Best Wedding Jewelry for Mother Of The Bride Gold

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1. EVER FAITH Marquise Simulated Silver Tone

EVER FAITH Marquise Simulated Silver Tone

The necklace length is 47 cm and the pendant width is 3.3 cm. A wedding jewelry set for a bridesmaid or bride. It is a timeless accessory to any jewelry collection. The necklace earring set can be worn in casual or formal attire. The bridal prom jewelry set is an ideal gift for your girlfriend, wife, fiancee, daughter, mother, sister, best friend, or just yourself. Wedding/Anniversary/Birthday/Party/Ball/Cocktail Party/Mother's Day/Valentine's Day/New Year's Eve/Christmas/Pageants/Casual Wear is intended. A favor bag and a gift box are required. Please contact them if you need assistance.


👤The construction is very sturdy. I wore this for my wedding and they were pretty. The earrings are pretty, but not for me.

👤I got my set today. I cannot wait to wear it for my wedding and I am so impressed with how beautiful it is. I snorted laughing at the size of the bracelet. Thankfully my mom makes jewelry so she's going to help me extend it, but there's no way this would fit a woman of average size. It's not close to fitting my wrist. It's gorgeous in person, but you'll need to buy more extenders.

👤The necklace was in two pieces when I got it for my party. Thankfully my fiancée was able to get the broken chain back together. The bracelet is small. I couldn't get it to hold onto my wrist. It must be snug on tiny wrists. The material is cheap and plastic-y. The earrings are okay. I was expecting more from this company as I've gotten high quality stuff from them in the past.

👤100% happy with the choice of wedding jewelry. It served as my "something new" and looked great with my dress, and I had a backup dress in case there were issues. The set was classy yet not tacky, and I received a lot of praise for it. A lot of wedding jewelry similar to this seemed gaudy or fake, but this was solid, and did not break my dress.

👤I bought this for my mom. She liked the flowery designs and the online image of them. It fit her in a funny way. The necklace needs to be positioned in a way that makes it look nice. Since they are still skinny, they can topple over in your nick and look funny. My mom didn't like the design of the bracelet. I'm sure other people would like the design. It looks good. There were no issues with shipping or returns.

👤Even though it's pretty, I'm returning it. The necklace is hard to put on by yourself. This is important to me since I will be wearing a dress at the venue and may not have anyone to help me put it on. I don't need anything to be stressed out that day. The size of the bracelet is clearly stated in the description. Measure your wrist before ordering to make sure it's a good fit. The posts on the earrings are flimsy, which is a shame as they are very classy looking with just the right amount of bling to complement the pearls.

👤I bought it for my wedding jewelry. It will be small on bigger girls. I had a bracelet on my wrist. The earrings and necklace fit well. I also don't have sensitive skin, so I didn't get any green discoloration from them. Overall, it was very beautiful.

👤This set was amazing. Absolutely beautiful. I gave it to a friend as a gift and it looks like a million bucks. She has a hard time finding bracelets that fit, this one was perfect. A beautiful gift.

2. AMYJANE Bridal Jewelry Set Wedding

AMYJANE Bridal Jewelry Set Wedding

This jewelry set is made from 100% safe material and plated with 18k yellow gold. , is certified by the SGS. The metal casting has a dramatic cubic zirconia rhinestones. Both lead and nickel are free. It is hypoallergenic. The jewelry set adds a luxurious look. The earrings are perfect size: 1.57' x 0.43'. The box chain has a lobster clasp. Women's jewelry on a daily basis. A beautiful gift box with a greeting card is included. It was a perfect gift idea. Women's sterling silver jewelry set. It's ideal for weddings, proms, parties, homecoming, black tie formal affairs, holidays, birthday, and anniversary gifts. All the clothes are the same. There are maintenance instructions. Before bathing, swimming or sleeping, remove jewelry. If you want to keep your jewelry in a dry box, please clear it with fresh water after you wear it.

Brand: Amyjane

👤These earrings and necklace are gorgeous. They look similar to diamonds. I would have joked with other people that these are real diamonds but then they know I can't afford a big solitaire. They are pretty sturdy, along with being beautiful. I dropped them while handling it. I was concerned that something might have broken down. It was perfect. I am confident that I will give this set to others as it did not come entangled like other sets I have bought. I made a video to show them how pretty they are. Do check it out.

