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1. Oirlv Bow Knot Wedding Packaging Showcase

Oirlv Bow Knot Wedding Packaging Showcase

Quality velvet and environmental protected Leatheretter paper are used in their jewelry box. The traditional handicraftmen is strict with their details. CUTE BOW KNOT. The cute bow jewelry box is a sweet gift to send to your lover. It's a nice decoration for your room. Clean lined and stylish. The jewelry box was light and contemporary. The earrings are protected by a large room inside. Approx. box measurement. When you close the box, open it more smoothly and prevent the ring from being squeezed, they leave litter space. This is not a quality issue. BRAND: Oirlv is the best customer service. If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase, please let them know and they will either replace it or refund your money, your choice! They are specialized in hand-made jewelry box and they pick the best material for their customer. Don't hesitate. You are buying directly from the manufacturer.

Brand: Oirlv

👤This gift box is very nice. The birthday girl will love her gift. It looks like a Tiffany box.

👤The box comes with pancakes so that the white ribbon bow is protected. The small pair of earrings I placed in the box looked ridiculous because the holes for the earrings were at the top of the insert. I would have bought a smaller box.

👤A nice ring box case. I ordered this box to propose to my fiancée. She liked it. The Tiffany looking box ring box is a better looking box than the black retail box you get at the jewelry store. A small detail can make a difference when it comes to a proposal. Women like detail. My fiancée likes the tiffany color. The ring is made of suede and makes it stand out. She will keep the box for the time to come. It is a nice box to use if you are going to propose.

👤I loved this! There were no signs of damage when it was transported. It is true to color. A big win. The box itself and the inner padding were of the highest quality. Overall, it would be a good idea.

👤The box is not closing. There are nicks and scratches on it. I didn't think that was what I thought.

👤I bought them to give to my friends. They're very solid and beautiful. I was able to fix the ribbons with about 2 seconds under a lighter. The box seemed like it was very good quality.

👤I got an expensive pendant for my mom's birthday, but it came in a cheap white box, like a set at a store. It got the look that it deserves when I put it in this box. Well done, box is pretty. It would look expensive. Very recommended!

👤My wife thought I got her a gift from Tiffany's when I wrote this review. I might use this for next year because she loved the box.

2. Geff House VLVT RNG Black Velvet

Geff House VLVT RNG Black Velvet

The exterior finish is beautiful. The ring insert is soft. You can showcase your jewelry and gift in this box.

Brand: Geff House

👤The ring box that I replaced came with a ring. The price and simplicity made me choose this one. It looked nice and simple. The product was in good condition, but it was not very good. The box does not hold the ring up straight. The ring looked like it had fallen down, because my product made it lean toward the side with the hinge. The box halves don't line up. It is askew. About 2mm. It was out of whack. I tried tweaking the halves to fit better, but it would appear the hinge has good memory. The felt is small enough to fit in a pocket. The ring won't stand straight. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.

👤The case is very nice, the velvet feels good, and it's sturdy enough for what I'm using it for. The box is not designed for a men's thick band style ring. It took a lot of effort to get the ring into the box. I had to use my fingers to push the ring into the velvet. The box is designed for women's rings. If you have a ring with a thick band, it will be hard to put it in this box. It is a nice box.

👤The James Allen ring that I ordered came in a box that I loved. The box was too big for my pocket and would give me a surprise on the day I propose. I just need the ring box for one day, so it was worth it to me. Be gentle if you plan on using it long term. The inside part of the ring is backwards so it faces the wrong way. Pull out the insert and swap it around.

👤The box is large enough to hold an engagement ring. The box my local jeweler gave me was large and not travel friendly. I needed a box to travel with and hide in my pocket before I asked. This one worked well.

👤I would return the box. I didn't find burning gas worth it to get to the return point. The mid part is a velvet covered folded cardboard box, not the foam you'd usually expect, my size 8 ring does not fit in it, because of the cardboard fold. The box feels flimsy so I threw it in the drawer. Do not buy this particular one.

