Best Xtra Large Wedding Gift Bags

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1. Hallmark Engagements Anniversaries Christmas Valentines

Hallmark Engagements Anniversaries Christmas Valentines

The large bag is 42 cm x 31 cm x 12 cm. The large gift bag is approximately 10 feet wide by 13 feet high and 5.7 feet deep, perfect for holding books, clothing, electronics, picture frames or a collection of smaller items. Beautiful design. A pretty wedding gift bag features a white background with a gold foil heart with glitter accents, perfect for weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers and vow renewals. Purchase includes a gift bag with 3 sheets of white tissue paper to make wrapping gifts quick and easy. AOCKET: CARD POCKET. The bag has a patented card holder pocket that will keep your card front and center. ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly gift bags are made from high-quality paper.

Brand: Hallmark

👤The description said green, but the picture is blue. It's perfect for a bridal shower gift. Thanks for fast delivery.

👤A pretty bag! It arrived perfect condition and I love the colors.

👤It was crinkled on the bottom.

👤Would order again. Great size and strength. Very pretty.

👤The most beautiful gift bag I have ever seen.

👤The bag was very nice.

👤A nice bag. Good quality and appearance.

👤There were a few fold marks on the golden heart part of the bag.

2. BagDream Debbie Shopping Mechandise Recycled

BagDream Debbie Shopping Mechandise Recycled

If you don't feel better after taking one tablet every 4 to 6 hours, you can take two tablets. Paper bags are Eco-friendly. BagDream paper bags can be recycled. The bags are made from 100% recycled paper. There is a FSC complaint. BagDream paper bags are green. Premium paper bags. These sturdy gift bags are made of a heavy weight of paper and have well constructed paper twist handles. The flat solid bottom makes it easy to stand and no stray glue is needed. You can unleash your creativity. The white bags are decent, with a nice blank finish to either decorate or embellish with your children, or paint for different holiday needs. The BagDream can be used to represent your business or even be used as a logo. There are bags for shopping. 10x5x13. The blank white bags with handles are the perfect size for a lot of things, which could be used for gift bags, retail bags, welcome bags, merchandise bags, grocery bags and shopping bags. Shopping is worry-free. They don't want their valued customers to be disappointed. If you have a reason you're not happy with their products, email them and they'll fix it. The hassle of shipping the bags back is why you should keep the paper bags.

Brand: Bagdream

👤This is a great value. These were needed for employee appreciation gifts. When I found these on Amazon, I was excited but skeptical. All can say is amazing. I have priced it at least 2x. I haven't used yet so I can't speak to the durability. They look and feel the same as all other bags. All 100 were delivered in one delivery. You have to buy 15 or 20 at a time.

👤We use these in our shop where we sell honey, wine and tea and have not had a bag fail yet. They are very strong.

👤The product is good and the shipping was quick. I have tried to reduce the impact of one use products and as I deplete most of my Christmas gift bags and give most family and friends fabric shopping bags used as gift bags I decided to try these as they can be reuse, individually decorated, can carry food gifts and eventually recycled. I am happy with the purchase.

👤The packaging on this order was the best I've ever seen. The bags were packed in their own box which was a snug fit and the bags weren't scattered all of the box. The bags are very sturdy. Will order them again.

👤I use them every year. I run a camp. I let each scout decorate these on day 1 with their own theme, then they use the bag all week long to collect whatever arts/craft they make or to store any little things they collect, then take home a bag full of goodies on the last day. If there are a lot of larger items, these are perfect for the amount of goodies we actually get and it's more impressive to take home a large bag of goodies at the end of the week than it is to take.

👤The paper is thin and flimsy. The bags are only appropriate for lightweight items.

👤Would not buy again. I bought these for holiday gift sets for work and it was like 1 out of every 5 bags had a handle that wasn't attached to the bag, which renders the bag useless. There are better options. Not recommended.

👤These bags were amazing. We used a strong handler. I painted one side of the bags and put a 32oz cup and some snacks inside. I love these bags.

