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1. Wedding Floral Handled Birthday Classic

Wedding Floral Handled Birthday Classic

Each bag has a size of approx. and is portable and easy to store. The baby shower tag is approximately 3.54 inches. It's easy to carry and store and is suitable for writing and drawing on the surface. The double side design of the wedding favor bags make them more attractive and convenient to carry, when the dessert is filled with more to enhance its value, not only beautiful and easy to carry, but the handle of the dessert bags make you more convenient to pack. 60 packs of wedding treat bags in floral design are convenient to store multiple items and can be shared with friends and family members. Enough room for storing. Each gift bag for wedding is 22 x 15 x 6 cm, 8.66 x 5.91 x 2.36 inches, it is easy to fill with candy, cookies, and doughnuts, the foldable feature also allows you to fold the wedding gift bag when you do not use, save more space The wedding candy bag can be reapplied multiple times, because it is made of quality white kraft paper, which is clearly printed in full color without smell, hard to break or deform, safe and reliable. The candy bags for wedding can be used for party favors, weddings, and dessert stores, to thank the guests attending the wedding for bringing dessert candy.

Brand: Marspark

2. Drawstring Jewelry Wedding Birthdays Festival

Drawstring Jewelry Wedding Birthdays Festival

The package includes 36 bags. The bag will look more elegant and delicate at the party if you add a heart-shaped linen decoration to it. The heart pouch is perfect for gifts. The material makes them sturdy and can be used for a long time. You can write whatever you want on the gift tag, it's a way to personalize it. The Linen Pockets are so useful and Multipurpose that they can be used for many settings. You can use the bag to store jewelry,candy,watches,coffee beans, seeds, soap, coins,gift and other small items, and make it look great, and protect them from dust. You will get 30 heart bags with 30 ropes and tags. They include a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their product. If you don't like their bags, just send them back to them for a full refund. Their priority is to keep you happy.

Brand: Filifala

👤It was disappointing that missing tags had to be used and no time to wait for replacements. There were no tags in the shipment.

👤These bags are great for what I need. They are like a plastic coated material, which is fine with me. They are a lot of money. I will buy them again.

👤These are wonderful for a bridal shower and can be filled with whatever you want. I filled them with chocolate candies. I had a sticker made for myself that I could attach easily to the tag. I will be giving a bridal shower in January.

👤These little bags were great for Christmas ornaments. Excellent purchase and efficient delivery.

👤These little bags are cute.

👤I bought these baggies for my wedding. These are perfect for little bags. It's perfect for little goodies, like little fun sized candy for our guests. The quality is very good. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The bag has gift tags.

3. OSpecks Premium Reception Business 8x4 75x10

OSpecks Premium Reception Business 8x4 75x10

The bags are made from high-quality paper. Their white thank-you gift bags are designed with 120 smilng premium paper materials in mind, compared to 100 smilng or less from competitors. The stylish flat paper handle design will make your gifts stand out from the crowd. Heavy duty glue makes the bag sturdy and reliable. You can pack your items or merchandise in no time with the lovely and classy thank-you artwork printed on both the back and front sides of the gift bags. Grab and go! Use these quality paper bags as wedding welcome bags, premium shopping bags for merchandise with your business logo, packing items for donations, goodies for conferences, products at craft fairs, loading cookies and candies for fun and affordable party favor bags that children and adults would love to decorate, and 100% renewable and bio-renewable. Let's save the planet one bag at a time. These paper bags are earth friendly and can be recycled. They are extremely affordable and sturdy, with great bulk wholesale pricing. You will be able to hold these bags in no time with the free and fast shipping on Amazon Prime. They are excited to make and offer great products for all of their customers. Let them know if you're not happy with their items and they'll make it right for you. Make your purchase with confidence.

Brand: Ospecks

👤I love these bags. I was looking for them. I am an independent consultant. I ordered these to deliver my customers orders. My customers love them too. They are sturdy and cute. I will be ordering more. Soon at that! I'm almost out. A very happy customer! Thank you!

