Best Wedding Lights for Reception Dance

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1. LIIDA Curtain Twinkle Controller Decorations

LIIDA Curtain Twinkle Controller Decorations

Quality problems when using square bars will be solved by them. If you want to return or exchange, please contact their customer service. 8 String Light Modes combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on. Plug it in directly and it will have power on and off. You can come with a transformer that is certified by the ETL. There is only one button for switch modes. Led fairy curtain lights can make the atmosphere brighter. It can be hung on walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, grass, Christmas trees, etc. Waterproof is perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations. Christmas, wedding, home, window, bathroom, festival, Holiday, shows, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, shopping center, etc. Remember the light effect settings. You don't have to manually select your preferred setting every time you turn them on.

Brand: Liida

👤I used these in part of my Halloween yard haunt expansion. I was surprised that you can connect more than one strand of the lights. When you take them out of the box, make sure you get them to fit back in. The end that plugs in is bulky, they work well with a variety of different lighting modes. I would recommend them to my friends.

👤The strings were easy to separate and I thought it was going to be a hot mess. They glowed. I used them on the front porch for Christmas lighting. The features and purple color were unique to our neighborhood. An additional order resulted in a different purple shade so they are not the same color.

👤We hung these from a tree on the back deck using 3 S hooks. We hung the S hooks up on the limbs. They are great for late cookouts because of the light on the ground near the deck and the fact that the little ones can see the grass. We are going to put them on the privacy fence near the pool.

👤These lights are very bright. I was going to buy one more but they are not currently available. The wire is white, which surprised me, but it looks great on my front porch, which has white columns. They're very bright and they're separated perfectly. I love these lights.

👤Came in a small box. They're cool! Plug in! There were no instructions inside.

👤They worked for two days, then stopped working, after they were put up for the Christmas display. I really liked the combo of light and brightness, but it was a waste of money.

👤My daughter had a Sweet Sixteen Party. One of the lights worked on its own even though it stopped working. Had they all worked, I would have given them 5 stars.

👤The lights are beautiful. Well packaged and performed well. I'm ordering another set.

👤Assez long... Attendez 25$. sa vaut pas le prix.

👤You can play with the strands, it's beautiful. I hung them against my wall and it was pretty. I discovered that I can put a pin up every 2nd to my ceiling. Which is a lovely setting. I liked them that way. I pinned an unused top sheet under the hung lights on my ceiling because I found it hard to sleep with the lights above me. How much do I love my room now? There is a button on the plug to change the settings if I have to get up and plug in. Don't release the strand bundle before installing to avoid tangles.

👤The purple lights seem to be on the blue side. The lights look hung up. The bundles of lights will get tangled up if you don't untangle them before hanging them. The settings on the plug are what the "remote control" is about. You can choose from blinking, breathing and twinkling. A nice set of lights.

👤I was happy when I found these because purple is not a common colour with led lights. They were packaged well and easy to install. The purple is very bright and vivid when you look at it from outside. They hang on the floor even though I have a big window which I would assume is normal size for a house. The fact that there is no remote makes it very tempting for cats and puppies to play with it, so anyone with cats or puppies should be cautious of this. I have to plug in and out of them every time I use them, and then have to cycle through all the settings until I get the steady on option. I'm still on the fence about returning them, I don't know why they wouldn't make them without a remote. Doesn't make sense to me. These are a good choice.

2. Curtain 19 7x9 8ft Twinkle Decorative Backdrop

Curtain 19 7x9 8ft Twinkle Decorative Backdrop

You will get 12* 1.48" X 1.6" Flameless LED tea lights. Friendly customer service and a worry-free warranty. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them. The Super Bright Icicle lights are 2 or 3 times the width of others. It is wide enough to be used as a birthday party backdrop, a wedding reception backdrop, or a head table backdrop, and can be wrapped around a canopy bed or pergola in the backyard. It cannot be connected with another set. There are 7 changing Modes and 1 Steady On Mode, and you can choose from 8 different light effects. It's safe and heat free to come with a transformer that's been certified by the UL. It is cool to touch and won't get hot. Only the provided one, or one from a reliable manufacturer, is recommended. The light effect settings can be remembered in the memory function. Every time you turn them on, you don't need to manually select your preferred setting. It can be used as Christmas decor, party weddings backdrop, as a plain wall, as a lighted divider of 2 rooms, or even hung down across a tapestry.

