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1. Life Savers Green Sugarfree Mints

Life Savers Green Sugarfree Mints

Life Savers Sugar Free Wint O Green Mints have an icy taste. There is a hole in the middle. It's great to keep around the office, in the breakroom, reception desk, or sharing with coworkers. Hard candy with a refreshing taste. The package contains 12 individual bags.

Brand: Lifesavers

👤I bought these as a warehouse deal because I wanted something sweet but low calories. I like the regular variety and these mints have a similar flavor to the wint-o-green variety, making it easy to consume several in the course of watching a movie, etc. If you do this, your tummy and GI tract will begin to rumble, and you will make many visits to your bathroom in a short time until nothing is left to purge. I did not see the warning on the back of the package until I was trying to diagnose my GI distress, which was caused by excessive consumption, and I was surprised to see the warning on the back of the package. The only suspect left was this innocent little white hard candy. The package had a warning on it. I read the reviews by other people and found they all had the same lesson about not eating too much of this candy. This stuff is so effective that it should be marketed as a laxative. It's also a great gift to give a co-worker that you don't like or a Halloween delicacy for the kids that are annoying. These things are so potent that they can be used by the police to destroy hostages or marauding pit bulls. The husband forgot his anniversary. I got a box with 12 bags and each bag contained 22 individually wrapped mints, which gave me an idea of their lethality. I would have 4-5 mints a day, which is not excessive. Who knows what the "safe" number is to eat when there is no explicit guidance on what "excessive consumption" means. I will not buy again after tossing the rest. I will recommend these little monsters to my enemies and former employers. If you have an issue with phenylketonurics, you probably don't want to buy these.

👤I wanted something at work to help me stop snacking in the afternoon, and a co-worker recommended these. The Wint-O-Green mints were harder to find than the sugar-free variety, so I placed an order on Amazon. There were twelve small packages of Wint O Green Mints in this order. Each small bag contains 20 individually wrapped mints. The price for twelve bags was a little high. I noticed that the mints didn't curb my candy cravings, it just made me pop more mints. The sugar-free mints have a type of laxative effect, and when I popped more of them, I found an extra bonus. Not what I was looking for in my mints. Wint-o-Mint has a typical taste and can be overwhelming. If you eat too much, your tongue will be numb. The Wint-O-Green reminds me of the old candy cigarettes my mother would not buy for fear I would smoke them, as a child. It was a kind ofPepto Bismol. The memories. I would rather have a candy cigarette over these.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to find that these tasted the same as the real mints. I ate three or four of them in a row. I'll spare you the gory details, but the sweetener used in this product has a laxative effect. I'm surprised that they allow the use of the sweetener in food products. It is highly effective. I think I'll be looking for other sugar-free mints.

2. Hospitality Peppermint Crystals Individually Wrapped

Hospitality Peppermint Crystals Individually Wrapped

Individually wrapped mints are great for decoration or as a party favor. 200 mints per bag is perfect party size packaging. Party Sweets have high quality ingredients. Mints are free of trans-fat and are Kosher. The maker of Party Sweets buttermints is from Hospitality Mints. Route 66 Snacks, Sunrise Confections, and Nubu are some of the great tasting products.

Brand: Party Sweets

👤I can still find it. The Butter ones melt too fast, so I prefer the clear hard mint. It helps that they are wrapped. If you want a nice cold, refreshing treat, keep it in the freezer.

👤I like the blue mints. It would be nice for them to come in a clear wrapping since I bought them for my home.

👤These mints are great. I am ordering more. I like the fact that I can suck on them without feeling like I have a crater in my mouth. The flavor is great.

👤I was disappointed with my purchase because I thought it would be strong in the mint, but it wasn't, and I thought it would be a mighty mint. I would class this as a nice sweety, rather than a mint.

👤My favorite Mexican restaurant has the same mints. I couldn't resist. Mints are a quick treat. This bag will last a long time. Everyone I have given them to loves them.

👤Mints are great. The guest seemed to like them. There is a thank you message in the wrapped papers. It's perfect for occasion and placed in party favors boxes.

👤Good price and presentation.

👤The ice crystals had no flavor at all.

