Best Wedding Jewelry Set Box

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1. Set Wooden Printed Wedding Ring

Set Wooden Printed Wedding Ring

The package does not include jewelry. The package includes a wedding ring box. The wood ring box is about the same size. 6x5 cm and 2.36x2 inch. It's perfect for a wedding ceremony. It's ideal for a rustic wedding ceremony. A romantic atmosphere is what you want for your wedding and party. The wood ring box is perfect for rustic weddings decor and a nice reminder of an important event such as wedding,anniversary day,valentines day gifts. The wood ring box is perfect for rustic weddings decor and a nice reminder of an important event such as wedding,anniversary day,valentines day gifts.

Brand: Numblartd

👤The wedding theme was perfect and these were cute. I didn't know there wasn't a mechanism to keep the lid from falling off.

👤This is perfect because the brides twin brothers are ring bearers. I would like to see them have a hinge or swivel lid.

👤Hello everyone! I like this product. It is what I needed for my wedding. I can't wait to use it because it arrives on time. Thank you.

👤Half of the His and Hers container is missing bark. The lids don't fit well on top.

👤Kids don't stay on. It's a big issue when you want to keep your rings safe. Only downfall to these.

👤The product is very good. It is large enough for the rings.

👤The product was good. The lettering on top is cute, but not centered, which annoyed me, but I'm over it after a few minutes. The wood does not chip. Very happy.

👤The lid does not match the box. If they were perpect fit, they must be very pretty.

👤Very cute! Everyone loved them! The boys were older and it still worked perfectly, but I wish there was a way to keep the lid on.

2. Toyvian Plastic Transparent Treasure Crystal

Toyvian Plastic Transparent Treasure Crystal

The size is 7.3"(L) x 7.3"(W) x 1.8" (H). The jewelry is only for illustration and not included in the order. Sturdy structure will ensure practicability. This treasure box will be more chic and charming because of the transparent design. You can find your jewelry in seconds by storing it in these chests. It's great as a memory box for the wedding or a personalized jewelry box. It is a great gift for your family or friends. The size is about 7 x 6.5 cm. It is a great gift for your family or friends. The size is about 7 x 6.5 cm.

Brand: Toyvian

👤I wanted a small transparent chest for my dice to display when I'm not using them, and this was perfect for it. It can hold more than 2 dice sets. It has a nice fake antique look and looks good from a distance. You get what you pay for and it is very cheap. Handling it with care is a must. It will last you a while if you are gentle with it.

👤It was much smaller than I expected. My fault was not checking the measurements. It's cheap because it's not good quality. If you're giving this to a child, pass it on.

👤I was very excited to find this box. My 6 year old son is a big fan of Captain Jack. I ordered this and some pirate coins for him to use. It was just right for pirate coins, even though it seemed a little smaller than I had 888-276-5932s. The first time we opened it, one of the back plastic hinges snapped and we couldn't use the lid. Looks great, but not very sturdy.

👤If it had not arrived cracked, this would have been a great product. I was going to have it as a centerpiece in my classroom, as I am a teacher and will be using such items in an upcoming unit. I was really excited to use it, and I appreciate that it is plastic. I don't want to go through the trouble and expense of returning it, as I am busy with teaching, so I am not satisfied. Unhappy. A lot of damage was done.

👤I got this for my fiancée to keep his hearing aid supplies in one place. I was going to surprise him with the way it looked but it was broken when we opened it and it was sad. He tried to make me happy. I wanted to give him something that was helpful. The turn parts for the lid broke. It is not attached anymore. It looks like a dollar store item in person and feels like it would be at a dollar store. I am very disappointed. I bought this months ago and it is not even used because it was broken. I don't know where the bottom part is.

👤I wanted to put a few crystals in it. I was afraid to open it. The plastic is very thin. I'm afraid to put more than a couple of micrograms in it. The plastic is scratched and it is not going to be able to hold a single crystal. Not worth the price.

👤Are you looking for a cheap gift? Look no further! The product isn't the best, but you get what you pay for. It's perfect for holding my dice and I love it. It's not accurate, so just know it's smaller. I know it will fit my 4 sets of dice, so I'm not complaining. I'm giving this product 4 starts because it will fit all my dice. I think it's worth it if you want it to be decorative.