Brand: Lighting Ever

👤After less than 2 months, the lights almost caught on fire, but they were plugged in a few times. The issue was that half of them blinked off like the setting had changed, but that wasn't the problem. It caught our attention and I am glad it happened. We noticed one of the lights was smoking. If we had walked away with them, we might not have been so lucky. The product is not safe even though Amazon Customer service was amazing and they did their best to correct the situation. Try a different brand. Since we hung them up, I've gotten a lot of praise. Everyone loves them. We leave them on the regular setting so they are always on. I was surprised at how many lights there are. We hung them on the backside of our patio. The ceilings are very high. They are holding up well and many of their friends are asking for the link to purchase the same ones.

👤They are beautiful. I would definitely recommend it. Everything looked amazing!

👤When we decided to add some lights to my daughter's room, it was because we were doing a canopy bed ourselves. I am happy that we chose these because they are perfect. We could go all the way around and back. The highest point of the canopy is in her room and they touched the ground there. These lights make her bed look like a fairy tale place. It was easy to put them up because they were packaged neatly. These lights are very pretty. They are great for big events such as a wedding. They're perfect for adding that little extra magic to a bedroom.

👤We put five sets of these in our trees. We live in a neighborhood that is Christmas light crazy and all of the light viewing tours, so we received a lot of praise. One of the trees overhangs the sidewalk, and the curtain lights were an obvious draw for kids to "twirl" within them. I was terrified that this would damage the lights and that I'd have to sit out on the lawn and yell at people to get off my lawn. The Christmas spirit isn't necessarily the Christmas spirit. The lights are built to last, and the light bulbs are integrated into the plastic housing, so they're really durable. A few of the lower bulbs were broken, but that didn't cause the strand to go dark. My wife is going to decorate our son's upcoming wedding venue with the lights, because these make a stunning decoration. I'm sure they'll be great for that.

👤I was excited for them to come after I ordered them for the back drop. Less than a week away from the wedding and reception. When we plugged them in, they didn't turn on. After trying multiple outlets we were done and ready to go, but we noticed a section earlier while untangling the mess where the wire were disconnected, so we decided to see if that was the problem. We tied the wires together. I'm glad they work, but I'm mad that they didn't check their product before shipping it out. I was more frustrated when it didn't work than when I knew it had problems. I'll keep this product for the wedding, but I would suggest ordering earlier and making sure they work so you don't get the scare I did.

3. Outdoor String Shatterproof Wedding Pergola

Outdoor String Shatterproof Wedding Pergola

The power sockets for the outdoor string lights have 9.8 feet of leading wire, so you don't have to buy an extension cord. Unique outside string lights come with safe wire and a built-in plug, so they can be left on display all year long in damp or wet locations. The G40 is easy to install and is light with all the bulbs screwed into the sockets. Use G40 globe bulbs for multiple outdoor occasions, create a warm and non-overwhelming glow, and you can dim it with a remote dimmer. There is a two year warranty on roofer. This cafe bistro string lights come with shatterproof clear bulbs, not broken easily with a 2 years warranty, and they will make you absolutely happy with the replacement. There is a two year warranty on roofer. This cafe bistro string lights come with shatterproof clear bulbs, not broken easily with a 2 years warranty, and they will make you absolutely happy with the replacement.

Brand: Meidaoduo

👤I installed the lights on the patio. The lights suddenly stopped working after the rain here in California. It said it was waterproof. It's not a good idea to buy a weather proof house if you need lights.

👤The strand is not as long as I expected. The lights are only 15' long and there is no lights. They are a bit brighter than expected and would have liked a dimmer option.

👤The strand I bought was not the right length. I needed a single strand of 50 feet for my project. The seller was very kind and responsive. The length is perfect and fits my entire deck, plus a bit wrapped around the side to provide light to a dark side area. The light is bright and useful without being glaring for neighbors in a small space, thanks to the spacing of the bulbs. Thank you again, I am very pleased!

