Best Wedding Name Place Cards Purple

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1. Supla Laurel Leaves Wedding Seating

Supla Laurel Leaves Wedding Seating

All designs are created by their in-house team. The 100 PCS Blank small brown paper table name number place cards have white leaves. The paper card was printed with white leaves. These place cards don't need support. They will stand tall if you fold them along the score mark. The names of your guests will be framed by a smooth paper finish and the color of the paper will add a touch of rustic. The tent cards measure appr. When folded closed, the high is 2 high by 3.5 wide. You have enough space to fill in the guest name and table number. A blank background with a table number is surrounded by leaves. You can easily guide your guests to their seats with these elegant place cards. These are perfect for a rustic wedding or country theme party and are also great for bridal showers, birthday parties or holidays. The place cards can be used for a birthday party, wedding party, anniversary party, bridal showers, baby showers, Christmas and many more. This unique tented seating table cards are perfect for greenery place card, greenery food labels, tent place cards, name tags, escort cards, rustic wedding place cards, greeting cards, name place cards, seating cards, table card, gratitude cards, thank you cards, thank you cards

Brand: Supla

👤I use them as notes, not place cards. They're great for leaving a small encouragement note.

👤The product is very nice. I would buy them again. We used to have a women's retreat. We shared notes with each other and they were also used for our name tags at the tables.

👤Cute, easy to write on, and great value. I plan to use the lots left over from the wedding when entertaining to label dishes.

👤We were going for a rustic look and these are perfect. It is easy to write a name and move on.

👤You get a lot for your money.

👤These are thank you cards for those who buy my artwork. They were undamaged and are the right size to write a note.

👤Some of the cards had flaws due to the type of material.

2. Andaz Press Anniversary Celebration Confirmation

Andaz Press Anniversary Celebration Confirmation

The place cards were designed by Andaz Press. There are 20 place cards in the order, with 5 sheets and 4 place cards. You can separate the cards from the paper. Place on a mini table, easel, or plate as part of an elegant place setting. You can use with dessert tables or buffet stations. There are many Andaz Press items such as party signs, Hershey's Kiss labels, cupcake wrappers and more. Pay one low shipping rate when filling your cart with Andaz Press items. Expedited and 2-day shipping are also available. All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days from California.

Brand: Andaz Press

👤I have a ruler and it would be nice to have layout instructions with the measurement for margin and the size of the card. The ink jet printer smeared the first and the second on the glossy surface. I was able to only print one at a time. The problem is that the perforation broke in transit. I used washi tape to hold it together. I wanted to use 15 place cards. They are glossy gold and pretty. I had extras after I killed more page printing. I used business card stock and wrote the names on it myself.

👤The seller's processing and delivery of my order was positive, but the product was disappointing. I didn't have time to find an alternative because I was doing this project just a few days before my event with 150 guests. My issues are that not all of the cards were torn all the way through, which resulted in many torn cards and white paper. The quality issue is not a product defect. When you fold them in half, the shiny black paper on the top margin shows white underneath. This wouldn't bother me if it was a clean line, but it was an even line, which made them look less polished. I wouldn't purchase this product again and wouldn't recommend it.

👤If you have good handwriting or have few words, these are good for you. I almost returned them because there was no information for printing. Multiple coats got messy as I did one coat. A whole sheet was wasted. I would not use them for a wedding. I would buy chalk signs.

👤Don't buy these. Not a good product. The ink doesn't print well on the solid colors so it looks like faded black/gray at best. The borders aren't centered so on some you'll have one centimeter of edging on the left and five on the right. The template they send does not line up with the printing spots. The names will not be centered on the name plate when it prints them. We ordered these to save money, but ended up spending more money on name cards than we need to because we have to get enough for everyone. It's not worth the headaches or the hours spent trying to make it work.

👤These tent cards are not printed. I tried several printers. Nothing worked. The reviewers stated that they are glossy, which takes away from thechalkboard style. I tried them because I was in a pinch. I needed tent cards, chalkboard style, but mostly, I needed them fast. I was able to write on the cards and leave them out for several hours to dry, so I gave them 2 stars. I was not looking for a fast solution.

👤They are made of paper that does not tear well. The paper is not thick enough to cause the number to cave in.

👤It was perfect for my wedding. They were used for the flavors of our cupcakes. They turned out great and the color was perfect.

