Best Wedding Welcome Bags Silver Lettering

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1. Silver Heart Stickers Fun Express

Silver Heart Stickers Fun Express

Sharing love and thanks is great. The Silver Heart Thank You Stickers can be added to wedding favor bags. Each sticker says "Thank you for sharing in their special day." There are 100 heart shaped stickers.

Brand: Fun Express

👤These were used for our wedding favors. Stickers are easy to use.

👤You can see my bags in our welcome bags. This item is the same as pictured. The glue is strong. I am very happy with this product.

👤For little guest favors, it's classy. The bending, folding and pushing assembly was good for my hands. I probably overlooked the fact that boxes do not come with ribbon.

👤These will be perfect for our wedding favor tags. They're easy to peel and they don't tear, so they stay put even after being stuck on a piece of paper. A great buy to add a touch of specialness to our favors.

👤If you don't peel carefully, you won't be able to use them. We put these on top of the little bakery boxes that our guests put desserts in. They were a hit.

👤We put the candy and heart canisters on them to thank the people that came to our reception.

👤Very pretty! Our wedding gift bags were very popular. Would purchase again.

👤Disliked. It's not worth my time to come back since it's at this price. The product from Oriental Trading Company was not good.

👤These were perfect, low priced and fast for a non-prime delivery. The stickers did not stick. I put them in the paper bags. You would expect them to stick.

👤Although the stickers are printed well, they can't stick on the card. I wish I'd read reviews that said that. I had to use glue.

👤I used this product to put my wedding tissues on each guest. The delivery was on time and the customer was happy. Would recommend.

👤Many people commented on the favors and they were finished with the heart stickers. They were surprised to hear that I presented them well. My son will be getting married next year and I will be buying good quality again.

2. Crisky Welcome Wedding Guests Shopping

Crisky Welcome Wedding Guests Shopping

This is a note. Handle upGRADE. The paper handle has been replaced with a cotton rope to prevent it from falling off. The gold foil and brown paper is very strong and durable and can hold 8 LB. Eco-friendly bags are made of wood. The bags can be composted. It's made for any occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, family reunions, hotel guests, weekend weddings and sororities. It's perfect as a gift for groomsmen or bridesmaids. The handle is the only thing that is larger than 10H x 8W x 4D. Each pack contains 25 bags, which can hold a bottle of water and snacks.

Brand: Crisky

👤The bags were used as welcome bags for the guests at my son's wedding. They were the perfect size to hold 2 bottle waters, 2 bags of chips, pretzels and cookies. The shipment was on time.

👤They hold 2 bottles of water and snacks, it depends on what you put in them. We make them work. I got gold and off-white striped tissue paper at Michael's.

👤These are worth the money.

👤The bags were purchased for the guests who stayed at the hotel. They were sturdy and perfect. We packed each bag with a lot of stuff, including two water bottles, four bags of snacks, and some smaller items. I liked how the paper didn't stink. Great value!

👤I bought them for my daughter's destination wedding and they liked them a lot. I stuffed them and held them up. I was happy with them. The product is good for money.

👤The bags are used for wedding guests.

👤The hotel was perfect for welcoming guests for my daughter's wedding. 2 water bottles, cookies, taffy, popcorn bags, and other little goodies were held in a Sturdy and held a lot. I added some tissue to the bars to make them look better.

3. Organza Bags 120 Count Drawstring Occasions

Organza Bags 120 Count Drawstring Occasions

Shopping is worry-free. They don't want their valued customers to be disappointed. If you have a reason you don't like their bags, email them and they'll fix it. The hassle of shipping the bags back is why you should keep the paper bags. Drawstring bags for gifts feature a swirling gold foil design that is suitable for events such as a wedding, baby shower, or birthday party. The pack includes 120 bags of sheer organza, which can be used for a large event or for backup. The fabric is sheer. The little gift bags are made with a delicate fabric that is sturdy enough to hold items in place. Use these cute gift bags to hold more than one item. The pouch is 3.5 x 4.75 inches. The pouch is 3.5 x 4.75 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤These were purchased to be used as small candy bags. It's pretty and elegant, but still simple. None of these have torn up or been damaged. I was very pleased with the bags.

👤The bags were used for the 50th anniversary party. They had about 4-5 mini candy bars. They looked strong.

👤They looked good. There were some that were not usable and some that were not available. It worked well for my plans.

👤The stitching on the bags is weak. Some of the bags are torn.

👤These bags are gorgeous. They are durable and a great price for the quantity you receive. Some bags are not sewn completely, but they were perfect. I would buy them again.

