Best Wedding Thank You Cards Rose Gold

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1. Thank Cards Envelopes White Designs

Thank Cards Envelopes White Designs

Imported SPECIFICATIONS. It is made of 100% cotton. The package contains an 18 X 12.5 inches Anley letter W garden flag with a 1.5 inch wide sleeve. The flag pole is not included. A personal touch is included in making a difference. The set of 100 thank you cards with envelopes by Layneria make it easy to express honest-to-goodness. For any occasion from a perfect bridal shower thank you cards, pink gold rose wedding thank you cards. Blank thank you cards for graduation, business cards and more. The thank you cards are in gold rose foil. There are 25 styles of thank you card designs. The thank-you cards and envelopes are durable. Mail photo is printed on their thank you note cards. The note card envelopes have a 3.5 x 5 inch picture with your handwritten message. Simple thank you cards can make a difference. They will give you a full refund if their thank you notes don't work. Please add to the form and thank you!

Brand: Layneria

👤I just received my order from Amazon. I buy a lot of greeting cards. You never know when you will need them. I was looking for a card that would make someone feel special, and I think saying thank you with a card is the best way to do that. The price of these cards caught my eye, and it was similar to other cards. When I received my 100 cards, I was surprised at how good the cards were compared to the price. I already used half the box, but I was lucky enough to give them to my family and I gave a tip in the thank you card. I gave the waiter one. He would refill my drinks whenever I needed them. Great guy. Also our mail man. Remember to tip the mail man. They are not supposed to. I never came across one who did. It's funny. Having thank you cards helps show your appreciation to people who may not be appreciated as much. It's a great way to show your appreciation by breaking your bank by getting them in bulk. I will be ordering more soon. Thank you so much for this great deal, you guys are appreciated.

👤These cards are of the highest quality. The design is easy to understand. My husband was looking for a job. I bought these to thank him for the interview. I put his thank you card in a pocket folder with his business card and copy of his resume in it. The first company he interviewed received their card on Friday. He received an email before 8am on Monday with a job offer he couldn't refuse. I have 99 cards that I can use for other things.

👤The thank you cards are very nice. The seller reached out to me immediately after I received them to let me know that there was an issue with my order. I am happy to say that there is nothing wrong with the order and I appreciate the seller contacting me. It says a lot about their high level of customer service. These cards and this seller are recommended by me.

👤All 100 cards were good quality. The seller contacted me about the issues with the cards not fitting in the envelopes. I did not have this issue. The seller offered to replace me for free if I did. Showing that they care. I will definitely be buying again.

👤These cards are elegant and classy. The text is stamped with gold. They fit in the envelope. These cards speak excellence in every way, and I am picky about quality. The price is amazing and they come nicely boxed to protect them wherever they are stored. You can buy professional grade cards with confidence.

👤I would get them again. The sorting of the groups was what confused me at first. I found a few stickers that worked well with them. I had a small mammogram, I am a lefty. I used a sticker to keep it from being sealed. It works well in the envelope.

2. RUN2PRINT Beyond Grateful Envelopes Stickers

RUN2PRINT Beyond Grateful Envelopes Stickers

For all OCCASIONS. Mother's Day, anniversary, corporate events, graduation, bridal shower, baby shower, and more are included. A simple one layer design is ideal for all areas. There is plenty of room for your message. These cards are perfect for your engagement, birthday party, bridal shower, anniversary, mother's day, or wedding guests, baby shower, or any other loved one! Business gatherings, customer appreciation, funerals, and any other occasion are all great places to have cards. It's a great idea to have a pack of greeting cards on hand. A high quality material is a thick textured paper card with gold foil pressed. The non-glossy paper means no fingerprints or scratches when handling thank-you cards. Will not smudge. The self-seal strip creates a super secure seal across each envelope. Matching themed stickers are large, easy to peel and have a strong adhesive. The envelope will be secured with sticks.

Brand: Run2print

👤I was skeptical that the cards would be of good quality, but they are! The text and foiling make them seem more expensive. The foil seals are very nice. The way the seals are on the envelopes is weird. Weird thing #1 - normal envelopes have glue around the edge of the flap. There is a small piece of double-sided tape. The envelopes have a small hole in them that you can tuck the flap into. If you use double-sided tape and tuck in the flap, the tape will adhere to the card underneath. If you want to keep the envelope shut, you should use tape to seal the envelope and not tuck the flap, or use one of the gold seals.