3. Party Sweets Blessing Buttermints Hospitality

Party Sweets Blessing Buttermints Hospitality

Individually wrapped It's A Boy themed white buttermints are great as a party favor or as a decoration. A pack of six 7-ounce bags with 55 mints per bag, 330 total, is perfect for a party. Party Sweets makes their delicious, soft buttermints with high quality ingredients such as triple distilled peppermint oil, real butter, and sustainable palm oil. Buttermints are free of trans-fat and are Kosher. The maker of Party Sweets buttermints is from Hospitality Mints. Route 66 Snacks, Sunrise Confections, and Nubu are some of the great tasting products.

Brand: Party Sweets

👤They were very useful. I put them on tables where guests could grab them, in the to-go favors I made, and in the game prize baskets. They are my favorite type of mint. I have a lot of leftover. I've been eating them like candy. I would use this seller for another shower.

👤This item did exactly what it said it would do and it was very easy to use.

👤The tables at the baby shower were decorated with these mints.

👤It's a great gift size for a baby shower, it's easy to use and fresh to taste.

👤Good price. You get a lot of mints. It was used for favors and had a lot left over.

👤The mints are very good and the packaging is cute. These are recommended for a baby shower.

👤The bags came out very nicely, but I was missing a bit. I got a refill placement but they were great.

4. Altoids Smalls Wintergreen Sugarfree Mints

Altoids Smalls Wintergreen Sugarfree Mints

It's small enough to take wherever you go. Freshen up with a wintergreen flavor. All of the mint is sugarfree. The tiny mints give you a big boost of confidence. The package includes 9 individual packs.

Brand: Altoids

👤The product does not include Maltitol in the ingredients list and does not show the ingredients in the images. Many people have severe GI issues after having maltitol throughout the day. I wanted to avoid mints with Maltitol. Please list a correct ingredient list so other people don't discover that I made a mistake in the middle of my workday.

👤I got my first order a month ago, and everything was fine. All the containers are only 1/3 filled. I think the only option is to cancel more orders. I can't see what Altoid has to gain by doing such a poor job at filling their containers, I had committed to this order every month.

👤They make crumb powder all over the place. I was trying to use these up at work when I noticed the fine powder on my keyboard. These tiny pastille are not very useful. Do they serve any purpose other than being small? They're not a strong and confidence-building breath freshener, which should be the whole purpose of them. I've tried two Altoid versions and sadly they weren't good. Is there anything stronger? I'd be grateful if anyone could recommend a better option.

👤They are delicious, so helping to avoid eating is great. They have a kind of spicy peppermint taste that could have been omitted. If you keep the tablets between your teeth and cheek, they will last for a while. It's nice to have no sugar.

👤The product was disappointing. This was a replacement for a brand that was out of stock. There is very little product per container. They are not the strongest variety of Altoids, but they still taste like mint. The tofu is made from mints.

👤They are small but powerful. Great taste. I can't find them in stores. Glad that Amazon has them. I am sure many of you suffer from dry mouth from your medication. I can get back to sleep with the help of this mint. A lot of water does nothing. If you accidentally swallow it whole, you won't choke on it. You don't have to worry about getting tooth decay from eating sugar. It is great! Highly recommend!

👤I pop a few wintergreens in my mouth as I enter my bed for the night because I have dry mouth that hits at all hours. The problem is solved. I carry a tin in my purse and jeans at all times. This is the perfect remedy for me. The size of the tins is perfect and the contents are always fresh.

👤This is the perfect size for thehangover kits I am going to give to my friends. I like the fact that every box is wrapped with plastic and has an expiration date on it. The flavor is delicious and it comes with 9. I think it's a good idea.

👤My husband is a diabetes patient so he can enjoy these, not cheap. It is worth the price.

👤They arrived on time. Well done altoids. 5 stars.

👤The Best Before date has already expired after I received my Altoid mini's a week ago. How can that happen? I don't know where Amazon gets their products, but someone dropped the ball on this one.

5. Ms White Lb Bulk Candy

Ms White Lb Bulk Candy

There is a chocolate fun event. Are you thinking about engagement decorations, bridal decor or wedding favors? M&M's Milk Chocolate candy bulk is special. Imagine your bowl full of candy. M&M'S is an all-around party candy, from guessing games, cupcakes, and cookie tops to edible decorations. Share extras in a chocolate box or spare with friends. It's fun and exciting to host a party. M&M's milk chocolate white candy is perfect for any party gatherings or celebrations, and can be placed inside bottles, jars, or candy bags. Not in your hands! You can keep your M&M'S milk chocolate out of the sun. Do not keep your party mix refrigerated or exposed to high temperature. There are 5 pounds to make your party fun. 2 lbs bags are also available for more fun. White M&M'S Bulk Chocolate Candy is available for purchase today. It's best for weddings, graduations and more.

