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1. ZOBER Wooden Hangers Grooved Vintage

ZOBER Wooden Hangers Grooved Vintage

We use a special gift box to protect the hangers from being damaged during shipping. It is the best gift for any festival, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, weddings and so on. The wooden hangers are made from smooth, finished wood. The smooth feel of the hangers will be preserved by an additional layer of lacquer. Non-sLIP RUBBER GRIPS are made with rugged fins on either side and result in a firm yet gentle grip on your garments. Notches allow you to securely hang clothing with straps. You can easily access everything in your closet with the help of the 360 SWIVEL. Keeping everything hanging in the same direction without removing garments from the hangers will give your closet an organized effect. Solid wood is used in the creation of DURABLE & STURDY - Hangers. Anti-rust chrome metal is used to maintain your hangers. Sturdy, with a modern design, hangers will enhance the appearance of your wardrobe. They are 9 34” wide and 6 12” wide.

Brand: Zober

👤Clothes are secured on the hangers with these. I ordered a second pack as I was pleased with the first one and realized that almost any top without a crew neckline can easily slip from its hanger. Our closet is done in dark wood and the hangers compliment the look. We have them under six months, so I can't speak to their durability. I think they will last.

👤They are sturdy and look great. I intended to use these for jackets. I think they are more appropriate for dresses. They feel small for the winter coats.

👤The hangers are smooth and not splintery.

👤I used three hangers to engrave on for my wedding. Good quality. I liked the grips on them. I ordered more a few weeks later.

👤I have had them for a few weeks. If you can't find wooden hangers in the stores, they have gone up in price.

👤This is a good product for the price. These do not have a bar for pants. The look of a finished closet with matching wooden hangers looks like a professional came into it. Plastic hangers are not good for you anymore.

👤I didn't expect them to be colored so well. They are a kiss on my lips and a light up in my room. The make my closet look better. I didn't think that a small purchase would change my life so much. Thanks for making my room look better. I don't mind putting my clothes away. Rock on.

👤The coat closet looks a lot different thanks to the nice quality hangers.

👤These are great for sweaters and coats. There is a grip area on the hanger.

👤Excellent qualité! Sont parfaite.

👤Je vais en acheter 2 autres paquets. The service d expédition is rapid.

2. Casafield Hangers Premium Notches Clothes

Casafield Hangers Premium Notches Clothes

The set includes 20 wooden suit Hangers. The wooden suit hangers from Casafield will completely transform your closet into an organized and beautiful space. Their hangers are great for suits. These versatile hangers can be used for all your clothing and have features like a pant bar. You can hang a heavy suit jacket and a matching pair of slacks on the same hanger to keep your outfits in their place. The suit hangers are made from lightweight lotus wood and have a sturdy chrome hook. The reinforced pant bar is covered with a vinyl, anti-slip case to keep your clothing dry and prevent any creasing to the garments you hang. The rounded shoulders help maintain the shape of your clothes. The precisely-cut shoulder notch secures delicate, strappy camisoles and silky items with ease. The non-slip pant bar is designed to keep your pants in place and prevent them from wrinkling on the closet floor. These suit hangers from Casafield have a double-duty design. The wide shoulders and horizontal pant cross-bar design make hanging and organizing easy. The chrome hook that you can use from any angle makes it easy to access your clothing.

Brand: Casafield

👤The cross is made of wood. They did not make holes for the dowels to slide into. Cut the dowels at an angle and glue them to the hanger. Came off after a week. They are not consistent with the hook size. The latest batches could fit on my closet wall. Please look at the picture. The left one was reordered so they could match it. The new batches have smaller hooks. The seller will not give you a full refund if you return the item for an issue, even if it is an Amazon fulfillment.

👤Wow! There were items that were old. Filled with dirt and rust.

👤The product is great, however I wish the craftsmanship was more thorough, as pictured they mount them to spray and don't cover the underneath. I ordered 6 sets of 20 and some look like rot set in, when wiped away, it looks like a small chip and a cracked hanger. I'll take it for a dollar, it's bright and sturdy.

