Best Wedding Handkerchief for Dad

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1. Lillian Rose Daughter Wedding Keepsake

Lillian Rose Daughter Wedding Keepsake

We are so confident that you will love their gift boxes that their customer service isvaliable in 24 hours. Measures 6.5"x0.5"x 6.5". A special event is celebrated in style. It's perfect for all seasons and color themes. Fashionable and trendy wedding accessory.

Brand: Lillian Rose

👤I will not give my daughter the product since it looks so cheap. The handkerchief appears to be an ink stamp and it doesn't look very special. I think for the price, this item is okay. I wanted to give my daughter something more special. This doesn't cut it. I gave this to my daughter on her wedding day and she loved it. She put it in a shadowbox with other sentimental pieces. I was wrong as it turned out to be a nice touch.

👤This product was better than I anticipated. It is soft cotton. The writing is beautiful. I will give this to my daughter on her wedding day. Would definitely recommend this.

👤After our daughter read it, she cried. She will remember it for a long time. We bought this gift for her on her special day.

👤I wanted to write "love mom" on the handkerchief. The fabric is so thin that it bled when I used a no bleed fabric marker. It was too late to get another.

👤My daughter is getting married and I want to give her something special. Love the verse and packaging was fine. Fast shipping as pictured.

👤I bought this for my daughter and she loved it. It will be a great souvenir from her special day.

👤It was a nice gift for the bride, but she couldn't carry it and what to do with it? I think an embroidered handkerchief would be a better gift for the mother of the bride, but most brides are too busy to think of gifts for their mother.

👤My daughter liked it. It is a perfect gift for a wedding day.

👤I was expecting the writing to be stitched rather than transfer for the money but it was nice.

👤My daughter's wedding is in March 2022, so I haven't given yet. But happy with it.

👤I bought this for my daughter's wedding and I'm sure there will be many tears of happiness.

2. Mother Wedding Handkerchief Parents Daughter

Mother Wedding Handkerchief Parents Daughter

TheVERSE WORDING is in the product description. These gifts are a unique way to show your love. Your loved one will remember the gift that is wrapped in twine and comes from the heart. The soft and smooth is made from 100% natural white cotton with cotton lace edges. Dad. Text and flowers won't smudge, fade or rub off because of high quality digital print. The 14” x 14” is a multi purpose. The x 16 is 40 cm x 40 cm. Dad handkerchiefs are ideal for crying. Perfect parents wedding accessories can be given individually. Cute flat envelope packaging makes it postage friendly. The handkerchiefs are stored in a sealed poly bag for added item protection. It is possible to wash and iron. The handkerchiefs can be washed with cold or warm water in a bucket, sink or shower with the use of the premium high grade fabric. The handkerchiefs can be safely washed.

Brand: W&f Gift

👤I haven't given them to my parents yet. They came quickly. Time is not on my side for this wedding. It was great to see them. Yes. I'm in the honeymoon phase of everything. I teared up reading the one for my dad. They come packaged so I can keep them until the big day, and my parents can keep them after the wedding. When I give it to them, I'm excited to see their reaction.

👤I gave these to my parents before my wedding. They were so appreciative of the thoughtful gift, and both of them pulled out handkerchiefs during our intimate ceremony!

👤On my wedding day, I will give these to my parents. I know that day will be filled with joy. What better way to show how much you mean to them on their special day than by giving them a gift? A must have!

👤At my wedding, I gave these to my parents. They loved them! The attached image is a picture of my dad that he posted on Facebook. I don't think most people will use them as a handkerchief, so I can't attest to how the fabric and printing hold up to use. The quality was nice.

👤Cute! I almost cried while reading them. I will give these to my parents on my wedding day.

👤I wrote a letter for my father after he loved the handkerchief. The print on it looked great. I don't know if it can be washed without it coming off.

👤It was wrapped in a single box and was clear to read. I gave these to my parents for my wedding and they loved them.

