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1. DOUXAGE Wedding Alternative Reception Decorations

DOUXAGE Wedding Alternative Reception Decorations

The wooden guest book set includes a frame for the book, a wooden stand, and a welcome sign box. TheRustic wedding guest book set has a white frame and wooden hearts. It will show your reception ideas. Step 1 is to collect blessings from all your guests by signing a wooden heart. A personelized home decorations could be the Step2guest book frame with hearts. You can put it anywhere you want as guest book table decorations or hang it on the wall. There is a unique wedding guest book set for table decorations. a baby shower guest book frame and a home memory decorations. There are decorations for a party reception.

Brand: Douxage

2. Joysiya Wedding Rhinestone Signature Decorations

Joysiya Wedding Rhinestone Signature Decorations

The package includes a wooden frame drop box guest book, a triangle display stand, a signboard, and large wooden hearts. If you have a question about their products, please contact them and they will be happy to provide a replacement or refund. The quality of the writing implement and matching set will make guests happy. This is suitable for nearly all wedding styles. It's perfect for weddings, baby showers, special occasions, guest houses, clubs and home parties. Adding rustic charm to your wedding is important. The fabric is smooth and soft. There is a ribbon and a silver pen. A beautiful and meaningful gift. All are covered with a soft white fabric and have a blue bow. There is a material. The size is 16.3x1.3x24.5 cm.

Brand: Freci

👤The guest book had a nice silver pen and was very pretty. We used it for my parents. The open house was for the wedding anniversary. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤It was a present for the bride and groom. It was beautiful.

👤Se describe. I am encant.

👤Todo, pero el bolgrafo no tienes. nesecito antes del sbado.

3. Signature Decoration Marriage Anniversary Engagement

Signature Decoration Marriage Anniversary Engagement

It is possible to make a painting for your important occasions like wedding, party, birthday, baby shower, anniversaries and graduation, as well as a beautiful keepsake decor on the wall of your home. The package includes a wooden tree frame, wooden signing hearts, hanging ropes, and a welcome board. Premium wood is the material of their signature sign set. You can personalize the wishing tree frame with your favors. The vintage signing stand package can make your wedding ceremony romantic. The specially designed wooden signature book is applicable to a lot of things.

Brand: Midube

👤Absolutely gorgeous! And fast shipping.

👤I just got it glue together.

4. Bloom Daily Planners Registry Guestbook

Bloom Daily Planners Registry Guestbook

A case bound guest book has a gold ribbon bookmark. There are 120 blank, lined pages for signatures and messages. "Guest Book" is stamped in gold foil on the front cover. The gold edges give a classy look. You can use it at weddings, guest houses, or any other event that you want to remember. It's a great gift item.

Brand: Bloom Daily Planners

👤The book was great for my wedding. I'm glad I bought this because I was debating between making a photo book or just buying it. I'm going to make a different photobook that includes the wedding pictures, so I didn't want to spend more time and money on a photobook. I like this book because it is simple and modern. I had enough pages for everyone to sign or write a note. I wish I'd done that, but I forgot to appoint your maid of honor to get the bridal party signatures on a page together.

👤The guest book was damaged during shipping. Some hair products leaked and spilled on me. I wish they packaged them better. The book is beautiful and thick with a gold edge. Since I didn't have time to get another, I was able to use it.

👤Each guest was able to take up a whole page and not take away space to write in. I used the same guest book for both the baby shower my family had and the shower my boyfriend's family had, and there were still pages left over. The gold trim on the book looks nice when it is closed. I ordered a second one for baby #2 and am excited that each kid will have their own. I searched high and low for a good guestbook and this is the one I found that is gender neutral as well and I would recommend it for weddings. There are about 160 pages in the lined pages. Is this it?

👤The guest book is beautiful. The gold coloring made me purchase it. The gold edges on the inside pages make me happy. I am using this at my wedding and I loved that it has a high number of pages. Would definitely recommend.

👤It was used for my grandparent's 50th anniversary party. The pages were very high quality, and it went perfectly with the gold and elegant theme we went with. We used a gel-like pen and it didn't blend through the pages. If you are looking for a high quality guest book, it is highly recommendable.

👤Good quality and simple. It's plain and elegant enough to be generic. For my mother in law's anniversary, she was very happy with it.

👤I gave this 4 stars because I expected the book to be bigger. The gold edging on the book was very nice. A nice sake after the wedding is over.

👤The guest book is very high quality and not cheap. I would highly recommend it. It will complement the rest of our decor.

