Best Wedding Frame 5x7

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1. Upsimples Home Composite Tabletop Hardware

Upsimples Home Composite Tabletop Hardware

The design includes 4 - 8x10 inch classic picture frames and hanging accessories for hassle-free display in both horizontal and vertical formats to hang flat against the wall. The material is material. The frames are made of wood. They come with a glass that protects your photos from dust. Use and display are important. It's perfect for pictures with mats or without mats. The opening size of the mat is 4.5x6 inches, which makes it better to hold your 5x7 photos. If their frame mat opening size is larger than 5x7, your photos will fall out of the picture frame. Donations and gifts: There are pictures of family, friends, pets, landscape, and vacation. A gift that can be used to display paintings or other artwork. The Upsimples Home Frames are packaged to make sure they are safe. There is a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Upsimples Home

👤The frames are semi elegant with a black finish, sturdy, and reasonably priced. Even though I didn't use the option at this time, I still love it. It is easy to disassemble and assemble. The small tool that looks like a guitar pick is used to lift the prongs on the back, instead of breaking a fingernail. I don't know what the 5 white things are, but I didn't need them. They have the hanging or table options. I would recommend and buy again.

👤The look is beautiful and elegant. The price for 4 frames w mats was low, so they would be cheaper to look at. What a great product. I can't say enough about how nice these are.

👤Great frames, better quality than most. The stand has a ribbon around it. It is rigged to hang vertically or horizontally. The tabs are strong. They were packed well. I am very impressed.

👤The Upsimples Home 8x10 inch without mat, real glass and wood frame is perfect for my daughter's needs. These frames did the job for her at her work office. It was nice to include the hanging hardwear. Thank you Upsimples Home for a great product and service.

👤I got these for a birthday gift and printed some pictures to put in it. It is very sturdy, and it has nice glass and cardboard. The best part is that they can be hung vertically or horizontally and can be used on a table with a built in stand. I don't know if they will use the nails or the hangers, but they looked pretty cool. I was very impressed with the value of these and so glad I didn't buy one for $20 at the craft store, because I found this four pack for the same price on Amazon. I will be buying more for our home.

👤I thought the frames would be solid, but they were not. I think I could get the same quality from Dollar General.

👤These aren't the finest wood frames you will see or buy, but they aren't priced like the best. They look like real wood and seem to last. The small blue picks that are included are useful for removing the backs of the frames, and the enclosed hooks are at first confusing if you have never seen that type before. They work well once mounted. The cost for four frames is a good value.

👤These frames are not that bad. I wanted to spray paint them for my daughter's nursery. I wasn't able to spray paint them. They are coated with something to give the appearance of wood grain and make the paint separate. I was going to keep going! I tried to paint them. It didn't work. I used a wall paint as a base coat after I sanded some more. There are two layers of that. I was able to spray paint them. I didn't want to go back to the store after having my color. It is possible if you plan to paint these. Don't use spray paint.

2. Upsimples Picture Collage Tabletop Display

Upsimples Picture Collage Tabletop Display

The frame is made of multi-patterned material and set in the same sizes. These frames are made of high definition glass to protect your picture. If you remove the mat, the frames can fit a 5x7 photo. The Mat opening is small in order to hold it strong. It is not a defect. As the children and grandchildren grow, it will no longer be a chore to change them out as the backing is removed. A great gift for a best friend's birthday. You can use the frame to hang a portrait on the wall, or place it on the table. Hardware and non-trace nails are included. The frame is wrapped very carefully to make sure it is safe to ship. Don't worry about damaged products.

Brand: Upsimples

👤The set is not of luxury type but it is a good deal. The frames are large enough for a nice wall decoration and the glass is HD. Double sided 3M tape will save you from having to figure out how to attach the frames to the wall. It worked for us. If it was for you, please mark this post as helpful. Thank you!

👤It's really a waste of money. The packaging was good. That is it. The frame is plastic, not glass. The mats have flaws. The plastic that protects the glass is difficult to remove. The corners of the frames are not finished. I will not buy from this company again. The only reason I am not coming back is because I had a project and sent these to my best friend in Florida as a gift, with a note that said "I'm sorry for the crappy frames" but that's what I get for ordering last minute.

