Best Wedding Tissues for Guests

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1. Kleenex Expressions Ultra Facial Tissues

Kleenex Expressions Ultra Facial Tissues

Strong 3-layer facial tissues. Tissue helps keep hands clean. Provides unbeatable strength. Other tissues are ultra. Prepare for all seasons in your home with Kleenex Ultra Soft facial tissues. There are a variety of colors, designs, and sizes of tissue boxes. Kleenex facial tissues are made with sustainable fibers. America's #1 facial tissue brand can be delivered if you skip the store.

Brand: Kleenex

👤I wanted a smaller # of Kleenex boxes, 8 box set was out, but 18 box package (enough to share) was in stock. I'm glad I bought these. The tissues are soft, but without the lotion, so they match my decor. Every box was the same color combo, with three designs. They arrived a day earlier than expected.

👤The tissues were old. I'm not going to risk another purchase because I'm so angry. I will buy my tissues from Giant Eagle. The product should be used by Amazon. Disappointed.

👤We go through a box of Kleenex every day. We use a lot. The quality of Kleenex brand has gone down over the past few months. I am not sure why they would change a good thing. I would rather pay more for a better tissue. Bring back our tissues.

👤The item is described as "Kleenex Expressions Ultra Soft Facial Tissues, 18 Cube Boxes, 65 Tissues per Box (1,170 Tissues Total)". We received one shipment with 8 boxes. The price for this item is $26.49 and was sold by Services. There was no notification that another box of 8 cubes would be sent.

👤I usually buy my tissues in bulk from Costco, but the designs on the boxes aren't my favorite. These are a beautiful, classy, and simple design, and they are also consistent and matching. They blend in nicely to my home, unlike the Kleenex boxes I've bought in the past. I think the pricing is comparable so I'll keep buying until they're no longer sold. I like the cube boxes because they fit into more places in my home.

👤A lot of the boxes were crushed after the tissues came. I prefer Kleenex tissues over other brands. The tissues are soft and strong. I have learned that I don't save money buying cheaper brands because I end up using more tissues and the other cheaper brands aren't strong at all. I will order the Kleenex brand again. The tissues need to be packed in two boxes to prevent them from being crushed. Sometimes it is necessary to protect the products because it is using more packaging.

👤The tissues stop popping up when we pull them out of the box. We have to open the box and pull the tissues up to start the process again. It was a long time. If you're in the middle of a sneezing or coughing episode, you have to put your hand in the box to get a tissue. Yuk. The tissue box was poorly designed. I was expecting better quality from Kleenex. I was hoping the first time it happened it was just the one box, but all 18 boxes had the same design flaw. The tissues are soft and absorbent, but they are hard to dig out of a box. We're on our last box and I'm happy about it. I will not buy Kleenex box tissues again.

👤What should we say? Most stores barely have any Kleenex brand tissues left since the brand is gone, and the soft on the nose size is much cheaper than in-store. Small boxes take up less space on the nightstand and in the car than long boxes. There is a Prime has no shipping cost. It's a good thing. The only downside I can think of is that all tissues seem to have a lot of dust coming off of them. To anyone. In this economy and covid world, it's hard to find toiletry items.

2. Juvale 60 Count Wedding Supplies Ceremony

Juvale 60 Count Wedding Supplies Ceremony

It's a great way to personalize your events. There are issues of weddings. Have these ready for your guests. 60 pocket tissue bags with wreath accents and "Dry Those Happy Tears" in yellow are part of the set. For a total of 60 bags, get 6 packets with 10 bags in each packet. There are 10 sheets of white tissue paper in each bag. Soft tissues made of 3-ply paper are thick and soft on the skin. They are good for wiping tears away on your wedding day. I am a party Favors. It's great for weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers and other happy events where you want to give your guests the best party favors. Each wedding tissue bag has its own opening. The tissues are kept intact and clean thanks to the resealable nature of it. It fits in purses and pockets. These wedding tissue packs are perfect for travel. The packs measure 2 x 1.1 inches. When folded and unfolded, the tissue is 8 x 8 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤I can't believe I got 60 tissue packets for $16, at a time when toilet paper is like gold. Don't worry if your order says "4 of..." as you receive the tickets packets in four larger units. There are 60 total.