👤I bought this because I wanted to propose to my wife in the middle of the box where the joint is to close. I was surprised that the box I got was the same way. I had to flip it myself after cutting out the middle section. If the cut out sat the ring to face out for better viewing, the box would be better.

👤I received a box for one of my rings. My ring will not fit because of the small slot. The seller thinks the rings are the same size. I will buy a normal size ring box instead of sending it back.

3. Mr Mrs Ring Box Engagement

Mr Mrs Ring Box Engagement

You will get a ring box and a jewelry bag. You can hide it in a pocket and surprise your lover. The small ring holder box is handcrafted and carefully elaborated with the enduring memories of your wedding day, engagement day, anniversary day, as a testament to your love for him/her. The wooden ring holder is of the highest quality. The engraved letter will become a cherished item after the celebration. The total size is 1.5in and the ring is small and light. The ring box is used to keep your souvenir ring. The inner lining of your ring is made of velvet. The meaningful gift for couples on a wedding day or any occasion for niece, lover, wife, girlfriend, your friend, or even yourself for any occasion like wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine's day, Christmas day... The meaningful gift for couples on a wedding day or any occasion for niece, lover, wife, girlfriend, your friend, or even yourself for any occasion like wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine's day, Christmas day...

Brand: Handicraftviet

👤I can't wait to use them. I'm confident that the little hands will guard them well because they feel sturdy and secure with the magnet. The craftsmanship on these is lovely. I like them. Thank you!

👤The boxes are very pretty and nice solid wood, but the clasp on one fell out. I used some super glue to fix it, rather than bother with a return.

👤They are gorgeous! Mr and Mrs are different in appearance. I didn't expect the darkness to change so much. If you want a box that is simple and beautiful for your wedding rings.

👤The ring boxes are gorgeous. The wood is of great quality and has a perfect magnet closure. The boxes are large enough to hold a wedding band.

👤These are not as big as they appear. You should read the dimensions.

👤Good quality for the price. Our matching wooden wedding rings are in a box.

👤I am dissatisfied with the size but I think the grooms fit me.

👤The ring boxes were perfect for our wedding. My husband's ring was too big to fit in the slot it was supposed to. We put it on top of the cushion.

👤I like them. It arrived early. So cute.

4. Noble Question Engagement Surprise Elements

Noble Question Engagement Surprise Elements

The ring box has a smooth black tone-on-tone design. The ring can be embedded in its plush velour finish. The ring box is strengthened with a strong mold. The magnetic closing adds to the attraction. Not included is jewelry. A flat, slim jewelry box is the first surprise. She thinks you are presenting a pendant or earring because the jewelry box is flat. When your fiancée opens the box, she will be in awe. The second surprise: The ring is in a slot that rotates to meet your fiancée's eye. She will see the ring glint in her eyes as she opens the box. This slim engagement ring box is the perfect place to hide the diamond ring for the perfect proposal moment. The box can be used as a travel case during honeymooning. It's practical for travel ease. When using public transportation, the ring box is secure because it is slim enough to fit into your pocket. 100% customer satisfaction. They are confident that you will like their product. The materials they choose are the best to make them last. For 30 days, they will guarantee 100% satisfaction for their customers.

Brand: Noble

👤The box became the talk of the town after the shock of the ring subsided. The way the ring spins as you open it caught everyone's attention and was very subtle yet elegant. It was small enough to hide in my camera bag while traveling, move from one bag to another while going through airport security, hide in the hotel safe while waiting for the moment, and when the time came, it slid out of my pocket in a way the original ring box could not. The magnetic clasp is strong enough that I didn't have to worry about it accidentally popping open, and the ring was gripped nicely in place. If you're ready, I recommend giving this box a try.

👤This box is perfect for a proposal. The ring turns into place when it has magnetic closing. The interior is made of velvet. It is slim and hides in a pocket. It was very nicely made. The groom-to-be loves it and will use it at the wedding.