👤My son's room is where I got these. I couldn't get them to hang straight on the hanger that came with them. Not a problem. I used command strips. They were perfect, and what I was looking for. I dropped one while hanging them, and broke an outlet cover, but they are very durable. I didn't have a problem with the plastic screen and the time it took to peel the film off both sides of the screen, even though a lot of people are upset about it. I bought them for a child's room. Glass isn't needed. You can't beat that at $3.60 a frame. They were perfect.

👤I don't know why anyone would think that these are not fancy frames or even mid-range frames, but they are good for simple applications. There is a protective film layer on both sides of the poly "glass" that must be removed before use. If the film isn't removed from both sides, the inserted image will be clouded, which can be confusing. The poly should be scratch-free after removing it. You can't clean it as vigorously as you can glass it. I used photos of flowers from an old calendar and sprayed-painted plastic frames to create decorations for my elderly mother's room. I'll be happy if one of the frames falls off the wall, because there's no heavy wood, metal, ceramic, or glass that could hurt my mom. I would buy this product again if I needed it.

👤I love these frames. It was perfect for my daughters room. I will order more for my travel wall.

👤The frames are 5x7 with white Matt or 8x10 without. It's very unclear. These were returned because of deceptive info.

👤These are small frames. The inside cut of the mat is not 5x7 as it is closer to 4.5x6 so there is lip to catch the photo. The mats were popular because I don't like cutting them myself. I need to enlarge the holes by.25 inch. The holes are smaller than 5x7. After taking half an inch off every side you are left with a 4x6 opening which is not what I need.

3. Rising Star Folding Picture Pressed

Rising Star Folding Picture Pressed

The dimensions: The dimensions are 5.25 x 7.25 x 0.8 inch. Depending on the margin between the edge of the frame you prefer, it can fit up to 5x7 inch photos. There is a display. It's great for showing pictures, dried flowers, plant specimen, and vintage postcards. Can be mounted on the wall. Birthday, Christmas, wedding, and baby shower are some of the events that event and gift are great for. The frame is easy to use, just attach the photo and secure it. If their frame doesn't meet your expectations, just message them and they'll give you a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Rising Star Supply

👤I love this frame. The picture Falling through comes with a sticker on each piece of glass that you can use to stick the picture to, but it comes with a small sticky surface on top of the sticker. I tried to remove it before I realized what it was. I realized I had read a review where someone had complained about a little sticker ruining the frame. I feel bad for the person who left a negative review because they probably didn't realize the purpose of the review was to hold the picture or item in between the glass. I will be buying more and in different sizes. It is elegant and modern.

👤My older sister wanted to give each of her daughters something special. My sister had me look at her and her husband's photos from their high school days. They were captured in pictures when they first fell in love. We looked all over for frames to display the 2 photos. I found these frames on Amazon. These frames were the perfect accent to the photos. These photos were especially touching because my brother-in-law passed away 10 years ago. I was able to add an attractive backing on the outside of the frames because they are so unique with glass on all four sides. You could put 4 photos in them. You could also create a see-thru matt by suspending a smaller photo in the center of the frames. The thin golden frame is so delicate that it makes a boarder, and the locks on the top add a subtle flourish to the whole look. I asked a question on Amazon and they replied immediately, most people don't reply for a while. It was possible because they got these frames to me so fast. They were very helpful and kind about the situation. I can't speak highly enough of their service and product. If you need picture frames for any project, please look at their products.

👤This was a 75th birthday gift for my mother in law who recently lost her mom to Covid and hasn't seen her grandsons in a year. There was a photo of my hubs as a tot on the inside and a photo of our son on the other side. I wanted my 17month old to make art for his grandma. It was very secure in shipping and turned out great. The only complaint I have is that the picture opened like a book but only latched on the top. My son's art work had some confetti glue to paper and things would slide. The project had to be pressed under a stack of books for a few days to get the desired result. I would have preferred it to open on the bottom to make the single latch more efficient.

👤I bought this frame to use at the welcome table for my wedding, and eventually to use in my home. The frame is beautiful and better than the photos. My frame had a small crack in one of the glass pieces. They will replace the frame at no cost to me after talking to the seller. How amazing! When the new frame arrives, I will post photos. I received my new frame and it is perfect. I can't wait to use it at my wedding.