Brand: Mym&m's

👤Excellent condition for the item. It was well packed with ice. They were used in wedding party favors.

👤I thought I had ordered the white chocolate filling in the M&M's, but I was disappointed to receive milk chocolate. White chocolate is suppose to be in the M&M bags.

👤I ordered 3 of the 2lb bags and am happy with them. My wedding favors will be white, light blue, and light purple. The bags were packaged in bubble wrap bags with ice packs in them so the m&ms wouldn't melt. I can see that they are still in good shape and all the colors I was looking for.

👤Most of the candy was broken or chippy. The baby shower favors turned out differently because of it.

👤M's are expensive.

👤They were perfect. Enjoy them in the fridge. You will not be disappointed.

6. Party Sweets Assorted Buttermints Hospitality

Party Sweets Assorted Buttermints Hospitality

Individual size packaging is perfect. 100 mints. Kosher and no Trans Fat are included. It is made in the USA. An American classic. The taste of buttermint will bring you back to your childhood. America's top selling after-dinner mint is from Hospitality Mints. America's Favorit Candy and Mint Maker was written by Hospitality Mints. America's top selling mint.

Brand: Party Sweets

👤They were not good, even though this was not what I was looking for. I am looking for the tiny after dinner mints that you used to be able to buy in the plastic tub. These aren't them. They contain sorbitol along with rice flour. I guess to each of them.

👤I like butter mints. They melt away in your mouth. Not these! They were very hard and I had to spit it out before it dissolved. It would not melt away.

👤They are not terrible, but not as good as expected. Butter mints are usually easier to make than the mints. Maybe the package I received was new. The green-colored ones have a slightly different flavor. Maybe Lime? Not sure. It tastes like green and artificial to me. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤The online picture of these looks like a creamy buttermilk. The bag is smaller in person. The consistency of these is a real issue for me. They are dry, hard, zero flavor, and only way to explain how they tasted to me was dry hard chalk with a hint of mint. .gross! These do not look like Buttermints. I don't like sounding negative towards a product, it's not who I am. I can't find anything that will give them the benefit of the doubt. I am very disappointed. Buttermints.

👤My mom loves these old fashioned butter mints, she used to get to eat them at weddings and showers before they became a whole buffet. It's crazy! Fast shipping and a great price.

👤These are really bad. They have food coloring in them. The butter mints that I have had the most experience with are from Cracker Barrel. Both brands are delicious. I don't know if I can return them since the package has been opened and a few have been eaten but they are definitely going in the trash.

👤I used to buy things from the supermarket, but these are worse. The pink one has a really horrible artificial berry taste, and the candies are not very butter-fingered. The ones I got from the market were much cheaper than the ones I got from the market. These are garbage. I was fooled once again by Amazon reviewers who were too easy toplease, or maybe some of the reviewers were not legit.

👤These mints are really nice. They are the same as when I was a child and occasionally go to a Thai restaurant. This brand has a nice flavor and the size is larger than usual. A different shape as well. I want a bigger bag.

7. BREAKERS Frost Sugar Mints Peppermint

BREAKERS Frost Sugar Mints Peppermint

There are six tins of ICE BREAKERS frosted with sugar free breath mints. Mints can be kept in a container in the car, a pocket or a drawer. The mints are sugar-free and have a fresh, cool mint flavor. Birthday parties, anniversary dates, and other events are great places to enjoy sugar-free mints. The ICE Breakers FrOST mints have a cool mint flavor.

Brand: Ice Breakers

👤I love the round container of Ice Breakers Coolmint mints. I assumed that they would be the same. Dinner mints or wedding mints are what these are. You can melt them in your mouth with mint. The flavor is mild and doesn't pack the punch that I have come to expect from Ice Breakers. The flavor doesn't give you a fresh breath. If you enjoy a peppermint that is icier than the artic circle in winter, it feels like freezing rain on your tongue, and burns when you inhale. This isn't the one.

👤I used to buy these at the local pharmacy but they became harder to find. I would just take the whole box from the shelf when I found them. Finding these on Amazon has been huge. The best breath mints on the market are the ones I reviewed. Blows away everything else and doesn't leave a trail that makes you want to get another mint. If you pop one in, you won't be craving the taste of chocolate as much as you might have been. The only way out!