👤I had expected these to be nice. The packaging is cute. I am excited to give my parents a gift.

👤Los compre para regalo a mis paps. La calidad is good.

👤It is amazing! I can't wait to give this to my parents on my wedding day. Thank you so much!

👤These were gorgeous! The print on them was beautiful.

3. Mens Handkerchiefs 100 Cotton Hankie

Mens Handkerchiefs 100 Cotton Hankie

The handkerchiefs are packaged with a white bowknot. 16inches x 16inches. 60s cotton is softer than 40s. It's fit for all occasions. Eating food, sweating, exercising, Rub the glass, and so on. Machine washed. After the first wash, it will become softer. It is highly recommended to dry clean or wash your hands in cold water. It's a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the best Gif. Send it back to them if they don't work out for you.

Brand: Scotamalone

👤I've been unable to find any handkerchief reviewers in my regular local stores, from Target to Macy's. I went online. Exactly what I was looking for. Some products commented on thin material in the reviews. I chose the Scotamalone because of the shipping weight. It seemed like the best criteria, even though it wasn't clear if it was because the cloth was thicker or not. The handkerchiefs weigh about 1/2 oz. In case it's helpful to anyone. The Scotamalone is thick enough to handle a sneeze directly into the cloth without feeling too wet. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤The fabric is thick and easy to iron. There is nothing bad to say. My husband uses handkerchiefs every day and he is almost 50 years old and he has tried many cheap and fancy brands but this Scotamalone brand is amazing. This brand is mom approved and I wash and iron at home.

👤I wish I had bought two packs of these instead of buying them all at once. The other brand I bought was poorly hemmed and I had a lot of loose threads to trim. These didn't have that problem. They are soft and wash up well. I have saved at least two boxes of disposable tissues from entering the landfill since I got these hankies. With seasonal allergies coming up, I'm glad I have strong, durable hankies instead of disposables that rip under pressure. I find that smoothing them out with my hands before folding them up gets most of the wrinkling out. The fabric is thin, but strong and soft, so wash before using them, as they feel a bit rough fresh out of the packaging. I'll be buying this brand again when I can use another set.

👤These are a good quality for crafting. These can be embroidered, dyed, and decorated with fabric markers. I wouldn't suggest fabric paint because it would be too heavy for this fabric, but I have had good results with fabric markers and stencils. Why not 5 stars? These are made in China. I'll be looking for another source.

👤cotton is soft on my nose. I put them in the dryer and they come out less wrinkled because I pull them corner to corner.

👤Exactly what I was hoping for. I carry a handkerchief with me at all times because of my allergies. I wanted a cotton handkerchief that wouldn't hurt my skin. I have allergies that are worse in the US but I live in Peru for 18 months. The product works well.

👤Not 12. These are not in a square or a rectangular shape. This doesn't matter to me, but it may be a problem when trying to fold them for a suit pocket. The design is nice, but the white stripe detail makes it seem like it's less linear than it really is. The fabric is not very soft out of the package, like a 200 threadcount pillowcase. I like that everyone says it's big and white is true. The stitching is fine, no loose threads to start with. I called Amazon and they said they'd ship me a complete package for free, so I wouldn't have to return it. This product is not as good as Amazon.

4. Lillian Rose Stepmom Embroidered Keepsake

Lillian Rose Stepmom Embroidered Keepsake

Fashionable and trendy wedding accessory. Fashionable accessory. It's perfect for all seasons and color themes. Your wedding party will remember your day.

Brand: Lillian Rose

👤I gave a nice gift to my mother in law. The image is not very large. Decor is not for real use.

👤The material feels cheap, but it's nice.

👤It was a perfect gift for my stepmother on my wedding day.

👤It will be a great gift. Cheap material when you feel it and see it unfold will make a nice gift.

👤I loved it and I would order it again if I needed it.

👤On my wedding day, I gave this to my stepmother. She loved it!

