Best Wedding Ring Sets for Her Rose Gold

Her 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Amazon Collection Sterling Infinite Elements

Amazon Collection Sterling Infinite Elements

A yellow gold plated sterling silver band. It is an affordable alternative and very popular with a wide range of jewelries because of its brilliance and clarity.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤I realized I don't need to own the 9000$ diamond cluster ring to be happy. I am in love with this. The video and picture speak for themselves. I think buying this is a good idea.

👤This is a ring that I like very much. It appears to be a pile of diamonds on my finger. My fingers are puffy so the size is true. The gold is 14kt. The stones sparkle like diamonds. It's hard to see the individual gems if there is more than a little light. I took a picture of the side view. I would expect a setting from a jeweler. Pictures don't do justice to this ring. It is amazing in person. I think this ring is worth more than I paid.

👤This ring is special. It is light-weight and comfortable to wear, but does not catch on. The ring is discreet to wear with anything. I am using it in place of my vintage wedding ring. This is Va-va-Voom. It looks nice, not like others I have seen. It's just beautiful. It's a tad large for the size, but it sits perfectly without moving around much because of the low-profile. I love this ring. You can't see the gold just the sparkles because it matches any metal.

👤I was pleasantly surprised. It was purchased to wear when traveling. Really like it. I would recommend it because it is a nice piece of jewelry.

👤I am very pleased with this ring so far. It is gorgeous. It is pretty and shiny. I just got it and it is stunning, but I can't speak for longevity or quality yet. I was a little worried that it would be gaudy or too flashy, but it seems like a really versatile ring. You could wear it casually or dress up a bit. The cluster setting prevents it from sliding around on your finger or flipping upside down.

👤This ring is beautiful. I get praise for it. This is what I will say. The gold is fading on the palm side of the ring. This is after about a month of wearing it. I wanted to see how it would hold up. I wear it to work. I work in an office with a lot of paperwork. I wear it to the gym. I think that it has been knocked around a lot. No missing stones, still looks nice and shiny. I only gave 4 stars because they didn't have any smaller than a 6.

👤My mother has dementia and I bought this for her. Buying the real thing would be impractical for her. I thought the quality of costume jewelry would be lower. She only had it for two weeks, but it already paid for itself.

👤I ordered this ring to wear while I waited for the repair of my wedding set, because it had lost a stone. I like it. I wear it on my right hand. It is good quality and has a shine. I haven't turned my finger colors.

2. Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Band

Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Band

A sterling silver band has milgrain edging and diamond accents. The item is made of.925 sterling silver. All of their suppliers confirm that they comply with the process to ensure that their diamonds are conflict free.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤I have been wearing this ring for about a year. I wanted a ring that I wouldn't worry about losing, bending, chipping, and getting extremely dirty. This ring was perfect for the bill. I work with heavy tools and this ring only had a few scratches. The stones have not fallen out or been damaged. I don't take it off when showering. I haven't cleaned it with anything other than dish water and soap.

👤I found a ring that said "I'm not technically married, but have been with my man for over a decade" I love this ring. I'm very happy with my purchase. I got this on a deal and it was a steal. This ring has a vintage look. It was very elegant and noticeable without being overstated. The ring is in a lovely box.

👤The ring is lovely. There's plenty of sparkle and shine even though the stock photo is not as bright. The ring had a vintage appeal. It is true. It is easy to polish with a cloth. It's important to evaluate this ring based on the quality of the diamonds. The ratings of clarity and color are listed. It appears to be higher quality and unique. The back band is very comfortable. I love it!

👤This ring is gorgeous. It's large in weight, width, and height and doesn't feel like it would bend. The diamonds are small, but they sparkle. I kept looking at the diamonds in the car because they are so small. I returned the ring I bought from the big franchise jewelers for almost $200 because it looked like they gave me bottom of the barrel diamonds, and some places looked like stones set in prongs but were not. This ring is not like that. This one looks better. The milgrain around the edges of the diamonds gives them a fancy, rich look and feel. This is a good price for what you get. I don't have the money to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry, but this ring looks like I did. If you want something bigger with more bling for the same price, you'll have to get CZ, but it won't look as realistic. This one is very delicate and looks like an heirloom. Treat yourself and get this ring. You will want to keep it if you don't like it. It's too pretty to return.

