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1. Sdootjewelry Kraft Handles Shopping Retail

Sdootjewelry Kraft Handles Shopping Retail

100% recycled and natural. The wedding gift bags are bio-degradable. Their bridal shower bags are made from 100% recycled paper. By choosing their gift bags in bulk, you will save more paper than the average competitor. The Navy gift bags are made of premium paper and have soft handles. The bags measure 7.5 x 3.1 x 10.2 inches and are made from recycled paper. Great for gift bags, goodies bags, favor bags for party or wedding, little shopping bags, kraft bags, retail bags and merchandise bags for gift stores. The cotton handles of their navy blue gift bags make it stand alone and more comfortable to carry. These dark blue kraft paper bags can be personalized with a plain and blank surface to decorate or embellish as you please.

Brand: Sdootjewelry

👤I absolutely love my bags. I searched for bags with this type of resilience. I knew I didn't want them. I did not want a glossy bag. These bags are pretty. They are thick. Excellent quality.

👤The bags were folded correctly when I ordered them. They messed up the folding of the bag on my most recent order, which makes them useless. Initially, they tried to offer a 15% discount on a completely incorrect product which did not meet their dimensions. They eventually offered to take a return on the bags, but now it will cost me $95 for return shipping to China. The bags cost me more than this. In order to get my original money back, I have to spend $95 to send it back to China. The seller will not do free-returns on their products.

👤I bought these bags for the purpose of selling bottles of 8oz amber glass. The seams fell apart after opening, before product was ever put into the bags. The product fell through the bottom of the bag. The quality of the handles is irrelevant because the seams that hold the bag together are not durable.

👤The gift bags were taken over the seas to be used for gifts. Also took tissue paper to match the recipients. It was convenient to use black. These bags were great.

👤They look nice.

👤It's a great color and thick. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤The first time I ordered it was great.

2. 13x7x17 BagDream Shopping Merchandise Recycled

13x7x17 BagDream Shopping Merchandise Recycled

Extra Large 16x6x12 Big Jumbo Vogue Euro Tote is made of Fine Thick CS2 250g Art Paper with luxury handles and cardboard support on the bottom. Paper shopping bags with extra large gift bags. Paper bags are Eco-friendly. BagDream paper bags look a lot classier than gifts bags, they're recycled and have no peculiar smell. The brown gift bags are made from recycled paper. There is a FSC complaint. Premium paper bags. These sturdy gift bags are made of 120g basis weight paper and have well constructed paper twist handles. The flat solid bottom makes it easy to stand and no stray glue is needed. There are paper bags. There are bags in a large size. BagDream craft paper bags are good for many things. Paper gift bags are easy to make. You could decorate the blank brown bags with drawing, coloring and etc for different holidays as gifts bags or party bags to your special ones. As a retail carry bag, you could put your logo on the outside of the bag. Shopping is worry-free. They don't want their valued customers to be disappointed. If you have a reason you don't like their bags, email them and they'll fix it. The hassle of shipping the bags back is why you should keep the paper bags.

Brand: Bagdream

👤The product was great. I didn't like the way the product was shipped. The bags were folded in half and it was difficult to flatten them. I have not been able to decorate the bags as I am still trying to flatten them out.

👤The tops were glue together on some of them. They were folded in half and left a crease. Maybe it has a high rating because of the second try.

👤I bought the bags to simplify my Christmas wrapping. I needed to wrap a lot of parents, and they are coming in handy. I would recommend these bags to others. Thank you.

👤Paper bags are used to hold recycling. Paper bags are hard to find at grocery stores.

👤When received, bags are folded. I wish they weren't. The bags are good.

👤I ordered bags for the craft sale. It was great to be able to get smaller quantities without having to order a lot at a time.

👤A large shopping bag can be tailored to your needs. It's great for vending.

