Best Wedding Shoes for Bride Closed Toe

Bride 15 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. DREAM PAIRS Swan 16 Fashion Stilettos

DREAM PAIRS Swan 16 Fashion Stilettos

High heels. The platform height is 1.25 inches. The upper is made of fabric. The ankle strap has a buckle. The silhouette is peep-toe. There is a slightly padded faux leather insole. TPR rubber is out-sole.


👤These heels are great. It's even better in person. I bought the red pair for a special occasion. It wasn't the right shade of red. I returned them. I bought a black pair because my husband and I loved them so much. They are just as good as the red pair. They are true to size. I have very narrow and flat feet. These heels can accommodate both of these things. They are easy to get in. I don't wear heels daily. My heels are 3 inches. I own the highest heels I own at 5 inches. It takes little effort to walk correctly. Highly recommended! Dream Paris is wonderful. They always have high quality shoes. I have 4 pairs of shoes. They are all from Dream Paris.

👤I got these in gold and they fit well. The gems on the front of the shoes look more orangeish or rose gold than gold to me and that is the reason I am not giving 5 stars. It looked like it was all gold. If the pictures were more accurate, I would have bought a different pair of shoes. These are my new favorite shoes. I bought them for a wedding and the bride was so upset about them being nicer than the shoes she had picked for her wedding that she uninvited me to make sure I couldn't wear them. Gained a great pair of shoes and got rid of a fake friend. You can't put a price on that kind of life changing value.

👤Ladies, yes! I cross something off my wedding list every time. These shoes are perfect for my wedding. You can use these heels with other dresses on your wedding day. It is important for me to be able to use more than one purchase online. They were packaged nicely and come with a bag to protect them. I don't want to wear them until my wedding day in November because I'm not sure on the comfort being worn a long period of time. After my special day, I will send an update on the comfortability. I ordered a size 7 and they fit perfectly. I have more room to put a cushion for the ball of my feet. You will not regret ordering these shoes. There is a They are gorgeous, my fiancée says they are sexy on me. I hope my post helps you decide. I didn't realize how many choices a woman has to make before her wedding until my turn came along... Wishing you lots of Love, Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity!

👤I absolutely love these shoes. I never wanted to take them off. These are the HeELS!

👤I bought these last minute for a bday outfit and I'm happy with my purchase. These are true to size. I bought a half size up because of my wide foot, but the 8 and a half would fit perfectly. Definitely a good purchase.

👤I bought them for my wedding. My wedding colors were royal blue and burnt orange, so I wanted my shoes to be similar. It was an outdoor wedding. I sank into the mud a couple times but other than that, they are worth the purchase.

2. ElegantPark HC1559 Closed Chunky Wedding

ElegantPark HC1559 Closed Chunky Wedding

3 inch high heels for women. There areChunk Heel ivory wedding shoes. Women have lace-up wedding pumps. Special Occasions include weddings, proms, cocktail parties, graduations and any other event.

Brand: Elegantpark

👤It's even more beautiful in person. ! I was concerned that they didn't have half sizes but also didn't want them to look big. I ordered the 6 when I was 6 1/2 wide. When I opened the box, I was worried that they were narrow, but after trying them on, they were much more roomy than I expected. Fit perfect and not tight. I don't think they need the heal and ball of foot stick on the pads. I want to wear something stable for our wedding day. Are you thinking of getting these? There is worth the price.

👤I like these things. I didn't think I would love a shoe so much. I debated for months if I should buy these as my wedding shoes. I realized that these were the ones I wanted when I was thinking about it so much. As soon as they arrived, I pulled them out of the box. They are bright and clean. I tried them on and they were great to walk in. They will be perfect for the grassy reception I have planned, but also perfect for the Church ceremony. I might have to replace my shoelaces. It's a bit too long. They are sturdy and nice.

👤These boots were amazing. I wore them for 11 hours at my wedding. I danced for hours while walking. I was completely comfortable. I had the laces done up to their maximum because I have a long narrow foot. I could have done it a bit tighter but I felt secure and comfortable. They looked good. I loved them. They were stained on the toes by the end of the night, like the bottom of my dress, because they had an outdoor ceremony and barn reception. I don't know if it would work because I haven't tried to clean them. I applied water-resistant spray just in case the grass was wet. I tested this out first, and found that there was little colour change, so I sprayed the whole shoe twice. I am happy with them.

