Best Wedding Lanterns Decorative

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1. JHY DESIGN Decorative Candleholder Weddings(White)

JHY DESIGN Decorative Candleholder Weddings%EF%BC%88White%EF%BC%89

The metal candler is vintage. The life-size vintage candle lantern, with glass panes, special top and pattern frame distressed by white powdering, creates an aura of old world charm, and adds a gorgeous touch to any space with the graceful marriage of beauty and practicality. It's possible to use tea-light, votive or small pillar candles up to 3 inches. Iron and glass are in this size. A hanging ring for easy hanging or sitting on a flat surface is lightweight and convenient to carry around. Four clear glass panes are great for reducing the damage of glass when decorative lanterns are in transportation. The metal frames are strong and well welded. It's ideal for yard, pathway, driveway, shelf, table, bar, photo booths, patio, porch, etc. The customer service is improved. If you find a problem with their products, they will respond in 24 hours.

Brand: Jhy Design

👤I got this as a birthday gift for a friend and I also got a four-pack of pillar candles. My friend likes to entertain outside and the candle won't blow out from the breeze. It's pretty with a flicker candle. It was better than I anticipated. It was wonderful. I'll be ordering more because it makes a great gift.

👤The product arrived in good condition. I only use it indoors. I bought a faux candle with a light that flickers. There is enough room in the interior for seasonal decor. I will replace the candle with a manger scene and some greenery.

👤It was thrown back in the box that was taped up. The glass was dirty.

👤It's not clear why rating is asking about remote and timer functions. It's a lantern. That is what I wanted. I could put my own candle in it. I use it on the patio table. I've purchased two of them.

👤The lantern is a great addition to my Christmas decor. It is very pretty and well made. It looks great after I added a little silk fir greenery and red berries.

👤I thought there were candles inside. The pictures are coming back.

👤I bought a lantern for a wedding. The candle stayed lit all night. It is sturdy and made well. A great purchase!

👤It can be decorated for any occasion or season.

👤I wanted a lantern to hold a candle outside of my house for the funeral of my husband. This was perfect. It was a great idea to light a candle for a loved one after my husband died, but my mum now needs it for my dad who passed two weeks after my husband.

👤A candle lantern is larger than I thought. I hung this out for a day and night in rain and a nice night, all was well. I think the glass could be made to fit better with more safety in mind. I like it and recommend it. As flames are involved, be careful.

👤If you want a candle for any occasion, this is a very good product.

👤I bought a lantern for a friend's birthday and she loved it.

👤Excellent quality, really pretty. A small. I love them.

2. SHYMERY Flickering Decorations Centerpiece Included(Set

SHYMERY Flickering Decorations Centerpiece Included%EF%BC%88Set

The mini lanterns are made of glass and use high quality bead to light up the table. Candle lanterns with flameless candles, no fumes, smell and fire, no fire hazard or burning risks, can be used anywhere. The black lantern flickers like a candle and provides warm white light to create a romantic atmosphere. The mini lantern can last for over 100 hours with non-stop use, because of the AG13 button cell batteries. Remove the battery tab and enjoy! The switch at the bottom is easy to use. Hanging rings on the top can be placed on the table, but can also be hung anywhere. 6* black mini decorative candle lanterns, a worry-free 12-month warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee are what you get. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you contact them.

Brand: Shymery

👤I asked if these were timer sensitive before I bought them. When you turn it on, it will only stay on for six hours and come on again the next day at the same time. The timer is built into it. It is plastic. It works for me because I don't have to worry about it falling and breaking when it gets windy because it doesn't look plastic from a distance. I secured the top with a zip tie. It looks like fake snow and I also sprayed it. I put some around my yard. It was perfect.

👤As many other sellers are doing with this specific lantern, it's false advertised. It requires 3 triple A batteries, not 2 double A's. The batteries are hard to put in. The on switch makes it come on for 6 hours. I only stayed on for about four hours. I'm very disappointed. Other sellers have the same item and description. Will probably return them.

👤This is very cheap. There were white spots all over them. They mean plastic when they say it. It does not have a remote. I don't know why that came up in the review. If I could not rate. I would. We are not taking the chance of sending it back and the 3rd party not responding or refunds my money. Don't buy these.

