Best Wedding Mints Individually Wrapped

Mints 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Sweets Hospitality Mints Buttermints 7 Ounce

Sweets Hospitality Mints Buttermints 7 Ounce

Individually wrapped white buttermints are great as a party favor or as a decoration. A pack of six 7-ounce bags with 55 mints per bag, 330 total, is perfect for a party. Party Sweets makes their delicious, soft buttermints with high quality ingredients such as triple distilled peppermint oil, real butter, and sustainable palm oil. Buttermints are free of trans-fat and are Kosher. The maker of Party Sweets buttermints is from Hospitality Mints. Route 66 Snacks, Sunrise Confections, and Nubu are some of the great tasting products.

Brand: Hospitality Mints

👤I bought these to fill out my wedding buffet and they are awesome. These are delicious! They are a great quality butter cream mint, and we had to try one. It was good flavor, smooth and wonderful. I could not have been happier with the presentation. I might have to take pictures of them for the scrap book. The value is perfect. It's perfect for what we need them for, because you get six packages for one low price. We are using ours on the buffet table because they would be awesome at each dinner setting. It is Practically Perfect in every way. I would buy this again and recommend them to everyone.

👤We used the Mr. and Mrs. mints in the bags for the wedding. They were used at the bar and the wedding venue.

👤Threw these on the table to make it Covid-friendly. Everyone loved them!

👤These soft mints were very good. And addicting. We didn't think our guests would blow through 5 bags of candy, but they did. They are wrapped in a cute wrapper.

👤It was great to have a favor at the bar.

👤It is amazing! 55 pieces of butter mints are included in the 4 packs. They are very delicious.

👤It was a good addition to the wedding. The price was good for a lot of mints.

2. Tic Tac Mints Freshmints Count

Tic Tac Mints Freshmints Count

Each pack contains 60 mints, and you will receive (12) 1 oz packs of fresh breath mints. There is a small mint. It's perfect anytime. It's made for on-the-go enjoyment. Give the gift everyone loves to receive this season, and it's the Tac Tac mints. From stocking stuffers to holiday treats, celebrate a refreshly merry season.

Brand: Tic Tac

👤The size was not what I expected. I was not happy with the product.

👤I was ordering two 8-pacs of freshmint Tic Tac's on subscribe and save. The last two orders I received tasted of a harsh chemical and had no mint taste. I decided to cancel my subscription and save it because of the experiences I had with Amazon. The freshmint tic tacs tasted the way they were supposed to taste. I wonder if the seller on Amazon is actually dumping faulty tic tacs.

👤A pack of tic tacs costs almost $2.00 in the store, so it's a good deal to have 12 packs for about $10 I wanted them to be in storage so I could have them when I need them. They tasted good, came packaged well, and are just as described.

👤Nice! Came as expected and didn't last a year. These are used for wedding mints. Great deal.

👤Mints taste good. The package I got is valid until 2022, which is great. The box was very badly beaten up and there was some damage to the mints. The boxes were cracked open or bent. It would be better if they packed them with something to protect them. It's still cheaper to buy them individually at the store.

👤You get the regular size at the store.

👤The tick tack is made with sugar just like it was before the 0 calories craze. It's serving size or one. They can call it sugar-free or 0 calories if they labling in a small amount. It will add as many calories as any other larger piece of hard candy, and it will rott your teeth.

👤It seems that everyone loves Tic Tacs. I buy these for a local priest who can heal. A blessing from him can change your life. He likes to eat Tic Tacs. I ordered for my brother's Tic Tacs because he wondered where they were. Perfect transaction for me. Thanks!

👤The add is called 12 units. I received 4. It's the most expensive Tic Tac's ever. The reason I wanted this item was because I eat these all the time and they are expensive at convenience stores to buy individually. It is more expensive to buy this at the store.

👤They lasted a while cheaper and then were bought at a time in a store.

👤Despite heavy traffic, quick ship from Amazon.

3. Party Sweets Buttermints Pieces Hospitality

Party Sweets Buttermints Pieces Hospitality

Unwrapped buttermints are great for decoration or as a party favor. 350 buttermints per bag is perfect party size packaging. Party Sweets makes their delicious, soft buttermints with high quality ingredients such as triple distilled peppermint oil, real butter, and sustainable palm oil. Buttermints are free of trans-fat and are Kosher. The maker of Party Sweets buttermints is from Hospitality Mints. Route 66 Snacks, Sunrise Confections, and Nubu are some of the great tasting products.

