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1. Stickers Embossed Marriage Engagement Invitation

Stickers Embossed Marriage Engagement Invitation

These cute heart round stickers can be used in a variety of ways, from bridal shower invitations, engagement announcements, thank you cards for Thanksgiving, candy bags for Halloween, gift wraps for birthday and so on. The envelope stickers have a beautiful pink backing and elegant design blend, which look gorgeous and classic. It makes guests feel respected and welcome. The wax won't stick to your stamp, making it easy to use, and you can put the wedding sticker seal on an ice pack so that it will cool down, to prevent the tip of the stamp from overheating. Quality material: these elegant stickers for envelopes are made of quality PVC with a nice adhesion, stable, and easy to peel and paste, which can be applied to some clean surfaces such as metal, bags, glass, boxes, plastic and so on. You can use heart stickers wedding as gift wrap, and pink envelope seals are suitable for all important occasions such as weddings, company holiday parties, baby showers, graduations. 30 pieces of wax seal stickers in pink with a heart shape are included in the package. You just need to peel off the glue and paste it.

Brand: Dianelhall

👤It worked well for my invitations. They wore my belly bands. I loved the color and the theme. The seal has a small amount of shine. The stickers stayed put. Very consistent. I had to re-stick a few. They were still great. Five stars. Will buy again.

👤I needed a touch of beauty in these baby shower invites. They stick well to the envelopes. The seals arrived very quickly. Thank you!

👤I got so many people to compliment me on using these on baby shower invites. I want to use wax stamps on all my mail now that the invites look fancy, and with these stickers it's very easy.

👤I ordered 30 bags. Fourteen of the 30 bags were broken.

2. Crystal Transparent Stickers Envelope Adhesive

Crystal Transparent Stickers Envelope Adhesive

It was specially designed for hand application or faster semi-automated application. These half-inch labels are easy to peel and apply. There are a lot of stickers. Perfect transparent effect is visually inexplicable. When applied to white and coloured surfaces, the look is professional. They are great transparent seals for personal cards, invitations, packages, products, bulk merchandise, documents and mailings. It can be used in a lot of things. It's durable. The clear labels guarantee a long- lasting result. They are wipeable and weather proof. Strong gusts of force. The permanent glue with optimum flatness provides a long- lasting hold, non-oozing glue to offer dependable sticking power.

Brand: Performore

👤I wore the letters off of my keyboard and it looked bad. I put cute little colored stickers on it to make it look better, but they would start slipping as I used it. I thought of covering them with a plastic cover. I bought them. They were the perfect size to cover the key and they worked well for protecting them and the little colored sticker.

👤The sale ad is small and nothing like the phot this seller posts with it. Small to handle and fair, will not order again.

👤These are not the stickers that are pictured. They come in sheets, not a roll, are difficult to get off, and are smaller than advertised. Next time, I will look for something else.

👤These were used to attach balloons. They worked well, but they took so long to peel off the roll that they weren't worth it. I might try the next size up. It would be great if they were on a paper.

👤I think a bigger size would work better. The stickiness is not that strong. If more surface area would help these stick better.

👤They are just okay. The glue is not as strong as I would like it to be, but they do an okay job for what I use them for.

👤It worked great. To seal makeup and skincare products.

👤The circles lose their grip quickly. I was using them to close small jewelry bags but they came apart in 30 minutes.

3. Embossed Envelope Stickers Self Adhesive Invitations

Embossed Envelope Stickers Self Adhesive Invitations

Each blush invitation envelope is 5.75 x 4.3 inches. The package contains 300 pieces of wax seals in 5 different colors, 60 pieces for each color, and enough quantity to meet your daily use and decoration needs. The gold Embossed Wax Seal is 1.38 inches in diameter and can be applied to most envelopes. The golden color adds an elegant touch to the greeting card that is sent to your friends, customers, and suppliers; the print envelope seal sticker is reliable and sturdy, can be applied for a long time. It is easy to peel or stick to different places, without additional glue or tape, and the good glue makes it sticky, not easy to fall off. These gold envelope stickers are great for wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, engagement announcements, greeting cards, thank you notes, gift boxes and more.

Brand: Chinco

👤There are two sheets of each color. There is gold. White. The gold is rose gold. Red. There is silver. The colors are a bit dull but still add a nice touch to my packaged baked goods and jewelry bags. I think $9 is a bit much. I would buy them again for $6 or less.

👤The glue gun wax seal set we bought was not going to work as we had planned. They are very nice.

👤The colors of the heart seals are a bit subdued and subtle, just like the design, which feels elegant.

👤They were perfect for our invitations.

👤An hour ago, I received it. I don't know if they are good. I want them to hold on, have to wait and see.