👤I really liked these! I got more of the blue and pink ones after the pink ones came in, they were perfect for my vision board. Can't wait to do my next one in my office. I wish my handwriting was better.

👤Excellent colors and stock. Quality control in packaging is poor, and 6 envelopes were crumpled and 2 cards were badly bent. Replacement cards were sent and they are perfect. I can now highly recommend this product because of its excellent quality.

👤Highly recommend this produce. If a much more expensive product has a rich feel and heavy cardsicks, it's hallmarks. Will be ordering again. Thank you!

👤The stationary is simple. The card stock is very heavy and very good quality. I love this set.

👤The heavy card stock is beautiful. I was able to run them through my printer for a professional look.

👤I was looking for a post card style, but these are not what I was looking for.

👤I love these cards. They were used as my wedding thank you cards. The colors are gorgeous and prints are great.

3. Thank You Cards Confetti Envelopes

Thank You Cards Confetti Envelopes

It is small enough to keep it brief. Each pack comes with white envelopes, and each thank you card is 5” x 3.75” when folded. There is a pack of 50 thank you cards. Each card has the word "Thank You" in Fancy Gold Foil Letters, with a smooth matt finish. It's perfect for a big day. Each card is made with a high-quality 250 gsm paper card. The cards are made in a professional manner with no smudges. Each envelope flap has high quality glue that is easy to close. 50 pack of thank you cards and 52 pack of envelopes are included in the value pack bundle. The dimensions of the card. Each envelope is 4.2 x 6.2 inches. Pink with silver letters is the card color. Blank thank you cards with plenty of room to write your thoughts and messages are a simple and elegant thank you card. It is suitable for wedding, friendship, teacher, bridal, business, funeral, newborn, anniversary, baby shower, Mother's Day, and many more.

Brand: Partay Shenanigans

👤We bought these for thank you cards after the birthday party. The quality was good and the folds were accurate. We were supposed to split the order because my mom liked them so much. I will find her stuff and give it to me.

👤I try to personalize the thank yous I send to donors so when I pick up the goods I leave with them or from my car. People are very touched by the gesture I make when I mail them. The cards make my organization look good.

👤The plastic packaging of the cards kept ripping open, which was the only thing I disliked. They should use boxes or reinforce it. I returned them twice. The cards are amazing quality if that doesn't bother you.

👤Thank you cards were awesome. There is a cute design inside the envelope. Thank you notes were used for my bridal shower. I didn't have to use any extra tape to seal it. I don't have a suggestion for them to come with cute stickers to seal each of them, but that's just me. I would purchase these again.

👤There are tons of them for the price if you love them. She loved them, they were a gift for her baby shower. The package was cheap but not an issue since the product is great quality.

👤Excellent quality for the price. The quality of the Silver foil and the thickness of the card made me very impressed. The envelopes were very nice. They should have offered the same card in more colors.

👤I was expecting the lettering on the card to be silver and the foil dots on the envelope to be gold. I got silver lettering on the card and gold dots in the envelope. So disappointing. I don't want to send these details out because I care about them.

👤Excellent quality! I got them for my shower. The material is strong. Very happy with them!

4. Blank Wedding Thank You Cards

Blank Wedding Thank You Cards

The perfect size for thank you wedding cards is 4x6 inches and can be displayed on the fireplace mantle, refrigerator, or greeting card holder. A special way to say thanks is with their 4x6 in. To show your gratitude, send thank you cards to guests. You can add a message with a blank interior. Their Mr and Mrs thank you cards are made from thick paper. You can give away Mr Mrs thank you cards. The Mr and Mrs set includes matching envelopes and thank you stickers. Drop it in the mail. It can hold a 4x6 in. A photo. Their thank you cards for wedding match any theme. Your guests can keep your thank you cards. Thank you from the new Mr and Mrs cards. They put together a pack of 120 wedding thank you cards with envelopes to meet your needs, no matter how long your guest list is.

Brand: Durabasics

👤I decided to purchase Thank You cards from Amazon because of the obscene amount of money larger companies want to charge. I know that a thank you is a thank you. Most of the guests that would be recieving these will throw them away. The construction of the card feels really good after being packaged beautifully. Simple and will work with any wedding invite design you have. Very pleased!

👤I ran out of thank you notes before I sent them to half my shower attendees. I didn't know that you could buy these in a large quantity. The design is classic and comes with little stickers to seal the envelopes. No extra postage needed! I can't believe these were a good price for the quality of the cards.

