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1. Pearhead Thumbprint Keepsake Picture Ink Pad

Pearhead Thumbprint Keepsake Picture Ink Pad

Pearhead has a thumbprint frame. There are silver designs and Mr and Mrs. A clean-touch ink pad, acid-free white beveled mat, silver background mat, easel, and triangle hanger are included. Have your other have done the same by pressing your thumb on the clean-touch ink pad, ink side down, onto the white mat. Two-time use maximum on one spot. The frame is made of wood and glass. Product dimensions are 8” W x 8” H x.63” D.

Brand: Pearhead

👤I have bought a total of 4 of them. They look great on a wall or on a table. If you messed up one of the frames, you still have another chance to do it correctly. If the picture will slide down if the fingerprints are left in the whole frame, then I recommend that they be left in the whole frame.

👤I ordered it for a bridal shower gift. Everyone thought it was cute. I would definitely recommend this gift.

👤The bride-to-be loved it and I bought it for her. Lots of comments about how rare it is to see one like this.

👤The frame is nice, but it didn't have the ink pad in the packaging, I brought this for a wedding shoot on April 10th. The purpose was to buy this product.

👤This is a gift for a friend. It was packaged well and looks like the photos. I can't wait to give her this.

👤The idea is great, but we didn't get to use it yet. My fiancée was so excited that he wants to practice fingerprints first. I don't think you can redo them.

👤I bought this for a shower gift. The bride loved it. The product was $5 more at bed bath and beyond.

👤My daughter and her husband liked the picture frame. They thought they could make a heart with their fingerprints.

👤The couple loved it. The frame looked great and the quality was great. It's a beautiful gift.

👤The couple loved it.

👤This is a unique and beautiful gift that I bought for a wedding. The happy couple will love it.

2. Amazon Com Gift Card Premium Gold

Amazon Com Gift Card Premium Gold

A gift card is inside a gift box. Gift cards may not have the gift amount printed on them. There are no fees or expiration dates on the gift card. There are no refunds on gift cards. The gift card can be used to purchase millions of items at Amazon. You can redeem any gift card with the Amazon App. There is free one-day shipping available. If you choose a gift message at check-out, it will only appear on the packing slip, not the gift card or carrier.

Brand: Amazon

👤I like buying gift cards with boxes from Amazon because they are nicely designed in materials and rigidity, but it is not the case with this gift card/box combo! This is the worst gift box I have ever received. Please make a significant improvement to the box design. The wedding gift should be a valuable gift and not a paper card. Solid plastic card is better. When I got the delivery, I tried to open the drawer from the box with the pull, but the drawer got stuck! What happens? I had to bend the box to open it. The paper gift card was stuck between the back of the drawer and the drawer stopper inside the box after it went off during shipping. The card was creased on its front when I forced it out. See the attached photo. Please design the drawer insert to help secure the card in place. The gift card was not bended in a good way. If the card and drawer insert were designed better, it wouldn't have happened.

👤I like the color of this box. When I opened the box, there was nothing in it, and I didn't find a gift card. What? Maybe I placed the wrong order. The gift card may have to be removed because of the answer found in the comments. I was able to find it at the bottom of the box. I'm glad that this isn't a gift for others, otherwise it may be thrown away.

👤It seems like it might be a nice box. The box design is cheap and not very good. The plastic bottom of the card box doesn't hold the card in place very well because the fabric liner of the box shifts too much. The result? When you open the drawer, the card can get stuck inside the back of the box. The design flaw is that the drawer part of the box is designed so that it can't be pulled out completely without damaging the box, so it's difficult to get the gift card out. If someone didn't know that there was a gift card inside, they might just throw the box away and think it was a joke.

👤The gift card box was empty, but I was glad I checked before giving it. This is terrible. It was sealed and there was no card inside. It won't let me submit without at least one star, but I would give it zero star rating. What's going on with that?

👤A review stated that the card had moved during transit and that they were unable to open the box because it bent a paper card. I opened my box slowly and noticed the card wasn't in the right spot. I was able to get the card out without ripping the box. I am happy I gave the box a try because it is very well made and will be a great gift. The amount on the gift card is the most important part and the presentation is just as important. I don't like to do printed e-gift cards, so I would order this again.