👤Our new outdoor kitchen/porch area has 100ft string lights. Have been up for 12 weeks. Globes are attached to a string. Each light has a clip that is easy to attach to an eye hook. The globes are hung about 1ft inside the roof covered area, with rain and wind so far, no water has entered the globes. We were happy with our purchase and would recommend it.

👤These are great for hanging under a pergola. I don't have any lighting on my back patio but now with 2 of these linked together and on a Kasa switch, I light up my pergola and patio area perfectly. I enjoyed the whole back yard living experience the other night when I sat out there, grilled food, and ate dinner. These lights are inexpensive and perfect for my needs.

👤Works well! Don't judge the classroom, it's a work in progress, but I love my lights. It was long and enough to do several zig zags. I didn't get a remote.

👤I spent over $30 dollars on string lights from Target and half of them broke as I hung them up. I cleaned up glass. These have been with me for about a month and they haven't fallen or shattered. I have a 9x6 patio and it is covered in some places. I would suggest grabbing two packages and getting the 50ft one. I'm happy I didn't get them in the first place, but I love these.

👤These are bright and dimmable, but they don't give a warm 2700k / lower color temp look that looks great on a patio. I think the color temp is around 3000k. Too bad...

4. Ditan Waterfall Starburst Waterproof Decoration

Ditan Waterfall Starburst Waterproof Decoration

The remote control can create vibrant, dynamic atmospheres by using the combination of 10 brightness levels and 8 flashing modes. It's great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, etc. The fairy lights are powered by 4 AA batteries. The heat insulated copper wire won't make it overheated. Make the indoors safe. 10 high-quality Cooper wire and 25 LEDs per Cooper wire are included in the design. can be shaped into any shape, such as a chandelier. The firefly bunch lights are suitable for Christmas tree decoration lights. The firefly bunch lights are waterproof. Setting the mood for a party is important. It's good for watering plants, potted decorations, and lighting decorations. It's good for watering plants, potted decorations, and lighting decorations.

Brand: Chu&white

👤The battery operated lights are water proof and can be used anywhere. I like them. The remote is a plus and the functions are awesome. I will probably order more.

👤The lights look nothing like the first picture shown. They are thin, wirey, and lacking in any sort of asethic appeal. The product itself is so ugly that having a timer or battery or remote doesn't mean anything. Very disappointed. Do not recommend.

👤So far, so good. Product seems to be what was said to be. If you add a timer function to the remote control, you don't have to touch it again if you put the lights inside a watering can, because you can remotely turn them on and off. I am happy with my purchase so far. I only used them for a few days. I think the remote control would work better if it wasn't inside of the lights.

👤I like these. They were added to the tree. One bunch worked and there is another bunch to add to. I like them a lot. I will keep updating them.

👤These are better than most of the others. They are easy to work with because they are a bunch of strands. The remote works well.

👤I'm not going to order any more lights from Amazon because they don't work at all.

👤These lights are amazing. The strands are durable and bright. The remote is easy to use. Highly recommend these! Very happy with these.

