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1. MISSPIN Eucalyptus Handcrafted Greenery Backdrop

MISSPIN Eucalyptus Handcrafted Greenery Backdrop

Perfect decoration. The rose hanging vine plant can be used for many things, including weddings, arches, centerpiece decorations, flower basket, celebration, aisle, show windows, shop, restaurant, stairway, fences and many more. Pink roses, white rose buds and gypsophila are used as adornments, creating a different layer. The flower garlands can be used as ornaments to create a soft and elegant atmosphere. Package Each pack contains 2 pieces of hand-made willow leaves. The materials used to make the garland are high-end and safe. The price is worth it, it takes about 3 hours to make each garland. Silk leaves and fake eucalyptus garlands are durable and look green forever without maintenance. The leaves are very dense and the stems are red. It's very suitable as a wedding decoration to be fixed on the wedding arch. The flat design is very suitable for tiling on a table runner. The greenery of the willow leaf is used in wedding decorations and engagement banquets. You can decorate mirrors, balconies, fireplaces, windows, stairs and gardens, it's very suitable for daily use.

Brand: Misspin

👤I bought this because of the good reviews. The price is too high for what you get. I had to use 4 more flowers to make it look full. The leaves don't fall off, they are loud. Each section had 4 spots of flowers, one large and one small, and came in 2 pieces. This is mostly leaves. It is not realistic.

👤These are nice. It looked great when we used to do wedding tables.

👤Utilice para la decoracin de los 15 aos.

👤They looked pretty out of the package.

👤The look and feel of the vines was very nice. It's a great value and pretty.

👤I was looking for a garlands that didn't look fake, and I found them. If you are thinking about buying them, do it. I added some fairy lights to it. I am very happy with this purchase.

2. Veryhome Artificial Gypsophila Bouquets Arrangement

Veryhome Artificial Gypsophila Bouquets Arrangement

Buy with confidence. They use the highest quality materials to create their silk rose petals. If you're not completely satisfied, they'll exchange or refund your purchase. You can get your wedding small rose petals for romantic night today, but supplies are limited. The material for the artificial babies breath is made of plastic and wire and will not be easily torn. The blade is not included. IDEAL FOR RANGEMENTS. These fake babies are easy to bend or cut. The flowers heads can be removed for more creative decorations. fake baby breath come in full bouquets and won't fade over time. It's a good idea to keep a bridal bouquet for babies. Breath has real flowers. It's perfect for bridesmaid bouquets. It will be wonderful if you match with roses, peonies,hydrangeas and so on. The language of baby's breath is beautiful and can be used for decoration.

Brand: Veryhome

👤This is worse looking than dollar tree, except for the shed, which can be controlled with hair spray. I tried to use it, but had to uninstall it.

👤Cute, but wish they were a little longer.

👤I thought the flowers were in the vase. The flowers are okay, but I didn't think it was worth the money without the vase.

👤There is a plastic thing. Yuck. Terrible looking and doesn't look like the picture.

👤It is definitely not worth the money.

👤I like them very much. They are on my kitchen window. They are pretty to look at.

👤I was very unhappy with the product. The white flower bulbs fall off. There were already 20 flower bulbs that had fallen off when the parcel was opened.

3. Wedding Decorations Centerpieces Reception Scatter

Wedding Decorations Centerpieces Reception Scatter

There could be a little bit of a change during handling, storing, and transportation. The flowers should be adjusted to recover their shapes. If there is dust on the product, please blow off the dust with a hair dryer or wipe it with a dry paper towel. Each of the fake scatter petals is about the same size. 1.5 inches. They will last for use. The flower petals are handmade with premium fabric. The shape of the petals is not easy to tear. There are wild occasions. The rose petals are very romantic. Perfect for wedding events, bridal shower, baby shower, valentine's day decorations, honeymoons, anniversary, romantic night and birthday party. It's necessary for the wedding cake, table centerpiece, flower girl basket and aisle runner. The flower girl basket has 200-300 petals, the dining table has 30-50 petals, and the aisle runner has 500 petals. Aivanart's silk rose petals are soft, realistic and right touch, but no scent. You can meet romantic moment with several different colors.

