Best Wedding Table Numbers 1-10

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1. Merry Expressions Calligraphy Receptions Restaurants

Merry Expressions Calligraphy Receptions Restaurants

Are you planning a wedding reception, a big party or a glamorous banquet? Do you own a restaurant, bar, or hotel that has a dining area? The Table Numbers 1-30 are made from real rose gold foil. Beautiful design: The table numbers add a modern look to your event. 100% unique and original designs were created by their designers. They will add a luxurious touch to your tables. The table numbers of the Merry Expressions are durable. QUALITY: Carefully designed in the USA. Premium quality, heavy card-stock, ensures durability. It's perfect for a frame or stand alone. It is a great accessory for your reception. Perfect for weddings, Rehearsal Dinners, Engagement Parties, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Bridal & Baby Showers, Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Parties or any special event! There is a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Love and joy are what their company stands for. If you don't absolutely love your item, just return it and they'll give you a full refund or replace it if there is a problem.

Brand: Merry Expressions

👤I can't wait to add them to a frame and use them at our event. It is so chique. When I found these, I knew they would be perfect. Clear glass frames are perfect for double sided use. Or if you just attach them on their own. I am sure you would be happy with it.

👤I use a lot of different table numbers. We use a lot of black, silver, gold and white numbering because we like to match up the style with the color scheme. I'm using rose gold for the first time. It's lovely and different. The cards are sturdy and the design of the numbers is beautiful. They are two-sided. I will use them again and again.

👤These are beautiful and we used them for our wedding table numbers. The card stock they are on is strong. The gold foil color print on them is gorgeous. It was perfect for our wedding. Highly recommended.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the card stock, thickness and rose gold foil. These cards are an affordable addition to any function, whether it be a wedding or a special event. They are large and easy to read. It doesn't feel like many of the cheap wedding items found on the internet. The foil looks like copper. The handwritten calligraphy type font is used. It has a paper case for convenience. It was a plus because it shipped fast.

👤I loved the table number cards. The rose gold color was elegant. They would match any color scheme. The cards were strong. They could either frame or have a place card holder. The script was beautiful. It is definitely a wedding or party worthy.

👤These table numbers are of the highest quality. These cards are made of rose gold foil. They are symmetrical and have the same print on both sides. Very impressed! Quality table numbers at a good price.

👤I found these cards after spending a lot of money on extraneous supplies for my niece's wedding. I ordered them, had them in about 3 days, and wondered why I didn't buy them in the first place. Sometimes you can take things too far. These were pretty and elegant and the perfect color. I was looking for something.

👤The delivery was fast. The owner sent a message. I can't wait to see them on the tables at the wedding because the product is great.

👤The table numbers are great. It is always scary to order something online, but these did not fail. Excellent quality and elegant. Definitely recommend.

👤The table numbers are the same as advertised. Sturdy white card stock with rose gold foil printing. I have them in a display stand. They would look better in a rose gold frame.

👤Can't wait to use them. The card stock has a rose gold print. It's perfect for my wedding theme.

2. Jetec Numbers Reception Catering Decoration

Jetec Numbers Reception Catering Decoration

The package includes 25 pieces table numbers with holder bases, and the numbers printed on are from 1 to 25, enough to meet your daily needs. The table number is made of acrylic and is reliable, lightweight and eye-catching. The design is in the shape of a hexagon. The table numbers with holder base give you the chance to appreciate the artistic meaning of geometric figure, and the style of hollow out makes the table number show numbers in a modern way. The table number is packaged with a transparent holder base, which makes it easy for you to stand it, and you can simply insert the table number into the base without using glue. The reception stands table number can be used for many occasions, such as wedding reception, charity ball, birthday party, graduation ceremony, cafes, dinners, restaurants and more.

Brand: Jetec

👤The table numbers are very thin and easy to break. The number 10 broke in half after being dropped from 2.5 feet off the ground. They are easy to put together but the bases do not all stay together as some have holes to big or the number has too small a connection. It's important to be careful when picking up the base.