👤I liked the product. Very strong cards. We liked the "Thank You" stickers. We received a lot more envelopes and stickers than we did cards. Several dozen cards were shorted. We had to buy more Thank You cards.

👤These are thick and feel good. The texture of the card inside is not slick and the ink dries quickly. The thank you stickers are adorable. The envelopes don't stick closed, so I docked a star. The glue doesn't make the thick paper seal. Thank you for the thank you stickers! It is a good solution.

👤The cards are inexpensive. When you write on them, they are a nice design. I'm not happy with the envelopes. Some of them did not have glue. I had to pick through the envelopes to find the ones we could use. We had to get other envelopes to make up for the ones we couldn't use if you don't need all the cards.

👤I purchased this product for my bridal party thank you notes, as well as to have extra thank you notes for other items we might receive throughout the year or not wedding related. Sturdy cards, envelopes, and cute stickers make a great gift. Excited to use!

👤The envelope strip is what seals the envelope. I used about 50 of the 120 cards. I'm thankful for the sticker, but I think almost half didn't stick.

👤The cards are very sturdy and thick, perfect to send a thank you note to a newly married couple. I liked that they included stickers to seal the envelopes. The only change I would make is that the thank you and thank you from the new mr and mrs should be the same.

5. Envelopes Stickers Professional Business Graduation

Envelopes Stickers Professional Business Graduation

It's perfect for writing thank-you messages. There are 100 thank you cards. A handwritten thank you is very important for those occasions where you need to express your sympathy and gratitude. Their pack of 100 navy thank you cards with envelopes are lovely and elegant. It's ideal for a baby shower, bridal shower, engagement, a recent grad, a wedding, or professional notes for clients. Any design for any purpose is classy. Each box set of 100 thank you cards comes with matching envelopes with a blue interior lining and a themed sticker to seal the envelope and tie it all together. You should always have a pack of greeting cards on hand, whether you need a thank a friend, send a special note, or make some staff appreciation cards. Premium quality at a low cost. The cards are made from a thick and heavy-duty paper with a grade of 300 grams per square meter. Each card has a simple and elegant note of appreciation for weddings, parties, graduations, and special events. The subdued design is perfect for a thank you or a gift. All of their thank you cards are large and thick, so you can show your appreciation and write a message to the special people in your life. All cards are blank on the inside and come in a box for easy storage. HasSLE-FREE ENVELOPES AND DOUBLE ADHESION: The navy blue envelopes are big enough to fit a standard photo and lined on the inside with a matching color. The envelopes are sealed with a moist substance. They include peel and seal stickers with matching designs to seal the envelopes.

Brand: Vns Creations

👤Our business colors are dark blue. We thought these cards would be great. We've only been able to use half of them. I assume they were cut when they were stacked. The blue rubbed off the white. The cards are about an inch smaller than the envelopes. Not very professional looking. We wanted to love them, but we can't. Poor execution, a great concept.

👤I opened the box and there was a small note on the back of the box that said if my order was less than stellar, I should reach out to them and they would make it right. There was no information on how to do that. I am reaching out here. If I hear back from VNS, I will remove this review. I thought the stickers added class to the note cards. There were many other Thank You note choices on Amazon that were half the price without the stickers. I would prefer VNS to fulfill my order.

👤You get what you pay for, even though these were a great price. There are white spots on the cards and seal stickers where the ink did not adhere to the paper. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤I was not sure how high quality they would be, but I was pleasantly surprised that they are a stock card, envelope and round seal sticker. We receive thank you notes from our customers and these give us the polish we were looking for. I almost feel like it's a mistake. I will be looking into your other products for my personal use, because of the amazing cards. Thank you so much!

👤A handwritten note is one of the most powerful tools in business. I should have a lot of friends and business with these cards. Purchase some thank you cards for your business. Your friends and customers will appreciate you! The thickness of the cards. They are not too thin. I think they have struck good balance here.

👤The cost of buying Thank Yous at a time adds up very quickly. I researched a few brands and tried them out for the value and number that you receive. These are very heavy stock and look very nice. You can put a gift card, check or cash in them. Due to the navy blue of the front and the generic stickers, I have to be careful with finger prints. Very happy!

👤The brown paper bag envelope is not yellow because of my photo. It is very nice. The card stock is of great quality.

👤The notecards have a modern flair. The navy dye does not show fingerprints like some others. These are used for new clients in our insurance business and we are proud to send them a personal note of thanks. Quality thank you goes a long way these days, just as it did in the good old days.

