Best Wedding Wedges for Bride Winter

Bride 15 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. DREAM PAIRS Chunkle Glitter Sandals

DREAM PAIRS Chunkle Glitter Sandals

The Heel is about 3 inches. The platform is approximately 0.15" in length. The ankle strap is closed. The Heel height is about 3 inches. There is a padded insole for added comfort.


👤Those wide feet comments are deceiving. They are not made for wide feet. My feet were hanging off the side of the pig and it was squeezing the life out of it. We need to form a bond of trust and honesty with our fellow wide feet community. They're super cute.

👤I needed gold glittery shoes for my wedding and I tried on a lot from different stores but couldn't find them. I found these and they were perfect. I want them to be in a different color.

👤I want to say that my feet are very small, sometimes even size 5 is too big for me. I never had formal shoes that fit me. I was worried when I ordered them, but they weren't very expensive. I was prepared to be disappointed with the fit. I was wrong. Size 5 fit me perfectly, length-wise, width-wise. The Royal Blue color is gorgeous. The shoes are pretty on the feet. It seems like quality is okay. I will be wearing these shoes on a few special occasions, so if I get three or four good wears out of them over the next year or two, it will be a win-win for me. I can see the blisters on these shoes, they feel rough at the same time. I am okay with the idea because I usually wear sneakers and converse, but every shoe, other than sneakers, cause some blistering. I am very happy with my purchase and I will be ordering more.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I wear a 71/2 in shoes and they don't give me a blisters. I love that they are not too high of a heel, it is a perfect fit for an everyday shoe. Can't wait to buy more in different colors.

👤The champagne rose color is a metallic pink, so before I get into how much I love these shoes, I want to make sure you know that. They're still beautiful, I don't mind. I was not looking for a specific color. I will be wearing these on my wedding day. I was looking for something that was comfortable and fun, and these are perfect. I want a little pop of color to be visible when I take a step, but they are mostly hidden underneath the long dress. I have heels with a similar look, but the single strap at the metatarsals feels flimsy, like my feet will slide around while walking. The shoes are well designed with a wider flare at the foot which adds extra security, but the strap is thin over the dorsum of the foot, making it look more aesthetic. The heels are not as formal as a high heels. The ankle strap and the toe strap are slightly thicker than formal shoes, giving these a less refined look. These shoes would be perfect for certain occasions. I'm going to be buying these in black and nude soon.

👤I loved these shoes. I wore them with my bridesmaid dress. I wore them all the way to the wedding and reception and didn't feel any awkwardness. They don't look cheap in person. I've purchased other heels, but these were better. It's perfect for people who aren't used to wearing heels. I want more colors. The faux leather ones looked more expensive than the suede ones. The faux leather ones looked cheap.

2. Blue Betsey Johnson SB Cady Rhinestone

Blue Betsey Johnson SB Cady Rhinestone

The shaft is from the arch.

Brand: Betsey Johnson

👤I noticed that the box they came in was black, all the ones I have seen on social media come in a Tiffany blue box. The smell of the factory when you open the box gave me a sore throat and headaches. This isn't something you run into with authentic name brand shoes. I tried to post pictures but they are hard to see. There are places where the thread overlaps and there are gaps everywhere. It looks sloppy. Not something I would expect from a company like Betsey Johnson.

👤I only had the boots on for two hours, and most of that time was spent in a car with a row of rhinestones sticking out.

👤They did not disappoint, and I ordered them for my wedding. They got a lot of praise all night long. They aren't very comfortable, but still worth it! If anyone is looking, the shoe is perfect.

👤These shoes are amazing. It's a serious head turner. These are perfect for a night out in Vegas. The fit is perfect. The crystals will fall off if you smack the shoes around. I bought a package of crystals and was able to fix the ones I lost.

👤The shoes were perfect. They looked great with my wedding dress, and they arrived so fast. I contacted the seller to make sure they arrived before my fitting, I was worried that the shipping would take too long and not arrive before my fitting. Great service and shoes! I can't wait to party in them.

