Best Wedding Koozies Rustic

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1. Neoprene Front Print Wedding QualityPerfection

Neoprene Front Print Wedding QualityPerfection

A family-owned small business with a commitment and caring for the highest quality products and customer service is called Loco Llama. Product designs guarantee a one of a kind, special, and unique item. Their goal is for their customers to have fun. The fabric is 4mm thick and is on the neoprene insulator. You need a permit for any thicker. Fun and Unique marketing tools are a great way to get your company or event noticed without having to spend a lot of money on brand logos, images at home or for your small business. Quality&Perfection is a small business owned by an army veteran and committed to providing the highest standard of customer service. They provide insulated can coolers that are backed by a true satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Qualityperfection

👤I was expecting the koozies to be a little thicker, but they worked well. The bride and groom loved the designs of the koozies. The koozie seemed to fit in with the shape of the water bottles. The white one was easy to clean.

👤A great wedding gift! The price was reasonable and the bride loved them.

👤These are basic kookies and they do what they are supposed to. My best friend received these as a wedding gift.

👤The Mr and Mrs - black and white wedding can and bottle beer coolers are awesome. It seems like your standard koozie strength. Words have not stopped yet. Would buy again.

👤Good quality and fast shipping!

👤It's perfect for an engagement party.

2. Yesland Insulators Standard Projects Weddings

Yesland Insulators Standard Projects Weddings

Everyone loved these coolers. They have built a brand that is loved by their fans who contact them many times and thank them for their products. 16 packs of beer can sleeves are included in the package. The material is durable and flexible. Each piece is about 4 inches in height and 2 inches in diameter. The can is compatible with standard can drink. The sleeves and covers of Yesland feature prints that make them stand out. Transference of body heat and external temperatures can be prevented by it. You can enjoy the beer or soft drink without it reaching room temperature. It's perfect for many occasions. A useful can cooler for all occasions including but not limited to BBQ's, camping, outdoors, festivals, fundraisers, parties, events, projects and so much more. It keeps your drink cool. It can be a great present. It's perfect for parties. It is easy to carry around when not used. The covers are machine washable and can last for a long time.

Brand: Yesland

👤These koozies are so cute. Print quality is legit. The design is the same as shown. The delivery was fast. * These are a great option for anyone who has had an event postponed. Putting names and dates on anything right now is a sketch. We went with these because we would use them again. They won't end up in a bucket of past events never to see the light of day again. Your guests will appreciate these and it won't break your bank. They don't need it in bold print in your face because they know it came from your wedding reception.

👤It was satisfied! We used them for our daughter's wedding. The bartender gave everyone a can beverage. They loved them! It was a perfect last minute addition.

👤Muy grato para la ocasin. Para cubrir las cerveza! The Entrega fue inmediata ante de lo esperado.

👤They were perfect for gift bags. The material is durable and not cheap.

👤A great last minute purchase for our wedding. We are delivered on time.

👤It's perfect for different occasions.

👤We bought these as wedding favors for friends and family because we are a koozie family. These are a perfect wedding favor because they are reuseable. They fit the average bottle or soda can. If you have to change your date, you're good. People don't have to carry around a Koozie with your name and date on it. I think it's more versatile because they can look at it and still be reminded of your wonderful day, without all the information on it. We have leftovers that we can give to guests that come over to our house. A great gift.

3. PartyPrints 25 Can Sleeves Burgundy

PartyPrints 25 Can Sleeves Burgundy

Quality&Perfection is an army veteran family-owned small business with a commitment to providing the highest standard of customer service. Their products are fun, personalized, and guaranteed to stand out from the rest! The small details are what they focus on. Almost all 12 Oz or 16 Oz cans and even water bottles are compatible with the perfect fit. The sleek slim can holders are made of 4mm Thick Polyurethane Foam for maximum insulation. Perfect for social events include weddings, birthdays, sporting events, graduations, camps, pool parties, tailgates, BBQs, fishing trips, etc. You can personalize your can sleeves with screen printing, heat press, heat transfer vinyl, or regular markers. There is wide variety in 25 pieces. White, black, red, maroon, navy blue, green, grey, and purple are some of the colors.

Brand: Partyprints

👤The product arrived in its original packaging. Don't waste your time if you plan to sublimate. The foam is too thick. It smooshes flat and makes them useless. Changing to the mini handheld heat press even lowers time and temp. I played with it and had no success. I have done thousands of can coolers and they are not sub-able. I wish I could have loved them. Kiddos could have had fun with markers. Nope... The white fabric is very thin. 3 of the set were already apart from the foam, making them useless. They aren't durable. They may be good for a one time use project, but they are not quality made.

