Best Wedding Vases Bulk 6

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1. Nilos Differing Wedding Dinning Decoration

Nilos Differing Wedding Dinning Decoration

It's easy to care. The vintage lace tablecloth is best for hand wash or machine wash in a gentle cycle with a wash bag, no bleach, and lay flat or hang to dry. Can be used many times. 2 Round Vases and 4 Modern Vases are combination of rope design and Clear glass vase can enhance your interior space of the style and atmosphere better! The material is retro. To see the beauty of individual stems of flowers and garden cuttings vividly, you can use vintage milk bottle material. You can feel nature inside your home. You will love the 6 glass bud vase set. Send it as a gift on Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Anniversaries, Weddings or Housewarmings. You can fill them with fresh or artificial flowers. The flower vase is wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap to prevent it from breaking in transit. It can be assured to buy if it is the price or quality. If you have a question about the Nilos Glass Vases set or accidental damage, please contact them.

Brand: Nilos

👤These were a great purchase. I like that they are all different shapes and height, and that it is a clear glass. I can group them all together on my dining table, or use them separately, with different colored flowers, or only use one color. They display nicely either way. The price is reasonable. I love this purchase.

👤This was a great purchase. I was worried that they would look tacky at my wedding. They don't at all! The quality is excellent. I show them to people because I am so impressed with them. The packaging was great. Great deal for the price.

👤These little vases are a perfect size for propagations. The twine is a nice touch, but I decided to cut it off because I wanted the plant and roots to be more visible for this specific aesthetic. These vases are sturdy and nice. These are very small, and I have ordered other glass vases on Amazon that were not real glass, rather it was some type of high quality plastic. The tallest glass is 7 inches. If you are looking for a specific size, read the dimensions.

👤There are vases on a table filled with fresh blooms. The different shapes and sizes make for an interesting centerpiece. They look great used alone. The rope has a touch of whimsy. They are well packed so there is nothing to break. It's worth the money. Also, note: I accidentally cut a rope when I used scissors to unpack my vases. If using scissors to unwrap, be aware and avoid my mistake, it is easily fixed with a touch of glue.

👤I was looking for decorations for my god sisters birthday. I stumbled upon these glass vases. The glasses were in perfect condition. I can see these glasses being used for home decor after a birthday party. If you are looking for a nice glass vase for decorations or flowers, this is it.

👤Beautiful vases, even better than expected. I gave one to my mother-in-law with a very nice small rose bud, after I purchased these for a teacher appreciation gift, did glass etching of the teacher initials on three, then had three more, and had one more. All were large enough for a single flower or small bloom. Two were used at home.

👤Many reviews state that they received broken vases, despite the fact that they boast of how sturdy they are. We're broken, add one more review. The box was intact. The box they were packing in was intact. The issue is that they packed too many in their box and that causes the box to break. Not the heaviest glass. The twine was not tied in the bow. I don't know how many are broken. Some shake like a broken lightbulb.

👤I love them! The roots of my plants grew so fast that I had to replant them. They were getting too big for my other glass vases. I bought this set. They were wrapped with foam and taped. Some of the plants don't need as much height, so they come in different sizes. They turned out great. Simple and sweet.

2. Floral Supply Online Decorating Arrangements

Floral Supply Online Decorating Arrangements

The printed Flower Guide Booklet with decorating tips was published exclusively by "Floral Supply Online". The brand name is protected by a US trademark. The "Floral Supply Online" logo is on the packaging and the "Flower Guide" is included with the vase. The vase can rest in a level position with the help of the high quality glass. A spherical shape is ideal for plants. The Rose Bowl is also known as a Bubble Bowl. Bubble Ball can be used for decorating events and contemporary home décor.

Brand: Floral Supply Online

👤There were scratches and warps on it. My local Michaels had the same thing for the same price. I will not be sending it back because I am using it as a pot. If you are using these as a centerpiece, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

👤The vases can be used for many different things. I ordered 4 boxes of them for an event and they arrived on time, they were packaged well and were the only ones I could find in this style that would ship to Alaska. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I received a lot of praise for them as well.