4. Malden International Designs Morgan Picture

Malden International Designs Morgan Picture

5x7 diecast metal; pewter finish; dimensional moulding; vertical or horizontal wall display. Premium quality materials. There is diecast metal with pewter finish and scuplture of jewels and swings on glass that can be easily changed. During look The frame has a smooth finish in pewter and holds a 5x7 inch photo in a 4.5x6 inch display opening. Overall dimensions are 6.125”W x 8.125”H x 0.75”D. It's perfect for every application. Add new life to your space with this diecast pewter frame from Malden International Designs, a high quality fashion design that makes an appealing gift for housewarmings, birthdays, holidays and more. Securing the package is done with padded packaging with corner-to-corner protection.

Brand: Malden International Designs

👤The frame was packaged well to protect it from the elements. The frame is made of real glass and has a nice velvet backing. It is easy to put photos in and out. It will last a long time. It was definitely worth what I paid. I love the design of the frame, but I'm not sure how it would fit with traditional home decor. The frame is larger than I expected and holds a 5x7 photo. Definitely not minimalist. I like the swirling style of the frame. I think it would look great in a room with a theme like "Moroccan", or something like "Boho and fun". I recommend this frame to everyone.

👤The frame is very nice and has a "Marcasite" texture. This is an excellent frame if you want to make your item stand out. The frame looks great. It is definitely above average. Price and shipping are things to watch. Shipping can be anywhere from 2 days to 2 months, and the price is different. I'm assuming both are related to sellers. Wait for those lower numbers and be patient. The shipping was only available for 2 days the next week.

👤The frame is very well made. Two friends and one family love the frame we gave them. It is strong. Superb quality at an exceptional price. The frame is ornamental but it works well in our home and has been commented on by several guests. The frames made by Malden are very high quality. We've never purchased frames that had issues. You cannot go wrong with this frame at this price point.

👤It's a metal frame. It's not nearly as heavy as pewter. The glass didn't break, but the packaging was poor. I bought this for someone. I don't think it's nice to give as a gift. It looks a bit cheap.

👤I put a formal photo of my parents in this frame, and it looks great. The picture on Amazon shows the frame in a different way. I was surprised.

👤I used to be a professional framer. The quality of the frames I've gotten is great. I will only buy Malden now. Finding good quality means searching and you pay for it. I trust the online store for frames. The fine lines and details are better than any other I've seen. I like the choice of hangers on a small frame. The glass is good quality and they are well packaged. The plastic corner pieces on the glass don't chip or wiggle in the metal frame, which is a nice detail.

👤I bought this frame for my father's Christmas present. It is pretty. Not cheap looking. I gave it to him with my son's picture inside. He has other photos on his mantel. He said it was one of the best gifts he had ever received. I love the frame so much I will buy it again when I need it. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤This is a beautiful, solid little frame for a reasonable price, but it is also expensive. I am very happy with myself.

5. Artsay Picture Frames Sparkle Tabletop

Artsay Picture Frames Sparkle Tabletop

There is material. The mirror glass gives a good view of your photos. It protects your pictures from damage. It is easy to clean. The design is attractive. The picture frames have a silver border and are sparkle glass. Flexibility and dexterity. The photos can be added or changed with a button at the back. Portrait or landscape orientation photo frames can be placed. Wide use. The picture frames bring a shine to your memories. It is great for family moments, wedding photographs, Father's day, birthday or Christmas gifts. There is aDIMENSION. The package includes a 5x7 picture frame that is great for your desk, dressing table, countertop and more.

Brand: Calenzana

👤I am so upset. At myself. I ordered the wrong size for my photo. My fault! I wasn't able to measure my picture, so I guess it was wrong. These frames are gorgeous. It is actually stunning. I love bling and these fit the bill. The glitter isn't cheap and won't come off. It looks like diamond cut sterling or gold, but it is not. It is protected by glass. The frame is made of high quality materials. It looks more expensive than I paid. I will buy the size I need and keep a few more as gifts. These are a good gift idea. You can use the set as 2 gifts. It looks expensive. I was not disappointed. Neither will you.

👤I thought the frames were "bling-y", but they are lovely in person. I like ornate-ness, texture, or filigree with my "bling", but they do present well and frame a picture giving it presence. I bought matching frames for 2 different homes, but the same photo. I did this to make the family aware that we are viewing the same picture. These are made of glass and are not cheap. I got the 5 x 7 for this design and it served its purpose.