👤After sublimating them, mine didn't get any flatter than they were when I received them. I think people are sticking them under the heat press. I used my tiny iron and applied pressure with one hand, sliding over it a few times. I used heat tape to put the design in place. Came out well. If you pressed it at high heat, it would be paper thin. Maybe, just don't do that.

👤The quality of koozies was good, but the color was way off, even though I put it up to neon orange.

👤I bought 150 of these to use with my cricut to make my wedding a reality. They are a good quality and do not melt under the heat, which was the main concern I had. They are made of foam insulation. I would 100% recommend my wedding coozies for any project, large or small.

👤It worked well for decals. They worked well for what we used them for. I would recommend them to others.

👤I wanted to make a memorial for someone. I abused the thing for a week after making one. It held up great after being stretched, picked, thrown in the wash, and put in the pool. I added the vinyl to the others. The blue koozie is a great quality.

👤The burnt orange color of these was perfect for my wedding. I used gold foil for some and white for others. They turned out great. The camel color I ordered was a very light beige. It was lighter than I wanted but still looked great.

👤The product is of good quality. It is not as described. Not very pleased with the order for the wedding.

👤I received an order of beer koozies. I am not happy with this order. The product we received was not what they advertised. Not the same as in the picture. We thought we were ordering neoprene beer koozies. Not the same as what was advertised.

👤Overall, did the job, but didn't love the foam inside.

👤I like fast shipping.

👤Good quality. The transfer names look great.

4. Cooler Sleeves Blank Poly Foam

Cooler Sleeves Blank Poly Foam

Scuba knit fabric is on the neoprene insulator. The sleeves are great for personalization. The blank cozies are for 12 to 16 ounce cans, bottles and water bottles. It's perfect for birthday parties, camping, wedding, bachelor party,picnics, bbq, retirement parties, bridal, baby shower, graduation or any special event. These koozies keep beer cold and hands warm.

Brand: Kropsis

👤I was shorted 4 koozies when I was sublimating my koozies. They are okay for the price.

👤They were hit. For a 40th birthday, I made matching hats and coozies. I used heat transfer vinyl and a Cricut. I made the design.

👤I know not to purchase can cooler blanks if there is any type of branding on them, because they are always listed on the product details. I'm very disappointed that the sewn in tag is not listed in the entire listing. The product is good, but cutting and resewing them could have been avoided.

👤I gave it to my wife. She is happy with them.

5. TahoeBay Neoprene Sleeves Standard Multicolor

TahoeBay Neoprene Sleeves Standard Multicolor

It's perfect for weddings, backyard BBQs, birthday parties, camping, Bon Fires, family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, block parties, dance parties and mixer's, graduation parties, retirement parties, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Poly foam sleeves are more flexible than nelsy sleeves. There are no brand logos. It's perfect for screen printing, fabric markers, and heat transfer. It's ideal for your next event. The gift box is plain white. It is 100% guaranteed. The business is owned by a veteran. Scuba knit fabric is on the neoprene insulator.

Brand: G7 Power

👤I was very disappointed. 7 of them were coming undone. I had to throw them away. The stitching on one side was not secure. I can't give my customers bad products because I'm creating designs to sell. I will not be buying it again.

👤These were used to make business names. The colors were so vibrant that it was easy to spot them when they came down. Good quality!

👤I got these to see if I wanted to modify them. And I do! Perfect colors!

👤It was thin and didn't hold up the heat.

👤I prefer the foam over the neoprene. They fit the regular cans better. I put HTV vinyl designs on them and they worked great. Will definitely order more from them in the future.

👤I bought these to make my business unique. Every single one of them sold out within a day or two, and no one has complained to customers. 10/10

👤The bundle of koozies was well worth the money. We are very happy.

6. CSBD Insulators Monograms Projects Weddings

CSBD Insulators Monograms Projects Weddings

The Hopsulator is stylish and can be seen at beach bashes, camping adventures, garden BBQs, fishing trips and game nights. Beer and soda can coolers are great for BBQs, outdoor parties or festivals, branding or events, camping or fishing, enjoying beach picnics, and much more. These can coolers are made with a thick foam that helps retain hot or cold drink temperatures and prevents condensation to protect your hands. There are a variety of colors to choose from, including red, orange, yellow, navy, camo, lime green, blue, red, teal, black, and orange. Their beer can coolers are portable,durable, and collapsible, and boast reinforced seam stitching for a snug water bottle, can, or glass bottle fit. They collapse to fit in a tote. Their beer Coolers are blank on either side so you can use your own heat press vinyl transfers, brand logos, or images at home or for your small business. It's great for making brands and events memorable.