👤I used them for a birthday party. They worked perfectly as a token bag. I didn't have a problem with any of them.

👤Just in time for the wedding, I have these. Excellent quality and fast shipping were what I received. Would buy again. Thank you guys!

👤I bought them for a party and put some almond cookies in them.

👤bolsas excelentes Se tiene elegantes. Y en relacin. Es una segunda.

👤Justo lo! Se tienes lindas para regalar.

4. BagDream Debbie Stripes Shopping Mechandise

BagDream Debbie Stripes Shopping Mechandise

Paper shopping bags are Eco-friendly. BagDream paper bags look a lot classier than those plastic t-shirt style bags, they're recycled and smell great. The bags are made of recycled paper. There is a FSC complaint. Premium paper bags. These sturdy gift bags are made of a heavy weight of paper and have well constructed paper twist handles. The flat solid bottom makes it easy to stand and no stray glue is needed. You can unleash your creativity. These Christmas green bags are decent, with a nice tiny stripes finish to either decorate or embellish with your children for different holiday needs. The BagDream can be used to represent your business or even be used as a logo. The bags are 10x5x13. The green bags are perfect for a lot of things, which include gift bags, retail bags, welcome bags, grocery bags, and shopping bags. Shopping is worry-free. They don't want their valued customers to be disappointed. If you have a reason you don't like their bags, email them and they'll fix it. The hassle of shipping the bags back is why you should keep the paper bags.

Brand: Bagdream

👤These bags are great for all kinds of uses. They are cute enough to be used as gift bags, but also handy to use as small totes. I use the hot pink color to give items to my nieces. I'm going to buy red bags at Christmas. I make gifts for volunteers that work with me. These bags are better quality than the gift bags that are sold in sets at discount stores.

👤This may seem like a piece of paper, but it is more than that. They folded it in a way that you can carry it around. I think it's a good idea.

👤They rip easy, I had at least 5 bags rip that I had to waste and use 5 more of the pack to replace. It's worth the cost. Unless you only put light things in it, don't use it. There was a candle that was light.

👤We need a blue gift bag to give our new employees and this was what we needed.

👤We put our senior citizen Christmas gifts in these bags. We put a blanket, a hot cocoa mixture in a glass bottle and some cookies in a bag that was very durable.

👤I was looking for a bag to hold my grand kids' gifts and this was perfect. Large but not huge. It is much cheaper than individual bags. I have enough bags for a couple of years.

👤My friends and family received gifts from these bags. The bags were smaller than I thought. I can use the rest of them since they are red.

👤The bags were great for party favors. It is large enough to hold several items. The color was perfect for our fire station theme. I would highly recommend these for any bag needs.

5. Pack Thank You Gift Bags

Pack Thank You Gift Bags

The bag front and back side have the word "Thank You" written on them in Rose Gold Foil Letters. It's a great way to put gifts to someone's big day. Premium quality gift bags are made with thick paper for great support. The sturdy bottom of the professionally constructed twist handles can stand alone and be strong enough to handle up to 3LBS of weight. Use for a lot of things. Retail merchandising for wedding, graduation, bridal shower, anniversary, engagement, proposal, baby shower and retail merchandising. The package comes with 12 bags. The bag sizes are 4 x 7 x 9 inches. White is the color. 100% complete response. Partay Shenanigans will give you a hassle free return within 30 days if you don't like their bags.

Brand: Partay Shenanigans

👤The bags were too expensive for them to come in this condition. Very disappointed.

👤These bags are thick. They are small so keep that in mind. The gold lettering on the bag is beautiful.

👤We used this bag at a baby shower. The bag was able to handle the heavy items in it. Not a bag tore.

👤These bags were very strong. I would order them again. They were better than I anticipated.

👤I use these when my clients purchase orders, but I don't have time to write a thank you note.

👤Party favors were purchased to be used at a baby shower. Sturdy, looks great and just the right size.

👤These were perfect for our wedding party gifts.

👤The bag is perfect. It looks good. The bag is sturdy and it is a good size.

6. PureRejuva Wedding Tissues Boutique Graduation

PureRejuva Wedding Tissues Boutique Graduation

The bags are 9 inches high by 7. 5 inches wide and 3 inches deep. 5 inches deep. The bags height is 12 inches. The bottle wrappers are long. Your guests can use a PureRejuva small tissue box for your wedding because big events in your life are celebrated with happy tears. These happy tears tissue packs for wedding are small but meaningful gestures that will bring a smile to each of your guests faces. 60 wedding tissues packs for guests are included in the PureRejuva boxes. The tissues are packed in a gorgeous little bag. Their happy tears tissues are ideal for wedding speeches and ceremonies, and are a great choice for engagement parties, baby or bridal showers. The happy tears tissues wedding are a great addition to bags or favors. Their facial tissues wedding are made of a sustainable material that is gentle to the skin. The tissues have a 3-ply design. These happy tears tissues wedding are not just practical but also add a classy touch to the event by letting your guests know that sharing emotions is encouraged and appreciated. Everyone can feel safe, and you can show how much you care for them.

