Best Wedding Ring Sets for Her Princess Cut

Her 1 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Platinum Sterling All Around Swarovski Zirconia

Platinum Sterling All Around Swarovski Zirconia

The most brilliant simulated diamonds in the world are included in the all-around eternity band ring. A comfortable fit and high quality product are ensured by the product. The jewelry design was manufactured to the highest quality standards. Efforts are being made to use sustainable resources. It is an affordable alternative and very popular with a wide range of jewelries because of its brilliance and clarity.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤These rings are amazing. Nine months ago, I bought my first two rings and wear them almost everyday. The metal is not cheap, the stones have not fallen out, and the crystals look good even after a few cleanings. I used to work with jewelry and wanted it to look legit. Since I work out often, I take off my jewelry and lose too many expensive pieces to keep wearing the real thing. I was looking for rings that I could wear all the time. The perfect solution was these rings. The metal has lost some of its strength. It makes the ring look real. I bought three more rings in different sizes because I like them so much. For the price, you can't go wrong with this product.

👤It arrived a day early. It makes me happy when that happens. It is gorgeous! I wish I knew more about the fakes before I got engaged. Ha! I bought a five and it fits perfectly. It still doesn't do the beauty of it justice, despite the fact that I added many photos in different lighting. Every few weeks, I'll update this review about how it holds up. We do a lot of outdoor activities with our two toddlers. I hope this beauty will survive it all.

👤I loved this ring. It shimmers. The pictures don't do it justice. I had to return it because I didn't like the way the diamonds separated my fingers, it felt weird. If you don't mind, then go for it. The size was what was expected. I will be buying from this vendor again.

👤I've been wearing the ring for almost a year. It's still beautiful, all the stones are in place, and it's part of my everyday wardrobe. This is a great deal for a beautiful piece. Highly recommended! I love this ring. I was not sure if it would meet my expectations after I bought it. I've worn it for over a month now. It's simple, classic and shiny. I wear it on its own, but would look nice stacked with other rings. I'm not worried about stones falling out because it looks and feels very well made. If I'm doing a lot of cleaning, I take it off, but wear it while I wash my hands and it still looks great. If you need to add a little sparkle to your jewelry collection, it's highly recommended.

👤The yellow gold is 1ctw. My 18k yellow gold 1.7 Radiant diamond engagement ring and 14k solid yellow gold wedding band are perfect together. I didn't want a diamond band to stack with so when I saw this it was perfect. I am considering trying to small 1/2 ctw in this, because I think it won't out shine my engagement ring compared to the 1ctw. This one is a bit wide. I am pretty satisfied so far. U can tell it. Excellent quality!

👤It looks like my real diamond/Platinum infinity band and engagement ring is real. It is true to size. It was a bit big for me, but as a temporary fix it will do. I bought it to wear while my second band was out for repair. The black arrow is pointing to the band in the photo.

2. Wuziwen Engagement Sterling Zirconia Diamond

Wuziwen Engagement Sterling Zirconia Diamond

Women have the highest grade of AAAAA cubic zirconia wedding sets. Like natural diamond rings. There are genuine sterling silver rings for women. It is nickel free. It is hypoallergenic. The main stone is 7x7mm. A princess shape. The total number of stones is 67. The bridal set includes an engagement ring and a wedding band ring. There is a free gift box. The seller and customer satisfaction are 100%.

Brand: Wuziwen

👤This ring is pretty. My husband said it looked real. It is very shiny. I only wore it for a week. There were no problems at all. Would buy again. There is an update. I haven't taken the ring off since I wore it for 2 months. It's like the day I received it, it's still doing dishes, showers, and everything else. I have owned this ring for six months and I still love it. I don't take it off. I wash my hands after showering. It still looks great. I am very ruff and it has held up great.

👤I bought this ring set for the wedding band in order to keep my original engagement ring. I fell in love with the engagement ring from the set because the band on with my original engagement ring just didn't work together. I'm wearing this entire set now. It's absolutely beautiful.

👤I ordered it for a temporary replacement set and it was the same size as the one I ordered. I will keep the fit that I ordered and order another in a size 6. If you buy a second, they will give you next day shipping. I have worn it for a week and no one has said that it looks fake or that it is not high quality.