👤It was used for my wedding. It didn't matter because the color was off but affordable. It was perfect for my guest.

👤Love! They were loved by everyone at the wedding.

👤My son's wedding was perfect for the cute tissue packets. Useful for guests to be able to wipe their tears. The packets were small and easy to hold in your hand during the ceremony. I would recommend them.

👤The seats for the ceremony were purchased for my niece's wedding. They are not the most absorbent, but they are sweet and received well by the guests. And used them.

👤I used these for my wedding and part of the wedding party gift. It was a nice touch and I had some leftover. I keep them in my purse because they are a good size to store away.

👤The guests loved them and I tied them with ribbon, like a wedding favor. The outside message was perfect. Soft, with enough tissues to do the job.

👤The guests were in love with the tiny tissue packs that were on the benches for the ceremony. The package was pretty and they thought it was the best idea.

👤60 packets of tissues are smaller than average. Gave to our guests. To help combat the risk of coronoviruses.

👤Lacrime di gioia questa senz'altro quella ho preferito. I perfetti per le wedding bag. Non aspettatevi il fazzoletto top.

👤I matrimonio di mio figlio, ottimo prodotto pacchettini piccolini ma visto l'uso Pi. Consegna perfetta.

👤A wedding bag, arrivano 60 pacchetti pocket, and 10 fazzoletti. I migliori ho trovato per qualit/prezzo!

3. Classy Bride Tears Wedding Tissues

Classy Bride Tears Wedding Tissues

24 travel size tissue packs are included. For your good fortune. Make sure you and your guests are prepared for your joy. The Tears of Joy are the perfect accent for your wedding. There are 10 individual tissue packs in the set. For your friends. Guests will pick up the tissues on the way into the ceremony if you put them in a bowl. You can put a pack on the chairs. You can put your out of town guests into a bag with other hotel necessities. There are details. 10 packs of tissues are in each set. 25 soft white tissues are contained in each pack. ADORABLE PACKAGING. The striped tissue packs come in blue and white and have a love bird logo on the front. The three Slavin sisters started the company in 2002. They wanted to make something stylish, contemporary and original to wear leading up to your wedding day and into your happily ever after, so they started to design custom wedding apparel. They started a new era in fashion for brides-to-be and honeymooners.

Brand: Classy Bride

👤It was perfect for my daughters wedding. The easy way of Amazon helped me with the shopping.

👤Cute add for my gifts.

👤There are cute tissues for wedding bags.

4. PureRejuva Wedding Tissues Boutique Graduation

PureRejuva Wedding Tissues Boutique Graduation

The bags are 9 inches high by 7. 5 inches wide and 3 inches deep. 5 inches deep. The bags height is 12 inches. The bottle wrappers are long. Your guests can use a PureRejuva small tissue box for your wedding because big events in your life are celebrated with happy tears. These happy tears tissue packs for wedding are small but meaningful gestures that will bring a smile to each of your guests faces. 60 wedding tissues packs for guests are included in the PureRejuva boxes. The tissues are packed in a gorgeous little bag. Their happy tears tissues are ideal for wedding speeches and ceremonies, and are a great choice for engagement parties, baby or bridal showers. The happy tears tissues wedding are a great addition to bags or favors. Their facial tissues wedding are made of a sustainable material that is gentle to the skin. The tissues have a 3-ply design. These happy tears tissues wedding are not just practical but also add a classy touch to the event by letting your guests know that sharing emotions is encouraged and appreciated. Everyone can feel safe, and you can show how much you care for them.

Brand: Purerejuva

👤I loved them! The box and wrapping was very nice.