Brand: Purerejuva

👤I loved them! The box and wrapping was very nice.

7. Crisky Welcome Wedding Guests Birthday

Crisky Welcome Wedding Guests Birthday

The welcome design is bright and shiny and makes it easy to light up the party favor vibes. These bags are three times stronger than regular paper bags and made from quality natural 210gsmKraft Paper. The bags have a reinforced bottom cardboard that will hold 2 water bottles without the bag warping. The white cord is high quality and comfortable to carry. Box size 9(H)*8(L)*4(W)inches is perfect to fill your gifts. Not too large or too small for gift packing. It's easy to hold up makeup or photo props. It's ideal for snacks, candy, water, or gifts. It's great for weddings, birthdays, reunions, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, family, hotel guests, weekend weddings and sororities. It's perfect as a gift for groomsmen or bridesmaids. These bags can be composted.

Brand: Crisky

👤I am so happy I found these. I was trying to find a custom made welcome bag for my wedding in Italy but I couldn't afford it and the whole process was too much. I had a bottle of limoncello in each of them, and they are sturdy and good looking. It's really helpful when they stand up on their own. I was worried that the rose gold wouldn't go with my gold decor. They fit right in. Go with these and save yourself the hassle, time, and cost of custom made bags. I highly recommend.

👤My daughter's wedding hotel guests were the ones I bought these for. They got coconut water, an orange, plantain chips, and a guava pastry. They were sturdy and modern. The rope handles were comfortable and didn't tear the bag.

👤These bags are of excellent quality. Very strong. It was able to fit 2 16. 2 bottles of water, 2 hangover kits, 2 small bags of chips, and loose candy! They held the weight and didn't have a problem.

👤Sturdy bag. There were two water bottles, snack bags, and small party favors. The handle is constructed with great value.

👤I received this bag within a day of ordering it. It is very sturdy and will look pretty when I fill it. The picture shows white handles, but the description says they are pink fabric. The bag I received was exactly what I wanted. This bag is going to impress you.

👤My daughters wedding guest hotel bags held up great, we packed them with goodies. The bags held up perfectly from packing to transportation to the hotel. Would definitely recommend!

👤These bags were stunning. The quality was perfect for the price. The wedding guests loved their bags.

👤The bags for wedding guests are very sturdy.

8. Handles Floral Business Boutique Wedding

Handles Floral Business Boutique Wedding

The bulk set includes 100 white small paper bags for candy with floral designs and text that reads "Thank you" in a cursive calligraphy. 50 pack. 50 thick paper gift bags with twisted paper handles are in the pack. Their paper bags are perfect for weddings or for small businesses to use as thank you bags. The medium thank you gift bags are 10" high x8" wide and the perfect size for clothes, candles, crafts, small gifts, and party favors. These classy shopping bags have a thank you logo. Wrap a candle, baby gift, Christmas present. Quality: Excellent. The guest paper bags are made from high quality 120 gsm thick paper which means a sturdy and durable thank you bag that will not rip when handled with!

Brand: Purple Q Crafts

👤The gift bags are cute. I bought silver ribbons to tie on. It worked out better because the ribbons were green. The bags are large enough to hold a T-shirt. We had room for bath and Bodyworks hand lotion, bag of Chex mix, and some candy.

👤These bags are used for our business. They go well with our floral theme. We have no complaints about them being sturdy. Love them. We'll be rearranging them when we're out.

👤I like the bags but they looked dirty and the bags had been stacked too long and I will not buy them again.

👤These are very cute. They are used for new accounts bags at the credit union. It's better than getting a toast.

👤The bags were used for hotel guests at a wedding. There were other weddings with plain white bags, and they weren't as professional as these. It was much easier for us to just fill and go. They never worried us that they wouldn't support the weight because we put two soda cans and two water bottles in each. All around good value.

👤These were a big deal. It's handy for the occasional thank you and also for those times when you need a lot of the same thank you gifts.

👤Cute bags. The design and colors are nice. Not sheer. Even with books, held up well.

👤The bags were purchased for a basket project. There is a label over the Thank You.