👤I would like to give this zero stars. I only used the product once and my earring fell off because the back piece of the earring separated from the earring completely. The necklace is removed and I notice the clamp isn't working, it's broken! The product is gorgeous. I wanted to like it. It's terrible quality. I bought another set from a different seller and thought it would be faulty. Go figure, it's held up. I was not able to return them for a refund due to the poor quality, because I decided to use them for the first time right before the return date was over. If you buy this product, please wear them right away. If it has defects like mine, you're not out of money.

👤I wanted to have jewelry with my wedding dress. I went to a lot of stores. It took a few tries but I found this set and it was perfect. Super sparkling and doesn't look cheap at all. I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day

👤I have these to wear to a wedding. They are gorgeous. Unlike many brands of costume jewelry, these did not make my ears hurt. The gold is 14K yellow gold. It came with 2 sets of earring backs and a pretty box that would be perfect for gift giving. I received a lot of praise for this set. I had searched all over town for something similar, but could not find it for the price. I would buy these again for someone special.

👤I ordered the Angle Tears in 14k yellow gold. The packaging was good, but the earrings were not like the ones in the photo. I was looking for something that would mirror the way crystal or diamonds do. I ordered them 6 days before the event but they did not arrive in time. Returned for a reason.

👤Even though they were in a nice box, the earring posts were bent. I can't put the backings on the earrings without them bending and eventually breaking. The necklace is stuck. The chain will have to be swapped out completely. These were perfect for my wedding dress.

👤Beautiful jewelry! I bought a set of these for my bridesmaids and they were thrilled. You get some high quality jewelry for a low price. The chain feels cheap, but I can't tell them apart from a similar set. I am looking forward to my ladies having these.

3. Mariell Zirconia Bracelet Earrings Bridesmaid

Mariell Zirconia Bracelet Earrings Bridesmaid

Mariell jewelry set has multi-shape gems in 14K gold. Matching earrings measure 1 12 and are designed to fit every wrist. The disc backs are high by 5/16" wide. The bracelet is 6 34 to 8 inches long and features a necklace of Lustrous Marquis and Princess-Cut CZ gemstones in a beautiful alternating design. The Bracelet and Earrings are perfect for gift giving. Mariell is an American owned and operated company. The Mariell Signature Gift Box is ideal for bridal, wedding, prom, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, special occasions, birthday, and more.

Brand: Mariell

👤I'm very pleased with the product. I can't wait to see what I have gotten for them. The earring and bracelet set is gorgeous.

4. HANDMADE Bracelet Swarovski Gemstone Bracelet

HANDMADE Bracelet Swarovski Gemstone Bracelet

Pierre Lorren Jewelry Cyprus (E.U.) - Hand Made Swarovski Crystal Gemstone Bracelets 2ct -.4" wide,Expandable bracelet, one size fits all, -96 The bracelet is made with 24k Gold and is lead-free and nickel free. Beautifully presented in an elegant box, bag andtags, the Lorren hand engraved at the back of the bracelet is an authenticity guarantee card. The Pierre Lorren 24k Gold embellished bracelets have gained worldwide popularity. The Pierre Lorren bracelets are available in many colors and are one of their most prized collections. Only the most experienced steelsmith's and jewellers can create such distinguished pieces. The steelsmith's hard work comes to fruition on the wearer's hand. They undergo strenuous exams for even the smallest flaws. Their pieces are hand picked and directed towards the privileged few. The person wearing this bracelet shows her position in society and allows her beauty to be seen by others.

Brand: Pierre Lorren Jewellery

👤Europeans refer to the Nile Valley Civiliation as Egypt, but too many Africans of the diaspora don't know about the Archaeological Limassol Museum. During the Geometric period and at the time of the establishment of the Cyprus Kingdoms, there were two Kingdoms: Amathus and Kourion. The material from Amathous and its surrounding settlements and sanctuaries can be found in the Lemesos Archaeological Museum. A group of terracottas, a Hathor freestanding pillar and a limestone statue of the Egyptian god Bes are some of the objects that stand out in the Museum's rich collection. The objects show the strong influences of eastern elements on the local artistic activity. The male offspring of Het Bes was renamed The-Bes by the Greeks because he was 100% Twa African. The number 96 also represents Atem Duat, Ammuat, Ammut, and Judah, and the 96 onxy stones are the creator and creator's creation. The Onxy (126) is an image of the Black, which annexed kingdoms and nations beyond the Nile Valley. The image is of protection. The Onyx was used as a pro African in India. Is it an amulet stone or protection from Africa? There is history here, if the stone is Aunkh (30:stone) and then Keb Sua Te Nepher! What do you do when Nepher is both Knowledge and a Negro? 630000/945 is a number.