Brand: Csbd

👤I got these to see if they would work with Infusible Ink. I made a few for some friends and they worked well. There are great giftable items. Love it.

👤We bought these to personalize. They worked well. I heated the coozie first with the iron on the second to last highest setting. I put the iron on top of the iron transfer and let it breathe for 10 seconds, then pressed it for 10 more seconds. I had no issue with melting and iron being transferred.

👤The worst product I have ever purchased. It's not possible to fit a Coke orPepsi can without stretching it on like a fat woman. It is ultra thin. I didn't know they could make it this thin. The height is too short. The coating on the interior made a mess. I threw them away.

👤They look dirty. It's not like a dirty burn. There are little black dots around the area. I tried different pressure settings and they all worked the same. They were giftable. You can't see it in the pictures. You can see where it melted a little.

👤These take the Infusible Ink very well. Maybe too well! Ha. They get dirty very quickly. If you are looking for a cheap, quick, and easy project for a party, these will do the trick. You can do both sides with no problem, just leave the flaps out to the sides on the first pass and then fold in when you do the reverse. I used the Easy Press 2 for about 20 seconds.

👤I love these koozies. They were used to make custom koozies for my brother's birthday. It was easy to add the vinyl because I used iron on it. I was careful at first but realized it wasn't an issue with these koozies after reading a lot of complaints. The middle is more fabric than plastic. These are a great deal for $1 per koozie.

👤I used my cricut to make these. They worked well with heat transfer vinyl. When using HTV, you don't need to push down too hard with your iron, as they seemed to adhere perfectly with normal pressure and heat from your iron, which caused some issues with the fabric color fading.

👤Nice cans! They are thin, but do their job. I bought them to personalize with heat transfer vinyl for a family reunion and they were a big hit. The color is great. When I put a cup in one of the coozies, it got a little stretched out and stayed that way, but that was my mistake. A good purchase!

7. TahoeBay Blank Cooler Sleeves Black

TahoeBay Blank Cooler Sleeves Black

If you don't like the product when you receive it, contact them. They will make it right for you. A Veteran-owned business near Lake Tahoe has thermal sleeves. You can make your own design with no brand logos or tags. A plain white gift box is ready for use. Scuba knit fabric on foam. You will appreciate the difference between the two. 100% guaranteed.

Brand: G7 Power

👤The five I ordered came in a nice sturdy box and included a informative card from the seller. The product looked good. I used my heat press to apply designs on the solid white can/bottle holders, but I noticed black specks on the material. I always use a lint roller on any item before I press it. The black specks were caused by the heat. These were just a practice run and not to fulfill an order. I can not sell these to anyone. This was a complete waste of money.

👤I wanted these to be used for water bottles, or a bottle of pop. Well made fabric, great value, exceeded my expectations.

👤It's great for sublimation. Love supporting veterans.

👤The brand I purchased was a bit brighter white. Good buy. This fits a water bottle of 22 ounces.

👤The white was in a box and I was skeptical about it getting dirty. They came clean and no lint. I took a lint roller to them, it was perfectly white. It's easy to iron on.

👤The cans are made of durable material.

👤The lids work well and do not pop off because of the carbonation. The pop-up top is great.

