Best Wedding Heels with Bow

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1. DREAM PAIRS Versatile Stiletto Platform

DREAM PAIRS Versatile Stiletto Platform

The shoe measures approximately 3 inches. The platform is approximately half a inch in diameter. The Heel height is about 3 inches. There is a padded insole for added comfort.


👤I wore these for 6 hours the first time and they were very comfortable. They are adorable and the picture represented them well. A lot of reviews said they ran small, so I chose a half size bigger than I normally wear. I normally wear a 5 and bought 5-1/2, it was perfect.

👤I decided to get all gussied up for a Cocktail-Attire wedding because I am not a heel girl and I am not a sparkly girl. I thought I'd get my money's worth, then throw it in the back of the closet. I chose an 11 after reading a lot of reviews and assuming that my feet would swell by the end of the night. I ordered ball and heel pads, which I ended up needing. These shoes look great. I feel fancy but not slutty. They are high enough to do things to my calves and butt, but not so high that my joints are thrown out of whack. They're not trashy, but not cutesy. A really good shoe. I wear support shoes like Clarks, but they weren't as comfortable as the ones I wear. I was able to walk from the car to the wedding, back to the car, back to the wedding, stand around for an hour, then walk around the reception area and wait for another hour, dance, walk to and from the bathroom, stand outside for an hour. I don't have to complain about my feet or take them off for long periods of time. I think that's a huge win for these shoes. I won't lie... I had flipflops in the car. There is a The soles woke up by the end of the night. The ball of the foot was already shredded when I took them off at midnight, but the majority of the walking was on carpets or marble floors. Not a dealbreaker for me. I haven't worn these shoes in a while because I don't want a sparkle in my life.

👤I wear a size 11 but my feet are a little larger than an 11 and I thought there was no shoe on earth that was a size 11. These make me feel like a normal human. If I put an insert in them, they would be fine. I put tissues into the toes to make them work and wore flats in the cemetery since I ordered them last minute. I think they're cute, but I only paid $22 so they're not high quality. I'm cheap, but you get what you pay for. Af. These worked well.

👤These are amazing. Well made and comfortable. I have multiplesclerosis and it can be difficult to walk, but these are very sturdy and easy to walk in. I definitely recommend.

👤I wear a size 11 and have a wider foot. I would get a half size up to afford myself more toe room if I could, but I think the length is great. The length of the shoe is not an issue, but the front of the shoe can cause a bigger foot. This should not be a problem for women with normal width feet. The shoe is made of high quality material and does not look cheap. It looks exactly like the image, but has a high end look to it. Even though the front seam is only slightly visible, I love the character it gives the shoe. I didn't think it would affect the front fit. There is a If you are a woman with a larger foot, you will probably not be able to wear these for long periods. I love the shoes. I will keep them since there is no larger option. A statement shoe.

2. DREAM PAIRS Oppointed Lacey Fashion Pointed

DREAM PAIRS Oppointed Lacey Fashion Pointed

The sole of the thermoplastic Elastomers. The Heel height is approximately 4 inches. The platform height is 0.5".


👤They are absolutely stunning and were ordered to wear to a wedding. I love the ankle strap, it helps me slip out of them when dancing, I usually order a size up when I plan to wear shoes for long hours.

👤I like to go to the store and try on the items. Having a new born has made it difficult, so I ordered these. Wow! I'm very happy I did. I ordered a 6 in black because I'm a true size 6. They fit perfectly. The sole was my favorite part of the shoe. It has an anti slip bottom. You should give these a try. I have to say that these are the best pair of shoes I own.

👤The shoes I ordered for my wedding made me feel like a princess. They sparkle because they fit perfectly and were comfortable to walk in for several hours. During the holiday season, I might buy these in another color.

👤Returned. I got both sizes because it was between 7 am and 7.5 am. The 7 was too small. My foot was too wide for a shoe and I couldn't fit it in the toe area. The toe area and width of the shoe were perfect, but the 7.5 was too long for my foot. I was sad to return as it was a cute shoe.

👤These are true to size. They're easy to walk in because they're not very high of a heel. They are comfortable. Light pink is not the color of the nude. They're made of fake leather. They're versatile and classy. It's great with pants with the hem rolled up.