Brand: Aivanart

👤The petals look real. I wouldn't say they smelled because they didn't. The flower girls are having a good time. I used to decorate my cake table.

👤These are thick and soft, but when placed on the ground they look like condoms. Fix the shape to be more like a flower and I would give this 5 stars all day.

👤I'm happy with my purchase, these petals are very nice and odorless.

👤My son is getting married and I ordered this pedals. The order was placed in the last minute and delivered earlier than promised. The colors of the pedals are beautiful. They are worth every penny. I will definitely order again, I just want to thank you so much.

👤These flowers are beautiful. I plan to reuse them at my daughter's wedding. They were good quality and didn't have any weird odors. I bought ivory colored petals for the flower girl to use. Very happy with the purchase! Fast shipping as well.

👤The petals were what I was looking for and they made that special moment even better. Would recommend.

👤There was a lot of stuff on the table at my sister's shower. Good quality and good price.

👤The petals are smaller than usual. I rated it a 4. Can't wait to use them at my wedding in Mexico in October!

4. Miracliy Garland Artificial Hanging Wedding

Miracliy Garland Artificial Hanging Wedding

The package includes 8 rose vines in deep pink and light pink. Each garland holds about 45 leaves and 45 flowers. Artificial flower vine is made from silk and plastic. These flower garlands are great for decorating a pink room, wedding decorations, baby shower decorations, floral birthday decorations, tea party decorations, etc. There is no glue on the flower heads, so flowers can fall off the vine.

Brand: Miracliy

👤I ordered these flowers along with other kinds for a variety of color and flower choices to hang from my tree in my backyard. I wanted a look with flowers and lights. I was very pleased with how the flowers came together. Although I have blended these flowers with others in my pictures and videos, I tried to take video in day and night so you can see how these flowers look in different lighting and different types of flowers. I would recommend these if they looked real.

👤I can't wait to use them, I am surprised at the quality. When I first opened them up, I thought they would be useless. I immediately went to my one sure fire method of bringing life back to the flowers, which was tossing them into the dryer for about 4 minutes, and they came out beautiful. They looked like they'd never taken the economy trip, crammed into a tiny bag. If anyone buys these, try tossing them into a dryer on high for 3 minutes or on low for 5 minutes. I hope this works for you too and that you don't end up with melted plastic in your dryer because you don't understand high heat and plastic doesn't play well together. Anyhow The first picture shows me checking the scale on my smaller Victorian Christmas tree that sits on our porch during Christmas and the second picture shows how easy it is to drape over items but in both pictures you can clearly see the flowers are full. They are pretty even though they are small. I will be buying more for the end of summer parties, Christmas and next year's valentines day.

👤I had some old lights that I wanted to use in my room. The led lights are nice. I wanted the wall to have a visual interest when the lights were off. I bought two packs of flowers to cover the whole wall. The camera can't capture how beautiful the flowers look on their own, and the lights on them look even better. The strands of flowers fell off two days later.

👤I like it. I used the 4 pink and 4 purple to decorate my daughters bed. They like it. It is very pretty.

👤This is a great value. The flowers were well packaged. There were no loose flower petals or leaves. There is a lot of length for decoration. The strands look different. The birdcage is made of pink and purple strands. The mosquitto net is draped over the strands. It is recommended that you recommend 100%.

👤They come in plastic bags with 2 pinks and 2 purples in them. The bags are in a bag. They have a smell when you open them. If you've ever been to a craft store like Pat Catans, it smells similar. It smells like hot glue. It's not a pleasant smell, but it's not awful or unbearable. We're chemical-free, so it should be good to go and use an essential oil room spray. The flowers need a little help to not look like bugs. It is difficult to twist them together, but all floral garland is. I'm doing 2 pinks twisted together for a decoration. It doesn't give volume to the missing gaps between the flowers, but 2 together helps fill them. Wrap 4 together in order to get volume. I'm going to put the purple ones in with the pink around Easter. You need to twist at least 2 together to make it look normal. I'm happy I was able to find them, and at a great price. It's easy to add a little spring-like flair to your life.