👤I should have looked at the actual dimensions. They looked at the images and they were so small they looked like christmas ornaments and not something you could place on a table. I was disappointed and shipped back.

👤I used them for table decoration. They were cute, but I don't think they will last. Replacing the little lights in the bottom that are glue on will be difficult.

👤The lanterns are off the chart. They are so cute. They are lovely when hung, but when placed near a wall or on a table, they create a beautiful shadow pattern. I'm going to buy another box of them.

👤I used to make photo lanterns for my daycare parents.

👤It was the perfect size for what I needed. They are small. They are a normal size for a lantern. Light weight. You want something bigger if you need them for a porch.

👤I was going to use them in a craft but they were much smaller than I expected. I used them in a different craft. The lanterns were cheap. They were made from plastic. I don't think you get your money's worth for the quality. This product is for people who are looking for quantity over quality.

👤The flickering lights have a timer.

👤The things are perfect for wedding decoration.

👤The product has a timer. Do they come in a bigger size?

3. Flameless Lanterns Copper Batteries Included

Flameless Lanterns Copper Batteries Included

TheTILE LANTERN is aTERN. These lanterns feature copper wire fairy lights. The dimensions are 4 inch L x 4 inch W x 9 inch H. The auto timer is used. The built-in timer option will turn the lanterns on and off at the same time each day, which will save energy and battery power. The white hair is warm. Each lantern has a strand of fairy light. It's perfect for setting up a baby girl's nursery room or a wedding reception. The color temperature is 2700 kelvin. There are batteries included. The lanterns are powered by 3 batteries hidden in the base of the lantern. Purchase includes all batteries. The warranty is for your satisfaction. There is a 90-day warranty on the Rose Gold Fairy Light Lanterns. Also, note: Rain or high humidity should not affect the design of lanterns.

Brand: Lamplust

👤I love these lanterns! They are strong. It is beautiful. The packaging was very safe. There are no damages. Excellent! I will be buying more in the future.

👤The lanterns were poorly made. The lanterns had glass falling out of them. There were little glass shards where the package was opened. The battery bit on the bottom is loose. I paid for it and I don't think it's worth it. I received a replacement for the item and it was clearly someone else's. The lanterns were all in pieces and the batteries were scattered at the bottom of the box. I have had a bad experience with this product.

👤I rushed to review an order I loved so much that I couldn't remember the last time. I love lanterns. The photos don't do them justice, they are the perfect touch to accent a hallway table in my home. The lanterns were packaged well to prevent damage in transit. The instructions to install batteries are easy to follow once out of the package. Styrofoam protects the string lights in transit when you open the lantern door. The lights are on a wire string, which will help keep them in place once you arrange them properly. I slowly fed the string back into the lantern after pulling it out. The little lights look like they are floating inside because of the natural arrangement. I set the timer for the lanterns and it worked. The hallway of my bedroom suite is where the table they are on is, and it was the perfect nightlight early in the evening and turned off by themselves. I can't believe how beautiful these are. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I thought the price was great for two lanterns and the lights, but I noticed the cheap quality and they are not very big. The lantern was poorly constructed from the battery compartment to the way the glass sides were held in place. It would be worth it if the cost was only fifteen dollars. It is not worth the high price charged.

👤The batteries last long, and the rose/gold is gorgeous, but only because the unit where you turn it on is the only one that can break the wired lights.

👤I bought these for my mother in law as a Christmas gift. They are pretty in person and look great when the lights are on. They are a great addition to her Christmas decorations. I think they are priced fairly for the quality of what you get. I recommend!

👤Today, I received lanterns. The item was not the same color as the picture shows. Only one of the lanterns worked. I tried to put in new batteries to see if it would work. This purchase was disappointing. I will be back!

👤These are gorgeous! I have them on a shelf in my apartment. You can set them on a timer, which is a great feature. I have mine set to come on a couple of hours after the sun goes down, and they will turn themselves off in four hours. They look like lanterns filled with lightning bugs. The only problem I have found is that the batteries burn out quickly. I get praise on them all the time.