👤I liked that the Booties are Exactly hat I was looking for and fit very well. The Doctor ordered these booties for me because I have a disability with my feet, ankle, and balance. They arrived with gel inserts, which isn't a perfect level of comfort. I give the Fit Only a 4 star rating. The time it took for these booties to arrive was something I didn't like. I was stressed out when I bought the booties because I needed to have them before my fitting for my wedding gown. I received several emails with links that were not valid and 3 different delivery dates when I inquired about my booties, which took 3 months to arrive. I would not give a star for this order.

👤I was very hopeful that these shoes would work for my wedding. I discovered flaws. My foot is a size 11. This is a size that most shoe designers just make up, as it is not a very common size. This means that 11 doesn't always mean 11. They fit better than a 10 ish. My feet. The toe box starts at the end of the lace and forms into a delicate toe shape. My piggies were piled on top of each other with no room to breathe, and I tried to walk in them, but they were too big for me. It didn't go well. Everything was pinched and they hurt. They bit into the top of my foot because they had a flex point below the lace decor. I believe that this was due to my lack of toe space, which made me not sit like I should. They do not provide a return label, so they have to be shipped from a fed ex business. I live 2 hours away from the fed-ex. I still have the shoes even though I got a refund.

3. DREAM PAIRS Amore_2 Glitter Stilettos

DREAM PAIRS Amore_2 Glitter Stilettos

Imported. It was designed in the USA. The Heel is approximately 3 inches. The platform is 0.25 inches high. There is a slightly padded faux leather insole.


👤These shoes are comfortable. I danced away. This was a good purchase. They're also true to size.

👤I was dancing all night in these. I wear size 11 shoes and look like a newborn calf. But little... At my best friends wedding, I was Maid of Honor. I made it from the reception entrance and dance. I took them off because I was enjoying my wine.

👤It's so beautiful. They are comfortable. I will update this review once I wear them. I ordered the white in size 5 and it fit perfectly, I am a regular size so I would say they are true to size. I ordered the silver in 5.5 and it was big. Both are beautiful. The white one was better for my wedding dress. They seem well made. I wore them and they were comfortable.

👤I don't wear heels. All the way. I wanted to buy a sexy shoe to wear to formal occasions despite my dislike for heels. The shoe was perfect. It was gorgeous. I wore them all night. I danced and stood up all night and they did not hurt my feet. It was amazing. These shoes were perfect and comfortable. Great purchase. I decided to buy these. I highly recommend them.

👤Beautiful, shiny. These sparkle, but my pics didn't capture it. So feminine. It is true to size. I have a wide foot so I was concerned about my fit. They fit well. I will be able to dance. Excellent purchase and great value.

👤I loved the heels! The height of the heel was very comfortable and the twisted detail was great. They fit as expected, so you won't have to worry about changing a size, and my only complaint is that my toe got red and sore. It was not that bad. I wore them all night and they are beautiful.

👤The right shoes were beautiful. I removed the sequin at the front of the shoe because it was quite noticeable. The stitching was not in line with the design. Didn't have time to return them and needed them for one night. They are still pretty and will not be noticed.

👤My daughter in law is getting married and I bought these for her. She loved them. She wears a size 8 and they seem to run a little big. I had to return them for a 7.5.

👤I was searching for a pair of black shoes to wear with an evening dress and couldn't find any that were suitable. When I found these they seemed to be my only hope. I wasn't expecting much from them. Open toe shoes are usually uncomfortable, and wide fit shoes are never as wide as advertised. I injured both of my ankles and thought I would never wear heels again. I've never been so happy to be proven wrong. I wore them all night at our Christmas party. They were never uncomfortable. I ordered the 6 just to be sure, I'm between UK size 5/38 and 6/39, so they were just right for me. The lace is stretchy, so it didn't hurt my feet, the edge of the open toe didn't rub, and the width is probably a D-fitting. The ankle straps did not dig in, and the heel did not give me blisters. The height of the heel was perfect, high enough to look good with an evening dress, but they were easy to walk in. I gave these 5 stars and said they were the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. I can't rate them highly enough.

4. Sandals Transparent Pointed Wedding Summer

Sandals Transparent Pointed Wedding Summer

The sole is Polyvinyl Chloride. The Heel heights are 10 cm. Show your figure by shortening your legs. The design is chic and attractive. Extra straps add comfort and stability to walking. The pointed toe high heels are sexy. Any outfit can match the heels.

Brand: Wetkiss

👤The shoes are gorgeous and will make anyone look at them in a different way. I am very happy with my purchase. The sling strap was large. I took them to the shoe repair shop and had them cut in half so they were a perfect fit. Now is the time to buy these. You will not regret it!