5. Lings Moment Centerpieces Reception Decorations

Lings Moment Centerpieces Reception Decorations

It is possible to make a multi-purpose plan. It's also suitable for home décor, living room, coffee shop, bar, hotel, if you match with flowers and artificial flowers. There are 6 pre-made floral arrangements for a wedding reception table. Not included is a vase. The floral centerpiece is about 6 inches across. The flower stem was wrapped in ivory ribbon and a bow was added. It's about 4 feet tall and 1.5 feet thick and can fit into any simple container like a mason jar. Artificial flowers are not affected by allergies at special events. The pre-made set releases stress. Save time by doing things one by one, finding a good florist, and so on. You don't need to do anything else, just put the flowers into the vases. The arrangement can be a gift for the guest. It's easy to carry.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤This was the best low cost option because flowers are EXPENSIVE. I used these for my wedding, I had the bridal version of the dusty rose, and I had exactly 6 bridesmaids, so this was perfect. It was nice and well matched with their dresses.

👤I was very pleased with the flowers. They were returnable so they were ordered. The quality is good. The flowers are pretty and full, which is exactly what I would see in a store. The bouquets are ready to go after I added narrow ribbon to match my daughter's color theme. Would purchase again.

👤The packaging was nice. The flowers look realistic. It is a great deal and I wish it was more full but it is. I ordered a separate Lings flower box to hold a few more in a mason jar.

👤I'm impressed with the flowers. They are pretty and well made. I ordered a second box after the first one arrived. I got these for the bridesmaids at my mother's wedding but she fell in them with her and wants them for the centerpiece. I would recommend it.

👤My husband and his groomsmen looked great at our backyard wedding. The dress of the flower girls and bridesmaids were in the same blush pink color as my dress. All of their dresses were in that family of color.

👤The flowers were placed in a vase, filled with rocks and placed in a wreath of greenery. The interior table at the reception was decorated with flowers. These are small bouquets.

👤I put them on top of a dollar tree base to use as a bridesmaids bouquet, they came packaged nicely and are ready to use. It worked for what I need.

👤The online picture does not justice to the pieces. In person, they are more beautiful.

6. Kimuras Cabin Artificial Flower,Bouquet Wedding

Kimuras Cabin Artificial Flower%EF%BC%8CBouquet Wedding

There is a wedding with peonies. The bride and her court will love the flowers in the bouquets. The sign-in table, gift table, and the centerpiece at the reception can be decorated with fake flowers. Adding real peonies to the bouquets and arrangements will create a more beautiful photo album. The flower bunch is a great way to decorate the party area. Since they are fake flowers, they will never die. Drop a couple of stems in a vase to someone in the hospital. There is a peaceful feeling to home and office. Place a couple of stems in a vase and use them as a centerpiece on the dining room table or the conference table at the office. Silk floral arrangements are a great addition to a home for sale. The bouquet has 13 stems, 6 flowers and 2 buds. It is suitable for: home, table, hotel, internet bar, garden, wedding party, meeting room decoration. It is unbelievably realistic. These flowers look alive and vibrant. It is suitable for: home, table, hotel, internet bar, garden, wedding party, meeting room decoration. It is unbelievably realistic. These flowers look alive and vibrant.

Brand: Kimura's Cabin

👤I wanted a bouquet that was realistic for my home. It is hard to choose between realistic looking flowers. I hope my review helps you make a decision. These are gorgeous! I liked them so much I wanted to change them. I decided to try a different vendor and was disappointed. The buds were crushed and looked like they were made from junk, some were glue together to other buds and they didn't look as pretty as the ones from this vendor. The vendor's flowers are very vibrant and pretty, and they arrived with round buds. I will order again from this vendor.

👤They were gorgeous with the peonies.

👤I have some greenery in a tall vase that I have been using for fall and winter, just changing out the floral pieces. I wanted to add something new to the greenery. I was looking for something that was not flashy. I accidentally ordered these flowers in the pink tones which didn't go with my house, so I re-ordered them in orange/peach tones. I used flowers from both sets because the pink set has some light peach flowers that went well with the orange/peach ones. I like how they look. The colors are what I was looking for.

👤We used these flowers in my wedding bouquet and it turned out great. The peonies were packaged well and were competitive on craft store prices, they were better than many I looked at in craft stores. The quality is great and the petals are realistic. The colors are saturated.