👤The boot is comfortable and beautiful. An exact fit around the ankle is one thing to consider.

👤Her shoes are always small. I would have gotten 10 for the wiggle room if I had. They fit around the toe well. But nothing that was uncomfortable.

👤I made the best shoes decision of my life. I bought these for my bridal shower, a party and a rehearsal dinner, and I get a lot of praise. There are two complaints I have. I have lines on my legs when I take them off because there is no room in the top part. You have to be careful about taking the boots off. I have had several beads move, luckily I was able to just out them back to where they are supposed to be, but I feel like for the price the beads shouldn't move at all. That is worth it!

👤I got these for my wedding and they are perfect. I was on the fence about ordering them, but I pulled the Trigger and am happy I did. I ordered a half size up because they are a little small but they are still comfortable. There were no missing gems, they were very carefully crafted and sturdy. These are worth the money.

👤You need to take a half size up because they run small. I am a size 8 and it's worth the money.

👤Me encantado me las puse para fin de ao y todo mundo mea.

3. TOMS Shoes Classics Casual Canvas

TOMS Shoes Classics Casual Canvas

It is easy on and off with Elastic Gore. ToMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need if you purchase a pair of shoes. One for one.

Brand: Toms

👤I tried to not buy these shoes from Amazon because I had read so many reviews of fake shoes. Toms in California canceled my order. I bought the shoes from Amazon. I received a tip from a reviewer that I should check who my seller is, where they ship from, and if they have a blue label. I got real Toms after doing this. I have a lot of pairs and know how they fit. The interior is soft and comfortable. Great shoes.

👤I had high hopes for these Tom's, but I'm a little disappointed. They are tight. I'm trying to break them in by wearing them around the house. I don't want blisters. If you don't want to break in shoes, half size up, I find it annoying. I hope to be able to wear them soon. Bob's are soft and fit perfectly from the first day.

👤I have owned many pairs of Tom's before and always got a 7, but they were too small. Too narrow, could not fit around my foot. The wrong ones were also received. Return was very easy.

👤I wanted to like these shoes but they were the worst I have ever bought. Even though I got a bigger size, they are still very small.

👤A flimsy shoe with no arch support. Will not buy again.

👤The shoe is canvas. I wear for fun.

👤23.50 cm


4. MiLanolce Platform Sandals Wedding Bridesmaid

MiLanolce Platform Sandals Wedding Bridesmaid

Please read the size data in the product description carefully. The platform height is 1.37 inches and the heel height is 4.33 inches. The upper material is high-grade PU leather. Any piece of clothing in the closet can be matched. microfiber leather is the lining material because it shows the texture of the leather surface, which is the key to not having sweaty feet in summer. The wedge heel design has a good slope and curve for the sandals and a few inches of footbed to make it more unique. The sole is comfortable to wear. The rubber sole is not slippery. It's best to choose it in the summer.

Brand: Milanolce

👤I am very sad. It's not much for beautiful wedding shoes. They came in after waiting and waiting and the box was torn and I couldn't even try to make them work. Do not place your order here. Please don't! I should have known better because I was so excited for my first wedding and I was trusting the internet. If I could have it look like the picture, I would not have stars. Save your money!

👤Cute and true to size, but not as shown and a bit cheaply made. The lace does not match what is shown.

👤The lace is falling off and it is cheap. It felt like a payless shoe.

👤It wasn't a good fit for a 5.

👤I gambled because I thought the pictures were pretty. The lace was very soft, but had a pink substance on it, and it was poorly cut. The strap for the ankle was too long and the strap across the toes was too big, so I thought about fixing them myself. I was disappointed because I was going to use these for my wedding shoes.

👤I need some things sturdy for my wedding day so I bought these shoes. I bought them before I read all the negative reviews and I absolutely love them, so I wanted to come back here to let you know that they are perfect and I want you to try them for yourself.