👤I found this set on Amazon to wear instead of my wedding rings, because I didn't want to wear my wedding rings on a trip to Mexico. I like it more than my wedding set. I haven't taken these rings off since I returned from the trip, I may never do that again. The set looks authentic. I am a size 5.25 most of the time, but the size 5 of this set is a little big on me, and it spins around on my finger quite a bit. I am going to put hot glue inside the bands to stop the spinning. This isn't enough of a gripe to not give these rings a 5 star review. I would say size down if you are between sizes. I wear my rings in the shower, pool, and on my finger all the time.

👤After losing 35 pounds, my wedding ring just slides off my finger. I am not comfortable wearing it as I am afraid it will fall off and get lost. I decided to try something like this until I get my ring resized. The design of this ring is similar to my real one so I thought it would be perfect. I like this ring, but it is huge. The center stone is so large that it looks fake. I will keep it since it is temporary, but it may be too big for me.

👤It is beautiful. It's perfect. Looks real. Until my wedding ring is fixed, it's a great temporary thing.

👤It works as expected and is shiny. I haven't turned my finger green, but it is truly inspiring.

👤The center stone looks ridiculous. I have thin fingers even though I am pregnant. This was overwhelming my finger. The design is pretty. I didn't like how the rings fit together. I bought this because my rings don't fit right now, I'm pregnant. I came back immediately.

3. Brilliant Expressions Conflict Diamond Accented Anniversary

Brilliant Expressions Conflict Diamond Accented Anniversary

Say yes to the perfect ring with their bridal collection for Amazon. The elegant and eye-catching ring is a brilliant choice for your big day. It has beautiful diamonds. Natural mined diamonds are luxurious. This piece is affordable and allows you to be brilliantly you. This piece of stunning jewelry has been handcrafted just for you. It is made from genuine solid 10 karat gold and has a 10K quality hallmark. You'll love to wear their Brilliant Expressions pieces together or separately, with long-term beauty and quality that will bring you years of delight. This gorgeous ring will be the pride of your bride. The ring is set in 10 Karat rose gold and is perfect for an anniversary or engagement. It comes to you wrapped in their signature jewelry gift box, ready to present to your beloved for the perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, proposal or other special occasion. In style, celebrate your ceremony or anniversary. This beautiful item is skillfully crafted by artisans who have been creating their exquisite fine jewelry for decades. Social and environmental stewardship is important to them. All of their diamonds are conflict-free and compliant with the Kimberley Process, and they take care to use sustainable materials and methods in manufacturing their pieces. It's guaranteed! They are committed to their customers happiness. They want you to be very happy with every product. They want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. You can return or exchange any order within 30 days.

Brand: Brilliant Expressions

👤I love this ring. It's great for both, I bought it to stand alone or go with my ring set for extra bling. I have had it for about 3-4 months now, and I work in healthcare with chemicals and constant hand washing, which can be hard on rings. It's held up well. I would definitely recommend it. I get a lot of praise for it.

👤I wore my ring for a week before writing this review. It makes me smile when I look at it. I wanted something with a little sparkle for my wedding anniversary and decided this would go nicely with my engagement ring. It does that and more. I have done dishes and showered with it, and it is still shiny. The price was great. I'm very happy.

👤I have never taken this ring off since I bought it more than a year ago. It gets washed at least 10 times a day because of my job. All of the diamonds are still in place. An excellent piece of jewelry.

👤A nice band. It was a little smaller but still very beautiful. It has a nice sparkle to it. I like the look of it.

👤The ring is very small. It is thinner than the photos show and the black diamonds are just diamond dust, but it still looks nice and we wanted a very thing ring, so no problems here, especially considering the price. Thanks to the seller for putting up with us. We had to return the wrong size TWICE and the seller immediately refunded our money. We got the ring we wanted and it was not the seller's fault that it took us three tries. This seller is recommended. It's a matter of taste for the ring design. We like it.

👤This item looks great with my ring.

👤The ring was light and did not feel strong on the finger. It may be great for someone who loves the style, is in that price range, and doesn't mind it being light, if you get a gold ring with diamonds for the price. I returned it because I was going to use it as a "back up" wedding ring to wear to work or because I didn't want my original one to get damaged.

👤My wedding ring was too tight after I broke my wrist. I wanted something inexpensive to wear with my engagement ring. This did both. I have had it for a week but haven't taken it off. So far, so good. I am very happy with the purchase.