👤I was hesitant about buying this item due to all the negative reviews but I decided to buy myself a pair and gave them the benefit of the doubt. They came in a cute silver box wrapped up nicely, but I didn't get the extra straps and replacement stones they had stated would be included in their new shipment coming in March 2020. I was in it all day for a photo shoot and a birthday party and felt comfortable. I pulled the straps to prevent it from getting loose when I was sitting down, but I didn't receive the extra straps. I don't have any issues when walking in them. I have to be very careful with the stone pendant at the front of the heels because it can fall off if I slide my foot in. The heels are worth every penny, but be aware of how delicate they can be. x

👤I love these shoes! Very comfortable.

👤It's comfy! The price is great. I bought a size 8 in the USA for 39 euro. There was no problem with my order. Will purchase again a different color. Let me know if anyone has a question. I wore them to a baby shower and got a lot of praise. A friend thought the shoe cost $1000.00 but it was actually the official shoe that cost over a grand. Sorry not in my budget. This shoe is very similar to the $1000 shoe. Again, will be ordering in a different color. I have a narrow foot so my feet don't look like they're stuffed in the shoe as shown in some pics in the reviews. That was a concern for me.

👤I got a 9 because I didn't see any half sizes. I am a 9.5. Since slingbacks usually slide off of my heel, I didn't think a 10 world work for them. The fit is barely fit for me. They are surprisingly comfortable and the plastic gives them a little something. They look great and I get a lot of praise. The price you have to pay to be Cinderella is that they fog up when your foot gets warm.

👤I usually don't write reviews on this site, but I had to for this. I ordered the A-silver in a small size. When ordering pointed heels, I usually order 10 because my exact size is 9.5. This was not the case. It is a true 9. The shoes are more beautiful than the picture shows. They are very comfortable. I am glad I didn't go based on the popular reviews. My shoes were made with perfect craftsmanship and all the stones were intact. Are you thinking about getting it? Just do it. I had to make this review because most of the reviews are from last year and could be misleading to anyone who wants to get this.

5. DREAM PAIRS DPU215 Wedding Glitter

DREAM PAIRS DPU215 Wedding Glitter

The Heel is about 3 inches. The rubber sole of the shoes ensures a secured walking. The ankle strap design of the low kitten heel pumps is elegant. The low heels leather sandals will not make your foot sore or sweaty. The heels are made of Memory Latex and have a cushioned foobed, slip-resistant outsole for steady and safe steps. Dress shoes are suitable for formal dress occasions.


👤The shoe has the right height for me. I think it was a one size fits all, because there was no place to order the appropriate foot width size. That doesn't work. The width made it difficult for me to walk. The regular size is the shoe size. If you have a wide foot, this might be the shoe for you.

👤PERFECT! They fit well and they are very COMFORTABLE. I would like to thank you for leaving my package order in a safe place. My mailbox.

👤I felt that the shoes were too large. I realized after putting them on again that they would be just right if the ankle strap was a little tighter. My husband put in a new hole in the strap. I wore these shoes for our 50th anniversary party. There are no problems.

👤The Dream Pairs had ankle wrap on them. They were loose in the front. I could fit my foot in the front. Had to return them.

👤It was easy to walk and network with low heels.

👤The shoes are beautiful. I haven't worn them yet. I tried them on and they looked great on my feet. There are beautiful dressy heels on the market that are not 3 inches tall, and I love the comfort of the low heels.

👤I wore shoes to a wedding. I was concerned about a higher foot because it is winter. I decided on the smaller one. I wore these shoes all night. I have never been able to wear a dress shoe all night. I end up taking my shoes off because my feet hurt. I received a lot of praise for these. The silver sparkle was perfect for the wedding. The parking lot where it had snowed earlier in the day was not as cold as it is now. I will order more of these.

👤The shoe material is stiff and the ankle straps are small.

👤These shoes are gorgeous. I will be getting married soon. I had tears in my eyes when I opened the box. These shoes are worth it.

👤Good quality, good fit and comfortable. I have arthritis in my feet and I could wear them all night.

👤A nice shoe. The ankle strap has little elastic that is great for comfort.

👤Justo la medida tienen.

👤The shoes sparkle! The fit was expected for size 12. The heel height is nice. I love them!