👤Absolutely gorgeous frames! It's much cheaper than other stores and websites.

👤I wanted to give a picture of our dog to my friend. The frame made the gift look professional, because it made the picture of our little black dog look professional. My friend was very happy with his gift. I had to display other pictures at home so I bought more of these frames.

👤The frames are gorgeous, but the photos on here don't do them justice. I was nervous about ordering them, I felt their price was too good to be true, and they might be a little tacky or over done. I couldn't wait to display my engagement photos in these frames. They are made to look beautiful. I will order them in other sizes.

👤Pick your subject carefully because you will not be able to look away. I did a bunch of designs and people loved them. The frame is gorgeous, but the cross stitch is lovely. If I'm not right, look at it. The command strips are only meant for table top display, so you will have to supply them. These frames would be amazing if they added that feature.

👤It is pretty and shiny, but not durable. The back stand of the counter broke off due to the cracks in the corners. There is a For use. We use this on top of a concierge desk to change the picture.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! I bought the set to display my son's graduation picture and to have a matching one for my daughter when she graduates in 2 years. I paid more than they did. The silver appearance makes the picture pop even though it doesn't match the color of the picture. They're a steal at the price. There was a lot of protective packaging in the box to make sure they stay secure and safe from scratches and breaking.

6. RLAVBL Picture Rustic Tabletop Display

RLAVBL Picture Rustic Tabletop Display

This picture frame set has a stylish design that gives a great touch to your photograh. The 5 by 7 photo frame comes with 2 pack picture frames with barnwood base, the size of rustic frame for the outline is 5.7x 7.5 inch, and it fits 5 x 7 inches vertical photos or prints. The double sided frames set is made of double glass and protects your photos from scratches and dust. It is a good place to put it. It is easy to put the picture into the base by putting it into the glass covers. You can take off the two glass panels from the base and make changes. This 5 x 7 glass photo frame is a great gift idea for Christmas, Graduation, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Anniversary and more.

Brand: Rlavbl

👤These are cute, but you pay for it. I just opened the 2 sets of two I ordered. The first one was fine, but my second one fell apart when I unpackaged it. It seemed like it couldn't wait to fall apart, so it must not have been well welded. I can glue it. I shouldn't have to. If you're trying to match multiple together, be aware that my sets look different from one another. One set is almost solid brown and the other set is more rustic. I waited too long to open these, I will make them work now that I have left my window.

👤My daughter used one as a wedding gift and the other as a memorial to my father who recently passed. The wood frame is perfect for attaching a small urn to a permanent display and to keep her Bapa with her.

👤There are many places to buy frames. You know the places. I didn't go shopping very often during Covid. Covid is coming back. Here. . I will try to include a picture. The style of the frame adds to the presentation of the photo. Some frames are better than others. Excellent quality. As well. It can't be downloaded to a photo.

👤It's hard to adjust the picture to be in the right place. The edges of the glass are easy to cut and I don't like that.

👤I love these frames. You can change the picture in the other side. I will be ordering more.

👤The frame is a great idea. I think the quality is not good enough so you get what you pay for. There are a few flaws in the frame and glass, but it is functional. I keep them and make them work rather than sending them back.

👤These look great on my desk. The dimensions are off a bit and don't fit your normal picture sizes, but a little trimming will make it work. Excellent quality and sturdy.

👤The picture frame is not worth more than I paid. The glass pieces are not quite square and the stain is not very shiny. Not terrible.

7. Malden International Designs Silkscreened Corinthians

Malden International Designs Silkscreened Corinthians

There is a song code. If you want to have direct access to your favorite song by scanning the code on the acrylic, please select yes in the song code section of the custom form. The design is experimental. The frame has a raised white wood frame and a 4.5” x 6.5” display opening. There is a screenprinted phrase "Mr. and Mrs. Love Is Patient Love Is Kind" on the wood. Premium quality materials. The photo frame is made of high quality wood. A picture frame is freestanding. Swing tab closures make it easy to change photos. Attaching hardware makes wall hanging easy. The front of your photo is made of glass. Stylish chap: The frame has a raised white inner wood moulding and the phrase "Mr. and Mrs." screenprinted in a charcoal gray script. This frame has the 1st on it. The verse "Love is Patient, Love is Kind" was printed in a gray script. Product dimensions are approximately 12.25”W x 13”H x 0.75”D. Corner-to-corner protection is provided by secure padded packaging.