5. MUEEU Father Cufflinks Keepsake Engraved

MUEEU Father Cufflinks Keepsake Engraved

The quality is high. The 19mm 2PCS cuff links and tie clip is made of STAINLESS STEEL and is easy to use. The design is stylish, simple, classy and personal. Personalized jewelry is available. You can make a gift that is specific to you. The ideal gift is a wedding, anniversaries, birthdays,meetings,office, speech,formal dinners,ball. Each set comes with a nice box. It is a perfect gift to yourself or the one you love. Also)

Brand: Mueeu

👤I got these for my dad to wear down the aisle. It was only one day and I wasn't worried about them being perfect. My dad appreciated the thought that they were good for the day.

👤It was a nice gift. The way it was packaged was the only thing that mattered. It was in a cloth bag and not a jewellery box.

👤It was much smaller than expected. My dad will love them. I had something bigger and better in mind.

👤I bought them for my wedding. Some of the words were smaller than others. Overall decent for what I needed.

👤I like them but one part has a scratch. I would love to have something that is better.

👤It was what I ordered. Poor quality.

👤It is amazing. My father in law will be getting a father in law. The tie tack is a little smaller than I expected but it is true to the size of the picture so that is a fault of mine. This is a great buy.

👤My dad loves this on my wedding day.

6. Selected Hanky Handkerchief Stiching Assorted

Selected Hanky Handkerchief Stiching Assorted

The 60S cotton makes the handkerchiefs soft, unlike most handkerchiefs in the market of 30s or 40s. Not too thin. 60S Cotton is a perfect material for handkerchiefs. Perfect size fit for any occasion. The first time you wash them, they will shrink, but only on the first wash. Care instructions and recommendations help you get softer after the first wash. It is highly recommended to dry clean or wash your hands in cold water. 5 pieces of Vintage or Classic patterned handkerchiefs set with stiching at the edge are included. It is stylish enough for daily use. A package is a great gift. A great gift for any occasion is A Great Gift for Any Occasion. Add them to your cart and start enjoying them!

Brand: Selected Hanky

👤I chose this product for its high satisfaction reviews. These are the cheapest handkerchiefs I have ever seen. They were cut and sewn so badly that they are all different in dimensions. One is over an inch larger. One had a lot of glue stuck to it. It actually looks like it. It was gross. I will be getting these embroidered with my significant other's initials, because I bought them as a gift. I hope they hold up on the machine because they are thin. Don't spend your money on these. Not worth it!

👤One of the products I purchased was green. We're giving 10% of our paper products up. These are soft. The blue looks great in my tissue dispensers. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how quickly you'll make up for the cost of tissues. I'm going to buy a few more sets. After I wash the few dishes I do by hand, I just throw them in the dishwater. I don't use water. We should rinse them out and then wash them. It's easier to empty the bathroom trash cans.

👤I have been looking for these types of handkerchiefs for a long time and they are softer and better quality than the ones I got from walmart. I need a soft handkerchief to wipe my eyes.

👤Retail stores don't have handkerchiefs. I was looking for something similar and these fit the bill. I took off one star because they have a lot of extra threads. Many reviewers have complained about these being 100% cotton. I folded them after taking them out of the dryer. There were very few lines.

👤The colors are nice. The fabric is soft. Small and poorly hemmed handkerchieves are what they are. After only one wash, some of them are no longer usable.

👤As a pocket square, it worked well. When I wore this in my suit for my wedding, it went well with the navy blue color. I liked this product.

👤The handkerchiefs are wrapped in tape. The glue stuck to the product after the tape was removed. The packaging needs to be changed for the handkerchiefs. These are cold-water washes. This is mentioned in the product description, but it's still a negative.

👤I am very happy with these handkerchiefs. The material is thin, so it folds up easily, but still feels like a decent quality. I like the color selection. I've washed them a few times and they don't get wrinkled. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤Adems es necesario plancharlos para quitarles.

👤Es un material de buen.