👤They are very nice looking and great for the price, but they are a bit flimsy.

3. New Star Foodservice 27952 4 25 Inch

New Star Foodservice 27952 4 25 Inch

The size is 3 3/8" wide and 4 5/8" tall. The package has paper number cards. The table number is printed on both sides. The cards are 8.25-inches wide and 5-inches high.

Brand: New Star Foodservice

👤I am so impressed by this product. There was no number in my back. I had two #1's and ten no's. I already had my seating chart made, so I have to make three more tables. This is costing me more than the table card numbers. When you have these types of issues, this product is not worth it. It's a little bit of work to put them together. It takes time to get it to fit. Don't wait until the last minute to put them together.

👤The table numbers are printed on thick, sturdy cardstock and should be able to be re-used under reasonable care. If doors are used out, weights could be added to them. The die-cut tab slot on the bottom was too tight to allow the tab to be inserted. The tip of the Xacto knife blade was able to shorten it by a hair.

👤Our team of designers and engineers love to design and develop products for the food service industry. The feedback from our customers allows us to improve our products. We like making high-quality products.

👤I love this product. It was in good condition when it arrived. The cards worked perfectly for our 50th wedding anniversary. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤Very cheap looking. They don't sit on the table. They are going back.

👤I cut the bottoms off so they would fit in my holders. They are a thick cardboard. I think they will serve their purpose.

👤We used an indoor banquet room for a graduation dinner banquet. They wouldn't hold up in the wind or breeze.

👤We used metal stands to hold these numbers, so we did not fold them the way they were intended. The numbers were easy to read. I am very happy with their performance.

4. Ginger Ray Wedding Decorations Supplies

Ginger Ray Wedding Decorations Supplies

If you have a question, please feel free to contact them. They will answer the questions within 24 hours. There are 12 wedding table numbers with gold numbers. Each table number card is a tent card with a gold border. The gold wedding table numbers are similar to wedding table decorations. Wedding table numbers are important for a seated wedding.

Brand: Ginger Ray

👤We used these for our wedding and they looked great.

5. WXJ13 Standing Restaurant Catering Decoration

WXJ13 Standing Restaurant Catering Decoration

The table card holder has a triangle design and is very unique. The golden place card is perfect for any kind of home decoration. You will get 15 pieces of standing table numbers with a holder base, enough to meet your daily needs. The wedding table numbers are made of acrylic and can be used again and again. The table number is approximately 11 cm x 10 cm, the holder base is approximately 3 cm x 0.4 cm, suitable for wedding, party, restaurant, club, coffee house and other places. The table numbers are easy to use and can be put on the guest tables. There are wide occasions. The table numbers with stands are ideal for weddings, graduation ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, restaurants, coffee houses, Christmas and any other event.

Brand: Wxj13

6. Fashionclubs Numbers Wedding Reception Decoration

Fashionclubs Numbers Wedding Reception Decoration

Quality Guarantee - high quality card paper, not flimsy and easily bent, sturdy string, and long- lasting cardstock in nice and bright colors. 100% product warranty will make your shopping experience pleasant. One side of the wedding table numbers is a mirror and the other side is transparent, which makes them a unique choice for your wedding table centerpiece decor. The table numbers can be put on the guest tables with no need to glue them to the base. Their wedding table numbers are made of premium eco-friendly acrylic material, it is durable and can be used again and again. The 11 cm x 10 cm x 0.15 cm stem and base are a perfect fit for table decor and make a perfect fit for special events and party banque. Perfect table decorations, perfect for adding detail to any occassion where you need table number center piece, such as wedding reception, charity Ball, christmas party, birthday Party,christening, etc; great for cafes, dinners, restaurants too.