👤This is a great ring. Diamond chips are tiny and only for $40. The ring has some sparkle and they catch the light. The design is great and has a vintage feel to it. It can be worn alone or with other rings. It has a lot of weight and is solid. I like my ring for this price.

👤The sterling band looks like the photo. I bought it on Prime Day for $33. Great deal. It arrived quickly. The gift box is nice. I plan to wear it with my vintage wedding ring. This ring is charming and can be stacked with other sterling or white gold rings for a great combination as a set.

3. Platinum Plated Sterling Round Cut Swarovski Zirconia

Platinum Plated Sterling Round Cut Swarovski Zirconia

The halo set has a round brilliant cut Zirconia center piece. The ring is made from sterling silver and plated in Platinum. Everyone has a jewelry box. It is an affordable alternative and very popular with a wide range of jewelries because of its brilliance and clarity.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤The ring looks like my engagement ring. I got it for when I travel and don't want to bring my real ring. This looks real. I attached a photo of my real diamond wedding ring to the photo of the Amazon one. The amazing ring is $30 more expensive than my diamond ring.

👤I'm 7 months pregnant and my wedding ring doesn't fit because I'm pregnant. I don't want to have it large since it's a temporary issue. I looked for a cheapo stand-in on Amazon. This thing has good reviews. It's pretty and shiny but not gaudy. I can tell it's not real. I don't think others are looking at it as closely as they should.

👤I ordered this ring to be a substitute for my real ring. It's very close to my real ring. The soarkle of this thing is amazing to me. I was expecting a fake that looked bad but this is still stunning. The sides are just like a fine ring. I wore it next to my white gold and diamond wedding ring in my video, and they look like part of the same set.

👤The ring is more beautiful in person than pictured. I have been wearing it for seven months and it has held up well. The center stone is bright and colorful in the sun. I get a lot of compliment because people think the ring has real diamonds. I am a size 8.5 and the 9 is a bit large, but not so much that it falls off of my finger, which is the only issue with this ring. The ring has become dull in the finish and the stones have less luster than before. I don't know what to do with it since it needs to be cleaned. I don't know if Mr. Clean will affect the synthetic stones or plated finish. I'm ordering the bridal set of this ring. Highly recommended!

👤My husband is going to upgrade my ring. I only had a 2mm wedding band, and I didn't have a ring during the process. I decided to get a cheap stand-in ring because I didn't want to be looked at by men on my business trip. I found a gem that looked similar to my upgraded ring, which has a halo round center with accent stones. Nobody could tell the difference between my actual wedding ring and my CZ ring, even though you can see a difference. It shines like the real thing. During the trip, my boss made a comment on the ring and told me how shiny and sparkling it was, and I told her it was only a stand-in, until my upgrade ring is done. She couldn't believe it. I am very happy to have found this ring. I plan to wear this on our cruise vacation.

👤I want to reset my diamond because it's so believable. Will update in a couple months to see how it's holding up.

👤I got my ring yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package. There was a case over the ring box. I opened it and saw the ring that I wanted. The ring was presented well. I ordered a size 5 which fits me perfectly but it was a little loose. I am okay with that. I closed everything back up because I can't wear it right now. I will review it again in a few weeks to let everyone know how it holds up. Thank you.

4. PAVOI Plated Sterling Zirconia Eternity

PAVOI Plated Sterling Zirconia Eternity

Their eternity band has a minimalist design with front-facing gem stones. A simple and dainty design is available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. A 14K Gold Plated long lasting finish that is nickel free, lead free, and hypoallergenic is a Premium quality. The special woman in your life is made with love. The product is ready for gift giving. Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day or wedding celebrations are great occasions for their jewelry. They offer a 90 day money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. All of their metals are free of lead, nickel, and allergens. Excellent customer service. 100% of the time, PAVOI guarantees your satisfaction. They are an American-owned and operated company. At a very affordable price, they offer high-quality jewelry. You can find more of their designs on Amazon.

