Best Wedding Hanger Bride Personalized

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1. Pengkai Brides Wedding Wooden Hanging

Pengkai Brides Wedding Wooden Hanging

The bride dress hanging adopts the white solid wood hanger and the metal line hand folding words to make it stand out from the crowd. The coat hanger of the bride's wedding dress is made of white solid wood, high-grade wood sets off the exquisite dress and becomes the target of the guests and friends. The end Ugroove design is used to prevent clothes from slipping. The pearl nickel hook has a degree of rotation. It is important to commemorate perfect union. The perfect wedding gift is solid wood hangers, they use reasonable design and focus on handmade details. He is a perfect gift for your family and friends and is a souvenir from your own wedding. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, they will give you a full refund or replace your products.

Brand: Pengkai

👤The metal in which BRIDE is written is mangled and soft. It was put in the bottom of the box. The hangar is light in weight. If you want, you can take a chance, but it's not worth a dollar.

👤Even if you just take a picture for a few moments, the hanger doesn't work well. The metal wiring is mailable, which makes sense because they need to be able to work it into a word, but you cannot touch it or anything because it moves so badly.

👤It wasn't the best quality. Would have bought something else. My gown was very heavy.

👤This made my dress look even better. I love this product.

👤I bought this to hang my dress. The photos of my dress were very pop. Highly recommended!

👤Exactly as it looks in the picture. Looked great in the wedding photos.

👤This item is very sturdy and can hold heavy wedding dresses.

👤The product is very flimsy. The metal is very bent.

2. TOPIA HANGER Mahogany Extra Wide Anti Slip

TOPIA HANGER Mahogany Extra Wide Anti Slip

There is a limited time offer. The hanger is well crafted. The set of 6 Schima Superba wooden hangers are of the highest quality. The smooth finish on your closet makes it look great. The straight bar for hanging pants or whatever garment you deem fit in a non-slip condition is fitted with a Stronger & Thicker Non-slip Bar. The wood bar is strengthened by the anti-rust screw. The wide shoulder design of the hangers provides ample support to your suits, coats and other clothes, which keeps them in good shape. Extra Thick Hooks are thicker than normal hooks. It's more durable to hang clothes. The hook rotates so users can easily turn it sideways to check out garments without having to remove them from the clothing rack. They use a special gift box to pack the hangers so they are protected during shipping.

Brand: Topia Hanger

👤I really wanted to like these hangers, but there appears to be a problem with the wide shoulder design. The manufacturer bonds two wood pieces together to create the wide shoulder pads. Three of the six hangers I ordered had either splinters or the bonding was starting to break. It won't get on my clothes because it's on the inside of the hanger. The manufacturer advertises that the wood hangers are polished by experienced workers. Premium paint causes the glossy surface to be lacqued.

👤I would never get tired of rave about these hangers. I've bought 4 boxes so far and will probably buy more. I initially got these because I have a collection of nice jackets and coats that need better hangers than the plastic ones I was hanging them on, and I've liked them so much. I bought more for my nicer clothes. I am plus size, so these hangers fit my clothing much better than the plastic ones. If you have nice jackets or clothes, these are so worth the space you give up, because they take up a lot more space than your standard plastic hanger. The wide, rounded "shoulders" of these hangers are what I like the most. The hooks are wider. I love that I can assemble whole outfits and have them at the ready on these stout hangers, and I love that they fill out the shoulders of my jackets and coats, and do not leave shoulder "poufs" where the other hangers stressed heavier fabrics. All of the boxes I ordered have arrived in perfect condition. The price for these is reasonable and I would buy again soon.

👤These came up in a search for the right hangers. They are a little on the expensive side but they are nice. They are packaged in a box that is perfect for holding 6. The box is not large. The wood finish of the hanger is wrapped in foam to protect it and it doesn't seem to shift in the box when shaken. They are made of cherry wood. The bar for pants has screws on it. The bar doesn't move. There are no obviously assembled parts. The ribbed plastic coating on the bar prevents pants from slipping even when evenly placed on the bar. To balance the weight on the bar, hangars pants should be offset. Not these. They aren't suitable for hanging wet clothes since they are wood. If this is an issue plastic hangers of the same type can be found for hanging damp/wet clothing to dry. The hook is important for flexibility and function. The hooks are not easy to change. That's not just a note. They don't spin like a top. They seem to hold in place once positioned, even though it doesn't take much effect to rotate them. There is only a small play to them. It's not certain if excessive rotation will loosen them up over time. The hooks are shiny and smooth. The hook isn't rounded, which is a negative. It's not as easy to slide on the rack because it's flat. This is noticeable where the rack where the hangers join is. It catches when sliding from the smaller side to the larger one. It would be better if the hooks were rounded. They are nice. I wouldn't replace every one of them in the closet because they are pricey and take up a lot of space on the rack, and they are used for winter coats and suits.

