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1. Home X Bubble Umbrella Durable Wind Resistant

Home X Bubble Umbrella Durable Wind Resistant

There is a pack of umbrellas for brides and grooms. The bubble umbrella is made of transparent waterproof EVA plastic, which allows you to see in all directions. It's easy to use and perfect for travel. Press the button and the tote umbrella opens for you. There is no more choice between protection visibility. Accessorize, accessorize, and accessorize! This umbrella will compliment all of your outfits. This umbrella is lightweight and durable, making it the best of both worlds. It keeps you dry and safe so you can look good wherever you go. The umbrella has a sturdy frame and a bubble design with reinforced ribs to keep it from flipping inside out. The strong and reliable umbrella will keep you dry. It's built to handle. Any weather. This umbrella is small enough to fit in your purse, but also strong enough to hold up in heavy rains and powerful gusts of wind. It has a vinyl canopy with reinforced steel ribs and a plastic handle. The canopy has a diameter of 33 and a length of 32. Home-X has a wide range of products perfect for the home or office. Home-X has gadgets to simplify cleaning, cooking, or hosting, or just a decorative touch for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, break room, or kitchen, and more. Simply Home Solutions has a trademark called Home-X.

Brand: Home-x

👤I ordered 6 for my wedding party because I had a hunch it would rain. We ended up using them because I ordered them last minute. I was worried that they would be too cheap looking, but I will say that you get what you pay for. These worked out well for what we needed.

👤The umbrellas are good looking, but only for one person at a time. When stuck in the rain, I tried to share it, but was cramped and soaked. The umbrella cave's edges make it easy for water to get to legs when walking or in the wind. They are sturdy and look good, but the only issue I had with them was that they didn't work all the time.

👤The umbrella was used as a prop during the engagement photo session. It stood up to rain and wind very well. It is perfect for fitting two people under. I could not be happier with my purchase. It's a good thing.

👤When you put yourself in a piece of plastic, there needs to be more room around you. It would be perfect for a child. The stick and handle are too thin and it isn't very sturdy. I use it as a food cover because it's perfect for securing that handle, which has already buckled in the wind, with a bungee cord.

👤These are used for bridal party photos. They're inexpensive, look great, and can be shared by two people. They were shipped quickly and safely.

👤I was not expecting the two to be in working order, but I did like the idea of buying two together and I was not expecting them both to be in a bad state.

👤Caps keep coming off the spokes. I was disappointed in the quality. It is better to pay a little more money and buy something better.

👤It is a good size to cover a few people but the rain drips onto my legs. It hangs over my head to protect me, but it also blocks some of my vision.

👤Vino doblada y la devolucin por defecto. El bastn de metal es bastante. Se ve opaca, pero pareca. Para una persona, Es pequea. Fotos, cosplay, and estética tienes algn evento. Al final, porque normalmente son ms caras.

👤Lleg roto del mango, es demasiado, y el plstico, creo.

2. AoGV Wedding Umbrella Engagement Photography

AoGV Wedding Umbrella Engagement Photography

Here at Vera Bradley, they believe that beauty is celebrated in all they do with their innovative brand and enduring products. A great photography prop for special occasions like engagement, wedding, or graduation. You are turned into his only one by a creative heart shape. lightweight and easy to carry a aluminum alloy handle and foam grip. The room is enough for a couple. Let your love be protected by you!

Brand: Aogv

👤It was the best idea for my wedding. It feels like quality. If you are on the fence about it, just take a picture.

👤I purchased this for an engagement photo shoot with my fiancée, but as soon as I tried to open the umbrella the hinges broke, so I can't use it for what I bought it for. I am very disappointed. The hinges are made from something other than metal.

👤I had a horse and carriage for my wedding and it was a hot sunny day, and this umbrella was lovely with everything.

👤I bought this for my daughter. She absolutely loves it. She lives in a college town. I could have sold them all if I had 10.