3. 30Pack Pattern Wedding Business Supplies

30Pack Pattern Wedding Business Supplies

You can write your wishes on the back of the cards with warm words printed on the front. Good luck can be brought by the angel design favors set. Please confirm the size before you place your order. The piece is 4.5 x 1.7 x 3.8 inches. The size of the bag is smaller than expected. The mini gift bags set has boxes with bowknot. Any gift can look very high-end with them. The gold foil thank you printed and marble pattern and silk bowknot decor is very cute and unique. The wedding gift bag has a beautiful thank you logo. The small gift bags bulk is made of high-quality 280g/m2 high-quality kraft paper, thick, not easy to deform and tear, waterproof. It's suitable for all occasions and can be used as christmas candy bags, gift bags, shopping bags, gift bags, kraft paper bags, retail bags and commodity bags. It can be used to store small items.

Brand: Dechisy

👤My lighting makes my photos look off, but they look exactly like the manufacturers picture. They were very cute for my baby shower. There was no instructions and I had to figure out how to fold them and make a bow in 15 minutes, which was a 4 star rating. I don't know if they are worth the price, but they are made of very good quality. I wish they had a slightly bigger size because I was aware of it before ordering.

👤The small gift boxes are nice, but you have to form the box and tie the bow. A small sheet of tissue paper is what they could use. Only good for small items. They are used for gift cards or tips for my delivery people.

👤It was a nice presentation. Fast delivery. Tksssss

4. Gift Mate 21174 2 2 Piece Drawstring

Gift Mate 21174 2 2 Piece Drawstring

ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly gift bags are made from high-quality paper. The bag is 35" long and 38" high. Bonus gift tags are included. Wrap in seconds.

Brand: Gift Mate

👤The bag is large. I was surprised that this is a set of 2 jumbo bags, I didn't know it. There is a It is a bit disco. With a lot of natural light, it looks like metallic silver, but on pictures it looks like a rainbow. There is a If you have a heavy gift, it's just a square shape bag that is large enough to not rip if you misplace it. I would order a large gift bag with handles and tissue paper for a proper look, even though it will fit square items. Yes? There is one con. I tried to tie double bows with the large ribbon in the stock photo, but it was hard to see that it was too short. I think the size and thickness of the bow makes it feel more like a gift and I may look for a very thin ribbon with both jumbo bags. It took less than 3 minutes to wrap. 1. If your gift is not a box, you can use clear tape or double sided stick tape to make a more symmetrical presentation. 2. If you're like me, you should order a roll of very thick ribbon and save it for a small gift. The stock photo is grand but the thin ribbon is not.

👤It was worth the money. I wrapped a comforter set. It was a perfect fit. The ribbon was long enough to make a decent bow. The bag is large and strong. This is not just a trash bag. I would buy again.

👤I think this is the best purchase I have ever made on Amazon. The bag is perfect. The design is perfect for any occasion. I got it for a baby. There was room for more when I put a scooter, helmet and package together. It is easy to tie the bag shut. I need a set on hand so I ordered it again.

👤I put heavy gifts in these bags and they didn't rip. They are huge. It helps to wrap items that are weird. I couldn't get my gifts to look neat because they are square. I had to get a better fit. It's not easy to tie the small ribbon around the top. I used the ribbon to get the initial tying done and then tied a bigger ribbon and bow on top of it. The material is more shiny than the picture shows. It's bright and reflective. It's not a very subtle color for a wedding gift. I'll use them again. Maybe use the red or gold ones at Christmas.

👤This was bought for a bridal gift. It worked out great. The material is strong and durable. It was well made. The ribbon it came with looked very cheap, so I wouldn't give it 5 stars. I used my own ribbons when I threw it away. Almost perfect!

👤There is an insert in the bag on the front of the package. That isn't true. The opening of the bag is tied up with a ribbon.

5. LaRibbons Medium Size Gift Bags

LaRibbons Medium Size Gift Bags

LaRibbons gift bags are made with superior quality. Heavy duty glue makes the bag sturdy and reliable for every packing need. A set of 25 gift bags is 8 feet wide x 4 feet deep and 10 feet tall. The word "Thanks for celebrating with us" is written in gold foil on the double side. It's stylish design will make your gifts stand out from the crowd. Their excellent gift bags are perfect for birthdays, weddings, bridal or baby showers, graduations, housewarming, Christmas, or any holiday, party or important event. Convenient to use with handle design. You can decorate the gift bags with beautiful ribbons. Quality customer service. They will try their best to solve the problem if you have a question about products or orders.