4. Glitzhome Farmhouse Lantern Candlestick Holders

Glitzhome Farmhouse Lantern Candlestick Holders

A candle lantern is a great idea for a table, shelf, stairs, pathway, wall, patio, porch, or any other area. Hanging lanterns can be hung on a tree or hook. The white metal coating creates an attractive farmhouse style for weddings, parties, Halloween and Christmas. The ship was from the USA and had a lightweight candle. It's a perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, weddings and many more. You will want to keep it at home. Enjoy! By Whole House Worlds. There are differences of selections. There are different styles of candle lanterns, such as industrial style lanterns, farmhouse style lanterns, etc. You can sneak a peek at most popular decorative home candle lanterns by checking their store.

Brand: Glitzhome

👤The large and small candle holders were great. They add a rustic charm to the patio area. They are the stars of the room and offer a calm and relaxing feel. The height of each is large. I put these together with a set of gray candles from Amazon. These candle holders are very similar to the farmhouse style. I would buy it back.

👤These lanterns are what I was looking for. Simple, elegant and beautiful, but not too country. It was the right amount of distressing. The metal is of great quality and has a nice weight. I ordered a large one and a small one and they are perfect for my buffet. I highly recommend these lanterns to anyone looking for something unique, made with top-quality materials and a reasonable price.

👤This was what I was looking for. A nice piece for my fireplace mantle. I only used the larger one after buying the small and large. I would have kept it if I had another spot for the small one. It is very sturdy and has that worn farmhouse look. Would definitely recommend!

👤I love this piece. I got a side table and a few other pieces from Amazon and they look great. Pictures don't do justice.

👤I have ordered lanterns for myself and my daughter before and I was happy with them. They were on sale recently. The small and large lantern were ordered by me. The delivery time was good but the small lantern was not. The small lantern was on sale for $24.98. The lantern is 5 x 5 x 16 inches. Very disappointed.

👤I don't know how many times these lanterns popped up on my page, but I didn't think they would look good in my living room. One day, I took a liking to it. When it arrived, I ordered the large one. It's perfect for anyone who likes the farmhouse theme. I bought the small one as well. Thank you for a great experience!

👤The candle holder is Farmhouse style and can be used in any area of the home. I thought it came with the wood piece that it sits on, but it is only an item atop and no candle. I will order more items in this style. Thank you!

👤A piece for my piano. The candle base is rustic and can be used in any style. I will use it as an accent piece at my daughter's wedding. I read other reviews before I put in a flameless candle. Good idea.

5. Kate Aspen Vintage Distressed Decoration

Kate Aspen Vintage Distressed Decoration

One lantern will be given to you per order. The lantern has vintage distressed details, glass windows and metal wire swing handle. Pair multiple lanterns or with different size and color Kate Aspen Lanterns for a custom look. Whether you are creating a beautiful tablescape centerpiece or looking for rustic décor for a special event, beautiful and unique décor is perfect. Light up the aisle or runway at your wedding. Light up your back porch or add low light to your living room to create the perfect atmosphere. The jars have a unique color and shape. The jars can be hung up or placed on the ground. A candle holder with a retractable top and a candle spike is ideal for easy access to a candle. The lantern measures 6.98" w x 7.48" h and 10" h with a handle.

Brand: Kate Aspen

👤I didn't read the reviews until after I placed my order. I was skeptical and disappointed that I had wasted $30 on 2 large lanterns. I was expecting to read that lanterns with broken glass were poorly made and wouldn't stay together, and that they were cheap. My experience is completely different. They are well made. The handles stay where they should if you put them correctly. I am not sure why several are having a hard time keeping them together. The glass was intact. I placed a battery operated tea candle in each and am excited to see them lit up later this evening when it gets dark. They are not as big as I had thought, but they are large enough to be happy with. I plan on ordering a smaller size to add more to the decor.

👤The first one I ordered broke and I scored this a low. I rearranged the broken glass as well. The item is nice and looks good with the decor, but it is expensive and disappointing to keep receiving them with broken glass.

👤The glass was damaged when it arrived crooked. It was made from very thin metal.