👤The Pierre Lorren bracelets are beautiful. They can wear many outfits and be dressed up. Especially black. It goes with anything. Both of them look good with other types of jewelry. A little sparkle in her life is what every woman deserves. Take a chance. You won't be disappointed.

5. EVER FAITH Silver Tone Zirconia Charming

EVER FAITH Silver Tone Zirconia Charming

The jewelry item is pronged with querulous zimes to keep it from being lost. A head is a claw-shaped type of binding that is welded or soldered to a jewelry item in order to mount a stone to it. It is an ideal gift for your bride, girlfriend, wife, fiancée, daughter, mother, or just yourself. The necklace length is 43 cm, the attachment is 20 cm, and the earring is 3.3 cm. Wedding/Anniversary/Birthday/Party/Ball/Cocktail Party/Mother's Day/Valentine's Day/New Year's Eve/Christmas/Pageants/Casual Wear is intended. A gift box or favor bag is needed. Please contact them if you need assistance.


👤Absolutely gorgeous. It was incredibly shiny. It doesn't look fake at all. Very classy.

👤I wore this necklace at my wedding. I used another pair of earrings because I didn't like them, but the necklace was gorgeous. The design and sparkle received a lot of praise. It was a nice piece that was noticeable. I will probably wear the earrings on their own because they're pretty, I just wanted something longer with my hair.

👤I didn't know that the jewels had changed to a plain silver piece. I think my neck is small because it was a bit longer on me and the silver pieces were visible from the front. I returned it because I didn't like the style. I decided to wear a solitaire necklace for the wedding because I am not very flashy with my jewelry. This necklace may look nice on other people.

👤A pretty necklace. The stone I bought for the formal event was not as large as I wanted. I would have liked to have taken photos. I returned the necklace the day I received it. It would be great for a formal event.

👤When I received this set in the mail, I hoped it would fit my daughter for her wedding day. Sadly, it did not. The necklace was too short for my daughter's neck, so we had to return. This set is gorgeous and well made.

👤I returned it. The pendent looks plastic. Costume jewelry is not going to look like genuine diamonds or a Sardinia. I don't want jewelry that looks fake.

👤The necklace wouldn't fit around my neck and kept rolling over. I didn't want to worry about it being in place on my wedding day.

👤Would have been pretty. I had to return for a faulty earring. One of the earrings was not straight. The necklace would have to be kept on constant watch to make sure it was turned upright. It would have been great if it were for the problems.

👤This item is beautiful. Unless they make more, you're out of luck. I'm using it for my wedding. The stones look like diamonds. It took 8 days to get to Germany. I think I was lucky, so if you want to buy something, act fast. It's wonderful. It was a nice item for the price.

👤No se vean, pero el collar se voltea, solo, en su sitio.

👤Es ms amigos.

👤Einfach toll und perfekt fr den Pinzessin-Look. Kann es, insgesamt.

👤It's a la foto.

6. EVER FAITH Simulated Filigree Silver Tone

EVER FAITH Simulated Filigree Silver Tone

Ever Faith is a US registered trademark and is owned by Ever Faith Jewelry. Brass Metal will protect your skin from rubbing. You will be comfortable wearing it. Light weight jewelry made from brass metal. The necklace length is 43.5 cm, the width is 1.5 cm, and the Earring Szie is 2.2 cm. Wedding, Mother's day, anniversary, birthday, party, prom, Christmas, Halloween,Thanksgiving-day,Casual wear, memorial day are intended use. The bridal jewelry set comes with a gift box and a favor bag. Please contact them if you need assistance.


👤They did their job and made me look good.