8. Coolers Sleeves 14 Pack Insulated Cooler

Coolers Sleeves 14 Pack Insulated Cooler

Quality&Perfection is an army veteran family-owned small business with a commitment to providing the highest standard of customer service. Their products are fun, personalized, and guaranteed to stand out from the rest! The small details are what they focus on. Looking for a fun gift or party favor that everyone will love? Their beer can sleeves are a great choice for businesses and drink enthusiasts. These blank huggies are fun and easy to modify for any occasion. These are a huge hit at any party, wedding, or beach. You want your beer can cooler sleeves to be of the highest quality. Premium beer sleeves for cans are made using the highest grade 4mm poly foam and soft outer fabric for ultimate insulation, style, and comfort. Their blank beer can coolers are the number one pick for shoppers because of their soft comfort-grip fabric, open bottom design, and reinforced precision stitching. Don't settle for less. Looking for a can cooler with a versatile fit? They've got you covered! Their can sleeves are made with high quality stretchable polyfoam and are designed to fit a wide variety of can and bottle drinks. Their beer can sleeves fit your regular 12oz beer or soda can like a glove, but that is not all. They work great with beer bottles, water bottles, taller cans and more. That's a cause for celebration. There are 14 fun colors. Everyone will love the blank can cooler sleeves that are included in each pack. When you're ready to open your can, they will reach a height of 4.25 inches, providing you with optimal coverage and avoiding lip interference while drinking. Each sleeve will be 5in. when flat. by 4in. What's not to love about the superior quality, comfy versatile fit, heat transfer vinyl compatibility, and color selection? Buy with confidence because of the 100% Money Back Guarantee. Current Co. is a family-owned business. They value you as a customer and want you to be happy. They can make it right with a full refund or replacement if you contact them within the first 30 days.

Brand: Current Co.

👤I decided to give them a try because I was holding my breath on this order. They arrived today and were so shocked by the quality of the items they bought on Amazon that they are writing a review. I promise that you will not be disappointed. The colors are plain and you can personalize them if you want. I am going to do that.

👤Printer Jack and generic heat transfer papers were used. Light colors work well on the vinyl, but dark colors don't. This may be due to thin vinyl. They hold the vinyl well. I used light color transfers on the yellow and it looks great, can't see the transparent film. I would buy more if they packaged them in lighter colors. It was a cheap way to see how the vinyl would hold up. I was using the Easy Press 2 with a temperature of 350 degrees. They stick well, no peeling. The dark colors would work better with a heavier vinyl. Would buy again. The cut was on a Cricut Explore 3.

👤I did an iron transfer on these last night. We have a friend cruise and I made 14 of them. If you don't want to spend $10 on a koozie online, they are a perfect gift. The fabric bled onto the white background but I like the look of it. Great colors too. If you decide to do the same, make sure to put a piece of paper on top of the Silicon sheet.

👤If you want to personalize your drink holders with a circuit cutter and heat transfer material, they are perfect. I have a large extended family and have always had cans of pop and juice wasted at family gatherings because people forget where they got them. I put everyone's name on a circuit. The kids always want them when they come over to visit. It has been great.

👤Adding HTV to gifts is great.

👤Excellent quality. I use it to cover my drink bottle. The cooler sleeve is not thin and covers perfectly. Thanks for the product!

👤I loved these. My sister made a logo for them with her Cricut and we used them for my stepsister's bridal shower. They were a great shower gift. I had a hard time choosing a color for myself because of the variety of colors. I would buy them again for future projects.

👤These are for the family to personalize. I love the range of colors and they are perfect. The money is worth a lot. Will be buying them again and already have requests for more.

👤I was very pleased with my purchase. The cooler sleeves are perfect for beer tins.

9. Coolies Insulated Collapsible Beverage Insulators

Coolies Insulated Collapsible Beverage Insulators

There are multiple colors. There are 12 packs of can coolers, with different colors to choose from. You can share happy moments with your family and friends with their can sleeves. Premium quality. The package has a set of cans. It can keep the temperature of your drinks stable. It's perfect for Engagement Parties, Wedding Gifts, Couples Gifts. Definitely worth your money. The novelty can cooler is made of premium materials and can be used many times. All bottled and cans are compatible. It fits beer bottles, beer cans, and beer cans. You can take it with you wherever you go. The perfect bridesmaid and groom gifts are lightweight and fit most 12 ounce cans and bottles. Great for wedding shower gifts, newlyweds, bride and groom gifts, and anniversary gifts. It is easy to clean. Throw them in the washing machine for a rinse and spin. They look new.

Brand: Pretty Robes

👤I love these! My brother and his fiancĂ©e have a big hit.

10. Wedding Vintage Skeleton Bottle IPihsius

Wedding Vintage Skeleton Bottle IPihsius

Small items, such as knives, forks, spoons and other tableware, are suitable for this size. There is a quality and quantity guarantee. No broken, bent, or missing items. Premium key bottle openers come with escort cards and twines. Cute and heavy duty. The metal is of a vintage style. It is strong and durable. There are 3 different packs. You need to order 50 pieces of 20 pieces of 5 pieces for each guest. There are Memorable Gadgets for wedding, party, gathering, celebration, anniversary, baby shower, gift, etc. The gift and lever opener is perfect. Surprise every guest present with a pretty and useful opener as a memory.