Brand: Laribbons

👤I bought the bags for my daughter's wedding. They are being used to fill with goodies for people at the hotel. They are pretty. It was very sturdy and far nicer than I expected. Don't hesitate to buy them.

👤The akgift bags are very sturdy. Very classy. Our hotel guests were given welcome bags for our wedding. These were perfect! We fit a lot of things, including two waters, crackers, mints, and local items. Everything fit right. Highly recommended.

👤I had to stop preparing gifts for our guests because I was so impressed with these bags. These are not paper. They are very strong and thick. Guests will be receiving these on a boat. I am confident that they will protect the gifts that we will be giving. The pictures to follow...

👤I ordered 150 bags for my wedding guest because they are more expensive than I expected, but the bags are even better in person, they are sturdy and durable, and the way they look is more than I expected.

👤The bags were strong enough for us to put water bottles and other items in for our daughter's wedding. I had to open each bag and let the air out of it for 24 hours because they had a strong chemical smell when I opened the package. If you smelled inside the bag, the smell was only noticeable. It didn't move to the bag.

👤My daughter's navy and gold wedding was perfect for these. They were used for the welcome bags. They kept their shape even though they quit a bit of weight. They go great with the tissue paper.

👤These are some nice heavy duty bags. My birthday theme is relax and have good vibes. These bags are perfect. I ordered two sets of 24 bags. It came with more goodbye bags than it did with live love laugh bags.

👤I bought these for my brother's wedding. It was very nicely made for the cost. Highly recommended.

👤Sturdy bags. It's a good size to hold items.

👤I used these to give gifts to guests at my 50th anniversary celebration. Excellent quality bags and colour was perfect for the occasion. Gift bags and tissue paper were professionally done.

6. Floral Gift Bags Birthday Watercolor

Floral Gift Bags Birthday Watercolor

BagDream paper bags look a lot better than those plastic ones as gifts. These floral paper bags are a great way to wrap a birthday, wedding, baby shower, Christmas, or general gift-giving. Use the cute gift bags to create custom party favor bags, the festive pink flowers will complement your floral party decor. The small boho gift bags are made from high-quality paper with handles to make sure the contents stay inside the bag. The floral thank you bags are perfect for holding candy, toys, treats, goodies and small gifts for guests. There are 24 brown floral gift bags.

Brand: Juvale

👤The bags were used to hold favors. The handles are pink and the bag is brown, but the floral theme is so beautiful that it is ideal for this occasion. It is very sturdy and holds about 7 items inside, including a small water bottle and hand sanitizer bottle. We used tissue paper to line the inside. It's just beautiful and should be on your list. I put a thank you tag on the handle that said "thyme" to people who stopped by for the occasion. The greenery design on the bag was similar to the sprig of thyme.

👤I loved the bags. It was what I was looking for. It fit everything perfectly when used for baby shower favors.

👤The bags come with missing handles.

👤These bags were used to pack the lunches for the guests. They were perfect! We were nervous about putting on a wedding luncheon. These bags were very impressive. I will purchase from this seller again.

👤I used these bags to hold my wedding party necessities. The bags held up well to the weight of their contents after we added a few snacks, hand sanitizer, bug spray wipes, safety/bobby pins, etc. They are made from thick paper. The handles are flimsy and can pop through the holes, but I circumvented this issue by knotting the ribbons on those that were giving me problems. I highly recommend these because of the price and quality.

👤Great purchase. As shown, it is true to color. It is nice and sturdy. A beautiful print.

👤These are beautiful bags and they will work out great as a gift bag.

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I received the bags. The price is a steal for a nice quality gift bag. It is a good size for most items. When you try to find a cheap gift bag, it looks cheap, but it is actually more expensive than it is. I would get these again.

👤I was very pleased with the purchase. Good value gift bags. The gift was hidden with matching pink tissue paper.

👤These bags are great value.