3. HANGERWORLD Hangers Non Slip Buttons Strappy

HANGERWORLD Hangers Non Slip Buttons Strappy

The perfect size is a single ivory padded hanger. It's a great wedding hanger and also great for sweater, dresses, shirts and blouses. The perfect style bride hanger is made of soft and silky fabric. Non-SLIP: The ruched material of the shoulders is designed to prevent clothing from slipping off the wedding dress hanger, with decorative buttons designed to secure strappy dresses and hanging loops on the clothes hanger. Soft cushion padding on the dress hangers for women means no bumps or wrinkling on your clothing hanging from the coat hanger. PreTTY: The bridesmaid hangers with buttons and bow are the perfect accessory for a wedding or gown.

Brand: Hangerworld

👤When I went to hang my wedding dress on it, I realized it was broken. I tried to hang something on it, but it was broken inside, so I didn't notice. So disappointing. I was left trying to find a decorative hanger for my dress. My wedding coordination came to the rescue. I returned it because I wanted to give it back.

👤The bridal gown is a little heavy and the padded covering on the hanger isn't up to it. It looked pretty before I used it, but now it's crushed. It might be better for a lightweight gown.

👤I thought I was buying at least six hangers. I was surprised to only get one. It is very nice, but only one? I tried to return it, but it would cost me about $6.

👤I bought this for my daughter. I loved the price and she loves it. Great deal, serves the purpose.

👤So disappointing. I put my wedding dress on the hanger and it snapped as soon as I put it on. I had a very light dress for my wedding and I don't think it's possible to have a lighter dress like that. I did not have a backup plane, so it was very poor quality. I regret buying it. Do not expect this to hang anything other than a shirt.

👤I received my hanger today and was going to put my wedding dress in my bag, but I couldn't wait. I am happy with the purchase.

👤It is cute. The bottoms are not the stoppers. It looks like it is for decor.

👤Not as strong as I would have liked. I had a big and heavy wedding gown that was difficult to hold up. It wouldn't suggest it for a big poofy flowy heavy gown like I had, but it would work better on a thin, tight fitting dress. The product was good for the price.

👤The package arrived ahead of the expected delivery date. Excellent quality hangers with ribbon bows and buttons on each one to attach clothing loops. Good size so that clothing sits perfectly without creating bumps in the shoulders of sweaters.

👤It's perfect for my daughter's wedding party. It was lovely. I chose this version because it had the little buttons at each end, which was ideal for me. The sleeveless dresses my daughter and her bridesmaid wore were perfect, but for a full-body dress you might prefer the sleeveless version without buttons. This company has a choice. Definitely recommend.

👤My granddaughters are dressing up in a Disney princess dress. There is a I keep sewing but I don't think it will last much longer.

👤The hangers are pretty. The buttons stop things falling off.

👤The padded hangers are a great price. Will order more.

4. Nature Smile Grade Wooden Hangers

Nature Smile Grade Wooden Hangers

Their hangers are presented in a secure package, which is great for gifts to loved ones on special occasions. A set of 10 lotus wood shirt and dress hangers. The smooth surface protects your hand and clothes. The dress hangers have a shoulder line that helps clothes keep their shape. The hook is chrome and lets users hang clothing from any angle. The dimensions are 17"L x 0.47"W x 9.25"H.

Brand: Nature Smile

👤I love how sturdy these are. I hung my wedding dress from the hanger and it held it in place. I decorated the hanger with gold paint and it turned out great. I attached my wedding picture to show how heavy my dress was.

👤These are perfect for creating bridal gifts. This was the perfect accessory for a bride, bridesmaid, or maid of honor robe.

👤These were great for taking pictures and adding a touch of personalization to them.

👤The hangers are described. I am happy with the quality of the wooden hangers. They look great in my coast closet and are better for guest use than plastic ones.

👤I was looking for something that was sturdy and beautiful.

👤I bought these for my daughter's bridal party. They are very strong. I would buy again.

👤I bought these for my wedding. They are easy to modify. Excellent quality.

👤Purchase these for my wedding and bridesmaid dresses. The wooden white hangers were perfect for my wedding dress and looked great.