6. Thank Blank Cards Greenery Envelopes

Thank Blank Cards Greenery Envelopes

Mark the order. There are lines on the back of the cards to add information about the photo. There are 36 cards. These thank you notes have an elegant handwritten style, delicate gold foil lettering and Greenery design. Blank inside for the customer to personalize what they want to thanks, and small enough to keep it brief. The paper quality is premium. The thank you card is printed on a high quality ivory board and covered with a matt membrane to make it more elegant, beautiful and durable. It's suitable for any occasion including weddings, Mother's Day, Birthday, Graduations, and more. If you don't like the quality of your thank you cards, you can return them for a full refund or replacement. No questions were asked. They are confident that you will love your thank you notes because they stand behind the quality of their products. Hit "add to cart" now.

Brand: Paperpark

👤There are only 33 envelopes for thank you cards.

👤These are more for thanking you than for sending the mail. The recipient loved it and sent it in another envelope.

👤The cards were sturdy and pretty. They were 7 1/2 x 5, not 9x6 as indicated. I would have returned the thank you cards if I wasn't in a hurry to send them out.

👤My daughter waited for professional cards that matched her wedding invitation suite to buy these for her wedding thank you cards. She canceled the professional cards that she was ordering because she liked them so much.

👤The cards are 4x6. One of the questions was answered by the seller. It is not 4x6 if you look at the photos. The packaging was poorly done. The box was not taped and the cards were loose in it. I didn't bother to count or make sure it was all there since I knew the size was wrong. The quality of the cards is good, but I can't use them because they are too large.

👤These cards come with envelope seal stickers. They add a nice touch. The cards are thick and high quality and I like the detail on the back of the card. The envelopes really made me write this review. The gold lining and decor on the inside of the envelope made me happy. I will definitely purchase again.

👤You never know what you'll get when you order online, but this set is lovely. The cards are thick and good quality. Very happy with the purchase!

👤The cards are printed on heavy card stock. The pictures online don't do them justice, the matching envelopes are the same quality printed paper. The sticker/seals are my favorite.

7. Cards 48 Greeting Appreciation Wedding Birthdays

Cards 48 Greeting Appreciation Wedding Birthdays

When folded, it's 6 x 4. Thank you for the cards. Their cards feature a beautiful gold foil stamp to give them a crisp, clean look that highlights your personal note. Explanations of insects and beetles. The flower pattern envelopes and stickers make your greeting bigger. The card is 6” x 4” and the envelope is 6.2” The size of the envelopes is perfect for the card. There is no SMUDGING or FINGERPRINTS. The paper stock is high quality. The paper is non-glossy and has no fingerprints when handling thank-you cards. For all OCCASIONS. Mother's Day, anniversary, corporate events, graduation, bridal shower, baby shower, and more are included.

Brand: Scheful

👤I use these to thank my customers. The inside of the envelopes have a pretty floral print. I need to get a third box soon because I've purchased it twice already. A great product. I'm very happy with the value.

👤The graphics and card stock are of the highest quality. These are the best cards I buy. I have purchased cards from this company and will continue to do so for many years to come. The envelopes are beautiful.

👤The quality was great and the stickers were a bonus.

👤These were purchased for my baby shower. They are beautiful. The card stock is very sturdy. Would buy again.

👤I would buy them again. I needed all of them to complete my thank you cards because of my envelope shortage.

👤Stunned by how beautiful these are. Buy them! It's very cheap for the quality.

👤Excellent item! The quality of items is great and the packaging is cute.

👤Beautiful cards at a great price.

👤The stickers are cute and the card is beautiful.

8. Business Envelopes Stickers Watercolor Greeting

Business Envelopes Stickers Watercolor Greeting

Sending a written thank you is always the best option. This generous thank you notes card value pack includes 48 cards with gold foil, 48 crisp white envelopes, and 48 stickers for all your correspondence needs. It can be your first choice for birthday presents, shower surprises, wedding gifts, graduation money, care packages and other thoughtful gifts. The stationery set features a gold-foil border pattern and shimmering gold-foil script. Make your expression of gratitude even more precious. You can be sure that every guest feels the warmth of your gratitude with plenty of space to write your own message. The watercolor thank you card is perfect for men, women, boys, girls, the young and the old.

Brand: Immise

👤The thank you cards were great. The little sticker on the envelopes was the perfect touch. Thank you for these, I used them for my bridal shower. I could not recommend them more. These are the best options for the price and attractiveness.