7. Wedding Handkerchief Embroidered Beautiful Long Lasting

Wedding Handkerchief Embroidered Beautiful Long Lasting

These wedding handkerchiefs from mothers to daughters help you express your love in intricate detail. The edge of each wedding hankerchiefs for women features intricate embroidered lace details that match the well-written poem with loving sophistication. The included poem is printed on a thick, premium-grade paper card to give this wedding gift a classic look and texture she will remember. The gorgeous embroidered handkerchiefs for brides come with a gift box for surprise and long-term storage protection.

Brand: Wedding Collectibles

👤I bought this for my niece. She is getting married in three weeks and her mother died when she was 14. I couldn't figure out how to help her with the feeling that her mother is with us. I sent her a card with the message, "Love, Mom." She said it brought tears to her eyes when she messaged me later. She put this into her bouquet for her wedding day. She wants to include her mother in her ceremony. I can't comment on the look or qualify because I haven't seen the item as it was shipped to her. My niece seemed very pleased with it and I was thankful that there was something we could do to include her mom into the day.

👤My husband and I were not happy with the product. The poem is on a cheap piece of paper which is made in China, and we thought it was the actual poem. The hanky is made of cheap material. We don't have time to return it and buy something else so we're going to use it. We are very disappointed. The picture is not accurate.

👤I wanted to give my granddaughter something special. A small token of my love for her. The gift was meant for the bond between the two of us. The small written verse and beautiful hankie with "Bride" engraved on it is something that will remind her of me for the rest of her life.

👤It almost seemed like it was made for a little doll when I received it for my daughter in law's wedding day. I don't know how to present this one. I was not happy that it was so small. The writing on the card that came with it was a bit on the cheap. It is not recommended for gift giving.

👤Product way over priced and mediocre as a wedding gift; profoundly embarrassed opening it up to a low end box, low end sewn handkerchief and material; necessary to request return for full refund. The demand for a 20% stocking fee to return a wedding handkerchief that did not match the description on the website is offensive.

👤There are a lot of good things about this product. It is made well so it will hold up and it is simple. When my father read the poem, he cried and we are not feeling-sharing folk. It's worth every penny. At our rehearsal dinner, we presented these to our parents. You will not be sorry that you bought these.

👤The bride loved the product that was given to her. She lost both of her parents and has been adopted by my mom. My mother was not able to attend the wedding because of health problems. She told the bride that both of her mother's were with her when she walked down the aisle. The bride was very touched when she opened it. Thanks for helping to make a bride's day less painful to remember her mother's by. I can always count on Amazon.

8. Father Daughter Wedding Personalized Handkerchief

Father Daughter Wedding Personalized Handkerchief

Digital Print of Cotton. UNQIUE is keeping itsAKE MOMENT. A wedding gift for a man is a sign of love. The large thank you wedding handkerchief for dad is a parents best wedding gift. A wedding bride's assesories can be used to impress bridesmaids, ring bearer, maid of honor, groom, parents, son, brothers, sister, step mother, husband, friends, sister of the bride, grandma, grandpa, and special guests. Their dad handkerchief is soft and smooth. The digital print has a linen feel. It has a dark blue ribbon. The bride accessories are perfect. The ink on the dad's handkerchiefs will not fade. Postage friendly. Their special gifts for bride are eco friendly.

Brand: W&f Gift

👤This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. My mom is going to cry when she gets it. It was made well and shipped quickly.

👤The packaging and cotton are of the highest quality. The craftsmanship is topnotch. The images don't do justice to the laser cut card. It's divine! Pink color coordination works. It is a great value that will bring a lot of joy to those around it. A happy customer again. Thank you William and Flo!

👤On my wedding day, I gave this to my mother and she cried. She didn't want to use it because she was so happy. She has flowers from the wedding on her mantle piece. Shipping was fast and the quality was great.

👤This was placed on a chair for my mother. It was a pleasant surprise that brought tears to my eyes. The quality of the handkerchief was very good.

