Best Wedding Guest Book Alternative for 200 Guests

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1. Festa Wedding Polaroid Hardcover Registry

Festa Wedding Polaroid Hardcover Registry

With the help of a 1 DOT2 DIY scrapbook album, you can personalize yourself. It will be a great photo album. They're always here for you, so please contact them if you have any questions. Let's enjoy their journey. There is a novel book. A wedding guest book with a gold foil design is perfect for brides and grooms. The design is compact and sturdy. Premium pages are large enough for any party size. The sheets are thick. There is a photo book. This book can be used to save your memories in a more graphic form. It is a perfect gift for the bride. SATISFACTION COMMENTS: If you're not satisfied with their wedding guest book, you can return at any time for a full refund.

Brand: Generic

👤The product is good and pretty. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get the decorative page for the wedding. I think I will make my own using my machine.

👤The black paper is not used for writing in this book. You need to buy Sharpies the day before your wedding.

👤I was looking for a nice quality.

👤We used this to give our guests a place to put a copy of their photo booth photos in one place for us, and to add a note using the included pens. It worked well.

👤It is a small book for our photo booth wedding guest book. The markers it comes with aren't the best so it might be worth investing in a sharpie marker.

👤Beautiful! The pens are writing. My daughter's wedding is in May.

👤Was what I was looking for. Excellent quality!

👤I liked that the book was thick and easy to read. It's a great value for money.

2. Wedding Homish Wooden Decorations Natural

Wedding Homish Wooden Decorations Natural

Looking for a unique guest book to greet your guests at the wedding? Look no further! If you want to remember everyone that came to your event, hang this guestbook on your wall. The package includes a 15 inch x 13 inch white heart wooden guest book frame, 65 wooden hearts, and a natural plywood stand. Guests can write their names and well wishes on the wooden hearts and drop them on the frame. You can adjust the arrangement after your event with the EASY OPEN back. If you don't love your guest book or have any issues, please return for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Also, note: There is a plastic to protect the glass.

Brand: Y&k Molish

👤This was perfect for my wedding. Many people compliment it for being unique. It is possible to write on the hearts with ink pens. The hearts were colored with gel pens. Everyone can see my guest attendance in this way.

👤This is a great addition to the wedding and it looks cute. It was easy to make. The hearts were great, but you can only write a name, and you can't use permanent market, so I wish we had some instructions to use the white pens. It has a wooden stand. Unless kids show up, he holds his own. Everyone loved it.

👤A nice product for a wedding. I was disappointed that the small hearts didn't arrive.

👤I didn't have the Mr and Mrs. Its very cute.

👤I did a little modification. It turned out to be amazing.

👤Guests were able to sign for my event. I can either hang it or keep it. The hearts were not too big. I used a few that were too small.

👤My souvenir collection is a very good one because of the design.

3. Homish Wedding Alternative Decorations Reception

Homish Wedding Alternative Decorations Reception

Looking for a unique guest book to greet your guests? Look no further! If you want to remember everyone that came to your event, hang this guestbook on your wall. The package includes a brown wooden guest book frame with glass, 80 wooden hearts, and a plywood box. Guests can write their names and well wishes on the wooden hearts and drop them on the frame. You can adjust the arrangement after your event with the EASY OPEN back. If you don't love your guest book or have any issues, please return for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Also, note: There is a plastic to protect the glass.

Brand: Y&k Homish

👤I was expecting more quality for the price. It takes a long time to put together due to the poor construction of the parts, so make sure you have enough time for assembly. Guests can easily knock down the parts. There is a design flaw with the sign that is attached to the top of the box of hearts. The sign can't be attached to the box as there is no way to slide the sign through the allotted slots. It would have been nice to have a piece of chalk for the blackboard and a marker or two for guests to sign the hearts. The total cost of the project was higher than I expected, especially given the quality, after buying the required chalk and markers. The package I received did not include the large heart in the middle of the frame.

👤My daughter is getting married. My husband put this item together. It is very flimsy for the money and is cute. The cover for the box holding the hearts was printed upside down. We don't have time to send it back and get a replacement so we will have to suck it up and make something. For $45, one would expect better. If there is an issue with this product, I wouldn't recommend it. It's not worth the money even then.

👤The box that holds the hearts is difficult to put together, the instructions are not in line with the product, and the wood is cheap. The instructions for the box are very bad. The frame is cheap and cute. Good luck to the buyer.

👤The box for the hearts is flimsy, broke, and the lettering is black with the letters off spacing. The sign is made of the same material. This could be made with a shadow box.