6. Annas Bridal Pointed Rhinestones Wedding

Annas Bridal Pointed Rhinestones Wedding

The Heel is about 3 inches. The Heel height is 3 inches. Pointed toe high heels are suitable for brides, bridesmaids, and mother of the brides. There is a wide width and soft padding in the high heels. It's great for weddings, prom, evening party, cocktail, club, and any other special formal occasions. The US size was 5'8"

Brand: Anna's Bridal

👤It's even better in person. They run small so be sure to order up. I usually wear a 9.5, but ordered 10 which fits.

👤I was surprised that the heels didn't hit my toes. When I wear heels over 2in., there is no numbness in my toes. tall with a pointed toe These are the best fitting heels I have found, without buying a wide width, and they are very comfortable.

👤The shoe is beautiful and sexy. I couldn't zip my shoe up because my feet are wide. I would have taken the chance if size 12 had been an option, it may work for those with narrow feet. I returned them. This is the second time I have returned from this line. Those of us who have wider feet will probably have this issue. I don't want to reflect on the product just my feet.

👤I loved them. They are comfortable. I can't wait to use them in my wedding. They fit. The mine are navy. Order them on time.

👤There were a couple of small stains on the shoes, so I gave it four stars. I don't know where they came from, and if I pay $50 for a shoe on Amazon, I expect it to be new, like it says. The stains came off easily with water. They fit as expected and looked like the pictures, so I am pretty happy with the results.

👤The shoe was comfortable. The top strap was too loose on me, but I have skinny feet. I wish they had worked because they were gorgeous.

👤Not the same shoes as depicted. There were stains on the shoes. Not sure how the fit is, mines wasn't the correct size.

👤I love these. The height and color are perfect. I got the ivory one. The bling on this is beautiful.

7. ElegantPark Pointed Wedding Bridal Evening

ElegantPark Pointed Wedding Bridal Evening

The bride has 3 inch heels for her wedding shoes. Women will not feel tired even for the entire day with the ankle strap. There are pointy wedding shoes for the bride. The prom evening shoes for women are sexy. Women and ladies can buy evening dress shoes for weddings, proms, cocktail parties, club, graduation, and any other special occasions.

Brand: Elegantpark

👤I was very nervous buying my first shoes on Amazon. These shoes were for my wedding day. I had seen similar ones at David's wedding but they were triple the price. I was already in a tight spot. I ordered my true size 7 1/2 hoping they would fit. They fit perfectly when I tried them on at home. I was very happy. I bought little shoes clips from Amazon to make them look better.

👤These make your feet stand out. The toe shortens your legs. They are comfortable in the box. They are only 3” heels, but look higher than that. I probably could get away with a 7.5, but I would imagine that would make the toe part wider looking. The 8 fits my arch perfectly and looks great on my feet. I have straps on my heels, they do lift my heel a bit when I walk. I think it looks better if you toe it. I wish they had the black in my size. I need grey as well. My son is getting married in October and I think I'm wearing grey. The girls dresses are plum and the tuxes are grey. They should have more colors or be able to modify them.

👤I accidentally ordered the wrong size and color and even though I noticed the error after I ordered not to attempt to exchange until I received the shoes, I still ordered them. I was told that it was too difficult and expensive to return the shoes. I was offered a 30% refund or 40% exchange. It was very disappointing.

👤These shoes are amazing. I bought them to wear to a wedding tonight and I have never been more satisfied with a shoe purchase. These are very comfortable and well priced. I wore them all night and stood up for a long time. The toe area was not hurt in the closed toe shoes I have used. I wiped off the top of my shoe with a wet paper towel after someone stepped on my toe at the dance floor. I need them in every color. The heels are high enough to make you feel elegant but not so high that your feet ache. I used to only wear 5 inch heels to make me feel taller, leaner, and sexier, but these shoes made me feel even better, even with a heel not as high. It was really pleased.

👤I always look for cute shoes for my job. These are a hit. They are very comfortable. I walk around for 6-7 hours a day. These are very flattering and comfortable. I have wide feet. When ordering, be aware that they have a satin sheen. They're worth the price. I will order another style from the same company and hope for the same result. Don't hesitate!

👤I'm quite pleased with my shoes. I prefer to try on first, so I don't order from Amazon often. I think they were true to size and fit in a 9. I've ranged between 8.5 and 9.5. I might not be a true 9. I was surprised by the quality. They were packaged with inserts for the back and ball of the toe. I am excited for the dress to arrive so I can put it all together. I ordered an add-on clip but it hasn't arrived yet, so I may not use it.

8. DREAM PAIRS Oppointed Lacey Fashion Pointed

DREAM PAIRS Oppointed Lacey Fashion Pointed

The sole of the thermoplastic Elastomers. The Heel height is approximately 4 inches. The platform height is 0.5".