👤This is a small lantern. It's big enough for a small candle or a tea candle. I took the third glass panel away and cleaned up the broken glass because it's hard to notice when two of the glass panels are broken. It's the perfect size for a small space. It's not very strong. Especially the top part. The handle goes in. You can't put the handle all the way back. It hangs out an angle. The price, the overall look, etc. I can deal with the few flaws because I'm just using it to take pictures. I don't think he will be disappointed, but from other reviews I see that the glass comes broken frequently so please keep that in mind.

👤This lantern is great with my farmhouse coastal decor.

👤I decorate tierd trays every month to season. The lantern is small. It's the right size for this. I think I will keep it as a staple. This is a great addition to my farmhouse decor.

👤I ordered 6 pieces of broken glass and 3 of them were broken. Two of the 3 sent by Amazon had broken glass. I had to make 6 undamaged lanterns, which I paid for, because I have 3 to return in total. I'm going to return to Amazon. It should be easy. I like how the lanternl looks. Too cute. Hopefully the lantern will not rust after I sprayed it with a clear coat.

👤I should have paid attention to the description as I thought it was cute but much smaller. The top doesn't stay on very long. Cute but not worth much. You can find them at the dollar store.

👤I don't know how this lantern has 4 stars. I gave it two because it looks good. It is cheap. The overall shape of the lantern is crooked. The glass is not strong and sits on the corners. I got the big one. I would still feel ripped off if it were half the price. It's not worth the money, find a different one. If you are rich, go for it. Don't look too closely, it's cute.

6. JHY DESIGN Decorative Lantern Vintage

JHY DESIGN Decorative Lantern Vintage

There is a vintage metal clothesline. The life-size vintage candle lantern, with glass panes, special top and pattern frame distressed by white with gold brush powdering, creates an aura of old world charm, adds a gorgeous touch to any space with the graceful marriage of beauty and practicality. It's universal size for most areas. It uses tea-light, votive or small pillar candles. 11 1/2 tall with loop is a 4 x 4 x 4.5 inch tall. Both iron and glass. A hanging ring for easy hanging or sitting on a flat surface is lightweight and convenient to carry around. Four clear glass panes are great for reducing the damage of glass when decorative lanterns are in transportation. The metal frames and special top of the lantern are finished by powder coating. It's ideal for yard, pathway, driveway, shelf, table, bar, photo booths, patio, porch, etc. The customer service is tiered. If you find a problem with their products, they will respond in 24 hours.

Brand: Jhy Design

👤The are poorly crafted, even those are beautiful. The door doesn't open without force applied, and once it does, it doesn't close all the way. It would have been a hassle to come back. I do not recommend them.

👤The lanterns I ordered were mostly for the price, with 2 in the box. I liked the idea of having a pair. The design looked better in person than it did online. They blend in with my other lanterns. The size is adequate for the price, but most people know that high quality decorative lanterns are very expensive. I don't know why my pictures came out sideways. They give you an idea of what they look like.

👤These latterns are what I was looking for. I wanted them to be small. They are a great addition to my living room. I put fairy lights in them so it is easy to turn them off and on. The atmosphere is beautiful!

👤The lanterns are perfect for the bathroom. I had to remove one star from the door because they were a little messed up. The purchase was great for the price.

👤These are in person. They are small and not big. Just perfect.

👤These are very strong. A great deal for two of them. I like how they look in my bathroom.

👤It was difficult to find a cancel that fit.

👤These are held together with white tabs that are visible from a distance. I don't want a black lamp with white sticker tabs.

👤The craftsmanship is excellent and they are beautiful. The great packaging made them arrive intact even with all the delicate details. I am very happy that I chose this product.

👤They were more beautiful than the picture showed. I will use them as center pieces for my wedding.

👤This was for me. The product was exactly what it was described to be.

👤My wife was happy with the size and fit of the pair.

