Best Wedding Mints for Guests

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1. Tic Tac Spender Mini Boxes

Tic Tac Spender Mini Boxes

Each Mini Box has 3.8 GRAMS. The Editon has 4 flavours. The flavours are Orange, Mint, Peach, and Peppermint.

Brand: Tic Tac

👤I like this. I do team-building games that are great for Tuesday and Thursday, they play me at tic-tac-toe through my glass office door. I'll refill it with pillow packs once these are gone. I think it is a little high priced, but the team loves it. If yours arrives broken, cracked, or opened, please contact the shipping company and they will fix it.

👤This isn't a box. It's a cylinder. The container is not like a large tic tac box. I purchased this product because of that. The cheap container was mashed when I got it. The plastic is so thin that I was able to change it. Please change your description to better describe the product. I will keep it for the small tic tac boxes inside, but I am very unhappy with this product.

👤I got a giant box with 60 tiny boxes inside, 15 of each flavor. The big box and the tiny boxes are made of a hard plastic with some give, which makes them less likely to crack or chip. This box is softer than the regular US box. spearmint, orange, and peppermint are my favorites. An empty box holds a dozen tablets and stays shut in my pocket. My order arrived within the stated time frame. I ordered from a store.

👤I bought this on suggestion from a coworker and used it to cheer up the team. The novelty of a "dispenser dispensers" did not wear off despite the fact that each mini container only had about five or six uncolored mints. I use the big container for other treats.

👤There is a cute tic tac box filled with tiny boxes. I was worried about getting a broken, opened, or dirty item, but my item came in perfectly- clean, not broken, and not expired. The tic tacs are very small, so I'm not sure if this is worth the price. It can be a nice gift to give someone. I compared the individual boxes with a quarter to see how small they were. The giant tic tac box has a clean label that you can reuse. I think it would be good for light use because it is very thin and flimsy. It's a neat item, but I think it's too expensive.

👤The boxes are so small that they can only hold a few tic tacs. They are more like micro boxes. They used to have a mini box that was larger than the standard one. It was perfect for a work pack, purse, or bike ride. It appears that the size only comes in small bags. I don't like the different flavors that come with this box. I throw the box away if it has a bad flavor.

👤I didn't know what to expect. It was shipped from Hong Kong after I ordered it. I live in the U.S. and didn't date for a week. Couldn't be happier with this purchase. The item is fresh and arrived sooner than expected. Will be buying again.

2. Mentos Individually Wrapped Peppermint Melting

Mentos Individually Wrapped Peppermint Melting

Each box contains two, bulk, 385 count bags of Mentos individually wrapped Peppermint candy mints. Each bag contains 395 individually wrapped Mentos candy mints. Natural colors from sources that are free of gluten. Mentos mints are great for snacking or refreshing breath on the go.

Brand: Mentos

👤The bulk package of Mentos was what was expected. The only issue is that they short you in the quantity, not by a lot. I counted the pieces in my bags to see if they were close to the advertised amount. The first bag had 361 pieces. The bag was worse at only 352. If there were a few missing, it would have been ok, but in the end, 57 pieces were missing, that is nearly 10%. Would you be okay if every company shorted my products by 10%? I will probably not buy again because of this, and I will find a different source that doesn't try to take advantage of their customers.

👤This is said to be in each bag or pieces together. There were two bags, one with 362 and the other with 360. Only 722 were available. Almost 50 pieces are missing. I understand that the bags are weighed, but they should not be missing 25 pieces. I ordered these to make sure I have enough for my other coworkers. I will have to be careful with my gift.

👤You can't go wrong with a huge box of Mento mint candy for a gathering, a gift for everyone, or to keep in a bin and give out to people you think are good for a little sweet or breath-freshener. Some of them are not a whole candy and some have a mint and a half in the same wrapper. I have been careful because I have encountered a few that were harder to chew. This is important because you don't want to go to the dentist in an emergency. If you are used to the Mentos gum, these look just like it, so don't get confused and swallow the wrong one. The five-pound purchase arrives in a box.

👤I thought Mentos had decided to go bulk with their mints. I hoped I was right because I fell in love with those babies. These are the traditional Mentos mints, good enough in their own right, but not the soft and chewy variety. The parent company never gave them a chance to catch on to the new variety. These are not the substitute for Mentos.

👤This is a great deal. I used to buy the smaller bags at the store. The individual pack lasts longer. I didn't hesitate once I saw the deal. I didn't wait and make this purchase. I will be re-ordering when I run out.