4. Silver Princess Cut White Zirconia Wedding

Silver Princess Cut White Zirconia Wedding

The main stone is a Princess Faceted Cut Cubic Zirconia that is 8mm x 8mm. The stone is 1.50 cttw. 14k gold-plated sterling silver has 4.60 grams of silver. The ring is 21mm wide x 8mm long x 7.5mm high and the shirng is 3.0mm wide. A gift box and pouch.

Brand: Palm Beach Jewelry

👤I don't like the word "HATE" but the seller needs 1 star. The gold and settings on the Ring are terrible. One stone fell out and was in the bag when I received it, but never received. I have never heard from the seller. It was really poor quality even though it didn't get a refund.

👤Rip off! It looked nothing like the photos by Amazon. It looks gross and cheap. Look at photos. The rings should be nice looking and disgusting if you spend this amount of money.

👤The ring was beautiful but faded quickly. The ring is faded and doesn't match the gold band anymore. I only had it for 3 months. Highly disappointed.

👤The two stones flanking the main stone are more prominent in the photo than in the ring I received. It is a nice set.

👤It is obviously fake, but it is fun costume jewelry. She won't say yes if you buy this for her.

👤The stone is too large for my taste, but I like the band.

👤The ring is ok. I sent it back because they sent the wrong size.

👤Not as described in the website. The main stone set is crooked. Stone is plastic. The rings are not held together with a prong. The ring set was replaced by the seller. It looks the same as shown. Thank you for taking the time to replace. The replacement was much happier than the original.

5. Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Band

Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Band

A sterling silver band has milgrain edging and diamond accents. The item is made of.925 sterling silver. All of their suppliers confirm that they comply with the process to ensure that their diamonds are conflict free.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤I have been wearing this ring for about a year. I wanted a ring that I wouldn't worry about losing, bending, chipping, and getting extremely dirty. This ring was perfect for the bill. I work with heavy tools and this ring only had a few scratches. The stones have not fallen out or been damaged. I don't take it off when showering. I haven't cleaned it with anything other than dish water and soap.

👤I found a ring that said "I'm not technically married, but have been with my man for over a decade" I love this ring. I'm very happy with my purchase. I got this on a deal and it was a steal. This ring has a vintage look. It was very elegant and noticeable without being overstated. The ring is in a lovely box.

👤The ring is lovely. There's plenty of sparkle and shine even though the stock photo is not as bright. The ring had a vintage appeal. It is true. It is easy to polish with a cloth. It's important to evaluate this ring based on the quality of the diamonds. The ratings of clarity and color are listed. It appears to be higher quality and unique. The back band is very comfortable. I love it!

👤This ring is gorgeous. It's large in weight, width, and height and doesn't feel like it would bend. The diamonds are small, but they sparkle. I kept looking at the diamonds in the car because they are so small. I returned the ring I bought from the big franchise jewelers for almost $200 because it looked like they gave me bottom of the barrel diamonds, and some places looked like stones set in prongs but were not. This ring is not like that. This one looks better. The milgrain around the edges of the diamonds gives them a fancy, rich look and feel. This is a good price for what you get. I don't have the money to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry, but this ring looks like I did. If you want something bigger with more bling for the same price, you'll have to get CZ, but it won't look as realistic. This one is very delicate and looks like an heirloom. Treat yourself and get this ring. You will want to keep it if you don't like it. It's too pretty to return.

👤This is a great ring. Diamond chips are tiny and only for $40. The ring has some sparkle and they catch the light. The design is great and has a vintage feel to it. It can be worn alone or with other rings. It has a lot of weight and is solid. I like my ring for this price.

👤The sterling band looks like the photo. I bought it on Prime Day for $33. Great deal. It arrived quickly. The gift box is nice. I plan to wear it with my vintage wedding ring. This ring is charming and can be stacked with other sterling or white gold rings for a great combination as a set.

6. Amazon Essentials Platinum Sterling Zirconia

Amazon Essentials Platinum Sterling Zirconia

A band ring with a full circle of rounds. The item is made of.925 sterling silver.


👤I bought this to help me make a decision. I sent the real thing back because it looked better, but I liked it so much that I bought the real thing. I'm not afraid of losing this diamond, so I love wearing it. I've worn it for about a month without any problems.