👤They are absolutely stunning and were ordered to wear to a wedding. I love the ankle strap, it helps me slip out of them when dancing, I usually order a size up when I plan to wear shoes for long hours.

👤I like to go to the store and try on the items. Having a new born has made it difficult, so I ordered these. Wow! I'm very happy I did. I ordered a 6 in black because I'm a true size 6. They fit perfectly. The sole was my favorite part of the shoe. It has an anti slip bottom. You should give these a try. I have to say that these are the best pair of shoes I own.

👤The shoes I ordered for my wedding made me feel like a princess. They sparkle because they fit perfectly and were comfortable to walk in for several hours. During the holiday season, I might buy these in another color.

👤Returned. I got both sizes because it was between 7 am and 7.5 am. The 7 was too small. My foot was too wide for a shoe and I couldn't fit it in the toe area. The toe area and width of the shoe were perfect, but the 7.5 was too long for my foot. I was sad to return as it was a cute shoe.

👤These are true to size. They're easy to walk in because they're not very high of a heel. They are comfortable. Light pink is not the color of the nude. They're made of fake leather. They're versatile and classy. It's great with pants with the hem rolled up.

👤Good quality and well made. It was very cute and flattering. Exactly what I wanted. I wear an 8 1/2 with a slightly wider foot. I haven't worn them out yet, but they were comfortable. Dream Pairs brand shoes have been purchased before and have been good quality and fit as expected.

👤The company is reliable and the shoes look exactly like the pictures. I have no complaints about the quality of the shoes, they are excellent for the price. I ordered half of a larger size because I was not sure how it would fit. It was easy to return the shoes after I realized they were too big. The next day, I received another pair that was my true size. I have no complaints with this company. The shoe size that you get is your actual size. Your usual shoe size is true. I got glittery gold for love. Definitely getting more later. I feel like a princess.

👤The shoes are very high. I found walking in them to be quite awkward, but I think it's just practice. Allow several days to practice walking in them first if you order them for a special event.

👤I find it hard to get shoes due to my size always being sold out in shops, and I always get nervous buying online because if they don't fit you've wasted your time and if returns cannot happen you money, I was worried about these shoes as this is also my size Thankfully, it wasn't worrying for anything. Thankfully. The shoes are very comfortable. The colour is spot on and the heels are great for what I want. The shoes came with a white ribbon, but I will be buying a navy/coboman blue one instead. The delivery was fast, the description was correct, the price was good, and the fabric was excellent for the price. Overall a good experience. I hope I can buy from them again, and I hope it will be a great surprise.

9. DREAM PAIRS Sole_Stretchy Fashion Elastic

DREAM PAIRS Sole_Stretchy Fashion Elastic

Imported. It was designed in the USA. The Heel height is 0.15". Run small. Half size larger than usual. Ultra flexible rubber shoes. Ultra Soft Linings for best comfort. Premium latex foot bed for ultimate comfort.


👤These will fit large if you have a regular foot. They fit perfectly if you have wide feet. New shoes!

👤I will be walking a lot at the upcoming conference. I wore them to see if I could find any sore spots. There are two things that can be improved, for the most part, they are comfortable. They have no arch support so I would suggest getting gel insoles. The ankle is stiff and they rub a little on it. I put a little moleskin on the back. I can walk around in them all day.

👤These are cute and fit well. When I walked my foot would skip to the front of the shoe, which was a problem because they are strapped in. If it had been a smallee, my toes would have been small. The bottom of the shoes were red after one day of use, and I had to stop running. I was surprised that the bottom of the shoe deteriorated so quickly. The pink is cute and true to color, the straps are comfortable, and the insoles have a cushion.

👤I ordered a second pair. These shoes fit my wide feet well and are great. I wore them for 2 days in a row without any problems. The high back protects my heels. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤After buying a pair during prime day, I bought another pair at full price. They are comfortable and cute. I told my friends to buy these shoes.

👤It looked pretty and didn't hurt my feet. Quality was good. I am very happy that I bought them. Cute shoes.

👤The box had a strange smell but the shoes came out okay. They fit nicely and are very shiny. The elastic doesn't dig in. At first the zip is stiff but loosens up. It was comfortable and cute.

👤The shoes are cute and the picture is accurate. They fit just fine and zip up easily, but as soon as I start walking, the top part of the shoe rubs the back of my ankle. I wore them once and thought they needed to be broken in but since it rubbed the skin raw, I waited awhile to wear them again. The shoes are too uncomfortable to wear for me. If the back of the shoe didn't come up so high, they would be great for me.