3. Elbee Patented Storage Nonstick Bakeware

Elbee Patented Storage Nonstick Bakeware

One year warranty. Their promise is that you will get high-quality fruit, vegetable or meat cutting boards. If a board breaks within a year, please use your replacement or refund. The space saving baking set includes everything you need for your kitchen, one large roasting pan and 8 in. baking. There are two muffin pans, a square cake tin, and an oven tray. There are cake tins and an oven tray. This all-in-one baking set is a good start to your baking ambitions. You won't have to look for missing baking pans again because all the pieces fit into a single box. Everything in the Space Saving Baking Set is made of aluminum coated carbon steel and are dishwasher safe, rust-proof, and up to 400 degrees. The perfect gift for any young couple's wedding registry, anyone moving into a new apartment or home, or anyone who has a passion for baking.

Brand: Elbee

👤These rust so bad that it's easy to clean off hand washing. A stream of rust pours out after you wash them out of the dishwasher.

👤The large flat pan has been used twice by me. The first time, it started to rust. I've never put it in the dishwasher. I was trying to remove it from the oven when it folded. These pans are flimsy. If I could, I would return them. The surface was not hard. That's all.

👤These pans are okay. Its non-greasy. The bottom of the pans burns easily because it is not made of the good non-stick material. I only used them once and will post an update after a lot of use. I am not excited about them.

👤We live in an urban area and we don't have a lot of space. The way these stack and disappear in our oven drawer is amazing. Baking utensils are high quality. Very happy.

👤Used twice and burned on 350.

👤For the last five years my wife has been complaining about the lack of cabinet space. She's happy now! I'm happy! She loves her new bakeware and I am enjoying more delicious treats as she tests each piece. Her acclimates thus far have included heavy duty, non-stick, easy clean and more. We bought a set of pots and pans. After disposing of her old cookware, she now has enough space to put her new cookware in her cabinet. You could offer a coupon for a gym membership with your product. It's funny.

👤I was expecting a bigger set of compacts, but they were a bit smaller than I was expecting. The non-stick has allowed for a very easy clean up.

👤Excellent quality for the price. Not heavy but not flimsy. When I cut pies or cakes, I will use things that don't scratch. I like that way with my cookware. I wish it had a loaf pan.

4. SMIRLY Round Cheese Board

SMIRLY Round Cheese Board

Simple to clean by hand and dishwasher safe. Bowls can be used on standard refrigerator shelf, cabinets and pantry. To minimize exposure to heat, please wash the lids. A great gift idea is for a wedding registry. Every successful gathering needs their cheese knife set. The largest round cheese board on the market is accompanied by all the accessories you'll need for an epic party that will impress your guests. This size, quality, and aesthetic appeal will not be found elsewhere. One of life's most enjoyable moments is when you fill their serving board with a variety of foods. The large cheese board set is a must-have for entertaining. The cheese board accessories include a cheese knife set and ceramic sauce dishes. Their design has two pull out and drawers so you can easily throw a big bash. Host your next party with confidence and not worry. The wine and cheese board is perfect for a quiet dinner for two. Their bamboo cheese board and cutlery set are perfect for any modern couple, new homeowner, or apartment dweller. SMIRLY's unique and beautiful board, with so many beneficial features and accompanying accessories, comes with a sturdy decorative box for instant gift giving. Everyone on your list will love and appreciate this thoughtful gift. Charcuterie boards are an art form. You can make a platter for any occasion. You can use the bamboo cheese board as a blank canvas to create the perfect ensemble of meats, cheeses, veggies, crackers, fruits, and condiments to please any audience. Their board, bonus cheese board and stone server open up a world of possibilities. Bamboo Rocks are a smart purchase for many reasons. Bamboo is renewable and earth friendly. It's nonporous so it won't bend, warp, crack, absorb odor, or stain. The hardwood is very easy to clean. A low maintenance wood that is easy to care for.

Brand: Smirly

👤The bamboo board is heavy duty and great craftsmanship. The bowls are great to hold different kinds of food. There are two drawers under the board that hold shorter ceramic dishes, cheese knives, and cheese forks. There is a bamboo serving tray. It is easy to clean. This would make a wonderful gift for a girl's wine night.

👤I used this for a party.

👤I bought this cheese/charcuterie board and book as an engagement gift. It is very well made and contains everything one would need to set up an elegant display of cheeses and treats for entertaining. I thought it was a good value. I might buy one for myself.