3. Best Paper Greetings Place Cards

Best Paper Greetings Place Cards

The cards measure 3.5 x 4 inches when unfolded and 3.5 x 2 inches when folded. White place cards are perfect for weddings, boutiques, trade shows, restaurants, or any event that has reserved seating. Food labels, guest name labels, and tables at wedding parties are some of the uses for these place cards. The cards are made of thick 250 gsm cardstock for a sturdy and premium feel; the cards are blank for personalization by hand; each card has gold foil polka dots on one side; they are not printer friendly. Make sure to always have some place cards on hand when organizing events with the value pack. When folded it is 3.5 x 2 inches and unfolded it is 3.5 x 4 inches.

Brand: Best Paper Greetings

👤I'm having a dinner party and wanted a simple tent card for each setting. They are perfect for that. They were put on the top of a box with some delicate glass bowls, and they served as a buffer for one of the boxes since it filled in the space on top of that box so the glass stayed in place! The other box had broken bowls because of the handling of the box. It was worth it for that alone. I wish I'd ordered two of them.

👤My son had a bar mitzvah. The idea was to have people choose their own tables. We put these up with markers and people wrote their names on the seats they wanted to sit in. The cards were festive and sturdy. It worked out well.

👤The place cards have a pretty design and can stand on their own. The result is almost elegant if you get a gold Sharpie for writing the guest name.

👤A thick paper with gold polka dots. It's perfect for table seating assignments. Sharpie pen was used to write each person's name and table number. It was perfect.

👤These are a good deal. I use them to label food I take to church functions. People appreciate knowing what is in the food they are eating.

👤I love these cards. I use them to identify dishes. I have used them to write a short note on gifts.

👤These cards are very nice and inexpensive. They shipped quickly which was a plus.

👤The guest tables at our 50th anniversary celebration were decorated with the cards. They are made from sturdy paper material which makes it easy to write on.

👤The place cards are lovely. They were perfect for my wedding.

👤Perché devo organizzare la festa. Sono bellissimi il formato giusto faranno.

👤Son preciosas tienen espacio suficiente.

👤Amigo calidad y amigos. Volvera.

4. Number Wedding Restaurants Weddings Banquets

Number Wedding Restaurants Weddings Banquets

If you want your guests to be amazed by the decor at your wedding, party, or other event, you must end your search here. The design of the table number holders will impress your guests. Their table numbers are made of solid steel and will hold your cards in place even if the event is held outside. The quality of the menu is premium. The table numbers are the name card holders. It is stylish, durable and made of premium quality. For special occasions. The picture holder stand will make you feel good. The photo holder is an excellent choice for wedding seat holders. If you're looking for an antique item to add to your table settings, these table card holders are the way to go. These picture holders for tables are useful for weddings and festivities, but also for jotting down unexpected office responsibilities, and you can give them to your family and friends as gifts. The place card holders are modest and elegant, which makes them easy to use, without taking up too much space on your tables. AFFORDABLE & STURDY: The table number holders are lightweight and easy to transport to the event location and can be used for a variety of purposes. The satisfaction of the customer is their top priority, and that's why they provide 16 steel elegant pieces in a bright color for wedding decor. They believe in their products. If you have a question about the product or service, do not hesitate to contact them. They will give you a solution.

Brand: Urban Deco

👤These worked out so well that I was so excited. I was worried that my card stock would not fit or that I would have a hard time getting it to fit. You just push the paper in. The paper is fine after I did this with several pieces. After spending hours trying to find something reliable, affordable, and elegant... I am in disbelief that I found these. Excellent quality! Thank you!

👤I bought these for my wedding signs. They're individually packaged in plastic bags in a box. I didn't notice any chips or scratches in the black ones I bought. The clips aren't hinged so it's hard to get paper into them. When trying to get the paper into the clips, you will get folds in the paper. I would only recommend these for paper. The black finish came off the white paper I was using because I had to slide the paper into the clip. If you slide the clip around, you might be able to see them.

👤I bought them for my wedding table numbers. I was a bit worried after reading reviews that it was hard to get paper into them because the table numbers were in thick paper. My table numbers fit in perfectly when they arrived. The bases are very heavy. The finish is brushed bronze, which is wonderful, but I expected it to be shiny or cheap. I am happy with the purchase and it looks very classy.

👤I love these! If you use them for table number cards, they will not blow over. The reason I have 4 stars instead of 5 is that I ordered gold and the box was labeled gold, but inside were antique copper colors. I didn't have time for a return, but the color was ok. The company needs to check for mislabelled colors. I would recommend it.

👤I ordered the picture for the gold. When it arrived, it was not gold at all, but a bronze looking color. Why are you doing this? You have to tell your customers the truth. I used gold spray paint on them and they are very useful. I painted them gold. It does look better after I sprayed it.