Brand: Party Sweets

👤These are the best butter mints. I have had. I am a huge fan of these kinds of mints. Butter mints from other brands have been either too minty or hard to drink. These are the perfect creamy, butter and minty flavors. I almost wish I hadn't discovered them because I'm going to finish this bag myself. I looked at a lot of different butter mints brands on Amazon and settled on these, if you want to, DEFINITELY ORDER THESE!

👤This is my second purchase. The first one was very good. I received a second order today and they are just a minty taste that I don't care for at all. Disappointed.

👤The mints are the best I have had in a long time. I bought a bag to fill 24 plastic baby bottles for a baby shower and I had enough left to eat after we filled the bottle. Will buy more mints for parties.

👤I've been trying to find good butter mints in the grocery store, and they're all too hard and more minty than butter. These are larger than a regular dinner mint, but they're soft and delicious, with a touch of mint.

👤The bag is large so it could be a while before I need more, but I would definitely buy them again. These have a nice rounded shape with no straight corners like some buttermints. The flavor is fresh, authentic, and has a strong mint hit. I find that a few of these works well, and that it's a good sign that the oil used is of good quality. Medicinal candy, good! I keep these in a sealed glass container and so far they have stayed fresh. They are not squishy or soft, but they start to melt in your mouth as you eat them. It was a nice texture. The sweet flavor is classic, but not overly sweet, with a butter hint that makes the fresh mint flavor stand out. A simple candy that is more than the sum of its parts.

👤They are labeled as BUTTER MINTS, but they are also known as parsley. I bought these to take with me on a trip with my wife, but now we have nothing to take with us. I will just go to the regular store and buy them.

👤I was expecting soft after dinner mints, the type that just kind of dissolved in your mouth after they hit the water in your mouth. These are not mints that can be easily swallowed. If I leave it in there long enough, they might be dissolved. I had to bite/chew before they dissolved. The flavor is not as sweet as I thought. Again, not bad but not what I was expecting. Some may be better off with these. I hope my description helps you make a decision.

👤This is a great combo. I like the smooth butter more. The brand does not have an overpowering mint. If you need a breath booster or cure a sweet tooth at the same time, it's just enough. I have been able to chew on smooth consistency. I will purchase again, and with current health precautions I will place small baggies at work. The mints will be a staple at the desert table when the time is right.

4. Andes Creme Menthe Mints 120 Count

Andes Creme Menthe Mints 120 Count

Dark chocolate covered in Cool peppermint will refresh your taste buds. There are three layers of candy with green mint sandwiched between them. There are 120 packages of Andes crme de Menthe Thin Mints. Individually wrapped, bite-sized pieces. It's a great way to end a meal. Kosher, peanut free, and allergy free are some of the benefits of the Andes Mints.

Brand: Tootsie Roll

👤I would not have ordered them at this price if I had known that I was going to get 120 Andes mints. I only received one box. So disappointed... I don't know if I will order them again.

👤I can't stop eating them. The first time I had an interaction with Andes chocolate mint was when I went to the deli market to order a sandwich and they put one of them in for a dessert. I was like, why just one? They forgot to add my chocolate mint. I was so angry with my chocolate mint treat. This is a bunch of BS. I just want to order them and forget about that sandwich. Guess what? That was a big no no. I can't stop eating them. Likes flavor crack. Can't get enough. I ate 15 in the first day and will finish the box in 5 days. If you don't get a word of advice, you'll be like me.

👤The 120 count box of Andes mints is great. They arrived as advertised. 120 standard size individually wrapped chocolate mints are contained in it. I use them as the key ingredient for a Christmas cookie every year. Not much else to say about these. I guess you shouldn't feed them to dogs. That would be bad, because it would be a key ingredient for Christmas cookies. 2 eggs and 1/2 cup of flour Baking soda is 1/2 cup. Salt 2 packages Andes Mints. Brown sugar and water are in the container. Cool. Beat in eggs at the same time. The remaining ingredients should be mixed with the remaining ingredients. Dough should be chilled. To prevent burning, line cookie sheet with foil. Roll dough into small balls. For 10 minutes, bake at 350F. Place a mint on a cookie. Cool with a spoon.

👤I don't dislike anything. I apologize for sending a note of complaint. I thought the box of mints contained 60 when I opened the freeZER box. 120 is what it contains. I made a mistake by not checking immediately. So sad! Anne Pearl.

👤I should know better but I ordered these in the summer. One guess? A mess. My obsession is entirely. The warning about this has been added by a lot of candy suppliers. I didn't think because the supplier didn't say it wouldn't ship to X,Y,Z. I can't give it more stars because they would have tasted good.