👤I use this product as shopping bags for my crafts. The product is excellent, but I feel it is a bit pricey for the quantity. The handles are flat so it is more comfortable to carry and the bag is made of a good consistency so there is no worry about it ripping. I feel that it is more expensive than it should be. Someone who has done shows for a long time has tried many different bags. The image on the bag was what drew me to this product.

👤Our son's first birthday theme is Let's have a ball, these bags fit that perfectly. The bags hold a good amount of weight. We walked around the house with a 64oz of bubble solution in one of the bags. We will be giving out a lot of toys at our son's birthday party and we will be putting a lot of them in the bags for the kids.

👤I bought these after buying a brand of bags that were less durable. The bags were going to be worth the purchase, I could see it in the other photos. They are just a picture and a nice final touch. It is worth the purchase to have your customers feel appreciated.

👤These bags are wonderful! I found quality bags on Amazon when I moved to a studio salon suite. They are very sturdy, I can put six or more items in the bag, and they hold the weight of the items perfectly. The fact that they say thank you adds to how great they are. I have bought these three times and will continue to do so. These bags are perfect.

👤I used these for my friend's wedding welcome bags. They were large enough to hold two bottles of water, a small bottle of wine, two individual bags of pretzels, and a few other small items. A great purchase!

👤The bag has exceeded my expectations. My daughter's upcoming wedding is where I bought them. They look expensive and sturdy. I haven't used them as a wedding yet. What I have been looking for. Thank you.

👤It was perfect! I bought these for my husband's 40th birthday dinner party and didn't expect them to be as strong as they were. There was more room in the bag for the t-shirt and small trinkets. I thoroughly read reviews, but you never know if you share the same liking as others. These worked out well. The handles look sturdy. A great purchase.

4. Paper Gift Bags Handles Bachelorette

Paper Gift Bags Handles Bachelorette

The silver bags are easy to store in and don't take up a lot of space. These glossy white paper gift bags are perfect for any occasion, from a baby shower to a holiday party. Stand out for special issues. The bags are small and perfect for wedding and bridal shower gifts. These gift bags are very versatile and can be used for a lot of things. Small to medium-sized gifts can be wrapped easily. The bags are glossy and are perfect for wrapping small gifts. Personalize these white gift bags with handwritten notes or messages on the attached custom tag. You will always have a trendy gift bag on hand or easily wrap multiple gifts with this pack of a dozen bags. These high-quality white paper gift bags are durable and can be used multiple times, saving you time and money.

Brand: Occasionall

👤A perfect size for a gift bag. Excellent quality, very durable, and a great price. I use the bags to put my essential oil products in and give them to friends and family. You can use plain colored or pretty design wrapping paper to make it look more fancy. Adding your own design to the bag is possible. I have different colors of the bags.

👤I was looking for bags. I put my stickers on them for my 50th birthday. Very strong. They look expensive, not like a cheap bag.

👤The bags are very attractive. Good size handles. Highly recommended. I will order again.

👤These welcome bags were perfect for my wedding guests. It was very easy to hold 2 water bottles, chips, and candy.

👤Excellent purchase. Fast delivery, quality, andDurability, all good.

👤Great for teacher gifts. It is easy to decorated for personalization. Good size. Sturdy and held up well.

👤Looks great but not sturdy, which ruins the aesthetic.

👤Better than I anticipated. Both sturdy and attractive.

5. Bridal Party Wedding Bride Tissue

Bridal Party Wedding Bride Tissue

Each pouch is portable and will fit in purses to carry on the go. Wedding party gift bags are used for party favors or presents at an upcoming wedding reception or bachelor party. If you want to ask your friends and family to be in your wedding party, you can fill the team bride or team groom bags with gifts and sweet treats. The perfect size of the paper gift bags for wedding favors is 8 x 9 inches, perfect for holding clothing, small gifts, and treats. The black and white bridal party gift bags are made from high-quality paper and the text reads "TEAM bride" and "TEAM groom" on the front. The pack includes 10 team bride gift bags, 10 team groom gift bags, and 20 sheets of tissue paper.