👤You wouldn't think there would be a dental office in glass, but what people are there? I didn't notice until it was too late to return. If you purchase, make sure the glass is smooth. Who blew this piece up? It's funny.

👤Bgt. The starfish should be placed in the bowl as the center of the table. It was made sturdy and arrived in perfect condition.

👤I almost didn't buy the vase after reading some negative reviews. I didn't have a scratch on my vase, I took a chance. I put flowers in it. I was very excited when it came, because I was very happy with the size of my master bath counter. I ordered it.

👤I made a Turkey centerpiece for Thanksgiving. The bowls were large and heavy. They arrived on time. I highly recommend them.

👤You can get a cheap glass vase at the dollar store. I didn't use it.

👤The bowl was nice when it arrived. My daughter was supposed to use it in class. She tried to put a silk leaf in the bowl, but it shattered in her hands. I ended up getting a bowl with thicker glass at a cheaper price.

3. Apothecary Decorative Decoration Medicine Centerpieces

Apothecary Decorative Decoration Medicine Centerpieces

They can be filled with your favorite shells, trinkets, flowers, glass beads, marbles, plants, floating candles, silk flowers or floating flower petals. It's used in spas, religious ceremonies, luxury weddings, upscale hotel lobbies, and other significant events. Antique style amber bottles are essential for any wedding, event, or dinner party. Vintage bottles can be placed on a shelf or table to add class to your space. The dimensions are 6.37" tall and 3.14" in diameter. It is not suitable for use in a dishwasher. A set of 6 unique designs. Their amber bud bottles have a sturdy base that can easily hold decor. There is a multi purpose. This is a perfect flower vase to use for artificial flowers. The vase set is a great gift for family and friends.

Brand: Eternal Moment

👤The vases look great and the price sold me. I used them for a wedding. They were stunning. The staff cleaning up put them in the dishwasher and the amber-colored layer came off, revealing that the glass was clear. I washed it and it held up. Don't put them in the dishwasher, it's a good product for the price.

👤These are pretty jars. I like the shape and color of them. The first shipment was broken and was sent back before I even received it, so it took me two tries to get them. The bottles are sturdy and not delicate. I really like them!

👤One of the six arrived broken, but it was a cool product. I can not message the seller. Not true amber glass. If you are looking for a heavy, authentic amber glass bottle, don't buy it. These are better for floral/propagating. I'm thinking about returning but not sure.

👤It's a little bigger than I thought, but it's perfect for a small vase of flowers or propagating plants.

👤I used to get these for decor at a bridal shower and now use them around my house with dried flowers and eucalyptus. They are a great price and give off a cute vintage vibe. I use them for table settings and baby showers again and again.

👤There is a wide mouth for multiple flowers. I had 3 of them break during transit because they were not packaged well. Get more than anticipated.

👤I was surprised that these are really nice and the price was right, but I recommend them.

👤There were two broken things inside the box. They are pretty. I have seen a lot of people say they received broken jars, why have they not started packaging them better?

4. Hosley Bottle Wedding Floral Office

Hosley Bottle Wedding Floral Office

There is a guarantee of success. If you have any problems or are not happy with them, just send them an email and they will provide a solution and all issues will be solved within 24 hours. These are just the right use for floral or greenery arrangements, as a decor next to fireplaces and as a planter, for both fresh flowers or plants. It can be a good gift for a wedding. Benefits: They can make your home or office look different for Vases, Table Decor, Weddings, Parties, Special Events. Measures/measures: The set of 6 are made of glass and measure 2.25" L x 2.25" W x 5.25" H. There are HOSLEY brand products. Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials. Please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations by achieving a neutral carbon footprint.

Brand: Hosley

👤I was only sent 5 when it was supposed to be a set of 6. They came in with paint that had already been scratched off. I suggest you order separately, my box had other stuff in it. I am glad they were packaged and shipped like that.

👤The vases are lovely. I was sent five in one box. I tried to contact customer service through the manufacturer's website, but got no response.

👤After washing the gold, it scratched.