Brand: Pavoi

👤Over 10 reviews said the same thing. It was the same as mine. The end stone fell out when this was first worn. The other side fell out a week later. I would like to read the reviews before buying. I would have put nailpolish on those end stones if I had purchased it. It is pretty and simple. If you are a 10 or a 9.5, it will be slightly larger. Leaving it at the setting you like is what I suggest. If you keep changing fingers too often, it will eventually break apart and you will have to protect those stones.

👤This ring is unique. It's so cute and I love how it can be worn with any outfit. I have small fingers and this fit me perfectly. The quality is amazing and it's only $13. It's worth it for yourself and a friend.

👤I gave it to my granddaughter in the Easter basket, but the setting fell out. I think that's for itself. It was supposed to be replaced but I never received it. Lesson learned.

👤Very pretty! I bought a few of these rings to wear on vacation. No one in the industry is aware that I wear them a lot more than that.

👤I was very happy to see my box in the mail. I have ordered from this company before, but this was my first ring. I am very happy with how it looks and fits. I picked rose gold because I also got a few of their other pieces in this color, but the white and yellow gold looked just as good, I might get that one next. It's a good thing. I was so impressed with the ring that I was able to order different sizes. It is a fun ring that can be worn on any of the fingers and is perfect for stacking rings. I was able to wear the package with my other items because it came quickly. Thank you PAVOI.

👤I love this ring and wear it on my finger. I ordered it from a well known store and loved it, but it was rough and open at the ends, so I didn't use it. I saw this one and ordered other things from this company on Amazon and it is exactly the same ring, just not real diamonds and is smooth on the open ends so doesn't bother me. The price is great, it looks great, and I wanted it. I highly recommend this company.

👤Don't waste your money. It was beautiful except for the missing stones. I love this brand and their jewelry. This was a miss and a swing.

👤I bought 4 different Pavoi rings. I wore them the same amount of times. This is the only one that has lost it's gold plating in a month. It's now a silver ring, which isn't what I wanted. The other 3 are still holding their gold coating despite being disappointed in this ring.

👤I only wore it twice and one of the stones fell out. I have been wearing a different style of ring every day. The stones are still in place.

5. EAMTI Sterling Zirconia Stackable Engagement

EAMTI Sterling Zirconia Stackable Engagement

The eternity band is slim and thin and can be worn alone or with other rings. There are silver, rose gold, and yellow gold. A fake diamond is inlaid in a sparkling white AAAA round-cut fake diamond. Come with a high end jewelry box, best gifts as wedding band, eternity ring for women ladies, etc. There is an important note. It's easy to take off the sterling silver ring when bathing or washing. If a stone falls down within 30 days, please contact them for a free resend.


👤So cute. I still have all my stones and no issues. I don't see how you can spend thousands on a ring.

👤I can't believe how much I love this ring. I wanted a band to go with my wedding ring, and to wear alone when I didn't want to wear a diamond. I pulled them apart so you can see the size but you can't tell the difference between them and the real diamonds. I am happy with this purchase.

👤I'm very happy with my rings. They compliment them perfectly, I ordered them to go with my engagement ring. The seller has good customer service. Would buy again.

👤I lost my wedding ring and needed a good replacement. I've been looking for a simple but elegant ring for more than a month. I'm happy I found this one. I lost a ring that cost my husband more than $1k. The shipping is on time. I am happy with the purchase so far. I'm hoping the stones will hold up for a long time until I find my rings.

👤The ring is perfect. I wanted a cheap band until my fiancĂ©e and I could afford to buy my dream band, so we decided to find a band for less than $60 so we could spend our money on the wedding. This ring is not bad for $13 or so. No one believed me when I said it was cheap. It is easy to replace it every few months, although I don't think I will need to. 10/10 would recommend this dainty and pretty girl.

👤I love these rings. I bought a couple. I could put one on either side of the diamond. They are fine with my diamond, and you can't see any difference in the jewelry on my ring. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤It's very small, which is what I wanted. The "diamonds" have not fallen out yet. I've only worn it a few times. The ring is more comfortable because they don't go all the way around. I have that with all of my rings. The size 4.5 seems to be true to size, and it looks nice next to my wedding band.