Brand: Juvale

👤Cute bridal party bags. We were able to fit a small bottle of alcohol and pocket knives for groomsmen. Everything else fit perfectly despite the bridesmaids bags not fitting the hangers. A bag was used for 12 people in a wedding. We had a lot left. If you have heavier items, beware.

👤These were very cute. I bought them for our wedding party. The bags are a good size, durable, and include tissue paper. I wish it had included a tag for each bag or something to label who the gifts were for. I bought tags to tie on because I didn't want to write on them. They are a great value and I would recommend them.

👤The bags were cute. They did what a bag should do. I had to peel off the side of the bag to open it. It wasn't a big deal, just made the side a bit thinner from where I had to peel it.

👤This was the smallest pack in stock that I was looking for and I didn't need this many for my wedding party. It would have been better if it came in different sizes. The bags are cute in person but don't hold up as well as the gift bags.

👤I used these as my gift bags, but they are not what I expected. They are bigger than I thought and they are wrinkled. Two of the bags were folded really weird. I couldn't use those. I think it is a cute idea. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤Cute! We used these for gifts. They were very durable and perfect size.

👤These bags are perfect for gifts. They are cute and great price, but I wish they were bigger.

👤Sacchetti bellissimi e resistenti! Hanno assolutamente soddisfatto le mie aspettative.

👤The product worked great for our wedding gifts.

👤The bags are cute, but crease and bend very easily, so they arrived at my door already used.

👤Excellent quality! Great value! It was a bonus that there was perfectly sized tissue paper.

👤The perfect size for what we need.

6. Loveinside Bags Coloful Pattern Shopping Parties

Loveinside Bags Coloful Pattern Shopping Parties

Papyrus offers premium stationery, greetings cards, gift wrap, gift bags and entertaining products for everyday occasions and all holiday seasons with unique designs and quality adornments. Is there a choice problem? You will have 4 designs at a time if you buy this. Sturdy gift bags made of recycled cardboard. It's nice for packing or storing. The right size to fit your gift box is 7 L x 4 W x 9 H, but please check the size to make sure. It is possible to use bags separately to give the recipient an impressive holiday gift, as well as to wrap a birthday gift, proposal gift, wedding gift, business gift, or Mother's Day gift. Risk free when buying now. If you don't like it, just return it, and they'll replace it if there is a problem.

Brand: Loveinside

👤Exactly as pictured. The handles wouldn't stay in place, but the aglets on the ends of the string had a slit, so I had to move it into place.

👤The bags were strong. Did not get the tissue paper that it says it does. When I needed the bags and tissue paper, I only paid the price for 4 bags.

👤These are cute and well made but if you're like me, the size description doesn't really mean anything, they're not a medium bag. They're small. I got these for a baby shower and the small gift I got wouldn't fit in it.

👤The handles pull out of the hole when you try to pick up the bag. I tried to put knots in the ribbon, but it didn't work. I ordered 8 bags and all of them had the same issue. They are pretty, but I wouldn't recommend them.

👤I like these bags. It is very different from what you might find at your localDOLLAR store. I would love to be able to get something like this in a larger size. These are the best for smaller gifts.

👤They are very cute. They have gold string with mini tags and 4 sheets of tissue paper. I couldn't fix the ends of the bag because the ribbons for the handles kept going through it. I just tied them up. The other 3 had no problems. The bags seem to be thicker than the store bags.

👤These are the most adorable bags. Matching gift tags are very sturdy. There were 8 sheets of white tissue paper with it.

👤These bags are very cheap. I bought them with a gift. I forget bags. These are sturdy and will hold a small bag. The bags are small. They look nice. I got a lot of questions about where they were purchased.

👤I needed gift bags for birthday presents so I purchased these bags on line. They are perfect for what I wanted. I was hesitant in purchasing because gift tags were not included in the questions and answers. Gift tags are included. The seller could add this to the product spec as I didn't see any tags mentioned. I would recommend them.

👤I wouldn't say there is a medium as there is a very small hand that would fit a birthday card.

👤It looks exactly like a photo and it arrives with tissue paper and gift tags. Would recommend.

👤The bags are small and therefore expensive.