👤My son had a wedding and I bought these for the brides maids. Good sized umbrellas were useful.

👤It was as advertised. The umbrella is cute. We are going to use it for wedding pictures. The open/close mechanism is a little unusual, but shipping was fast and it was well packed.

👤This is very cute. I am very happy with the product. Cute.

👤We bought this to use for our wedding and it was so useful that we got a lot of feedback.

3. WASING Umbrella Transparent Umbrellas Windproof

WASING Umbrella Transparent Umbrellas Windproof

The lace holes umbrella can't be used in rain. The package includes 10 Clear Bubble Umbrellas with a canopy of 46” and a span of 35” The car is open for business. The automatic switch makes it easy to open the bubble umbrella. They can protect you from the rain. The large canopy stick umbrellas have a clear design that makes them look more fashion. These umbrellas are sturdy to stay in the wind. The canopy design prevents water from dripping. They are perfect for wedding, birthday, graduation ceremony and daily use. When taking photos in the rain, you will not have to block your face.

Brand: Wasing

👤These are very low quality and ideal for photography. If you want to use them more than once, I would recommend storing them away and using them exclusively for the images. The clear plastic is thick and easy to tear apart. The rest is plastic. 3 of them have damage and won't be usable again. I would recommend buying used for a quarter of the price. I wouldn't pay more than $70 for these. They are worth about $1 each.

👤These umbrellas are very clear and seem to be sturdy. Some reviews say they tear, but that's not true. We got wet from having too few umbrellas, but they worked well for the wedding. If something should happen to your umbrellas before they arrive, just order with enough time to return and replace them. We didn't have time for that with the weather changing. The package was ripped open when it arrived with only 8 umbrellas. We needed 10 umbrellas. We need them in a couple days and there was no time for us to come back and wait. The seller gave us a full refund because we were missing umbrellas and ended up wet at the wedding due to too many people sharing umbrellas.

👤Very low quality. A clear garbage bag on an umbrella frame. Returned.

👤I bought these last minute in case it rained on my wedding. It rained, but it didn't rain very bad. These were very useful in keeping us dry. I'm waiting for the photographer to take the photos, but I know she has cute pictures of us walking to the Trolley. They were perfect for our receiving line and awesome for kissing in the rain photo. My photographer loved them too. I said this was the best purchase on the wedding day. I am glad I bought them. I am letting my friends and family use the matching set for their upcoming weddings.

👤Don't waste your money. The weather changed to rain and we bought these. They looked cute in the pictures. By the end of the evening, nearly every one was broken. Very cheap plastic. It was poorly made. Add hound have returned them. I threw them away because I was so angry.

👤It was perfect for our wedding day. The umbrellas worked out perfectly for a special day despite not being super sturdy for the price. Couldn't beat the price. I ordered them a week before our wedding. It's worth it for the piece of mind.

👤These bubble umbrellas are amazing. My friend is having a wedding. When opening the umbrella, we can see where we're going.

👤We ordered these last minute because of the rain forecast. They worked well. The handle was sturdy. The product is great for a good price.

👤We got some not great reviews for this, but they were for the price, for our wedding, as it was announcing rain. They are really great umbrellas. We love them. Since the wedding, we've been using them a lot and giving them to family and they all love them. When we got married, it didn't rain. We are still happy with the purchase.

4. Hipsterkid Holographic Umbrella White

Hipsterkid Holographic Umbrella White

The umbrella sleeve is not black. Feel free to contact them if you have any problems. HOLOGRAPHIC: Their canopy is completely see-through and still provides maximum rain coverage. You will begin to look forward to rainy days. The restaurant colors are VIBRANT. This colorful umbrella can help turn gloomy days into bright ones. Wherever you go, this iridescent umbrella will make a statement. Light weight: A lightweight metal frame so you don't have to think twice about taking it on cloudy days. It's durable. This umbrella is more than just a accessory. It has been built with the highest quality in mind. The frame is strong so you won't have to worry about playing in the rain. Quality design: 46” across when open, smooth touch matt handle, waterproof soft plastic canopy with an easy to use spring-loaded open button and button snap closure.