👤These were outstanding. Excellent value and quality. You could use them for any occasion. They went well with the theme.

👤Love the cards. Excellent quality and great value. The envelopes are thick. I don't think it's a big deal if you don't match the white of the cards. Also comes with thank you stickers to seal the envelopes.

👤The thank you notes are perfect to send to my baby shower gifts. They look like they would cost more than the did.

👤I used thank you notes for my baby shower. They come in a convenient box and have a cute sticker on them. Both envelopes and stickers work well. Very elegant.

👤Excellent quality. Comes with nice envelopes and seals.

👤Really cute! It was a bang for your buck. I tried to buy a similar product on other big name sites, but it was 3 times the price.

👤This is a good set of thank you cards. They were used after the baby shower. They feel like good quality. Would buy again.

9. Hallmark Thank Watercolor Flowers Envelopes

Hallmark Thank Watercolor Flowers Envelopes

Happy customer guarantee! They are proud to provide you with the best product and customer service. Add the set to your cart. This boxed set of thank you cards is appropriate for all occasions and will let your friends, family, and business connections know you appreciate them. Pink watercolor roses and gold foil block lettering are featured on classic folded cards. Sending a thank you card is a charming way to say thank you after a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or job interview. There are 10 cards in the pack. There are blank notecards that measure 4.5 x 4. The stationery is printed on high quality paper.

Brand: Hallmark

👤48 cards were shown in the advertised listing. You only get 10 cards for the same price if you change the variation to a different design. Only one of the options is actually 48 cards and the rest are 10.

👤I ordered these cards because I received a few gifts over the past month or so, and I recently got engaged. The cards are beautiful to look at, and great quality for the price. They are the perfect size to write a small thank you sentence or two and you don't have to take up the entire card with a long paragraph. I will purchase again when the time is right.

👤Writing thank you notes is no longer necessary as it is becoming a lost art. If you keep a box or two of these on hand, you'll be able to treat your friends to a hand written thank you, and they'll serve for any occasion at all. A nice card in the mail is a great way to make a smile for the rest of the day.

👤I'm not sure if these are really cards. I have never seen such poor quality. I needed a lot of thank yous to send to friends and these were cheap. I don't think they're the typical quality of the company. They must be illegal.

👤The cards are sturdy and easy to write on. The cards are basically what you would expect from a credit card. Half of the cards are useless because my delivery only included 24 envelopes. It is not worth the price for only 24 cards. I only discovered the missing envelopes after I used a card.

👤They were perfect for writing thank you notes for baby shower gifts. They are still great quality, even though they are a little bit thinner than some of the other cards. I don't expect 130# stock on thank you notes.

👤I wish I could buy them without the envelopes, but use them in with my packaging when I ship orders, and I will try and find them in bulk there really thick and nice!

👤I have bought these before. They are thick and have a nice scoring line where you fold the card before using it. The cards are amazing for the price, but the envelopes are adequate. If you're using an "inky" pen, you might need to let them dry for a few minutes before closing.

👤There are many different styles of thank you cards and the covers are beautiful. The price point is ideal. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The pattern is nice and the paper is thick enough to do the job well. The price was good for the quantity.

👤The blank cards were perfect and produced a variety of designs.

👤The paper could be better. I got this on sale and it is a good value.

👤Very disappointed. The paper and print is poor. I was expecting more from them. Better cards can be purchased at the dollar store. Don't waste your money!

10. Gooji Matching Envelopes Assorted Watercolor

Gooji Matching Envelopes Assorted Watercolor

An excellent all-around card to express your gratitude to family, friends during the Christmas and New Year holidays, birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation, anniversaries, and all life celebrations! The thank you cards for women, men, and teens let you celebrate birthdays, big events, anniversaries, and other personalized events. Every 20-pack of thank-you cards comes with a beautiful design with a blank reverse side for a custom note. They use premium card stock to create thank you note cards that are more versatile and high-quality. Each set of thank you cards comes with 20 floral lined envelopes. Their personal cards can be passed out all year long for a variety of reasons, from just for sending a special thank you to all the other reasons.

Brand: Gooji

👤These were easy to make. The envelope is nicer than the card. It is not a flimsy transparent envelope, it is more like an invite type of envelope. The card is very nice. A little above what you would find in a packet at a store.

👤The cards and envelope are beautiful but the inside of the liners are bumpy which makes the cards look tacky and cheap.

👤I used the cards for my baby shower. The size of the cards was great.

👤I used to send thank you cards to my wedding guests. Excellent quality for the price. The quality of the envelopes was great. I would definitely recommend it.