5. Equivalent Landscape Bluetooth Floodlights Waterproof

Equivalent Landscape Bluetooth Floodlights Waterproof

The string light has 66 feet of copper wire with a plated and 5 feet power cord which is more capable and shapeable for daily applications. APP Control needs a 15W led flood light. It's 15W, super bright, warm white, equivalent 100W, 1200 lumens, and CRI > 85. 16 million colors and 20 modes of music rhythm and timing can be found in this led outdoor up lights. It's waterproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor uplights. 90-day-refund guarantee. Simple operation and connect easier, no gateway. The app can be downloaded on the App Store or on the Play Store if the manual has a link. The latest technology has been adopted by them. You only have to open the app and enter it, the floodlights will be connected to your phone and can be controlled up to 65 feet away. You don't have to go out to control the outdoor led lights in the winter or rainy season. You can connect Light 1--- Light 5, then set these 5 lights to the color or mode you want, and then you can connect the remaining lights. The lights have a function. When you turn off the lights, they will be the mode before the light goes off. 5. You can control many lights with one phone. The Smart led flood light can change colors according to the rhythm of music. Dynamic or soft music can be chosen according to your preferences. It can be used for stage lights, led up lights, landscape lighting, backdrop lighting, outdoor strobe light, spot light and more. You can use it to decorate your house. Set your led flood light to turn on or off at a specific time. They can install this rgb flood light in outdoor or indoor environment such as a porch, driveway, backyard, balcony, pergola, patio, garden, the lights turn on and off automatically every day, which changes their lives and makes life easier and happier. You can adjust the speed of the white strobe to get any effect you want. White strobe is very suitable for Halloween decoration, it can imitate the effect of lightning, and you can adjust the speed to get any effect you want. White strobe is very suitable for Halloween decoration, it can imitate the effect of lightning, and you can adjust the speed to get any effect you want.

Brand: Melpo

👤I gave them away. I did not turn them on. The privacy agreement states that the app that controls them is subservient to the laws of the People's Republic of China. Everything we buy is made in China. I don't want China to use my information. I will stick with things that have a remote.

👤No thanks. The app requires you to use your location services. Why? You need to have access to your iTunes account and microphone. The Republic of China welcomes you. The App barely works and is a dealbreaker for me. These will be sent back to Tsai Ing-wen.

👤The app works well. The location must be on for these to connect. If you walk out of the range and try to connect, it won't work. The location on requirement is just plain stupid, and it wouldn't be so bad if it was just in the range. My only guess is that they are selling location info to marketing companies, as the lights have nothing to do with knowing my location. All of the inexpensive rgb lights use a different type of wireless technology than the nicer smart lights. It makes for a very frustrating user experience as you can't control them from anywhere like you can with hue bulbs. Will be throwing that money at the devices.

👤Just buy them. It's seriously. The metal housing is bright, well made and has great colors. The app is a bit confusing to figure out, but any lights that are adjusted like this seem to use the same app. I separated the two lights for a demo so that they would look the same. You can have one red light and one green light. There are a lot of options and different speeds. The remote has limited blue tooth, but I can control the lights from my second floor bedroom closed window that looks down on the garden fountain. I was not able to figure out the sync with music piece from the device, no amount of research seemed to provide clarity. I am an avid user of the mobile operating system and it may work better with the phone. It will respond to ambient music. I'm not one of those who decorate the houses for everyone. Plug them in and shine them on the house. I was skeptical about how well these would work, since I wanted to replace 800-381-0266 The under water lights are better. It's hard to imagine being disappointed in the lights.

👤My son wanted to light up our pool area for his proposal to his girlfriend, so he tried these lights. We were a little concerned that the item would not be bright enough after we ordered it. We were pleasantly surprised that they were much brighter than we had thought, and that they made his special night even more special, with the various settings on the lights, music and a bubble machine, it was amazing! This product is very good.

6. MZD8391 Curtain Wedding Bedroom Outdoor

MZD8391 Curtain Wedding Bedroom Outdoor

The pack of 12 units of Cypress are labeled with a screw driver. The waterproof lights string can last 50,000 hours. If you want to avoid tangle, put the light up first, then tie the bundle to avoid tangles. Only a string light, not a curtain. It is easy to install, it is safe to use, and it has one button for modes switch. In waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on are the 8 Modes. The 304 led white string lights have high electric energy convert rate, no heat energy consumption, and energy saving. 60 days money back and 12 months free replacement. They give 60 days money back and a 12 month free replacement. 60 days money back and 12 months free replacement. They give 60 days money back and a 12 month free replacement.

Brand: Mzd8391

👤These turned out to be great. The cords are thinner than traditional Christmas lights, so they look better indoors. The warm white ones are not too bright white or yellow, and they are awesome. They were light and easy to hang up. They were easy to untangle once they were hung up. I would definitely order more, and at a great price.