👤The vases were pretty. The gold rim is pretty.

5. Royal Imports Decorative Centerpiece Resistant

Royal Imports Decorative Centerpiece Resistant

The vase is handcrafted to the highest quality and made of crystal clear acrylic to maximize visibility. The cylinder has thick walls and a weighted base. Imported. The best seller. Clear acrylic vases are best sellers in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry. Everyone uses a good quality basic cylider. It will enhance any romantic event when filled with roses, even restaurant tables filled with candles, or any party filled with lights and vase fillers. The uses are listed. Fresh flower arrangements and silk or dried floral designs are very popular with the Acrylic Cylinder. It's also used as candle holders, storage containers, aquariums or fish tanks, pot-pourri containers, and centerpiece filled with gems or lights. Break is a good way to help. The cylinders are made of high quality plastic. The material used for this product is designed to resist resistance unlike glass. The dimensions are 6 Inches tall by 6 Inches wide. The vase is round.

Brand: Royal Imports

👤I ordered this vase to be used in a creative cake concept for my birthday. The vase is clear and lightweight. No fish were harmed in the making of this cake.

👤Most people won't care, but this is definitely not ACRYLIC - it's cheap. The walls are light and cheap. It's fine for a vase, but it won't work for me. I was going to use it for an art project where I was going to do fabrication and sanding. I can't use it for that. There is a bottom rim, but it's not clear from the pictures. I was hoping for a flat bottom, but it was fine for a vase.

👤I didn't expect much for the quality of the product when it came to the money, but what I don't like about it is that the width of the container is advertised as five inches when it is actually four and a half inches. I don't like being lied to. The height is ten inches, but they couldn't extend the diameter by another half of an inch. If you're looking for a precise fit, buy any vase this seller offers at the risk of their measurements not being exact.

👤I bought a few sets of three and several other individual sizes to use as centerpiece for a 30th birthday party. White roses, water beads, and lighted submergible lights were used. It was economical and non breakable.

👤I bought this to fill with flowers for my mother who is in a nursing home. We had to carry it in the car and into the nursing home, so I wanted something that wouldn't weigh a lot. I have bigger vases around the house, but this one fits more than most of them. There is a chance that I won't get the vase back, so I wanted something that was cheap. I can take new flowers to my mother and use the same vase over and over, because it is sturdy.

👤I ordered two of them. The box was bent and new. The other one had a few rubbed spots on it, nothing to make me want to return it. I would keep it even if I used it for a vase. I used them to make a water dish for my cats. It's not good for them to bend their head down to the height of the water and food bowls that they have in the stores after a few years. You have to think outside of the box sometimes.

👤These cylinders are gorgeous. I need a product to do my orchids in planters. This is the only product I've found that works for me. I ordered 2 sets to see if they would work. They did! My orchids have never been happier after I ordered 10 more sets. I need to order another 10 sets because I want all my orchids to be beautiful. This is a great product.

👤I bought these to sit on top of my candles on the patio table. We have large glass containers with remote controlled battery operated candles sitting in them surrounded by polished river rock. The vases keep the rain water out of the containers. They are clear and we don't notice them when we sit at the table. It was perfect.

6. Cylinder Container Centerpiece Planter Terrarium

Cylinder Container Centerpiece Planter Terrarium

The vase is carefully packaged and not included. The thickness is about 0.2" due to handmade process. There are glass pieces that may contain air bubbles as well as have slight variations and imperfections due to the handcrafting process. Use: flowers, candles, storage, aquariums, and centerpiece filled with decorative accents or lights for decoration. Contact them for any issues and they will give you a bulk discount.

Brand: Wgvi

👤I wanted to replace my vase. I decided to keep both. The clear glass vase is elegant and delicate, and it would look good anywhere, even if you didn't have a color scheme. It would look very cute with a string of waterproof lights suspended inside.

👤I noticed a small cut on the glass when I put the flowers into the vase. I was worried that it would break in the future. I was sent a replacement and return label from Amazon after I contacted them. I got the new one yesterday. It is perfect. I love the vase. Thanks!