👤These sandals are pretty. It's nice for spring and summer. They make me feel good. It was comfortable. It is worth the price.

👤The shoes are pretty, soft and cheap.

5. Soda Buckle Espadrilles Flatform Off White

Soda Buckle Espadrilles Flatform Off White

The Heel height is Approx 1.5.

Brand: Soda

👤I measure 9 1/2 inches and am a US 7.5 womens shoe. The 7.5 were big on me. The sandals are designed for a wide foot. I ordered 1/2 size down and they are still loose. I think a 6.5, a full size smaller would be good for my foot and still look good. They don't have the 6.5 avail so I need white asap. I'm ordering again in a 6.5 in grey. My third time ordering. They are cute. When they arrive, will update review. A full size down works. My toes don't spill over. My foot is secured. The grey is being kept. I missed out on white 6.5. I posted a picture of grey. Returning the white 7

👤I fell in love with the sandals after seeing the pictures. I ordered them as soon as possible. It's true to size, but it's loose around my ankles. I am very disappointed that they are less expensive than the sandals out there. I received my order within 3 weeks. The shoes were made with soda. There is no brand label on them. They were in 2 plastic bags. The material created bends. They think they may give out after a few wears. I need another brand that sells these with better quality even if I have to spend more.

👤They are great. Excellent quality for the price. Maybe buying them in different colors. I got my normal size and they fit well. I have wide feet and they have a lot of room.

👤Terrible TERRIBLE! I wouldn't risk getting these despite the great reviews. They are not cheap. The holes didn't work, they were flimsy and just awful. I took the loss by throwing in the trash. The seller could not be reached. Don't waste your time!

👤This is my second pair. I love these shoes. They are super chic and comfy. I was very happy for my daughter's graduation and got a lot of praise for her. They are perfect with jeans, shorts and sun dresses. I am obsessed. I got them in white and they are easy to clean since they are faux leather.

👤I bought myself a matching pair of shoes after seeing my sister wearing them. I didn't know it was a scam. The original SODA pair was knocked off by me. The picture attached shows that it is cheap and not the SODA ones you have seen. Since I was able to see my sisters, I know that this is a scam and these are fake. When buying here, beware of discrepancies.

👤I just received some new sandals that are incredibly comfortable and cute, and I am very happy with them! I think I'll order them in more colors. The width is perfect for me. I have a wider foot, but not that wide. I usually wear 7.5 in most shoes/sandals because the 7.5 fits perfectly. The color is wonderful. I ordered gray.

👤My daughter is 15 years old. The pattern is snakeskin. She was looking at the $70 -$80 ones at the mall. She is a size 8.5. I bought an 8 and they were perfect. I tried them on and they were a tad loose. I was able to buy them used from Amazon. I saved 30% of that. The shoes were comfortable and well made. It was a great purchase for a shoe. I might have to buy myself a pair.

6. DREAM PAIRS Elastic Strappy Sandals

DREAM PAIRS Elastic Strappy Sandals

The Heel is about 2 inches. The Heel height is about 2 inches. The Ankle Buckle is stylish. Ultra Soft Linings for best comfort. Premium latex foot bed for ultimate comfort.


👤I bought these for a wedding where I was a bridesmaid. I needed something low and sturdy on the lawn since I would be on my feet for around 12 hours and didn't want to sink in heels. I was worried that they would rub my heels. I didn't need them. The shoes were comfortable and held up all night. I was very impressed with these shoes. They're cute. I can wear them with a lot of other things. It's difficult to find good shoes at this price. Excellent purchase!

👤They are cute and good quality. The only issue I have is the straps, I've been getting a lot of praise on them. I like elastic straps but they are so tight that they are uncomfortable. My feet look like that after 2 hours. I'm hoping the elastic will loosen, but I'm not sure what it will cost.