👤They are not easy to put up. It does not come with a remote. It comes with a controller which is a button on the outlet that changes the modes. You have to click through all the settings every time you use it because I like it on the solid light setting. I would like it to have a memory for where it was last on. The others are not typical use, but they are good for Christmas. My biggest complaint is that the outlet is ugly against the product. It was a bad day. I don't know why they would make everything clear and then the biggest chunkiest piece is black. The first piece between the outlet and the wall is not long enough. They don't go all the way to the ceiling and they puddle on the floor below. I like this look, but the design is not very nice. It is cheap and pretty for the sake of writing a review. It is not well-designed.

👤My daughter is happy.

👤I used the lights for my baby shower. We're getting more for Christmas decorations. Beautiful.

👤The light curtain was a great addition to my house. It's light weight design and easy-to-use installation make it a great product. The lights were packaged in two groups with each twist tied individually. I found it helpful to remove the group twist ties and lay the string out so you can see the full length. This will help you install. Before removing the trailing light strings, you should install the length of your lights. This will make it easy to use. The wire is clear. It's easy to blend with lighter colors. The light controls feature is nice, but it is on the power box that you can plug into the wall. This could be an issue if you are plugging this in. I am very happy with the product, price and overall look of the item.

👤I used this to surprise my guy. I got a giant inflatable fort and put it up on the ceiling for indoor stargazing because I am a massive dork and I regret nothing. You can use a button on the wall plug-in to set the settings. You might want to take a picture of the seller's product description for reference because it doesn't come with instructions. If you plug it in again, it will stay on the setting you had it on, which is great because you can use it for a surprise plan like mine. Only two settings really do the trick if you use it for stars. You can't see the dripping effects unless you're incredibly strategic with placing and have more patience than me.

7. Outdoor Certified Backyard Pergolas Gathering

Outdoor Certified Backyard Pergolas Gathering

You can easily adjust the angle of the rave party light to hang on the wall or stand on the floor. It's perfect for any party, from a birthday party to a disco party. The G40 outside porch string light comes with 100 clear edison G40 Bulbs and 4 spare replacement bulbs. 1.5 inch light bulbs have candelabra sockets, which help you to save more electricity. Cute bulbs make a warm and romantic atmosphere that will make you feel relaxed and happy. 100 hanging sockets bistro string light with 6 inch lead, 12 inch spacing between bulbs, 6 inch tail with female connector, total length 100 feet with 100 glass bulbs and 4 spare bulbs. Not possible. The string lights are more safe and reliable because of the certified technology. The string light has a built in spare fuse and an e12 sockets. It's very easy to install this outdoor decorative light string with a cable tie or cup hook if you need the hanging accessory. The g40 Christmas light string is very flexible and practical, a light bulb that goes out does not affect other lighting bulbs. These commercial lights are the perfect decoration for balcony terrace, garden, bistro, pergola, gazebo, tent, barbecue, city roof, market, cafe, umbrella, dinner, wedding, birthday party etc. Please search B00R25V92Y for bulbs replacement. These commercial lights are the perfect decoration for balcony terrace, garden, bistro, pergola, gazebo, tent, barbecue, city roof, market, cafe, umbrella, dinner, wedding, birthday party etc. Please search B00R25V92Y for bulbs replacement.

Brand: Brightown

👤This set of lights is a good one, packaged well, nice heavy cord, etc. The installation of the lights is a bit of a challenge, because you have to hang the lights and then screw in the bulbs. It's time consuming, but it serves the purpose of preventing bulbs from breaking as you hang the lights. I dropped one of the bulbs as I stood on a ladder, after I got the string of lights in the general place I wanted it. That's on me. The lights have one replacement bulb. I thought the manufacturers were prepared for this eventuality. I replace the bulb and clean up the glass. I plug them in. One light is dead and the other is flickering. I tried to change the bulbs by moving them around to see if it was an issue of faulty wiring as opposed to the bulbs. I have to drop another star since I wrote the initial review two weeks ago. Two more bulbs seem to have burned out in less than 10 hours of use. It has been about a week and a half since the last update. I received an email from the seller expressing regret for my negative experience with the product. They said that sometimes in the manufacturing or in shipping there can be small fissures in the bulbs that allow air to enter and cause them to burn out. I got unlucky and received a very fragile set. They offered to send me replacements for the problem. I updated my rating to reflect their good customer service. I will check in again when the situation is completely solved.