👤Great product. It is beautiful. My mom will cry at least now that she has a desire for it.

👤Mom insisted that we try for something old, new, and borrowed, but this gorgeous hankie with blue ribbon, blue flower, and blue card will suffice. Some of the walks we have taken. Happy padre de la novia. So excited!

👤A great gift for a mom. I gave my mom mine on the day of my wedding. It is well written and legible. It is perfect!

👤It's worth it to get it for dad on your wedding day.

9. GIFT Something Embroidered Handkerchief Together

GIFT Something Embroidered Handkerchief Together

This gift is a unique way to show your love. A gift wrapped in twine that comes from the heart will last a lifetime. The soft and smooth is made from 100% natural white cotton. The embroidered blue text and hearts will not fade. The 12” x 12” (30 cm x 30 cm) handkerchief is a multi purpose item. Perfect bridesmaids, best man, parents, brothers, sisters, son, daughter and special guests wedding accessories or registry idea. Cute flat envelope packaging keeps handkerchief and eco friendly cardboard set undamaged. The handkerchiefs are stored in a sealed poly bag for added item protection. It is possible to wash and iron. The premium high grade fabric used allows the handkerchief to be washed in a bucket of cold or warm water. The handkerchief can be safely washed.

Brand: W&f Gift

👤This came very quickly and was very pretty just like the picture shows. It is handmade and sewn. I was afraid to wash it before the wedding because it was not as soft as I wanted it to be. It is 100% cotton, however it has been either steamed or ironed, so it is slightly stiff. I don't want to open it because it was a gift and I didn't want to roll it around in my hands. I want it to be used on the face, so hopefully after holding it or applying a little bit of heat to it, it will make the face softer. The blue is a baby sky type blue and it is almost pure white. It looks and feels good.

👤I bought this for the mother of the groom's mother. She was very emotional about her son's wedding. She was a bit tense and nervous when I got there. I gave her this and it broke her eyes and made her laugh. She used it during the ceremony. It's much nicer than tissues.

👤Two weeks ago, my best friend got married. She's type A to T. I knew she was going to be very emotional and tense, so I gave her this while we were getting ready. She laughed when she opened it. It broke the tension and was something blue. The wedding was beautiful and the bride was happy.

👤My daughter's wedding dress had pockets and she wanted a handkerchief for her fiancée. They have a great sense of humor and she knew he would cry at the wedding. It would have been better if it said " keep it together" or something like that. We didn't think of it until two days before the wedding, but it arrived quickly.

👤The product was packaged in a way that it showed up in reverse. I had to unwrap the whole thing and repackage it so that the writing was readable and forward-looking. Otherwise fine. Cute packaging.

👤My husband gave this to my daughter when she did her wedding dress reveal. They both cried and this made them laugh. Excellent quality. My son-in-law received one as well. I would recommend it.

👤Very nice! The handkerchief is funny. Excellent quality. A nice gift.

👤The best gift ever. A sad member of the wedding party was ready to take on the super human. This is for the bride and her mother. They would love it.

👤It was exactly as pictured and arrived on time.

👤There was a place to leave a note in the package. Absolutely adore this gift!

10. Amy Holt Bridal Handkerchief Embroidered

Amy Holt Bridal Handkerchief Embroidered

Perfect stocking stuffer for a friend's birthday or Christmas. This unique ring dish is specifically designed for girls or women. Let your friend know that you think she is special. The mother and father of the bride handkerchief are included in the gift ready 2-pack. The gift box adds an elegant touch to the mother and father of the bride gift set. There is an overarching purpose. Father of the bride gifts from his daughter. 100% GUARANTEED. The ideal wedding gifts for parents include a money-back guarantee. The wedding card is included. You can personalize the gift with your own sentimental words.

Brand: Amy Holt Bridal

👤I gave these to my parents on my wedding day. They loved it. The card is beautiful. I wrote a note to both my parents. They were surprised when I opened it with them. Purchasing this would be a good idea. The price was great for the quality.