Brand: Fctry

👤I get so happy if I get to use this. It makes you excited for the rainy days.

👤This umbrella is gorgeous in person, with a soft curve handle and end cap. The rubber coating can be a little fragile, so be careful not to hit it too much. The transparent vinyl is brilliantly colored. There are some crinkles across the canopy from the way it was folded for storage, but it is only in a few spots for me. I bought this umbrella for both rain and sun use, as I am very fair, and I have found it useful so far. The shadows that the umbrella leaves are as pretty as the product itself, and wherever I take it, I get a lot of compliment! I was hesitant to spend so much, but I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun accessory.

👤I would like to get a refund for this product. The inside was messed up when I bought it. It was taped on both layers. Negative feedback is something I don't like. I feel bad for people who buy this as a gift and then open it, it looks old and not well made. Will post a photo later today.

👤I regret buying this umbrella. I bought two for my kid and one for an adult, but the adult one is too large to carry around in the rain. The material is similar to a trash bag. The buttons to open and close the umbrella are very flimsy, and the handle has already deteriorated, less than a month of having it and using it. Too much money for a bad umbrella.

👤This umbrella is very strong. The umbrella can be snapped back with ease when the wind blows it inside out multiple times, because of the flexible and durable plastic Boning. The fabric is waterproof, unlike regular umbrellas that tear and have leaks. The canopy's material will project a rainbow on itself, you, and the ground when caught in the right lighting. The transparent material makes it possible to see where you're going, look up at the sky, and also be seen when you step out and about. The handle has a smooth rubber texture that makes it easy to grip, and it's not worried about the umbrella getting away from you. It's not UV resistant.

👤This umbrella has been perfect since 9 months ago. It dries quickly after heavy rain. The umbrella is adorable, no complaints as far as looks go. The handle doesn't feel firm and it has a hard time opening. It would break at some point. You are paying for the design and not a good umbrella at $30.

👤About eight months ago, I bought this and have used it many times. The handle cracked off without any external pressure applied. I wrote an email to the company, but they didn't reply. The poor quality is not something that I am concerned about. This was not a cheap umbrella.

5. GAOYAING Umbrella Lightweight Compact Ribs 34

GAOYAING Umbrella Lightweight Compact Ribs 34

The mental shaft is made of 6 ribs fiberglass and steel shaft aluminum alloy. They are able to survive strong wind without breaking. The weight is 6.7oz and the length is 6.9in. The mini design of the umbrella allows it to fit in your pockets and bags. The button is easy to close by pressing it. It's a perfect gift for men, women, kids, parents, friends, colleagues and lovers. The fabric used for UV protection and Repellency is Super Water Repellent. 99% of UV rays are blocked by an extra layer. Even in the most intense summer rains, it ensures great protection. A lifetime guarantee is a full refund or replacement warranty. If you don't like your umbrella for any reason, just ask for a full refund.

Brand: Gaoyaing

👤I bought this umbrella because I wanted a light umbrella that I could always carry around in my backpack. The umbrella is so lightweight that it's perfect for that. It's still full size when opened, even though it's small when collapsed. Thanks for making a wonderful travel umbrella!

👤Very light and compact. The first day I used it, it broke. The strongest wind without breaking is stated in the description. I was in Ireland during a rain storm without an umbrella. With that being said. The customer service team did a great job. I was offered a replacement or a refund.

👤I wanted to be able to throw this umbrella into my Timbuk2 classic messenger bag because it is small and compact. I've seen the importance of being prepared when the sun is not shining and when the rain is not stopping. It's small, it's in my bag, and I'd forget it was there, that's how compact it is when it's closed. If you open it up, it is small enough to shelter one person from the elements. I haven't used it in the rain yet, but it blocks out the sun's noise. I didn't give it 5 stars because it takes some time to get it closed so it can fit into the sleeve they give you.