7. Decorative Lantern Fairy Lights Batteries

Decorative Lantern Fairy Lights Batteries

There are 28 cm of measuRES. It is the perfect size for a centerpiece at parties, weddings, and birthdays. You can put it on your shelf, entryway, patio, backyard, fireplace mantle, or hanging in tree or rustic hanger if you fill it with candles or other seasonal decorations. The Adoria Lantern Set has two gold metal lanterns with a strand of copper wire fairy string lights. The lanterns can be hung using the decorative ring or placed on a flat surface. Hanging lanterns fit in a wide range of styles, from Farmhouse to Glam, and from weddings to every day. Set it and forget it. The automatic 6 hour timer option will turn the lanterns on and off at the same time each day, which will save battery life when the lanterns are not in use. The batteries are required for each candle lantern. You can display your lanterns with the batteries included. Simply remove the battery tab. A great Easter present? Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by LampLust. The support team can be reached by phone or message. The Adoria Small Fairy Lanterns have a 90 day replacement warranty.

Brand: Lamplust

👤These table-top lanterns with candles are pretty, priced well and add to my Christmas decorated table.

👤These look great as party decor for buffet tables. The package was well packed and arrived on time. I like the packing bec a lot, but sometimes things are loose in the box, but this had bubble wrap! The item looks good. There is a cute door to access the lights.

👤My mom is a big fan of her twinkle lights. She could hang them if she wanted to. She was very excited and surprised. She wanted it to be dark so she could turn them on.

👤Wrote about this before. It is a piece of junk. The unit only lasted a few minutes. Don't be mean.

👤It didn't work, but it was beautiful to look at. I believe there was a short time. Before shipping it out, the company needs to do a quality check.

👤The lanterns were well packaged. The lights in candles are bright. The brass and glass are of high quality. I think they're a good choice.

👤Me tienes maravillosas, las dejares para Navidad. Gracias!

👤The lanterns add a lot to the decor of the room. I bought these to jazz up a buffet table for a party and they really did the trick. They added a fun touch. Great product!

8. Nifty Nook Decorative Flameless Resistant

Nifty Nook Decorative Flameless Resistant

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by LampLust. The support team can be reached by phone or message. The Adoria Small Fairy Lanterns have a 90 day replacement warranty. These classic lanterns are made of a durable plastic so they can be used outdoors and not have to worry about them rusting. The galvanized metal wire on the side panels is more resistant to rust than glass panels. If they are hanging, they will sit flat on any surface, unless they have a Convenient Carry Ring attached to top. You don't have to remember to turn the lanterns off if you set the auto timer for 5 hours. The lanterns have a manual ON/OFF switch. They will never get too hot because of their L E D lights. Each unit requires 3AAA batteries, however with it's powerful extra long lasting L E D & Unique Patented Design, you can purchase your choice of batteries that last an extra long time. There is aTERN size of 10 high x 4 wide and an additional high round loop.

Brand: The Nifty Nook

👤I bought them for a wedding reception. When I put the batteries in one of them, it didn't turn on. I put batteries in the next one. I haven't tested them all yet. They are a good size for a table centerpiece. They could be used to hang with fabric and columns to social distance guests at the wedding line. They could be used outside in a reception. There are so many possibilities. They have a soft yellow hue when the light comes on. I haven't tried the timer function yet.

👤The lanterns didn't work. How can I get new ones? The others made great centerpiece.

👤At my son's wedding, these were used on guest tables. The candle gave a warm glow at nightfall. I highly recommend.

👤This was used for our wedding table centerpiece. We got married 4 days before Christmas, and we wrapped some decorative garland around the base. We will be able to use them as decor around the house now that they were gorgeous.

👤One of the 12 lanterns I received does not work. I don't have time to get a new set since I need these for my wedding, and fear will not work.

👤These are nice, but they are plastic. There are cracks in plastic. The timer looks very nice at night. I was hoping they were bigger but they are just as cute.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. They will be used for window decorations at my church.

👤I gave this to the guest for the house warming party. They loved it.

9. Bright Zeal Decorative Lantern Lanterns

Bright Zeal Decorative Lantern Lanterns

The customer service is tiered. If you find a problem with their products, they will respond in 24 hours. A graceful marriage of beauty and practicality adds a gorgeous touch anywhere - 14" TALL VINTAGE candle lantern in black alabaster is a big pillar. Black lane with cars. The lantern has four clear glass panels already assembled and is Simplistic in its style, with a versatile design that can be incorporated in a variety of different lighting and decor themes. The lantern has a closed design and is waterproof for indoors or outdoors, and a ring that can be hung from a flat surface. The candle can be left on for 8 hours and then be turned off for 16 hours, only to light up your home again for 8. The customer service is tiered. This product comes with a 1-MONTH full refund trial period and LIFE-TIME customer service. In business since 1997.