👤It was bought as a gift. It looks good and is worth the money. It looks like it was made well. One of the drawers does not slide in and out very well. Maybe I got a bad piece. It is difficult to pull it out with food on it. The only way to pull it out is to turn it upside down. I tried wax, oil and other things to make it smooth but they didn't help.

👤I used the once for my wife's birthday party. It says we cleaned by hand. I left the drawers out of the base because we put them on top of the main body. The whole body is warped when you get everything ready for Christmas parties. It's so bent in that it can't even open. I tried to bend it back, but the full length of the bow was developed by a cracked line. This thing only lasted two uses in three months. Hard pass here, folks.

👤At a baby shower, it was purchased to entertain. It doesn't slide on hard surfaces. A nice looking box for storage. The slide in trays are protected from falling out. After cleaning the trays for storage, I had to insert the small tray before the large one. I plan to use it a lot.

👤The rock on the new item was discolored and some of the compartments were hard to open. It was cool but had concerns about the quality and longevity.

👤The first one was hard to open because of the sharp edges. The replacement had the same problems. Returned for a reason. The seller was easy to work with and the product was not usable.

👤The headline says great board. Quality construction as well as great utensils, would not hesitate to buy or gift another. I would recommend oiling and waxing.

👤The main dish cracked after less than 2 months of purchase. I haven't spent the money. I need a responsible customer service to fix this for me, what do I have to do?

👤I love it because it will be used on every special occasion and utensils are great.

5. Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Brushed

Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Brushed

It's perfect for indoors or outdoors, and can be used for Birthday, wedding, shows, restaurant, home, and more. The metal mixing bowls have a range of 6 sizes, so they can be used for everything. For all-purpose workhorses in the kitchen from preparing, mixing, stirring, and kneading dough. STAINLESS STEEL has an attractive mirror finish for an elegant look. The metal bowls are easy to clean and stain resistant. Durability yet light weight - that's what it is. Their bowls are made from freezer- and dishwasher-safe materials and shatterproof to last a lifetime. It was intricately designed. The wide rolled rims allow for a solid grip. Balance and stability are provided by flat bases. Capacity marked outside bowls for easy identification. The salad bowlsseamlessly nest together and offer space- efficient storage that helps simplify the kitchen. Kitchen mixing bowl sets.

Brand: Finedine

👤They are made like junk.

👤I was excited until I got them. I could tell by the package that it was a bad purchase. 3 of the 6 are dents and won't sit on the counter so they rock back and forth. If you push on the bottom of the bowl, they pop. Not worth the money or time. They go back.

👤I am not sure if these are 100% steel. I believe that the company misrepresented the origin of the manufacturer. There is no indication of what material the bowls were made of. Every product I buy in a store has an inscription on it that says "stainless steel." I am not sure if they are made of the correct material, and I will not use them myself, even for food consumption.

👤Unless people have never seen decent bowls before, I don't understand the positive reviews. The bowls are light and easy to use. These aren't strong enough to hold up to cooking. I returned them after I pulled them out of the box. If you like things that last you look elsewhere, you'll get a lot of bowls.

👤I opened the box and found that 2 of the 6 bowls had been damaged. The package was intact. I believe this happened before the manufacturing process began. I returned the bowls to Amazon. Initially I was thinking of giving it away as a Christmas gift, but decided to try it out first and buy a second set if I liked it. Imagine keeping the box closed for a while and opening it during the holidays. This is a lesson I have learned before. Look.

👤I just received the shipment and examined the bowls, 5 out of 6 were in good condition but one was banged up so much that I was surprised it passed evaluation and was shipped out. For the price, I suppose this is acceptable, but it makes me feel bad about the whole experience and makes me less enthusiastic about the remaining 5 bowls. These are not stains that can be wiped off. They're either bumps or cuts through the shiny finish, or they're under the finish.

👤These are gorgeous! Photo doesn't do them justice. They are not the least bit flimsy. I like the large lip on the rim. Perfect gifts will be made by these. Not a single ding came from the carefully packed car. It would be nice if the quart size was stamped on the bottom of the bowl. Unless it is, I can't catch it. The size is easy to estimate, so it is not an issue. I didn't get these at a discount. I am sick of seeing those reviews.

👤Nice size bowls. The largest one is very large. I have only used it to mix 2 lbs of baked macaroni and cheese, with 6 cheeses, and it doesn't even get close to filling the bowl. I use it when I make cornbread dressing because I have to make 3 different versions, one for myself, my husband and our son, so it will come in handy when mixing the main ingredients. I only had it for a week or so and there are already marks on my favorite bowl. That is a bit disappointing. It's not a dealbreaker. 4.5 stars.

6. Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware Cranberry

Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware Cranberry

Their cheese board with a cutlery set is not just for special occasions. For a nice mid-week treat at home, use yours for a glass of wine from the comfort of your own kitchen. You can make a pre-dinner snack or make a night of it. You can add it to your cart now. Two 10-inch x 15-inch cookie pans, Two 9-inch round cake pans, 9-inch square cake pan, 2 loaf pans, 9-inch x 13-inch rectangular cake pan with lid are included in the set. Every single day of the week: unfettered access. The bakeware set features heavy gauge steel construction with rolled-rim bake pan edges. Non-stick is long-lasting. The baking pans have a long- lasting, latte-colored inside and out that provide excellent food release. COMFORT AND CONTROL are related. Silicone grips on the bakeware pan handles are comfortable to hold. It was designed for performance. The bakeware set is oven safe at 450 degrees F and includes all the essential bake pan shapes. There are bake pans. The cake pan with lid is ideal for bringing goodies on the go, cookie pans are great for sheet pan dinners, and round cake pans are perfect for roasting.

Brand: Rachael Ray

👤I was very excited to get this cookware. I liked the look of it and the color. I had a brand new kitchen sink and I'm dealing with rusted pans that stained it. Do not buy if you plan to use them.

👤They don't work! The water stand behind the folds around the rim and rusts when you wash them.

👤Beware! I thought Rachel Ray would have a quality product. After only washing the pan once, I saw the coating was starting to rust and bubbling up. I contacted Amazon and they only offered me a partial refund because it was over 30 days. I thought that Rachel Ray would be behind their product. If this happened to one pan, how would I know if the others would have the same problem? Rachel Ray told me that they would only replace the pan and not give me a refund. I thought this was not good customer service. I went back to Amazon and told them that Rachel Ray had given me a full refund. I used the cupcake pan for the second time and it was the same bubbling and rusting as the first time. Don't buy a product that is inferior. Thank you Amazon for standing behind the product when the seller did not.

👤These pans are of good quality. The good part is that we filed a warranty claim after we returned the pan because it had two deep scratches. The replacement pan was sent by the company. They make you file a claim every time, so it's hard to contact them. It took a month to get the wrong pan, so I may return it.

👤It's amazing! When we renovated our kitchen, we got a new set of Rachel Ray pots and pans. My last set lasted us a long time. The blue part of the pan melted when it was in the oven. It melted! The product was terrible. I'm sad that I can't have all of the matching sets, but I'm scared to buy another set.

👤Yesterday I got these. Decided to make muffins. I debated if I should grease them. I didn't. I used them the same way as they are. My muffins popped out. There was nothing left in the pan. I'm happy. Don't put non stick pans in the dishwasher no matter what they say, I have learned this from owning dozens of non stick pans. It is a good idea to wash and dry under the rim. Never use non stick spray. I have learned that it will ruin your pans. I needed new pans because of that. I'm happy I bought these. If I have any issues, I will update in the future.

👤I received a new 10-piece bakeware from the company and I am loving it so far. They arrived quickly, were packaged nicely, and are a beautiful color. The metal is very strong and thick, which is something I have never experienced with any other pans or cookie sheets. I like that the pans have a good size handle on both sides, which makes it easier to remove the food from the oven. The handles are large enough to be picked up with my hand. The red silicone parts are thick enough that they help keep the pans from scratching each other when they are stored, but I don't know if that is their purpose or not. I accidentally tested out the non-stick surface last night and decided to write this review now. I have never made a spiral glazed ham before. I wrapped the ham in foil because I was afraid the juices would leak all over my oven and I would have trouble lifting an odd shaped ham. I put the cookie sheets under the ham. I baked it for 2 hours, removed it, opened the foil, poured on the sticky glaze, re-wrapped it, and popped it back in the oven. As the ham was cooking, the glaze leaked out of the foil, all over the cookie pan, and burned onto the surface. I wish I had taken a picture of it to see how bad it was. I debated whether to clean the pan or just throw it away after removing the ham. I ran hot water over it to see if there was any hope, and to my astonishment, the burnt gunk began falling off and rinsing out! I put a couple of drops of Dawn in the pan, filled it with hot water, and let it sit overnight because there were a couple of spots that the water didn't work on. The rest of the burnt gunk fell out when I touched it with the sponge after rinsing the pan with more hot water. The pan is brand new, like it had never been through such a horrible experience. I have never had a pan that came clean without scrubbing, soaking, and more scrubbing. This one was so clean that I didn't even have to wash it with a sponge, it was just washed with a soft soapy sponge. It's worth the money. These seem to be an investment that will last for a long time. I can't wait to get the stove-top pots and other items.