👤The 20-pack was ordered in walnut stain. The stained hangers arrived a bit lighter than the pictures show. They are brown in color. I already have a closet system that will stick out, and this may not be an issue for some. You can see the difference between what the pictures show and what I got from the picture. The hangers seem to be of decent quality. The wood and the bar have no defects or nicks, and the bar has a plastic sheath for protecting garments, which is fastened by nail on both ends.

👤I am very happy with my hangers. They look great and are quality. You can see how good they look in my closet by attaching a photo. I've been wanting these in my home for a while, and I always liked seeing these in hotels. My pants don't slide off and stay put because they have a clear grip. I've been cleaning out and organizing my closet and I love seeing the same hangers. I would definitely recommend it.

👤A high end store has professional hangers. The cherry color makes the clothes stand out. I searched until I found what I wanted. Excellent product! I will buy these again.

👤I didn't buy them for suits because they are not for that purpose. They are made from natural wood and I love it. I dropped off a star as I have noticed that the garments can stick a little, but it is nothing I am worried about. I am hoping that this will improve. The hook does not have the over-swivel of some lower quality makes. Once you turn the hook around, these stay in place. They are large and light. Excellent quality. They fit over the bar. The packaging was well thought out. I appreciated that there was no extra waste. Great product.

👤I bought a set from another brand on Amazon, but these are better. When I opened the box after these were delivered, I thought I had seen what I paid for. I wonder how much more I paid for these than the set I bought a month ago. I was surprised to see that I paid more per hanger on last month's set than I did on this month's set. These are better in appearance and quality. They are probably more heavy. It was thicker, wider, and shiny. I will be buying more.

3. Topline Classic Wood Shirt Hangers

Topline Classic Wood Shirt Hangers

There is a pack of 10 wooden hangers. The wood is from sustainable Hevea. The hook is being moved around. The carved non-slip notch has been used for increased function. The 20-pack shirt/suit has three finishes. Check other listings.

Brand: Topline

👤The hangers fall apart. They are not even close to being glued. The manufacturer doesn't maintain uniformity. The wooden hangers don't hang evenly so you end up with a messy closet and who wants that? I will not be purchasing more from this purchase.

👤I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy these from different vendors or from Amazon. Most have at least 4 stars but have critical reviews that make you think if you'll get a bad one. You don't have to worry about these guys. They hold my shirts and my leather jackets without a problem after I bought 2 and got it the same day. I recommend them to anyone on here. I'll update my review if anyone changes, but so far they've got the 5 stars.

👤The wooden hangers are moderately priced and the eight that didn't come apart are very nice. The metal neck that goes over the rod came out of two of the ten. They were not weighted down with a heavy coat. They came with a men's shirt and hung it up. I couldn't pull the metal neck out of the remaining eight, so I decided to give them eight for fifteen dollars. If that's a good deal, you have to decide for yourself. If I can find something that doesn't look the same, I'll try another brand.

👤Topline Classic Wood Shirt Hangers are Natural Finish. The hangers seem to be of a good quality. I didn't notice that they didn't have the typical cross bar and would not have ordered it if I'd paid more attention to the picture online. I thought wooden hangers had a cross bar, even though I had searched for "wooden hangers" and found them as "shirt" hangers. They are 5. If you don't care about that feature.

👤These were used for bridesmaid hangers. There were no smudges when I used a Sharpie permanent marker. I didn't have to pay for the over priced hangers.

👤We paid about a dollar for the hangers, so we didn't expect them to be the best, and they are not. They're lighter than others and not uniform, but you don't notice when they have clothes on. The stain is light and sufficient. They seem to be fine for the price so far. We'll have to see how they hold up, but so far we feel we got what we paid for, and you can't complain about that.

👤They keep my shirts looking great after using them for several weeks. The notch on the support rail should be removed. They catch the shirt when they pull them off the hanger.

👤The packaging of the hangers was amazing. I wouldn't have guessed 10 were in the box. Good job! In a nice coat room, the hangers are great.

4. HANGERWORLD Garment Wedding Clothes Hangers

HANGERWORLD Garment Wedding Clothes Hangers

You will get 5 padded hangers, 12 hours online and 100% satisfied customers service. If you have a question, please contact them and they will solve it for you. Pack of 4. The ivory padded coat hangers are great for wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. It's luxury. A soft padded hanger with silk soft satin material is used to hang delicate garments. The SWIVELHOOK is a device. The gown hangers have a rotating hook that can be hung in closets and over doors. Premium quality. The inner wooden bar of the supon hangers is strong and can hold heavier clothing. A nice bridal party gift is a bride wedding and bridesmaid gown hanger.