👤It was difficult to hide a normal ring box in the clothes that I wore for the entire time I was in Hawaii. I was able to hide the ring with this ring box and it gave me more wiggle room when I opened it. I opened it to ask the question. It adds all the sparkle that the diamond suppose to provide, just make sure to have good lighting around.

👤I used this to hold the engagement ring that I proposed to my wife. The box is made of synthetic material. The box works well with the spinning mechanism. The slim box is perfect for someone who wants to hide a ring. The ring it housed was wide and had a snowflake setting. If it fits this ring, it will fit yours. Function over fashion is what I was looking for. I am very happy.

👤I was able to hide the size of the wallet without any suspicion. The presentation of a ring in the box was pretty neat. It doesn't seem like it's super durable, lucky I just had it tucked away, it seemed a bit iffy. It did the job. The owner of the jewelry store where I bought my fiancées ring had never seen anything like it. He thought it was convenient and cool.

👤The engagement ring was too large to fit in the original box. This is simple and sleek and the ring rotation is nice. I had a ring that fit perfectly. If you looked at the ring in my jeans pocket, you would notice the outline, but it's impossible to do away with it. The box has magnets on it which keep it closed. I think this is a drop in the bucket compared to the expensive rock it's holding, so I recommend it.

👤The ring box is easy to conceal and perfect for a big question. It works as described in the item information. I put the engagement ring and the wedding band in the ring box because it was slim and the box wouldn't close all the way. If you have a large diameter ring, it might be worth noting that it was still usable. The ring might not fit right. Buy it early and test it out. This is a great option for a big proposal.

5. Oirlv Velvet Ring Boxes Jewelry

Oirlv Velvet Ring Boxes Jewelry

The size is Approx: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.2 inches. It is made of high quality velvet and has a large room to protect it. The velvet presentation box is bright and pure red, elegant and clean, perfect for a special ring. When you use it for a proposal, engagement, wedding, birthday, anniversary, it is highly elevated. She will really like this box and it will make a great impression on her when she opens it.

Brand: Oirlv

👤It arrived in a thin paper, barely padded envelope. The presentation box looked like it had been used, even though there was no damage to the product. I think this happened when heavier packages were thrown on top of it. The red velvet nap was flattened on one side of the top and the other side of the bottom, which made it look used. I requested that it be shipped inside a box with bubble wrap protection, so that it wouldn't get damaged during shipping. It's unique design is what makes it worth it, however I would have expected a stronger interior for displaying the ring in. The slot for the ring collapses when it is inserted. If you plan to take the ring out a lot, you need a firm interior to support it.

👤I am going to see a friend. I purchased a pretty gold Y chain from my jeweler and though I got a great deal on the piece, the "pouch" did not lend itself to a proper presentation. I knew I had a "y" to display which would take a larger box, so I looked at the measurements. I'm not a fan of Chinese goods and assume this was made in China, but I was pleasantly pleased with the box and am happy to give this to my friend. Thanks to Amazon for finding a solution to the problem. The seller provided a good description.

👤I like the design. It is unique. It protects a ring that I made myself using some gemstones that I got from my mother. It is taller than the average ring box, but it fits in my jewelry cabinet. It is the same photo as the online link.

👤The ring we're giving our granddaughter will look more expensive because of the lovely gift box.

👤I looked great and it seemed to be good quality. It was great to put a ring in. It is not your traditional ring box that adds surprise.

👤The gift box is lovely and will display your jewelry well. It's enough to keep you out of your bureau.

👤Likes: good quality, plush interior, no need to wrap a package, secures bracelet inside without tangling. Disclosures purchased for Christmas 2021, have not had long or extensive use.

👤The jewelry box does not fit my earrings. It would be better if they had a design for hanging earrings.

👤My grandmother passed on a necklace to me. The presentation is beautiful.

👤This makes it stand out. It is beautiful. It's a bit pricey. It is worth it.