7. Ninja Professional Countertop Technology BL610

Ninja Professional Countertop Technology BL610

If you choose a gift message at check-out, it will only appear on the packing slip, not the gift card or carrier. 1000 watt of professional power can crush ice and break tough ingredients. There's a language called XL caPACITY. The professional pitcher is great for making frozen drinks and smoothie for the whole family. 64 ounces of liquid capacity. The technology is intelligent. Total Crushing Technology has blades that can crush ice, fruits and vegetables in seconds. ICE CRUSHING You can blast ice into the snow and make delicious frozen drinks. It is a sign of repentance. InSPIRATION: The included recipe guide has drink and dish making inspiration. The pitcher is dishwasher safe and is easy to clean, making it just as easy to clean as using the blender. The 1000 Watt Motor Base Professional Blender and 72 oz Total Crushing Pitcher are included.

Brand: Ninja

👤I bought this after researching the competition. I decided to go with the lower priced Ninja after reading reviews and comments. I use mine for making smoothie twice a day, I have owned it for six weeks. I have a morning fruit and berry smoothie and an afternoon veggie smoothie. Blending is a really convenient way to get in all your fruit and veggies each day. I love my Ninja. I have had stuff made with a Vita Mix in the past, but have never done a side by side comparison, though I can think of a few differences that are meaningful for me. The heat is generated by the Vita Mix. They use it as a selling feature, that you can use it to make soups, but I don't like my smoothies cold, so it's not something I look for in a blender. The comparisons with Ninja on smoothness and thoroughness of blend seem to have gone to Vita Mix. I knocked the Ninja off because my smoothies are a bit chewier after a few weeks of using the blender. Ninja relies on their sharp blades, which naturally dull with use, especially when using frozen berries or ice in their smoothies. I've noticed a subtle change in texture, no chunks, but definitely not a fine blend. My understanding is that the dull blades in Vita Mix work for years, they don't rely on sharpness as much as they do on speed. I don't notice the aeration that comes with the Ninja because it's not something I notice with a Vita Mix. My smoothies are full of fruit and veggies. The Ninja is a great deal if you are okay with having some noticeable fiber in your blend over time. Expect that you will have it in time if that matters to you. The blender is easy to use and clean. I've never had to remove the top. I use 3 cups of leafy greens, as well as whole carrots, celery, apples, and never have chunks. It's a great machine. I can't rate longevity since I only had it for 6 weeks, but so far I'm very pleased. I got a Vita mix after owning the Ninja for 3 months. There is a difference between my original review and the one I have now. The Ninja starts out well, but then things don't blend as well over time. I drink 2 smoothies a day, so I use it a minimum of 2 times a day. I started calling my smoothies "grainies." The technology depends on how sharp the blades are, but they dull with use and it shows in the results. The power of the Vita Mix is not dependent on blade sharpness. I can make a lot of flour with it. The heat is not a factor but a feature. Nothing gets warm unless you leave it on in order to generate heat, because most things are blended in less than a minute. I don't think it's fair to compare the Ninja to the Vita Mix, it's like comparing apples and oranges.

8. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

The wipe warmer has a soft night light. The flip top lid makes it easy to access wipes. The night light has an auto shut off. It holds up to 100 standard sized baby wipes. The dimensions are 7.25 inches x 5 inches x 10 inches. It is latex free. Do not drink from the water. When adding new wipes to the warm wipe glow warmer, make sure to pour half a cup of water over the wipes. During periods of non-use, the unit should be unplugged. When adding new wipes to the warm wipe glow warmer, make sure to pour half a cup of water over the wipes. During periods of non-use, the unit should be unplugged.

Brand: Munchkin

👤When we got home from the hospital with our baby, we had to warm the wipes. We couldn't stand hearing our baby cry because of a cold wet wipe. We use it since he is a few months old, but we don't need it anymore. The wipes stay moist and warm since you don't have to rush the wipe off. There are pros and cons. If you don't use it frequently, the wipes will dry out and the top ones will have a brownish tint to them, because they are not as moist. I always check the reviews when I buy something online because I really don't need it once they are older. I rely on others to help me make a decision. I try to include photos in my reviews. If my review has helped you, please click the "helpful" button below, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thank you!