Brand: Hangerworld

👤I didn't know that there are two types of padded hangers: one that is completely foam and the other that is wood bars wrapped in foam. These are the wood ones. The cover provides a nice finish, and they appear to be sturdy. They are a bit on the expensive side because of what the market will pay, rather than their worth.

👤I wanted to hang some of my sweaters. I wanted to wear my folded sweaters, but I had to press over them. A regular hanger leaves pointed marks on the shoulders. The hangers are great for hanging wedding gowns and any other types of clothing that you wouldn't want to hang on a regular hanger.

👤I like to use padded hangers for silk dresses and sweaters. These are quite wide. I don't like bumps on the shoulder line from narrow hangers. These are larger than my sweaters. I like a bigger hanger for my coat. The metal hook is short and not good for bulky items. It's hard to get the hook over the closet rod because it's too close to the hanger. It would be easier to handle with coats if they had another inch of neck.

👤I wanted to make my own bridal hanger. It was sturdy enough to hold up my wedding gown, and the fabric on them was very nice. I added a charm to my bows by replacing the cheap white bows with ribbon in my wedding colors. The hook makes it easy to hang your item. It was an affordable option and I was very pleased with how they turned out.

👤I used to be able to find the large extra padded hangers that are longer than the standard 15 inch ones, but they do not have any padding in them. I haven't found the extra-padded hangers anywhere online or in the stores.

👤I ordered padded hangers but they were too short for some of my sweaters. These are long enough to keep the shoulders from sagging. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a longer length for their clothing.

👤Not what I was expecting. I was hoping it would be a little bit bigger. I kept it the same because I can't find what I'm looking for anymore.

👤I used to find them at brick and mortar stores. When using normal hangers, there is a "hanger"bump.

👤The padded hangers are white. Clothes keep in shape and hang well. I have a few pieces of clothing and the hangers are perfect. The quality and value of the hangers are good. The hangers are strong and don't need to break. A good purchase.

👤These are the best padded coat hangers I have ever seen. They are very high quality. It was padded and nicely put together. I have tried many others and they all fell apart in a flash. They don't look like they will fall apart at all. Excellent.

👤Thank you for the perfect wedding and bridesmaids dresses. These are the things I needed for the photographs of the dresses. The padded hangers are made from high quality materials. I wasn't worried that the dresses might slip off as the sating is so shiny, because the straps sink into the padding a little and they stay in place. The hooks are finished off with a pretty bow. Recommended!

5. Beautiful Hangers 360° Hook Extra Finish Smoothly Notches 10

Beautiful Hangers 360%C2%B0 Hook Extra Finish Smoothly Notches 10

Do you know the White? The most holiness thing in the world. They design beautiful white wooden dress hangers for brides and bridesmaids. Schima Superba Wood uses plantation trees that have been felled at the end of their cycle of latex production and new trees are grown, which is considered to be a green practice. The wood is from a renewable source. 10 pieces of set. The single hanger is :17.3" in length and 0.097" in height. The wood is sanded well and finished in a white finish which adds a layer of gloss to the wood. Making your closet look nice. Users can easily hang clothing from any angle and turn the hanger sideways to check it out without removing it from the clothing rack. Their hangers are presented in a secure package, which is great for gifts to loved ones on special occasions.

Brand: Lemu Home

👤Excellent quality and longevity! I received them later than expected, with another item in box, and I wish AMAZON deliveries would include RingNG doorbell! The AMAZON truck ran to the front door, but it was North of me. After I checked my front door, I noticed a box with only Hangers and a rating of "Not Recovering". 2 items were in the box. The box was opened to find something else. I was pleased with the product. Please ring doorbell, its a court. Thank you! Stay safe, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

👤The hangers are sturdy and get the job done. I hung a very heavy faux fur coat from them, a job plastic and velvet hangers failed. The guests feel very comfortable hanging their coats, they're not space savers.

👤These are for handling the weight of winter coats. I want them in my entire closet. I love them! They are worth the money.