👤I bought them for party favors at a baby shower and they were a hit. I took the left overs to my office to make my candy dishes.

👤I keep Mentos on hand to eliminate mask breath. I don't have to take anti-histamines that make me sleepy during the day when my kitty clears my allergies, because the mint helps clear my sinuses. I have always bought bars because they are easier to find. I tried these bars because they were fresh and I wanted to know what texture I would get. So good. They are always fresh and minty.

3. Altoids Smalls Wintergreen Sugarfree Mints

Altoids Smalls Wintergreen Sugarfree Mints

It's small enough to take wherever you go. Freshen up with a wintergreen flavor. All of the mint is sugarfree. The tiny mints give you a big boost of confidence. The package includes 9 individual packs.

Brand: Altoids

👤The product does not include Maltitol in the ingredients list and does not show the ingredients in the images. Many people have severe GI issues after having maltitol throughout the day. I wanted to avoid mints with Maltitol. Please list a correct ingredient list so other people don't discover that I made a mistake in the middle of my workday.

👤I got my first order a month ago, and everything was fine. All the containers are only 1/3 filled. I think the only option is to cancel more orders. I can't see what Altoid has to gain by doing such a poor job at filling their containers, I had committed to this order every month.

👤They make crumb powder all over the place. I was trying to use these up at work when I noticed the fine powder on my keyboard. These tiny pastille are not very useful. Do they serve any purpose other than being small? They're not a strong and confidence-building breath freshener, which should be the whole purpose of them. I've tried two Altoid versions and sadly they weren't good. Is there anything stronger? I'd be grateful if anyone could recommend a better option.

👤They are delicious, so helping to avoid eating is great. They have a kind of spicy peppermint taste that could have been omitted. If you keep the tablets between your teeth and cheek, they will last for a while. It's nice to have no sugar.

👤The product was disappointing. This was a replacement for a brand that was out of stock. There is very little product per container. They are not the strongest variety of Altoids, but they still taste like mint. The tofu is made from mints.

👤They are small but powerful. Great taste. I can't find them in stores. Glad that Amazon has them. I am sure many of you suffer from dry mouth from your medication. I can get back to sleep with the help of this mint. A lot of water does nothing. If you accidentally swallow it whole, you won't choke on it. You don't have to worry about getting tooth decay from eating sugar. It is great! Highly recommend!

👤I pop a few wintergreens in my mouth as I enter my bed for the night because I have dry mouth that hits at all hours. The problem is solved. I carry a tin in my purse and jeans at all times. This is the perfect remedy for me. The size of the tins is perfect and the contents are always fresh.

👤This is the perfect size for thehangover kits I am going to give to my friends. I like the fact that every box is wrapped with plastic and has an expiration date on it. The flavor is delicious and it comes with 9. I think it's a good idea.

👤My husband is a diabetes patient so he can enjoy these, not cheap. It is worth the price.

👤They arrived on time. Well done altoids. 5 stars.

👤The Best Before date has already expired after I received my Altoid mini's a week ago. How can that happen? I don't know where Amazon gets their products, but someone dropped the ball on this one.

4. LifeSavers Wintergreen Bulk 5 Pounds

LifeSavers Wintergreen Bulk 5 Pounds

There is an irresistible fire. Wint-O-Green Life Savers have a classic taste. There are five full pounds of Wint O Green. OutSTANDING VALUE: Enjoy the treats you love for less. Quality and value are what you get with bulk buying power. There are five full pounds of Wint O Green. Always fresh, always delicious. All of their products are fresh. All candy is packaged in heat sealed bags. CANDY for any purpose. It's great for Candy Bowls. It's ideal for refreshing your breath after coffee or as a sweet treat in the afternoon. You can keep a few in your purse or pocket. There's a lot to enjoy and share.

Brand: Life Savers

👤I bought these for my wife because she loves mint Lifesavers. She says they taste like what she expected. She eats them everywhere. She keeps a 5 pound bag in her purse, a ziplock bag in her car, a pocket in her jeans, and a cupholder in her coat. There is a pile on top of the washing machine that she forgot to eat.

👤The best by date is two months ago, and it seems like the rest of the ink on the bag is not as worn off as the best by date. I have had a few pieces and it seems ok, but a five pound bag is going to last a long time. I hope the mints don't change in texture.