3. Superior Wedding Reusable Birthday Cmecial

Superior Wedding Reusable Birthday Cmecial

Do you want to give a huge gift but can't find the right bag? The large gift bag is perfect for transporting large gifts. The large gift bag is a great option for a large birthday gift bag, wedding gift bag or any occasion. This big gift bag is made from recycled white gloss paper and has cardboard bottom inserts. The rope handles and large gift bag are keeping your goodies secure. The bag has a minimal effect on the environment. The print is timeless. The print is made of marble. The bag has a marble design. Your gift bags large will impress your partygoers with their marble and metallic gold print. The bag has upscale gold line details. Adding a golden line to a present is a great way to do that. You're going to be praised for your design style. Gift bags made of marble paper are a great way to package event souvenirs. There are silver neckties. The bag has nylon rope handles. Extra large gift bags with handles can hold flowers, toys, clothing, stuffed animals, and fashion dolls. These stylish big gift bags are ideal for christmas gift bags, gift bags large birthday, gift bags large reuse, giant gift bags for huge gifts, and huge gift bags for presents.

Brand: Cmecial

👤I used them for my daughter's photo shoot. I can't think of anything else like that that hasn't already been done.

👤It's perfect for a pair of shoes and a lot of goodies. Unless your shoe box is less than 11 inches it should fit in there without a problem. The looks are amazing and the material is sturdy. I put my phone next to the bag so you can see if it is a good size for you. Hope this helps.

👤Two sets of bags that I bought for this arrangement have disappointed due to their different sizes. The box is large in the description. It is beautiful and great quality.

👤It's not that big at all, but if you're looking for a bag that's faster and more accurate than a regular bag from Walgreens, it's not something that you're going to want to buy again.

👤Everyone loved the bags and used them to give gifts to friends and family. I will be very careful as to who I give it to. def. Buy.

👤I bought two of these to fill with birthday gifts and they worked well. The bags still held up despite the heavier items I included.

👤These bags were perfect for the large gifts I bought for my 2 nieces. The handles were long so that you could carry the bag with one hand, and they were made well. The price was reasonable.

👤I bought this to fit a slow cooker for a wedding gift.

4. Hallmark Engagements Anniversaries Christmas Valentines

Hallmark Engagements Anniversaries Christmas Valentines

The large bag is 42 cm x 31 cm x 12 cm. The large gift bag is approximately 10 feet wide by 13 feet high and 5.7 feet deep, perfect for holding books, clothing, electronics, picture frames or a collection of smaller items. Beautiful design. A pretty wedding gift bag features a white background with a gold foil heart with glitter accents, perfect for weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers and vow renewals. Purchase includes a gift bag with 3 sheets of white tissue paper to make wrapping gifts quick and easy. AOCKET: CARD POCKET. The bag has a patented card holder pocket that will keep your card front and center. ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly gift bags are made from high-quality paper.

Brand: Hallmark

👤The description said green, but the picture is blue. It's perfect for a bridal shower gift. Thanks for fast delivery.

👤A pretty bag! It arrived perfect condition and I love the colors.

👤It was crinkled on the bottom.

👤Would order again. Great size and strength. Very pretty.

👤The most beautiful gift bag I have ever seen.

👤The bag was very nice.

👤A nice bag. Good quality and appearance.

👤There were a few fold marks on the golden heart part of the bag.

5. Multi Color Packaging Wrapping Christmas Engagement

Multi Color Packaging Wrapping Christmas Engagement

Square paper bags can be folded flat to fit the space they need. You can match each large wrapping bag with a pull flower in a specific color, if you choose. The plastic multi-color dot gift bag measures approx. They are large enough for you to store your baby's things or any other objects which you consider appropriate. These multi-color dot gift bags are made of PE material, which makes them reliable, and they are nice for baby showers, or you can just take them as gifts for new babies. The bright colors and interesting patterns in the packaging gift bags will highlight the gifts and leave a lot of nice memories for both babies and new parents. These wrapping gift bags are great for storing baby gifts, as well as for decorating gifts on different occasions such as birthday, Christmas, engagement parties, etc.

Brand: Outus

👤The bags are large enough to hold large gifts. I didn't realize the bows were included when I purchased the bag, but I was only concerned about getting a bag large enough for my gift. A nice surprise. I had to read the reviews to find out how to make the bow. The instructions were not very helpful. Once you figure it out, the process is very easy. There are two narrow ribbons at the open end. I pushed the larger ribbons towards the sealed end. I tied the two narrow ribbons together so they wouldn't come undone, then arranged the bow to my liking. If they need arises, I would buy these again.

👤The bags are good, but I also bought bows for the bags. The bows were sent without instructions on how to make them. I have pressed ribbon with melted marks, but what am I supposed to do with it? Don't buy this product!