6. Wood Ring Portable Jewelry U01 THX

Wood Ring Portable Jewelry U01 THX

The ring box is portable. The ring insert is soft. You can showcase your jewelry ring and gift in this box. The size of the ring box is 6 x 1.8 x 4.2.

Brand: Uooom

👤I bought a ring for a man. I decided to include a better quality ring box as a gift because I knew he wouldn't be wearing this ring daily. I was happy to find this box after reading a lot of reviews. It's just an exquisite little object, from the sturdy hinge and magnet to the velvet cushion. The value is exceptional. One can see and feel the quality of the box if they hold it in their hand. The way it opens feels a bit different than the usual ring box, from the discreet size to the wood, and the way it opens like a lighter. I've given a man a ring and had them comment on the box. If you are going to propose to a man in your life. The box is elegant and shows how precious the gift is. I highly recommend! I hope I've been helpful.

👤The cube ring box takes up all the room in your pocket, but this small box takes up less space. It's well made. The brass hinge is strong. It was a good fit. The lid is secured by a magnet. Will use this to present a 25th anniversary ring. I was a little worried about the interior padding, because one side seemed to hold the ring better than the other. Pull the velvet out of the box and it won't be stuck in. You will not damage anything, refold it to be more balanced and stuff it back in. It is recommended.

👤The ring box is perfect. I ordered it so I wouldn't have a big ring box. I was able to have her ring in my pocket without her knowing. She liked the box more than the ring, and the price for the box is unbeatable. It's worth the money.

👤It's too small to fit the ring I got. The box is small, but anything larger than 1 ct is not going to fit. I think they could have made the box a little bigger. They should have advertised that this is only for small rings. It seems like a decent sturdy box, but for me it is a 1-star item since I immediately had no use for it and threw it out.

👤As soon as I opened this, I initiated a return. The ring box pictured on Amazon is not the one pictured. The wooden hinge is cheap, lightweight and weak. The velvet inside is brown, not black, as another reviewer said. The seller says that the gift box is fake. Asking for a replacement to see if the box arrives. Don't use this product at all costs. I will keep you updated once the replacement arrives.

👤It's a great little ring box, which was perfect for my proposal, because I cut a hole in a blank journal to fit the box, like the rock hammer in the Bible in Shawshank Redemption, and then I put photos of us together on the blank journal pages. I wouldn't try to open/close it too much because the hinge is a bit delicate. Unless you're going to seriously abuse it for some reason, it should be more than durable. It's a great box. I think it's a good idea.

7. Trust Wooden Handmade Antique Wedding

Trust Wooden Handmade Antique Wedding

The dimensions are: 2.7" x 2.7" x 1.6" (7 x 7 x 4 cm). It's ideal for a rustic or ancient wedding ceremony. You can draw on the outer of the box to build your own collection.

Brand: Trust

👤The item was wrapped in a way that made it look like it had been attacked. I blew the sawdust off after I noticed a slight damage, and I saw these puppies! I was worried that the bugs may have gotten into my wooden surfaces in the house because I didn't know if the manufacturer had an issue at their packaging facility. I had to return the item to the post office because it was so gross that I was allowed to replace it with a new item, but it was still so gross that I had to take it to the post office.

👤This was the perfect box for my ring and it will make for a great set of pictures at the wedding.

👤It was received in the mail. There is mold all over the box. Don't buy.

👤I liked the stain. You could see that 2 of them had been picked up and that they had dried on the top. The top looks like a thumb print. There is a light spot. Not to worry! You won't be able to tell because I can stain them. The first two that had those marks were ordered. I really like them. I am going to put a piece of Scrimshaw on top. The box is nice and my hair is nice as well. Merry Christmas and have a safe holiday. They will travel well. They are very sturdy and the lids are tight.

👤It was wet from the wood stain. The stain was all over my hands. I put it outside to fully dry. It was a lot darker than expected, the stain job was not even, and there was no finish on it like a Shellac. I'm probably going to sand it and seal it myself because it's too cheap to return.