👤This was a great buy. In person, what I saw on Amazon was amazing. The quality of the guest book was not cheap. The gold and white look is classic.

5. Jecor Alternative Guest Book Box

Jecor Alternative Guest Book Box

Solid Ash Wood is used to make this hand crafted item. Want to stand out from the crowd? The guestbook alternative is for you. Extra large hearts are perfect for your guests to leave well wishes, to preserve your memories for years to come. The rustic wedding guest book is perfect as a wedding gift, baby shower, anniversary, teachers gift, birthdays, housewarming, graduation, retirement, or celebration of life guest book. Hand made in Vietnam. The Ash Wood Box is 8 feet in length and 4 feet in width. Guests can sign hearts with a large laser cut heart. The sign has a heart and a block stand. There is a lifetime of memories. Guests express their best wishes, better than just signing their name. Don't put your memories in a cupboard out of reach. You can keep it on your mantelpiece or coffee table, just a moment away, to remember all the beautiful messages and well wishes your guests shared with you on your special day.

Brand: Jecor

👤The wooden box is a great alternative to the pen and paper options. The wood is soft. I don't worry about anyone getting splinters. The box opens and closes with ease. The wood is nice. You don't lose anything if everything is in the box. You can display this box in your home. I would be more likely to look at that over the years. This is a great idea for a guest book. It is cute, simple, and fun. I would rather not sign this guest book at a wedding. It seems more enjoyable to me.

👤I am very happy with this box. You can tell it is well made by the delicate details. If you are giving this as a gift, it is packaged in a sturdy box, which looks nice. It comes with a lot of hearts and is large enough for our guests to write their messages on it. I was looking at other unique guest book products on Amazon and this one caught my eye. I chose this one because I was happy with it. The pictures do not do it justice. I added some to this review so that you can see the details a little closer. I also took a video. The guest book is something that you can display after the day is over. It would be lovely to have it on a side table or part of your decor. A reminder of the special day in your home. The quality and detail in the box is really good. The shipping to Canada took a little longer than I thought, but that is to be expected during a Pandemic. It arrived in perfect condition and looks even better in person. I am happy!

👤This is a great idea for an alternative guest book and we bought it for our wedding. We can do something more interesting with the hearts after. The box and hearts seem to be well made. We bought Sharpies for the guests to use and they bleed a little on the wood, but not too badly.

👤This review is updated. There was no more available on Amazon after I received the broken item. The seller was able to send me a new item for free after contacting me directly. Small businesses have excellent customer service. My sister is going to use this as a guest book at her wedding. I bought this for my sister's wedding and it was broken. It was damaged when it arrived. There are some carvings that have broken off. It can't be replaced because there are no more in stock. There is a fun idea for a wedding guest book.

👤With everything that has happened this year, I wanted my wedding to be even more special than it already is. I saw this box and thought it would be a great way to remember my day. This is a quality product and I was not disappointed. The box is beautiful, I love the pattern on the front and side of the box, and there is plenty of room for my guests to leave messages, and the bonus is, you can write on both sides. I chose this box because I want my guest to see it at the wedding.

6. Homish Wedding Picture Decorations Unlimited

Homish Wedding Picture Decorations Unlimited

Looking for a unique guest book to greet your guests at the wedding? Look no further! If you want to remember everyone that came to your event, hang the guestbook on your wall. The package includes a white wooden guest book frame with glass, a wooden stand, and a plywood box. Guests can write their names and well wishes on the wooden hearts and drop them on the frame. You can adjust the arrangement after your event with the EASY OPEN back. If you don't love your guest book or have any issues, please return for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Also, note: There is a plastic to protect the glass.

Brand: Y&k Homish

👤I bought this for my wedding day and the photos provided by the seller are false and deceptive because the hearts overlap in the frame and get stuck to the frame edges. The seller offered $20 for the issue with the product after I email them. I have to open the frame and glue the hearts in place because the hearts overlap and do not look good, and now I have to do it myself. This is ridiculous. The seller sent me a new one and it was the same problem. Don't buy this product.

👤We had a small wedding and wanted to display it in our house. It was absolutely perfect when we added our names. It's on the wall.