3. Ella Celebration Ceremony Engagement Decorative

Ella Celebration Ceremony Engagement Decorative

A bling queen jewelry set design can be used in a wide range of occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, Halloween, and more. They are a nice gift for a bride-to-be. It must be the perfect gift for your loved one. There is a unique alternative. The ring bearer box is an alternative to the ring bearer pillow and a practical wedding accessory that can be used for many years to come. It makes amazing wedding day photos. The wedding bands should be put in each wooden box. They can be used to store your jewelry by the sink or bed. It was intricately crafted. The wooden ring boxes are of the highest quality. The boxes are 2 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall. The Unique, elegant, Vintage design features 2 separate boxes to hold the ring and each box has an engraved Mr and Mrs on it. There is a black cushion in the inside. The boxes are handcrafted. Each piece of wood is different. There could be slight color variations. A great gift idea. For any occasion for your daughter, niece, lover, girlfriend, wife, fiancée, your friends, mother's day, Christmas day, or any other occasion for your daughter, niece, lover, girlfriend, wife, fiancée, your friends, you can get a wonderful gift for the couple There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will be happy to give you a refund or replace your goods. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact their company. Their priority is your satisfaction. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will be happy to give you a refund or replace your goods. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact their company. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Ella Celebration

👤Don't look at the box too close, it's nice from a distance. I do expect quality, but I don't expect it to be perfect. I'm not happy with this box. The paint, letters, and hardware are gorgeous. That's where it ends. The paint on Mr. and Mrs. is not crisp. Every piece of hardware on this box is crooked. There is an overhang on one side of the box because the top and bottom do not align. Since there are several issues, I rated it two stars, but since I can't be too picky, one issue I'd be okay with and would have rated it more stars, but since I can't be too picky, I rated it two stars.

👤This thing is not good. The hinges are broken and not alined, so they can't open or close all the way. There is a big crack in the back. Hard styrofoam is too hard for soft metal rings. The fabric seems cheap. I really thought this would be nice. I will return it. I don't recommend. I would rather it be Mr. and Mrs. because it is more endearing and unifying where His and Hers sounds independent and ownership but marriage is not ownership. As long as we can return it, it will be fine.

👤This is a ring box for my ring bearer. It really wasn't as it was described. I wouldn't call this box sturdy because it's technically a wood box. The box is very light and chintzy. I was expecting something that was a little stronger and more durable. I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. It was covered in a white powder. My fiancée had to wipe the entire box down to remove the white powder from my hands when I opened the package, I was wearing a dark red shirt. I can't imagine the mess it would have been with my 5yo ring bearer wearing all black. I don't think it's worth the money.

👤The box looks great, but the inside part that holds the rings leaves a bit to be desired. It isn't the "finest materials" and it's relatively flat inside. I thought it would be the same type of set up as in regular ring boxes, but it is a strange foam like material that is completely flat across the inside and not rounded to accept rings easily.

👤The item was not what was planned. We wanted to use this for our son to carry down isle for our wedding in Hawaii and the hinges are bent and the top lid is not open. The wood and color are not good. It isn't even flush when opened together.

👤The box is beautiful! The slots for the rings were verticle. I took the foam out and put it back in. Otherwise it was perfect. The box is well made and the clasp is sturdy.

👤We used the Mr & Mrs ring box for our wedding ceremony. It was hard to get my husbands band into there, that's the only thing that isn't good about it. It is made for small bands. We had to wiggle it around to get him in. It does the trick and we are still using it to hold our bands when we are not wearing them.

4. Earring Pendant Jewelry Earrings Jewellry

Earring Pendant Jewelry Earrings Jewellry

The length is 2.16X2X1.77. The jewelry box is made of high quality plant velvet. You can easily store the box in your bag and take up very little space. It's perfect for your proposal ring. It will be a big surprise when you propose. It will create a romantic atmosphere. 2 pieces of jewelry box are not included.