👤I have always been a fan of the Andes mints. As an adult trying to lose some weight, these mints help when I want some candy. If you eat one or two, you won't be taking in a lot of sugar since the mints are small. The flavor is always good. If you don't put these somewhere that is too hot and melt them, texture is excellent. I have to keep them out of sight since there are kids in the house. A few of these make a nice, light dessert.

👤Since I brought a couple with the bill, I haven't had these little delights. I decided to treat myself and I am so happy I did. For as small as they are, they are packed with more satisfying chocolate and mint than any other readily available mint chocolate. One or two people are really satifying when they need a fix. Will be buying again. I may put a few in some holiday gifts. These arrived safely in 2 days. Impressive!

5. Life Savers Sugar Candy Ounce

Life Savers Sugar Candy Ounce

The sugar-free Life SaversPep O Mint flavor is still as sweet and refreshing as ever. There is a hole in the middle. It's great to keep around the office, in the breakroom, reception desk, or sharing with coworkers. Hard candy with a refreshing taste. The package contains 12 individual bags.

Brand: Life Savers

👤I ordered the same quantity of 12 boxes of Lifesavers less than a month ago and it cost $16.32 per box. I ordered a couple more boxes and they cost $23.98 per box. I thought it was a mistake, but there were no other cheaper sellers. The gas stations on all four corners of the intersection were selling gas at the same price per gallon. The Lifesavers must have joined the same union as the cows. Lifesavers with beef and sugar freePep-O-Mint are getting more expensive. I wonder if the manufacturer of "LifeSavers" would care about this. I guess it's free trade. The Wint-O-Green sugar frees' are still $16.32 per box. How can this be? I scratched my head on this one.

👤These mints are free of sugar. I don't like the price. I ordered this exact amount two months ago. I clicked the "Buy it Again" button at the bottom of my order details page and the price was $31.25. It's ridiculous! Do you want to buy it again? I don't think so. There is a

👤When I was a little girl, my dad would give me a roll of candy when he carried me. I used to dream about those lifesavers. The memories of how I was loved are the most important. lifesavers have not been sold in rolls for a long time. The blue roll was on Amazon and I was so excited to see it. I will eventually eat them, but right now I'm happy looking at them. Thank you so much!

👤It's so easy to take a few in my purse. I like the slightly larger size of the candy. They are sugar free without tasting sugar free. These were in every grocery store a decade ago. I found them on Amazon. I ordered a lot of them. I restrained myself and did not give them out.

👤I get these every month and the price keeps going up. If the price increases continue, I will stop buying them. The mints are too spicy and can vary from one mint to another. These are great in many ways, but they also rot your teeth because of the acids in them.

👤Good quality lifesavers are at a discount. These are treats for teaching and gaming. My students love them. They are high quality, but in bulk they are not that expensive. I'm a happy customer.

👤They taste good and make you feel better. You'll be on the toilet if you eat too much. They can cause a negative effect on the body. Which is on the package. I didn't notice the package until I was in 3 packs. I thought I was eating something. I like the mints. I have slowed down to about 4 a day. After the second or third one, I have to use the restroom. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the laxative effect.

👤The amount I got was not what I thought it was, the rolls are much smaller, and every roll has crushed mints. I put the size of the regular mints in the photos next to the size I was sent. It is outrageous for fourteen dollars and change. What is this about?

6. Party Sweets Buttermints Hospitality 7 Ounce

Party Sweets Buttermints Hospitality 7 Ounce

The individually wrapped Black Big Dots themed white buttermints are great as a party favor or as a decoration. A pack of six 7-ounce bags with 55 mints per bag, 330 total, is perfect for a party. Party Sweets makes their delicious, soft buttermints with high quality ingredients such as triple distilled peppermint oil, real butter, and sustainable palm oil. Buttermints are free of trans-fat and are Kosher. The maker of Party Sweets buttermints is from Hospitality Mints. Route 66 Snacks, Sunrise Confections, and Nubu are some of the great tasting products.

Brand: Party Sweets

👤These mints are delicious. We were introduced to them years ago at a restaurant on Edisto Island, and have tried to find them ever since. They are so creamy. They don't have the same texture as mints. The product was an outstanding one.

👤They taste like buttermints. I like the individual packages for cleanliness. The value is great.

👤The mint tastes good. The problem is with the packaging. I received a package that said it was a girl. I ordered black and white. It is hard to use the term "it's a girl" for anything.

👤The black and white color is perfect for the party decor.

7. Life Savers Mints Wint Green

Life Savers Mints Wint Green

Life Savers Mints are green. Net income. 3 Lb 2 Oz. Individually wrapped. It tastes like zero degrees.