👤This wipes warmer warms up the wipes. I have a 3.5 year old daughter with special needs who will always need wipes. She is sensitive to bath time and wipes during diaper changes. I like that the wipes are always warm, and that the built in night-light is a nice addition. I don't mind the fact that I have to add a splash of water to a new set of wipes, but I don't mind it at all. She appreciates the new accommodations.

👤When you have gone through a refill of wipes, it is a good idea to open the warmer and run to dry it out. Add the new wipes when it is dry. The method has worked well for me and we have no issues. We only need to go without warm wipes for a few hours a day. I know I don't have to worry when I use it again. I have never had issues with wipes drying out, even if they get dry, because they warm to the right temperature. oops! I have never needed to add water to the wipes, and the lock is easy to open and close, so I wouldn't recommend it. We have had this warmer on for about 2 months now, and it is still working. It was perfect on one of the shelves.

👤wipe warmers were one of the purchases that everyone regretted. I don't know how we made our baby go through diaper changes with cold wipes. The baby would not wake up with nighttime changes after we started using them. He used to contract a lot more when we changed his diaper, and once we started using warmed ones he would like to stay relaxed. How would you feel if your wife got a call in the middle of the night? Warm the wipe, be kind! The small night light is a nice touch, but it doesn't give a lot of light, but it does light up the immediate vicinity of the bulb. The wipe warmer is very convenient to use, it can be disconnected from the power quickly, and the hook up is very close to the diaper dispensers. Don't forget to add water. I feel like the white are a little bit wet because of the extra water. I feel like the chemicals in the wipes are a lot less harsh and you're cleaning better because of it. The baby loves his diaper changes, he doesn't mind when we change him, by pulling his legs towards his face and smiling at us. I would not go without it. Must buy. Awesome price, works great, looks nice, perfect gift for baby showers!

9. Smirly Cheese Board Knife Set

Smirly Cheese Board Knife Set

For more than 60 years, Hortense b. hewitt has been a leader in quality wedding accessories. The meat and cheese tray is designed to impress your guests. Their gift set with accessories for the charcuterie board makes entertaining easy and fun. Their wooden serving platter is the largest on the market, so you can throw an epic gathering. Their serving board and round tray combo are great for entertaining because they add simplicity to your life and infinite ways to dazzle your guests. They will remember you every time they use this gift. Whether you need birthday gifts for mom, house warming gifts for new home owners, wedding gifts for bride and groom, or hostess gifts, SMIRLY's large cheese board with accessories offers so many beneficial features. Everyone on your list will love and appreciate this timeless gift. Their tray is perfect for a romantic evening for two or a large holiday party. One of life's most rewarding experiences is time with friends and family. The cheese board set includes bowls, a cheese knife set, and all the accessories you'll need for an evening filled with fun and festivities. Charcuterie boards are an art form. You can make a platter for any occasion. You can use the bamboo cheese board as a blank canvas to create the perfect ensemble of meats, cheeses, veggies, crackers, fruits, and condiments to please any audience. The generously sized, 3-sided board with all the accessories and extras lets you unleash your creativity. Their bamboo cheese board and knife set are a smart purchase for many reasons. Bamboo is renewable and earth friendly. It's nonporous so it won't bend, warp, crack, absorb odor, or stain. The hardwood is very easy to clean. A low maintenance wood that is easy to care for.

Brand: Smirly

👤I was excited when I ordered the product, but I was shocked when I got it yesterday. The material is cheap and damaged. It's not made of wood. It's heavy. I don't recommend this product. I will definitely return it.

👤I am very happy with the purchase. There were a lot of sharp edges in the manufacture, so I would not criticize it. I used foam or fine foam sanding pads to smooth out the surface after I hand sanded it. After removing all the dust and dirt, Butcher Block Conditioner was put on the surface and wiped it dry and smooth. If you want to clean a quality bamboo cutting board, you should use a clean damp cloth and wash it with soap and water. Give it another treatment with Butcher Block Conditioner after it has dried completely. It was worth the extra work since it will be a gift for my daughter.

👤I liked it. I tried to buy another one but it was not available.