👤Good quality and well made. It was very cute and flattering. Exactly what I wanted. I wear an 8 1/2 with a slightly wider foot. I haven't worn them out yet, but they were comfortable. Dream Pairs brand shoes have been purchased before and have been good quality and fit as expected.

👤The company is reliable and the shoes look exactly like the pictures. I have no complaints about the quality of the shoes, they are excellent for the price. I ordered half of a larger size because I was not sure how it would fit. It was easy to return the shoes after I realized they were too big. The next day, I received another pair that was my true size. I have no complaints with this company. The shoe size that you get is your actual size. Your usual shoe size is true. I got glittery gold for love. Definitely getting more later. I feel like a princess.

👤The shoes are very high. I found walking in them to be quite awkward, but I think it's just practice. Allow several days to practice walking in them first if you order them for a special event.

👤I find it hard to get shoes due to my size always being sold out in shops, and I always get nervous buying online because if they don't fit you've wasted your time and if returns cannot happen you money, I was worried about these shoes as this is also my size Thankfully, it wasn't worrying for anything. Thankfully. The shoes are very comfortable. The colour is spot on and the heels are great for what I want. The shoes came with a white ribbon, but I will be buying a navy/coboman blue one instead. The delivery was fast, the description was correct, the price was good, and the fabric was excellent for the price. Overall a good experience. I hope I can buy from them again, and I hope it will be a great surprise.

3. Over Strap Ankle Medium Black

Over Strap Ankle Medium Black

Made in the USA. Lifted and light weight. They love the block heels because they give them the perfect boost in height. A lightweight design with a enclosure to hug your feet. It's a good idea to have a sheath for a secure fit. A cute strap that hugs your ankle provides a comfort throughout wear. Your feet will not move out of place while wearing these gorgeous heels. A timeless design is sure to compliment every modern woman's wardrobe. Purchase a pair of heels that will last for all your memories and update your personal style. There are measures for the Heel 2.75” It's true to size.

Brand: Top Moda

👤I got blisters the first time I wore them, but they are now my favorite heels, it took a few wears to break them in, but they are now super comfy. The ankle strap is starting to rip after 2 years of use, and will be repurchasing soon. I wore them for a day and ended up with blisters on my big toes. If I ever decide to wear them again, I will update this review. I don't think this would be a problem for someone with thin feet. My sister had no issues with them.

👤The shoes are perfect for me. My feet are a bit wide and the band across the toe area did not cut into my toes. The shoes are very easy to walk in and the heel is close to 3 inches. I love the elastic band on the ankle. The shoes are made of faux suede and it's easy for it to collect dust. I wore them for the first time at work and had to clean them off all day. I don't mind dusting because they fit so well. I plan to buy the beige and red ones. I will definitely purchase other shoes from them as well, because this is my first time buying shoes from them.

👤My daughter chose this shoe for her party ensemble. She said it felt good when she tried it on. She doesn't like heels. We are all in awe of how elegant it looks. Better than the picture. It's perfect for her event.

👤These are for a wedding. The heels were comfortable and I was able to walk in them. I was in them for 7 hours and had no pain. Cute shoe!

👤The ball of my foot is so wide that I have problems with these shoes. I usually wear wide boots. We have been to a lot of weddings recently and the one pair of ankle boots that I can't wear at every wedding, I just can't wear it with everything. I decided to try these out based on the wide feet reviews. I almost cried when I put them on. They are the perfect height to walk and be comfortable for women who don't wear heels. I almost didn't want to take them off because of the width of the toe strap. They didn't squeeze my toes, nor were they loose. The length of the toe was perfect. They fit just a tiny bit past my toes, so they looked like the perfect size as well as fitting. I ordered size 10 because I am a wide foot and they fit perfectly. They initially felt like they would be a little loose and my foot would slide, but they thought a 9.5 wide would fit. There is a If you have a wide foot and a half size that is available, you would be fine. The ankle strap is stretchy. It could fit thicker ankles. The zip is hard to open. I think it needs to be run a few times, but I think I'm going to break it at some point.

4. DREAM PAIRS Oppointed Ankle Pointed Stiletto

DREAM PAIRS Oppointed Ankle Pointed Stiletto

The Heel is approximately 4 inches. The platform is approximately 0.50" in length. It runs true to size. The Heel height is approximately 4 inches. The platform height is 0.50".