👤I used them for my bridesmaids and me in my wedding, they looked perfect, and they last in my suitcase all the time, even when I'm in Mexico.

👤I am disappointed that some of the hangers are cracked. I have to paint the cracked areas of them because I am engraving the names of my bridesmaids on them.

👤They are nice and sturdy, but I am very disappointed that the tops are all chipped.

5. GLCON Inches Padded Hangers Sweaters

GLCON Inches Padded Hangers Sweaters

The padded sweater hangers come in a pack of 10. The perfect size to hold any type of apparel with the right shape, the dimensions are approximately 16.1'' x 5.9'' x 1.4''. No slip, no bumps. The padded hangers have a cotton fabric cloth around the wood to prevent the clothes from sliding and scratching. Their sweater hangers are 16 inches long, which is suitable for 99% off American clothes size, and will help keep your clothes in their original shape. The hook at the top of the padded sweater hangers is made of environmental plating to prevent the clothes from staining and keeping them clean. The padded coat hangers are made from fumigated wood, environmental sponge and high quality cotton. This will prevent the odor from coming from the padded hangers. Fancy Garments:- Fancy Hangers for Fancy Garments. The floral satin hangers are designed to hold all kinds of delicate clothes, like a coat, dress, wedding gown, pants, suits, sweaters, lingerie, skirt and other exquisite cloth. It was specially designed for European and American customers. Their padded clothes hangers feature a strong rotating chrome hook and solid body structure to ensure they won't fall under heavy garments. Heavy clothes can be supported by this sturdy clothes hangers and will last for a long time. You will get 5 padded hangers, 12 hours online and 100% satisfied customers service. If you have a question, please contact them and they will solve it for you.

Brand: Glcon

👤These are great! Sturdy, lightweight, and pretty. I was hesitant about ordering padded hangers online because of the reviews of other brands that said they had a chemical smell. I hung them outside in the fresh air after opening the box and the odor dissipated after an hour. I'm ordering another set.

👤These padded hangers are very nice. They do everything they are advertised to do. There are a lot of sweater-type shirts that need to be hung in the closet. The shoulder area is smooth and flat thanks to these hangers. My clothes still slip off after I used a padded hanger. This brand is the best. I will buy more. There are padded Hangers!

👤These are worth a few extra dollars. The size is a full 16" wide, padding is thick and firm, fabric is non slip, metal is long enough for a high neckline to stand on its own, and best of all--no funky odor. A photo compares a generic padded hanger with a new one. The photo shows the 16 in the easily supports shoulder-to- shoulder form, and my sweater size is 16. My husband's military dress uniforms are heavy and wooden and these work great for them. I am not obsessive and like everything hanging in order and evenly leveled, but it does make my closet look pretty cool when I buy my fourth set for all our jackets.

👤The hangars are very attractive. An unpleasant odor is present. I put them out in the fresh air for a few hours and it didn't change the smell. I sprayed them lightly with a fabric freshener. The scent of the fabric freshener is what they now have. Not happy with this. I will keep them.

👤The coat hangers are padded. The print is more subtle than I had thought and I was very pleased with the look. They seem to be a good value. My expectations were met. They take up more space than regular hangers, but I had given away some things so it was fine. It feels good to clean out clothes that are no longer needed so that others can enjoy them.

👤The hanger is non-slip. The fabric is not what I would call a "sinful" cloth. I like the 16 inch width. There is a lot of padding. I ordered more because I liked these so much. The package has a slight odor after opening it, but it goes away the next day. There is an update. Over the last several months, I have re-ordered 6 packages. They are holding up.

👤I've used padded hangers before. These are as good as they were. They are pretty and I think they should be ordered more for my daughter.

👤I have been using this type for a long time. I hated getting dressed to go somewhere and find out I have to change clothes because I had humps on wire hangers where the garments had hung. I used padded hangers for those garments after throwing them away. The cotton ones are the best for me. Sometimes clothing slides off of you.

6. TOPIA HANGER Hangers Premium Smoothly

TOPIA HANGER Hangers Premium Smoothly

There is a limited time offer. The bridesmaid's personalized hanger is used for the beautiful white ones. The Premium Finish gives your closet a luxurious look. All of their wood hangers are finished in a white finish which adds a layer of gloss to the wood grain. They are gorgeous works of art, and they are painted white. Bigger cut notches. The cut notch is bigger than normal. The notch are well sanded. These bigger notches will keep your dresses and shirts in their original shape. The Hook is in a white position. Users can easily turn the white wood hangers sideways to check out garments without removing them from the clothing rack by using the White hook. Your closet should be more beautiful. They use a special gift box to protect the hangers from being damaged during shipping. It is the best gift for any festival, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, weddings and so on.