👤This is a large vase. I thought it would be a cheap vase, but it is not. The vase is thick and heavy. The weight of the flowers won't cause it to fall over. I'm very happy.

👤I'm a floral designer in Georgia. I needed more vases for the wedding. The vases were well packed. They were broken. Good quality glass with little to no flaws. They are not 14 inches tall. They are about 13 inches tall. I will make them work.

👤I used them for my wedding center pieces in different sizes. They looked great!

👤I ordered a pack of vases. They arrived undamaged and were well packaged. These are vases that are light duty. They are not very heavy. The bottoms are not as thin as other vases. If you don't add a quart of water to the vase, the vase could tip over with heavy flowers. The quality is not consistent. The thickness of the glass varies from 3.5mm to 6.5mm. There are flaws in the glass. The vase is old. It seems that it was shipped from the factory. Attached are photos.

👤It's a vase from Amazon. It holds my flowers. There are no cracks in my house. The material is lightweight. It looks nice. I had tall flowers and needed a tall vase so I have no issues with this product. I like it. Drop it on a hard surface. That won't end well.

👤A few days ago, I posted a review thinking it was glass. I had purchased black ones and they felt light in weight. I ordered another one from a different vender and it was glass. This one is glass. It looked like wine bottles cut down, because of the cut edge. Anyway, keeping them all. Quite beautiful! Clear Museum Gel is available on Amazon. It works like a charm. Enjoy!

👤It arrived quickly. In one piece. Lots of air bubbles see pictures of the worst ones. I ordered a new one. Will update if replacement is better than this. One star was added because replacement is better. It doesn't have a cut mark. The dollar store version of the 12” is much better quality with a thicker wall and no bubbles. I don't think this is borosilicate. I need to cut off the bottom of it because I am afraid it will shatter because of the air bubbles. The pictures with the blue mark are replacements.

7. Serene Spaces Living Tablescape Weddings

Serene Spaces Living Tablescape Weddings

The package includes a Vases Column Stand with a size of 21x21x40 cm. These bud vases look like milk bottles from decades ago. The milk bottle glass bud vase is convenient in size. The curved neck of the glass bud vase widens to a bottle that is perfect for displaying artificial or cut flowers. Place a long stem flower in a bud vase to create a relaxing design in any area of your home. You will receive a great value with the glass bottle vases, as they are shipped in sets of six.

Brand: Serene Spaces Living

👤These vases are cute and I use them outside. I added pebbles to the bottom to make them more stable because they are too heavy and can tip over.

👤The vases were packaged well and looked cute with my fresh cut flowers. I would order them again after a big hit.

👤These jars can be used for nuts and dry snacks. People love them when I set them around the room. They don't have to be reaching into bowls to ruin the snacks.

👤Exactly as pictured. I can't wait to use them for my daughter's wedding. They'll be perfect for the centerpiece.

👤One of the bottles was broken. They are good for most of the time. The glass is thick. There is no way to get in touch with the seller.

👤It was a great addition to the shower.

👤These are for the wedding reception. If our bouquets were any larger or heavier, it might be too heavy to use without pebbles or weights inside. These worked just as we wanted them to.

👤The bottles were used as vases to decorate the chairs at the wedding. We were able to hold the bottles to the chairs because of the lip on the bottles. They made bud vases for the reception tables after we removed them.

8. Cylinder Holders Decoration Wedding Centerpieces

Cylinder Holders Decoration Wedding Centerpieces

The tall flower arrangement stand for wedding is available in 2 heights and 2 colors. The vases have a height of 6 inches and a diameter of 3.4 inches. High quality. The glass vase can be washed by the dishwasher. The high glass vase can be used for flowers, dried flowers, floating candles, Succulents, and roses. There is a cessation of activity. The perfect choice for a flower arrangement. It is suitable for home decoration, wedding center, aquariums or fish tanks. SAFE PACKAGING. Each set of 12 vases is packed in a strong carton and covered with double-layer foam cotton packaging to reduce damage during transportation. If you receive broken or cracked vases, please contact them.