Brand: Ipihsius

👤I love the keys, but I don't like using them as a bottle opener because it's not good. The bottle opener part snapped off when we tried to open it. The twine is cut and ready to put together so it's helpful, but if you're interested in buying this, you may not want to use it to open bottles.

👤I love this product. I bought these for my friends at a party. The keys have a nice weight to them, the twine came pre-cut, and the blank tags leave room for so much creativity. I bought a thank you stamp off of Amazon. I hope our friends and family enjoy them as much as I do.

👤This is a great idea for a wedding gift. It is unique. The key is pretty. It is like a skeleton key. It is metal and thick. I have not tried to use it as a bottle opener because they are for my guests. The tag on the key is too big for the box I bought to hold candy. I went to the store and bought smaller ones that said thank you. The string that came with the key was the same as the one in the box. I put a little glue to hold the key in place after tying it with the box. A great gift.

👤You can't use these keys to open a bottle. They were bendable. The twine that came with the keys was perfect but the keys need to be reinforced for their purpose. They would have been amazing if they were stronger.

👤Exactly as pictured. It works great when you use one. A wedding favor that is easy to use. Highly recommended! I'm going to build a board with little nails in it and hang them up at the wedding for table numbers and names.

👤I added these to gift bags for a surprise birthday party and I know they will be a hit. The tag, string and key are easy to assemble. I used to use the tweezers to get some of the tweed. You will have to figure out what works best for you, but it is very simple.

👤Everyone liked them. You attach yourself with blank tags. It was a "soda key" for sodas.

👤I gave away these at my birthday party and they were great. The keys work well to open bottles and comes with everything you need to gift. Would recommend.

11. Skeleton Bottle Opener Wedding Souvenir

Skeleton Bottle Opener Wedding Souvenir

It's well-balanced to fit securely in your hand. They are perfect party favors for weddings,birthday,bridal shower, baby shower,betrothal,prom, etc. All in one-Retro key openers,jute ropes and Thank You favor tags. Your party should be unique and impressive. Favor gift for your wedding or other parties is the antique key opener. It's necessary to have a daily tool in the kitchen or bar. The key is made of sturdy alloy and has a plating treatment. Lead free,fadeless and eco-friendly. 50 sets of key opener, you escort card, and jute rope.

Brand: Alimitopia

👤I like that this product has 5 different designs of keys, so people can get different keys and use them to open cokes at my party. I had to make sure the keys were strong enough to open the Coca Cola bottle or the guests wouldn't be able to open their drinks. I like that it has a Thank You card behind it. I can't wait to see how my guests will be when they come to our house.

👤These are a great party favor. I'm hoping the designs will be a hit at my wedding. There was enough twine to tie the tags onto the keys. I made my own key rings. They look perfect as keychains. These are a good party favor for anyone who wants cute and practical.

👤It was cheap, so I expected it to be ok. I was shocked when it came out of the package. It's the same color as I wanted, it has some heft to it, the designs are eye-catching, and it does a good job of opening a bottle. It's definitely something my wedding guests would find useful and beautiful. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤These keys are great. They were packaged in a plastic zip bag with five bags of tags and a good quality card stock, but you have to punch out the heart and the hole for the string to go through to use them. I bought the gunmetal and I absolutely love it, I'd purchase it again, as other reviewers had stated in their reviews.

👤The keys were pleasantly surprised. The card stock was used for the tags. The price is great for the product.

👤I wasn't sure if the quality was going to be as good as pictured, but it was better. They will be gifts for my wedding. They are all durable and unique. I hope they will be a memory of our night to come. So excited!

👤Excellent quality! The bottle openers are as pictured. It was very easy to put together. It's great for key chains to have a bottle opener handy after receiving a great gift.

👤The place settings for our wedding reception were nice and these were cute. They worked with our theme and decorations and were commented on by everyone. Many family and friends have told us that they used these and kept them on their keys. It's cute and sweet and not expensive.


What is the best product for wedding koozies rustic?

Wedding koozies rustic products from Qualityperfection. In this article about wedding koozies rustic you can see why people choose the product. Yesland and Partyprints are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding koozies rustic.

What are the best brands for wedding koozies rustic?

Qualityperfection, Yesland and Partyprints are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding koozies rustic. Find the detail in this article. Kropsis, G7 Power and Csbd are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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