👤These are completely transparent. Why don't you cover the gift? Will never buy again.

👤The bags ripped when I put my large item in it. I bought these for larger shower gifts. They took them back despite being very disappointed. The ribbons were not usable. I used one of the bags as actual wrapping paper, which worked well and did match the theme of the smaller gifts I wrapped. I don't recommend these bags if you are going to use them for a small appliance box, which is what I tried to use them for.

👤I bought these bags to wrap a large wicker basket and some pillows. The trash bags are very sturdy and colorful. It makes a nice wrapped present with the included bow and ribbons. If I ever need more large, odd shaped wrapping, I would purchase again. In two months, I have had reason to use two bags from the purchase.

👤I used these to wrap pack packs of kids that were full of stuff. They were perfect. They were able to see the backpacks. They were strong enough to hold a backpack. The dots were bright. They made a package cheerful. I will buy these again.

👤We needed something to wrap the larger items. We were able to put them in a single bag.

👤I thought the bags would be bigger. I had to cover the boxes before I bought them. They didn't fit right. They're very thin and have a terrible smell to them. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤Great for transporting birthday presents. They had a good quality birthday sack. It was nice to find some that aren't related to Christmas. Can be used again.

👤Good to finally find sturdy large bags for birthday gifts.

👤It's great for multiple presents instead of celebration carriers. Good value and bright colors!

👤Leider ist das Material. Legobox hat das Material bei den groe Tten fr groe Geschenke. War ist es.

6. Floral Thank Plastic Handle Shopping

Floral Thank Plastic Handle Shopping

The components include a bag, a tag, and a chord. The bags are perfect for holding clothing, gifts, groceries, and other medium sized merchandise. A floral design with a logo is used to thank customers. Perfect size for use as a gift bag or boutique bag, it's 12 feet tall x 15 feet wide. A strong and durable shopping bag is made from high quality and thick plastic.

Brand: Purple Q Crafts

👤I bought them for healthcare workers on Mother's Day. They were perfect.

👤Muy buena calidad.

👤These bags are perfect. They hold heavy Qandles without stretching or ripping, and the colors match my business colors. They're perfect!

👤I just started a business and used bags I already had, but thought it was cheap. I looked online. I am very happy with these bags. They are beautiful and high quality. I will purchase more in the future.

👤Quality, design, and size are exactly what I expected.

👤I like these. My customers love them. Even men. They are durable and classy. The shipping experience and value of the merchandise you are selling will be improved by them. I will keep ordering these. They are also reuseable. I use the same bag to carry things and it doesn't tear the plastic. It is very durable and not transparent. You can not see what is in the bag.

👤These bags are really nice. cardboard inserts for the bottom would make them better. I would like to have an add-on option to purchase those. That would be awesome. They are beautiful and make great gift bags or bags for any reason.

👤I am amazed at the quality of the bags. I would highly recommend them. We wanted our guests to get a bag with the things they would have gotten at a regular baby shower, so we had to do a drive through baby shower. The treat bags included these bags.

👤The vibrant colors are so thin that they make the puncture and split and the handles break. Good for nothing, savesay Don't recommend this product.

👤Slow to get here but worry about the bags.

👤Lindas para poner, regalaras aunque un poco delgadas.

👤bolsas y resistentes.

7. Hallmark Reusable Christmas Birthdays Drawstring

Hallmark Reusable Christmas Birthdays Drawstring

These clear plastic bags are ideal for many occasions. The large bag is approximately 15" wide by 19" high. The ivory canvas gift bag has a coordinating cord closure. It'sTILE: It is easy to wrap gift-shaped gifts like stuffed animals, toy trucks, frying pans, and bundt cake pans with fabric bags. A Sanskrit translation. It's perfect for wrapping gifts for Hanukkah, Christmas, birthdays, Father's Day, anniversaries and more. ECO FRIENDLY. Gift bags made of fabric can be recycled year after year. The item might have a smell after being removed from the plastic.

Brand: Hallmark

👤The photos show it is 17x22. I bought this to put in a handmade blanket. The package is 14x16 and I opened it. It is not worth 10 dollars for a bag that is not the real size. Don't buy! I would have done 0 stars if I could.