👤This is a must have for a rustic wedding. Our guests wrote fun things on the hearts. You can use the provided prop or hang it on your wall. The box that holds the hearts is a terrible thing to put together, since the instructions did not match the pieces given.

👤This idea is better than a traditional book. We had a small wedding and I rearranged them with sticky tabs so they would stay and add other hearts. We can see it on the wall.

👤This is the worst place to buy things from. I tried to find a parts list, but no instructions were given. I realized that this was going to fall apart as soon as someone touched it. It looks nice in the picture. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤The box for the hearts is hard to put together. It is cheap and easy to break. The chalk sign had something on it. I have to find a way to cover that up. The frame and everything else is perfect.

👤The box that holds hearts is very fragile and takes a lot of patience. There is a Everything else is perfect.

👤The frames and hearts were beautiful. The box for the hearts was not easy to put together. I couldn't use it because the piece snapped off. The stand could have been bigger. The stand was not strong enough.

4. Wedding Alternative Traditional Picture Tabletop

Wedding Alternative Traditional Picture Tabletop

Large capital: Guests can write their names and well wishes on the 140 Blank Wooden Hearts in the package. You can adjust the arrangement after your event with the EASY OPEN back. Added value is added. The bundle consists of a traditional guest book and a drop top guest frame for a unique wedding decoration set. There are last moments. The Guest Frame is a great way to capture your wedding's special memories and would make a beautiful decoration for your home for many years. It is possible to display it on the wall or counter top. Guarantee quality. High quality heavy-duty is built to last. It was made by Excello Global Products. They have been making quality products for over 50 years.

Brand: Excello Global Products

👤The hearts are awesome, and this thing is sturdy. I didn't want to give a low score, but there were 2 issues. The first is the biggest, so you either have to change it or be ok with only seeing half the hearts. I wanted to get one with stars for my company, but it is too bad. You can't use just any pen because the ink will bleed on the hearts. We figured out what pen to use, but this info would have been helpful.

👤It was well protected and arrived on time. It looks very nice. It's possible to hang on a wall or on a stand. There is a The guest book is hardcover and the pages are good. Guests can use the Sharpies to sign the wooden hearts. My daughter looks forward to using this type of guest book at her wedding. The value is great.

👤I did a lot of research to find the item I wanted and chose the hinges drop top frame. I was hoping that the company had worked out the bugs after reading the other reviews that said the glass was broken when the frame arrived. One of the panels is cracked when I opened the box.

👤At my parent's 50th wedding celebration, this was a hit. Everyone loved being able to write sweet words and the kids loved putting them in the case. I think they will be very fond of this for a long time. The box was a little damaged, but the item was not damaged in any way, and it came on time.

👤Worst purchase ever! The first one was damaged and the second one was even more damaged. The wood was cracked and the frints refused to come off. It was the same price but different and beautiful. Don't buy this product. Our wedding is on the 20th of April and we absolutely love it! It was the worst thing ever received.

👤This package is very nice. My daughter is getting married. She didn't want a traditional sign-in. I wanted a traditional sign in. We decided that we would get the best of both worlds, and I am very happy that we did. The frame, guest sign-in book, and the fact that it can be a decorative piece afterwards are all nice.

👤I bought this for the memorial service of my mother. I wanted something different for her guest book. Everyone is signing the hearts and putting a note on them. The quality is good and I will be ordering more for future special occasions.

👤It was a gift. The first item I received was broken. The second one is perfect. She likes this goft.

5. Homish Wedding Alternative Decorations Reception

Homish Wedding Alternative Decorations Reception

Looking for a unique guest book to greet your guests at the wedding? It is a good choice for gift ideas. Is that correct? You can use this alternative wedding guest book to hang on your wall after your event to remember everyone that came and all the good memories that were made. The package includes a wooden stand box, a wooden guest book frame, and an 80 piece wooden heart. Guests can write their names and well wishes on the wooden hearts on the guest book sign. If you don't love your guest book or have any issues, please return for 100% no questions asked, and you can exchange it for a new one. There is a protective plastic on the glass.

Brand: Y&k Homish

👤I had to write the names and date on the heart because it didn't arrive with our names written. I have a nice letter.