👤The umbrella is light and has a good size. I'll have to air it out in the sun to see if it helps, it's 1 inch less wide than advertised, and the inner side coating has a chemical smell. It's hard to open, it takes a bit of force to make it lock into place, and I injured my shoulder which made opening it difficult. If someone expects to use it a lot, they might need to give it a consideration, even if the latter part is not a dealbreaker.

👤It's perfect for traveling. Two thumbs up. Would definitely buy it. They came in handy when we went to Costa Rica during the rainy season. It is lightweight and small. The backpack is perfect for a day hike. Pull it out when it rains and put it back when the sun comes out. It is easy to put away after each use. They are the perfect umbrella for travel or to throw in your purse, they are only room for one under the umbrella.

👤It's easy to use and lightweight. It's perfect for my 12 year old and seems a bit smaller than other umbrellas. It curves in a bit so don't worry about poking anyone in the eye. Great price too.

👤This small item is very durable. Most small, easily packable/pocketed umbrellas don't sacrifice durability for their small size. This umbrella does not. The liner is very strong, the wires to hold the umbrella's shape are set up with two wires, and it is easy to open and close. The liner kept me dry in the rain. I was happy to purchase a very solid product.

👤The umbrella is too flimsy. I bought 2 umbrellas that didn't hold the lock, and the other two would close by themselves. Reached out to the seller, but no reply. Garbage product and shady seller.

6. Totes Wooden Handle Stick Umbrella

Totes Wooden Handle Stick Umbrella

Water and faucet resistance. The fabric has 190 threads per square inch. The frame is chrome- plated. It is windproof and rainproof. Totescoat protects you from rain so you stay dry. Stay dry with the touch of a button, it's the auto open design. The wood j-handle design is easy to carry and fits perfectly in your hand. The metal tip is impact resistant. It is possible to travel from office to home. It's great for dressy and formal occasions to keep you dry. Leave it to dry. Clean with damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤The Wirecutter recommended two of these. The close/release mechanism broke on one of them within a month of use. They're backed by a lifetime warranty. Right? The warranty conditions require you to pay for shipping and return shipping, but you can also deduct $5 from the cost. The warranty is useless if you just buy a new one on Amazon, because the shipping costs aren't much.

👤I bought this to replace an umbrella 15 years ago. I bought this little gem because I was pressing my luck with a $1 umbrella. I was very excited. We got some rain over the next few days. I was very excited. I walk for a while. I close it. The handle broke off on the second shake as I shake it off. It's fair to say that a Totes umbrella is better than a Dollar Tree umbrella. It's fair that the umbrella should last more than one use.

👤The umbrella is pretty large. The J hook is beautiful. I bought the spread, but stayed for the beauty. I only realized I wanted that after buying it. I'll keep it. When corona is present, activities that are suddenly outdoors, like church, prompt bringing an umbrella on a sunny day. I can still wear suntanlotion. There are a few complaints about things breaking. I don't use the 'auto open' unless I'm exiting a car. Why open something and break it over time? The feature is not worth using on an umbrella. 5 star umbrella is still earned. SPF. There is a I'll look for that if this breaks. I am happy for now.

👤The umbrellas are great for weddings. When the forecast was bad, I bought 6 of these. The wooden handles look very stylish. I would buy again.

👤The Totes version of the umbrella is perfect for fashion and resilience. Every young man should have a black umbrella with a wooden handle. The large, sturdy umbrella is a classic item and never goes out of style. The handle is light and cheap. You don't want something heavy. If you do, you can get a Davek NY for $350. I am going to buy more of them. The umbrella says you're a smart, financially responsible person. Trying without trying is what it's called. This is a victory.

👤This is the second one I have received. The first one worked well for a while, but it wouldn't open again. I couldn't return the product anymore. I bought a second one because I thought the first one was faulty. The second one only worked for a few weeks. I tried to open the umbrella but it got stuck. I have no idea what's going on with these products, so I'm sending them back to Totes so I can get a replacement.