Brand: Malden International Designs

👤The frame looked like the pics in the ad. It was a gift for a newlywed friend and she loved it. I thought it would be smaller. It was a lovely gift and I intend on buying more for other friends who are about to be married as well as myself.

👤The wording on the frame was fading. You can see the writing, but it could be a lot darker. It would have made the frame look better and more worth the money.

👤The masg was a perfect gift for my daughter and her husband.

👤I was gifted this and wanted to keep it for myself. Still going to buy another one.

👤The glass was packaged in a regular envelope. We took the glass out of the cheap frame around the house and replaced it, rather than having to send it back.

👤I have been through 2 and will await a 3rd replacement. The first one had 2 small holes around it and the second one had a smudge on it. I hope the 3rd will be the one, and that I get it in time.

👤It was very heavy. I bought it to be shipped to my niece as a gift. I spent more on shipping than the frame. If you are buying it as a gift, don't bother.

👤Our favorite verse was shared at our wedding. Our daughter and her husband will love it. We love it too. I think this is a great idea. They can personalize it with their picture. Love it!

8. Afuly Picture Crystal Wedding Friends

Afuly Picture Crystal Wedding Friends

The elegant real glass photo frame comes with a unique sparkle "diamond" which makes the whole frame look more and more stunning. Premium Glass match the silver edge which could turn into shine under the light. A glass photo frame is a fashion decoration. The display is smooth and skid-proof. It can be displayed vertically or horizontally. This glass picture frame is a great gift for friends, mother, daughter, girlfriend, nieces. Prepare the frame for a wedding, baby shower, anniversary, housewarming, and more. Safe packaging ensures safe delivery. If the item is damaged, immediate after-sales service will be provided. Within 24 hours, any question will be answered. It's worry-free to purchase.

Brand: Afuly

👤I absolutely love this frame, it was very well packed and came in very quick.

👤Pictures don't do justice. These frames are gorgeous. I bought them to use for my wedding and will use them again after the wedding. I will order these to be wedding gifts in the future. They are gorgeous.

👤I thought the frame was pretty. I put our wedding picture in it because it fit my decor perfectly. It has been on display on a console table for the last 6 months. There are no kids here. I had visitors twice. No one has touched the frame. I noticed that the easel backing was almost completely collapsed when I noticed it the other day. It would have broken or damaged my glass console table if it had fallen all the way down. I don't know what to do. I know I can't use the frame. This is the first time I have seen a frame backing collapse. Disappointing. Too late to come back.

👤I loved this frame. I ordered another one in a bigger size after putting it on my wedding registry. The frame is beautiful, a great gift idea or an accent for your space. I have sent the link to friends and family and gotten a lot of feedback. Don't hesitate to buy, you will love it.

👤Excellent quality. Its pretty. The pictures from the seller are similar. It did not have any damage. I will be ordering more. The second time I bought one, it was disappointing. The quality is not the same. The diamonds have flaws and you can see them. Will not be buying again.

👤This was bought for a picture of a friend who died. The frame is perfect because everyone used the word "sparkled" at the funeral. You can use the easel stand or hang it vertical or horizontal. It looks rich, not cheap. I really like it!

👤I bought this for my daughter's graduation photo. I bought one for myself and one for my ex because of the reviews and pictures on the website. Her photo looks great. My ex thought the frame was very fitting for this occasion and he was very pleased with it.

👤Absolutely love. Absolutely recommend. I bought a frame that was similar to the one I was looking for. This one is actually nicer than the other one.

👤Ich war berrascht, wie schn der Rahmen ausfllt. Die Rckseite ist meines Erachtens, die alle Flle sportlich, die Gre reinzubekommen. Fr die Preis ist die schner Schmuck.

👤fatta bene, di buona manifattura.

👤Wunderschn is the bilderrahmen. Habe je an steinen hat, und bei dem links geschickt da. Kundenservice ist die Probleme reklamiert und erstattet.

👤Schner Bilderrahmen... Manche Steine kleben so schn, fllt aber bei Genauerem hinsehen. Unser Hochzeitsfoto ist gut. Wer Glitzer mag.