👤The frame is very nice looking and looks exactly like the picture. The quality isn't the best for what it costs. The frame is lightweight and not the best, the glass is plastic and not glass. There is a small crack in one corner. The frame still looks great. I can not complain too much. I thought this would be perfect because my wedding had a rustic theme. I knew that. After the wedding, I wouldn't look at an actual guestbook again. The stand and box for the hearts were cheap and pale wood, which was disappointing. The box you have to put together yourself is cheap and it is a kind of wood called bendy. The stand you put together is more sturdy. The hearts are thick and decent. I decided to paint the box and stand to make them look nicer since my wedding had a rustic theme with lots of dark wood. It came out looking terrible. It's a good thing! The cheap looking wood would have been better kept. I wish it would have come with better wood in a better color, but I still think it should stay the same. The paint I used was supposed to be a stain, but it still came out horrible. It is not possible to paint the inside of the box because it has directions for people written in pale lettering, which is a bad idea. It ended up looking silly because I was smart enough not to paint the inside where the wording is. No one said anything. I think they were thinking that I painted it myself and came out looking stupid. We still have a nice decoration for our house, we don't have to worry about glass breaking, and we don't decorate with a stand or box! My other tips are to keep all the writing on the hearts in black sharpie, and to have an attendant at the table to get everyone to do it. This could also be used to decorate your house, not just for weddings. Even though I think it should have been less money, I don't regret buying it. I wouldn't paint them white because it wouldn't match the frame and hearts.

👤I bought this for my mom who is 95 years old. The friends and family that visit her put a sign in the frame.

7. PMPX Alternative Matching Weddings Anniversary

PMPX Alternative Matching Weddings Anniversary

Their chic drop top frame guest book is a must have. Your loved ones will help you create a souvenir that will last a lifetime. It can be placed on a wall or mantle. Each piece is unique because of the hand distressed finish on the frame. Its style will add beauty and creativity to any space. Either add a photo or keep it the same. It has an attractive rustic linen background, but will accommodate a wonderful portrait. Simply remove the back by adjusting the easy-to-use tabs. Guests can write their names on the wooden hearts in the message box if they place it on its matching stand. 10 bonus hearts have also been included. Don't worry about mistakes and upside-down messages. Premium wooden heart shapes are laser cut. They made their hearts a little bigger so your friends, family and loved ones can be more creative. With so many hearts in your guest book, you won't be able to remember your special time. Any special occasion can have a cremated set. White vintage, rustic style works for many situations. The guest book will accentuate your d?cor perfectly and creatively. Add a bouquet in a vase and surround it with candles that will make it shine. There is high quality and craftsmanship. The frame is complete. The wooden heart box with instruction message written on the underside is the most stylish option. A complete set is made up of the frame, stand and box. They have packed each guestbook set in a gift box that will keep it safe and make it perfect for a present.

Brand: Pmpx

👤I am very excited to use this for my wedding. The distressed wood look is what I was looking for. It was stored in a nice box until my wedding. The hearts are large enough to write a name. The frame is good for people that are having a small wedding and want the photo to be visible behind them. The frame is close to an 11x14 but not a 11x14. I will have to cut down a larger photo to fit the smaller size. I had to shake the photo frame in order to get the hearts to fall down after I dropped them in a test run. I don't know if the heat caused the frame to expand, because once I took it inside the hearts moved more freely. If you are getting married in the summer, you should keep this in mind. I am very excited to display this unique guestbook at my wedding and in my home once we are married. The wall hook is a great addition.

👤The quality of this item was very good. The frame is made of distressed wood and the hearts, easel and box are included. I decided to remove the backing of the frame and spray with a Scotch guard after reading a previous review that said the hearts got stuck on the linen backing. Don't buy pens that will bleed through the hearts, like sharpies will.

👤This was a great way for my daughter's guest to remember the wedding. The frame is perfect for her home, it is kind of an antique looking frame. The hearts are a perfect size to say something. I suggest using a very fine sharpie. The frame and hearts were not fault of the black and blue colors that people used. When my next daughter gets married, we will purchase another one.

👤I like this. Went to take a picture for my wedding. I bought this a month ago. I spent 2 hours because the person forgot to peel the film off the plastic frame. The frame was removed for 2 hours. It looks terrible now. There is no way back now. Just a note. Not good craftmanship. You can return if you put the picture in right away. I am so disappointed. I tried to contact the seller. So disappointed. What I wanted to do. 2 hours is a long time to peel film. Shop somewhere else.

👤This is the thing I am most excited about, out of everything I bought for my wedding. I didn't want a guestbook that was too large. This is a great place to hang out in our living room and be reminded of our special day. It arrived in 6 days after purchase.

👤I decided to go with this unconventional guestbook. The price was cheaper than others I had looked at, so I was skeptical at first. I was not disappointed when I received my order. The frame is sturdy. The box and hearts are a great addition to the guestbook and the distressed white frame with the guests signed hearts will look great on my wall after the wedding. It is easy to slide together on the stand. This is a great addition for anyone looking for a guestbook that isn't going to be thrown away or sitting in a storage box.