👤A pretty ring. I got a stand in for my real ring when I travel and I bought 2 to stack with a CZ solitaire. The ring is half eternity. It does slide throughout the day, but it is not a problem for me. That is a small issue I can deal with. The ring is very well made and believable. I compared them closely and there were no obvious flaws in either of them. I only wore them for one day but they are so good. I would recommend this product if anything changes.

6. Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Swarovski Zirconia

Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Swarovski Zirconia

Two-piece wedding set featuring engagement ring with round brilliant cut Infinite Elements Cubic Zirconia centerpiece and half-length inset Zirconia and full eternity wedding band with pave-set Zirconia rounds The jewelry design was manufactured to the highest quality standards. Efforts are being made to use sustainable resources. It is an affordable alternative and very popular with a wide range of jewelries because of its brilliance and clarity. The silver pieces are built to last. This piece can wear off with long-term or heavy use, but it has metal or flashing for a more lustrous appearance. Store your jewelry in a dark, cool, dry place, such as a pouch or air tight box, so that you don't rub plated items together. Exposure to cleaning products and perfume can affect your items. If you would like your jewelry to be re plated, your local jeweler can help.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤Today, I received this ring. It is very comfortable to wear. My wedding rings don't fit after my second baby and I wanted something fun to wear. The center stone is larger than I would like. It's a really nice CZ. This should work. Hope it holds up!

👤The sparkle is beautiful. The half-carat was the perfect size for me because I don't like large stones and they look fake when they are too big. The fit is good and while I'm sure someone who is really looking can tell they aren't real, very few people look that closely and the sets my sisters-in-law have that cost thousands are better. I don't support the diamond trade and I don't think it's worth it to spend that much on jewelry when I can get quality fakes at a reasonable price. I had an Amazon Collection eternity ring that I can no longer wear due to arthritis swelling and after two years of near-constant wear in fresh, salt, and bath water, the finish held up and the stones stayed secure - I expect this set to hold up just as well. If you are getting married on a tight budget or don't see the need to spend thousands on a "real" set of rings, I strongly recommend this set, or any of the other beautiful Amazon Collection rings. I get at least one compliment on these every day and I am sure you will too.

👤My wife and I got married over 50 years ago. She was 16 years old. I was 21. We talked a lot about marriage and I saw a lawyer to make sure I wouldn't be in jail for running off with her. I tried to propose on the way to the airport, but didn't do it the way I should have. After we talked about this, I ordered the rings, got on my knee and asked my wife to marry me with the covenant to reach for the ultimate marriage that we believe God wants for us. I am happy to see them on her hand when we go out together.

👤The ring is pretty, but the wedding band is gorgeous. I am returning it because the setting on the engagement ring is very cheap. It is not symmetrical. I was very disappointed that this is the third or fourth ring that I have ordered from Amazon, trying to find one that is natural looking so that I can wear it every day. The setting ruined this one because it was ruined by a beautiful stone and band. The centerstone is larger than I thought. It is likely closer to 1 1/2 or 2 carats, even though it states that it is 1 carats.

👤The ring is realistic and holds up well. I have been on vacations, beaches, swimming pools, showered, washed dishes, and wear it every day. I have had the ring set for over a year and it is wonderful. The yellow and white gold tones are gorgeous. The pictures are from a year ago. The yellow gold has fallen off a bit. The white gold set is as good as new. For the money, I really can't complain about the yellow wearing off a bit. I didn't try to preserve it.

7. Attract Ring White Rhodium Plated

Attract Ring White Rhodium Plated

This ring set combines the precision and quality of sparkling Swarovski crystals with a timeless rhodium plated design for a ring that's sure to dazzle. A dainty and elegant piece, the Attract ring set features a pear cut crystal on a rhodium-plated setting with an additional accent band embellished with clear stones. When simple care practices are observed, Swarovski jewelry will maintain its brilliance over time. The classic design is suitable for wearing with everyday outfits or as a formal accessory, and the thin bands are suitable to be worn alone or stacked with other rings. There is a 1 x Swarovski Attract ring set for women that is available in multiple sizes and is adorned with sparkling clear stones.