👤Sieht hochwertig und wunderschn aus. Ist die Ende... klere Kaufempfehlung. Ich wrde es.

9. Umbra Prisma Picture Frame Display

Umbra Prisma Picture Frame Display

The window panel set is ideal for shabby chic, modern or farmhouse décor. The window curtain panels are made of a linen fabric blend. The curtains add a dreamy touch to your room. The curtain material is 50% Cotton/ 45% Polyester/ 5% Linen. There is a 3” rod pocket in the curtains. These items are dry clean only due to the delicate nature of the design. The rug has a cotton backing.

Brand: Umbra

👤Waoh! It took me a long time to find this frame. They are modern and expensive. The sideways look is great! The metal is very good quality. Is bigger than 8x10 so you can fit your picture around it.

👤I was very excited about the look of the frames when I ordered them. They are difficult to take apart and even more difficult to get the right picture. The metal on the frame is very sharp, and the glass must be removed in order to place the photo. I can't imagine being able to replace the photo frequently because of the placement. The frame is lovely.

👤I bought the frames to display the paintings I bought from a friend. I love the paintings and the frames. Light can come through, the copper color is beautiful, and people can see the detail in the paintings. The geometric pattern looks amazing. I just got them and they seem sturdy and well made. They make a lovely accent for my home and I expect to enjoy them for many years to come.

👤The frame looks great once it's all set up. The sample picture in the frame is attached with glue near the top of the picture. The picture I want to put in the fram is a bit larger than I wanted it to be, so I set the picture lower and it showed the glue stain left when I removed the sample. It took a bit of effort to get the glue stain off the glass. The sample picture should not have glue or the picture should be more in the middle of the picture, which will cause the new picture to be covered.

👤I got two frames to display an old European postal card. The frame on a wall is slightly shifted away from the wall, from the thickness of the back wired support used if display on a table. The picture is held in between two thick glass slabs, which are maintained in the frame withSilicon things that are easy to remove, making it feel like it blocks the glass.

👤This is a great picture frame. Very cool design. I'm going to put it on my bookshelf. The instructions for removing the glass are vague. There are rubber stops that allow the glass pieces to slip out from one end and separate from the other. The instructions don't mention how the glass gets out. I grabbed it before the glass fell out and cracked the counter because I was holding it in such a way. It's all glass and it's hard to not leave fingerprints on it when taking it out or putting it in the frame. There is no way not to leave fingerprints on this. I windexed the frame and realized that there were fingerprints on the inside.

👤This was packaged well. The design is simple and elegant and I like it. I wish it was smaller because the frame felt large when I first opened it. It feels well made and is sturdy. It's difficult to keep fingerprints and smudges off the glass. I was not happy with the pricing when I bought another one a day later, so I paid almost three dollars more this time, and then saw the price go back down a day after that. The available quantity was essentially the same as the supply and demand. I didn't think it was justified to adjust the price every day, but Amazon wouldn't give me a price adjustment. The product is nice for a fifteen dollar frame, but I don't think nearly twenty dollars is worth it.

10. PETAFLOP Picture Frames Perfect Decorations

PETAFLOP Picture Frames Perfect Decorations

5x7 picture frames are modern. Real glass picture frames are great for any decor. The picture frames hold a 5x7 inch photography. A picture frame set can be displayed as a table display. The picture frame has an easel back.

Brand: Petaflop

👤The frames are very high quality. I needed two frames for my associate's and bachelor's, and this was the perfect choice. The frames were packed in bubble wrap and styrofoam, and the shipping box had another box inside of it. The frames are pretty, and the glass/silver design will work well with any interior. It is a great deal for the price, and they look expensive. It's perfect for any kind of degree. I would like them to sell them by one, as I will need one more when I finish my degree.

👤I wanted to get all of my certificates, so I got these frames. There are framed in them. I didn't know that the frames don't have a mount on the back to hang them on the walls, which is where my certs will go. I can't do what I wanted to do. If your paper is thicker than a normal piece of paper, it may not fit in the frame and back piece. I will definitely use them in some way, I still love the look.

👤This design is elegant and sleek. The glass is clear. A reasonable price. It was on time.