8. Wedding Decorations Alternative Embossed Outdoor

Wedding Decorations Alternative Embossed Outdoor

The all-in-one deal is perfect. You can get a unique "guest book," decor for your event and wall hanging decor by clicking the ADD TO CART button. All this with a money back guarantee. A wedding guest book was handcrafted in Los Angeles. It's easy to prop open the book and write notes. Acid-free 80lb high quality paper, milling in WisconsinFSC certified paper, is 65 pages. A watercolor photo guest book sign is needed for your table. The blank pages in the guest book are for creative messages, photos or photo booth strips.

Brand: Modern Notebooks

👤We got this for our wedding and it was very cute. It is not as big as we thought, but we like how it looks.

9. Wedding Alternative Portrait Birthday Anniversary

Wedding Alternative Portrait Birthday Anniversary

If you don't love your guest book or have any issues, please return for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Also, note: There is a plastic to protect the glass. The wedding guest book frame comes with 85 small hearts and 2 large hearts that allow your loved guests to leave their names and best wishes with fine-tip markers. White-themed color matches holy moments like weddings and baby showers. The Backdrop can be changed. The wedding guestbook frame is 15 x 13 x 0.6 inches and has a maximum size of 13 x 11 inches. You can put your wedding photo in the frame. Please measure the size of the photo to make sure it fits the frame. This stunning guest book for wedding allows your guests to write their names and beautiful wishes on your big day and can also work as an awesome keepsake or home decor after wedding that can be put on where everyone can see it or hang on the wall. This guest book can also be used for many other occasions, such as anniversary, baby shower, graduation party, birthday party, bridal shower, funeral, and so on. The package includes a wooden frame drop box guest book, a triangle display stand, a signboard, and large wooden hearts. If you have a question about their products, please contact them and they will be happy to provide a replacement or refund.

Brand: Sekkvy

👤We ordered a guest book for our daughter's wedding to remember those who came. It was perfect for the occasion and came with lots of hearts for a guest count under 100.

👤Buen material, buen diseo e inolvidable cada corazon, es perfecto.

👤Muy lindo tan, lo describe me gusto.

👤This was a complete disappointment. The front piece of the frame is made from either plastic or acrylic and was completely scratched. The cheap wooden frame it was fastened onto looked trashy. The pieces had a weird smell when they arrived.

👤I took the sign out of the box and one of the small pieces broke. The front of the glass is badly damaged. I don't understand why the scratches are on it. Maybe it was a returned item.

👤This would be better if the frame had a stand. Even else does.

👤I'm in love with this. I can't wait to use it.

👤Such a clever idea. This is a cute plan on how to use it all the time.

10. Homish Wedding Alternative Decorations Reception

Homish Wedding Alternative Decorations Reception

Looking for that unique guest book to greet your guests as they come in is a good choice for gift. If you want to remember everyone that came to your event, hang this guestbook on your wall. There is a brown wooden guest book frame with acrylic glass and 160 wooden hearts. "x 1.26 " and big bland heart 2.9 "x 2.6" + 4 wooden stand + plywood box 6 inch x 4.5 "x 2.2" Guests can write their names and well wishes on the wooden hearts and drop them on the frame. You can adjust the arrangement after your event with the EASY OPEN back. If you don't love your guest book or have any issues, please return for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Also, note: There is a plastic to protect the glass.

Brand: Y&k Homish

👤I bought this for my wedding because I didn't want guests to write in a book that I'd store in the attic. It was easy to put together and I thought it would be great. There are still a bunch of hearts leftover from my wedding. The presentation box that I needed to put together was easy to put together. I love it.

👤I don't write bad reviews on Amazon. I ordered this item more than once. I was dissatisfied both times. The order was broken the first time it arrived. I will just order replacement. This is probably a mistake. The second time I ordered it, it was different from the box. There was a mistake on the sign. There is a noticeable gap between the words "We'll". You couldn't fit all of the hearts into the shadowbox. The materials were very flimsy and would break easily in my hands. I am not happy with the product. It looks so beautiful in the pictures, it is a shame.

👤I didn't catch before and wasn't allowed to return. This is a printing defect and can't believe this is being sold by Amazon. There is too much spacing between the words. You will see it if you look at their pics of the box. It was nice. I had to replace a sign that was bought from a hobby lobby.

👤I was excited to receive this product, but I was disappointed in the quality. There is a spacing error on the box that holds the hearts. The box is not usable because it is very noticeable. We'll call it LL.