👤I ordered 5 lbs of LifeSavers Wintergreen for my stepdad as he loves them. He didn't like the taste of them when I opened them. I had to agree after trying them myself. I had a whole bag of LifeSavers Wintergreen from the store here. They looked like LifeSavers Wintergreen, but they tasted nothing like LifeSavers Wintergreen in the store bought bag. I'm not sure why there is a vastly different taste, but it's not something I can recommend as a result. They tasted like nothing else. I can't say if they are old or bad, but they weren't very good.

👤I got sugar free. I'm allergic to Xylitol and they sweetened them with it. After eating three of them, I was so sick I had to go to bed. They are going to the trash. I have a very unusual reaction. This is an uncommon allergy, but I will not be ordering from Amazon again.

👤Give all of the mints to me! You can smash one of these with a hammer, but it emits a blue spark only for a split second. If you smash them with a hammer, you can't eat them, but you can capture them. I suppose you could snort it, but it might burn a little.

👤With this pack, I don't have to worry about running out of mints, because I like to have them on the table all the time. They taste the same as the smaller bags, and the value is great. When my little bowl is running out, I just grab a big handful from this bag and refill it. It was easy and perfect.

👤Do you want to see coworkers fight over WintOgreen Lifesavers mints? If you stick a 5lb bag in the break room, they will eat them like candy and get excited about minty freshness.

👤They haven't been able to get them in big bags for a month. We'll have plenty for the winter now that this has been filled. They love them.

5. Party Sweets Buttermints Pieces Hospitality

Party Sweets Buttermints Pieces Hospitality

Unwrapped buttermints are great for decoration or as a party favor. 350 buttermints per bag is perfect party size packaging. Party Sweets makes their delicious, soft buttermints with high quality ingredients such as triple distilled peppermint oil, real butter, and sustainable palm oil. Buttermints are free of trans-fat and are Kosher. The maker of Party Sweets buttermints is from Hospitality Mints. Route 66 Snacks, Sunrise Confections, and Nubu are some of the great tasting products.

Brand: Party Sweets

👤Mints melt in your mouth when you put one in. These don't do that. They are hard mints that don't do well. You chew it. I had 2 bags of these things, and I was very disappointed. I should have read the reviews before buying. I will not buy them again.

👤These aren't that bad. The buttermints I've had in the past have had a smooth butter flavor, but this one has a mint flavor. These may not be for you if you don't get along with sorbitol. I was cleaned out the next morning after consuming a reasonable amount of buttermints the day before. I drank a fiber drink the night before. I didn't ask for that because it worked. I will keep these for days when my system is a bit congested, not talking upper respiratory, the other congested area. Yep, that's what these are. A nice gentle laxative, lots of minty flavor, a little butter flavor. You can order some and see how you like it. Don't eat too much. Find your limit. The jokes on your guest are what you will get if you get these for a party.

👤The butter mints are advertised. The mints are not made with butter.

👤Normally I read the reviews before buying anything, but I didn't read on this. I remember when I was a teen how butter mints would melt in my mouth. These are softer than the hard ones. I will read the reviews before buying again.

👤The white, blue and pink mints are in this brand and style. The pink and blue mints have a stronger mint taste than the white mints. The pink and blue have a slight butter mint taste. The pink and blue mints have the same taste, but the white has a stronger taste. The three of them come in larger pieces. The mints are larger than a typical after dinner mint. All colors have been fresh. I have purchased all the colors multiple times because they are always fresh and good tasting.

👤It's buttermints, what's not to like? There are a lot of them in this bag. Unless you bought two bags, you would not be happy with buttermints.

👤Love them! These are round and soft. It's very addictive to melt in your mouth. I will buy more.

👤I used to eat Butter Mint candy in the 1970s and 1980s, and I'm trying to find it. It is not sold in stores near me, even though it is being made. I ordered the mints because I thought they would be the same. They are not. The flavor is too strong.

6. Tic Tac Mints Orange Count

Tic Tac Mints Orange Count

Each bottle contains 200 mints, and you will receive eight bottle packs of fresh breath mints. There is a small mint. It's perfect anytime. Pop n' share pack is perfect for sharing. Spread the love. Love is in the air. Chocolate gifts are predictable. Fresh breath mints are a great way to spread the love. Also makes a great Chinese New Year gift.