👤I like this umbrella. My wife got this for me because I was complaining about the design flaws in the compact counterpart. It is long enough to be used as a cane for me and has supported me casually. It's long enough to use as an umbrella. The hook is easy to leave out to dry in public, and it is not embarrassing to carry around when there is a chance. We don't have high winds, so I can't tell you the rib strength. It works well in winds of 25 mph. The crux of this umbrella's value is that I don't have to hunch over and hurry from my car to a building while trying to squeeze under a flimsy compact umbrella; I open my door, press a button, the umbrella pops. I enjoy walking in the rain. I have had this umbrella for 2.5 years. Still works well. My two year old loves pushing the button to open it. I'm surprised I haven't had to replace it yet.

7. Totes Bubble Umbrella Handle Clear

Totes Bubble Umbrella Handle Clear

If there is 100% commitment. You can get a full money-back refund if you don't like their rings. The perfect gift is in the Holiday Kids Gift Book. This design is a great gift for Christmas, a birthday, or any special occasion. Mister and me enjoy the rainy days with their cute family style totes umbrellas. There are three colors available in Dots, Clear and Iridescent. For matching adult styles, check their Signature Bubble Umbrellas listed below. Kid's bubble dome umbrella with a 38 inch extended canopy keeps your little one dry during any outdoors adventure. There is a clear UMBRELLA. The clear canopy with fun and unique designs makes it easy for your child to see what is ahead. There is peace of mind. The umbrella has round tips and a pinch-proof closing. It makes life easier for mom and dad. The umbrella is travel-friendly and sturdy, and can be folded to store in a backpack or purse. Leave it to dry. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. The white non-stick protection powder is in this umbrella. Before use, clean/ wipe with a damp cloth.

Brand: Totes

👤Cute to match an umbrella. The kids length is 26 inches.

👤These umbrellas are awesome! My kids used them as Easter baskets. I had to clean all of the powder off of them before I could use them.

👤My kids' Halloween costumes were perfect because of these umbrellas. I've seen posts about them being dirty. They are not dirty. They are covered in a powder. When you first open them, they're good to go, but this is to keep them from sticking together and tearing.

👤This was the first part of the costume. It worked out well.

👤Love, love, love this umbrella. My daughters are completely covered by it. They can see where they are walking if they are protected from the wind. During a recent rainstorm, my 2 1/2 year old had difficulty holding onto the umbrella, but she quickly recovered, as the wind died down. I would recommend this umbrella.

👤My 5 year old son has been using the clear one for a year. My 2 year old daughter was not happy. I ordered her a polka dot one. It arrived today and looks good. Both came with a lot of dirt. I had to give the umbrellas to the kids before I wiped them down.

👤I bought the best umbrella for my second child two years later. My 1st graders backpack is in the rain and he can carry this umbrella with him. It is easy to open and close for a child. I wish I had one of these for myself, it is so easy to open and close, and it will not turn inside out with wind. The plastic is thick and resistant to child behavior.

👤I bought this for my son so he wouldn't be surprised by the El Nio season. We used it for 8 days so far this year. The Pros are lightweight. My son can carry it. It opens smoothly and easily. My son can operate it on his own. He can hold it closer to his body and his face doesn't get wet when the wind blows the rain sideways. He likes to stand under water spouts so he can watch the water fall.

👤The item looked great for our daughter, but it was dirty and scratched in the clear plastic, so cleaning would not help. The item was stored in a way that made it hard to find, and the replacement we got was just as bad. Not worth the money.

👤This was a nice birthday gift for my two nieces, so that they wouldn't get wet during the rainy months. They were both very happy with the designs.

👤This is the perfect size for women. The regular adult size is large enough to fit 2 people. This one is perfect for a single person. Definitely not a kid size. Very happy with it! I need to test it out on a windy day, but so far so good.