👤They look like fakes. The photo is better. They have some black flowers with little dots that fell off after I opened the plastic. These are not as full as I would like. They look kind of tacky. I wouldn't buy them again. I wanted to use them for a Halloween decoration, just flowers in a vase. I think I will get rid of them.

👤The range of orange colors and blossom appearance are positives. A bit pricey. The stems were wrapped in plastic. The stems could be straightened out, but the green shoots are very bent and may or may not be. The leaves and greens are not as realistic as the blossoms. If you're doing a big centerpiece, buy two or three and add foliage. The bouquet looks alone in the photo.

👤I was not happy. The blues are not what I was expecting. There were 3 flowers in the bunch. The darker blues were needed by me. The small flowers were ugly. I had to paint them myself. I wouldn't order them again. I hadn't noticed that there was a pink filler in the small photos. Those were not usable for my needs. I ordered something else and hope they are better from another seller. They were very small. It took a blow dryer to make them not look like they were run over by a car.

👤The Kimura peonies are gorgeous. As soon as I opened my package, I added them to an existing slim tall bouquet with other silks from another brand. They have made my vase of flowers taller. I know what I will be giving my sisters this year for birthdays and special occasions. Thank you for the affordable beauty, it will add a little more joy to my boudoir. That's right.

7. Floroom Artificial Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Floroom Artificial Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

The magnets are easy to use, without breaking your clothes and skins, and are suitable for wedding buttonhole flowers corsage brooch pin. Business brooches are ideal for decoration. Floroom Studio's artificial roses are made of a soft high quality PE foam which gives them the look of fresh roses and touches soft. The rose head is called aprrox. The total height is 9 inches and the stem is about 8 inches long. They have flexible thin wire stems, which make it easy to work with. It's easy to bend, cut down or pull out. They are perfect for making bouquets, centerpiece, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers, or any other flower decorations, centerpiece and arrangements that you want at your wedding, bridal shower, party, baby shower or home decor. 8 complimentary leaves for every 25 flowers are offered by Greenery. You can add some leaves to your cart if you need more. It's a good thing. The size of the roses may vary slightly and there may be some color differences between different dye lots.

Brand: Floroom

👤My daughter's wedding is coming up. She wanted to use foam roses, however in the end she needed more and we found these ones and we were so excited and angry at the same time! We couldn't tell the difference between the ones from Ling's moment and the ones from these ones. They are perfect, delicate and thick. We would have ordered all the roses if we knew this earlier.

👤I like it! They were very soft. My daughter's 16th birthday dinner was held in the center piece. They looked real. They received a lot of praise.

👤It's a must buy. I wanted fake flowers for my bridal shower and these did not disappoint. The pictures don't do it justice. They come with stems that are easy to work with, and they are very pretty.

👤Beautiful flowers. I ordered 50 pieces. The flowers were packaged beautifully. There were 7 leaves and 25 large crystals in each box. We hot glue the crystals to the flowers. I used it for a beautiful centerpiece. My family and I are buying again.

👤Wow! Well packaged and beautiful. They packed them in a box that was large enough to hold 25 faux flowers along with eight leaves so that they wouldn't be crushed. Nice job. I didn't realize that the stems were attached when I ordered them. The stems seem to be made from a type of paper that is flexible so for my purposes it is fine. I want to add these to a few arrangements so they can be clipped or tucked away. The colors are striking. I ordered pink and gray. Excellent quality! I can see these being used for a bride's bouquet. If I need more, I would definitely order these again.

👤The stems are not very strong. It was difficult to get them to stay in the place I wanted them. I made it work. I bought a vase filled with rocks at the dollar tree. The bouquet is pretty. It looks like I spent more than $13.

👤I had to get the wrinkled flowers out of my mouth. I bought the Floroom roses to see the difference. I came back for more to make bouquet's for my girls because they were so beautiful. They are perfectly boxed and each rose is perfect. The shape and detail of each flower. I know I say perfect, but they are.

👤My best friend is having a wedding and bridal shower. I have already recommended them to 2 other people for home use and for another wedding because of the quality and packaging. The way the stems are easy to change is one of the reasons I am using them. They will be great for filling in on the arch. I like how I can drape them in cloth. They ended up costing me the same price per flower as the white and pale pink roses pictured in my review pictures, but I like the purpose so I will mix in foam...