Brand: Fashionclubs

👤I usually don't write reviews, but I thought I would take a moment to assure others that the quality of these numbers is good. The numbers in the box were undamaged. There is a film on both sides of the product. I was careful to remove the film because the product is thin. The film is off both sides and these are very attractive. They are large enough to see without being so large they detract from the expensive centerpiece. The number is wobbly when you put it in the base, but not enough to cause it to fall out of the base. All will be fine once they are placed on the tables.

👤We bought these for our wedding. We did not have to glue the top and bottom piece together because our reception was outside and they did not blow away. The bottom piece is CLEAR, it has a brown sticker cover on both sides, and it can be difficult to get off. Definitely recommend!

👤I ordered these for my wedding in June, which is bohemian. I am satisfied with how cute they are. The size is perfect, which is something I was worried about. If you need something very sturdy, these aren't a good choice. They come with a plastic covering to peel off so they stay in good shape while being packaged and stored.

👤They appeared as they do online while in the package. I opened them today as I was browsing through my wedding decor and noticed they were dull and ugly. The back of the numbers are backwards so it is pointless to put the peel off sticker on the front. I put one of the numbers in the cheap plastic piece to see what it would look like and the bottom broke off immediately. They are horrible! I waited too long to look at them and now I can't return them, so I have to buy new ones elsewhere. So disappointing!

👤They are single use table numbers. Kids destroy things. The numbers fall apart so easily that I had to glue the bottom stands to them. The value for the cost was disappointing. If it is an adult only event, the look is okay. You plan on using once and throwing away. They are too expensive to be considered single use.

👤Very thin and not strong. There is a small piece that connects the number to the base and 7 of mine broke with little to no pressure. I would love to take pictures. I threw them because I got so angry. I bought these because they were pretty and wouldn't distract from the table design. I had to hot glue most of them. I was not happy with the purchase.

👤She was very happy with the items for her daughter's wedding. The numbers were covered to keep them from scratching.

👤They looked dirty when they arrived, but they were made with a protective film that you can peel off. I don't think it's necessary to glue the bottoms to the numbers.

7. Numbers Wedding Perfect Reception Decoration

Numbers Wedding Perfect Reception Decoration

The table numbers are more artistic and chic with the hollow design. Guests and customers will find their spot if you have a perfect table decoration. The table numbers are made from natural wood. They are easy to use, they fit into the base of the table, there is no need to glue it. Perfect for weddings, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, anniversary party, bridal shower, baby shower, or any party or event. Their products have a 30-day money-back and 12-month worry-free Guarantee.

Brand: Nomija

👤I was not happy to see that there were wooden in the package when I ordered them. I had them for weeks and finally opened them for the wedding that I did, and I couldn't believe they were wooden! They were there to serve there purpose.

👤I loved them! So cute. They assembled with a snap. They could be decorated if time is not an issue. We used them the same way.

👤When they arrived, half of them were broken, and the other half was still broken when I touched them. It was very flimsy. I don't usually write reviews, but if I can save someone else money, it was worth it. I wasn't expecting heavy duty because I didn't spend a lot, but I was expecting them to be broken.

8. Greenery Eucalyptus Reception Anniversary Birthday

Greenery Eucalyptus Reception Anniversary Birthday

Each wood memo card holder has a diameter of 1.6 inches. When folded, the place card is 3.5 x 2. The package includes 26 pieces of wedding table numbers cards, 1-25 table numbers and head table card, enough quantity and a nice combination to meet your party table needs. The greenery table card measures approx. The proper size and layout of the table is easy to attract people's attention without taking too much space. The double sided party table numbers are made of quality paper material with vivid and clear printing, lightweight and sturdy, not easy to break or fade, which you can use with confidence. The paper party table numbers are printed with green leaves which look realistic and vivid, and are accompanied by black artistic words on the white background, which adds a lot of romantic atmosphere to your wedding. The greenery table numbers can be used for a wide range of occasions.