👤I bought this ring as a cheap wedding band, to use instead of my larger wedding band. The package looked very shiny when I opened it. I put it on my finger and it looks great. There are a few things that make it not so ideal for everyday use. It is very thick. It needs to be double the thickness since the gems are lifted by an additional metal frame. The ring is uncomfortable since my fingers are separated by it. I wanted to show how thick it is. It loses some of it's elegance from being so thick. It is not smooth on the inside, which causes a feeling of pinching. Solid silver would have been better for the ring. This ring is large. I usually order a 6 after seeing that recommendation. The ring is a size 7. Pick one size down. A ring that is worn occasionally but not comfortable for everyday use is a good deal. I will probably return it and look for a more comfortable option.

👤A review was written for 7 months. I use this ring to wash my hands, clean my laundry, change my diaper, do the dishes, and so on. So far, no issues. No stones were lost. It is expected with any ring on those things that it will find its way to delicate fabrics, sweaters, sheets, etc. I need to buy a second one. I want to make sure I don't lose this thing. It is hard to find a replacement wedding band. Don't hesitate. This looks real. It1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 It hasn't turned my finger green. I purchased another one a few months before this one because I gained weight. If you are on the fence, buy it. I don't have a good enough ring to replace mine. The wedding band was cleaning the house. One day I was taking the kids to daycare and the engagement ring fell out. My schedule or the Stone... I wanted to keep the job. I treat this ring the same as the real thing because it holds up.

👤I bought two. I wear them with the other ring in the middle. It's super shiny. I like them very much. Not against my other fingers. Everyone thinks they are real.

👤I would like to see the description of the jewelry on Amazon. Almost double the amount of carats stated in the TITLE, the product SPECIFICATIONS of this ring states minimum 5.13 cttw. I don't know which of these is closer to the actual weight. I understand that the ring's weight can be different from size 5 to size 9. The ring I ordered at the same time as this one has discrepancies in its cttw, as shown in my photos. It is part of the Amazon Collection Ships from and sold by Amazon. I ordered both rings because I couldn't decide which one would be the right size, but Amazon has great prices. I found the ring to be uncomfortable and it didn't matter. In both sizes. I returned the ring because the stones on the sides were annoying, even though it was pretty. If I could find a similar ring with the stones in a BEZEL-style setting, I would have found my perfect ring. I hope you will forgive the sickly appearance of my hands, I've included some photos. I was trying to capture the clarity and sparkle of the stones as they actually appear so I was using various combinations of lighting and flash. It's difficult to photograph jewelry while wearing it.

7. Platinum Plated Sterling Swarovski Zirconia Princess

Platinum Plated Sterling Swarovski Zirconia Princess

The ring is made with Infinite Elements Cubic Zirconia. It is an affordable alternative and very popular with a wide range of jewelries because of its brilliance and clarity.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤I was surprised that the ring looked real. Nice shine and sparkle. Not gaudy or cheap looking. I was impressed so far.

👤The photos of this ring were taken after 9 months of wearing it. I took it out of the box and it is still very shiny. I clean it weekly like I clean my real engagement ring. I haven't had anyone question its authenticity. It looks like my real diamond. I like this ring because I can wear it while traveling. It comes in half sizes so I have the perfect fit. Does this help?

👤It looks real. It took 18 years to get a wedding band. The real one cost thousands, but it only cost $28. Get fitted first if you buy free and no hassel returns. I bought the correct size after a quick trip to the store. It arrived a few days ago. Happy until the band turns green.

👤A beautiful ring! I have never seen anything like it. The round-cut five stone ring is 1.25 cttw. These stones are a bit smaller than the others, which is a good thing. The stones are cut to show off their brilliance. The CZs are small, and they are believable. The setting is well-made. The stones are set in a four-prong setting with decorative filigree on the sides. The band is stamped with the words "CHINA". Amazon has the best deals. I bought this for less than $20, and it doesn't look cheap. Quality fine jewelry has bright, silver warmth because it is Platinum-plated. I can't find anything like this at a mall or a store for the price.