👤Excellent quality for a good price.

8. Yatim Artificial Garland Hanging Wedding

Yatim Artificial Garland Hanging Wedding

It is easy to inflate with either air or helium. Rub confetti balloons with dry cloth after they're inflated. The material is Silk Fabric and Plastic. The leaves and stems were made from plastic. 60 pairs of leaves are in each strand. Each leave is 1.57 x 1.38 inches. Each order has 12 packages of garlands. Total of 12. It's suitable for home decoration, wedding decoration, jungle theme party supplies. It is normal to have a plastic smell when using an artificial vine, but it won't hurt the human body. The vines can be placed in theventilated place for a while to eliminate the smell.

Brand: Yatim

👤It was terribly misleading. I only got 8 strands. They are cheap and thin. Would not recommend.

👤The pictures for this product are not accurate. We were going to get a good bundle so that we could use it as a screen for a baby shower. That did not happen, as you can see in the pics I provided. Very disappointed in the amount. We like the product and no issues with it. The amount and the images are misleading. They should correct that.

👤I only had to order one of these to cover most of my ceiling and backwall for my 5th anniversary. Everything was tied together by my woodland theme. Yes, they smell. It fades after you open the package and let them out. The garlands I bought at the dollar store were better quality. If you want a few accents or only decorate a small area, you only need one package.

👤I attached them to a bamboo privacy fence to give me more privacy on my balcony. I secured them with green twister ties and made a loop at the top. If you are looking for larger leaves, you may want to buy another brand or size. I will have to buy another pack to make it thicker for the privacy I am after. I'll see how they do after we get more rain in Cali.

👤Product worked well. They are all individual strands. A photo backdrop was used for a baby shower. A photo shows a package. It's probably a good idea to order two more to be a bit wider. Still was a big hit.

👤The background for my niece's prom picture was provided by this product. It is cost effective and efficient.

👤I used these to decorate my pipe and drape for a jungle themed paint party. I plan to reuse them for a Black Panther themed party, they held up well, so I plan to continue to do so.

👤It looked great for the event. They smell terrible. It was a kind of smell. I didn't use all of the two packs because I was afraid the smell would fill the room. I used fabric freshner and prayed no one would smell it.

9. Lings Moment Arrangement Centerpiece Decorations

Lings Moment Arrangement Centerpiece Decorations

There are 2 items in this pack. An extra-long flowy tablecloth is included. The premade floral centerpiece are ready to use. They help save a lot of time if you aren't into crafting or finding a good florist. The floral arrangement was made to be 10 feet wide by 3 feet long for a stunning look. The tablecloth is 55" wide by 10ft long and will drape gracefully across the table and create beautiful pools at both ends. It's a unique fabric that is more graceful than traditional fabrics. The flowy tablecloth looks more charming than most plain table linens. The most important thing is that the glitter won't fall off. It's for both round and rectangular tables. Add some candles and highlight your sweetheart table, then enjoy your first meal as a married couple. They were packed in a cardboard box so they were safe. If the item you received was damaged, please contact them and they will do their best to help.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤It is pretty and I will still use it. It is very disappointing and much smaller than expected. The photo of the ad is full and beautiful, but the piece of garland in the picture looks exaggerated. I was annoyed that I paid $80 for this when I could have gotten it for 20. Not worth the price. The cloth is nice. I guess.

👤Less full than anticpated. I was going to use this on top of my fireplace, but it is too small and doesn't look right on top of or in front of the fireplace. I bought a 6 foot table runner of flowers and am using it on the fireplace. I will try and use the original flowers as a decoration on my wall unit. When I opened the box, I found a ball of hair in a knot. Really gross. Someone wasn't checking quality control when the box was packed, it wasn't like it was hidden, it was on top of the paper. Yuck.

👤Me gust bastante la verdad. Me hubiese gustado, sea un poco ms frondoso, tenga ms follaje.

👤All previous items from Lings have been great. Someone threw it together quickly. There is only one side with greenery. The greenery on each end is not as pictured. There are two gold detail balls on one side. There are more flowers on one side. I was told to fluff it up, but I can't fluff pieces that aren't there. The piece was not finished before it was shipped. I am disappointed that better customer service was not provided. The piece did not live up to expectations.