👤I was happy to try out these wedges because I don't do well in high heels. I swooped in on that because it was $13.98. These are amazing for that price. I'm glad I got the last one in these. I would say it's true to size, maybe runs a tiny bit small. I'm pretty sure I could have done the 8 work as well. The wedge height is great for people who don't want 5 inch heels, and the straps are elastic so they are very comfortable. They are comfortable walking in. The sole seemed to be glue on, and at the top began to come up a bit. I didn't notice the sole peeling or shifting when I wore them for the day. I will wear these again.

👤I ordered these sandals from Amazon immediately after I saw them. I had to return them. I never thought my feet were wide, but the sandal that I tried on wouldn't go past the middle of my foot. These ankle straps were very difficult to get into. I would have liked them to have worked.

👤The nude color I ordered was much lighter than other nude colors I've purchased. I have skinny feet and the elastic straps are tight, but the strap around the toe is big and makes the front of my foot flop. I wear a size 8 to 8 1/2 and it was too large. There were toe marks and dirt spots on the shoes I received. I was disappointed that Amazon wouldn't check the condition of returns. I like the height of the heels and feel secure in them, so I'm going to order them in a smaller size. Hopefully the smaller size will not be floppy.

👤I ordered the white pair to go with my graduation dress. I returned the shoes because they were damaged and glue could be seen between the sole of the shoe and foot bed. I ended up buying the red one because they were out of white in my size. The red pair are perfect. The shoes are hard to get on, and the elastics straps are tight, and I have skinny feet. I haven't worn the shoes for a long time, hopefully they don't cut off circulation. These shoes have some work to do to be perfect. I love the style. The white shoes I ordered were plastic and smooth. The shoe is made out of a sued type material when the red pair arrives. This should be stated in the description.

7. Bridal Wedding Stiletto Stitching Laceļ¼Œ2 2

Bridal Wedding Stiletto Stitching Lace%EF%BC%8C2 2

The shoes for the bride and bridesmaid are made of 100% safe Manmade leather. Two heels for you to shoose. It will make you feel comfortable with the shoes. It will help you to avoid hurting your sandals. It's widely in various occasions, including weddings, prom, evening party, cocktail, and any other special formal occasions. The design of the timeless design is sure to compliment the modern woman's wardrobe. Purchase a pair of heels that will last for all your memories and make you look like a celebrity. If your sole is wide, please choose a bigger size. All dimensions are measured with a deviation. They are sorry if they are not.

Brand: Dressfirst

👤I bought this shoe because it matched my wedding dress. I don't wear heels so I picked the 2.16 inch. They look like old lady shoes. The shoes were only seen when I lifted my dress. I wear a size 8 and bought an 8. It was perfect. The arch supports can be placed inside the shoe. I didn't use those items because I didn't have shoes on. I recommend this shoe for a bride or mother of the bride. The shoe is not black.

👤There is no support for the arch. The heel is not straight. I won't be able to wear a gel padding underneath to protect my feet. If you wear these shoes for an hour, do not buy them. These shoes are tight on me because I am usually 8 1/2 or 9 wide. The wide version would have been here around August 28. Looks okay. The laces are the same pattern as the photo. If you have big feet, no pointing buying Lack of arch support will hurt them. I don't want these terrible shoes because no one can see them and they are dirty. I'll see if I can find another pair and use this product as a backup. Overall, the product was not good. It smelled like smoke, yellow stains, and was not even. The store gave them to me after someone bought them and wore them. This experience was terrible.

👤The heel of the shoe is different from the rest. The bottoms of the shoes have a lot of grip. I wear an 8 1/2 wide to a 9 and it fit me perfectly.

👤I love these shoes. They are beautiful and comfortable, even for a shoe from China. I wouldn't wear them all day. I think I could wear these for a while. In case there is a slight size difference, the company includes inserts for the heel and under the balls of your toes. The picture makes them look a lot taller than they are. They are very short. If you want these for a wedding, it's worth the price. I have narrow feet, but the Medium still worked for me.