👤It's pretty and lovely. I would get them again.

7. SumDirect Organza Wedding Drawstring Pouches

SumDirect Organza Wedding Drawstring Pouches

50 sets of key opener, you escort card, and jute rope. The jewelry pouches are made of premium material. Favors, weddings, parties, watches, bracelets, stones, gifts, crafts, jewelry, sachets, anniversaries, festival or any other celebration occasions are suitable for versatile usage. White rose decorated bags are lovely to the bag. Size: 10x12 cm. The bags come with a smooth draw string, it is easy to close and open them.

Brand: Sumdirect

👤These bags are really nice. I thought they would be more transparent but they are sheer and it's easy to see what's inside. I used it on both circle and square gifts. I had to fluff it up a bit because the white roses were a little flat, but I don't want the whole thing to come unglued. I highly recommend this purchase, it was a solid one for the purpose.

👤It is a little pricier than normal favor bags, but it has the added touch of flowers. The flowers made me want to buy these bags over the plain ones that were cheaper. Most of the bags were clean. I only had one bag that was messed up. It was an easy fix with a line of hot glue. There were some flowers that were on the verge of unraveling. The hot glue from the flowers stuck onto the other side of the bag, but a little pull separated it.

👤They are cute. I originally bought them to put Bride & Groom cookies in, but once you pull the drawstring on these cute little bags, it takes some inches away. I couldn't use them for that because they worked so well to put wedding mints in for wedding favors. I will put one by each plate at the reception.

👤I plan to fill some with lip balm and some with lavender buds to make wedding favors. They are perfect for my needs. The flowers add a nice touch and dress them up a notch. I took a few out of the package to try them. They look like they are well made and uniform. If the occasion arises, I would purchase again. I might get more to use for gifts.

👤I received 48 after purchasing 50. I received three that were not usable. I have 45. The 45 was easy to fill. They were used to make lavender sachets. The product has issues because of factory mistakes. I know I won't get 50 of them, but I would probably purchase them again, as I know I will only have 45 usable ones.

👤Three of the four bags were good, but one was full of defects. The stitching in the bottom of the bags is loose or there are holes in them. I'll be sending it back for a new one. The pictures are not attached at this time.

👤I filled them with lavender buds and left enough room to bury a cotton ball with a few drops of lavender and peppermint essential oils. I'm going to sell them like crazy as a treat for my friends. I used a purple felt tip marker to lend a bit of color to them. I hope Amazon carries them forever.

👤I bought favor bags. They will need ironing to make them look presentable, and 15 of them were missing roses or bows. I only need 20 and this isn't much of a problem. What are you expecting for 20 cents each? I paid for 50 and should have received 50 that were usable. They are the perfect size for little favors.

8. Papyrus Lasting Wedding Tissue Sheets

Papyrus Lasting Wedding Tissue Sheets

Great gift. They will think of you when they drink their wine. Each bag is 15 in. X 6 1/2 in. X 18 in. Each sheet is 20 in. x 26 in. There are gift bags that hold items such as dvds, video games or smaller clothing items. Papyrus large gift bags are great for showing your style. The set includes a bag with glitter, a die-cut cuff, faux pearls, foil and ribbon handles. Papyrus offers premium stationery, greetings cards, gift wrap, gift bags and entertaining products for everyday occasions and all holiday seasons with unique designs and quality adornments.

Brand: Papyrus

👤I needed a big bag to hold the bakeware for the shower. The bag fit the bill. It was sturdy and big, but it was well received. The ribbon that was used as the carry handle was strong enough to hold some weight. The bride-to-be and many in the crowd mentioned how beautiful the bag was. The golden tissue paper, which was included, made the gift look like a crown.

👤Very disappointed. This was the largest bag I could find that fit the occasion of my sister's bridal shower. It was torn.