Brand: Topia Hanger

👤These are nice. They were used for a wedding photo with the bridesmaids dresses so that they looked uniform in the photo.

👤I love these things! These were bought for bridesmaids gifts. Sturdy and durable wood items. They have a lot of weight on them. There isn't a grip on the ends, but everything else is perfect. I will order them again.

👤I used leftover wedding lace to bedazzle it for my wedding. The metal part was white. I used safety pins to keep my gown from sliding off the handles. I could have matching hangers for my traditional outfit and my change of outfits.

👤We liked the plain white because it allowed us to put our own logo on the hangers and they handle a variety of weights.

👤I loved using these for my bridesmaid hangers. I ordered my decals from etsy and made them myself. Some came in a different color. It wasn't much of a deal for me since it was just for a picture.

👤I didn't think the glossy finish would beat out the white hangers. I think that glossy shine makes them even more beautiful. The hangers are awesome.

👤It was used for my bridesmaids at my wedding. I used my cricut to make decals for my bridesmaids. It turned out to be very cute for pictures.

👤This was the second set of hangers that I bought. I was able to modify 5 out of the 10. I have only been able to modify 4 out of 10. The cracks and splits in the hangers look like someone tried to repair them with wood putty. I wanted to use them as personalized gifts, but can't because of the condition they came in. Very disappointing.

7. ZOBER Wooden Hangers Grooved Vintage

ZOBER Wooden Hangers Grooved Vintage

We use a special gift box to protect the hangers from being damaged during shipping. It is the best gift for any festival, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, weddings and so on. The wooden hangers are made from smooth, finished wood. The smooth feel of the hangers will be preserved by an additional layer of lacquer. Non-sLIP RUBBER GRIPS are made with rugged fins on either side and result in a firm yet gentle grip on your garments. Notches allow you to securely hang clothing with straps. You can easily access everything in your closet with the help of the 360 SWIVEL. Keeping everything hanging in the same direction without removing garments from the hangers will give your closet an organized effect. Solid wood is used in the creation of DURABLE & STURDY - Hangers. Anti-rust chrome metal is used to maintain your hangers. Sturdy, with a modern design, hangers will enhance the appearance of your wardrobe. They are 9 34” wide and 6 12” wide.

Brand: Zober

👤Clothes are secured on the hangers with these. I ordered a second pack as I was pleased with the first one and realized that almost any top without a crew neckline can easily slip from its hanger. Our closet is done in dark wood and the hangers compliment the look. We have them under six months, so I can't speak to their durability. I think they will last.

👤They are sturdy and look great. I intended to use these for jackets. I think they are more appropriate for dresses. They feel small for the winter coats.

👤The hangers are smooth and not splintery.

👤I used three hangers to engrave on for my wedding. Good quality. I liked the grips on them. I ordered more a few weeks later.

👤I have had them for a few weeks. If you can't find wooden hangers in the stores, they have gone up in price.

👤This is a good product for the price. These do not have a bar for pants. The look of a finished closet with matching wooden hangers looks like a professional came into it. Plastic hangers are not good for you anymore.

👤I didn't expect them to be colored so well. They are a kiss on my lips and a light up in my room. The make my closet look better. I didn't think that a small purchase would change my life so much. Thanks for making my room look better. I don't mind putting my clothes away. Rock on.

👤The coat closet looks a lot different thanks to the nice quality hangers.

👤These are great for sweaters and coats. There is a grip area on the hanger.

👤Excellent qualité! Sont parfaite.

👤Je vais en acheter 2 autres paquets. The service d expédition is rapid.

8. Wedding Hanger Natural Perfect Wedding

Wedding Hanger Natural Perfect Wedding

Their package contains a Natural Wood White Bride Wedding dress Hanger with a ROSE GOLD Bride Wire design and a Pink Bow. The Bride hanger for dress is made with high quality materials and is a great wedding shower gift. Durability and resilience are included. As soon as you get the package for the wedding, you'll be able to put the hanger in it. The Mrs hanger is a perfect gift for the bride. The Mrs hanger is a perfect gift for the bride.

Brand: Your Dream Party Shop

👤The wire is cheap, so the word Bride got changed. Not sure what it is. I couldn't say anything on my wedding day. There is a sad face.