👤These are for displaying housemade pastries. The job is done but some are toojar and the little display tag slips through. They're not used because a total of five are too wide. If you have a thicker sign, it might be beneficial. Good thing we have extras. There is no big deal.

👤These are a good value since you get many for the price. I used them for the table numbers at my wedding reception. The mouth of the stand where you slide the paper in was not uniform. I had to pried open a few that were too tight so I could put the paper in. There were some that were too loose for one sheet of paper. Most of them did what I needed them to do.

👤There is a professional event planner here. I have never used a table number holder style like this before. They are sturdy and do not fall over. They made the table look better. I plan to buy more colors.

5. Tented Place Cards Wedding Cocktail

Tented Place Cards Wedding Cocktail

Nostalgic style. The place card holders have blank paper cards for writing. Catering events, baby showers, parties for wedding, birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversary, restaurants, woodland theme and more can be had with the natural texture of wood and kraft paper. The colored border adds a touch of class, catches the eye, and brings attention to the text, whether it's for a kitchen buffet, place cards for weddings, or a simple name card. The cards are folded in half to fit a standard business card. There are four unfolded cards in this size. The cards are 14 pt. It is known for its professional appearance. These place cards fit most place card holders. There are handwritten, calligraphy, printed, and clear label stickers.

Brand: Desert Mercantile

👤It's perfect for school, church, and sport. What is the dish? Make a note of the ingredients. Sturdy card stock. I will buy again.

👤The little cards are perfect for place cards.

👤The tent style place cards are very well made. Exactly what I was looking for. It's perfect for dinner parties. Fast service!

👤They were wonderful. They were used at my baby shower.

👤Good design, heavy paper. Does what you expect.

👤I can put a clear label that will fit on them.

👤It was perfect for my needs. Quality stock. Thank you!

6. Jofefe Premium Holders Picture Birthday

Jofefe Premium Holders Picture Birthday

The diamond place card holders have a width of 1.5mm and a depth of 10mm. The package does not include a card. The place card holders match the kraft cards perfectly, so you can get them together and save time. The rustic number holders are made from real wood with bark and bring a rustic atmosphere to your place. Mini size with rustic style makes it cute and useful, while Smooth surface enables it to support card or picture study. It's perfect for displaying table numbers, place cards, pictures, photos, table signs, small menus, food labels, price tags, party or wedding table markers and so on. It's a great way to write down unexpected office tasks.

Brand: Jofefe

👤They were a hit at my daughter's BBQ.

👤They were used for a baby shower. Would buy again.

👤My classroom is outdoors. I was looking for something different for my students name tags. I thought I would try them out. It was much smaller than I thought. They worked well. They look great.

👤These were disappointing. I returned them. If that is the case, they are very low and short. It's too short to be seen on a larger table with the decor, glasses and centerpiece. I bought gold place card holders instead. It's much easier to see from afar.

👤I had to return the slots because they were too wide for my signs.

👤The look was rustic. They were used for a Christmas table setting. There were lots of nice things to say. I wish it came with more name cards.

👤Really nice. It adds a cute touch to a dinner party.

👤It was very cute for the shower.

7. GrayBunny GB 6866C Cardholder Harp Clip Restaurants

GrayBunny GB 6866C Cardholder Harp Clip Restaurants

Also, note -- It only takes seconds to assemble the original boxes. There is a multi-PURPOSE. There are a variety of situations in which to display the placards. Great for table numbering at events or restaurants, name cards for table reservations or meetings, culinary dish and food labeling on buffet tables, sign and price cards on sales tables, guest seating assignments, foodservice labels, displaying recipe cards in your kitchen, place cards, photos, tags, paper, and Premium quality. Steel construction won't chip, crack or fade. There is a set of 12. Each unit has a 2.2 inch base and is 2.3 inches tall. It's Yiddish. The sleek form of your table tops makes them look luxurious. It's charming enough to use everyday. The table settings are elegant. GrayBunny has premium products for your home or office that exceed industry standards and offer excellent customer care. No worries, if you want your money back anytime within a year of purchase, you can. Just ask. Click the "add to cart" button if you want to add new decor to your event.

Brand: Gray Bunny

👤I have trouble finding places to hang signs at craft fairs that don't block the view of my items because they don't get in the way of the fair. A light bulb went off when I saw a place card holder holding a daily specials card. They would be a great alternative to taping signs. I put the signs on the shelf because there are 12 holders in a box. I rearranged the inventory so that customers could read the information next to it. These were an effective advertising tool for me. I can use them for a long time because they held up through a lot of handling.