9. Welcome Wedding Letters Birthday Supplies

Welcome Wedding Letters Birthday Supplies

It is their job to make every customer satisfied with the service and product quality. If you have any questions or are not satisfied with their products, please contact them via email. You will receive 24 white hotel welcome bags, printed with the welcome, so as to create a homey atmosphere, and the quantity is enough to meet your wedding needs and daily use. The bags are designed with twist handles that are convenient to carry and are suitable for various items like gifts and small toys. The wedding day is an important day in your life, the hotel wedding welcome bags are printed with roses and eucalyptus leaves which symbolize everlasting love, the trendy and classic elements can bring a romantic ambient for your wedding. The sturdy wedding bags are made of white paper (120 gsm) with no odor, sturdy and lightweight, can be applied repeatedly, and they can serve you for a long time. These elegant medium welcome gift bags can be used as wedding bags, party goody bags, shopping bags, and more, and can be applied for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Halloween, carnival parties, ceremony, performance, anniversary, baby shower.

Brand: Chinco

10. BagDream 8x4 75x10 5 Embossed Bridesmaid Graduation

BagDream 8x4 75x10 5 Embossed Bridesmaid Graduation

100% recycled paper. The bags are extra strong. The gold foil welcome design was printed on both the back and front sides of the gift bags. Premium paper bags. The paper twist handles on the welcome gift bags are well constructed. Solid square bottoms make it stand alone. These bags are made from recycled paper. There is a FSC complaint. There are 8 paper bags. Holding up to 8LBS. These medium size paper bags can be used as wedding welcome bags, party favor bags, merchandise bags, used in bridal party and restaurant, and many more. It is possible to recycle and reuse. These eco-friendly and classic paper bags have no strange smell and are great for reuse. Shopping is worry-free. They don't want their valued customers to be disappointed. If you have a reason you don't like their bags, email them and they'll fix it. The hassle of shipping the bags back is why you should keep the paper bags.

Brand: Bagdream

👤The bags were ordered to be used for overnight guests at a wedding. The bags held a lot of items, including 2 water bottles, 2 bags of chips, cookies and pretzels, and a few other items. The shipment was on time.

👤The bags are very good for the price. They are better at 50 cents per bag than at the dollar tree. They were used as welcome bags for new neighbors. They are very cute and have different colored tissue paper. I have heavy items in the bag, but no one has ripped them. I will buy these bags again.

👤I bought these for our destination wedding and was very pleased. I had previously ordered bags from other sellers but didn't like the quality. The material looks high quality and the gold foil made it easy to decorate these. They were large enough to hold all the goodies we wanted to give our guests, and they were also light in weight. They took up a lot of space. Would recommend!

👤These bags are used for neighborhood welcome. We decorate to them and they are great. Match our colors. We've been using them for 3 years.

👤The bags are exactly like the picture. I like them a lot. If the bags look like they were cut with a box cutter, that's a problem. Order fulfillment should have caught that. That is the only reason I did not get a 5 stars. I will have enough for my event, so it's not that big of a deal. I got them fast as well.

👤The bag is perfect. The gold wording is on both sides of the size I was looking for. This will work great for my favor bags. I am so excited to see what my guests think of this.

👤These were bought to make welcome bags for wedding guests. It was large enough for a bottle of water.

👤The product makes you feel welcome and holds your stuff.

11. Pack11 8 Square Greeting Wedding Birthday

Pack11 8 Square Greeting Wedding Birthday

Please double check the bag size before ordering. Wide, tall, and deep. The size is 11.8”H,11.8”W, and 11.8”D. There is a marble gift bags and a greeting card. It is made of high quality white cardboard. It's perfect for weddings, graduation, Christmas, new year, and other large gifts.

Brand: Bobobag

👤The gift bag is almost like a whole nother section. I was amazed at how useful this bag was with the gifts I had. It was better than what I had in mind. I will order again.

👤The gift bags are simple and nicely constructed, and are perfect for several gifts. Will suggest to family and friends.


What is the best product for wedding gift bag small?

Wedding gift bag small products from Marspark. In this article about wedding gift bag small you can see why people choose the product. Filifala and Ospecks are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding gift bag small.

What are the best brands for wedding gift bag small?

Marspark, Filifala and Ospecks are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding gift bag small. Find the detail in this article. Occasionall, Juvale and Loveinside are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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