6. Wedding Alternative Reception Guestbook Signing

Wedding Alternative Reception Guestbook Signing

There are 80 envelopes and 80 insert cards in the memory book. The wedding guestbook is a fun and unique way to remember your wedding day. A great addition to your sign-in table and home decoration is to relive your big day for years to come. With the guestbook set, loved ones can write their names, well wishes, and messages on the blank wooden blocks for the happy couple and build a tower of love that preserves all the good memories made. Superb Quality: Each wedding guest book set includes 72 natural wood blocks, 4 thick instruction paper signs, and 4 signing pens with color red, black, silver and gold. Each block is 3.5 x 1.1 x 0.6 inch. The wedding sign in guest book alternative can also be a wood block stacking game and the couple can reminisce on their special day every time they play the game with family or friends. This guest book alternative is an adorable decoration for engagement, wedding reception, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary parties, birthdays, and graduation.

Brand: Idea Nova

👤Guests at my daughter's wedding reception will be able to sign this as a fun souvenir. The quality of the blocks is perfect for guests to sign. The small signs are not great. We used the ones included, but had a sign made. We used our own markers, not the ones included. I think it's overpriced, and it's 4 stars.

👤The idea of this product is unique. I like that a book that is read once will not be put to waste. I like it so much that I and my friends started playing jenga with it. I don't like the idea of putting it on display without a box to cover it. I don't like that it's expensive.

👤Our daughter's wedding reception was a lot of fun. It's a useful twist on the guest book.

👤My product did not come with a box. Huge waste of money. Very unhappy.

👤The wood block set was used as a guest book at our wedding. It looks great and our guests loved it. It has four pens. Instead of a traditional guest book, we have it on the coffee table, and it gets people talking, and is fun to play.

👤The pens weren't included. I was very disappointed to have to purchase the pens separately.

👤The wedding guests loved it. When the bride and groom have a game night, it will be used again.

7. Wedding Alternative Rustic Wooden Hearts

Wedding Alternative Rustic Wooden Hearts

The wedding guestbook should be special and personalized. You will want to keep this for a long time. You can keep your happy memories in a guestbook. Guests can write their wishes and create priceless emotions. Guests can sign wooden hearts that are laser-cut. Personalize your wedding book. The back wall of the frame is easy to remove. The wedding concierge increases in size. As a student. Guests can sign the kit on the table that the stand is on. If you want to remember everyone who came, hang the frame on the wall after the event or use a stand. They carry out all stages of production ourselves, including design concept, laser cutting and engraving, grinding, painting, assembly and packaging. They control the quality of the product.

Brand: Woodencustomgift

👤It's hard to write on the little ones because the hearts are different sizes.

👤It's a good idea to put this product up before your event.

👤Please buy this product because it's great.

8. Kate Spade New York Wedding

Kate Spade New York Wedding

The wedding book contains resources to capture the names, kind words, and sound marriage advice of each person who helps make your day so special. The guest book is filled with 17 lined pages that give the attendants plenty of space to write down their names, addresses, well wishes, or memories for the happy couple to look back on. A journal book with 40 small notecards captures the kind words and marriage advice of each special person there to celebrate. There are 35 pages of envelopes that hold wedding advice cards and private messages. There is a sheet of stickers to keep the messages safe. The guest book for the wedding has a gold dot print that says "notes to the bride and groom". The Kate Spade New York signature wedding guestbook will be a cherished record of that day.

Brand: Kate Spade New York

👤It was really cute and well made. The cover is made of canvas, which is really nice. The envelopes for secret messages are very unique and come with clear stickers so guests can seal their notes in the envelope. It is difficult to put the cards in the envelope.

👤The guest book is cute. This book was a must-have for my wedding and I am a huge fan of Kate Spade. The little envelopes have secret notes. So cute!

👤I'm picky and this is gorgeous. Can't wait to have guests sign.

👤I was shopping for a book for our daughter's wedding. This was beautiful. I got a lot of praise.

👤Can't wait to use this for my wedding!

👤Lleg sucio.

9. Alternative Decorative Decorations Reception Birthdays

Alternative Decorative Decorations Reception Birthdays

This autograph picture fame is a perfect gift for a wedding party or ceremony. Your friends, family and co-workers will be delighted to receive this frame to decorate their wedding ceremony or party. A number of variables go into it, but they estimate the number of signatures based on the sign's size. If you are looking for a unique and charming guest book for your wedding then you have found it. The signature wedding sign frame and welcome sign are included in the pack. Their rustic wedding guest book frame is the perfect alternative to traditional guest books to make your big day more memorable and enjoyable for you and your guests while doubling as a souvenir for the future. Blending in to add more charm and personality to your walls is what it is designed to do. The metal hooks on the back of the alternative wedding guest book sign are easy to hang. You can hang it up on your walls to make them look better and keep the memory fresh. The wooden sign stand is stable. Their wedding picture frame sign is the perfect addition to your big day, it's also the perfect choice for birthdays, engagement parties, anniversaries, celebrations, and any other occasion you have in mind.