👤I am using these for my daughters. I only gave a four because of the seam in the middle of the hanger. I can't use them for the bridesmaids because they are pretty wood color.

👤The metal part of the hangers are not smooth. They have pieces of metal that look like they have fallen apart. The white portion of the wood portion feels like it was missed in parts. These are okay, but not great. Would I have enjoyed it if they were used? They were wrapped nicely.

👤These are sturdy. It's perfect for crafting bride hangers.

👤Very nice! The finish was smooth. Very pretty. They are being used for all of our clothes.

👤It's easy to hang shirts and coats. It was quick on and off. Thanks!

6. Ella Celebration Wedding Hanger Hangers

Ella Celebration Wedding Hanger Hangers

Keep your dress clean. The quality wooden dress hanger has a notch where the straps can hook into to keep your dress from sliding. It works for sleeveless dresses as well. Take amazing wedding-day photos, with wire crafted into the word "Bride" with hearts on either side, dresses look particularly fantastic when photographed on it. You'll get great photos that will make great souvenirs. If you want to keep your dress hanging on it forever, or if you want to give it to a friend or family member one day, you should keep it as a memorial or gift. This will complement any wedding dress style, whether you plan to look like a princess or a modern style. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will be happy to give you a refund or replace your goods. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact their company. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Ella Celebration

👤I'm returning the item. My wedding dress is heavy, and it keeps slipping off the little notch on this hanger, which might be related to the dried glue in the notch. The wire that says "bride" is flexible and soft, so it will likely get twisted easily during travel. It's pretty, but not practical for traveling with a heavy dress. It would be fine for a few pictures.

👤The hanger is not real sturdy, but it worked great for 5 minutes of dress pictures. I don't want my dress on there for more than 10 minutes. There is a need for a better hanger.

👤I was worried about the bent wires, so I got the one with pearls, and it was better than I expected. My sister's wedding day has a beautiful addition.

👤It wasn't very well constructed, considering the price. The wire was not strong and started twisting when I took it out of the packaging. I got some good pictures after trying to re-form the wire. I paid for it and it looked cheap.

👤You get what you pay for. The design is cute, but the wire part of the hanger broke before I could give it to the bride. It was barely held together then.

👤I can't wait to have my dress pictured hanging from it.

👤My dress was held up perfectly. I was worried it wouldn't hold up but it was perfect. I am very happy with this purchase. It's a beautiful piece of art.

👤I ordered this for my daughter. I decided to order one from here after going with a cheaper company. I am very happy with it, it is exactly what I was told. It will be great for wedding pictures.

7. Pearhead Wedding Hanger Bridal Accessory

Pearhead Wedding Hanger Bridal Accessory

Pearhead has a wedding dress hanger that is perfect for the big day, wedding dress storage or as an adorable wedding keepsake. There is a pine hanger with a script in wire. This wedding accessory is a great way to keep the bride's dress safe and clean, and also make her wedding accessory and wedding decoration the perfect accessory for all of your wedding day photos! This wedding day heirloom is perfect for rustic wedding photos, summer wedding photos, fall wedding photos, elegant wedding photos and so much more, it is also an adorable wedding gift for the bride to be. The dimensions are 16”W x 8”H x 0.25”D. The dimensions are 16”W x 8”H x 0.25”D.

Brand: Pearhead

👤The broken piece wasn't in the package so there was no hope of getting it back on. I ordered this for my wedding reception. There isn't enough time to replace it.

👤I don't want to edit the close ups of a hanger of all things because "MRS" was scratched multiple places and edges sharp. It looked like it was already used when it arrived.

👤I expected the wiring to be cheap and thin. Definitely recommend.

👤These mugs are well made. The shape and size is perfect. The two mugs show "Love you more" on one side and "Love you more" on the other side. Weird...

👤When I saw these coffee cups, I had to get them. A friend of mine got married and I bought her a pair of shoes. It is a great wedding gift.

👤The mugs are thick and high quality. It's a great way to add on to a money gift or give with candy inside. So cute.

👤These were used for our wedding flutes.

👤Excellent quality. My photographer did not like it and did not photograph it.

👤I found this one! The metal insert feels sturdy and the wood part of the hanger has a nice style.