👤I wore these shoes to a wedding I was in and they were cute but uncomfortable, but the nude shoes seemed to be the best matching option. There is video evidence that I tried not to cringe during the reading of the vows. If you are only wearing them for a short period of time, I think you should get them. I've worn several pairs of heels before and none hurt as badly as these did. I've received some really comfortable shoes after ordering from Dream Pairs. Not these. It felt like the arches of my feet had been sent to hell.

👤These shoes are some of the best I've bought in a long time. It doesn't feel cheap or poorly constructed, it's a good quality material. They are comfortable and sturdy. They don't make my toes swell like some heels do. They fit the foot perfectly. I usually order a size 7, but this time I ordered a size 8. My back and knees don't hurt because the heel is the perfect height.

👤The shoes are the center of attention. They make your feet look great. They don't show toe cleavage, aren't long toed, and aren't uncomfortable. The pointed toe heels are perfect. There are different shades of nude to choose from. I noticed that some reviews claimed the color was off, but after looking at the other options, I think they chose one of the other nude options. The pair I have pictured is the nubuck nude pair. It is a soft leather material. My legs and feet look great. They had a small scratch on them. I was able to scratch it off. I plan on buying the black pair as well.

👤These shoes are for walking in the town. They aren't meant to be worn all day. My wife is a size 5. We only gave them 4 stars because they are a bit large, because they were size 6 and true to size.

👤Cute but not comfortable after a while.

👤I like the packaging. Very nice. The shoes are made of fabric and not a screen print. They run small. I ordered an 11 but they're still a tad snug. If you wear a wide, you should order 1.5 sizes up or avoid all together. I'm sure they'll feel great with a sole pad.

👤It's true to size. Depending on the shoe and heel height, it's usually between a 7.5-8. I went with the 7.5. They are easy to walk in. Absolutely beautiful. I'm going to wear these to a wedding.

👤These look great out of the box. The design is pretty and flattering. I don't have wide feet and these were a bit tight around the ball of my foot, it felt like I was being squeezed out of the shoe. They were a little taller than I had thought, but that was my mistake. I've had a lot of different heels and I thought they were more uncomfortable than I thought. I returned them. Four stars for design and look and one for comfort.

5. Wedding Pointed Bridal Sandals 3128 33

Wedding Pointed Bridal Sandals 3128 33

The Heel is about 3 inches. The Heel height is 3 inches. Pointed toe high heels are suitable for brides, bridesmaids, and mother of the brides. The Pointed Toe High Heels with Pearls have a soft padding. It's great for weddings, prom, evening party, cocktail, club, and any other special formal occasions. The US size was 5'8"

Brand: Anna's Bridal

👤It looks exactly how it's pictured and goes perfectly with my wedding dress.

👤I ordered a bigger size and they fit perfectly. I had no pain the entire evening.

👤They are very comfortable and cute. The high heels are cute, but not clunky or old lady-esque. The inside has a cushion that makes my feet happy. Can't wait to wear them at my wedding. I think they try to size up.

👤Beautiful shoes. They are a bit small. They hurt at the front and had to return.

👤I couldn't walk with these shoes because they weren't balanced and I couldn't keep my feet steady. Returning.

👤They fit perfectly. They look like top of the line shoes. Thank you so much!

👤Bellisimos, en la foto. No se ven tan bonitos.

👤One of my favorites. Exactly as pictured.

6. DREAM PAIRS Amore_2 Fashion Stilettos

DREAM PAIRS Amore_2 Fashion Stilettos

Imported. It was designed in the USA. The Heel is approximately 3 inches. The platform is 0.25 inches high. There is a slightly padded faux leather insole.


👤These shoes are comfortable. I danced away. This was a good purchase. They're also true to size.

👤I was dancing all night in these. I wear size 11 shoes and look like a newborn calf. But little... At my best friends wedding, I was Maid of Honor. I made it from the reception entrance and dance. I took them off because I was enjoying my wine.

👤It's so beautiful. They are comfortable. I will update this review once I wear them. I ordered the white in size 5 and it fit perfectly, I am a regular size so I would say they are true to size. I ordered the silver in 5.5 and it was big. Both are beautiful. The white one was better for my wedding dress. They seem well made. I wore them and they were comfortable.