👤This is a gift box that I bought. The recipient loved the box and was impressed with their gift. It had a scent of wood stain and oil. Purchase it in advance to allow the scent to go away. They sent it and it was obvious that mine was made before that.

👤I used this when I proposed to my partner. I filled it with dried moss and it fit perfectly in the large ring. If you're just using it as daily jewelry storage, it could fit a few rings. I was happy with the look and quality. I agree with other reviewers that the swivel hinge is a little stiff, but it's not a big deal to me as it still opens up just fine.

👤I had to leave it open in the sun for a week before I could use it because of the strong chemical smell, but it was beautiful and perfect for what I needed.

8. Lillian Rose Fairy Storybook Holder

Lillian Rose Fairy Storybook Holder

The all in one beard shower gift has a how-to guide and inventory list of great ideas for what to put in a time capsule. The ring holder is long. The paper is made of cardboard. A ring box is shaped like a book. It's perfect for holding the wedding rings.

Brand: Lillian Rose

👤My son's wedding had a Beauty and the Beast theme and I wanted to make the ring bearer different. I knew it was perfect when I found it. Everyone wanted to look at it after we got a million positive comments. I have never seen anything like this before and it beats the pillow everyone carries. The rings fit perfectly inside the book and you didn't have to worry about them falling out. A beautiful reminder of their special day can be displayed anywhere.

👤My ring bearer was holding a wedding ring book. I found this and was amazed at how beautiful it was. I like the message inside about how marriage came about. The reason I didn't give this a 5-star was because there should have been a shield to keep the rings from falling. If the ring bearer dropped the rings or opened them in an odd way, there could be a sense of fear. The only thing I would improve on was the ring bearer's performance. It's unique and has a nice back story, so it's worth the purchase. Shipping was quick.

👤I bought this for my wedding and it was perfect. This was the perfect ringbox to use for our ceremony. It was small enough for the ringbearer to carry, but you could still see the details on the cover. Adding a magnet to the side would make it better because the book wouldn't open as easily. It was the perfect touch to our ceremony.

👤The ring pillow is cute. It goes well with our wedding theme. I'm excited to use this in our ceremony. My only complaint is that the back page isn't put in the back cover. It would have been better if the hole where the rings are placed had a more secure way to hold the rings inside, like a ribbon or jewelry foam that you could insert the rings in and keep them in place. We're going to be on the beach and I don't want to worry about the rings falling out by accident. I'll be going to the local craft store to see how I can make this better.

👤The inside of the ring box is very nice. You can feel the individual pages in the cut out area. The legend of the wedding ring inside is beautiful. I appreciated that this box didn't mention anything specific faith wise, which means you could use it for whatever you believe. I compared the prices of other book cut out boxes and this one is the best value and you also get the legend as a bonus!

👤We found this ring box while shopping on Amazon. The theme is beauty and beast. The inside of the book was very nice and the outside was sturdy, and we were very pleased with that. I was a little disappointed that there is no way to close the book or securely attach the rings. We were a little worried about the rings falling out since there is only a hole to put the rings in. This wouldn't have mattered if it weren't for this.

9. Custom Wedding Wooden Engagement Proposal

Custom Wedding Wooden Engagement Proposal

There are some deferral ideas. There are wedding rings, engagement ring, anniversary ring, earrings, and white day gifts that are safe to hold. Not included is jewelry. The wooden box is about 6 feet tall. Each ring box holder has a personalized engraving on it. Choose from a variety of designs. Wedding rings are not included. There are two ring slots in the ring box. There are two ring slots in the ring box.

Brand: Kwood

👤I really like this item. It was delivered with care. They gifted me a blue heart jewelry that remained me of the Titanic neckless and a cute hearted thank you note. It's a large ring box that can hold both of our rings, and it was engraved with our names on it. This item is recommended by me. Thank you so much, Yuriko.

👤Super lindo y excelente calidad.

👤The company was easy to work with when I had an issue, and they got me a new box in time for my wedding. I am happy with this ring box.