👤The shoes looked better when I received them. The lace fabric on the one end of the shoe has pearls. I don't have a problem wearing them over a long dress. It's easier to walk on them if the heel is not that high.

👤These were comfortable and beautiful in person. The reason I give 4 stars instead of 5 is because they were too big and I ended up buying other shoes.

👤We were worried about the size after ordering this for our wedding. But they arrived. She tried them on and they were perfect. They are beautiful and elegant. Thanks for making our day perfect! The rubber soles gave traction for our special day.

👤These shoes are gorgeous. I can't wait to wear them with my wedding dress. Very comfortable. They come with slip pads and a heel buffer for the inside of the show, and I thought that was a nice touch.

8. DREAM PAIRS Sole_Stretchy Fashion Elastic

DREAM PAIRS Sole_Stretchy Fashion Elastic

Imported. It was designed in the USA. The Heel height is 0.15". Run small. Half size larger than usual. Ultra flexible rubber shoes. Ultra Soft Linings for best comfort. Premium latex foot bed for ultimate comfort.


👤These will fit large if you have a regular foot. They fit perfectly if you have wide feet. New shoes!

👤I will be walking a lot at the upcoming conference. I wore them to see if I could find any sore spots. There are two things that can be improved, for the most part, they are comfortable. They have no arch support so I would suggest getting gel insoles. The ankle is stiff and they rub a little on it. I put a little moleskin on the back. I can walk around in them all day.

👤These are cute and fit well. When I walked my foot would skip to the front of the shoe, which was a problem because they are strapped in. If it had been a smallee, my toes would have been small. The bottom of the shoes were red after one day of use, and I had to stop running. I was surprised that the bottom of the shoe deteriorated so quickly. The pink is cute and true to color, the straps are comfortable, and the insoles have a cushion.

👤I ordered a second pair. These shoes fit my wide feet well and are great. I wore them for 2 days in a row without any problems. The high back protects my heels. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤After buying a pair during prime day, I bought another pair at full price. They are comfortable and cute. I told my friends to buy these shoes.

👤It looked pretty and didn't hurt my feet. Quality was good. I am very happy that I bought them. Cute shoes.

👤The box had a strange smell but the shoes came out okay. They fit nicely and are very shiny. The elastic doesn't dig in. At first the zip is stiff but loosens up. It was comfortable and cute.

👤The shoes are cute and the picture is accurate. They fit just fine and zip up easily, but as soon as I start walking, the top part of the shoe rubs the back of my ankle. I wore them once and thought they needed to be broken in but since it rubbed the skin raw, I waited awhile to wear them again. The shoes are too uncomfortable to wear for me. If the back of the shoe didn't come up so high, they would be great for me.

👤It's perfect for narrow or medium feet. Nice look. It was too close. Next time, I would probably order a 1/2 size up. The front of the show was pressed against my toes, which made it hard for me to wear long term. The straps were loose.

👤These shoes look the same as the picture, they are comfortable and look good. There is a I would like to point out 4 points. They are not as blue as the picture shows, they are more of a dark turquoise 2. I wouldn't recommend for every day shoes. The sole of the shoe is very thin and not quite sturdy. I bought a bigger size after reading the reviews that many people said they were small, so they fit perfectly.

9. Dr Fredericks Original Piece Metatarsal

Dr Fredericks Original Piece Metatarsal

We give you two pairs of pads to cover your feet, because you have 2 feet. It is made of stretchy gel material. Each step concentrates your weight on a few pressure points on the bottom of your foot. Their gels help relieve your pain. Insistant sowing Each step you take will make you wonder why you have feet that hurt so much. You should stop suffering in silence. If your gel cushions slip and bunch, try wearing snug fitting socks to keep them in place. gels spread and stretch to cover the widest of feet You don't need to worry about your shoe size. They want your results to be their top priority. It is part of who they are as physicians. If your purchase doesn't help you get back to doing what you love, they'll find something that will or they'll make it right. They will help you get back to the original you.