👤Great looking cups. Better packing and supporting the cups is needed. I rearranged. I hope they don't break again.

👤It's a perfect gift for a wedding shower.

8. Bueer Elegant Clothes Hangers Standard

Bueer Elegant Clothes Hangers Standard

1. 16 Inches width is the size. The transparent beads decoration on the pearl hangers is very high quality. Even the most delicate fabrics can be held without damaging them. It is suitable for use with dresses, skirts, jackets, pants, delicates and woollens. They are great for hanging bags and other garments. The metal hangers have luxury and top quality beads. Practical and decorative hangers are both great. All clothing of all sizes can be held firmly in place with the help of the dress and skirt straps. No more garments slipping off the shelf. The design is elegant. Plastic beads will not discolour your clothes. To give your closet a fresh, luxurious look or for an elegant boutique retail display is ideal as a gift.

Brand: Bueer

👤I love the bead hangings. They have made a difference in the appearance of my closet. I have been trying to give my closet an upscale boutique look and these hangers did the trick. I wish the hangers came in a wider width to accommodate my larger neck and sweaters. I have found that my spaghetti strap blouse easily slips off the hangers, so I would like to make an area in the shoulder area. I like the way the hangers work for my clothing, even heavy sweaters and pants. If you like pearls and want to add a touch of elegance to your closet, I would recommend it.

👤The hangers look nice in the photos. I cringe to see yellow glue stains against white pearls, I am particular about pearl hangers. I cannot recommend these if they are used for gifting, showroom, or other.

👤My closet looked classy and elegant because of these beautiful hangers.

👤Even though it was from China, the product came on time. It's as expected. There is a slight smell to these hangers, but nothing can be done to fix it. Good value for money.

👤My girlfriends received great gifts. These have held up well. It seems like quality is good so far.

👤I gave this to a person who is a member of a group. She now hangs only her paraphernalia on the hangers. I would buy again.

👤The hangers seem to be sturdy. I am giving them away as gifts.

👤The hangers are beautiful. I got these for my bridesmaids as a gift because I got them sleep shirts. My bridesmaids loved this thing.

9. LUXEHOME Delicate Anti Rust Swiveling Sweaters

LUXEHOME Delicate Anti Rust Swiveling Sweaters

The Mrs hanger is a perfect gift for the bride. Wrinkles and bulging marks on your clothes make them very unattractive. The clothes hangers are wrapped with a sponge and gentle fabric to make sure they won't scratch or tear the shoulders or edges of the garments. Keep your clothes in good shape. There are two things: espionage and incompetence. The closet hangers are covered with silk and embellished with a bow for a touch of elegance. An ideal item for your wedding bridesmaid dresses, party dresses, fine suits, real silk clothing, sweaters, delicate lingeries, and other fancy fashion items. It isdurable and ends during the structure. The wood fabric hangers have a thick sponge inside to make sure they hold up. A heavy-duty rotating hook is of excellent quality, durable and bright, and it allows you to hang up your clothes easily. There is no vomiting or anti-RUST. The LUXEHOME coat hanger with a rotating anti-rust chrome hook will prolong the service cycle of your hangers, and the white adult hangers made of solid wood and environmental sponge won't produce any smelly and disgusting odor. You should keep your clothing away from unpleasant surroundings. Anti-SLIP ADORABLE HANGER: The subtle ruching of the silk fabric on the hanger helps prevent delicate clothes from getting lost at the bottom of the wardrobe closet.

Brand: Luxehome

👤These are not ivory and are actually a yellow color. These were supposed to be used for hanging my bridesmaids' dresses at my wedding, but I can't have yellow in those photos. If you don't care about the color, this is a good deal.

👤The cheap pine wood that these hangers are made of has a strong smell. I hope the smell will go away when I open them. They look nice but are not wide. There is more for child size.

👤I had a few padded hangers, but they are not as good as these. I might get more soon.

👤I bought them again because they are a bargain. They are best for a smaller person because they are narrower across the shoulder. They are cute.

👤I should have paid more attention to the measurement of the hangers. I bought a brand that was shorter. It makes a big difference.

👤These are more yellow than ivory. I was going to use these for assistance when I take photos of my client's dresses. Unless you're looking for a yellow satin hanger, I don't want you to buy it.