👤I had to write a review about this product. The handkerchief's were exactly what I wanted them to be, and the words touched on almost everything I wanted to say to my parents. I was able to include a few personal things on the blank wedding card that came with it. The gift box these come in is stunning. It was nice when my parents opened it and my family crowded around to see what was inside. I cried, they cried, my sisters cried, everybody cried! It was a touching moment. Thank you!

👤I bought this set for my parents on my wedding day. The package arrived on time and in a beautiful box with a nice note card to write a letter to your parents. The handkerchiefs were the perfect gift for my parents, and I was able to give them exactly what I wanted. This gift is perfect for anyone who wants to give a special gift to their parent. This item is embroidered.

👤I instantly loved them when I saw them. My husband and I bought them for my parents for our wedding. The box, card, and handkerchiefs are of the highest quality. They were touched by the gift.

👤These are gorgeous. I bought these for my mom and dad and I can't wait to give them it. The embroidered item is exactly what I wanted. I was very impressed with the box it came in.

👤I like the sentimental nature of this product. The writing is not printed on and gives them a more personal feel. They have a beautiful card and gift box. On my wedding day, I will give them to my parents. Thank you Amy Holt!

👤These are done well. They came in a beautiful box that is ready for gift giving and a beautiful card for you to write a note on. The work was done well. My sister gave to our parents on her wedding day.

👤My parents received a great souvenir from my wedding day. The package is cute to keep in. It was worth the money. Parents liked them.

👤These are budget-friendly gifts. The words on these made me cry. The boxes they come in are beautiful. If you are from a divorced family, I would recommend buying a picture frame and giving the handkerchiefs framed, because the two handkerchiefs for mom and dad come together in one box, which can make things awkward.

👤The gift box with the card was the main selling point for me, for this price point it is a really really sweet and thoughtful gift. It was my fault because it only shows one box and one card, but I assumed they both came with individual gift boxes and cards. I will make it work.

11. Wedding Keepsake Embroidered Handkerchiefs Daughter

Wedding Keepsake Embroidered Handkerchiefs Daughter

The embroidered wedding handkerchief is made of quality fabric material with fine embroidery process, and the angel charm uses zinc metal with silver tone and blue bead, which can provide you with a long service life. The wedding handkerchief measures approx. The proper size for you to meet your different usages, and you can also fold it up due to good softness, then put it in your pocket or crossbody bag for storage, would not take up too much space. The design of the wedding hankie for bride is delicate and charming, embroidered with a warm word to my daughters on her wedding day, the walk down the aisle marks the beginning of a new life. My heart goes with you wherever you go. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness, suitable for mother or father to send your own daughter on her wedding day, deeply expressing their love and blessing to your daughter. The funny wedding handkerchiefs and charm set is a nice gift from a father and mother or step parents to their daughters on their wedding day, showing care and wish to daughters. You will receive a piece of embroidered wedding handkerchief and metal angel bouquet charm, classic white color coordinates with the romantic blue embroidered fonts, bright and lively, suitable for you to send them to your daughters to express your love.

Brand: Tegeme

👤The angel pearl head was broken. I sent the picture to the seller. They apologized to me and said they would give me another one for free. I said yes! It's perfect, I received it today. I would buy something else from them in the future. Thank you again.

👤If the words on the handkerchief are not perfect. The walk down is not the aisle as described in the description.


What is the best product for wedding handkerchief for dad?

Wedding handkerchief for dad products from Lillian Rose. In this article about wedding handkerchief for dad you can see why people choose the product. W&f Gift and Scotamalone are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding handkerchief for dad.

What are the best brands for wedding handkerchief for dad?

Lillian Rose, W&f Gift and Scotamalone are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding handkerchief for dad. Find the detail in this article. Mueeu, Selected Hanky and Wedding Collectibles are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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