Brand: Dr. Frederick's Original

👤I have a bad history of foot problems for people in their 30's. I've had a lot of surgery. One of my legs is longer than the other, which causes a lot of foot problems. My left foot takes most of the pressure since my left leg is a bit shorter. Since I am a research scientist and mother of two, the ball of my left foot really takes a beating. I'm very active as a 4 year old with an intellectual disability. We have a lot of hard wood and tile in our house. I wear my socks on my feet and walk barefoot. Over the last 6 months, I have developed callouses on the ball of my left foot that are starting to become painful. When I wear shoes that are my favorite, I still bother myself with the lotion and pumice. I decided to try out this pad and see if it made a difference. I like that these pads are retractable. I don't like single use stuff. So wasteful! These are very easy to clean and use. It's easy to wear! These are definitely idiot proof and I love them. They are labeled to indicate which foot it is. For Spanish speakers, they have a D for Derecha and an I for Izquierda. It's versaTILE. Multiple kinds of socks and shoes can be used. I can confirm that they do indeed stay put in no show socks, which is my biggest concern. I haven't found a well fitting socks that they wouldn't work in. It's convenient! Isn't that the most important thing? I initially felt the ring tugging on my toe, but within a few moments, I did not feel that anymore. I have been wearing this pad all day long and it is still comfortable by the end of the day. I don't have any pain. THIN! I can wear them with my most snug shoes without causing any problems. Stays put! It stays exactly where it should be all day long once this is located in my socks and on my foot. It works just as well in a shoe as it does in my socks. It'sdurable! The material has been very durable and I think it will hold up well without getting damaged. I don't like the fact that this pad makes my foot sweaty and moist, which is something I expected and can happen with any similar product. The material is squishy. It does the job and prevents pain, but if it were a little more firm, I wouldn't have to wiggle my foot every time I step down. It's a small wiggle, but I notice it. It's not a slip, it's a wiggle. These are not slippery. I would not use these for running or other sports that require running or stopping on a dime because of the little wiggle inside the shoe. It would be difficult on the ankle. My recommendation is to get a full insole for those activities. I'm really happy I bought these and have been using them well. Are they comfortable? Yes? Is it inconvenient to have to wear something else in my shoe? I can recommend them for callous pain on the ball of the foot as they have completely eliminated mine, but I would rather deal with annoying than pain. Hope this helps someone else. Please forgive the picture of my unmanicured toes. It's winter here. I didn't get this item for free or at a discount.

10. Emily Bridal Wedding Stitching Crystal

Emily Bridal Wedding Stitching Crystal

The Heel measures approximately 3.88". There are three materials: the outer material, the inner material, and the bottom material. You are charming because of your fashionable appearance and exquisite design. It is easy to take care of your feet, with soft soles made from high quality materials. The insole has good resistance to compression and twist. It can be stepped on frequently. If your feet are 22.122.6 (8.688.91 inches) centimeters long, you could choose 5US.

Brand: Emily Bridal

👤The worst shoes ever! These shoes are too big in the toe box and too small in the heel. I exchanged them for a smaller size even if you ordered a size down. The cushions couldn't keep them from slipping. I tried a shoe stretcher for the toe box, but it didn't work. A cobbler couldn't help the shoes. The beads fell off when I took them off. The shoes were very painful. They won't be my wedding shoes. Don't waste your money.

👤I wear a size 10 in all my shoes. I ordered a 9.5 because I saw that everyone needed a smaller size. The shoes were beautiful, but too large. I could fit 2 fingers behind my foot. I don't think I need a 8.5. We will see how this goes after I ordered a 9. The seller needs to adjust the size charts.

👤I don't like ordering shoes online. I am glad I bought these shoes. They are gorgeous. I absolutely love these shoes. I will wear them with my wedding dress in July. I decided to order a size smaller because of the reviews that said to do so, but I usually wear 11s. Depending on the shoes. They fit my feet perfectly. I can't tell you how comfortable they are, but I can tell you how gorgeous they are.