Brand: Gotoshop

👤We bought this for my grandpas. It was great! The crowd loved it and thought it was a great idea, as guest books tend to sit in a drawer for years and never be used again. The frame is an art piece in my grandparents home. My grandpa likes to see the messages from his friends and family.

👤I bought this for my daughter's wedding and will be able to see who was at her wedding forever.

👤I received the package and the markers were dry, but I don't know if there is a way to get a replacement or a refund.

👤It's a good quality and much bigger.

10. Bloom Daily Planners Registry Guestbook

Bloom Daily Planners Registry Guestbook

A case bound guest book has a gold ribbon bookmark. The front cover of the "Guest Book" has gold foil on it. The book has gold gilded edges. There are 120 blank lined pages for signatures. You can use it at weddings, showers, guest houses, or any other event that you want to remember. It makes a great gift.

Brand: Bloom Daily Planners

👤The book was great for my wedding. I'm glad I bought this because I was debating between making a photo book or just buying it. I'm going to make a different photobook that includes the wedding pictures, so I didn't want to spend more time and money on a photobook. I like this book because it is simple and modern. I had enough pages for everyone to sign or write a note. I wish I'd done that, but I forgot to appoint your maid of honor to get the bridal party signatures on a page together.

👤The guest book was damaged during shipping. Some hair products leaked and spilled on me. I wish they packaged them better. The book is beautiful and thick with a gold edge. Since I didn't have time to get another, I was able to use it.

👤Each guest was able to take up a whole page and not take away space to write in. I used the same guest book for both the baby shower my family had and the shower my boyfriend's family had, and there were still pages left over. The gold trim on the book looks nice when it is closed. I ordered a second one for baby #2 and am excited that each kid will have their own. I searched high and low for a good guestbook and this is the one I found that is gender neutral as well and I would recommend it for weddings. There are about 160 pages in the lined pages. Is this it?

👤The guest book is beautiful. The gold coloring made me purchase it. The gold edges on the inside pages make me happy. I am using this at my wedding and I loved that it has a high number of pages. Would definitely recommend.

👤It was used for my grandparent's 50th anniversary party. The pages were very high quality, and it went perfectly with the gold and elegant theme we went with. We used a gel-like pen and it didn't blend through the pages. If you are looking for a high quality guest book, it is highly recommendable.

👤Good quality and simple. It's plain and elegant enough to be generic. For my mother in law's anniversary, she was very happy with it.

👤I gave this 4 stars because I expected the book to be bigger. The gold edging on the book was very nice. A nice sake after the wedding is over.

👤The guest book is very high quality and not cheap. I would highly recommend it. It will complement the rest of our decor.

👤This was a great buy. In person, what I saw on Amazon was amazing. The quality of the guest book was not cheap. The gold and white look is classic.

11. Darlene Louisa Alternatives Decoration Personalized

Darlene Louisa Alternatives Decoration Personalized

This premium hardbound guestbook is a great place to keep sweet memories, wishes and personalized notes. The guest book is a one-of-a-kind souvenir. The brand is owned by Majoris LLC. 55x45 cm with 200 hearts. It's not a color sticker like other guest books. Express Delivery Worldwide. There are CUSTOM COLOR options. Please send an email to them with your information, so that they can personalize it.

Brand: Darlene Louisa

👤I expected it to be better quality for as long as it took to get it. It's cheap.

👤I bought this for my wedding guestbook and it is absolutely beautiful. I like it.

👤Exactly what I ordered, it was beautiful. They went above and beyond to make sure it was my wedding colors. The order arrived quickly. Thank you.

👤My daughter is very excited to use this as a guest book. It turned out great. Good quality and well written. I love it!

👤The board was cute but the name decals were peeling off. It worked well as a wedding guest book.


What is the best product for wedding guest book alternative for 200 guests?

Wedding guest book alternative for 200 guests products from Generic. In this article about wedding guest book alternative for 200 guests you can see why people choose the product. Y&k Molish and Y&k Homish are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding guest book alternative for 200 guests.

What are the best brands for wedding guest book alternative for 200 guests?

Generic, Y&k Molish and Y&k Homish are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding guest book alternative for 200 guests. Find the detail in this article. Excello Global Products, Y&k Homish and Idea Nova are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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