👤This was my engagement ring. I wanted something that was pretty and affordable. I thought that the Rhodium finish would not tarnish and that it wouldn't turn my finger green. There is a It was great for the first three weeks, but then I noticed some "pitting" on the bottom of the band. I don't sleep or shower with the ring on because I take it off to wash my hands. The photo was taken less than 2.5 months after I bought it. The band is starting to erode. The finish is gone, the pitting is worse, and pieces of the plating come off in chunks. It has turned my finger green for the past month. I'm disappointed that Amazon won't make it right because it's outside the return window. This isn't the ring for you if you're looking for something that will last. The band on the stone will break.

👤The ring does not last. The ring is turning my finger green after 2 months of wear. I expected more.

👤I lost a lot of weight and now have a ring that is 4.75 in size. It's been nearly impossible for us to find a pretty ring that didn't cost thousands of dollars, because we've been searching for a new engagement ring. I wanted something that looked nice and would fit. When I saw the EU size. I was excited to try it out and I figured I had nothing to lose since the shipping and returns were free. The EU size 50 fit perfectly. The ring and stone sizes were both perfect. Not so small as to look cheap but not so large as to look fake. I was glad that it came from a name I could trust, because I was cheated by a less-than-reputable seller a few months ago. I'm happy that I got what I wanted.

👤The ring is good for a couple of months and the crystal is cloudy. Spend your money on a quality item.

👤This is in line with what I expect. I bought this to wear in place of my wedding set because I am currently pregnant and it has gotten a little tight. The design is unique.

👤The ring set is very pretty. The crystal is pretty and shiny. This is a ring that will sparkle if you like it.

👤I love the sparkle of Swarovski, and this ring does not disappoint in that area. I am returning because I don't like a round cut.

👤I wanted a replacement set for my engagement and wedding rings, so I bought about 15 different sets of rings. Finding rings that fit is a nightmare for me because of my thin fingers. If the ring fits my finger, the stone inevitably means the ring spins around and drives me crazy. Even if it is not the biggest stone, it would look out of proportion on my fingers. This set was the last one I tried on and it fit perfectly when I put it on my finger. It is pretty and shiny and doesn't feel cheap like some of the others. I was worried that it would lose the crystals with constant hand washing, but it has had a few knocks now and still looks good. I really like it.

8. Tesori Co Yellow Comfort Wedding

Tesori Co Yellow Comfort Wedding

The rings are made with solid 10K gold and have a 10K stamp. The rings have a high quality finish. The rings are designed to ensure long- lasting wear. The ring box is perfect for a gift. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied!

Brand: Tesori & Co

👤The pictures do not look like mine. The mine is stamped with the word 10K. I thought it was made by Tesori. I bought two of them and they were a waste of money. It feels like gum ball machine jewelry.

👤This ring is amazing! I don't like jewelry. I don't wear my wedding ring all the time because it's too big and uncomfortable to wear all the time, so I only wear it when I leave the house. This fit the bill for what I wanted. I've been wearing it all day. I've forgotten about it. I don't feel it. It's perfect and dainty.

👤I love this ring. It is what I wanted, Dainty, smooth, light weight, and rose gold. I ordered a size six and it fit perfectly. There is a small baggie inside of a velvet ring box. My collector kitty swiped my original wedding ring, so I bought this to replace it. He knows where he put it. The house was seared high and low by my wife. We went with a minimal approach. The ring is perfect. I don't have to take it off every time I use my hands. It is a great price point. Would recommend!

👤We ordered a white gold band so that she wouldn't lose her ring at work. We received a rose gold band. There are scratches and scuffs on the ring, but this already was enough for an exchange. I don't know if this was a refurbished item, or if it was simply not polished from being manufactured, but my wife was not happy about it. For this reason, we decided to return. The order was messed up and the quality was low. I understand that this was for a "beater" ring, but one expects a bit higher quality than this when buying jewelry.

👤I am so happy by this item. A perfect ring is a great value. For the same quality, comparable rings can be found at jewelry sites and stores. I bought this as a wedding band to go with the engagement ring that is 2mm. I wanted a simple band to go with it. Thank you!