Brand: Tianying

👤I recently gave each of my two nieces heirloom rings and I felt like they were ready. I wanted to make sure they were old enough to appreciate and care for each ring since I handed them down when they were young. I didn't have a ring box for either ring. I didn't want to give my nieces rings without protecting them. These popped up when I searched online for nice ring boxes. I ordered two for each ring. The boxes were perfect. The presentation of the rings and the boxes made my nieces very happy. I thought it would be better to give them heirlooms in a package that would be less likely to be lost than to give them jewelry without something to protect them. The quality of the ring boxes was amazing. Can't go wrong with this purchase.

👤Good price and pretty White is a little gray tinted but barely noticeable against other true white things.

👤As pictured, it's just as beautiful. The recipient of the box was too excited to see the ring because the box was so awesome.

👤So in love with these. It's so cute. I don't consider it pink more than it is. There is a LavENDER color.

👤The boxes are nice. They look like the picture. I wish the box was a bit deeper.

👤If the ring is not heavy enough, it tips over, but I only got it for taking pictures. Will probably put a weight under the cushion so it doesn't tip.

👤I tried everything to get the boxes to fit, but they were not intended for this purpose. No luck. There is another item in the junk drawer.

👤I use items I sell for items that are easy to package and ship with stand shipping. You can use it for a gift.

5. Zhanmai Earring Engagement Birthday Anniversary

Zhanmai Earring Engagement Birthday Anniversary

It is easy to clean the lustrous metal finish. It is easy to wipe Zoola clean. The package includes 12 pieces ring box in total. Hard ring box will not break on the way, it is made of soft royal blue velvet. The jewelry case box is a great way to make your gifts nicer than simply packaged in a box. The nice ring gift box is suitable for many occasions. The slot of the ring box is about 5mm in diameter, not big for wide rings. The slot of the ring box is about 5mm in diameter, not big for wide rings.

Brand: Zhanmai

👤I was trying to open the old looking packaging that had been there for a long time. I was trying to peel off the tape and it was coming off in small pieces. It took me 22 minutes to open the actual ring boxes. They were so bad when I finally did that they were like they had been there for years. I puked. I tried to get them to smell better by spraying them with tons of perfume. I had to box up orders. I needed them immediately so I was unable to send them back. I hope the smell is covered by the perfume. I contacted the company and they didn't reply. I won't be ordering anything else from this company. They smelled it to begin with, but when a company doesn't return, it makes me sad. That is worse! Go buy from a different dealer.

👤I'm downsizing and deciding who will get my jewelry when I'm gone. I wanted something special since presentation is one of the most important parts of a gift. Ring boxes would be nice. They would keep their rings in the boxes for safekeeping when they received them. The price point is what makes these really nice. The nicer boxes were too expensive to look at. These will make receiving my bequests pretty. When I realized I had more rings than I originally thought, I ordered another set.

👤If I have any issues with any others, I will update one of the ones I opened. The velvet is in a cardboard box so it doesn't get dusty, but if you take it out of the packing it will get dust in the air, so don't store them without the package it comes in. It holds two earrings. I added a bow to my own. The box is royal and the bow is navy. It seems like velvet is more expensive than it is. Also blue velvet inside.

👤A number of nice looking rings were sent to me as a promotion from another site. These jewelry boxes were the right size, texture, configuration, and price. I was very pleased when I received them, but after a few days of looking at the boxes, two of the box lid began to come unglued. The construction of these boxes may leave something to be desired.

👤They look good, they feel good, and they work great for ring making and handing out gifts.

👤The boxes look nice. They are wrapped in cardboard so they don't have any damage when you get them. It's nice if you need to place a larger item in one of them.

👤I use these to ship my larger sized gemstones. They are sturdy, soft, and a great size. I'm ordering more of these every month.

👤These are for my rings. I received my bracelets and pendants. I like the color Royal Blue. The smell is bad and I can't use them. I put them next to some oil bottles to get rid of the smell. The smell is bad.

6. Umbra Anigram Animal Holder 3 Pack

Umbra Anigram Animal Holder 3 Pack

There are multiple holdings. There is enough room to store multiple rings of different sizes. The ring holders are small and take up less space than a ring box or jewelry tray. It is a fun and affordable gift that is perfect for special occasions. It is easy to clean the lustrous metal finish. The copper finish is easy to clean.