5. Kleenex Pocket Tissues Ultra Silky

Kleenex Pocket Tissues Ultra Silky

Soft and silky tissues won't rub noses raw. Children's messy faces and makeup smudges can be avoided with Ultra Soft and Silky tissues. Ultra soft is designed with luxury in mind, unbeatably soft, these silky tissues are simply a pleasure to touch and feel lovely against your skin. You can use designs that blend beautifully into your home decor. Pack can be placed in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and office. Keep trusted- care everyday tissues on hand for family or guests during cold and flu season. Each package holds ten packets of nine tissues, for a total of 90 tissues per package. There are packages in a case.

Brand: Kleenex

👤These are very dry. I found Kleenex tissues in a box and they are soft and strong. They're even better than my favorite snack. The Kleenex mini tissue packs are not the same tissue. I questioned if they were 3-ply or 1-ply. They are made of the mostthinest tissue paper I've ever seen. I'm not returning them because it's not worth the hassle to get them back. The Dollar Store has the same quality tissues at $1 for 6 packs, and sometimes even more.

👤These tissues came in attractive packages, and the tissues themselves are pretty. They're thick and have an edging. They were the only Kleenex available so they would be great for special occasions. Not as soft as the normal Ultra-Soft, but not as hard. They are kind to my nose. The price? I've seen it go over the top. I paid more for the package than you would pay for them in a box. It's normal. For those of you who go to the store with a phone calculator, I wish you well. It wasn't unreasonable. I don't usually buy pocket packs, but if I needed them again I would buy them. Not through any of the third-party sellers, only from Kleenex.

👤The bags are perfect for the memorial service. Everyone had bags to keep from sharing during the service. Kleenex, a pen, a tea light, and a memory button.

👤Don't be deceived! I bought these for my daughter's wedding and the packaging was brown. They are fine for day to day use.

👤The item is exactly as described by the seller. Kleenex is the highest quality brand that I can buy and they are packaged so that it can travel well in my purse. It is going to last me a long time because there are so many packages. This is a difficult time to find products, so I am happy to receive these. Just as stated, and arrived very quickly.

👤The packets are nice and the price is right, but the tissues are very hard, unlike any Kleenex brand product I've ever used before. The package says they are made in Italy, but that doesn't add to the softness and silkiness they are supposed to have. Is it possible that I would buy them again? No.

👤I love these little skirts. I keep them in my purse and glove compartment as I hate to be without them and the size of the packaging is perfect for me as I go through them fast. I think that's correct.

👤The front two rows of our wedding were laid out with these.

6. Andaz Press Wedding 8 5x11 Inch Laughter

Andaz Press Wedding 8 5x11 Inch Laughter

The printed party sign was designed by Andaz Press. It does not include frame. Not a real ginger. The size is 11 inches. Digitally printed on high quality paper with vibrant colors, this is a Properties. There are differences in monitor settings that affect the actual product color. It is perfect to place on a mini table easel, in a photo frame, or on a wall to guide guests, and add a unique touch to your event. The frames that fit their signs are elegant. You can find this code on Amazon. Andaz Press. The original design was by Andaz Press. Pay one low shipping rate when filling your cart with Andaz Press items. Expedited and 2-day shipping are also available. All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days from California.

Brand: Andaz Press

👤I was disappointed when I ordered it. Not because of the look of it, but because it was very thin and bent. It seems that the packaging was creased before it was packaged. I hope the frame helps it go away.

👤This is so small it's the size of a notebook paper. The seller should be banned for selling over priced trash.

👤I bought 20 different types of signs from Andaz to use at my wedding reception. I received all of them on time, because they came in a large envelope secured between cardboard. The frames I bought look great. This purchase was helpful for this bride organizing her wedding.

👤The wrong party sign was sent to me. I am getting married in a week and I was able to get the correct one overnight. The package was very thin. It looks like the printer ran out of ink halfway, but it's not clear if that's true. I wouldn't recommend these signs.

👤It was perfect for our wedding. I bought a gold frame from Dollar Tree and put it in.

👤This is the perfect size and the lettering is pretty glittery. Light will play off of it.

👤It will be used, it looks nice, and it is hard to beat the price, but it is blurry looking on the print.