Brand: Life Savers

👤This is a large bag of Lifesavers. The flavor is great. The mints are wrapped individually which is mind blowing. You can take some and go. 100% recommend. I always have them with me.

👤I supply these in my agency's office. Everyone knows I'm their mint dealer, providing refreshing mints to sustain them through boring meetings. My colleagues are happy by this big bag.

👤The last order I received was at the end of September and had a 3 month validity. Disastrous.

👤I carry Lifesavers in my handbag everywhere I go. It is cheaper to buy a big bag from Amazon.

👤I like wintergreen Live Savers. When it arrived, I laughed. It's huge! It's a good thing. The bag will last me a long time.

👤I didn't find Winter Green candy when I was a boy, but I still love it!

👤One of my favorites. The price and flavor are great. It's a better deal to purchase through Amazon.

8. ALTOIDS Smalls Peppermint Breath 0 37 Ounce

ALTOIDS Smalls Peppermint Breath 0 37 Ounce

There are nine tins of AltoIDS Smalls Peppermint Breath Mints. Freshen breath with cool mints. It's great to keep in your bag, car or desk. The small mints are packed with the famous flavor. Each tin is a great addition to gift baskets.

Brand: Altoids

👤Good for people with diabetes as they are sugar free. The original Altoids were stronger. I don't like the artificial taste of Sucralose and Sorbitol in this product. They dissolved very quickly. Henry Clay Mint Especials are sugar-free. They are harder to find and cost more, but have more mints per tin, more flavor, and last a long time compared to these. It takes several of these Altoids to have the effect of one of the Henry Clays. I don't have the Henry Clays, so these are a backup.

👤I got these for myself. When the nursing staff see a nursing home patient, they always mention how they love altoids as well. They love the pack I offer and it fits perfectly in their pockets. The product is great. Don't chew a couple in your mouth and then drink an ice cold drink of water, that's what we said. It can be epically refeshing.

👤I have been buying Small Altoids for years through Amazon and the last one I bought had no flavor at all. It tasted like sugar candy. When I put these in my mouth, I usually have water in my eyes. This is not happening because there is no test for it. The Best Buy date on the container is August 2020 and another box says June 2020 but it is actually October 2021. Either the flavor decreases with age or it is rejects. I'm not sure why I'm getting products with Best Buy dates. Someone needs to look at the packaging before delivering. If this is the product I will be receiving, I'm leery about buying anymore Altoids through Amazon.

👤Don't be fooled by their size, these are tiny mints. They are very strong. Normally I don't eat the sugar free ones, but I bought them by mistake and they are pretty good for being sugar free. The containers are hard to open, so be careful when trying to open them. These are the perfect size for a purse or backpack and are perfect for stocking stuffers. After sucking on one of these, my breath regenerated quickly.

👤The mints are very powerful. The sweet is just right. My mints arrived fresh and potent and the sweetener they use doesn't impact my blood sugar at all. I don't feel guilty because I have a drawer full of them and I go through a tin every 5 to 7 days. It is highly recommended at this price.

👤These are great, but still effective and addictive. The small tins can be found in a pocket, purse, briefcase, or backpack. These are free of sugar and have a nice refreshing flavor. I take two or more at a time because they are so small, but one will do the trick. I like to eat too many of them at once because they taste great. I like to keep the larger-sized Altoids mints in my desk and car. I like those, but this small tin is useful when I want to carry them with me.

9. Tic Tac Mints Wintergreen Count

Tic Tac Mints Wintergreen Count

Each pack contains 60 mints, and you will receive (12) 1 oz packs of fresh breath mints. There is a small mint. It's a great snack for kids and adults. It's made for on-the-go enjoyment. Spread the love. Love is in the air. Chocolate gifts are predictable. Fresh breath mints are a great way to spread the love. Also makes a great Chinese New Year gift.

Brand: Tic Tac

👤I had made labels for my wedding and they were perfect.

👤I like the Wintergreen Tic Tacs. I remember when I used to eat Wintergreen Certs by the bucket loads. These tic Tacs are very low in calories and have no sugar in them. They're a great way to have a sweet taste after eating without the added calories. I love them!

👤These were great. I've read other reviews where they weren't actually received. I was happy that this package came with an expiration date. I was happy to order online and get the real thing because they are hard to find in store. Thank you.

👤Everything was great the first time I ordered it. The packs of tic-tacs were in a crumpled box the second time. The seals on two of the packs were broken. The packs should have been secured with plastic but they were not.

👤I put a few fresh breath mints in my pocket when I go to a meeting or dinner to make sure I have one if I need it.

👤I have been buying this item for several years and it is always a gift to a family member who has always appreciated it.