👤I bought this for my daughter in January. She went to use it for the second time and the drawer holding the knives wouldn't open. It looked like it had warped. She was careful in washing the surface after the first use, so it wasn't the result of submerging it into water. They were finally able to open the drawer, but it wouldn't close again after opening. My daughter loved this gift and is disappointed it is not usable after one use.

👤I bought this for my husband's 40th birthday because he is a fan of the meat. I was completely deceived by the reviews I read. The quality of this product is not worth the 60 dollars I paid for it. There are cracks and chips in the wood and there are splits on the board. One side doesn't go all the way in. We took it out of the box and washed it for his party. It was almost like someone sent it back and then gave it to us. shameful. It was almost $100 for a product. Don't spend the extra money if you're not sure if you're buying from a legit dealer.

👤The slide outs are great and the board is great. The tray on the right and the larger one with knives won't pull out. The board is in a couple places. I have only used it twice. It is not certain how long it will last. I wipe it down with water. It's a great board, so I'm so disappointed. I threw the note away because I loved the card so much that I had to contact them.

👤I bought this as a Christmas present for my mother after seeing that it was one of the top cheeseboards. It's a great all in one entertainment center. One of the ceramic dipping bowls broke, but the board was packed well. I contacted the seller, Smirly, who immediately replied and sent a new cheeseboard replacement. They told me to keep the old one. Excellent customer service should be celebrated when experienced. They went above and beyond to fix the problem and not have to go through any more hassle. I appreciate this kind of professionalism and will go out of my way to buy from this company again in the future and promote them to family and friends. My family loves this cheeseboard. It has everything you need to make a great spread. It's an ideal gift for anyone who likes cheese and crackers and would like a spread for themselves while watching TV. I will buy it again as a gift in the future. Thanks so much, Smirly.

10. DELUXY Tumblers Engagement Couples Wedding

DELUXY Tumblers Engagement Couples Wedding

It's great for bachelor or bachelorette party gifts, or even as bridal shower gifts. His and her glasses work for them all. The award-winning wedding gift set is an ideal gift for couples who have everything unique. The complete bundle is packaged in an elegant way. There is no gift wrap needed. A unique and memorable gift is something the couple will always remember, and it is something the couple received so many gifts for their wedding. This gift will be used and appreciated for a long time after their special day has passed. Adhere to multiple practices and practiceCAL. These insulated wine tumblers are the perfect choice for a hot day at the beach, a romantic camping trip, a hiking trip, or any other outdoor adventure. You can take them with you wherever you go. Their premium quality Mr and Mrs tumblers feature a double layer insulated structure that keeps your hot beverage warm for 3 hours and your cold drink cold for 9 hours. It's perfect for any drink. Your choice! It is risk-free! They are not happy until their customers are happy. If you are not satisfied, they will give you a full refund. Add to cart now and spread the joy of giving.

Brand: Deluxy

👤This was a gift to a couple. They loved them. They told me that they were going to use them for more than just wine. This is a great gift for a bridal shower, engagement party, wedding, anniversary or just because they're cool!

👤I love this set. I like the box and the set up it's in. It's ready to gift. I will be giving a gift to a friends parents who are moving to America. They have been married for 30 years. It is a unique bundle. It comes with a wine bottle opener and a wine stop. I was thinking of buying a set for myself and my husband when we went to the pool and the beach, I was even thinking of buying coffee for us in the mornings. Everything came as advertised. The box was in great shape. I am very happy with my purchase and I would rate it 5 stars.

👤The cup set is great for a newly wed couple or for people who have been married for a long time. The cups are made of metal. They work well for a variety of drinks. The straws and lids add to the bonus. The straws have lines like plastic straws and are cute. The wine bottle opener and cork can be used to say Mr. and Mrs. The note card is a great wedding gift. My husband and I love this little box set. The presentation is lovely and it comes in a round box.

👤I really like these. They are cute and good quality. They're heavier than any other tumblers I own, but they're good. My drinks stay cold for a long time. I bought this for myself and my love, but the fact that it comes as a set with the wine/bottle opener, the wine stopper, and the STAINLESS steel straws would be a great gift for anyone. Definitely recommend!

👤This is a great buy, you can put hot or cold drinks in it. The outside of the mug does not get warm when you put hot coffee in it. Cold drinks stay cold for a long time when put in a tumbler. I love this tumbler.