7. Wedding Welcome Celebrating Handles Birthday

Wedding Welcome Celebrating Handles Birthday

If you have a complaint about this purchase, please contact them, their friendly customer service team will work hard to make you happy. Looking forward to your praise. Their wedding gift bags are made of fine paper, sturdy and not easy to break, which is fine workmanship and can be used again and again. The handle glue is tightly connected to make it strong and reliable, and you can use them with confidence. The medium size gift bags are designed with the words "Thanks for celebrating with us" printed on both sides in gold foil, with shiny gold dots at the bottom of the fonts, noble and elegant, which will make sure your merchandise and gifts stand out from the crowd. The practical handle of the gift bags for wedding allows you to comfortably carry your trivial items and bring you a pretty convenience in your daily life. White paper bags are ideal for birthdays, weddings, bridal or baby showers, graduations, housewarming, Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year's day or any holiday, party or important gathering event. The wedding welcome bags with handles should be about the same size. The right size for you to wrap snacks, gifts, candy, snacks, clothes, souvenirs and more is 25 x 20 x 10 cm/ 10 x 8 x 3 inches.

Brand: Chinco

8. Gift Bags Medium Size Shopping

Gift Bags Medium Size Shopping

Russian paper is not used by the eight. Most brands on Amazon are based in China. They source paper from local neighboring countries, rather than shipping it from the other side of the world, and they are proud to support jobs, people and economies in the US and countries in their part of the world. The medium size bulk gift bags are perfect for fun gift giving, retail checkout, shopping, parties, or conference give aways. Purchase your white bags with handles. White gift bags with handles bulk can be decorated with ink stamps, cutouts, watercolors, drawings, stickers, and more. There are plenty of craft paper gift bags to have fun with. The bags are made of a strong paper. The craft gift bags are a great solution for bulk paper gift bags. Use your white party gift bags with confidence. The bags are plain. You can decorate them as you please. The gift bags are strong.

Brand: Parker Eight

👤More than half of my bags are wrinkled because they were packed so tightly. I wanted a flat surface to stamp them on, but these are not the quality I want to pass on to my customers.

👤I bought this product to sell at shows. I put my company stickers on them. I have always used brown bags. We also sell a lot of rocks and minerals. The bags can get heavy when the boxes are put in them. I'm worried about holding up. The white seems to be thinner than the brown. They were counted out and stacked. They were wrinkled for me, too many bags for the boxed shipped. They had to get into the box so they had to have their bags wrinkled. I'm not sure if it will be a good idea to look for my company. They work well for gift giving. I think I will stick with the brown.

👤These bags were not damaged. They are a great buy for the money, but they came wrinkled and bent, and did not flatten out after a few hours, but they served their purpose. They were used to hold card kits. They did a good job.

👤I usually order through Uline, but I needed bags more quickly. The rating was high, but I should have read more reviews. I didn't. The bags arrived and they look okay, but they are much thinner than any similar bag I've purchased. They are stuck together at the bottom of the bags, so they don't know if they got wet or were manufactured wrong. When you open them, even gently with care, they tear a section of the paper so that there is a transparent spot which is 1/3 of the thickness of the paper stuck to the inside of the bag. I ruined about 6 of these trying to sort them out and I don't have time to replace them because I am leaving for my event tomorrow. I will be spending time tomorrow evening in a hotel opening stupid bags to make sure I don't rip them, so that I can have some ready for use in my booth, which would take way too long if I didn't open them. It's really bad. Do not order them. Unless you have a few hours to invest, go with Uline.

👤The bags are of high quality. I use them to package my purchases. Sometimes the product is very heavy. I don't want a customer to have their bag ripped and have their glass jars full of goodies all over the road. These bags hold my product. They are very pretty and well made. I will order them again.

👤The worst bags. They aren't glueing properly on the sides. Completely embarrassing for my clients.

👤The bags were all wrinkled and looked disorganized. I am not going to be able to use them at my store because they are creased.

👤I sell koozies through my business and purchased gift bags to place the products in which to sell to customers. I used a color laser printer to print the colored labels. I chose white paper bags because I knew the colored labels would catch the eye. And they did! The brand-name emphasis was added to what would have been a plain, white paper bag. I can't tell you how long the bags will last. I give them to people who don't know how to treat the bags. I can say that they are as thick as the brown bags used for "sack" lunches. Even with a few aluminum koozies in a bag, they seemed sturdy to me. The handles were attached to the bags. Unless I can find bags of the same quality for less, I will definitely be buying these again.