Brand: Bright Zeal

👤The first picture shows a lantern I already owe, not the one I got. One picture shows a lantern. For the price and quality, these are definitely going back. I spent a lot of time researching to find 14” that were not dolor.

👤I expected more life at this price point. The palm tree outside my door was struck by lightning and the electrical surge that followed affected a lot of my electrical equipment, but these lanterns by my front door have stopped functioning since, and they don't hold a charge. The chances of them getting struck by lightning are very low, so before that happened they worked well and were pretty. Don't drop another $50 for something that won't last more than 6 months. lightning is a thing in FL.

👤Love! We hung these in our living room and they added a nice touch. They have a white uncovered bottom. I was covered with black paper. It's not a problem if you are sitting on a table, but it is visible when hanging. It is a light weight product that would not hold up with repeated use, but it is perfect as a decor piece.

👤The size and color are perfect. I wanted to use fake candles on my back deck, and these lanterns did the job. I don't like the color of the light. It looks like a Halloween light because of the orange flame.

👤I don't have time to do reviews, but I will rate these lanterns. The timer works well, it's the best thing about it. Chomps batteries. The first few days are beautiful, but then very dim and I use good quality batteries. The batteries must be weakened. Don't try and put a better battery candle in the frame, as it is very difficult to get the 4 pieces of glass to stay in the frame. The candle is affixed into a base so cannot be swapped with another candle. The price and quality of these lanterns are not attractive.

👤The lantefn look good when they are lite. The timer can only be used for 8 hours. The batteries do not last long. I will need a power source. The batteries only last 8 hours. I paid a lot of money, but it wasn't worth it.

👤I kept them unlit on my porch through Thanksgiving and Christmas because the orange glow would have looked out of place. I will keep them away from Halloween. You will go through 6 batteries a month.

👤The candles worked well for a short time. I plan on putting the candles in a different location. The lanterns are not cluttered with a design.

👤The light is warm. The size is great. I wish they were a bit heavier. I think a strong wind would knock them down. The price was expecting a better quality.

10. Reperla Lanterns Flickering Christmas Decorative

Reperla Lanterns Flickering Christmas Decorative

There is aTERN size of 10 high x 4 wide and an additional high round loop. On/off switches are easy to use. The mini candle lanterns have a CR2032 battery with over 120 hours of illumination and can be easily replaced with a label at the bottom. They have 4 hooks and can hang anywhere you want. The unique witch magic lantern appearance design has its own magic atmosphere. The flickering flame is like a magic lantern that can be used to protect the owner. This small lantern can be used without fear of flames, have no fire hazard or burning risk, captivating and safe, and is eye-catching for tables, bars, porches, and outdoor decor. The flickering bulb flameless LED candle lantern is the ideal choice for decoration, combining aesthetic elegance with practical elegance, adding gorgeous mood lights to night lights everywhere. It's perfect for any event or celebration indoors or outdoors. You can place battery lanterns at restaurants, home and garden weddings, parties, holiday decorated tables or other places. The lanterns have FCC, CE, and ROHS certifications. The quality of products that are certified is better. The lantern is made of high-quality plastic and metal. They can be hung wherever you want. The Mini Lantern undergoes thorough and strict testing and they promise that the production pass rate is above 99%. You can contact them if you have any questions after you receive the package. They will return your money. Their brand-Reperla specializes in flameless candles, and they have a one-year risk-free warranty. They are committed to their customers.

Brand: Reperla

👤They are inexpensive and light. They are thin plastic and will break if mishandled. The lights flicker but not like a candle. All of them arrived intact and worked with batteries. The cheap wire that is used in the hanger does not match the lantern's style. I got what I expected because they match the photos.

👤The lanterns were flickering. They will be safe and cheerful on our Christmas tree. Really special. We ordered eight of them.