👤The one I got was correct, despite the reviews that said the welcome had a sigh. It comes with a black pen and a silver pen. I will be at my daughter's wedding in June. I ordered it months before the event so I could fix any issues before the event.

👤I liked the idea of this. There is no lines on the paper, which made the guestbook confusing.

👤I was looking for a guest book. I didn't want a boring book that I would just shove in a drawer. It's not strong as I had hoped. It's beautiful. I'm happy with it. I have to pay more for the glass because the left side of the frame is missing. If not for this, I would have given 5 stars.

👤The product was easy to assemble and made an interesting conversation piece at our wedding. The wooden heart shapes were added to our decor.

11. Lily Val Wedding Guest Book

Lily Val Wedding Guest Book

The dimensions are: The guestbook has 112 pages and contains 56 sheets of paper. The wedding guest book from the Lilly and Val wedding is a sentimental touch. There are beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, creative prompts, and an instructional bookmark with a velvet ribbon. The rustic wedding guest book is perfect for vintage or traditional wedding decor and is inspired by a vintage book with gold foil lettering and details. It has illustrations by its creator. The guest book is a signature feature, but the personalized guest book invites loved ones to answer questions, such as "Where should they go on a weekend trip?" or "What movies should they watch together?" The wedding memory book from the Lilly and Val is a thoughtful wedding gift. The handmade guest book is a lovely addition to any special day. There is a story about the Lily and the Val. In her new house, newly married woman, Valerie McKeehan, decided to hand-letter a chalkboard. She has brought hundreds of homes with the Lily & Val brand because of her lifelong artistic passion.

Brand: Lily & Val

👤The book is beautiful. I tried to find the questions at multiple sites, but couldn't. The official product photos don't include photos of the inside. If anyone is wondering what to do to celebrate our first anniversary, here are the questions in the book. What should we name our first child? Where should we go on a weekend trip? Funniest memory of a bride or groom. How should we deal with our first fight? Save cake for our first anniversary or eat it all right away? How many kids should we have? What is your favorite childhood memory? What is the best way to make your spouse happy? Is there a better way to say I'm sorry? What should we do on our anniversary? How should the household chores be divided? What did you do to celebrate your first anniversary? Tell your favorite TV couple to watch movies together. What is the best way to say I love you? What is your favorite thing about the groom? How to be a great husband and wife, where did you go for our wedding? A good breakfast in bed menu should include Love is _____. One piece of advice for married holidays is to draw a picture of our future home. The advice for being a good in-law is one piece of advice that can't be answered by the mom. There are more than a dozen pages with sweet quotes throughout the book and another 10 pages of section markers that are almost blank but have a floral design in the middle of the page. You could potentially use those pages for open messages. If you wanted. I wish it had a table of contents and page numbers. It would be great if the questions were grouped into categories. Guests would be able to see everything that's included and flip to answer their favorite questions. It's a hardcover book with a tight canvas cover. I wish the cover was water resistant as it doesn't seem like it's very strong, and I have some pretty noticeable knicks/dents. I plan on setting out instructions and a table of contents for guests at our wedding, I like the concept of this book. We won't have that many guests, but we will let them know they can fill out multiple questions if they want. I hope you have a beautiful wedding and I recommend this if you are considering it. It's a good thing. We went through the book after our wedding and were not impressed. It's partly due to our small guest count, but mostly due to the questions being so specific that we got very few answers and the ones we did get were short and weird. The way the questions are, a lot of the answers were short and only specifically answered the question, which we were expecting before but didn't realize how cold this concept would be for a wedding guest book. What's your favorite thing to do today? One guest said, "Wine." I don't think these types of messages should be in a wedding guest book. It seems like it's limiting and you won't get the standard messages like "you look so beautiful" or "Nice job", which we missed. A lot of people didn't sign their name even though we attached instructions to the book, so we don't know who some of the answers are from. The answers we received were limited due to the questions. It's going to be difficult to get your desired result if you have to get directions for people. I don't think these issues were caused by our guests. You wouldn't know the nature of the book until after it's been read. This is a different concept, but we really wish we had gone with a standard guest book as we would've rather had the normal well wishes and this guest book doesn't seem worth keeping now.


What is the best product for wedding guest books unique?

Wedding guest books unique products from Douxage. In this article about wedding guest books unique you can see why people choose the product. Freci and Midube are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding guest books unique.

What are the best brands for wedding guest books unique?

Douxage, Freci and Midube are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding guest books unique. Find the detail in this article. Bloom Daily Planners, Jecor and Y&k Homish are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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