👤These shoes are gorgeous. I will be wearing them for my wedding in June. I have wide feet and it's hard for me to fit in dress shoes when they are perfect. These are wonderful because I already bought shoes from another site and couldn't fit in them, so these were my dream come true and they are even nicer than my first pair.

👤I like how this shoe has a bigger toe. I felt like I was walking wobbly because of the heels. I feel more stable walking with these. These fit perfectly when I wear wide width. The design is beautiful.

👤The shoes were of the highest quality. When I opened the box, I was very excited. I fell in love with the lace and delicate flower petals when I put them on my feet. Everyone I have shown these to can't believe I got them on line. I will be wearing these heels at my wedding.

👤I wear a size 6.5 shoe. I ordered the 6.5 shoe and it was too big. I ordered a size down because size 6 wasn't available. The size 5.5 was too snug on my toes. I will return both pairs. I really wanted to wear these for my wedding.

👤I will give these 3 stars because of the fact that they are beautiful, and the price I paid for them should not have caused stones to fall off before I got them out of the box. These shoes are beautiful. My wedding shoes are a little disappointed because the stones fell off.

👤If you're a size 8, get a size 7. These were my wedding shoes and they were very comfortable. I love them!

11. DREAM PAIRS Glitter Sandals Carnival

DREAM PAIRS Glitter Sandals Carnival

The Heel is 2.5 inches. The upper design is transparent. There is an ankle strap with a buckle. There is a padded insole for added comfort. The Heel height is approx.


👤There were lots of nice things to say about these. For my birthday, I wore heels for the first time. I had a photo shoot where I was on my feet for over an hour. They felt strong, but I didn't feel like I had church heels on. These were very comfortable on my feet. I would recommend them to anyone. I bought a size 11 pair of neon yellow/green. I was worried they would be too small on my feet. Don't change your size.

👤I wanted a cute, comfortable sandal that I could wear for more than an hour. The sandals are only 2 inches tall and have a big heel. They have a small cushion on the heels. I bought a blue and nude color and they look great. The ankle strap is very thin and may not last long. Great buy, except for that.

👤My daughter is getting married and I bought these shoes for her. The dinner and ceremony were held in an olive grove with a lot of grass. I didn't need help walking through the venue. I didn't need to worry about the heels sinking into the grass because they are so large. My daughter gave flipflops to all the women at the barn, but I danced all night and never changed into them. I wore these shoes for six hours straight and they were comfortable, even though I didn't break them in before the event. I'm going to order them in other colors because of the great value.

👤I would give it 3 stars if it cost less. I paid a total of $58 for this. I ordered my usual size 7. They had to return them and order a 7.5 because the 7 was too small. I tried them on the 7's and didn't bother to inspect the shoe. They fit well once I received the size 7.5. #1 is small. I know they fit. The ankle strap was too small for it to be bucked. I had to remove the shoes and force the buckle to open up the hole more before I could put them on. The strap is cheap and flimsy, and I fear it will break off at any time. I fear the hole will get bigger and cause a rip on its own. It looks loose on the right side, but not on the left side. The shoes fit snug on the other side. The price of a pair of shoes that are about the same quality as a pair of shoes at a store like Forever 21 is pissing me off the most. Really? If they cost less, I would give it a decent rating. This is not a good deal for the price. It's cheap and wouldn't last a year with occasional use. I tried uploading a video, but couldn't.

👤It's cute and comfy. I love these. I'm going to wear them to my graduation. It's low enough to be comfortable but still formal. I have a small foot and the 5 fits well.


What is the best product for wedding wedges for bride winter?

Wedding wedges for bride winter products from . In this article about wedding wedges for bride winter you can see why people choose the product. Betsey Johnson and Toms are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding wedges for bride winter.

What are the best brands for wedding wedges for bride winter?

, Betsey Johnson and Toms are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding wedges for bride winter. Find the detail in this article. Milanolce, Soda and Dressfirst are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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