👤It's perfect for the best man to hold the wedding rings. It is very nice to have engraving. Well worth it!

👤It's very pretty. It was expected that it would be in earlier. It was well packaged. It was a nice souvenir for our wedding.

👤I was very impressed with the beauty of it. Can't wait to use this on our special day

👤It's beautiful and very good quality.

10. Wedding Proposal Rustic Engagement Ceremony

Wedding Proposal Rustic Engagement Ceremony

A wedding registry is a great gift for the honeymoon or wedding. It's ideal for rustic wedding, engagement,anniversary day,valentines day gifts. suit for 1 or 2 rings, size: 2.56*1.97*1.26inch/7*5*3.2 cm, inner space:2.28*1.38*1.1inch/ 5.8* 3.5*2.8 cm. The wood is black and green. The ring box contains their blessings for lovers. Only for intended purpose, and please pay attention to the size. Only for intended purpose, and please pay attention to the size.

Brand: Pink Forest

👤Its beautiful! My wife is so emotional with gifts. Due to covid restrictions, we married almost completely, but will finally be in person. Going to surprise her. The rings are on their way. It will be happy tears.

👤I bought this box 3 weeks before my wedding. It would take about a week to get there. It took 2 weeks to come in a horrible quality. The rings were inside when the inside was falling out, and it looked terrible. The lock and hinges were very weak. I didn't have enough time to get a new one. If you get a different box, you won't hope for this one if your wedding is a month or two away.

👤This was the best thing to happen to the wedding. The box was strong.

👤The isle is carried down by our ring bearer with this cute little box. I love the magnetic closure.

👤Great box! I thought it would be more like plastic than wood. It was pretty and cute.

👤It is of good quality. It is a good size and beautiful.

👤The box is very cute. The problem was that both rings were too small to fit on each other. His ring wouldn't sit down because it was thicker. I had to take out some of the fabric in order to get our rings in.

👤I bought this for my wedding. My band and his band were put in it. They don't fit or stay in place. It is rolled up on the inside. We have to figure out a way to work it out.

11. Koyal Wholesale Engraved Engagement Proposal

Koyal Wholesale Engraved Engagement Proposal

En ESPAol, una caja para anillos de compromiso. También tienes una boda. O en una propuesta. Para anillos con un dimetro de banda. The engraved is smooth. It's a great alternative to a velvet ring box. There is a similarity between the inspiration of WOODLAND INSPIRED. 100% real wood. A sustainable wood source. It is easy to carry and store. There are size dimensions. The diameter is approximately 2 inches tall. Not food safe for decorative use. Excellent quality. Their wedding decor items are made from sustainable natural material. There may be differences in size and color. Bark peeling is a natural way to peel wood. Avoid direct rain. Keep the room cool. There are some deferral ideas. There are wedding rings, engagement ring, anniversary ring, earrings, and white day gifts that are safe to hold. Not included is jewelry. There are some deferral ideas. There are wedding rings, engagement ring, anniversary ring, earrings, and white day gifts that are safe to hold. Not included is jewelry.

Brand: Koyal Wholesale

👤It will fit a women's ring. The light is cute, but the magnet is not strong enough to open and close it. I bought a ring for a man that was not made for him.

👤It is beautiful. The hinges is not. There is no quality.

👤It looks nice, but the hinges are very cheap.

👤The hinges is off center. The box opens crooked when you open it.

👤Outside wood box and carving are great. Then you open it. The hinge is cheap. The top moves around when you open it. The brown color of the felt is not good looking, as well as it not sitting all the way end to end. There is a gap between the two sides.


What is the best product for wedding ring box proposal?

Wedding ring box proposal products from Oirlv. In this article about wedding ring box proposal you can see why people choose the product. Geff House and Handicraftviet are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding ring box proposal.

What are the best brands for wedding ring box proposal?

Oirlv, Geff House and Handicraftviet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding ring box proposal. Find the detail in this article. Noble, Uooom and Trust are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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