👤I bought two yellow and two rose gold rings. I absolutely adore them! They fit the bill. I bought a size 5. They are comfortable. I bought rose gold to help my ring hold up. My ring slips around my finger. I had trouble finding a ring enhancer that was wide enough for my ring. By putting one of these rings on either side of my ring, they add width and keep it from twirling around my finger. They are solid rose gold. They're perfect for stacking. I use the yellow gold ring to balance out my wedding ring. It works well. The rose gold bands don't look bad on either side. I was very pleased with my rings.

👤I don't care what my wedding ring looks like when I have a beautiful engagement ring. When buying a product of this price, it is important to consider its thinness. I dropped it down the sink and my husband had to fish it out. I can't wear it because it's a weird shape and I have to put it in the drawer. He thinks it is a good thing that it has been so much because it will not be able to get it out. I don't see why I should get it out if I can't wear it. It's funny. It should be fine if you don't do anything like that.

9. ANAZOZ Promise Stainless Wedding Engagement

ANAZOZ Promise Stainless Wedding Engagement

The price is for one ring only, the men's rings and the women's rings are listed separately with each available ring sizes in the style options, please buy two rings for one pair. Thank you. I love you. "I love you" is the most romantic word I could say. It is your unique ring in the world, even if it is a famous brand. The most romantic shape in the world is the puzzle heart shaped design, which is perfect for giving your heart to her or his. There must be something that shows your love. To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, and for honor, until death do them part, according to God's holy decree. service Pack a beautiful jewelry bag and send a nice greeting card. They will reply to your email within 24 hours. 3. 100% secure shopping. 30 days money back guarentee.

Brand: Anazoz

👤Came on time. Great for the price. Hopefully it doesn't turn my finger green... will update in a month to see how it's holding up I ordered a 6.5. That is what I usually wear and it fits perfectly. It was a perfect gift for my boyfriend and I, it turned green 11 months later.

👤Exceeded our expectations. The quality was excellent, but we didn't think it would be that good.

👤I am very happy with my purchase, the rings are very nice and not cheap. I've seen other reviews about only getting one ring, and it only happens because people don't pay attention. You need to order one for him and one for her. Simple as that. The seller was very nice.

👤These are lovely. I ordered these yesterday and they are already snug on my and my husband's fingers. They are gorgeous! I have a ring sizer I bought from Amazon that matches the ring sizes this company uses, and it fit perfectly. He is a 12.5, despite the size difference. The hearts still match perfectly, I am a 5.5. They came in a beautiful box and were perfect for gift giving. I love these rings. I usually do a pros and cons list for reviews, but I don't have any. My husband is smiling because I gave him a surprise because they are engraved, decorated, and colored exactly like the picture. For the price, these are perfect gifts for your spouse, partner, or any other person you care to name. Oh! If you or your spouse need to take their ring off frequently, these come with lovely necklace chains. He has to take his off when he plays sports. I have to take mine off when I do dishes, bathe the baby, or put on makeup, and I misplace them. It is great to have a dedicated chain for my ring. If my neck or finger turns green, I will update on the type of metal used on the chain. If I use a cheap metal, I will break out before the end of the hour because I have an allergy to non-precious metal. These look like they are made of steel. The heart and key necklace suggested in the sponsored results were bought by me. If you want to get your love a necklace to match their new favorite ring, they match them very well.

👤The sizes of the rings are not right for me. When I measured with your chart, I was told my size would be 11.5 and my partner's would be 8.5, but when I wore the ring, it was a different story. The ring is so good that I am really disappointed in the size. I really liked it but it's too big for me and I can't even use it.

👤A wedding ring is missing. Needed something on my finger after 18 years of marriage. This is perfect. If you wear it everyday, it looks great after a year. I haven't bothered to replace with an expensive ring.

10. Couple Bridal Yellow Stainless Wedding

Couple Bridal Yellow Stainless Wedding

White Cz Yellow IP 2PC Ring sets for women and yellow IP Aolid matching wedding bands for men. The rings are perfect for couples. Aaa+ clear sparkling stones were used. Every zircon is inlaid and won't fall off. Women's ring sizes are 6 and 7 and men's ring sizes are 8 and 10. There is a free cute little jewelry bag. This is the perfect ring gift to symbolize your love on the special days of anniversary, families, friend's, birthday, wife, girlfriend, valentine's day, thanksgiving day and Christmas Day. A nice gift box will hold the Rings. Ready to give something to your partner. It's up to you to find the right time and place to show it to your bride.