4. Wedding Stickers Envelope Self Adhesive Invitation

Wedding Stickers Envelope Self Adhesive Invitation

The gold foil certificate seals are an easy way to dress up awards. There are wedding brooches. 500 sheets of heart gold stickers will be sent to you. The sticker size is 3.8 cm. Enough to meet your needs. High-QUALITY: The gold foil and self-adhesive wedding stickers are of the highest quality. It is waterproof and tear off easily. It can stay on any surface for a long time. Their wedding stickers feature a gold backing with an elegant wax design on the heart, in the center of the design is a heart with the word "Love" written on it. Birthday parties, proposal parties, weddings, and other events can be held with gold stickers. There are gold stickers that can be used to decorate envelopes, gift boxes, greeting cards, letters, postcards, scrapbooks, handicrafts, etc. 500 Pcs wedding stickers (20 sheets) and a friendly customer service for peace of mind are what you get.

Brand: Joyberg

👤They were great for my wedding invites. They are bigger than I expected. It's hard to take off with ripping out paper, so be sure to place them correctly the first time. It took a while to get as well so not fast shipping about a week. Would buy again if necessary.

👤They were used to save the dates for our wedding. Will also use the invitations. We used 500 of them for our holiday cards. It looks realistic and easy to peel. Highly recommend the product.

👤These came very quickly and are very cute. They were used for our save the dates, Christmas cards, and wedding invites.

👤I used the stickers to seal my invitations. They looked really nice and stuck to the envelope. The price is a great value.

👤If I need to seal something and not be able to take it off, this is the sticker I need. It cannot be removed once set.

5. Paper Junkie Envelope Invitations Greeting

Paper Junkie Envelope Invitations Greeting

Heart Envelope Seal Stickers are great for sending personalized invitations to your anniversary party, wedding, or bridal shower. The beautiful wedding stickers for envelopes feature a clear backing with an elegant design of a black shaded in heart and olive wreath. These stickers are perfect for cards and envelopes. Their wedding envelope seals are made from high quality transparent vinyl. The heart sticker pack contains 250 sticker pieces.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤Absolutely adorable! The envelope stickers/seals are a great addition to any envelope. They were sturdy when stuck onto the envelopes. We sealed about 60 invites. There is plenty to go around and for future uses as well. It was a good recommendation!

👤The seals are beautiful for an elegant touch on envelopes. They are heavy duty and clear. When pulling off the sheet, the black printing looks dark grey, but when applied and rubbed into the envelope, the ink appears black again. I wish this came in a smaller quantity option (50, 100, etc.) as well as different colors, like silver, rose gold, and shiny gold, as I purchased to use as seals for bridal shower invitations. I don't need a lot of stickers. They were cheap for the quantity, but expensive for the small details, so I almost passed on them. I will not use a local bridal resale page to sell anything.

👤I loved everything about them. I decided to buy these as invitation seals for the reception. The finishing touch was beautiful. I donated a lot of it to a woman who writes letters to sick kids. She thought they were perfect as well.

👤I was so disappointed that my guests said the stamps weren't sticking, I ordered them for my Save Dates wedding. The sticker on the back was not moving. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy this envelope sealers, they look pretty but aren't worth the money.

👤I was sick of paying $3.99 for 48 stickers at the lobby and needed a large amount. These were very similar to the ones I had purchased. I have enough to seal all my save the dates, invites and thank you cards. The price tag is affordable.

👤So cute! It adds a touch to my cards. It looks like you drew it on because the background is clear. So cute!

👤Heavy duty stickers. Great strength. The size is great. There is a lot in the package. I haven't tried removing them yet, so can't comment on that.

👤These stickers were used to seal my wedding invitations and thank you cards. No licking envelopes anymore.

6. Embossed Envelope Invitations Packaging Self Adhesive

Embossed Envelope Invitations Packaging Self Adhesive

Yuntop is committed to providing customers with quality products and caring services. If you have a question, please email them. They will give you a 100% refund if you don't like their products. Their greatest goal is customers' satisfaction. The most popular size for multi purpose round stickers is 1.4 inch diameter. There is a multi-PURPOSE. To be used as envelope seals, and to go on gifts, products, and many more. The design is experimental. Their designs are pleasant to look at. The smooth, shiny surface should be checked by looking at the pictures of the sticker set. 200 Count per package.

Brand: Carrot's Den

👤I will use these on my wedding. It looks pretty and elegant. I can't describe how much I love them. You could use them for any event. I love how simple they are.

👤I love these. They were the perfect metallic touch to seal my save the date cards. Would order again.

👤The bee themed bridal shower invites were perfect for these stickers. Everything was tied together.

👤The plant stamped on the stick is very light, but these are not as nice.