👤I don't put much hope into costume jewelry. Most of it is cheap and gaudy, which makes it impossible to pull off for the real deal. We were teenagers when I first got engaged and money was not very far away. My engagement ring was a 1/2 carats diamond and it was a symbol of our marriage. We wore it with a simple gold band from Walmart because we were high school students with a baby and we didn't have any help from the outside. When I was pregnant with my fourth child, my fingers became swollen and the gloves at the medical office I worked at became torn. I put it in my jewelry box. The bad event comes after that. Two break ins in two different neighborhoods. It was taken in the second break in. The ring was replaced by my husband. It wasn't the same. I stopped wearing it when I moved around the world, and it disappeared somewhere. God only knows where. This price point has been stoned almost glass-looking, something that normal working stiffs like myself could never afford. I kept in mind that it wouldn't fool a single soul when I ordered this. I wore this ring with a hammered silver ring and a smooth silver band because it was the focal point. The small stones and simple adornments on the setting make it stand out from the crowd, and the weird showiness of other 'fake' rings. It is not overly ornate or cheap. People who see it compliment me. I've had friends grab my hand. That's beautiful. No one needs to know that it's not real because I smile and thank them. I looked up 1 ctw 5-stone diamond rings, just out on a whim, and one that looks very similar to this ring, and it retails for $3100. It's not something I'm willing to spend, no matter how much we make. It's lovely on the hand and is sure to impress even if you were to look at the stamp on the inside. Since I've gotten it, I've worn it non stop, including multiple hand washes at work and painting with the kids. The finish looks the same as it did the day it came. If it starts to look worn, it would be easy to replace. A great alternative to an expensive ring. I'm willing to let it represent the 17 years my husband and I have been together, and the five kids we're rearing.

8. Platinum Plated Sterling Round Cut Swarovski Zirconia

Platinum Plated Sterling Round Cut Swarovski Zirconia

A row ring with round brilliant cut Infinite Elements. A size 5 ring made from sterling silver is comfortable to wear. The jewelry design was manufactured to the highest quality standards. Efforts are being made to use sustainable resources. It is an affordable alternative and very popular with a wide range of jewelries because of its brilliance and clarity.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤It looks like an expensive ring. I put it with a stone ring. I love them together. They don't catch on clothing.

👤The ring looks like it is real. Purchase it and you can see it for yourself. I had to return it because it didn't fit my ring. I will be buying from this vendor again.

👤I love this ring! I bought it to pair with another ring. The shine and band are beautiful. I love the setting.

👤I don't know when to start. The ring is gorgeous. I bought this ring in January of 2015, and it is still in my possession, and I am still in love with this run as when I first opened the box. The ring has a lot of sparkle. I get a lot of praise for how beautiful it is. I don't take it off even when I shower, put on lotion, and so on. It's in very good shape. It has never turned my finger into a funky color or lost its silver coloring. The ring was worth every penny. I ordered a size 6 which is what I usually wear and it was not too tight like some rings are. This is your ring.

👤It's a pretty ring. I like the shape of this one and have looked at a number of stone rings. The stones stick out more than the ring. I don't know how it will hold up. It looks like the real thing. I will have to say something. I don't like the bow shape holding the stones on the sides. That's just a preference.

👤I love this ring. It is different than my real wedding ring in many ways. I have a marquis setting. I stopped wearing it at work because it was getting in the way of my work as a fashion merchandiser. It was in a box that was true to its size. I am able to work with ease because it doesn't affect my work. I also purchased a size 6 ring that was also plated in sterling silver. I would like to wear it as a set. I have had both for about 4 weeks now and have not had a scratch or discoloration and have received many compliment. If I had not decided to go with the Platinum plated ring, I wouldn't have been as satisfied with it.

👤I like this ring a lot. It's a pretty believable ring that has clear, well faceted, and radiant stones. The three stars are for its longevity. I caught it on the shelf above it when I reached into a cooler at the grocery store. The center stone was gone and I found it at the bottom of the cooler. I tried to put it back in it's setting with some of my jewelry tools, but I don't know how long it will stay. I will put it in my jewelry cabinet because I'm afraid to wear it. I wish this was better. I can't recommend it unless you look at it in it's box and never wear it. I didn't have a lot of money to invest, but I bought it on a lightning deal. Sad!

9. Attract Ring White Rhodium Plated

Attract Ring White Rhodium Plated

This ring set combines the precision and quality of sparkling Swarovski crystals with a timeless rhodium plated design for a ring that's sure to dazzle. A dainty and elegant piece, the Attract ring set features a pear cut crystal on a rhodium-plated setting with an additional accent band embellished with clear stones. When simple care practices are observed, Swarovski jewelry will maintain its brilliance over time. The classic design is suitable for wearing with everyday outfits or as a formal accessory, and the thin bands are suitable to be worn alone or stacked with other rings. There is a 1 x Swarovski Attract ring set for women that is available in multiple sizes and is adorned with sparkling clear stones.