👤These mints are past their prime even though they are still in date. They look like they were subjected to a lot of heat and humidity. They look like they were melted at some point and the oils became rancid, either that or humidity caused the sugar to mold. Or both. I take food safety very seriously and don't want anyone to get sick, so I don't like to leave negative reviews. I don't think it was done deliberately, but food products should not be stored in hot environments or they will go rancid.

👤These are the same as last year. The mints are smaller. Not much flavor. I used to be able to take 2 of the old round mints and feel good about my breath. These new ones are mild. Not close to the kick the old ones had. I have to eat them. The packaging for the mints looked old. The mints do not look new or fresh. I can't say that I would buy them again.

👤This is the first time I have tried these mints. I usually get the regular sugarless Icebreakers but they were too strong and made me cough. The strength of these mints is a little stronger. The rough texture is unusual. It looks like expired candy to me. I had to check the date to make sure it wasn't expired. I will eat it but won't give it to anyone. I will not be buying this again. The texture is old and low rating.

👤I was hesitant to buy them because of some reviews. I was worried that they would be old like when you buy candy at a discount store. I'm pretty sure that the texture is intentional, I think it's supposed to look like frost. It is good. These aren't as strong as I 888-276-5932s would suggest, but good enough. It might be stronger than the originals. Unless you go through them quickly, there's no reason to buy bulk.

8. Andes Creme Menthe Mints 120 Count

Andes Creme Menthe Mints 120 Count

Dark chocolate covered in Cool peppermint will refresh your taste buds. There are three layers of candy with green mint sandwiched between them. There are 120 packages of Andes crme de Menthe Thin Mints. Individually wrapped, bite-sized pieces. It's a great way to end a meal. Kosher, peanut free, and allergy free are some of the benefits of the Andes Mints.

Brand: Tootsie Roll

👤I would not have ordered them at this price if I had known that I was going to get 120 Andes mints. I only received one box. So disappointed... I don't know if I will order them again.

👤I can't stop eating them. The first time I had an interaction with Andes chocolate mint was when I went to the deli market to order a sandwich and they put one of them in for a dessert. I was like, why just one? They forgot to add my chocolate mint. I was so angry with my chocolate mint treat. This is a bunch of BS. I just want to order them and forget about that sandwich. Guess what? That was a big no no. I can't stop eating them. Likes flavor crack. Can't get enough. I ate 15 in the first day and will finish the box in 5 days. If you don't get a word of advice, you'll be like me.

👤The 120 count box of Andes mints is great. They arrived as advertised. 120 standard size individually wrapped chocolate mints are contained in it. I use them as the key ingredient for a Christmas cookie every year. Not much else to say about these. I guess you shouldn't feed them to dogs. That would be bad, because it would be a key ingredient for Christmas cookies. 2 eggs and 1/2 cup of flour Baking soda is 1/2 cup. Salt 2 packages Andes Mints. Brown sugar and water are in the container. Cool. Beat in eggs at the same time. The remaining ingredients should be mixed with the remaining ingredients. Dough should be chilled. To prevent burning, line cookie sheet with foil. Roll dough into small balls. For 10 minutes, bake at 350F. Place a mint on a cookie. Cool with a spoon.

👤I don't dislike anything. I apologize for sending a note of complaint. I thought the box of mints contained 60 when I opened the freeZER box. 120 is what it contains. I made a mistake by not checking immediately. So sad! Anne Pearl.

👤I should know better but I ordered these in the summer. One guess? A mess. My obsession is entirely. The warning about this has been added by a lot of candy suppliers. I didn't think because the supplier didn't say it wouldn't ship to X,Y,Z. I can't give it more stars because they would have tasted good.

👤I have always been a fan of the Andes mints. As an adult trying to lose some weight, these mints help when I want some candy. If you eat one or two, you won't be taking in a lot of sugar since the mints are small. The flavor is always good. If you don't put these somewhere that is too hot and melt them, texture is excellent. I have to keep them out of sight since there are kids in the house. A few of these make a nice, light dessert.

👤Since I brought a couple with the bill, I haven't had these little delights. I decided to treat myself and I am so happy I did. For as small as they are, they are packed with more satisfying chocolate and mint than any other readily available mint chocolate. One or two people are really satifying when they need a fix. Will be buying again. I may put a few in some holiday gifts. These arrived safely in 2 days. Impressive!