Brand: Umbra

👤I love it! Cu is the periodic table symbol for copper. He's cheap, but he's cute. I want to start a collection of animals. I took pictures next to a water bottle to give a reference for size. Not small at all. My first two pictures were not flash and it was dim in my room. The last picture is with flash, but hopefully not too exposed. Thank you!

👤It was my mom's birthday. I was looking for a gift that was interesting and not the same old items we get her. She likes items made from copper or bronze. I wanted to find something that she didn't have yet, so I found the Umbra Anigram Ringholder. She just bought some new rings and I thought it was adorable. I took it out of the package and it was smaller than I thought. It was my fault that the picture online made it seem bigger than it really was. It can fit in my hand. I picked it up and was surprised at how strong it was. It's got some weight to it, it's not a flimsy nick knack. The design was beautiful. Simple lines and not a lot of detail are what I like about sculptures and home decor. I think it makes this ring holder look like a piece of art. Depending on the ring's width, it can hold up to 4 or 5 rings. It's a cool ring holder. My mom liked it. She is happy because she just puts her rings in a dish. The copper matches a lot of her decor and she now has something to display them on. I was very happy with the purchase and am thinking of ordering one of my own. I think it comes in a bunny design. I would recommend this ring holder to anyone who is looking for a unique inexpensive gift for a friend or to treat themselves.

👤These are very shiny. The cat and rabbit were purchased by me. The came individually wrapped in a plastic bag. The copper tone is not as dark as it could be. The seller states in the Q&A that it is copper. The bottom of my furniture was black, so soft and not bare metal. I weighed the rabbits and cats on an electronic scale and they were both 2.5 ounces so it could be used as a small paperweight. The rabbits are 3" tall and the cat is 2-1/2" tall. The size of the rings affects the number of rings they hold. The cat tail does not suspend a ring as depicted in the ad. The ring falls to the bottom of the tail. I think the cat is using a littler box. The finish doesn't seem to attract finger prints, so it will be easy to clean with a soft cloth. It was a gift for my wife and she is pleased with it. I clicked twice and got 2, which was enjoyed by my niece. I tried the reindeer and found a good eyeglass holder. See the picture. It works well. It's heavy enough that it doesn't tip over. The reindeer is tall.

7. Mr Mrs Ring Box Engagement

Mr Mrs Ring Box Engagement

You will get a ring box and a jewelry bag. You can hide it in a pocket and surprise your lover. The small ring holder box is handcrafted and carefully elaborated with the enduring memories of your wedding day, engagement day, anniversary day, as a testament to your love for him/her. The wooden ring holder is of the highest quality. The engraved letter will become a cherished item after the celebration. The total size is 1.5in and the ring is small and light. The ring box is used to keep your souvenir ring. The inner lining of your ring is made of velvet. The meaningful gift for couples on a wedding day or any occasion for niece, lover, wife, girlfriend, your friend, or even yourself for any occasion like wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine's day, Christmas day... The meaningful gift for couples on a wedding day or any occasion for niece, lover, wife, girlfriend, your friend, or even yourself for any occasion like wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine's day, Christmas day...

Brand: Handicraftviet

👤I can't wait to use them. I'm confident that the little hands will guard them well because they feel sturdy and secure with the magnet. The craftsmanship on these is lovely. I like them. Thank you!

👤The boxes are very pretty and nice solid wood, but the clasp on one fell out. I used some super glue to fix it, rather than bother with a return.

👤They are gorgeous! Mr and Mrs are different in appearance. I didn't expect the darkness to change so much. If you want a box that is simple and beautiful for your wedding rings.

👤The ring boxes are gorgeous. The wood is of great quality and has a perfect magnet closure. The boxes are large enough to hold a wedding band.

👤These are not as big as they appear. You should read the dimensions.

👤Good quality for the price. Our matching wooden wedding rings are in a box.

👤I am dissatisfied with the size but I think the grooms fit me.

👤The ring boxes were perfect for our wedding. My husband's ring was too big to fit in the slot it was supposed to. We put it on top of the cushion.

👤I like them. It arrived early. So cute.