👤It's perfect for narrow or medium feet. Nice look. It was too close. Next time, I would probably order a 1/2 size up. The front of the show was pressed against my toes, which made it hard for me to wear long term. The straps were loose.

👤These shoes look the same as the picture, they are comfortable and look good. There is a I would like to point out 4 points. They are not as blue as the picture shows, they are more of a dark turquoise 2. I wouldn't recommend for every day shoes. The sole of the shoe is very thin and not quite sturdy. I bought a bigger size after reading the reviews that many people said they were small, so they fit perfectly.

10. BayQ Pointed Elegant Glitter Wedding

BayQ Pointed Elegant Glitter Wedding

A chic women dress pumps shoes with asymmetrical strap at the instep detail with elastic goring for extra flexibility is aElegant Glitter Design. The slip-on design of the invisible elastic belt makes it easy to put on and take off. It's convenient for daily wear. The 3 inch low heel height is safe and has a long frame for elegance. Your sexy curve is shown with pointed toe design. The women's pumps will not feel sweaty when worn for a long time because of the memory foam insole. The dress shoes look good with a lot of clothing. You can wear them to work, wedding party, prom, dance, go shopping, date or other special occasions.

Brand: Bayq

👤I'm happy. The shoes fit perfectly. Not too big and not too small. Will be buying again.

👤Cutee shoes! I loved it! Quality is good. I bought it because it was cute. I will bring this with me to Vegas.

11. Nine West Flax Synthetic Leather

Nine West Flax Synthetic Leather

The Heel is approximately 3.5 inches. Synthetic and leather materials are available in a variety of uppers. Man-made footbal. The shoe is wrapped.

Brand: Nine West

👤I'm here to help if you're like me and wondered what the difference was between the Nine West black pumps and the other ones. I tried the Fifth 9X. The cheapie of the lot is the Flax, it's comfortable and flimsier than the other two. The inexpensive construction of the Nine West logo is demonstrated by the patch in the heel insole. The leather seems thinner than the Fifth 9X, which is good, but it will stretch and mold to your foot, and it will wear out quickly. The Jackpot has a bit thicker leather than the other ones, and you can't go wrong with it. The Fifth 9X has a nicer sole than the others, and it's leather is better than the others. You're wondering how they fit? They all fit the same.

👤I just got some fake pumps in the mail and they are not real. I have purchased these heels from Amazon before and have no issues. I don't think a fake would be made for Nine West shoes. It was always assumed that high-end designers were hit with that. These are not really Nine West shoes. The inside labeling is different than any pair of Nine West shoes I have owned. The bottom of the fake product has the size printed on the sole which is crooked, which is typical of fake products. The shoes look different than the pictures. I own a number of pairs of Flax. Really disappointing.

👤The style of the shoe was changed. I have purchased them before from this listing, but this time the box said they were the new flax. The old style did not fit the new style. The toe box isn't big enough to hold all of the toes. You can see the difference from the pictures I've posted. You can see that the tan shoe fits around the width of my foot, while the black shoe does not. I loved this shoe and they decided to change it. They should have updated the product information and pictures for their customers.

👤It's hard to find a nice, sexy, and comfy shoe. It's like hitting a trio. These shoes are amazing. The first time I put them on my feet, they felt broken in. That is a good shoe. They are sexy and have the perfect height. I'm able to go up the stairs to the courtroom. They might take some getting used to for you if you aren't used to walking in a 3+ inch heel. They are easy to walk in at 3.25 inches. Some of my dresses don't need a shiny leather and I have patent leather Madden heels that are great. These are exactly what I was looking for and they are a nice finish. The finish of the leather is really beautiful. I'm surprised at how big the toe area is. My toes don't get sore after a long day on my feet. They are a tad bit big so I deducted 1 star. I have been a size 6 for 25 years and I am somewhat of an expert on that size. The problem was fixed by buying a heel insert. I highly recommend these heels.


What is the best product for wedding shoes for bride closed toe?

Wedding shoes for bride closed toe products from . In this article about wedding shoes for bride closed toe you can see why people choose the product. Elegantpark and Wetkiss are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding shoes for bride closed toe.

What are the best brands for wedding shoes for bride closed toe?

, Elegantpark and Wetkiss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding shoes for bride closed toe. Find the detail in this article. Anna's Bridal, Elegantpark and Bayq are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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