👤The card holder is off center, it is as if they just glue it on. I will use them anyway because no one will be looking at them closely. I noticed right away.

👤I didn't get to use them because 3 out of the 12 had rusted and the ring fell off, but I bought 12 not 9 since I didn't need all of them. Hope the other 9 are still alive.

👤We bought six of them to hold the menu and table numbers. They had to sit on top of the dispensers. The chrome we ordered was the perfect color. They seem to be of good quality. It was perfect.

👤At my son's sports banquet, I used these as table decor. These are strong and don't fall over even with heavy stock pics. We will reuse them in the future. The quality is high.

👤The name card holders were pictured. Couldn't be better if they were silverplate. You couldn't get at this price. I will use them for a long time.

👤It's nice for any occasion. I was happy with the purchase.

8. Pack 100 Place Cards Weddings

Pack 100 Place Cards Weddings

Each rustic place card holder comes with a matching tent card, perfect for using as escort cards, name cards, seating cards, table name tags, guest cards, table number cards, buffet food signs, menu cards, wedding & party table food markers, label cards, candy buffet table The wood place card holders with swirl wire clip are ideal for holding photos, mini menu, postcards, pictures, business cards and so much more. White place cards with gold foil borders are perfect for weddings, boutiques, trade shows or any event that has reserved seating. Some uses for these place cards include food labels at banquets or parties. The cards are not printer friendly and are made of thick 250 gsm cardstock for a sturdy and premium feel. The value pack has 100 place cards. When organizing events, make sure to have some on hand. When folded it is 3.5 x 2 inches and unfolded it is 3.5 x 4 inches.

Brand: Best Paper Greetings

👤These do not work in a regular printer. I wish I had paid attention to that before buying. There was no time to get anything else before my wedding, so I went to print. I had to write it down. Otherwise they are good looking cards.

👤I will use them because it is too late to order new ones and the seller does not offer free returns. The gold border is too thin and unnoticeable, and the color looks like old paper, which is not consistent for all cards.

👤I used these for my sister's wedding. I was worried that the ink on the card wouldn't dry properly, but it did and they dried just fine!

👤I used transparent sticker paper and printed my name on them, then cut them out and put them on my place cards. The gold border made it look expensive.

👤A lot of the cards smudged because they had a shiny finish and did not dry quickly.

👤Dinner party name cards and food descriptions can be used. They are thick and have a golden border. They will likely smudge if they don't dry with permanent marker. They were a great purchase for future dinner parties.

👤I got this for my backyard wedding and I absolutely love it. It was very simple and elegant. The name label stickers worked out better than I anticipated.

👤My guests arrived at my party before I did and it was a success. I could seat guests with their friends and there was a sense of belonging with the quality place cards. Thank you. I will order them again.

👤I wanted new place name cards for my Christmas table. A pack of 100 will keep me going for a long time.

👤Excellent item. What I was looking for. Fast delivery. Well packages.

👤We bought these place cards to use on our wedding day, but now they just collect dust at home.

👤Cheap and cheerful.

9. YUFENG Laser Place Wedding Birthday

YUFENG Laser Place Wedding Birthday

Love the design and quality of the cards. The measurement is 3.54 inches. Brand new and high quality. 60 pieces of pearlescent art paper; NW:20g If you need to, put the name of the guests in the blank place. Laser cut decorating wine glass card is suitable for a wedding.

Brand: Yu Feng

👤The black is laser-cut. The lace design was very delicate. Many of the cards were different sizes and the white shimmery cardstock was pretty. Uneven. Many of them were so small that they didn't fit in the little holsters. I think I could have cut it more evenly. The black color from the card rubs off on your hands when you try to put the white cards in them. The cards look sloppy after that. I will not purchase again, as many guests did not notice the black-card stock-stained white cards, but I did an okay purchase.

👤These are pretty and made well. They are very cheap for what you are getting. I would recommend them.

👤Excellent quality and stylish! Highly recommended.

👤I like these. They are perfect!

👤The paper looked great on the table.

👤The quality of the black paper is delicate, and the white paper is laser cut. I can't find the names. I will need to buy sheets of name cards. I love the design and it is worth the extra work for me.

👤The name tags looked very elegant on the wedding tables. Great purchase.

👤Some of the cards were cut too small for the slots and fell out.

👤The job was done well at a surprise birthday dinner.

👤The item could be pretty. The design of the black card is very nice. White inserts are 1. The flaps of the black card are not fit for the correct height. I will have to glue them together. And 2. The white cards are not cut in a straight line. The white cards are not parallel.

👤The white cards were attached just one more thing to put together when busy with a wedding, but were very happy with them.

