👤They were billed as if they would fit a regular cookie. They are very small and would not fit two oreo cookies. If the treats weren't inserted right, the seams would split easily. I wish I could have returned them.

👤It was cute, but I thought it would be bigger. I looked at the size prior to buying, but it doesn't work like that since it puffs up when put in a taller bakery. The part is sticky. Along with the strength. The design is too large. Not enough. It was hard to tell the design and wording of my mooncakes from the bags. I had to move the bag to avoid the design. This would be good if you want to wrap plain things.

👤I baked cookies for a benefit and put them in one of the bags. In the past I let guests choose a cookie and hand someone their donation, but with Covid the individual bags were a must. It was easy and fast to assemble with the help of the glue. The bags made the display look a little more professional and I think individual packaging will be required for some time. I will buy again.

👤These bags are perfect for giving out small snacks. My son was going to use these for his treats on February 14th, but after dipping them in chocolate, they no longer fit. I plan to give out sugar cookies before school ends. They seal perfectly and do not have any sticky messes. Very smart. The finish is matt type. It is a nice touch.

👤These bags are cute, but they tear easily when you put small things inside. I use them for craft items that are small and do not weigh a lot, and before I can put the item in, it tears on the side. I will not buy these again.

👤Baggies did not hold a cookie without it falling apart.

👤It's a shame that almost every bag opens at the seams. I had to use a few to put a cookie in a bag, otherwise I would have returned the whole lot. It's a waste of money.

👤I love the ones that stay seamed. That's not so cute. The seams are easy to pull apart. I wondered about the side seam, so I ordered double. You need two hands and patience to take the plastic strip off the seal. They are really cute. I might order more, but I need to order double of what I need.

10. Adhesive Resealable Cellophane Individual Stickers

Adhesive Resealable Cellophane Individual Stickers

If you have any questions in the purchases, do not hesitate to contact them, they will be able to solve your problems one-on-one. High quality. Their cookie bags are made of OPP plastic, which is odor-free and non-toxic, and can be used for your daily or commercial use. White dot bags are more festive than plain bags and are ideal for Christmas goodies, birthdays or wedding favors. Thank you for your kindness. 100 white dot treat bags come with 100 thank you stickers to make it easier to seal them. Show your friends and family that you put a lot of thought into arranging the cookie bags. There is aIOUS application. These cookie bags are ideal for cookies, brownies, small slices of pie, candies, and other baked goods. When you order from them. You will receive 100 cookie bags and 100 thank you stickers.

Brand: Flytt

👤The cookie bag is sturdy and nice. I was able to open it and seal it. I was able to put 2 cookies in the bag.

👤I was not sure about the size. I used the little bags to make favor boxes. I hesitated before purchasing the 3.9x3.9. There is a smaller size that could have worked as well. I got this size because the reviews mentioned another person trying to fit an Oreo but it was a tight fit. The size was perfect and I was happy to do it. Extra stickers were included as well. The bags added a nice touch to the favor boxes.

👤These bags are great. The bags are a little matt so they don't have a lot of shine. They have a solid seal. Once you open them, you can reseal them. Two reeses peanut butter cups were added. The thank you stickers are of the highest quality. They do not rip off easily. I would recommend it.

👤There was a strange smell to the packaging. The smell of the cookie bags doesn't seem to be in the packaging. I didn't notice that the ribbons weren't going to be included.

👤I love this item. They were used for a bake sale. They looked great on our table and were sturdy. Our product didn't get wet even after we were caught in a storm.

👤I had to remove the paint pen from the sides of the bags because they didn't stain.

👤The size was small for what I needed. I thought they were a little bigger, but they were fine. I will use the bigger bags on smaller treats.

👤When you don't want everyone touching all of the cookies, I used these for cookies. The kids loved them because they were cute and good quality. Would use them again.

11. Hallmark Valentines Wrapped Classroom Parties

Hallmark Valentines Wrapped Classroom Parties

At LastObject, they are dedicated to creating sustainable alternatives to single-use items in pursuit of a cleaner environment. Their small team has become a group of Waste Warriors that share the same goal from all over the world. To eliminate single-use items all over the world. There are 15 favor bags in this paper bag set. Wide by 10. 38" high by 3. 38" deep. Paper treat bags are great for holding wrapped candy and snacks. It's great to have on hand for classroom parties, work or field trips. There are 15 red paper favor bags that have hearts, dots and white lettering. The gift bags are made with high-quality paper.

Brand: Hallmark

👤I was very disappointed in the product that came two days late, even though I ordered it, and it should have been on time. Most bags were ripped. The color was off and the quality was poor. I will not be buying again.

👤I liked these bags because they fit everything and have wiggle room. They are flimsy and can tear easily so be careful. I don't expect much care when opening the bags because they are going to kindergarten.

👤The bags are a good size, but I was not happy with the quality. These are very thin and flimsy, and the hallmark name usually means good quality. I bought different bags for my son's daycare party because I was worried they would tear too easily.

👤I did not want to spend a lot of money on classroom gift bags. I was surprised to find these on Amazon. Think of a brown sandwich bag with a beautiful print. These bags are so nice. I would do it again.

👤I bought these for a party and they were a hit. Each one had a small notebook on the bottom with some things on it. There were small red hearts on the items listed.

👤I made many treats and bought many of them in these bags. For my family. They were sturdy and the size of lunch bags. I folded the tops over and punched two holes to keep them closed. Highly recommended.

👤This is amazing. I can fit a snack pack in my purse.

👤I needed a bag for my kids neighborhood friends to put candy in, these worked perfectly.


What is the best product for ziplock treat bags wedding?

Ziplock treat bags wedding products from Srainbowpp. In this article about ziplock treat bags wedding you can see why people choose the product. Neoact and Bakebaking are also good brands to look for when you are finding ziplock treat bags wedding.

What are the best brands for ziplock treat bags wedding?

Srainbowpp, Neoact and Bakebaking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for ziplock treat bags wedding. Find the detail in this article. Molotar, Bagdream and Sumdirect are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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