👤The signs I ordered were all lovely. When they arrived, they were packaged well and printed well, so they were as if they had just been printed.

7. Wedding Theme Pocket Tissues Travel

Wedding Theme Pocket Tissues Travel

There are travel issues. These pocket-sized tissue packs can be easily stored in a backpack, pocket, car, pocket, purse, bag, or wallet. The wedding party favors. These individual tissue packs are great for weddings, whether you're fighting a cold, or wiping away tears after a special day. High quality. Each tissue is made of 3 ply wood paper and will be soft and absorbent. DIMENSIONS Each tissue is 21 x 21 inches. 24 travel size tissue packs are included.

Brand: Sparkle And Bash

👤I ordered these for my wedding and they looked gorgeous in an organza bag.

👤The bags were used for guests. It was perfect. Very cute.

👤These tissues are a great addition to any wedding. They are being used for the welcome bags I am giving to the wedding attendees. It was a nice size. The design is cute. It could be a little bit softer. Would buy again.

👤They were not absorbent. The art/printing is very nice and the packaging is fine.

👤The wedding guest should put in welcome bags.

👤These were very cute additions to the wedding.

👤You will find the cutest tissues at your wedding. The guests and I loved these. Highly recommended.

8. Disposable Linen Feel Bathroom Napkins Disposable

Disposable Linen Feel Bathroom Napkins Disposable

The set comes with 100 decorative paper towels, each one carefully crafted with an incredibly soft fabric material that feels just like real linen and lets you provide your guests with premium comfort and luxury. The soft material in their guest towels can be used for an entire meal without being torn or worn down. They make drying your hands easy. The napkins have a gold design on their lower halves. They are perfect for formal banquet, anniversary, and wedding napkins. The disposable guest towels make it easy to clean up after a party. The decorative hand towels are made from completely eco-friendly material and are disposable after use. The perfect size for guests to use as a makeshift bib, a lap towel, bathroom washcloth, or as a general handkerchief, is their disposable dinner napkins, which measure 8.5 x 4-inches folded and 12 x 16.5-inches unfolded.

Brand: Fete

👤I like to have disposable paper towels on hand. The corona virus outbreak has made me use them in place of cloth. These are sturdy and absorbent for my use.

👤The napkins were amazing. They were very classy and thick. The size was close to cloth napkins. I was able to fold them in any shape I wanted. It was worth it. I would use them again for my next event.

👤I found these in Amazon because we couldn't find napkins in the store. They are large enough for anyone's needs. I bought some for my daughter, my daughter-inlaw and myself. I would recommend them.

👤The product arrived in a timely manner. I was looking for a dinner restaurant that was thick, strong, and absorbent. They would work well as bathroom hand towels.

👤It's perfect for guests and household use in this world. Excellent and absorbent material that really stands up to use, just as described. It soaks up every drop of water without tearing. Large enough for big manly hands or could be cut in half for smaller people and still have a good sized towel. It works well in holders or trays. Solid white is good for any decor.

👤These towelettes are very nice. I ordered them to put in a guest bathroom for my niece's wedding that we hosted and I knew some of the older guests would want to use the indoor bathroom. The ones I ordered had a cute heart and scroll pattern. I was surprised at how absorbent they are. The product is good. I would definitely recommend it.

👤They look good. Sturdy. Absorbent, but not crazy... After covering my food in the microwave, it was still nice and sturdy. Most others are useless after. These were not. I received them in a timely manner as well. I will order again.

👤I decided to purchase this item for sanitary reasons, and we love it, because we use a hand towel when we dry our hands at home. We use it for other things, such as cleaning, picking up spills in the kitchen, and when we have our spa day at home as a steam mask. It is absorbent and not rough. My family likes it. Will we go back to hand towel when Covid-19 is over? I don't think so.