9. Mentos Chewy Candy Melting Pieces

Mentos Chewy Candy Melting Pieces

Mentos candy rolls are included. candy mints per roll There is a pack of 15 Rolls. It's not a problem if you're a person with a restricted diet or if you're a person with a restricted metabolism. Other flavors include Cinnamon, Fruit, Green Apple, Grape, Mint, Peppermint, Rainbow, Spearmint, and Strawberry. The extra value pack is for people. The Mentos 120 piece bag is great to use for refilling your Mentos packs.

Brand: Mentos

👤What is this? Look at the way it is advertised. Is that a word? I bought the same type at a gas station for the coke fountain experiment. I bought what was advertised as the original after a friend told me I had to buy original. Yes. There is no coke fountain. Life is meaningless. I am not that miserable a person. I am a little angry. I think that's correct.

👤I got my order full of ants, but the wrapper was loose and not vacuum fitted on the box.

👤I love these things and have them on my monthly subscription list. I get some that are hard as rocks. They break when you chew them. I'm not sure who's to blame. minus two stars!

👤I decided to order a box because I love this item so much. The product was terrible. The flavour was too sweet and mild. After logging a customer complaint to mentos with no response, I decided to post here so that other customers can be aware of their reduced quality product and their POOR customer service. Disgusted!

👤I'm addicted to the spearmint. My last two deliveries were a bag with a bunch of broken rolls and mentos. The next order came the same way as the one before it. They should be packaged better. Someone is kicking packages all the way to my house. I carry a roll in my purse. I can't do that when I only have a bag of mentos.

👤Why don't they sell them in the stores? I've found that Amazon sells all the different flavors of Mentos that you can't find anywhere else. My family loves these and they have a great flavor. I can't keep them around since my kids know where I have them. There is a strong cinnamon flavor when you suck them. It's better for the kids if you bite right into one. These are for cinnamon lovers.

👤If you do the math, you'll see that you're saving yourself more than 5 dollars by buying it at the store. I buy the mint flavor because I don't want my breath to smell like a cigarette when I'm out and about. It leaves a sweet, sweet aftertaste after chewing it.

👤These were advertised as mentos with pictures on them. They came with faces. The set was to be stamped with fun images. Was giving a class reward. The plain white didn't fit the need. They were supposed to have things like paper and scissors. They should have told the buyer if the product was out instead of making me wait. Will not buy from this buyer again.

👤I bought these for my friend as a present as we were obsessed with grape mentos and they are impossible to find over here. The flavours advertised are not the flavours in the packets. The purchase was useless because there were no grape mentos. I had to download a Japanese app and get packets shipped from a SevenEleven. It was very disappointing.

10. Party Sweets Blessing Buttermints Hospitality

Party Sweets Blessing Buttermints Hospitality

Individually wrapped It's A Girl themed white buttermints are great as a party favor or as a decoration. A pack of six 7-ounce bags with 55 mints per bag, 330 total, is perfect for a party. Party Sweets makes their delicious, soft buttermints with high quality ingredients such as triple distilled peppermint oil, real butter, and sustainable palm oil. Buttermints are free of trans-fat and are Kosher. The maker of Party Sweets buttermints is from Hospitality Mints. Route 66 Snacks, Sunrise Confections, and Nubu are some of the great tasting products.

Brand: Party Sweets

👤They were not butter mints. They tasted old and were hard, but they did not melt in your mouth.

👤We put them in baby planters on the tables for the baby shower. Those who like butter mints liked the freshness of the candy. They were cute decoration and a reasonable price.

👤I used them at my daughter's shower. Very cute. Everyone loved taking some with them.

👤Many of the candies were crushed inside the wrappers or the bags were empty. They were delicious and the wrappers were cute.

👤It's great and it's cute! They are wrapped individually. Why are there so many greens?

👤The package is very nice. It's perfect for a baby shower.

👤The packaging is cute and delicious.

👤Very happy with the product! The baby shower favors should be put in small bottles. It would be great if there was an even amount of pink, white and green in each bag. The favors turned out to be very cute. Thank you!

11. SAVERS Mints Wint Green Candy

SAVERS Mints Wint Green Candy

There are two bags of Life Savers Mints Wint-O-Green Hard Candy in this package. Life saver Mints are a lot of fun. LIFE SAVERS Mints are a great way to keep your breath fresh. Individually wrapped mints are great for the breakroom. The bulk candy package has your favorite mints.