👤The material and colors are better in person than they are in a photo. I like that it can be used again. The material has a rich feel and makes for a unique gift wrap. I wrapped it with a coordinating blue ribbon.

👤The bag had to be washed in order to be used as a gift bag. The smell was loud and it was similar to mildew. The smell is gone after washing.

👤The bag was beautiful, large and quality. The draw string is very strong.

👤The item smelled horrible. I had to put it in the garbage can. It was a total disappointment and a waste of money.

👤It helps the environment.

👤A great gift bag. I wish there were more sizes.

8. Solander Skelf Stainless Slide Out Extensive

Solander Skelf Stainless Slide Out Extensive

There are silver neckties. The bag has nylon rope handles. Extra large gift bags with handles can hold flowers, toys, clothing, stuffed animals, and fashion dolls. These stylish big gift bags are ideal for christmas gift bags, gift bags large birthday, gift bags large reuse, giant gift bags for huge gifts, and huge gift bags for presents. An elegant solution with extra cutting space for presenting cheese, crackers, and appertizers makes a great center piece when entertaining. Tools and Board can be conveniently stored together with a concealed drawer that holds four cheese tools. The highest quality is 100% Moso Bamboo. The bamboo serving tray is sturdy and durable. A perfect presentation piece for Holiday Gatherings, Parties and More, the 100% natural BAMBOO cheese board includes a hidden drawer with various slicing, spreading and serving tools. They know you will love their product, but if you run into any problems or simply don't like it, you can return their cheese board for a full refund.

Brand: Solander Skelf

👤I love my Charcuterie board. It feels heavy and expensive. At my last gathering, it was a hit. I like the drawer where the knives and forks are kept. The drawer doesn't stay shut, that's the only flaw. If you flip it upside down, the drawer will open. I love it. It doesn't come with the wooden bowls. I bought them at TJ Maxx.

👤I like cheese boards. They are used as marketing items or house warming gifts. My clients love them.

👤I bought this as a gift and haven't used it. I opened the packaging to make sure the cheese board set is something I would be proud to give a gift to someone who is picky. I really liked it. The weight is good. The design is good. The utensils are sturdy. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

👤The quality is great and the size is right. Five stars! The perfect size, and it's beautiful. Life is changing. Excellent quality and made. It was described very well. I was worried when I read another buyer feedback, all sizes are correct. Well packaged and arrived safely. I love this product so much. It is the perfect size for our food. It is a heavy and sturdy board. We will use it at our family event this weekend. It was very nice, I love it. Thank you so much! Will recommend my friends.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend on February 14th. I was able to setup the board before he got home to surprise him, but he didn't make it all the way. He loved it, I loved it, and my roommate enjoyed it. The drawer is small and easy to use. It feels like I will have this one forever if I buy again.

👤I was going to give it as a gift, but I returned the first one because the corners of the box were all beat up. So is the second one. It would have arrived like a gift I would be proud to give, if it had been shipped inside a box with packing materials.

👤It was a present. I will be buying for other people after the response.

👤The drawer is solid and heavy. I got a lot of praise for it. Absolutely worth the money. It's perfect!

👤I love the style. I'm looking forward to using it.

9. Hallmark Medium Wedding Gift Gray

Hallmark Medium Wedding Gift Gray

The square bottom is easy to stand up on. The bag is 7 in size. 75" Wide by 9. 34" deep. It's perfect for holding books, framed photos, or small d├ęcor items. It can support up to 5 pounds. The bag has a white floral design with a love hand-lettered in gold foil. A gold cord handle is used. It's ideal for weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, engagements, vow renewable, and any love-themed occasion. 2 sheets of white tissue paper make wrapping presents quick and easy. The bag has a patented card holder pocket that keeps your card front and center. The bags are made from high-quality paper.

Brand: Hallmark

👤I used the grey, pink, and gold bag as a gift bag. It also came with tissue paper, which they provided very little of, and which turned out to be white even though in the picture it looked pink. The price was good and the picture on Amazon made the bag look cute. The gift bag was stained in two different places and there was a hole in it, which was caused by the inside end piece of the string that made up one of the handles. It was late to get another gift bag, I did my whole color scheme around it. I put some tape on the inside of the bag to fix the hole. I am going to make sure I give this gift in low light so they don't see the stains, and I was very disappointed that it was torn up like this. The condition it arrived in was 2 stars.