👤My best friend is getting married and I bought this necklace for her. It was perfect.

👤The look of the necklace earring set was nice. It is not high quality but serves its purpose. I don't like the sound of the metal clanging when it's put on, but I think it's delicate and elegant. It doesn't seem to make noise when put on, but it shows the lower quality than a fine metal. Happy with the purchase!

👤My wedding is in August, so I hid the dress. I found something similar on Amazon, but I didn't get a bracelet. I think this set is perfect for a modern take on classic pearls. I had to add a necklace extension to the back of my dress because of its low neckline. It's definitely worth it for the price.

👤I ordered this for my daughter's prom. The necklace came out in pieces when I opened it. I didn't bother opening the earrings when they were in pieces. I'm going to clean this mess up. I wouldn't recommend this product. I would have given zero stars if I could.

👤These were pretty. The gold color was elegant and not cheap. If that's a word, I wish the earrings were a little more dangly. They were very erect and stuck out in my ears. All in good value for the price, but I didn't turn my neck green.

👤Se rompi el mismo da. La calidad deja mucho!

👤This looks better than I thought it would. I read that the earrings don't hang right and that they are "stiff" Maybe they put the backing in too correctly.

👤The earrings and necklace are gorgeous. I will buy from this company again.


7. Mariell Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Clip

Mariell Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Clip

Matching 2 Carat Clip-On Earrings and an 8mm CZ Round Solitaire Pendant are featured. The diamonds are in a 4-prong setting. The necklace is made of 14 Karat Rose Gold and has a round Zirconium pendant and earrings. The quality of the diamond jewelry is very high. Mariell is an American owned and operated company. The Mariell Signature Gift Box is ideal for bridal, wedding, prom, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, special occasions, birthday, and more.

Brand: Mariell

👤I needed clip on earrings for a wedding because of my sensitive ears. The earrings and necklace gave me the right amount of elegance. The earring didn't feel heavy or pinch my ears. I wore them for 6 hours and they did not slip down or fall off.

👤It was very nice and shiny. The earrings are clasped.

👤A perfect set for any occasion. Beautiful and shiny! It's comfortable, too!

👤I bought these for my maid of honor and she loved them. Looked nice in the photos.

👤A very pretty set. Looks classy. I didn't read carefully and that's why I needed pierced earrings. I have pierced ones that look great with the necklace.

8. Bridal Jewelry Set Wedding Bridesmaids

Bridal Jewelry Set Wedding Bridesmaids

The design is gorgeous. The pear shaped pendant necklace and fishhook earring set are sure to catch everyone's eyes. The pendant is 1.0 inches(L) x 0.55 inches(W) and has a rolo chain with lobster clasp. It is suitable for formal events but also everyday wear. All the clothes are the same. The town has fabulous bling for nights on the town. The Mycitta signature gift box is perfect for immediate gifts. It's ideal for weddings, proms, bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, holidays, special occasions, birthdays, and anniversary gifts. This cz jewelry set is perfect for any man, any age, and can instantly upgrade any plain outfit from drab to fabulous. They are appropriate for any stylish mother, grandmother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, best friend, aunt, niece, or anyone with a posh taste! Before buying an item, please take a look at the size description and model pictures. They will solve the problem as soon as possible if you contact them.

Brand: Mycitta

👤I used this as a last minute for my father's wedding. It is beautiful. Picture doesn't do it justice.

👤I was a little worried but the blue color is the same as the picture shows. I bought this set for my wedding day and I loved it. There are great items at a great price.

👤It looks like good quality.

👤Good quality and sparkle. I was happy I purchased.

👤My daughter will wear the set. Absolutely beautiful.

👤My mom was given the gift to wear for the wedding. She loves it.

👤This looks like the winter season to me. The man-made "diamonds" catch the light and sparkle. The set is dainty and the chain is fine. The earrings are described as "fishhook," but they are not. You are given a couple of extra backs as well as the posts with backs. The chain is 16-inches long and has a 2-inch extension. It is in a box that is suitable for gift giving. Very pretty!