👤My toddler loves anything with a light. He is very happy with them. He turns them on on a regular basis, but the battery is still last for several months. Happy with the purchase.

👤These are not expensive. I wasn't expecting much. I knew they were small. I am not sure if they are worth it. They are cute and have possibilities. I will probably keep them and use them outside in the summer.

👤These are light enough to hang from the hand of the chickenwire ghosts I am making. Unfortunately, 2 of the 4 arrived with broken handles.

👤I bought some lights. There is one box with four lights. They give a nice warm glow and are perfect for my purpose. They are being used as a table setting. I want to hang them up for decorative accent lighting on my terrace. They are so nice and I can combine them with my Christmas elements. I will definitely be buying more.

👤It's great to make Christmas decorations.

👤As cute as I expected. It will be nice to see the Christmas tree.

11. JHY Design Decorative Lanterns Parities

JHY Design Decorative Lanterns Parities

These lanterns add color, pattern and an exotic global vibe to your patio or porch. There is a vintage metal clothesline. The life-size vintage candle lantern, with glass panes, special top and pattern frame distressed by black with grey brush powdering, creates an aura of old world charm, adds a gorgeous touch to any space with the graceful marriage of beauty and practicality. It's universal size for most areas. It uses tea-light, votive or small pillar candles. 7 3/6" x 6 x 16 1/2 tall, 18" tall with loop, 5 1/2 x 4 1/3" x 11 1/2 tall with loop. Both iron and glass. A hanging ring for easy hanging or sitting on a flat surface is lightweight and convenient to carry around. Four clear glass panes are great for reducing the damage of glass when decorative lanterns are in transportation. The metal frames are strong and well welded. It's ideal for yard, pathway, driveway, shelf, table, bar, photo booths, patio, porch, etc. The customer service is tiered. If you find a problem with their products, they will respond in 24 hours.

Brand: Jhy Design

👤I had to brush off the powdery gray coat on the whole thing to see the black underneath. It was cheap and not worth $50. The doors don't line up or stay closed. It was so bad when I took the glass out to wash it that it cut my fingers. I'll probably return it. The first picture is a weird powder coat, the second is after two hours of scrubbing and washing.

👤These lanterns are beautiful. They are simple but have a lot of character. The soft grey color is special, it has cutout details on the side panels that are bohemian and unique, and the full glass visual doors allow for a pretty feature inside. I put remote controlled candles in my house. I highly recommend these lanterns.

👤The lamps arrived well padded. The smaller lantern is packaged in the same area as the larger one. There is a The contrast color comes off your hands when you remove the gray coating. A light rubbing with a wet rag cleans it up nicely. These were used as memorial places for lost loved ones. I cut out a piece of cardboard and put a piece of card stock over it to make the bottom level. Thank you with the purchase!

👤It is bigger than expected. I am happy that I carefully unpack it because the glass was not connected to the lantern and one of the panels broke. I had to bend the cheap metal glass holders to place the glass in the correct position. It took me a while to clean off the dirty looking powder on the paint. The set is pretty, but one of the doors doesn't lineup correctly. I paid $50 for it and it is only worth 30.

👤I thought the lanterns were dusty when I opened the box. That is the vintage looks. A glass fell off and almost cut my fingers, because it wasn't secured properly. The quality is poor. The doors on the big and small lantern can't be closed. I was able to return them right away.

👤Very disappointed. Not as good as I expected. The door swings inside the lantern because the opening/closing is off. It looked like white powdery dust, which was supposed to be rustic. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤Excellent quality. I was worried about shipping but they arrived in perfect condition. It works with my current home decor.

👤Very nice lanterns, made very well. Light shows on the sides. It took me a long time to remove from packing. There was no glass breaking.

👤I brought these for a present and they loved them and sent a picture.

👤The lanterns are very nice.


What is the best product for wedding lanterns decorative?

Wedding lanterns decorative products from Jhy Design. In this article about wedding lanterns decorative you can see why people choose the product. Shymery and Lamplust are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding lanterns decorative.

What are the best brands for wedding lanterns decorative?

Jhy Design, Shymery and Lamplust are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding lanterns decorative. Find the detail in this article. Glitzhome, Kate Aspen and Jhy Design are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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