Brand: Bigivaca

👤I ordered 2 boxes of cylinders for an event. They arrived quickly and were what we needed. One of the cylinders in the corner of the box was shattered when they were packaged well and encased in specially designed foam. The cylinders were so secure in the foam that it took some effort to release them.

👤My daughter's bridal shower was held in these vases. They were the right size.

👤My daughter's wedding is perfect for these. It would be hard to break them with that packaging. I was thrilled with what I got for the price. The centerpiece was added to the picture. I had a mock up of it.

👤Really good deal. The vases are of good quality. This glass is thick and heavy. I was able to get them out of the styrofoam, but it was hard. It was worth it since they arrived in perfect condition. I kept the box they came in to store them in when I wasn't using them. They were perfect for my Thanksgiving event. It's a good investment if you plan on using them a lot. 5

👤Sometimes I like to set the table with vases of flowers or floating candles, but it's hard to do when the vases are large. I've been keeping an eye out for smaller, simple and attractive vases that I can fill more easily. These work well. I like the fact that I can mix up vases with different flowers. They are small enough to be filled easily.

👤These vases are made of glass. I like to place flowers around the house because I enjoy flowers year round. The perfect size for placement is these. I'm looking forward to using these for large family gatherings.

9. Floral Supply Online Decorating Arrangements

Floral Supply Online Decorating Arrangements

The printed Flower Guide Booklet with decorating tips was published exclusively by "Floral Supply Online". The brand name is protected by a US trademark. The "Floral Supply Online" logo is on the packaging and the "Flower Guide" is included with the vase. The cylinder vase weighs in at over 2 pounds and has thick glass walls and a weighted base to make it last. The inside of the vase has a usable height of 7.56". The external height is 7.93" and the external width is 4.9". There are many occasions where floating candle arrangements and bouquets are displayed. They can be filled with your favorite shells, trinkets, flowers, glass beads, marbles, plants, floating candles, silk flowers or floating flower petals. It's used in spas, religious ceremonies, luxury weddings, upscale hotel lobbies, and other significant events.

Brand: Floral Supply Online

👤It was perfect size. I used mine to hold fake lemons. It's perfect for my application.

👤I ordered this after reading the reviews of other brands. I needed a display in my home of the beautiful glass that I received. There are no flaws in my candle and it rests on the bottom. You won't be disappointed.

👤This is a nice vase. It's wide and tall for a bouquet. The price was high. Since I don't want to go out of town during the Pandemic, I bought this item online and it was half price at the 99 cent store or home goods store.

👤I use this and a larger container for temporary storage of odd scraps and wrapping, so I don't have to go to the waste basket so often. A cylinder utensil holder is also needed.

👤I like this vase. It is simple, great quality, and exactly what I was looking for.

👤The sturdy vase is a worthy gift. There were no scratches or distortion in the glass. A good height for arranging a bouquet of flowers. Would purchase again.

👤25 for wedding decor. Only one was broken, and it was replaced immediately. It was well made. It's pretty. I would order from them again.

👤I needed a glass vase to know when to add more water or change out the water on my bamboo plant. It was well packaged and arrived perfect. I would definitely recommend it.

10. Royal Imports Decorative Centerpiece Resistant

Royal Imports Decorative Centerpiece Resistant

The vase is handcrafted to the highest quality and made of crystal clear acrylic to maximize visibility. The cubes have thick walls and a weighted base. Imported. The best seller in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry are hard plastic cube vases. Everyone uses a good quality glass cube. It will enhance any romantic event when filled with roses, even restaurant tables filled with candles, or any party filled with lights and vase fillers. The uses are listed. Fresh flower arrangements as well as silk or dried floral designs are very popular with the cube. It's also used as candle holders, storage containers, aquariums or fish tanks, pot-pourri containers, and centerpiece filled with gems or lights. Break is a good way to help. The squares are made of high quality plastic. The material used for this product is designed to resist resistance unlike glass. 6 Inches tall by 6 Inches wide by 6 Inches deep

Brand: Royal Imports

👤I was inspired by this idea to make a floral arrangement with a box shaped vase. The idea is cute! It looks great in my apartment. The stems are short. I used 5 pieces of tape to make it so the flowers would sit perfectly. A great vase. It is not glass. Its very strong. It was the perfect size. You could use this for many other things. I want to make cute flower arrangements all over my apartment.