👤I don't wear heels. All the way. I wanted to buy a sexy shoe to wear to formal occasions despite my dislike for heels. The shoe was perfect. It was gorgeous. I wore them all night. I danced and stood up all night and they did not hurt my feet. It was amazing. These shoes were perfect and comfortable. Great purchase. I decided to buy these. I highly recommend them.

👤Beautiful, shiny. These sparkle, but my pics didn't capture it. So feminine. It is true to size. I have a wide foot so I was concerned about my fit. They fit well. I will be able to dance. Excellent purchase and great value.

👤I loved the heels! The height of the heel was very comfortable and the twisted detail was great. They fit as expected, so you won't have to worry about changing a size, and my only complaint is that my toe got red and sore. It was not that bad. I wore them all night and they are beautiful.

👤The right shoes were beautiful. I removed the sequin at the front of the shoe because it was quite noticeable. The stitching was not in line with the design. Didn't have time to return them and needed them for one night. They are still pretty and will not be noticed.

👤My daughter in law is getting married and I bought these for her. She loved them. She wears a size 8 and they seem to run a little big. I had to return them for a 7.5.

👤I was searching for a pair of black shoes to wear with an evening dress and couldn't find any that were suitable. When I found these they seemed to be my only hope. I wasn't expecting much from them. Open toe shoes are usually uncomfortable, and wide fit shoes are never as wide as advertised. I injured both of my ankles and thought I would never wear heels again. I've never been so happy to be proven wrong. I wore them all night at our Christmas party. They were never uncomfortable. I ordered the 6 just to be sure, I'm between UK size 5/38 and 6/39, so they were just right for me. The lace is stretchy, so it didn't hurt my feet, the edge of the open toe didn't rub, and the width is probably a D-fitting. The ankle straps did not dig in, and the heel did not give me blisters. The height of the heel was perfect, high enough to look good with an evening dress, but they were easy to walk in. I gave these 5 stars and said they were the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. I can't rate them highly enough.

7. Cape Robbin Maria 2 Transparent Strappy

Cape Robbin Maria 2 Transparent Strappy

For the best fit, size up. CHUNKY HEEL. Their block heels are 4 inches tall. Theheel was measured from the bottom of the shaft. Show off your pedicure with a sexy open toe. ANKLE STRAP: An ankle strap is wrapped around the front of the ankle and secured to the side. It'sTILE: These heels are great for wearing with a cocktail dress or t-shirt and jeans.

Brand: Cape Robbin

👤Don't waste your money! You can't walk more than five steps without fixing your foot in the shoe. I saw another woman with the same shoes and she was doing the same things I did.

👤The seller wouldn't give me all of my money back after I returned these. They only gave me 17 back after I paid 30. Their reason was for a fee. I have never heard of a fee like that. The seller is also a terrible business person. I will not purchase from this seller again. I don't want anyone who is out to rip off customers. I shouldn't be upset because these shoes are cheap. They are cheap in price and quality. After reading many reviews and being recommended by Amazon, I decided to get an 8.5, even though I am a 7.5 in most heels. That was not a good idea. They are too large, as in length. I have a narrow foot and they are too narrow. They will do in a pinch. I wouldn't purchase these again or recommend them. As far as clear heels go, they are quite ugly. These are the ugliest pair I have ever purchased. Don't hit the ankle right in order to walk comfortably. I am not sure if that is due to the size not fitting correctly. I felt like I was sliding back and forth because of the lack of able straps. If you have no other options and don't care about quality, these will do.

👤The shoe looks exactly like the one pictured. The strap that goes over the toes is meant to fit snug but on narrow feet it seems as though it will break, which is my only concern. I'm not sliding when I walk, which is a plus. I usually do a 9 in shoe like this, because of how it's cut. I got an 8 1/2. I didn't follow my instincts. I have room in the shoe, but it's not a good fit for my toes, I should have gone a size up. It would have been a perfect fit if they had given it one more inch. If you have wide feet, please go for a bigger size. It would have gotten 5 stars if the straps weren't so close to the toe part of the shoe. I have pictures of my fit.