👤These are an amazing gift for a couple. The material is very strong, they wash well, and they are adorable. The gift box also comes with a wine bottle opener, a cute silicone wine stopper, straws, and cleaner. This is a perfect bridal shower gift. The company is great. They check in on you to see if you like the gifts. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

👤The new couple will love these tumblers. It is easy to use. Each cup has a cute little brush that can be used to clean the straws after a drink. It's good for indoor or outdoor pleasure. There are caps on t-shirts to keep things from floating. They could be put on display with anniversary pictures. The box is full so the tumblers have accessories. A good purchase for a wedding.

11. Smirly Charcuterie Board Cheese Knife

Smirly Charcuterie Board Cheese Knife

Brand new packaging. Their premium set is fast and delicious. The meat and cheese board is the perfect size for displaying a variety of delicious options. The cheese serving board is filled with appetizing offerings. Their large cheese board set will add a touch of simplicity to your life. Their bamboo cheese board set is perfect for every gathering. Their design has two drawers that hold knives and utensils, 3 ceramic serving bowls, a fruit tray, and a serving platter stone. The wedding gifts that will be truly appreciated are their charcuterie tray. The bamboo cheese board and knife set is a smart purchase for many reasons. Bamboo is renewable and earth friendly. It's nonporous so it won't bend, warp, crack, absorb odor, or stain. The hardwood is very easy to clean. A low maintenance wood that is easy to care for. Charcuterie boards are an art form. You can make a platter for any occasion. You can use the bamboo cheese board as a blank canvas to create the perfect ensemble of meats, cheeses, veggies, crackers, fruits, and condiments to please any audience. Gathering with friends and family over food and drinks is one of life's most enjoyable experiences. The board comes with a sturdy box for instant gift giving. Their guide booklet has design suggestions and ideas for board use. Smirly makes simple things better, and their cheese board is sure to become a favorite for entertaining and serving.

Brand: Smirly

👤I would give them 6 stars. I got the item a few days ago. It's versatile and functional. There was a piece of porcelain that was broken from the cheese fork. I contacted them and asked for a replacement fork. I received a reply telling me that they would replace the entire set, and I did not have to replace the original product. I am in the Customer Service business, and I have never experienced a better customer service. I've shared this experience with friends and co-workers. I can recommend this company and product. Smirly, you are an amazing company. There is a Mike.

👤The board cracked 1/2 way through the first time it was opened. See the pictures!

👤Not high quality. Plastic malamine is used in sauce bowls. The board has rough edges. You can feel the marks on the tray cut outs. The front of the board has gaps. The piece has 888-405-7720 Not impressed.

👤I wanted to make a board for Christmas. I was very disappointed when I opened it to find a broken slate tray and aBamboo board that was very thin and scratched up. It was too much money for this board. Don't waste your money on this. I was expecting more for the price.

👤There are three ceramic bowls in the description. The bowls are made of plastic. They should not say they are ceramic if they are not. I cut my thumb when I was wrapping knives, but it was my fault. The plastic sleeve was very flimsy. I think the blade should be protected a little more. The presentation is beautiful. I'm happy with the item. One for myself and 2 as gifts. The display is great for entertaining. Storage is easy as it is self contained. The company should change the description of the bowls to better protect the little knife blades.

👤It was a good board. The extra round board was porous and fruit stained it on the first use. The rest of the board was clean. The slate was not clean after being scrubbed a bit. We put crackers on it. Had to remove the cheese from the bottom to get the flakes off it.

👤This photo does not feature the round fruit tray or the two pull-out trays, but it is for a small charcuterie. It may not look that way. Impressive. This board is amazing. This is a perfect purchase because of the packaging, quality, and price. This board is awesome and I highly recommend it. It stays compact when you don't want a big display, but I love the fact that you can expand when you need to. A good one.

👤This is the only purchase I have made. I was very pleased with the quality and features. I researched for two days before I decided on this one as it had everything I was looking for.

👤The board is beautiful, but my tile broke while I was cutting cheese. I would love for the seller to send me a broken piece to complete my board, but I am not sure how to contact them since there is no option to contact them on Amazon. It's a nice board and I gave it 3 stars. It's a hassle to send it back for a refund, I prefer a complete set. There is an update... I was able to contact the seller, but they could not replace the broken piece, so I got a full refund. They took care of me quickly and were very supportive of their products. I would order from them again. The board is really nice and I changed my review to 5 stars because of their customer service.


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