👤It was very soft and well made. The quality of the product is definitely worth the price.

👤It was perfect! I have a lot of lightweight sweaters that I have been folding and storing in drawers. These work great because they don't result in a bunch of shoulders.

10. Wedding Hangers Classic Sparkle Engraved

Wedding Hangers Classic Sparkle Engraved

You can hang your dress, robe or undergarments with bridal accessories. The printing of the letters is difficult to clean. The wedding hanger for brides and grooms is made of pure solid wood and has a silver hook. The smooth U notch design can be used to fix the dress and prevent it from falling off. The wedding dress hangings are about the same size. It is suitable for both women and men. Bride and groom letters are engraved on a custom personalized hanger. A great gift for friends and family. The perfect wedding accessory and wedding decoration for all of your wedding day photos is the glitter Wooden Hangers, they are a great way to prevent wrinkling and keep the dress safe and clean. The bow knot bridal hair accessories can be hung from your dress, robe or undergarments. The printing of the letters is difficult to clean.

Brand: Heread

👤The bow is very poor quality. The word "Bride" is hard to read. There is a I should have spent another $10 and gotten a better one.

11. Honey Can Do HNG 01213 Hanger Notches 5 Pack

Honey Can Do HNG 01213 Hanger Notches 5 Pack

The wide top wood hangers won't leave a crease on the shoulders. The hook will fit all closet rods. Smooth surface won't damage delicate garments. All shapes and styles of jackets, coats, shirts are held in this building. The frame has a notch on it to keep the straps hanging perfectly. The measures are 17 inches L x.45 inches W x 9 inches H.

Brand: Honey-can-do

👤These are not for presentation. They're 6 bucks a pack. They hold my shirts, you know... mission accomplished. Meeting my low expectations doesn't mean they get away with a high star rating. At best. These flaws are obvious. The wood is lightweight, no appealing grain pattern to speak of, and roughly finished, complete with saw marks. It doesn't look like any maple I've ever seen, and it's not real cherry wood. I think lotus is cheap in China. I could be wrong. There is a The stain appears to have been sprayed on, as evidenced by the fade to bare wood on the underside at the joint. There is a The joint is cheaply fitted. It is not known if the hook anchor holds over time. 3 of the 5 had one arm cut to a different size. They don't match at the joint, and the hanger hangs off-balance when it's empty because of the extra mass on one side. The weight of a shirt is enough to make a person with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders crazy. It wasn't uniform through the whole pack. There is a The gauge on the hook is lighter than on any of my other hangers. It was not flimsy enough to give way. The notches are not smooth. The "smooth surface" claim is not included in the description. If you have dress straps, it's a fair warning. The company is aiming for the lowest common denominator. These are cheap, they look cheap and they feel cheap, but they're okay for people who don't care about quality woodwork in a hanger. I paid $6 for a pack. I wouldn't pay more.

👤I've ordered this product many times. I was sent a wall fan instead of the hangers. I got a full refund, but it's still annoying to wonder how anyone could mistake an order for shirt hangers for a wall fan.

👤These didn't meet the quality standards I was looking for, and they weren't well done, so I gave them as a gift. They are fine for hanging coats.

👤There is no bar across the bottom for hanging pants or making it more sturdy.

👤Prime and LaserShip gave these to us yesterday. They were purchased to make bridal hangers. I was excited to receive them but they lasted for only thirty seconds before I saw the terrible condition of the surface finish of 4 of the five hangers. There were a lot of scratches, dents, peeling, and chipping. I don't know if they are factory seconds or not. I will not be ordering these again, and the other four will be painted for custom orders. Highly disappointed.

👤They can be used as gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids. I put it back together after grabbing one of them. They are okay. You pay for what you get. I bought them for a day of use and I think they will work.

👤It is perfect for a wedding dress. I have used other hangers that have broken and this one is working great.


What is the best product for wedding hanger set?

Wedding hanger set products from Zober. In this article about wedding hanger set you can see why people choose the product. Casafield and Topline are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding hanger set.

What are the best brands for wedding hanger set?

Zober, Casafield and Topline are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding hanger set. Find the detail in this article. Hangerworld, Lemu Home and Ella Celebration are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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