7. Stickers Envelope Invitation Adhesive Valentines

Stickers Envelope Invitation Adhesive Valentines

There are 50 pieces of antique gold wax seal stickers in this package, novel and vintage in design, and sufficient in quantity, which can meet your different kinds of decoration needs. The antique gold leaf pattern can make your invitations and envelopes retro in design, and exquisite in appearance, each wax seal sticker is The wax seal sticker is a finished product with self-adhesive design, simple and fast to use, which can save you a lot of time in seal the envelope. The envelope seal stickers are made of a material that is reliable, bright in color, waterproof, and not easy to wear. You can apply these stickers to a variety of things, from wedding invitations to gift package, postcards, and more.

Brand: Outus

👤These are beautiful. They would have been pretty on my invites. That's all. The lady at the post office advised against them before I put them on my invites. They can't be run through mailing machines when put on envelopes and cost 30 cents a piece to manual mail. The cost of the seals and the extra postage would make the invite look ugly. I found some flat stickers that are not as elegant but will get the job done.

👤Don't just read the title. These are not wax seals. They are made of plastic. I thought I was buying seals, but they do not look horrible. They are MEH and get a meh rating.

👤You can't add these to a full wedding invite suite and send them as a letter. They will not fit through a mail machine and you will need to manually add postage as a package. After spending hours and hundreds of dollars on invites, I have to remove them because they are unmailable. What a waste.

👤Save the date with great wax seals. It was easy to use.

👤These are for my place markers. I like the design and the quality. The seals look nearly identical. These are not for you if you want a more non-uniform look. I really like them.

👤The stickers look like wax. It's easy to read. I use these for my artwork.

👤Really cute. Exactly like the photo and description.

👤This was the best way for me to keep costs under control. You can't tell if it's wax or not. It's easy to stick on and affordable.

8. OurWarm Reception Anniversary Decorations Graduation

OurWarm Reception Anniversary Decorations Graduation

There are 6 sides of the Clear Wedding Card Box, 1 cards sign, 2 white stickers, and a lock with 2 keys. The box size is 10in x 9.8in x 8.5in. There is a new version. The best wedding decorations. It was designed to outdo the competition. The most durable gift box reception on the market is this 3.6mm thick one. It's a great way to collect gift cards from family and friends at a wedding reception. It is easy to exaggerate. The foldable design of the wedding card boxes will make it easy to assemble and you will be happy. You can stick any pattern you want. It can be brought to your girl or boy for a gift. Perfect location. The party card box allows your guests to put down cards and notes of wishes at the wedding decorations for reception, anniversaries, commencement, donation ceremony, bridal shower or baby showers, 21st birthdays, and more. All orders are covered with a 30-Day hassle-free 100% money-back guarantee, and you will also get a professional team member to help you. You want a wedding gift?

Brand: Ourwarm

👤A large card box. There was plenty of room for more cards in the box. It will go with any decorations because it's clear. The little Thank You sign is something I like. It was put on top where people dropped the cards. The assembly didn't come with good instructions so you had to figure out how to match up the pieces. It's common sense to look at each piece to the box, but it would be nicer to have better instructions. It took me 20 minutes to put the pieces together and put on the lettering. I was very happy with this purchase and will definitely use it for many more functions.

👤It is an absolute piece of junk. It was broken. I missed the return date. Trying to put it together is very difficult. The directions are more misleading when you try to put the decals on the plastic. This product is not good. The lock is useless because the box is being held together with rubber bands so if someone really wanted to get into it they would have to pull it apart. I wouldn't leave the seat from this product.

👤The box was undamaged. The packaging was new and sealed. Thehinge was snapped off and the two screws that held the lock to the slide through were gone, as if it were packaged broken with missing pieces. It is easy to put together. I don't have time to get a replacement, so I hope I can fix it with some UV resin. The protective film on the acrylic was upgraded from clear plastic to a cling paper, which made it easy to remove. It would be a 4-5 star item if it was in good condition.

👤This isn't a good value for money. The box takes a long time to assemble as you have to peel two sides for each piece. I realized that there were no rubber bands to hold the box together after putting it together. I had to go to Michael's to get the supplies I needed. Not worth it.

👤It is a clear transparent box as I wanted, but it is difficult to remove/peel brown protectors film, filmsy, held together by small rubber bands, and lettering difficult to remove from paper and place on box. I'll have to buy lettering elsewhere. The price point is too high for a poorly constructed product.

👤I have issues with the quality of the product and the seller using my credit card for fraudulent charges. The item arrived with all of the pieces wrapped on both sides and sealed from damage or scratches. One piece was broken. The directions don't show any helpful information for putting the box together. After a few tries, I was able to identify the sides, bottom and top. I'm not sure why the lock is there, the box can be taken apart easily by removing the rubber bands. The entire top on either side of the opening was cracked by the end of the evening. To top it all off. I used the credit card I used to purchase this box on Amazon a few weeks ago, but I had a fraudulent charge on it two days ago. Coincidence?