👤This was my engagement ring. I wanted something that was pretty and affordable. I thought that the Rhodium finish would not tarnish and that it wouldn't turn my finger green. There is a It was great for the first three weeks, but then I noticed some "pitting" on the bottom of the band. I don't sleep or shower with the ring on because I take it off to wash my hands. The photo was taken less than 2.5 months after I bought it. The band is starting to erode. The finish is gone, the pitting is worse, and pieces of the plating come off in chunks. It has turned my finger green for the past month. I'm disappointed that Amazon won't make it right because it's outside the return window. This isn't the ring for you if you're looking for something that will last. The band on the stone will break.

👤The ring does not last. The ring is turning my finger green after 2 months of wear. I expected more.

👤I lost a lot of weight and now have a ring that is 4.75 in size. It's been nearly impossible for us to find a pretty ring that didn't cost thousands of dollars, because we've been searching for a new engagement ring. I wanted something that looked nice and would fit. When I saw the EU size. I was excited to try it out and I figured I had nothing to lose since the shipping and returns were free. The EU size 50 fit perfectly. The ring and stone sizes were both perfect. Not so small as to look cheap but not so large as to look fake. I was glad that it came from a name I could trust, because I was cheated by a less-than-reputable seller a few months ago. I'm happy that I got what I wanted.

👤The ring is good for a couple of months and the crystal is cloudy. Spend your money on a quality item.

👤This is in line with what I expect. I bought this to wear in place of my wedding set because I am currently pregnant and it has gotten a little tight. The design is unique.

👤The ring set is very pretty. The crystal is pretty and shiny. This is a ring that will sparkle if you like it.

👤I love the sparkle of Swarovski, and this ring does not disappoint in that area. I am returning because I don't like a round cut.

👤I wanted a replacement set for my engagement and wedding rings, so I bought about 15 different sets of rings. Finding rings that fit is a nightmare for me because of my thin fingers. If the ring fits my finger, the stone inevitably means the ring spins around and drives me crazy. Even if it is not the biggest stone, it would look out of proportion on my fingers. This set was the last one I tried on and it fit perfectly when I put it on my finger. It is pretty and shiny and doesn't feel cheap like some of the others. I was worried that it would lose the crystals with constant hand washing, but it has had a few knocks now and still looks good. I really like it.

10. Platinum Plated Sterling Solitaire Swarovski Zirconia

Platinum Plated Sterling Solitaire Swarovski Zirconia

The ring is made of.925 sterling silver and has a round brilliant cut Infinite Elements. A size 5 ring made from sterling silver is comfortable to wear. The jewelry design was manufactured to the highest quality standards. Efforts are being made to use sustainable resources. It is an affordable alternative and very popular with a wide range of jewelries because of its brilliance and clarity. The item is large and should round down.

Brand: Amazon Collection

👤I've seen a lot of negative reviews because the CZ is smaller than the diamond of the same size. I want to start with some basics. A diamond is made up of different minerals. They are not the same. A diamond is less dense than a CZ. A 2ct diamond is larger than a 2ct diamond because it is heavier. It's like comparing 2 lbs of grapes to 2 lbs of peaches. Don't buy a 2ct CZ thinking it will be the same size. 2ct is double the weight, but 1+1=2, but 2ct is not double the size. The diameter might be slightly larger. Sorry for the rant! I want to set fair expectations. I love the ring. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to see the bow on the side galleries because it's so low profile. It has a pretty sparkle and more of a white than a bluish hue that some lower quality CZs have. This is a good choice for a cheap alternative. The top is a 1ct CZ and the bottom is a 2ct CZ.

👤I wanted to make sure I review this for other ladies. I got this ring on Saturday after ordering it on Wednesday. I opened the box and saw a beautiful ring. I want you to see my face. It was perfect fit when I tried it on. It's true to size. I'm a size 8. The rock is large, but it is beautiful. The band is thick and nice. The ring has a high-end look. The stone is close to being a diamond. If I saw this on another chick's hand and looked at it myself, I would think it was a real diamond. I am happy that the setting is low. I don't think it's any higher because a 3 carats stone is large. It looks like a diamond when you take a picture of it. It looks like a diamond. It has a diamond in it. I have a diamond in my hand. It doesn't have the cost of a diamond. I love this ring. On top of that... The pictures don't do this ring justice. It's better in person. I have to find a band to accompany it. That's going to be difficult because of the low setting. I will find something here as well. It's a good thing. Hope that was helpful.