👤I was looking for something similar for my daughter's wedding dress. We plan to use it for photos only. The metal part is supposed to bend easily. This allows them to change it into a word. The pink bow is a nice touch and the wood is dark. It will look great in photos.

👤The wooden hanger is nice, but it's not really a big deal. I thought the metal wire was strong. It was easy to bend. It arrived a bit warped. I didn't feel comfortable giving as a gift.

👤I gave it a 4 because of the wire. Otherwise, love it.

👤This is a great custom hanger. I would love to purchase a maid of honor option and change the bow color.

👤This was perfect! It popped with my dress. This item was very sturdy and held my dress without worry.

👤This is what the picture shows. The wire that spells out "Bride" is very flimsy and bends a lot, but the wooden hanger is sturdy enough to hold a heavy wedding dress.

9. Bridal Hanger Lettering Wedding Silver

Bridal Hanger Lettering Wedding Silver

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will be happy to give you a refund or replace your goods. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact their company. Their priority is your satisfaction. The dress hanger is made of pure solid wood with a white smooth paint finish and a silver hook, which can be turned around. The smooth U notch design can be used to fix the dress and prevent it from falling off. A pure white coat hanger with a white bow, hand-crafted bride wire-wire letters, and your wedding dress are all part of a beautiful souvenir. A personalized bridal dress hanger is a great gift for your wedding party. Give it to people you care about. The size of the hangers is 17.4 inches by 9.78 inches. If you are not happy with the dress hanger you received, please contact them. They will give you a full refund or replacement products if you choose to buy them.

Brand: Huidian

10. NAHANCO IDO20117 Bridal Hangers Imprinted

NAHANCO IDO20117 Bridal Hangers Imprinted

It's perfect for wedding coat hangers, wedding dress hanger, bridal party gifts, and a wonderful wedding keepsake. The set includes a 17” wood hanger with a hook, a notch for dress straps, and a suit hanger for the groom. I was printed in the USA with the words "I Do" and "I Do Too" on one side. It's perfect for a bride and groom to be. The Bride and Groom hangers offer the same style and excitement as this one. These are great for wedding dress photos or pre wedding gifts.

Brand: Nahanco

👤Our pictures look great. I like the hangers.

11. HANGERWORLD Cushioned Clothes Garment Hangers

HANGERWORLD Cushioned Clothes Garment Hangers

The pack of 3 gorgeous soft touch white padded hangers are perfect for women's clothing. The padding on your sweaters and shirts has rounded ends. The non-slip button on the end of the hanger makes it easy to hang dresses and tops. Silk and lacey dresses are gentle on the delicate fabric. The luxury hangers with add classic vintage style are supplied by Hangerworld, a trusted British brand and expert in clothing care.

Brand: Hangerworld

👤I didn't like the buttons added to the hangers, so I rated them as just okay. I'm pretty sure they were put there for the reason that they didn't have item slip off. All is well after I removed them with scissors.

👤The hangers are beautiful. It was very well made.

👤It was soft and feminine. The buttons help keep items from slipping.

👤Looks great! I sewed the buttons back on after one fell off. Look at pictures.

👤The seller and the product were very good.

👤I wanted to hang sweaters. Well made!

👤The first lot never arrived, but I was credited and they arrived the next day. I will cut off the little buttons and save them in case I need ten covered buttons. But why? Maybe the manufacturers didn't know what to do with the buttons. Hene 4 not 5 stars because a good purchase that will do what I expected at a very good price, and slightly narrower than usual, is good for my size 8 clothes.

👤Nothing better than a covered hangers for your things. If you can part with them, you will get a lovely gift. If you don't want the silly little buttons on them, you can give them to someone who likes covered buttons.

👤The good lady uses them. Very pleased with them. No danger of damaging fabrics, it keeps clothes in shape better than wood or plastic.

👤I have bought these before and would again. They snapped when I put them in my wardrobe.

👤I would recommend these to anyone looking for a nice padded hanger. They were brought to use with my wedding photography. They look great with a wedding dress on.


What is the best product for wedding hanger bride personalized?

Wedding hanger bride personalized products from Pengkai. In this article about wedding hanger bride personalized you can see why people choose the product. Topia Hanger and Hangerworld are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding hanger bride personalized.

What are the best brands for wedding hanger bride personalized?

Pengkai, Topia Hanger and Hangerworld are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding hanger bride personalized. Find the detail in this article. Nature Smile, Glcon and Topia Hanger are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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