👤The umbrella is very sturdy and has a safe closing mechanism. My little girl loves the design and wants it to rain all the time.

8. Protection Accessories Photoshoot Halloween Decorative

Protection Accessories Photoshoot Halloween Decorative

A frame made of steel. The sun and rain umbrella has good protection from sun and rain, the sun parasol can make the day cooler, and the rain umbrella is sturdy enough to handle rain and wind. The foldable parasol umbrella is very lady like, it is well made, priced right and exactly what you imagined. Gothic umbrella and lace gloves are perfect for your gothic aesthetic, victorian look and funerals. Perfect travel umbrella comes in a cute lace carrying case, it's a very nice, compact size. The folded length was 9.45 inches. Vintage lace umbrella can be used for many things, from victorian outfits, home decoration, wedding decoration, yard decoration, gothic aesthetic, bridal shower decor, bridesmaid gifts, photography, parties, funerals, theatrical performances, dress up, tea party, costumes, cosplay, graduation ceremony, daily use or

Brand: Kunwvlo

👤I couldn't fix it because the pin that held it was gone. The image shows more lace than the umbrella, and most of it was not sewn straight, so I will return it if I can.

👤It was difficult to open it. It was easy once I did it. I had to remove the bottom to see what was happening. There are two clips that hold it shut. You have to pull really hard to get it out. It's beautiful when I open it. It is large. There is a cute carrying bag and a pair of gloves. I absolutely love it even though it is difficult to open.

👤I use it for protection from the sun and the rain. It looks so stylish. It gives me the feel of the goth.

👤The umbrella was great for keeping me dry when the rain started. The bottom half flips in the opposite direction when it folds up. You have to flip each section to open the umbrella. It's not a big problem and takes a little more time. Interesting design.

👤The wife likes it. She wanted a new one that was more water proof.

👤The lace gloves were never in the package. I only received part of the order after paying the money. Does that mean I get some of the money back? Bad business practices. How disappointing. The parasol is adorable and I still recommend purchasing it. I can't wait to use it.

👤I have a lot of umbrellas, and this is my favorite one. The look I was going for was finished with this umbrella.

👤I opened the umbrella for the first time and the handle broke. I was able to glue it back on, but I don't think it could hold up to anything more than a light breeze. The gloves are cheap. It came with a bag and purse that was of the same design and quality.

👤The quality is bad because it did not come with gloves. It is difficult to open the umbrella.

9. Kate Spade New York Umbrella

Kate Spade New York Umbrella

The lace holes umbrella can't be used in rain. The umbrella is 33.5 inches wide and 15 inches tall when expanded. The Kate Spade New York logo is printed on the back of the umbrella, which is easy to open and close.

Brand: Kate Spade New York

👤We knew it was going to be raining on our wedding day, but we didn't ruin it. I ordered umbrellas for myself and the bridesmaid two days before taking the photos. I was happy that Kate Spade was part of our day.

👤I bought this for an outdoor wedding because the rain was supposed to be there, and I open it up and see that air is in the air. Did I feel stupid? I will be sending it back. The quality seemed nice, I see a lot of people saying it was cheap, but the handle and tip are more of a lite pink, not a cream or ivory color. If you're going to order this, I'm going to guess that both of them wouldn't be messed up. I'll post a picture later, it's raining and it's in the car. Hope this helps.

👤This is definitely larger than most clear bubble umbrellas, but it is either a cheap imitation or poorly constructed. The second was supposed to be a replacement for the first. The first umbrella had a bent shaft, which made it difficult to open and close, and the second umbrella had a crooked shaft. I can buy a basic clear bubble umbrella for half the price as this one, and it will work, even if it isn't as cute. Go back!

👤The day of my sister's wedding was saved by this umbrella. The rain made us order it last minute. It arrived on time and was very pretty.

👤The item was cheap. Upon arrival, it was broken. The plastic tips that connect the rods were broken. I was expecting a higher quality item from the designer brand. A sharpie and $20 tote would have been nicer.