👤Looked great. Since I didn't have time to return the boxes I used them with the 2 blown bulbs, I used them with the boxes I purchased. Everyone loved the added touch of the project. I have changed my review to 5 stars. The vendor reached out to me to see if there were any issues with my lights. They sent 5 replacement bulbs after I told them that 2 bulbs had been blown. I'm very satisfied with my lights and vendor's customer service.

👤The light sets are 25 feet in diameter. I might get the longer strand at this point. These lights are wonderful. The lights are gorgeous, but I will not take a photo at this time. I plugged them in while in the package to make sure they worked. I made it easy to hang by removing all the bulbs. I used a staple gun to hang them up. I screwed the light bulbs in. These lights are very good. They are perfect!

👤Excellent product. Don't try to hang them before removing the bulbs, and don't connect more than three strands together. Highly recommended. The product is great for an affordable price.

👤I waited to give this review since I wasn't sure how the quality was on these lights. I only had them for 3 months and they only used 20 hours, since they are only on our fence. We didn't know how much we would need, so I bought an additional 25ft. The first box we bought had 2 broken bulbs but it was fine because it came with a few spare bulbs. We used all the spare bulbs we had to replace the 6 that went out last week. I decided to call their customer service and give them the same information I had given them, and they have the worst customer service I have ever encountered on Amazon. If you are looking for string lights, do not buy them because they are garbage. Don't waste your money! I should have returned them after finding the broken bulbs, but I didn't think so. It was a big mistake.

8. GOOLIGHT Projector Activated Christmas Decoration

GOOLIGHT Projector Activated Christmas Decoration

There are several time setting options that you can choose to run the light in. The lightweight and compact RGB Projector is easy to carry. If you have a question, please feel free to ask. Combine the two mainstream home party disco lights to make one product show two effects, including the dazzling effect of the stage lights and the colorful atmosphere of the disco ball, which makes your party a dazzling moment. Disco ball lights have three different working modes, you can choose which one is best for you. You can use the remote control to control the opening and closing of the disco ball and party lights. The pattern is clear and beautiful when it's working. The metal shell of the disco ball lights is very durable and not easy to age, and it has a long service life. The best choice for entertainment and gift giving. The party dj lights can be hung on the ceiling or placed on the table. It is suitable for disco, ballrooms, hotels, skating rink, public square, family gatherings, bar, KTV, party concert combo and other places of entertainment. The party dj lights can be hung on the ceiling or placed on the table. It is suitable for disco, ballrooms, hotels, skating rink, public square, family gatherings, bar, KTV, party concert combo and other places of entertainment.

Brand: Spooboola

👤The light was great. Everyone loved the dance floor and the lighting.

👤We had a party for our granddaughter's 11th birthday. The light show was a hit. The light show was thumping along with them even if they were giggling or rocking out to some tunes. The party was held in a large room. sq. ft. of 1500 It was hung from the vaulted ceiling so that it could be used to illuminate the entire room and dance floor. The kids were hitting the pinata at the Christmas party. Everyone was amazed by it. This product is very good.

👤I researched a lot and bought this one and a wash/wave light with the 2 lazers, they are really cool. I have seen a lot. Yes. Heres the bad. There is no way to slow down the ultra fast lazers, the only way is to use one of the music modes that will shut both lazers and the colors off completely to the beat. sadly! If only the red green and blue were on every time, it would be unbelievable, I may cover the red and green. You can't do that with liquid electrical tape over them. It's a pity. If they could only slow the freak down and look like the pictures for a second, they would be able to take all the pics. Out of this world freak show, it's a high speed. It's still worth it if you buy it for the one music mode. Just get a clue and slow your roll!

👤Two of these were purchased for a party. One of my friends is going to get these pics. If you are reading this, please let me know. When I put one upstairs and one downstairs, everyone thought I had professional lighting for the night. Highly recommended!