👤I would like to thank everyone who showed their hand to demonstrate this ring. I received my ring yesterday, and I only had one sentence to say: ridiculously amazing! The ring finger has a diamond. Can you see what's different?

👤I ordered the 3ct because I like big and shiny. Is it believable? It's up to who is looking at it. I think it's gorgeous and I don't care. I can't afford to purchase diamonds so I've been shopping around for CZ rings and am really happy with what I've purchased. This ring has a lot of weight and it sparkled. My car is filled with tiny rainbows when the sun shines just right during my commute. The low profile is great since I work in healthcare and take gloves on and off. I have not ripped a glove. That box had no quality control. Did I use the bow on the gallery? Am I an expert in jewelry? Is it a bit... I bought a band to wear with it and don't notice it. The stone feels secure and the ring is all perfect. Get it. Try it. I think you will like it.

11. Sterling Zirconia Princess Wedding Engagement

Sterling Zirconia Princess Wedding Engagement

The Princess Cut 1.26 ct Women's Wedding Engagement Bridal Ring Set is for women. Solid sterling silver is stamped with a nickel-free top quality. Women's ring sizes range from size-5 to size-11. A perfect gift is a jewelry gift box that symbolizes your love on anniversary, families, friends, birthday, wife, girlfriend, and more. Their 100% Money Back Guarantee is hassle-free.

Brand: Mabella

👤The ring set is beautiful, but it's not perfect. I had my finger measured to make sure I didn't have to return it. I ordered a size 6 because my finger measured a little too small. The ring was too small when it arrived. I had the ring measured and it was a size 5. I ordered a size 7 after sending it back. It was too big because it was true to size. I ordered a 6 again, thinking I got a mis-marked one the first time. Unfortunately, no. The second "size 6" arrived, and it was a 6.0. It went on my finger, but it was too tight with the band. I decided to try another "7" and hope it was a 6. It was a bit smaller than a 7 when it arrived. I like the way the ring looks on my hand. I added a second band to give the ring a more dramatic look. The third band holds the larger rings. The problem was solved with a little work. It's a good thing.

👤My ring arrived quickly. I waited a month to write this review to see if it turned. I accidentally wore them in the shower. These pictures don't give it justice. No one could tell the difference between the two sets. The band is very good and the stones are bright. I really like it! It was a very comfortable fit. Would definitely recommend.

👤This is the only review I have ever written and I am an Amazon junkie. My set is made of yellow gold. I wore it every day despite the fact that my other jewelry is either white gold or sterling silver. I decided to look into changing my set to white gold or Platinum. I bought this set to tide me over. I got it before I left for work. I got to work at 1pm and by 3pm I had gotten three nice things to say. One of the clients said that the husband must have a lot of money. I didn't think it would be that great when I bought it, but it is! Pictures don't do it justice. I ordered a ring size that fit perfectly. BUY IT if you are on the fence. You have to pay the price.

👤It's gorgeous! It's true to size. The metal has a good feel. If metal begins to tarnish, will update. I wear daily. I will take a shower and sleep. There were no scratches to metal. I have worn this daily for over a year and a half. I clean everywhere, from the pool to the beach. Stones still shine despite minimal scratches to metal. I clean with a costume jewelry cleaner.

👤This is a beautiful ring that I got until we're able to get my dream, however I'm in love with this one, it's stunning, and it fit perfectly and true to my SiZe, which is an 8. After a few weeks, the ring began to scratch on the back of it's ring and it began to lose it's shine and luster. My fiancĂ©e just went and got me the real deal after I returned. This would be great if you wanted to wear it out or work, and you didn't want your diamonds to be damaged. Not for a long time.


What is the best product for wedding ring sets for her princess cut?

Wedding ring sets for her princess cut products from Amazon Collection. In this article about wedding ring sets for her princess cut you can see why people choose the product. Wuziwen and Brilliant Expressions are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding ring sets for her princess cut.

What are the best brands for wedding ring sets for her princess cut?

Amazon Collection, Wuziwen and Brilliant Expressions are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding ring sets for her princess cut. Find the detail in this article.

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