Brand: Lifesavers

👤I smoke a cigar. Okay, OK... An ex-smoker. I miss those things. Life is empty without those tobacco love. I don't know what it is. While enjoying a cigar, there is a sense of peace. I need to quit because the doctor says I am old. Enjoying that after work smoke is no longer enjoyable. It has not been like a party. Until this bag. These mints help with cravings. It keeps my mouth busy during a craving, and there are a ton in each bag so I can share one, and not freak out that I will run out. They refresh the breath. Get out there. Mints are good for eating.

👤There are 2 bags in the picture. You only get one.

👤I have been ordering these for over five years because they take the place of cigarettes. I haven't smoked since 2006 when I was hospitalized for type one diabetes. I quit smoking and used all the different nicorette tablets and devices and went to these mints. I am addicted to the mints but they are better than cigarettes. Thanks for helping us quit smoking! I wish they didn't have corn syrup. You can't get everything for this price. Again, thank you.

👤The party size bag was the way to go. I keep them in my car, in my coat pockets, and in the kitchen drawer, as soon as you open the drawer, you can smell the Winter Green. It was a great choice in hard candy.

👤The price is great for two bags. I hated the taste of artificial sweetener after my surgery. These are small and help quench sugar cravings with a great taste and mint that's not strong.

👤The bags of mints are not as good as the ones you buy in the small packages at the store, but they are in good packaging. Also soft. Would return them. They help me quit smoking. I buy bags in the stores for less than $1 per bag but I will still buy the small bags in the store.

👤My daughter had to take one bag to work because I didn't know how much I was getting. She said they were gone in a second. Very popular.

👤A bug was put into a life saver. The customer service of the MANUFACTURER acknowledges the "insect" in that candy, but to date, no action has been taken, except for the fact that they've wasted my time and made promises. This is a reminder to Amazon that my complaint is relevant to the maker, the manuFACTURER, and the quality control of their product, as a courtesy to other potential customers. I had a direct experience with the MANUFACTURER who still makes M&M Mars/Mars Wrigley. This review is only for products that I have purchased from Amazon. I am a cancer patient. The cancer on my neck had to be blasted with high-dose radiation, and it destroyed my ability to salivate and taste food. I used the Wint-O-Green Lifesavers to get a small amount of water in my mouth. I purchased many 50-oz "Party" bags from various merchants, including verified purchases from Amazon, as well as other purchases of these Wint-O-Green Lifesavers in other consumer-marketed serving sizes and configurations. The candy is the same as the manufacturer. Which leads me to Wint-O-Green Lifesavers. I opened a brand-new 50oz bag in November of 2021, and after using less than ten candy from it, I noticed a photograph of a candy in my mouth. It's the back of a small black beetle. I immediately called Mars Wrigley North America customer service. I explained the situation to the man and he gave me a faux-concern. I was asked to send all information and a picture of the wrapped candy, and then I was told to unwrap and photograph the candy. I was told to throw the remaining candy away. I had two more bags that I threw out, but preserved the bags with manufacturer's codes. I don't want to use a product that might contain a lot of insects. Some of the photos are included in the review. The MANUFACTURER's customer service was so bad that every e-mailed response was from a different name. I kept the bug-candy and asked if they wanted to look at it. The quality control department would not reply to that question. They never did. I still have that candy. I have preserved the entire e-mail trail from the manufacturer. I contacted them on January 16 after waiting 39 days. I apologized again, and was told that they were waiting for their coupons to be prepared. Really? Nothing was ready two weeks into the year. It was the 10th exchange between us, and it was the MANUFACTURER of these candies as a courtesy for their quality control: nothing. Not a gol-durned thing. They noted that they wanted to restore my faith in their company when they answered my concerns. Really? They've been able to earn lower levels of disrespect from me. The Better Business Bureau's corporate offices are where I filed the case. If you want to receive a bag of candy with an insect in it, go ahead. I'm done with Mars/M&M and have switched to another company's similar product, and my family will never purchase another product made by Mars/M&M, because of the disgusting episode both of insect-fouled quality control and a customer "service" department which I hope this review is up to par with Amazon's standards.


What is the best product for wedding mints blue?

Wedding mints blue products from Lifesavers. In this article about wedding mints blue you can see why people choose the product. Party Sweets and Altoids are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding mints blue.

What are the best brands for wedding mints blue?

Lifesavers, Party Sweets and Altoids are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding mints blue. Find the detail in this article. Mym&m's, Ice Breakers and Tootsie Roll are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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