👤I bought the umbrella a week before my daughter's wedding because the weather was going to rain. It was at my address in two days. The shape of the bubble was perfect to protect her hair. The day was perfect and the umbrella was never used. My daughter is keeping the umbrella as she walks to work. The umbrella is fun.

👤It was perfect for our photo shoot. We got the most perfect weather, despite the fact that it was predicted to rain. I had to use the umbrella to get some shots. The photo is perfect and doesn't detract from it.

👤I like the style of this umbrella. It fits over my head and body, which is important to me. I can't comment on the effectiveness of the umbrella because it hasn't rained.

👤Not the best quality for a spade. I love it.

10. BABEYOND Umbrella Parasol Vintage Decoration

BABEYOND Umbrella Parasol Vintage Decoration

It is not water-proof. It's not rain-proof and can't be used in rain. The material is high quality lace fabric. The handle is 27"/68 cm. The opening is 30 cm. Due to handmade, a 1-2 cm deviation is allowed. A smooth wooden handle is featured. The lace umbrella is made of vintage style and gorgeous design. Occasion is great for weddings, cosplay, photo shoots, concert, stage performance, costume party, birthday party, home decoration, etc.

Brand: Babeyond

👤I used this for a lolita photoshoot that I did recently and it really tied into the aesthetic. The off-white of the parasol was perfect with my dress because it had a lot of off-white colors. It's great for sun protection, but still has a few rays of sunlight shining through for that perfect aesthetic. Is the rate feature referring to the warmth of the sun or something? It's best to use in sunny weather.

👤In the summer time, it gets very bright and sunny where I live. Since I started bringing shade with me, my life has improved a lot. I have been carrying a parasol for years and just got a new one, but I'm not sure how long they're supposed to last. I don't want to be without one. I say that life is too short to not have a great sun shade. Life is long enough that you should wear sunscreen even when carrying a parasol.

👤The umbrella is adorable and I received many nice comments on it. It arrived late but still in time for the costume contest, thanks to this umbrella. It can be difficult to open the umbrella if I am not careful. The umbrella is not very sturdy. It is a great prop for a photo shoot.

👤The items are cute. But this packaging is not real. Can we consider the waste here?

👤This was ordered for a bunny costume. My mother opened the parasol. I noticed that one of the bones on the umbrella was bent. It broke in the center when I opened it again, making it impossible to open or stay up. It didn't last the first five minutes out of the package. Don't be upset with this piece of rap!

👤Our wedding second line was ordered. I looked very fancy. The material is thick.

👤It was used for a wedding. It was worth the money. I love the looks and design.

11. Yosooo Embroidery Decoration Accessory Celebration

Yosooo Embroidery Decoration Accessory Celebration

The central and ribs are made ofstainless steel, and the handle is made of plastic. This elegant and classic lace umbrella is perfect for any outfit. It's great for wedding bridal, party decoration, photo props, gift, dance ball, concert, theatre, stage performance, masquerades, and more. The J-handle has a comfortable grip. It's convenient to hang up when folded. You can enjoy the wedding day with this attractive wedding umbrella.

Brand: Yosoo

👤It was broken when it arrived. The lace is soft and cute, but it wasn't good quality. The handle was re-glued back together after it was cheaply made. This would have been perfect for my toddler. The first review of the item was not approved because I talked about how I received it. This is an important part of buying a product and hopefully this review will make the cut.

👤The size is not the size shown on the picture. This is for new born and not an adult product.

👤The umbrella is being used in a photo shoot. It is well made and has delicate lace.


What is the best product for wedding umbrella white?

Wedding umbrella white products from Home-x. In this article about wedding umbrella white you can see why people choose the product. Aogv and Wasing are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding umbrella white.

What are the best brands for wedding umbrella white?

Home-x, Aogv and Wasing are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding umbrella white. Find the detail in this article. Fctry, Gaoyaing and Totes are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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