Brand: Zonon

👤The table numbers looked great, but I was worried about my wedding day because table 3 and 4 weren't included in the pack. I would recommend a brand that is more reliable.

👤It arrived as expected. The print is gorgeous.

9. HDCo Wedding Centerpiece Decorations Included

HDCo Wedding Centerpiece Decorations Included

The rose petals are the perfect addition to your wedding or event. The set includes numbers 1 25 and a special head table card. 4 inches x 6 inches. Any table centerpiece can look fantastic with an elegant black letter design. The cards are printed on high quality 120lb white card stock. Wow Factor: The table number cards will make your guests notice that you thought of everything.

Brand: Up The Moment

👤It is difficult to setup. Make sure it is compatible with your system.

👤This product will serve its purpose well since it will be outside.

👤Excellent quality and great for weddings.

10. EcoBoo Calligraphy Including Decoration Centerpiece

EcoBoo Calligraphy Including Decoration Centerpiece

There is a 100% money back guarantee. In business since 2011, UNIQOOO products are backed by a 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. For more information, contact their customer service. The table numbers with the thick, solid round base are included in the 1-12 pack. The thickness of the base has been increased to double the industry standard. If you have vases or a centerpiece, you can use the base or spray paint it. The calligraphy numbers will stand out at every location and occasion. Please let them know if you are dissatisfied and they will help.

Brand: Activ8

👤The items were well packed. I thought the base would be bigger, but it's perfect for my wedding table number centerpiece. This came with a Mr. and Mrs. cake top, which I didn't expect. I am happy I bought these.

👤The table numbers were used for my wedding. They look really nice and rustic. I contacted the company and they sent me an entire set of table numbers for free just days before my wedding, even though one of the table numbers got damaged in shipment. They are thin pieces of wood and a little flimsy. They will break if you put too much pressure on them. The customer service was great!

👤The numbers were sent for our wedding. Everything arrived as pictured. They are sturdy and easy to paint. The pieces were all intact. The company sent me an email to make sure everything was correct.

👤These are of the highest quality. It is very sturdy and thick. They take spray paint and look great.

👤The table numbers were perfect for our wedding. It is simple yet classic. They turned out great after I spray-painted them. The shipping was fast and all were intact.

👤These are gorgeous. We returned them because they were a little smaller than we wanted, but other than that, they're perfect. I gave it four stars because they are a little less sturdy than I wanted. We had to be careful not to bend.

👤I used these for my wedding table numbers. If I had more time, I probably would have painted them black.

👤The perfect table numbers can be found here. The shipping was quick and as pictured. They are modern and elegant. They come in two pieces, with the able bottom removed for easy storage. They can be very fragile and should be stored properly.

11. Holders Rustic Number Numbers Wedding

Holders Rustic Number Numbers Wedding

The package contains enough wood place card holders to meet your daily usages and enough table numbers sign holders so you don't have to worry about running out. The wooden table number stand is made of pine, it has a smooth surface, no wood chips, and it is not easy to break or change color after being carefully polished by people. The wooden place card holder has an aura of wood classicism, which can impress your guests, because of its rustic and forest-like atmosphere. Their table numbers sign holders are simple and elegant, you can see them in many different places, for example, cafes, restaurants, retail shops, wedding, parties, banquets, bridal showers or some other celebrating events. You can use the wood place card holders for a wide range of purposes, from place card holders to small table sign holders, menu card holders or photo display stands.

Brand: Tenare

👤These were the right size and weight for standing up donor plaques.


What is the best product for wedding table numbers 1-10?

Wedding table numbers 1-10 products from Merry Expressions. In this article about wedding table numbers 1-10 you can see why people choose the product. Jetec and New Star Foodservice are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding table numbers 1-10.

What are the best brands for wedding table numbers 1-10?

Merry Expressions, Jetec and New Star Foodservice are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding table numbers 1-10. Find the detail in this article. Ginger Ray, Wxj13 and Fashionclubs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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