👤It's more versatile and classy without being too formal with elegant thank you cards with nice paper and less formal graphics. The blank inside of the card gives you plenty of space to express your gratitude and the floral graphic lined envelope enhances the elegance of the card. The price for 20 card pack is very good.

👤These look more expensive than their price. The gold paper and floral liner will make the envelopes stand out. Some recipients might miss the floral liner if they open their envelopes differently. If you aren't mailing them, I wouldn't seal them. Tuck in the flap. The cards are simple but classy with gold foil. These are a nice way to show your appreciation.

11. Run2Print Thank Cards Envelopes Stickers

Run2Print Thank Cards Envelopes Stickers

There is a storage box. Sweetzer & Orange Thank You note cards come in a greeting card storage box, and with a 12-Month Guarantee, unlike other small thank you cards. S&O has gratitude cards that you can use to make contact today. For all Occasions, these are one of a kind minimalist greeting cards that are perfect for your engagement, birthday party, bridal shower, anniversary, mother's day, or wedding guests, or any other loved one! Business gatherings, customer appreciation, funerals, and any other occasion are all great places to have cards. It's a great idea to have a pack of greeting cards on hand. A high quality material is a thick textured paper card with gold foil pressed. The non-glossy paper means no fingerprints or scratches when handling thank-you cards. Will not smudge. TheEEL and Seal Envelope and Stamp. The self-seal strip creates a super secure seal on each envelope. Matching themed stickers are large, easy to peel and have a strong adhesive. The envelope will be secured with sticks. The set includes 9 Flamingo, 9 blush, 9 ivory, 9 crepe color cards and 36 peel and seal envelopes. The cards are 4 inches x 6 inches.

Brand: Run2print

👤I was happy with the design, colors, quality, envelopes, etc. I thought they were a type of card you open and write on. Others may also, if I missed that in the description. That's the only reason for 4 stars.

👤The cards are great, but they are rougher in texture. The Bic Stick or Pilot Uni-Ball pen is the best ball point pen for them. This makes the lines look thin or they skip over the surface of the paper which makes a person have to re-trace their lines.

👤The quality of this product is excellent. The gold detail on the flat cards is real. The colors depicted are not true to be. The coral pink is more like the deepest pink. I used natural light to shoot these photos. I just wanted to share it with others. The envelopes are thin, but they have an glue strip on them. It's a huge plus for me that I don't have to lick the envelope. It has a slit to slip the envelope flap over if you didn't want to seal it completely. Does the job well. I'm happy!

👤The cards are better than I expected. The texture of the card stock makes it very easy to write on. It is perfect. They come packaged with the envelopes and gold seals. The envelopes have the seal tape. I used these cards to raise money. I wrote my message on the back of the photo I trimmed and attached. I found these to be more unique than a folded thank you card. I am very impressed by the title.

👤These cards are great. I sent individual cards to my team at work, thanking them for a great year, and they were a big hit. I like the neutral colors. They look really classy and expensive without the expensive price tag. I only had one minor quibble with the cards, and that was that the gold "Thank you" was half an inch off from the raised/embossed "Thank you" words, so it just looks like the card says thank you twice. There is a very minor printing error. It's as easy to toss the card as it is to use it.

👤TheDusty Pink Set is a set. These are gorgeous! The shades in the photos seem darker. In the photos, "Flamingo Pink" has a plum or dark mauve shade, but in person, it has a brighter pink color. There is no gray tint to "Blush Pink". It is a baby pink. They are still beautiful cards, but not sure if they darkened the photos by mistake or used a photo filter.

👤These cards are wonderful. I wanted to send thank you cards to everyone who donated, so I raised money for Giving Tuesday after Thanksgiving. These simple, modern and sophisticated cards were the perfect touch for my colleagues and friends. The texture of the flat card was perfect for writing with a Sharpie. The envelope was a bit thin compared to the flat card, but it didn't seem cheap. The envelopes were sealed with the stickers that were included. I will buy again.


What is the best product for wedding thank you cards rose gold?

Wedding thank you cards rose gold products from Layneria. In this article about wedding thank you cards rose gold you can see why people choose the product. Run2print and Partay Shenanigans are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding thank you cards rose gold.

What are the best brands for wedding thank you cards rose gold?

Layneria, Run2print and Partay Shenanigans are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding thank you cards rose gold. Find the detail in this article. Durabasics, Vns Creations and Paperpark are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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