Brand: Wedding Ring Set

👤Excellent quality! 19 years ago, my husband and I paid 8k for our original rings. 5 years ago, we had them stolen from a water park locker. We wanted something nice to represent our love, but we didn't want to spend so much money on jewelry again. The rings are the best. The woman has a ring. After a few washes it will look great. The men's ring is real. Excellent detail. If it fades or gets lost, I would buy again.

👤The womens rings are too thick and bulky. The mens and womens rings are very striking to look at. Every time I wear mine, I get a lot of praise. My husband is fond of him. The quality and beauty of these rings made me very happy. It is worth the price.

👤It's not worth it. The men had a ring. The women? I turned my finger green over a month ago. I had to take it off if I started hurting my finger. I will see if I can get a refund.

👤Two of the stones have fallen out of the set. It is a beautiful set.

👤When purchasing a 9 with this specific ring, my ring size is a 9. It is a bit small. Will recommend going a bigger size for the rings.

👤It's very beautiful and it fits perfectly. The color of gold is not real gold.

11. Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Swarovski Zirconia

Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Swarovski Zirconia

A flower halo ring with a centerpiece and halo of Infinite Elements. There are two Infinite Elements adorned bands on each ring. The jewelry design was manufactured to the highest quality standards. Efforts are being made to use sustainable resources. It is an affordable alternative and very popular with a wide range of jewelries because of its brilliance and clarity.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤This is gorgeous! It looks like my engagement ring. He was impressed with how real it looked. It's pretty awesome for $40, even though it's less fire than a real diamond. It looks better than mine. There is a real diamond on top.

👤This was a great purchase. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a ring that may or may not be damaged at work. I've worn it nonstop since I got it, and it still looks great. The picture was taken today. Everyone thinks that this ring is real. Update: still very satisfied! I get a lot of praise for how beautiful this ring is. I have only had one person ask how my husband could afford a nice ring on a county employee's salary. Everyone else thinks it's real, because a ring is a ring no matter the price. It has held up well. I've worked as a nurse with this ring for over a year now, and I've cleaned guns and deer, forgotten to take it off, and so much more. The still looks amazing. We have considered getting a ring for me, but I don't want to spend money on something that is so nice. I will continue to recommend this ring to anyone who is looking for something affordable. There are two photos in front of the steering wheel, one in June 2016 and one in April 2017:

👤A week before my wedding, I lost my engagement ring. I panicked and ordered this from Amazon so I could get a new ring after my honeymoon. Everyone thought my wedding set was real when I got so many nice comments about it. I decided to keep it because my friend who is a jeweler didn't notice. I wore it for over a year and a half and never took it off. The ring held up despite the fact that I washed my hands a million times a day at work and worked out at the beach, pool and gym. The stones never fell out and I never saw my finger turn green. I learned a few minutes after soaking it in dish soap and water that it looked amazing and it sparkled like crazy. The band lost a lot of its original shine after a year and a half of being scratched up. I ordered another one because I love it so much. I am very impressed with how well the ring held up despite the wear I put on my hands daily. I received my new ring today and had to leave a review. The photos don't do it justice. It's a million times better in real life. I like that the stones are bigger because I have fat fingers and they look nice on my hand. The quality of the band was one of the things I loved about it. It didn't feel like the other rings I have tried. It was not cheap or flimsy. The band on the second ring is not as strong as my original. It's still thicker than the other bands. The ring is very impressive and still gorgeous. If Amazon stops selling them, I will probably order 2 more. I would go for it if you were considering it. The ring looks like a halo. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this one, but once I saw it on my finger, I loved it. Amazon should never stop making this ring.


What is the best product for wedding ring sets for her rose gold?

Wedding ring sets for her rose gold products from Amazon Collection. In this article about wedding ring sets for her rose gold you can see why people choose the product. Pavoi and are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding ring sets for her rose gold.

What are the best brands for wedding ring sets for her rose gold?

Amazon Collection, Pavoi and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding ring sets for her rose gold. Find the detail in this article. Tesori & Co, Anazoz and Wedding Ring Set are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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