👤I am an entertainer, DJ and musician from New Jersey and have seen and used a lot of lighting systems that are quite expensive. This unit gives a lot of bright, fancy lighting and is very effective for use as a "disco dance" light in a bar or home. But... If you look at the videos and pictures, you will see that the laser designs create snow and swirls which look like Christmas. The disco light can pass as a disco light but don't expect an array of colors or laser designs. I will use this item for dancing and Christmas lighting. It's funny.

👤I love this portable light projector, it's small and portable. I use this in bars that don't have lighting for private events. The Disco Ball and lasers make for a dynamic light display. The product was good for the price.

👤I bought these for a 70s and 80s themed Christmas party for my friends and I tried them out before the party with some music and they are awesome, they have good variation in color and pattern and you can see the lasers on the ceiling as well.

👤This light is very professional looking. I like the laser light designs. The strobe feature can be turned off if it makes people sick. This light is perfect for throwing an awesome dance party. The power cord is very short, which is a bad thing. bang for the buck, other than that!

9. LifBetter Flashing Multicolor Festivals Birthdays

LifBetter Flashing Multicolor Festivals Birthdays

The Litake stage lights come with two mounting brackets, it can be easily mounted and stable on a lighting stand, floor, ground, TRUSS with the provided screws. The glow foam sticks have 3 flashing modes: Quick flashing, Slow flashing, and Alternately flashing. You can turn off party foam sticks if you want to save battery life. The button batteries for each unit are included in the pack of 50 piecesled foam stick baton, which can provide lighting time of 5 to 8 hours. 300 mah Super high battery, glow in the dark foam sticks with high brightness. There is a tight cover in case you are swallowed. These light foam sticks are perfect for sporting events, raves, festivals, birthday parties, and practically any event you can think of. If you have a quality problem with the light up wand, please contact their customer service for a return or replacement.

Brand: Lifbetter

👤These are popular at dance parties. These are popular at adult dance parties. They are popular at Glow Fitness Classes. These are the best party favors. You will not be disappointed. The packaging is nice to make sure the lights are not turned on.

👤I wish I would have bought more because we have over 400 this year. These things were great. The group when nuts gave the instruction to light em up, and we dropped the last track. It would be worth it. I plan to keep these for only one event, but I will definitely purchase more of them.

👤These aren't built to last. People use them as swords when they start swinging them. If the batteries didn't break, they would last about 4 hours. Do not buy them if you plan to use them a lot. After you use them, you should throw them in the trash.

👤These were so much fun at my wedding. Everyone loved them. They turned a regular dance floor into an epic dance party by lighting it up. It was so much fun.

👤Everyone loves these for our wedding.

👤Customer service is great and the product looks great in the dark, but I don't give it a five star review because they don't last long by shaking them and they fall apart. I fell apart before the second song was done.

👤I bought glow sticks for my daughter's wedding. The glow sticks were broken when we opened the box before the reception. I could have returned them before the wedding if I knew they were broken.

👤It was a good price to be able to throw a great wedding dance with no guilt. The pictures turned out great.

10. ZOIC Christmas Wedding 328feet Function

ZOIC Christmas Wedding 328feet Function

Installation suggestion of string light bulbs should be first done with empty sockets. In case of high wind, every bulb should be separated. Set up your lights in a few minutes. End-to-end connections are offered by each 100 foot strand. The total power is only 6W. There is no worry about energy waste. The function of memory. After cutting off the power, the controller is supposed to remember the last setting. The light should not be set again. Plug it in and it will be easy to use. There are 8 modes for choosing: combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on. 500 lights illuminate the happiness atmosphere inside or outside. The power adapter is certified by both the CSA and theUL. It's popular for things like a wedding, a window, a bathroom, a festival, a show, a restaurant, a shopping center, a pub, a club, a concert, a hall, a cabaret, and a dance stage. Follow the instructions in the manual to untangle the lights. Customers can contact them if they have any problems. Follow the instructions in the manual to untangle the lights. Customers can contact them if they have any problems.