👤Good quality for the price. It's easy to assemble. It was shipped earlier than expected. Customer was happy. Thank you.

10. AZAZA White Blank Place Cards

AZAZA White Blank Place Cards

When folded it is 3.5 x 2 inches and unfolded it is 3.5 x 4 inches. There are 50 place cards in a pack and a folded card size of 2.5 x 3.75. The unfolded caed size is 5 x 3.75. It is simple and elegant and made of 300gsm premium paper. The gold border makes it look noble. The tented name card is easy to write on and dry quickly because of the matt finish. The tent card is a great first impression on wedding, banquet, dinner, party and other holidays. They fit nicely to be a buffet food label. If you don't sitify with their place cards, you can return it for no reason at all.

Brand: Azaza

👤I can't explain my excitement for these cards without sounding like a shill, but I'm a genuine person and looove these! They are larger than I expected and feel a lot like watercolor paper. I had a lot left over that I had been making mini cards with, and anything miniature is always a big hit. I ordered more. I hope they stay on Amazon because I am obsessed with name cards, and I can compare them to hundreds of other name cards, because of my line of work. These sturdy, beautiful name cards are recommended for a variety of projects.

👤These place cards were the best I have ever used. We are having a meal. I put a dot on the top of the place card so the server wouldn't have to ask what the selection was. They can see a blue dot and know a person is fishing. The calligraphy ink did not bleed. I like the larger card that I have had in the past. Looks classy.

👤I used these to make my escort cards. I was happy with how they turned out. I was able to print on them. I had to load each card individually, but they still turned out great.

👤The quality is great and the value is great. People were telling me they were going to keep the place cards for bookmarks. Very strong without looking like an economic problem.

👤These place cards are very good. The paper is thick and sturdy. They were used to mark the different foods at my baby shower. I can see these being used a lot.

👤I needed place cards to do a watercolor wash on with calligraphy. These work well. They hold up well to water from the watercolors.

👤I loved using these for my wedding. They can stand on their own once folded. The marker didn't bleed through to the other side. I bought 200 and would recommend them to anyone.

👤These were used for place cards. They took wet watercolor very well. The cards looked great when used with foil. They are a nice size and come pre-folded.

11. Greenery Thanksgiving Christmas Catering Assignment

Greenery Thanksgiving Christmas Catering Assignment

If you want to personalize your place cards with your own borders, you can get 150 kraft place cards at a value price. Your guests will be amazed at how cute each place setting is, and you will be able to impress them with these custom designed beautiful place setting cards. When guests sit down for dinner, these unique place cards make a great first impression. They fit nicely on a white plate. They can be used as buffet food labels, picnic or party cards, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and other holiday get togethers. They are easy to write on because of the thick quality of the paper. Order to see the difference between thick and thin. They can be used as cute escort cards. They can be used at a farmers market. 25 place cards are a great value. The custom designed place cards are superior to the mass produced place cards. Love the design and quality of the cards.

Brand: Hadley Designs

👤These cards are perfect. The design is lovely, the paper is very nice, and the cards will add an elegant touch far above the standard white place card. It is well worth the money.

👤There is nothing missing in these place cards. There are many options at the open house. I use the place cards for identification. I used them as gift tags for the gifts under the tree.

👤The placecards are very nice. The quality of the paper is nice and the graphic is exactly as it is on the picture. They arrived earlier than expected and that is a plus.

👤I bought these place cards on Amazon. They are perfect. I like to entertain. There are a lot of people at my table. I liked this place cards. The quality is excellent. I hope that there are more patterns to come. The table is simple and elegant. I hope the company expands. Very skilled.

👤These are gorgeous in person. These are my place cards for this year's Christmas. Stunning! A must have! Happy holidays from my family to you!

👤I ordered them for my tables. The greenery is used with the pumpkin centerpiece. I would like to see a simple border on them. The card stock is nice. Good luck with your business!

👤I like the simple design and the room for the name and table number.

👤I am very happy with my purchase of wedding place cards. The calligraphy names we are having for a family friend are perfect and match our invite theme beautifully. The small detail is exactly what I was looking for. I just ordered another set so I can have extras.


What is the best product for wedding name place cards purple?

Wedding name place cards purple products from Supla. In this article about wedding name place cards purple you can see why people choose the product. Andaz Press and Best Paper Greetings are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding name place cards purple.

What are the best brands for wedding name place cards purple?

Supla, Andaz Press and Best Paper Greetings are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding name place cards purple. Find the detail in this article. Urban Deco, Desert Mercantile and Jofefe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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