9. American Homestead Disposable Absorbent Bathroom

American Homestead Disposable Absorbent Bathroom

When folded, they have a 1/6-fold design for compact storage and extra absorbency. Premium softness and comfort are essential for providing guests high-end comfort and luxury. These white hand towels look and feel like real linen, but are disposable and affordable, which makes them cost effective. These disposable cloth napkins are absorbent and won't fall apart. The perfect drying size as each towel folds out, giving you and your guests plenty of drying space after washing your hands or face. I recommend American Homestead Linen-Feel Guest Towels for home, work, and events. They want to make the best choice easy. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If their product doesn't meet your standards, you can contact them for a replacement or full refund. The team is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Brand: Ah American Homestead

👤This is the only brand we will order. Just perfect.

👤This is the second or third time I have ordered these towels. I'm really happy. My guest said it's a shame to use the whole thing just to dry their hands because the towels are so strong. Friends feel special because of the quality. I use them to clean because they are absorbent. I mistakenly ordered a similar product. I tried to clean around the house but the towels fell apart. The towels are the best. You will not be disappointed if you try them.

👤It's flu season. I like to have a disposable towel for everyone in the house. The towels are above the rest. They are strong for the heaviest hands, but soft for a child's nose. I like them. I have given up on a regular terry cloth hand towel in my guest bath. They look good in my basket.

👤Guests can use these guest towels instead of using your hand towels. They have a quality feel to them which is much nicer than the paper products you find elsewhere; they don't fall apart when wet and absorb water very well. They add a nice touch to the powder room by putting it in a container.

👤The napkins were beautiful. Didn't need to use extras. One was enough for everyone. They were strong. Great purchase.

👤We like the disposable linen feel guest towels. When we go to someone else's bathroom and wash our hands, we have to use a towel someone else has used. That is not nice. The disposable linen feel like hand towels. The American homestead response is very good. I will use American homestead. On 8/24/2018. We are very pleased with the delivery by American homestead, we ordered exactly what they said they would deliver. We will use American homestead. Thank you.

👤These Towels are very nice. They are a great value and feel soft. I like to put these out in a tray in the bathroom when we are in town to cut down on the spread of germs during the cold and flu season. I will buy these again.

👤The guest towels changed something. I ordered the same linen towels several times, but an inferior product showed up, so beware! The towels are a bit cheaper and not quite as white.

👤Muy convenientes. Buen tamao, tienen las manos, pero no tienen las manos con la misma toalla.

👤Material y excelente presentacin individual, estoy. Un evento, dars una impresin.

👤These are large and soft, perfect for the bathroom.

👤The paper towel is nice and large. It's great for the powder room.

👤The powder room had these towels.

10. Juvale 60 Pack Floral Tissues Wedding

Juvale 60 Pack Floral Tissues Wedding

These wedding bride paper bags are easy to fill, store, and carry, simple and elegant, and can accommodate many items due to the large amount of space. There are Bud issue packs. 60 pocket tissue bags are designed with flowers and leaves. For a total of 60 bags, get 6 packets with 10 bags in each packet. There are 10 sheets of white tissue paper in each bag. Soft tissues made of 3-ply paper are thick and soft on the skin. They are perfect for wiping happy tears away on your wedding day, or just for daily use. I am a party Favors. It's great for weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers, birthdays, corporate events, and other celebrations where you want to give your guests the best party favors. Each floral tissue bag has a different opening. The tissues are kept intact and clean thanks to the resealable nature of it. It fits in purses and pockets. These floral tissue packs are perfect for travel. The packs measure 2 x 1.1 inches. When folded and unfolded, the tissue is 8 x 8 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤I don't know why these tissues don't get any reviews. I was hesitant to purchase these since there were no reviews and I was skeptical the price would be too good a deal to be true and that the quality would be poor. That wasn't the case! If you are buying in bulk, these are the best deal. They are soft. It's not the same as a Puffs plus lotion kind of tissue, but it is not the same as thin/tissue paper that you can get with cheap tissue. They will get the job done for wiping away happy tears.

👤These are small packs of tissues. These are the perfect size to keep and bring anywhere, I like to have a couple in my car, one in my purse, etc... If you like the cute rose print, you can't go wrong for the price.