Brand: Zoic

👤I put the lights in the bushes for Christmas. The tangle problem was solved with electrical cord holders, which should make it much easier next year. I'm going to buy a few more since they don't blow up. The only issue I had with these was the amount of time it took to untangle the lights. It took 40 minutes to untangling the first string and lay out across the yard. I unwound the lights across the yard to make the second string go better. They cover the bushes around my house. I'm going to put them in electrical cord holders after Christmas. It will be easier for next year.

👤Our sons rehearsal dinner will be held in our yard and we needed to create a canopy for it. We put them up the weekend before the event and they stopped working, so we bought 6 sets. Some sets are complete. There are some that are dim. Some blinked when they wanted to. Nothing fixed the fuses and bulbs that I tried to look at. It took a lot of man power and ladders to get the lights up. They worked well for the first night. We didn't use anything to attach them, so we didn't cut the line.

👤These lights are amazing. 2 strands created a great effect in a play. It is not hard to use them, just take your time and follow the directions. We will probably order at least 2 more strands to increase the effects because the theater is so impressed with them. We used them daily for a week and had no problems. It took time but it was worth it because we were putting them on the ceiling. The best effect for the money was given by these lights. Even though the stage lights were on, they showed up even though they were bright. They look like little star lights. We will probably play a little with some flickering and dimming if we get two more strands. I paid more to get them here because we were in a time crunch and they arrived exactly as promised, well packaged and working perfectly.

👤These lights were delivered yesterday. Take your time, they weren't hard to untangle. I had to flip the bundle multiple times. It took about 15 minutes to untangle them. I bought a storage reel to make putting them up easier. The white lights are bright. I'm planning to use them for ambient lighting instead of my main light source for the outdoor birthday/halloween party. I will be able to outline the whole front of the house with just one strand after they're done. My parents used to have similar lights. Even though a tree branch fell and broke the strand, they worked as expected even on hot sunny days. I will review them to see how well they work.

👤It all began with excitement but ended in anxiety and frustration. After 15 minutes of pure frustration, the tangle issue sealed the deal for me. I tried to warp the lights around my tree, but didn't get around the tree again until I noticed the tangling. I thought it was small, so I started fixing it. The way the product is wrapped is prone to tangles. I decided that I would not be able to make this work after trying for at least 15 minutes, and since decorating for Christmas should be fun, stress free and bring joy, I put the lights back in the box. I will return the product. The seller needs to make the packaging better so that the product doesn't get tangled. I had no issues with the lights I bought. I will shorten it by a second set and it will work the same way.

11. 5ftx10ft Curtains Ceremony Reception Decoration

5ftx10ft Curtains Ceremony Reception Decoration

There are some deferral ideas. Their table runners are fancy and can be used to design your own table display. Pair chiffon fabric with botanicals, taper candleholders, compote bowls, candle holders, delicate florals, modern geometrics, agate ideas, candlestick holders, candelabras, mason jars and vintage charger plates. Their yard is great for upscale parties, like weddings, bridal wedding showers, baby showers, and Sweet 16s. There is a pack of 6 panels, each with a wedding curtain measure of 5 feet width x 10 feet length. There is a pocket at the top and bottom of each panel that can be used for pole entry. The romantic sheer arch drapes are finished with nice stitching and light-weighted to create a great eye catching detail in your wedding ceiling decoration. Perfect for weddings ceilings,stages,arches,receptions,parties,bridal and baby showers,birthdays,candy buffets,dessert tables,photography,ceremony and more. It can be washed by hand in cold water, hung on a hanger, and iron on low heat. Any size can be ordered as a customr order. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Fanqisi

👤Ceiling panels are of good quality and light.

👤I didn't need the item.

👤It was worth the money for a wedding I was doing.


What is the best product for wedding lights for reception dance?

Wedding lights for reception dance products from Liida. In this article about wedding lights for reception dance you can see why people choose the product. Lighting Ever and Meidaoduo are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding lights for reception dance.

What are the best brands for wedding lights for reception dance?

Liida, Lighting Ever and Meidaoduo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding lights for reception dance. Find the detail in this article. Chu&white, Melpo and Mzd8391 are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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