👤This is a great frame. It's very easy to use, you just insert the picture into the slot, and you're good to go. The look is great. The picture is in a glass surround. The build quality is okay. I also bought a frame that was similar to the one I bought. They might be made in the same factory. I can't tell you why I think the PETAFLOP is better built, but I do think it is. They are very similar. There are more sizes to choose from. It's your choice if you want to use it for a photo or a document. I think the 8X10 makes for a nicer presentation. The aspect ratio is a bit smaller.

👤I was blown away by how sturdy and pretty the two-pack were, since a lot of similar frames cost more than this one. They are even more attractive in real life than they were in the photos, because the silver is a mirrored section. I am happy because it is hard to find frames that are modern and classy. The funny thing is that instead of stock photos, these came with printed photos of celebrities. I have Kate Hudson. My husband was confused when he first saw them. We were cracked up.

👤I love the glass and silver accents and have bought a number of sets. I would recommend them to my family and friends.

👤I bought this frame in April 2020. I ordered another set in January 2021. I was surprised to see that the price had doubled. Same seller. The price should be double. I had to order a different frame. The frame I am buying has even higher ratings than the one I wanted. Disappointed.

👤The frame is pretty. I was glad I bought it. It's perfect for a wedding photo. I love it. No damage to the glass frame was reported.

11. Afuly Distressed Picture Wooden Christmas

Afuly Distressed Picture Wooden Christmas

The design is unique. A frame with a white heart and a lace mat is a great way to decorate pictures. Love memoris last: You can personalize your photos to be a beautiful reminder of your special day. There is an after-sale guarantee. If the item is damaged or shattered, immediate after-sales and replacement service will be provided. There is a display and use for pictures 5x7" vertical on the table. Excellent quality, made of top quality wood and glass.

Brand: Afuly

👤I bought this as a 13th anniversary gift. I looked at the item when it arrived but never took it out. I saw the thin frame and cheap cardboard back and stand when I took the photo. Had I seen the back, I wouldn't have bought it. The vendor agreed to replace the stand if it broke. I was afraid to open the stand fully because it looked like it was going to tear the frame apart. There was no time to replace the gift. I was embarrassed. It looks like something you would find at a dollar store. The back of the frame should be changed in order to make it look better.

👤The frame is really cute. It was packaged well. The fabric border around the picture is a bit crooked and there was some stringy glue hanging from it. Some parts of the wood are a little rougher than others and look a little worn. The bow in the corner doesn't look like a bow at all, it's just mushed up fabric. The opening in the back of the frame is not good for a picture larger than 4x6 We had to tape the picture to the glass in order to see it in the front, and the front opening isn't as big as 4x6 I had to make the picture smaller so you could see it all.

👤The materials are sturdy and the frame is cute. The glass was broken in one corner and the frame corners weren't perfect, so I wouldn't have given this 5 stars. I would have returned it if it was a gift for my daughter. I bought a personalized item to fit inside the frame as a Mother's Day gift for her.

👤I thought the wood part was going to be a bit thicker then it is, I have other 4x6 frames that are bigger then this one. The heart is adorable and adds a little extra.

👤I gave my sister the frame because I wanted to put a picture of my grandma in it. She broke down and cried. The frame was in perfect condition.

👤Carefully heated the glue holding the ribbon with a glue gun and removed it from the other side, I wanted this for a horizontal photo. The frame is very cute.

👤The frame looks better than the photo. I will be giving it as a gift. I might order another to use me. Very happy.

👤I'm not sure if the clasp on the stand was meant to come off or if it was broken. It slid in and stood up, but any movement or trying to adjust it over a little would flop it over. I have to put the stand back on. The frame was nice.

👤It's a piece of garbage. It's not sure if it's even real wood. The glass is much smaller than the frame, so it moves around in the frame. You can't tape your photo on the glass to fit the border because it's too small. It was a cheap job to maximize profits. It's not worth a pound.


What is the best product for wedding frame 5x7?

Wedding frame 5x7 products from Upsimples Home. In this article about wedding frame 5x7 you can see why people choose the product. Upsimples and Rising Star Supply are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding frame 5x7.

What are the best brands for wedding frame 5x7?

Upsimples Home, Upsimples and Rising Star Supply are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding frame 5x7. Find the detail in this article. Malden International Designs, Calenzana and Rlavbl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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