9. Silver Gift Bags Metallic Assorted

Silver Gift Bags Metallic Assorted

These metallic designer paper gift bags are perfect for any event, from a baby shower to a holiday party. The thick braided handles make it easy to transport your gift items in this premium paper gift bag. Stylish. These metallic designer gift bags will impress your host and loved ones. Choose from metallic silver polka dot, chevron, and stripe patterns to personalize your gift wrapping. These gift bags are very versatile and can be used for a lot of things. Premium metallic designer gift bags are ideal for special occasions. Wrap gifts in a way that is easy to wrap. Medium gifts like books, ceramic mugs, frames, and more can be held in these paper metallic silver designer gift bags.

Brand: Occasionall

👤Highly recommend these! I like to have gift bags that can be used for any occasion. A wedding, BDay, holidays, etc. I was surprised by the quality. It is very sturdy. Cheap ones at stores are not as nice as thicker ones. I ordered the small and medium because I loved them so much, after buying the xsmall. Highly recommend! If this review helped you in any way, please click helpful.

👤The bags look more expensive than they are. I put a glass and half bottle of champagne or whiskey in them for an engagement party because they are sturdy. The guys got striped bags and the ladies got polka dots. The pattern of rose gold is very striking. I found rose gold tissue paper to complete the look. Very happy with it!

👤The gift bags are perfect for any occasion. I used one for a Christmas gift, but could use it for almost anything by adding different colors of tissue paper.

👤I bought these for the shower game prizes for the bridal shower. I wanted it to be cohesive. The bags and paper were purchased by me. They looked great!

👤Three bags were not usable due to the pattern being rubbed off on one side or smeared when printed. They were for prizes for a bridal shower and ended up with extra bags. You might have a couple of duds if you order this set and use every bag.

👤These are sturdy but do not come with gold tissue. I am satisfied with the purchase. I bought small bags and they are just right. There was a lot of space for a small jewelry gift. I filled the space with my own tissue and made it look nicer.

👤These bags are decent for the price. They seem to be able to hold up. They are small. Will hold a small gift nicely.

👤These bags are gorgeous. I bought the gold and silver packages and was very pleased.

10. Carnation Assorted Birthday Christmas Anniversary

Carnation Assorted Birthday Christmas Anniversary

Jute bags can be used for holding candy,cookies, coffee beans,jewelries,soap, and Samll crafts. The ideal gift package for weddings, baby showers, Christmas, and big events. Their gift bags are made with premium paper. The foil imprinted designs on the bags give them a contemporary look. The long ribbon handles are strong enough to carry multiple items. Their gift bags with ribbon handles are a great way to give a gift. Their gift bags have 12 pack in a bulk assortment. The imprinted designs are finished with metallic foil on the front with polka dots, stars, stripes, and chevron waves. There are prints on the back. Their gift bags can hold a laptop, magazines, puzzles, clothing with candles, and toys. The gift bags can be decorated to your liking to give or take home as a party favor. The paper is thick enough to hold gifts. These bags can be used for many occasions like a baby shower, wedding, Mother's Day, Christmas, and Easter Anniversary Party Favors. Retail merchandise can be wrapped in their gift bags. The gift bags are eco-friendly and can be used again. The gift bags are great to store and keep. The paper bags do not rip or tear easily, making them a good bag for celebrations. High quality paper makes it easy to reuse the bags and simplify gift-wrapping. The 12 pack of premium quality gift bags have a service guarantee. They are committed to giving each customer the highest standard of care. Place the gift in the bag and decorate it. These bags can be used for personal events.

Brand: Carnation

👤I loved these for Christmas and had leftovers for birthday gifts. Excellent quality and elegant looking. I would recommend it.

👤There are 12 gift bags, three in each of four different designs, in this order. The bags are 8.25 inches tall, 6.9 inches wide, and 3.15 inches deep. The bag is made of sturdy materials and has a reinforced bottom. The handles are made of white ribbon and plastic. The bags are doubled for strength where the handles are attached. The designs are on a white background. One design has multiple vertical lines running through the horizontal rectangles. There is a design with gold stars on the bag. There is a design with gold dots at the bottom of the bag. There are lots of different gold dots and starbursts all over the bag. Each bag has gold foil on one side and gold colored ink on the other side. The gold foil looks festive. This set of all occasion bags would be great for both formal and informal gift giving occasions. The set of 12 beautiful bags has a current list price of $17, which is 22% off the former price. I'm very happy I ordered them, and I'm looking forward to using them.