Brand: Tic Tac

👤I love these things but they are not something I buy a lot of because of one small white lie; serving size: one tic tac. Who are they kidding? No one leaves it at that. One of these bottles can be polished off in a day. That adds up when a box of 8 bottles is 25 bucks. Neither Sugar Free nor calories were included in Issue 2. These are candy. The tic tac is almost completely sugar and has 1.9 calories. How do they say otherwise? There is a There is a legal technicality. If an individual serving size has more than half a gram of sugar, it has to be reported as such, but any less and the serving is technically sugar free because the manufacturer is allowed to report the sugar content as zero. The purity of the sugar breath mint can be claimed as sugar free because it weighs less than the amount needed to report the sugar content in the first place. I didn't think much of tossing back a bottle of 200 Tic Tacs on my commute to and from work, but it was actually over 400 calories of pure sugar. Is it delicious? Absolutely. Is it immoral? Not much. I know I will be ordering this again. I make up for my lack of self control with honesty.

👤Super Sized orange tic tacs are wonderful. The best flavor! I went to Amazon for the fix because my local Wal-Greens were always out of this size. I'm happy to see them lined up in my pantry because I can no longer buy the normal size. These are great to take on trips with the kids. A bribe that doesn't keep them from consuming too much sugar is useful. The perfect size for a stocking stuffer would be these. They are the perfect object to stick in the "toe" portion of the stocking.

👤I was very excited when I saw that you could buy them in bulk for a good price. I received them today and they looked good. I tried a few. I was upset immediately. They don't taste good. They are hard as rocks and don't have the same flavor as they usually do. These are not regular tic tacs, they are soft and you have to suck on them for a bit. They are repulsive. One review said it was hard. I ignored it. Don't ruin this, do not. Don't purchase this. I got a refund but I am still upset. Do not waste time or money.

👤There is orange tic tacs. What did you expect? Have you ever had an orange tic tac? The review is stupid. I was asked to rate the flavor. There is value and thickness. Yes. They are just as thick as you would expect.

👤I like using these because I live in an arid climate. I can only find them in box stores. Since I live in the center of a major metropolitan area, I have to drive about 5 miles to get to one. Grocers nearby tend to be more expensive and don't always carry this flavor.

7. Tic Tac Mints Fruit Adventure

Tic Tac Mints Fruit Adventure

Each pack contains 60 mints, and you will receive (12) 1 oz packs of fresh breath mints. There is a small mint. It's perfect anytime. It's made for on-the-go enjoyment. Spread the love. Love is in the air. Chocolate gifts are predictable. Fresh breath mints are a great way to spread the love. Also makes a great Chinese New Year gift.

Brand: Tic Tac

👤These contain sugar. The FDA allows the package to say 0 if the amount is less than half a gram per serving. The serving size on these is not large. Who eats one? Very misleading.

👤There is a sale going on. They can argue with siblings if they have Tic Tacs in their mouths.

👤These are candy. If you buy them regularly from a gas station or grocery store, you can save money by buying the 12 pack. They are more than a mint for me. They can help with a quick fix to a sweet tooth.

👤They are a great item, but after I bought them twice, they jacked up the price so I will buy them locally. I was able to get them about 50 cents cheaper for a 12 pk, but now they are over $2 more for the same bulk pack. It is now cheaper to go to Dollar Tree.

👤I was worried about the freshness of the tic tacs, but they seem fresh and are a bit more expensive, but worth it when stores are out of the bigger packs.

👤I thought I would give these a try because I loved the "Strawberry Fields" tic Tacs. The taste of the two flavors together is odd, but one at a time, they're pretty good. I didn't think these would be as good as the Strawberry ones, but they would probably be a close second. I'm going to get more. Good value for money too.

👤I don't think of them as "breath mints" like a traditional Tic Tac. They would be great to keep in your desk when you don't really want to eat, but you want to eat a little. I bought this box of 12 containers because of that.

👤The taste of these tic-tacs is bad. It's hard to describe, but it's not what you would expect from a mix of both flavors. I bought the orange instead of returning them.

8. Hospitality Mints 2 Pack Approximately Individually

Hospitality Mints 2 Pack Approximately Individually

It is made with only the finest ingredients, like real butter, triple distilled peppermint oil and pure cane sugar. Absolutely delicious!

Brand: Hospitality Mints

👤The mints were delicious and creamy. The two bags I bought were terrible. They have a strong, unpleasant mint flavor and are not creamy. I don't think they're old because they have an expiration date in August. The ones I got are not food. Some customers had the same problem, so I read reviews on other sites. Quality control is something they need to work on.

👤They are printed with the words Thank You. They are made in the USA and that means a lot to me. If you don't know what buttermint is, you will be pleasantly surprised by the soft smooth texture as it melts in your mouth. It is free of both fat and gluten. I am using these to build bags. I am going to fill bags with sample products from my business, a business card, and Thank You mints. Yes, but also promotional. If I can make one person feel better about their day, I have done my part. If my gift turns into a customer for life, then it was worth it.