👤The shoes are beautiful. There is a thread seam at the ball of the foot which caused a blisters on my left foot. This has never happened to me. I've been a high heels user for over 20 years. Adding a cushion insert will have to be very thin because of #2 below. The plastic strap over the toes fit perfectly, but my feet are narrow and after a few hours it was snug. If your feet are not narrow to normal width, please bear this in mind! I have narrow feet and wear a size 8.5 in high heels, it fit perfectly. The shoes are a great price.

8. DREAM PAIRS DPU215 Wedding Closed

DREAM PAIRS DPU215 Wedding Closed

The Heel is about 3 inches. The rubber sole of the shoes ensures a secured walking. The ankle strap design of the low kitten heel pumps is elegant. The low heels leather sandals will not make your foot sore or sweaty. The heels are made of Memory Latex and have a cushioned foobed, slip-resistant outsole for steady and safe steps. Dress shoes are suitable for formal dress occasions.


👤The shoe has the right height for me. I think it was a one size fits all, because there was no place to order the appropriate foot width size. That doesn't work. The width made it difficult for me to walk. The regular size is the shoe size. If you have a wide foot, this might be the shoe for you.

👤PERFECT! They fit well and they are very COMFORTABLE. I would like to thank you for leaving my package order in a safe place. My mailbox.

👤I felt that the shoes were too large. I realized after putting them on again that they would be just right if the ankle strap was a little tighter. My husband put in a new hole in the strap. I wore these shoes for our 50th anniversary party. There are no problems.

👤The Dream Pairs had ankle wrap on them. They were loose in the front. I could fit my foot in the front. Had to return them.

👤It was easy to walk and network with low heels.

👤The shoes are beautiful. I haven't worn them yet. I tried them on and they looked great on my feet. There are beautiful dressy heels on the market that are not 3 inches tall, and I love the comfort of the low heels.

👤I wore shoes to a wedding. I was concerned about a higher foot because it is winter. I decided on the smaller one. I wore these shoes all night. I have never been able to wear a dress shoe all night. I end up taking my shoes off because my feet hurt. I received a lot of praise for these. The silver sparkle was perfect for the wedding. The parking lot where it had snowed earlier in the day was not as cold as it is now. I will order more of these.

👤The shoe material is stiff and the ankle straps are small.

👤These shoes are gorgeous. I will be getting married soon. I had tears in my eyes when I opened the box. These shoes are worth it.

👤Good quality, good fit and comfortable. I have arthritis in my feet and I could wear them all night.

👤A nice shoe. The ankle strap has little elastic that is great for comfort.

👤Justo la medida tienen.

👤The shoes sparkle! The fit was expected for size 12. The heel height is nice. I love them!

9. Cape Robbin Wisdom Transparent Sandals

Cape Robbin Wisdom Transparent Sandals

CHUNKY HEEL. Their block heels are 2.75 inches tall. Theheel was measured from the bottom of the shaft. Show off your pedicure with a sexy open toe. ANKLE STRAP: An ankle strap is wrapped around the front of the ankle and secured to the side. It'sTILE: These heels are great for wearing with a cocktail dress or t-shirt and jeans. Cape Robbin's high heels are designed with diversity and individuality in mind, and they strive to do the same.

Brand: Cape Robbin

👤The shoes are perfect. The ankle strap is not too long. You have to wrap it in the correct way. The first way I tried, the strap was too short, but when I tried a different way, it fit perfectly. You have to wrap both straps around the back of your ankle and it will fall off. They were bought for a wedding.

👤I like the sandals. The arch matches my feet. The strap around the ankle is very short, so I don't give the 5 stars. The sandals were fastened using the last hole. I hope the straps don't fall because it is suffocating my ankle.

👤If you have thick ankles like me, the strap is a shirt.

👤The right strap was shorter than the left strap.

👤Had to come back. The strap was not close to wrapping around my ankle.

👤The color will go with anything. They hurt at the toes.

👤My mom wanted these for my cousins wedding, they will look cute.

👤These shoes are clear and healed. It was very comfortable and stylish.

10. Nine West Flax Synthetic Leather

Nine West Flax Synthetic Leather

The Heel is approximately 3.5 inches. Synthetic and leather materials are available in a variety of uppers. Man-made footbal. The shoe is wrapped.