9. Clear Stickers 200 Count Envelope Invitation

Clear Stickers 200 Count Envelope Invitation

The Embossed You're Invited Foil Envelope Seals add a touch of elegance to your invitations. A wedding accessory. There are 200 stickers per pack with 8 sticker sheets. The word "Love" is featured in the round gold stickers. These labels are for your family and friends. High quality. The gold foil stamp print on the sticker is high quality. Remove the sticker from the roll and stick it where you want. They can be put on a variety of surfaces. It can be put on thank you card envelopes, greetings cards, gift boxes, jewelries, wrapped baked goods, ceramic crafts or party favors. DIMENSIONS The sticker is 1 inch in diameter.

Brand: Paper Junkie

👤I wish they were bigger. It would have made the envelopes for my wedding invitations a little bit more secure. It's my fault that I didn't measure or look at the size, but I ordered similar stickers for the save the date and they were much larger.

👤You have to pick at it to get off the sheet. I would have given it a 5 star. I would buy them again. It was perfect size. Sticks well. There is a shimmer in gold. The rest is not hidden. The back of my wedding invitations are perfect.

👤My save the dates were used to seal them. It was a perfect touch.

👤These labels are great. They are added to cards and letters.

👤They look great and do what they are supposed to. I am happy with the stickers.

👤Love them, they look great and are worth a lot.

👤Great Stickers! I would order again.

10. Happily After Stickers Wedding Fairytale

Happily After Stickers Wedding Fairytale

The heart sticker pack contains 250 sticker pieces. It's perfect for wedding favors, wedding thank yous, invitations and so much more. A high quality brown kraft stock with permanent adhesive that sticks to most surfaces, including bags, cardboard, glass, boxes, tissue, plastic, metal and more. It's perfect for weddings and bridal showers. It was finished on a roll. It was made in the USA.

Brand: Sblabels

👤Our wedding save the dates and invitations are perfect for the cute stickers. I only had to buy one set to cover everything I'll mail over the course of the wedding planning because it comes with a lot for a good price.

👤A very strong stick. They were used to deal with wedding invites and center pieces for our backyard wedding.

👤I thought it was larger. The size of the coffee cups didn't work for me like I had hoped, but I could have found something better for the money.

👤Will be at a wedding. Very nice. The bride will love it. I hope so!

👤I liked this product. I used it for my wedding favors and wrote our names with a thin sharpie. It was a great product.

👤I used these to decorate candy bags. I am using the extra to put on my thank yous.

👤These are very cute. It's perfect for our wedding favors.

👤These were perfect for my save the dates. The texture is very sticky. They got a lot of praise on them.

11. Invited Embossed Aluminum Envelopes Decoration

Invited Embossed Aluminum Envelopes Decoration

DIMENSIONS The sticker is 1 inch in diameter. The package contains a total of 10 sheets, each with 10 stickers, a total of 100 stickers, and the diameter of each sticker is 1.4 inch. The You're Invited sticker is made of aluminum foil, which can ensure that it won't fall off for a long time. The round sticker is Embossed, it looks more textured, which can add a little elegance to your invitation. There are enough stickers to fully meet your needs, which can be put on gifts, cups, books, envelopes, etc. A nice gift is a round aluminum foil sticker, which makes people feel good.

Brand: Outus

👤We bought these for the back of our wedding invitations and thought it would add to the elegant touch. They only had one job and they didn't stick to it. seriously? One job. I can't rate zero stars so I am rating these 1 stars. If they wont stick and stay, what is the point? It's pretty useless! Your company had a job with this product. Make them stick, as they are stickers. It was an epic fail.

👤I used this sticker to close my wedding invites, but I didn't see the open up until a few minutes later. I had to glue them on.

👤I wouldn't stick to the envelope. Will probably use a glue stick.

👤These are not sticky. I wouldn't recommend it. Only giving two stars because they look nice.

👤They look good. I can see what people are talking about. I bought a glue stick to help them adhere while going through the mail. It seems fine. Looks good. My baby shower invitations are done.

👤I used these stickers for my upcoming birthday party and got a lot of positive feedback.

👤It's the best way to seal envelopes. Beautiful stickers...not yellow.

👤This was the best price and it was everywhere. A beautiful touch for an invitation.


What is the best product for wedding invitation stickers clear?

Wedding invitation stickers clear products from Dianelhall. In this article about wedding invitation stickers clear you can see why people choose the product. Performore and Chinco are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding invitation stickers clear.

What are the best brands for wedding invitation stickers clear?

Dianelhall, Performore and Chinco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding invitation stickers clear. Find the detail in this article. Joyberg, Paper Junkie and Carrot's Den are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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