👤I bought this for my wedding. I was worried that it would be small or full. Enough thinking. I would have to add it. I was surprised. It was larger than expected. The only complaint is that it is not evenly distributed. I will have to add one side to make it work. The flowers look pretty and I can't wait to see how they look at my wedding.

👤It was our centerpiece at our wedding table this past weekend and it looked amazing! I don't know what to do with it.

👤The package presentation was very impressive. The floral would be larger. The table cloth is sheer. It looks like cloth from the product photo. I initially thought that my floral part was missing, as there is one on the left. The actual design is what I see when I look at the product photo. I would like Ling to use the exact colors for their products. I ordered three different products that compliment each other, but they are not the same color.

👤The centerpiece set was supposed to include a sheer cloth, 2 clips for the table, and a grate. I received a used centerpiece thrown in a new box instead of any of the items described in the listing. I was very disappointed because I ordered flowers from Ling's before for isle chairs and a gazebo arch and everything came packaged nicely and new. The item I received was not up to par.

10. FECEDY Artificial Burgundy Centerpieces Decoration

FECEDY Artificial Burgundy Centerpieces Decoration

The material is high quality. The weight is light. The material is so realistic that it blends into the petals as if they were real. There are four colors: Burgundy, Maroon, Dark Pink and blush. The colors in this set make people feel warm and beautiful. It is very romantic to decorate the wedding aisle and table with it. The total size is between 1.5 inch and 2.0 inch. The size is very close to a real rose. The Burgundy Maroon Flower Petals for wedding, bridal shower,sweetheart table,table scatter, aisle runner, Birthday, baby shower, banquet, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, etc...Nice party! They will help you solve the problem as soon as possible. Ounce is the unit count type.

Brand: Fecedy

👤The actual size of the petals was not mentioned. Half of the quarter was torn and coming undone.

👤The silk petals were pretty. The flower girls will use them at my daughter's wedding.

👤Wanted to use for a table but didn't. Would order again.

👤The quality is great and the colors are true. They are smaller than a traditional rose petals.

👤They look like thumb prints.

👤A rip off. A pack of petals. A child size handful is possible.

👤The smallest package ever. There is no way there is 200 petals 50.

11. GXLMII Artificial Arrangements Centerpiece Decoration

GXLMII Artificial Arrangements Centerpiece Decoration

There are 4 artificial white roses in the bouquet. A vase. You can get 4 artificial eucalyptus branches for free. The design: The stems of white rose flowers can be extended to achieve their intended appearance. To easy to clean. It's perfect for all seasons. Artificial flowers arrangement, home, living room, bed room, dining room, kitchen, hotel, office, wedding, party, dresser, washroom, bathroom and any other place that you want to decorate Artificial rose bouquets look beautiful. It's the best gift for your loved ones on Christmas, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Father's Day, etc. If you don't like your purchase, you will get a guarantee. Please contact them by email from Amazon. Within 24 hours, they will solve your problems.

Brand: Gxlmii

👤They fit my side table perfectly. The vase is beautiful, the size is right, and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

👤The arrangement is gorgeous and realistic. I bought the white. The price is reasonable.

👤There is a nice bouquet and vase. I expected it to be smaller. I put it in the bathroom on the counter because I thought it was a center piece. It looks good there.

👤It's pretty. It would be a nice gift, but small.

👤I was not expecting it to be small. There is a cute flower vase.

👤This arrangement looks realistic. The photo shows the realism. It works well in most style rooms. The vase is a basic white one and pairs well with the arrangement. If you're not happy with how the arrangement comes out of the box, it's possible to form it out. The arrangement looks realistic. 5 stars.


What is the best product for wedding table decorations flowers?

Wedding table decorations flowers products from Misspin. In this article about wedding table decorations flowers you can see why people choose the product. Veryhome and Aivanart are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding table decorations flowers.

What are the best brands for wedding table decorations flowers?

Misspin, Veryhome and Aivanart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding table decorations flowers. Find the detail in this article. Miracliy, Ling's Moment and Kimura's Cabin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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