9. American Greetings Extra Large Wedding Tissue

American Greetings Extra Large Wedding Tissue

The heart bags can be used as a gift bag in many occasions to give the receiver a warm feeling, and it is also convenient to hold small objects such as jewelry, candy, lipstick, watches, earrings, bracelets. The gift bag is 12 in. x 5.75 in. x 15 in. Each sheet is 20 in. x 26 in. There are gift bags that can hold larger items. A gift bag with floral lace patterns, a gift tag, and a white bow and ribbon handles are included in the gift-wrap combo. It's perfect for weddings or any occasion.

Brand: American Greetings

👤I don't like the bags. The first one I used bursted and the candles I put in it fell through. I returned the rest of them. I was not sure if the candles were for heavy or the bags were just bad.

👤There are cute little gift bags. It's great for birthdays and February.

👤The bag was very disorganized, the ribbon was bent and creased all over it.

👤This set has complete gift packaging, including tissue paper to hide the opening and contents, for four gift packages. You get two sizes of bags, two of each size, and 15 sheets of tissue paper. The bags are simple red with a band of glitter red along the top of one side of the bag, as shown in the pictures on the product page. The red ribbon is attached to the bags via metal grommets. The bags have cardboard stiffeners in the bottom of them. The two smaller bags have inside dimensions of 7 L x 4 W x 10 H. The bags have cardboard stiffeners in the bottom. Some of the height should be reserved for tissue paper. These are not ideal for large round objects, but the limits for the small and large bags are about 22 and 31 inches, respectively. These are sturdy gift bags. Another winner from the same company. Really good stuff, but a bit spendy. Highly recommended! The American Greetings Red Christmas Gift bags have four gift bags and 15 sheets of tissue paper.

👤My wife likes the traditional gift wrap. There are always a lot of gifts which have no boxes, are odd shaped or otherwise are a challenge to wrap. The gift bag is a wise choice for all occasions. The American Greetings assorted gift bag set with tissue paper is a real bargain and will accommodate a wide variety and sizes of gifts. It is more economical to buy separate bags and tissue paper. There are two large bags. There are two medium bags that are 7” X 4” X 10” There are 15 sheets of tissue paper. The bags have red ribbons. There is a red sparkle trim at the top of each bag. It gives the illusion of glitter but there is no glitter. The bags are not going to tear around the eyelets because they have metal reinforcement. It's nice to have a few on hand for Christmas gifts because these bags are high quality and made with thick durable, glossy paper. They are suitable for any occasion where you want your gift to stand out.

👤The American Greetings set includes two large and two medium red gift bags. The bags are red, but the paper has a glitter print on one side. The paper is thick and has a nice finish. These gift bags are a shade of red and are nicer than average. These are bags for gifts for adults. These gift bags are handy as they fit gifts that are odd shapes or sizes, and I prefer to use wrapping paper for holiday gifts for my son and his young cousins. These gift bags are a big convenience when running low on time and energy, because they are faster and easier to use than paper. These are red and can be used for a gift for a loved one. The set includes 15 sheets of white tissue. These are good gift bags. 4 out of 5 stars.

10. OSpecks Premium Reception Business 8x4 75x10

OSpecks Premium Reception Business 8x4 75x10

The bags are made from high-quality paper. Their white thank-you gift bags are designed with 120 smilng premium paper materials in mind, compared to 100 smilng or less from competitors. The stylish flat paper handle design will make your gifts stand out from the crowd. Heavy duty glue makes the bag sturdy and reliable. You can pack your items or merchandise in no time with the lovely and classy thank-you artwork printed on both the back and front sides of the gift bags. Grab and go! Use these quality paper bags as wedding welcome bags, premium shopping bags for merchandise with your business logo, packing items for donations, goodies for conferences, products at craft fairs, loading cookies and candies for fun and affordable party favor bags that children and adults would love to decorate, and 100% renewable and bio-renewable. Let's save the planet one bag at a time. These paper bags are earth friendly and can be recycled. They are extremely affordable and sturdy, with great bulk wholesale pricing. You will be able to hold these bags in no time with the free and fast shipping on Amazon Prime. They are excited to make and offer great products for all of their customers. Let them know if you're not happy with their items and they'll make it right for you. Make your purchase with confidence.