8. Markeny Earring Anniversaries Weddings Birthdays

Markeny Earring Anniversaries Weddings Birthdays

The slot of the ring box is about 5mm in diameter, not big for wide rings. The cube box is made of cardboard and is very strong. There are red, pink, blue, and lavender colors. There is a 4x4x3 cm size. There are 32 pieces of packing, 8 pieces for each color. Each box has a bow at the top. Cute little boxes are a great way to show off your jewelry. Cute little boxes are a great way to show off your jewelry.

Brand: Markeny

👤The product came with two bent boxes, which was not helpful when it came to courier services. They're known to destroy your stuff if you havefragile on a package. I will just have to package it for a local customer who doesn't mind the bent side cover. I use these to package earrings to introduce them to my small business and they do a good job of bringing out the beauty of my first earrings. Thank you. I will buy bigger boxes in the future.

👤There are boxes with ribbon coming up. It can be difficult to close that deal. I use a lot of cute ring boxes in my business. I like the variety of colors. It would be great if there were other colors to choose from.

👤I like the finished product. The box is a nice gift box to give others and the rings are just rings without it. It comes with a nice foam insert with a place for the ring to fit and a nice cover. The boxes are nice to show off the different colors. I was happy with my own. I filled all the boxes when I received them. I was very excited.

👤These boxes are great for my jewelry business. It's great for food and earring studs. I keep coming back.

👤I like the colors and so I order them. They were smaller than the Black ones that I ordered before. Too small for larger rings.

👤The jewelry looks good in the boxes. Just what was needed. Thanks! God bless!

👤I like the price and the colors. We used them because they're a little bit bigger.

👤It's easy to use, fun little boxes. I like to have these on hand for last minute gifts. Thank you.

9. Velvet Ring Gift Box Anniversary

Velvet Ring Gift Box Anniversary

Ring displays in retail stores or exhibitions are not only for gift boxes. Quality made. The jewelry box is made of high quality velvet and is very soft to protect your jewelry. The slot of the ring box is small, not big for wide rings. The jewelry case box makes your gifts nicer than simply packaged in a box. It's great for special occasions like wedding, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation, birthday and anniversary. jewelry not included in package

Brand: Leture

👤Good fir gift giving rings. A large suze makes a nice presentation. They look great if you add a bow.

👤I might sell antique rings, so I bought these to show them off. They look good. I wouldn't expect it to be long. It's a ring box. And affordable.

10. Noble Blossom Ceremony Proposal Engagement

Noble Blossom Ceremony Proposal Engagement

There is a package that includes one blossom flower ring box. There is a flower ring box in the bouquet. The ring is not included. The Exquisite Design is an example. The ring is made of high quality. The flower is green and long. The perfect way to propose is by presenting the proposal in a perfect way. The flower ring box is a unique idea. Adding a couple of real matching roses in a bouquet will make you stand out from your friends ideas. Bringing your ring to life is important when it comes to gift-giving. There is no better way to surprise. The flower ring box holder will leave your lover speechless. 100% customer satisfaction: They are confident that you will like their product. The materials they choose are the best to make them last. For 30 days, they will guarantee 100% satisfaction for their customers.

Brand: Noble

👤Get this rose! I wanted to surprise my wife with a breakfast. I put everything up in the middle of the night while she was asleep, and I think this rose added a special touch to the experience. My wife would have never guessed that it was a fake rose. Not in a long time. She was thrilled when I showed her the ring. Is the rose real? Only if you're looking for signs of a fake rose. I saw the signs because I knew it was fake. The average person won't know what to think. I bought a real rose at the grocery store for $4.99 to distract her from the fake rose. Everything looked even more realistic, simple, and elegant because of that single rose and some baby breath flowers. I would recommend this rose to anyone. It's a little bigger than the average but not enough to raise suspicion. I think that one was born with a miracle grow. That's my review guys. The rose will do a great job of disguising your ring. Everything was purchased at Dollar Tree if you liked the decoration in the pictures. Even the real plates.

👤This was a great proposal. It is a great buy, even though it is a one-of-a-kind item. The vine and leaves are obvious that it is not a real rose. That is not a concern in the moment. It was perfect.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. The quality and looks of this rose are better than a real rose. So good! I placed it between a dozen roses as a surprise anniversary gift and I was having a blast with it. I hid the ribbon and told her that the roses were fake, but she didn't realize it until two hours later. Thank you, I am happy. The quality of the product is important. Thank you! You made my anniversary very special.