👤This was bigger than I anticipated and it was the best way to do it. I have small children so I can't use glass for my coffee table. This is perfect! I love it!

👤Solid looking design. The appearance is made of glass. My arrived with a black "squiggly" inside. I thought about returning it but it was another hassle. I will make sure that side is hidden as much as possible.

👤Our Christmas tablescape was created by using five of these and then smaller ones. They were delivered well and had no issues. I will use these in many table centerpiece.

👤I got the 5x5x5 and I love it. I used it for my makeup brushes and they were very durable. Would buy again.

👤I used two vases to hold small items in my kitchen junk drawer, so they were nicely organized. I used a 4 inch water dish in my bathroom sink for my cats to drink from when I moved, but they wouldn't drink out of a bowl on the floor. Go figure! They are perfect for what I need them for, but if you want to use them as vases, they are perfect. My cats can attest to the fact that they hold water well. Excellent quality product.

👤Not strong. I bought a few to organize the bathroom Vanity. The first time, it looked great, but within 3 months, it started cracking. There are stains on the sides after a few months of use. I only used it to hold a few cosmetics inside, the item was not dropped.

👤The pot was perfect for my orchid. I drilled a few holes in the bottom for drainage, but it works great. It looks great and I want my orchid to get as much sun as possible. Highly recommended!

👤The vase is cheap. C'est un bonne qualité, parois sont quand mme assez.

👤There were two visible defects.

11. Nuptio Centerpieces Decoration Anniversary Ceremony

Nuptio Centerpieces Decoration Anniversary Ceremony

The package includes a wedding centerpiece vase. The base diameter is 10 cm and the inner opening is 4.33 cm. The flowers are not included in the pictures. It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. It's also suitable for home décor, living room, coffee shop, bar, hotel, if you match with flowers and artificial flowers. No need for an autopsy. The metal trumpet vase is not as difficult to install as other tranditional metal vases. The trumpet vase does not need to be installed. When you receive it, you could use them immediately. The material is material. The metal vase holder is anti rust. To clean and dry, use a soft cloth. Its hollow horn holder can be used with flowers, artificial flowers, feathers, brushes, buds, and garlands. There is a FRIENDLY REMINDER. The color is gold bronze. The item's color may be slightly different from the pictures due to the light and screen difference.

Brand: Nuptio

👤These are great. I was worried that they might be too small, but they are perfect! I used floral foam to create the arrangement. They are going to work great for the centerpiece at the wedding.

👤The metal is lightweight and the color is gold. You can see some dents around the edges but you can keep them out of view by rotating them. They are 6 inches tall. Use as planters.

👤I ordered 5 sets and 2 of them were damaged. The vases had paint streaks and there were little bubbles on the surface. They were a little crooked as well. Very disappointed.

👤The urns are small and can be used to dress up a table for a special event.

👤These are smaller than I thought.

👤I'm on the fence about this one. I have to arrange my flowers in a way that makes them look good.

👤I used a small circle of foam to arrange the flowers. Happy with the overall outcome but easily tipped over due to the heavy arrangement, shallow inside bowl and light weight material of the vase.

👤The value is great. It made my decorations look better for my birthday party. Highly recommended!

👤Se decoran adecuadamente. No son de la calidad, no pesan nada, es fcil that willeguen a lucir baratas.

👤They will be my wedding centerpiece. They are pretty.


What is the best product for wedding vases bulk 6?

Wedding vases bulk 6 products from Nilos. In this article about wedding vases bulk 6 you can see why people choose the product. Floral Supply Online and Eternal Moment are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding vases bulk 6.

What are the best brands for wedding vases bulk 6?

Nilos, Floral Supply Online and Eternal Moment are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding vases bulk 6. Find the detail in this article. Hosley, Royal Imports and Wgvi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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