👤These aren't butter mints, they're not even one star. They are very hard and have a strong taste. I was expecting them to be creamy and melt in your mouth. If you wait long enough, they might break. I hope I can get them back. I was hoping to get butter mints from the reviews, but they were mixed. You cannot return them. Don't waste your money.

👤Everyone will enjoy this delicious mint after dinner. The gourmet after dinner mint that was complimentary at the local restaurant turned out to be delicious and perfect to have after dinner. It makes for a great gift.

👤It was very fresh, soft and delicious. I love these! I know my guest will as well. I put them in the bags for the party favors. I put 5 into each bag to make it the perfect fit.

👤Excellent product. Very nice presentation. Highly recommended.

👤If they are not used for a couple months, they go rancid. They are hard when they are not being used. Otherwise they are delicious.

9. Party Sweets Buttermints Pieces Hospitality

Party Sweets Buttermints Pieces Hospitality

Unwrapped buttermints are great for decoration or as a party favor. 350 buttermints per bag is perfect party size packaging. Party Sweets makes their delicious, soft buttermints with high quality ingredients such as triple distilled peppermint oil, real butter, and sustainable palm oil. Buttermints are free of trans-fat and are Kosher. The maker of Party Sweets buttermints is from Hospitality Mints. Route 66 Snacks, Sunrise Confections, and Nubu are some of the great tasting products.

Brand: Party Sweets

👤The consumer loves buttermints. The way the candy slowly melts on the tongue is something I like. Party Sweets Blue Buttermints seem to be a misnomer. I popped one into my mouth and was met with a small amount of a substance on my tongue. It was a disappointment. Too, too, too much peppermint! These are strong peppermints with a side of butter. I will give this candy to my enemies.

👤I spend $10 on a bag of mints, but my husband doesn't like butter mints. When I was a child, we had these at family gatherings, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and birthday parties. I have fond memories of grabbing a few of these little treats. I put the pink ones in my jar after buying them for our Christmas Eve party. It was a hit with everyone. I ate those things until they were all gone. I decided to go with a different color and it was blue. I am happy I did. The pink ones from the same company were much more creamy than the fresher ones. I attached a photo of the pink ones that I bought first, but I wish I had taken a picture of the blue ones. The nostalgia alone makes these mints worth the $10 price tag. The flavor is an added bonus. My home will never be without butter mints, and I have decided to use my candy jar year round. Unless there are tragic circumstances, they are all sold out. I promise you won't regret spending the few extra bucks if you try these party mints.

👤Good size but not perfect. There is no Markings on the package to warn you that they are buttermints. The only flavor I hate in the world is the one I was getting these to have while I was teaching. Buttermint have a sweet flavor and are strong.

👤I've tried all the butter mints on Amazon, and they taste better than any other brand. I am partial to the yellow ones, but they sell for more than once. I called the manufacturer and they told me that the different colors are just food coloring and not the same recipe. The blue and pink ones taste better at certain times. The manufacturer told me that the batches may have a stronger flavor, but not the color. I'll let you make your own decision.

👤These are not buttermibys. Some of them are and some of them are not. The mints have differentflavors of the peppermint flavor. If you have a butter mint, it will taste like a butter mint, which is what a butter mint is supposed to taste like. These are not better than what you can get at the dollar store. They were fresh, but they weren't up to my standards.

👤Wow! These are very good. I wasn't sure if they were going to be what I wanted, but they meet my expectations. They taste good, they are a good color and size, and they melt in your mouth. There are a lot of them. I didn't think that much of the mints. I am going to be stocked for a while.

10. Cinnamon Mints Style Double Packs

Cinnamon Mints Style Double Packs

There are 14 tic tac style constainers. Freshen's breath is quick.

Brand: Ferrara Candy Company

👤You won't be consuming artificial ingredients, so it's a great alternative to sugar free mints. The first ingredient listed on the packaging is sugar, and the mints are listed to be 1.8 calories. Each package has 60 mints in it. The cinnamon flavor lasts until gone, and you'll get big cinnamon heat right away. The fourteen packs of Red Hots here are very similar to a supermarket price, and the original taste of Red Hots in a convenient package is a good option to use as a breath freshener.

👤I miss cinnamon tictacs. These are not the same. It was slightly larger than a tic tac. I am returning them because the ingredients aren't listed in the description.