👤These are original and not generic. Will keep ordering and shipping fast.

👤They are called TIC Tacs. Good price and good flavor.

👤Only one was received and not 12 as advertised.

👤In der Not bestellt man mal, aber natrlich bei den Versandkosten.

👤The product was good, but the price was higher than buying them in single packs at the store. There is no savings buying them here.

👤I found these tic tacs out of town and immediately loved them. I wanted to see if I could find them in bulk. I have a problem with my jaw and I like tic tacs. When working with the public, the last thing you want is bad breath. These are perfect!

10. Life Savers Orange Mints Candy

Life Savers Orange Mints Candy

There is a 12-count box of LIFE SAVERS Orange Mint Hard Candy Bag. The mint candy piece is wrapped in orange and peppermint flavors. The LIFE SAVERS hard candy bag pack is great for the whole family to eat. This breath mint treat will keep your candy dishes full at the next wedding or baby shower. Don't forget to try life saving devices. The Wint-O-Green or thePep-O-Mint Hard Candy flavors are available.

Brand: Lifesavers

👤This is the home I have been waiting for. I was so happy. I didn't know lifesavers made orange mints until a friend of mine brought them to the school where I work and put them in the break room. I've been in love with these since then. I don't like wintergreen flavor. I don't like it and I like it. I don't say anything is wrong with any other flavors, but this orange is my favorite. I bought a whole case of them and put them on the subscription and save plan. If you've ever tried an orange tic tac and liked it, you'll love this. This isn't a mint flavor, but it's delicious. They last a long time in your mouth. These help keep you awake long enough for the meeting to be over, if you are at one of those boring snooze fests. It's a good thing. Each candy is wrapped individually in a 6.25 ounce bag. This makes it easy to share or put out for others. The bag holds a lot of treats. At home and at work, we are enjoying these delicious candies. I like the value of these. I subscribe and save on them. The price is 22.68, 3.40 is the subscribe and save discount, and 19.28 is the cost without it. I divided 19.28 by 12 and each bag was delivered to my door.

👤I have a bowl of wintergreen mints in my office. People tell me that they are addicted to how good they taste. I put the orange ones in the same bowl as the wintergreen and almost unanimously, they said the orange mints were even better than the wintergreen. One person prefers the orange and he has weird tastes. I usually take them to meetings in my office, but I will put them in a bowl. It tickles my funny bone when someone sucks on one and looks up at that surprised expression that turns into pleasure.

👤I like to snack on these when I have work to do or games to play, a bit of sugar makes me feel better, and these taste great. I've gone through more than a few bags of orange mint and it's good, even though I bought the largest amount.

👤The first layer of bags inside the box were fine when we purchased them. Many of the bags underneath the top bags appeared to have been stepped on or crushed. We have a lot of wrapped mints that are in pieces, but we didn't realize it until it was too late to return. Disappointing.

👤The husband gave up nicotine and replaced it with life saver. Less expensive too.

👤If you give them out to customers they will be addictive.

👤I bought these at Walmart when my preferred flavor was gone. I don't want anything else from the taste. Finding these is a problem. Amazon is once again going to the rescue. I buy a lot of individually wrapped bags and they keep well over a long period of time.

11. Party Sweets Buttermints Pieces Hospitality

Party Sweets Buttermints Pieces Hospitality

Unwrapped buttermints are great for decoration or as a party favor. 350 buttermints per bag is perfect party size packaging. Party Sweets makes their delicious, soft buttermints with high quality ingredients such as triple distilled peppermint oil, real butter, and sustainable palm oil. Buttermints are free of trans-fat and are Kosher. The maker of Party Sweets buttermints is from Hospitality Mints. Route 66 Snacks, Sunrise Confections, and Nubu are some of the great tasting products.

Brand: Party Sweets

👤If you want a delicious treat, these will do it.

👤I ordered two of them. I was going to return the item that was opened because I wanted to order a new one that hadn't been opened. They don't accept returns which is wrong. I think I'm out the money.

👤These aren't butter mints. They are old and hard. I will not buy again.

👤It was better than the other mints we ordered.

👤It was what I needed for the wedding.


What is the best product for wedding mints individually wrapped?

Wedding mints individually wrapped products from Hospitality Mints. In this article about wedding mints individually wrapped you can see why people choose the product. Tic Tac and Party Sweets are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding mints individually wrapped.

What are the best brands for wedding mints individually wrapped?

Hospitality Mints, Tic Tac and Party Sweets are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding mints individually wrapped. Find the detail in this article. Tootsie Roll, Life Savers and Altoids are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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