👤I bought a few of these bags because they were available online and would come quickly. I needed them quickly but didn't feel like I had time to go to a store. I went with it despite it being a little expensive. The bags were nice. They come with their own tissue paper and have a small pocket to put a card in. It was very high quality and classy.

👤The gift bag for the just married car ornament is a perfect size and quality gift for a small gift for a last minute wedding. The tissue was of the highest quality. The folded tissue makes a huge difference. I was able to find a cute gift bag on Amazon.

👤I used the cute bag for couples shower gifts and got gift wrap things off Amazon.

👤The card holder and design were nice, but the tissue paper was too thin.

👤It comes with its own tissue paper.

👤I liked the bag a lot. I was very pleased with it, it was for a special bride and groom. It was what I wanted and I would have liked to pay less. The gift is securely fastened.

10. Reusable Wedding Birthday Anniversary Supplies

Reusable Wedding Birthday Anniversary Supplies

It's ideal for any graduation party. The marble large gift bag is made of glossy paper with a cardboard at the bottom, which is not easy to fade or break, and it is soft and durable, which makes it a good choice for firm and comfortable grasping. The large marble gift bag is about 30 x 30 x 30 cm and comes with a large capacity to store a variety of items. You will receive 2 different colors of wedding gift bags with nylon rope handles, white and black, which will meet your needs for use and replacement, and you can also share them with your family. The giant square gift bag is designed with artistic marble prints and embellished by the gold line, which looks classic, simple, elegant and trendy, making your gifts more attractive. Black and white marble paper gift bags are large enough to hold flowers, cakes, toys, clothes, dolls, etc., and are suitable for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, bridal showers, annual meetings and more important occasions.

Brand: Tenare

👤I had to use both bags because they weren't big enough for my gifts. They were a perfect bag for small items. I didn't really need this occasion but would buy for smaller gifts.

👤Only one handle was present. The other bag is not recommended. I don't understand how you forget to put 2 handles on a gift bag.

11. Medium Glitter Pattern Assorted Colors

Medium Glitter Pattern Assorted Colors

The perfect wedding bag. Multi use heavy duty bag - Cute Birthdays, Party Favors, Wedding, Holidays, Parties, Host - any celebration or gift giving bag, Reusable and Resourceful and Customize! Men's dress shirts, shoe box, boots, wig, wine bottles, jeans, dresses... 15 X 12 inch tall gift bags are perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and more. There are bags in purple, silver and gold. It's perfect for giving a gift to a friend or loved one. MyGift is the official product. The dimensions are Approximate. Each is 11.75 W X 15 H X 4 D.

Brand: Mygift

👤I bought these bags because I had a platter that was going to be used as a wedding present. I looked at different stores for a bag or box that would work, but they were all empty. I am very happy I was able to find these. I used the silver bag and it was what I needed. The platter stuck out the top, but it was fine with extra tissue paper.

👤The gift bags are very pretty. They are sturdy and include tissue paper. I used mine to give a Father's Day gift. It was perfect.

👤The bags are really expensive looking. Put a small toy inside a quilt that is barely fit. Will definitely buy more.

👤Haven't used yet. I needed bigger bags for gifts. As advertised, it is very attractive.

👤These bags are gorgeous. They are long and thin. They were designed to do what they were designed to do. I would like to ask my friend to return the bag when she opens it.

👤The bags are made with paper. I would recommend highly, but only if you have tissue on hand as there is only one piece per bag.

👤It is beautiful. The colors are very sturdy.

👤The gift bags look better in person than they do in the picture. The quality and appearance are great. They are pretty.

👤The bags were smaller than expected.

👤Schne groe is geschenktten. Knnen bei hufig weiter verschenkt. Top.


What is the best product for xl wedding gift bag?

Xl wedding gift bag products from Sdootjewelry. In this article about xl wedding gift bag you can see why people choose the product. Bagdream and Cmecial are also good brands to look for when you are finding xl wedding gift bag.

What are the best brands for xl wedding gift bag?

Sdootjewelry, Bagdream and Cmecial are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xl wedding gift bag. Find the detail in this article. Hallmark, Outus and Purple Q Crafts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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