👤Great deal. Soft tissues in bright packaging. It's perfect for large group gifts or just stocking up.

👤Great tissues are great for blowing my nose.

👤We were making bags for the women at work. We included a lot of items, like lotion, chapstick, nail files, and tissue packs. Cute design and perfect size. We were very happy with them.

👤The packages are pretty. They are for a celebration of my mother's life. I am putting a label on the back with a saying that relates to her.

👤I love these! I am about to place my 3rd order. They always comment on how cute they are when I put them in my client's bags.

11. SIRSIMON Disposable Linen Feel Hand Tissue Cloth Feel

SIRSIMON Disposable Linen Feel Hand Tissue Cloth Feel

Andaz Press. The original design was by Andaz Press. Pay one low shipping rate when filling your cart with Andaz Press items. Expedited and 2-day shipping are also available. All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days from California. High quality design for multi-purpose use. The hand towels feel extra soft to the touch. They are practical and absorbent. It's perfect for any occasion or special event. It's perfect for multi-purpose use and is very cost-effective. These napkins can be used for many drying and cleaning applications. It's durable. These napkins are thick and great for use at the dining table or a restroom. When folded, it's 12X 17 and when it's folded, it's 8X 4. It's perfect for multi-functional use.

Brand: Sirsimon

👤These napkins are similar to the ones you would find in a fancy public restroom. They are absorbent and soft. I am going to use them in the bathroom for a private event. It's nice to have something besides hand towels for guests to use to dry their hands, because hand towels can get wet too quickly. I would be comfortable using them to wipe my face. They will be perfect for serving dinners where I want napkins with a linen-like feel without the laundry. Even though they're disposable, you end up using less paper towels/napkins, so that's a plus. It would be great for commercial use.

👤I bought these napkins for my friend, who just opened his first restaurant. I explained to him the importance of the little details of a business, things that customers will remember and appreciate. The napkins are perfect, and just as described, they have that classy linen-fell, whilst still being disposable guest towels. I explained the environmental benefit to the restaurant owner. Before I became more familiar with the service industry, I had some questions about how to spend money. Isn't it bad for the environment to use thick towels? Customers are less likely to use a load of towels when one will suffice, and they think twice about taking one or two more, because of their appreciation for a nice and soft absorbent towel. The amount of paper wasted in most public establishments is horrifying, and offering customers something they see a slight value in results in them appreciating it more, and this wasting it less. At the end of the day, human psychology is simple. My friend is a huge fan of this sample bundle, and it looks like he will be a long-term customer because of the savings. Even if subconsciously, your customers will appreciate your establishment more. It is the little things that count. I will definitely be purchasing these again. Thank you!

👤I was happy with the 10% discount, I am on a strict budget, so every penny I can save really does count. The package arrived at my doorstep on the first day of delivery, which was perfect. This made me feel appreciated. I was curious about how the napkins actually felt, because of the look of the fabric under the plastic wrap. I felt a soft, cloth-like comfort when I felt the napkins after opening the package. I was impressed because I thought of the many ways I could use the napkins: settings for small dinner parties, everyday household uses, and they turned out to be turdy enough to clean with/without having goodDurability. I have two large packs of the towels and I know they will last a while, so I definitely got a good value for my money. I am happy with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

👤Quality disposable paper napkins are what I like. They feel like cloth and are absorbent. A man spilled water on a table at a senior independent resident community. I always carry extras of my napkins, so I handed him three of them. He initially said, "I have some." Accepting them anyway. When he saw me, he came up to me. Where do you get those? I'm happy I accepted those napkins. They're similar to linen napkins. I'm going to order them.


What is the best product for wedding tissues for guests?

Wedding tissues for guests products from Kleenex. In this article about wedding tissues for guests you can see why people choose the product. Juvale and Classy Bride are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding tissues for guests.

What are the best brands for wedding tissues for guests?

Kleenex, Juvale and Classy Bride are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding tissues for guests. Find the detail in this article. Purerejuva, Andaz Press and Sparkle And Bash are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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