Brand: Nine West

👤I'm here to help if you're like me and wondered what the difference was between the Nine West black pumps and the other ones. I tried the Fifth 9X. The cheapie of the lot is the Flax, it's comfortable and flimsier than the other two. The inexpensive construction of the Nine West logo is demonstrated by the patch in the heel insole. The leather seems thinner than the Fifth 9X, which is good, but it will stretch and mold to your foot, and it will wear out quickly. The Jackpot has a bit thicker leather than the other ones, and you can't go wrong with it. The Fifth 9X has a nicer sole than the others, and it's leather is better than the others. You're wondering how they fit? They all fit the same.

👤I just got some fake pumps in the mail and they are not real. I have purchased these heels from Amazon before and have no issues. I don't think a fake would be made for Nine West shoes. It was always assumed that high-end designers were hit with that. These are not really Nine West shoes. The inside labeling is different than any pair of Nine West shoes I have owned. The bottom of the fake product has the size printed on the sole which is crooked, which is typical of fake products. The shoes look different than the pictures. I own a number of pairs of Flax. Really disappointing.

👤The style of the shoe was changed. I have purchased them before from this listing, but this time the box said they were the new flax. The old style did not fit the new style. The toe box isn't big enough to hold all of the toes. You can see the difference from the pictures I've posted. You can see that the tan shoe fits around the width of my foot, while the black shoe does not. I loved this shoe and they decided to change it. They should have updated the product information and pictures for their customers.

👤It's hard to find a nice, sexy, and comfy shoe. It's like hitting a trio. These shoes are amazing. The first time I put them on my feet, they felt broken in. That is a good shoe. They are sexy and have the perfect height. I'm able to go up the stairs to the courtroom. They might take some getting used to for you if you aren't used to walking in a 3+ inch heel. They are easy to walk in at 3.25 inches. Some of my dresses don't need a shiny leather and I have patent leather Madden heels that are great. These are exactly what I was looking for and they are a nice finish. The finish of the leather is really beautiful. I'm surprised at how big the toe area is. My toes don't get sore after a long day on my feet. They are a tad bit big so I deducted 1 star. I have been a size 6 for 25 years and I am somewhat of an expert on that size. The problem was fixed by buying a heel insert. I highly recommend these heels.

11. VETASTE Crystal Slingback Pointed Triangle

VETASTE Crystal Slingback Pointed Triangle

The size of the shoe is approximately 3.8 and 4.1. The Crystal Slingback High heel pumps design is chic and attractive. Show your figure by shortening your legs. The pointed toe high heels are sexy. Exude elegance. The comfortable triangle heels add stability to walking. You can put a perfect finish on any outfit for party, work, business,date, wedding, cocktail, nightclub, homecoming, seas, travel or other special occasions with stylish high heels/pumps party wedding shoes.

Brand: Vetaste

👤A lemon yellow is not a beautiful chartreuse. I ordered an 8 because I'm a true 7.5 on the narrow side. They are well-made for the price, but time will tell if they hold up. There are gorgeous shoes that make you feel sexy.

👤The shoes are terrible. It's unacceptable for $50+ dollars. I'll be back soon.

👤The show is comfortable and looks like the picture, but I can get it to stay on my foot. I usually wear a size 8 in heels, but I should have gone with a 7.5 to stay up better. The shoe is pretty. I hope I can figure out how to make it work.

👤This was disappointing. The sling back part of these shoes is not elastic and they slip off your feet immediately.

👤I ordered these for my wedding and loved them. They ended up fitting fine because my size wasn't in stock. People mistook them for a designer shoe. The heel broke after 3 hours of wearing them.

👤It was a perfect fit. It took 10 weeks to arrive. These heels won't hurt the tennis court because I have a weeding on it.

👤The shoes are comfortable and cute. Perfect shoes for holidays. Will buy other colors as well. It will not fool anyone for the original. They are similar but not copies.

👤Son hermosos, pero son unas angostos. Si tiene pie, sean incomodos.


What is the best product for wedding heels with bow?

Wedding heels with bow products from . In this article about wedding heels with bow you can see why people choose the product. Top Moda and Anna's Bridal are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding heels with bow.

What are the best brands for wedding heels with bow?

, Top Moda and Anna's Bridal are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding heels with bow. Find the detail in this article. Cape Robbin, Nine West and Vetaste are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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