👤I stumbled upon the ring box on Amazon and thought about getting married. The product I ordered was delivered earlier than expected. If they are next to each other, you can tell the difference between a real rose and a good quality one. I went to a florist to arrange a bunch of flowers around the ring box and diverted attention from the ring box. It worked. I presented the ring to my bride-to-be at a table of 6 people, but nobody noticed the fake rose that was sitting in the middle of the arrangement. Everyone at the table was surprised by my fiancé. The ring box wasn't deep enough to properly close with the ring inside. The florist secured the top with tape. It was not noticeable unless you knew what to look for. I have enclosed pictures of the bouquet with the rose open and closed to show how I hid the ring. I bought this product because it made a very special evening for everyone.

👤I just bought a 15$ bouquet from Kroger with some bigger flowers to blend it in, it is a bit bigger than an average rose. There is a small ribbon to pull the case open. I tucked it under the petals to make it look more natural. I am very excited to give it to someone.

11. Homish Wedding Engagement Marriage Decorative

Homish Wedding Engagement Marriage Decorative

The vintage wooden ring box is approximately 15*10*5 cm (5.90*3.90*2.17 inch) and comes with a hessian insert to allow you to fit your rings in snugly. The centerpiece of the ring bearer box is a pillow. The names of the bride and groom can be displayed on two cute retro wooden hearts. The most symbolic portion of your wedding ceremony can be presented in an adorable way. A wedding rings box is a great gift. The gift for lovers is a variety of things, from weddings to Mother's day. Rustic ring box is a style of barn or beach weddings. If you don't love your wedding ring box or have any issues, please return for a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Y&k Homish

👤I used a soldering iron to burn our initials into the top of the cake for our wedding.

👤A cute ring box! My ring bearer walked down the isle without a pillow. You have to write your name on the hearts. They have double sided stickers. When ordering, they don't make it very clear. If you don't write something on the top of the box, it looks very plain.

👤I know it's supposed to be for a wedding ring, but I think it can be used for anything sentimental to you or a loved one. She's all 17 years old. I wanted to show her how important the ring was to her when I got it for her for her birth day. This box does that. The box blew me away. It comes looking exactly as depicted and looks even better in the up close and personal way; from the white-washed like paint job to its little gold design and the little stick-on hearts; which you can write what you want on. It's bare wood grain, no finish, no varnish, it's gorgeous, and I'm a 'nut' for unfinished wood, it's smell is so pure. I got the "antique white" You'll love it, love it, love it. Whatever you get for it. Ms. Diptpink was signing out.

👤This was a piece of junk. The Dollar Store has better quality craft boxes. The box is plain and unattractive, the quality is poor. In the listing, the box is brown but it is not a basic box. Returned.

👤I didn't have a choice in colors when I purchased this, and there was no way to modify it. I got a plain white one on the inside, it is not brown like the picture, and you have to add lettering to the inside. It's not as nice as it looks.

👤It was perfect for our wedding. It is easy to put together.

👤We bought this for our wedding, we didn't have a wedding party, so it sat up front with our rings. I liked the box, but hated the knob. The knob was large and didn't match my opinion. It was easy to take it off and replace it.

👤I used it for a coffin for my African dwarf frog that passed away and it was beautiful and well made and I got to decorate the outside of the box. Well done and thank you.

👤This is cute. The screw is small and not working to attach the nob. I will be able to fix it. It is so cute that I gave it full stars.

👤Pour le bagues, trs beau coffre. Je recommande fortement.

👤It's perfect for our wedding ring box. It came quicker than expected.


What is the best product for wedding jewelry set box?

Wedding jewelry set box products from Numblartd. In this article about wedding jewelry set box you can see why people choose the product. Toyvian and Ella Celebration are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding jewelry set box.

What are the best brands for wedding jewelry set box?

Numblartd, Toyvian and Ella Celebration are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding jewelry set box. Find the detail in this article. Tianying, Zhanmai and Umbra are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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