Brand: Ospecks

👤I love these bags. I was looking for them. I am an independent consultant. I ordered these to deliver my customers orders. My customers love them too. They are sturdy and cute. I will be ordering more. Soon at that! I'm almost out. A very happy customer! Thank you!

👤I use this product as shopping bags for my crafts. The product is excellent, but I feel it is a bit pricey for the quantity. The handles are flat so it is more comfortable to carry and the bag is made of a good consistency so there is no worry about it ripping. I feel that it is more expensive than it should be. Someone who has done shows for a long time has tried many different bags. The image on the bag was what drew me to this product.

👤Our son's first birthday theme is Let's have a ball, these bags fit that perfectly. The bags hold a good amount of weight. We walked around the house with a 64oz of bubble solution in one of the bags. We will be giving out a lot of toys at our son's birthday party and we will be putting a lot of them in the bags for the kids.

👤I bought these after buying a brand of bags that were less durable. The bags were going to be worth the purchase, I could see it in the other photos. They are just a picture and a nice final touch. It is worth the purchase to have your customers feel appreciated.

👤These bags are wonderful! I found quality bags on Amazon when I moved to a studio salon suite. They are very sturdy, I can put six or more items in the bag, and they hold the weight of the items perfectly. The fact that they say thank you adds to how great they are. I have bought these three times and will continue to do so. These bags are perfect.

👤I used these for my friend's wedding welcome bags. They were large enough to hold two bottles of water, a small bottle of wine, two individual bags of pretzels, and a few other small items. A great purchase!

👤The bag has exceeded my expectations. My daughter's upcoming wedding is where I bought them. They look expensive and sturdy. I haven't used them as a wedding yet. What I have been looking for. Thank you.

👤It was perfect! I bought these for my husband's 40th birthday dinner party and didn't expect them to be as strong as they were. There was more room in the bag for the t-shirt and small trinkets. I thoroughly read reviews, but you never know if you share the same liking as others. These worked out well. The handles look sturdy. A great purchase.

11. Hallmark Small Paper Gift Bags

Hallmark Small Paper Gift Bags

ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly gift bags are made from high-quality paper from well-managed forests. There are 8 small gift bags that are both high and deep in this set. It's perfect for gifts of jewelry, candy, clothing accessories, gift cards, candles, and perfume or cologne. The paper gift bags with white, stiff woven handles have a simple white and kraft design with a diagonal gold foil stripe. The gift bag set makes it easy to present a cheerful gift for celebrations like birthday parties, baby showers, weddings or everyday special moments. The eco-friendly gift bags are made with paper from well-managed forests.

Brand: Hallmark

👤Cute gift bags! A small gift can be popped into it. They have some style to them, but they are neutral. Very versatile.

👤The actual measure is 3 x 5 1/2 x 6 1/2” and not as described in the photo.

👤It was cute and more substantial than expected. The perfect size for a mug.

👤The design is great. For any occasion, use it. Add some tissue paper and you have a nice gift bag.

👤These bags are very nice looking for a male or female. I will make a new order.

👤I bought gold tissue to wrap the gift before I put it in the bag, it was simple and elegant. The bag was praised by the recipients.

👤These bags were perfect for the gifts I give to my neighbors. They were strong enough for the things I put in them and nice enough to hold them.

👤Good product. It was worth the money. They were used for teacher gifts.

👤It is double the cost on Amazon.


What is the best product for xtra large wedding gift bags?

Xtra large wedding gift bags products from Hallmark. In this article about xtra large wedding gift bags you can see why people choose the product. Bagdream and Dechisy are also good brands to look for when you are finding xtra large wedding gift bags.

What are the best brands for xtra large wedding gift bags?

Hallmark, Bagdream and Dechisy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xtra large wedding gift bags. Find the detail in this article. Gift Mate, Laribbons and Juvale are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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