9. SWEETV Teardrop Birdesmaid Rhinestone Backdrop

SWEETV Teardrop Birdesmaid Rhinestone Backdrop

A bridal necklace set is mounted in a metal setting. A very romantic, feminine vintage glam wedding touch can be created by using a beautiful teardrop dangle and an amazing backdrop on the back. Finest Quality AAAAA Grade Cubic Zirconia, High Polished is what it is. Hypoallergenic and shiny forever. It is safe to wear. Lead-Free. The Back Drop necklace is about 17 feet long and is about 18 cm in diameter. For more, back drop chain. Matching Earring Size: 4.1*1.2 cm. It's ideal for any occasion. Birthday, Christmas, New Year, andGraduation are great gifts for her. Anniversary is a party. The prom/ Thanks giving day A beautiful gift box is included. The gift box is ideal for dating, party, wedding, and daily wear. Birthday, Mother's Day, or Anniversary Gifts, include Formal Affair, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride.

Brand: Sweetv

👤This set is gorgeous and shiny. I will be proud to wear it as wedding jewelry. It doesn't look cheap and it doesn't turn me green. This set has to be pulled on! You will not regret it.

👤Absolutely stunning on my daughter.

👤The jewelry set is perfect for weddings or formal occasions. It will give you an elegant look without breaking the bank. When the light hits the earrings and necklace, they are so shiny, and I love how the excess chain on the necklace has gems on it. I plan to be one of her bridesmaids. I would recommend this to any bride or bridesmaids who want to bring out their dresses without spending a lot of money.

👤When I bought this set for my wedding, I was very confident. I wanted something simple but rose gold to match the accent colors. I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I was in love with the pictures but worried about how the product would look in person. I am very happy that I bought this set. It will be the perfect accent for my wedding day.

👤This set was used as bridesmaid jewelry and received many nice comments. It is very simple and elegant. Doesn't look like cheap costume jewelry.

👤The jewelry looks okay for the price, but it doesn't look real. The quality was awful. I wish I had spent more for something better after buying this for my wedding. The clasp on the tennis bracelet was missing when I put it on, it was missing before I even got to wear it. The necklace clasp was very small. Terrible buy, definitely not recommend.

👤This is beautiful and I wanted it for my wedding. I will have to replace the stone because it is not fully set. It's hard to wait for a replacement when it's close to the date. I have to find time to return the original.

👤The earrings and necklace were beautiful. They were smaller than I thought they needed to be.

👤Brilla muchsimo, para una fiesta tipo. XV aos. No se manche.

10. SWEETV Teardrop Birdesmaids Rhinestone Bridesmaid

SWEETV Teardrop Birdesmaids Rhinestone Bridesmaid

The design: The dangle earrings and necklace set is a perfect match for the clearAAA grade prong set of cubic zirconia in a single design set in rose gold and silver. It has the option of a backdrop or no backdrop at the checkout. Finest Quality AAAAA Grade Cubic Zirconia, High Polished is a high quality material. Hypoallergenic and shiny forever. It is safe to wear. Lead-Free. The necklace is 16 inches and the backdrop necklace is 16 inches and can extend to 23 inches. Any-Occasion accessory is suitable for weddings, proms, bridesmaids, parties, proms, pageants, homecoming, Galas, formal affairs, holiday, Birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary or any other special occasion. The present is elegant. It's a great gift to treat yourself or for a loved one during a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or engagement.

Brand: Sweetv

👤I bought these for my wedding. I was surprised by the quality for the price. The earrings and necklace have a negative weight. These will look great with my gown.

👤It's pretty. I was looking for something more delicate. The jewelry is too large for my liking. I returned it. They made the returns very easy.

👤It's simply gorgeous. The set was perfect for my daughter's pictures. Overall very pleased, highly recommended, I looked very elegant and great quality.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! It was worth the money. It will be worth it if you take your time. Can't wait for you to attend my event.

👤I bought this for my wedding and it was great. Highly recommended!


What is the best product for wedding jewelry for mother of the bride gold?

Wedding jewelry for mother of the bride gold products from . In this article about wedding jewelry for mother of the bride gold you can see why people choose the product. Amyjane and Mariell are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding jewelry for mother of the bride gold.

What are the best brands for wedding jewelry for mother of the bride gold?

, Amyjane and Mariell are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding jewelry for mother of the bride gold. Find the detail in this article. Pierre Lorren Jewellery, Mycitta and Sweetv are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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