👤These gift bags are festive. There are 12 bags in 4 designs. These are made of thick paper and have a reinforced bottom. The handles are the biggest problem. It is important to make sure the handle is set correctly in the bag or it will fall out. Each bag has the same amount of pistachios as one bag. The bags can fit four hand towels. These bags are sturdy and lovely. The handles are the weakest point due to the fact that the anchor can slip out of its wide hole if one is not careful. The ribbon handle needs to be bigger to match the quality of the bag. I would have expected a rope handle. The handles are not as chintzy as the rest of the item. The current price of $21.15 is pricey but typical of the price of bags like these.

👤The bags have a good thickness and look nice with the white and gold foil contrast. They are well made. The ribbon handles are standard with gift bags like this and they don't make it look expensive. The gold foil is only on one side, and the rest doesn't have that gold foil stamp treatment. I think these bags are great for any occasion as they don't have any words on them or holiday symbols on them. I think these bags are very nice. I used to get flimsy, thin dollar store bags, but these are better quality and I would recommend them. These are only 40 cents more than dollar store quality, but they look better.

👤These are cute. They are small, sturdy, and thick. I couldn't hold them because the strap broke and kept going through the hole. I was able to make a knot and not have any other issues. I can fit a piece of clothing in a small box. They're not disposable.

11. Flexicore Packaging White Shopping Mechandise

Flexicore Packaging White Shopping Mechandise

Take one today and you will get long- lasting pain relief. If you're looking for a first choice, you should look at the Multipurpose White Kraft Paper Handle bags. The white handle paper bags can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used in your retail store for clothes, shoes, or even as shopping and gift bags. It's simple for you to add your own flair to the bags. You can use ink stamps, cutouts, watercolors, drawings, stickers, or anything else you want. The kids love it when they get to decorate and personalize their own bag at the birthday party. The bag they provide is made with heavy weight paper to reduce the risk of tearing. The handles are fastened. Heavy duty glue is used with twisted paper handles. The rectangular bottom of each bag makes it easy to stand up on its own. It makes your job easier if you put gifts, party favors, or groceries into a self standing bag. All of the paper products are made from renewable resources. The size is 8x5x10.5.

Brand: Flexicore Packaging

👤I bought these for my wedding bags. I used navy blue ink and stamps to print the fronts. I tied a small amount of ribbon on the top. They looked great! Highly recommended.

👤I was going to make designs on the bags for Christmas presents, so I was excited to order them. I couldn't open the bags because they were stuck together on one side. I couldn't separate that section without tearing the bag. I checked the bags at the top of the package. They were all stuck together. I hope it was a freak thing, but I felt I needed to lower my rating because my bags were useless.

👤We looked at a lot of options before deciding on the bags that would hold the welcome items for our guests. My daughter-in-law ordered the stickers to be attached to the front and the little tags to hang down from the handles. The bag was large enough to hold two bottles of water and various treats. We included a wedding weekend schedule. Our guests loved them. I didn't have any issues with the bags and had plenty left over that we can use for gift bags in the future, my grandson is looking forward to it!

👤These were used to make gift bags for work colleges. The paper was light and strong, and the quality was good for the price. The size was a plus. They are large enough to fit in a medium size chocolate box, a 9" stuffed teddy bear, and lots of little gifts and trinkets with room to spare. I liked the fact that they were white, it allowed me to personalize the bags. The bags were very pleased with the size, quality and price.

👤We have a lot of birthday parties for our kids. Instead of buying expensive bags, why are some bags between 1 and 5 dollars? We purchased a box of these. I let my kids decorate them with markers and crayons and they are good to go!

👤The prices of the bags are reasonable. They were bought to put gifts in for our guests. I wouldn't recommend them for anything heavier than a few pounds. The bottoms would work great for heavier items if they had a piece of heavy duty paper or cardboard. The bottoms of the coffee mugs have held up well. I don't want to use them for anything over 4 pounds. These bags are a good deal for lightweight items. I would buy them again.

👤There were only 50 bags in this order. I needed 100 that were very misleading.

👤I give these to my students to use in their sewing projects. They are perfect for keeping all their materials in one place. They write their names on them and hang them in their cubbies so they're easy to find on the days they're not in school and my project room isn't filled with works in progress. They make it easier for students to continue their work.

👤The bags are alive! It was raining when I was left in a snowbank at the end of the driveway. Good thing we did not do a complete loss.


What is the best product for wedding welcome bags silver lettering?

Wedding welcome bags silver lettering products from Fun Express. In this article about wedding welcome bags silver lettering you can see why people choose the product. Crisky and Juvale are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding welcome bags silver lettering.

What are the best brands for wedding welcome bags silver lettering?

Fun Express, Crisky and Juvale are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding welcome bags silver lettering. Find the detail in this article. Bagdream, Partay Shenanigans and Purerejuva are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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