👤These are very good, even though they are more expensive than regular Tic Tacs.

👤These are red-hots. I found them at the dollar tree, and I couldn't get enough of them. They only had one shipment and I asked for them weekly. I'm obsessed after finding them here.

👤These are good. The cinnamon flavor is moderate in strength and not like a Reeds. There is no mint taste or flavor. The old cinnamon tic tacks had a minty taste, but these do not. That is fine with me. It seems expensive. I would like to do away with the extra packaging. I will fill the little cases with regular Red Hots.

👤These are for people who have a bad addiction to spicy red hots and can eat an entire bag in one sitting. The individual dispensers are similar to tic tacs. You can enjoy your red hots without having to worry about spiking your blood sugar.

👤This is a good substitute.

👤I thought these were just mints that were hot cinnamon flavoured and not full of wax as Red Hots are. Too many people do a number on my stomach during the workday. You can keep them in your purse for a few mints when you travel.

11. Brachs Brites Peppermint Starlight 5Pound

Brachs Brites Peppermint Starlight 5Pound

The classic fresh taste of Brach's Star Brite Peppermint hard candy, individually wrapped and perfect for holiday candy dishes or sharing with family and friends, is sweeten the moment. The hard candy is from brach. Star Brite candy, sweet and spicy cinnamon, old fashioned butterscotch, root beer barrels, lemon drops, and even Brach's candy make everyday moments special. Whether you are looking for individually wrapped bulk candy for party favors, bulk gummy candy for a crowd, or bulk chocolate to keep cravings at bay, Brach's Candy has you covered. Every day is sweeter with the help of Brach's, from birthday parties, to Halloween candy for tricker treaters, to a sweet treat in a busy day. It's possible to share a lot of Brach's Candy, from classic hard candy to sugar free chocolate to gummy candy, it's sure to please everyone's sweet tooth.

Brand: Brach's

👤Whenever we're out, my husband and I keep a jar of Star Brites on hand. He keeps them in his car and briefcase. They are great for keeping your breath fresh, if you just need a little sugar pick-me-up, and most of all after you eat too much. These peppermints are the best to soothe your stomach. They helped our stomachs feel better after amusement park rides that made us sick. The bag lasts us for about eight months. They have real peppermint in them, so be sure to buy them. The fake stuff won't do anything for your stomach.

👤The Mega Pack Star Brites are individually wrapped. 10 ounces. Over 500 pieces. Excellent! It was delicious! It was perfect! I don't have a store like that where I live now, so they are just like the ones you can buy at some grocery stores. It was delicious. It is fresh. It was perfect. The standard of what I want in a candy. There is purple printing on the wrappers that says brach in 4 places. Great. Five pounds is a lot. The candy is manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company. Product of Mexico. Corn Syrup, Sugar, Titanium Dioxide, red 40, red 3, blue 1, yellow 6 are ingredients.

👤I wanted to make a craft for Thanksgiving with my kids, so I ordered these to eat. I bought cute trees for the kids from Amazon. They used a hot glue gun to glue the ends together. I put the garlands on the tree after glueing 400 together and leaving over a lot of peppermints. I think it is cute.

👤Does this need a review? You know how they taste. A big bag. Can not run out. These make me feel better, make my mouth feel better, and keep me from eating more calories than I need to. Go for it. You should not keep the bag in the same room where you watch the show. Where are my loyalties? Prime Video is what I meant to say.

👤The 3 star is because mints have good flavor. There were unwrapped and half wrapped candy. Several balls of candy are stuck together. It doesn't really explain the unwrapped ones because the melted candy could have melted. The bag was in a box for shipping. I retrieved it from outside. I will not buy this brand again.

👤These are my students. When they take a test, I like to give them mints. They are a good price. I have teachers stopping in all the time to grab a mint.

👤When I have an upset stomach or feel nauseated, I always get a boost from the scent of mint. I used to like a sweet stripe that rhymes with mob's but the recipe needed to be changed because it was too much for me. The Star Brites have a nice smooth flavor and are hard, not soft,peppermints. If you're looking for a good candy to have on hand for those off days, or to share with friends and family, you can't go wrong with these.


What is the best product for wedding mints for guests?

Wedding mints for guests products from Tic Tac. In this article about wedding mints for guests you can see why people choose the product. Mentos and Altoids are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding mints for guests.

What are the best brands for wedding mints for guests?

Tic Tac, Mentos and Altoids are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding mints for guests. Find the detail in this article. Life Savers, Party Sweets and Hospitality Mints are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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