Best Wedding Flowers for Arch Red

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1. Lisuun Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers

Lisuun Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers

If you receive any quality problems of the products, please contact them, they will provide the best solution. The larger flower tie is 30" long x12" wide and contains more flowers and decorations, let your wedding ceremony more colorful. Each of these beautiful wedding flowers has been designed by a professional florist who spends hours and hours crafting each flower. It creates a sense of completeness and romance, making a wedding holy and pure for you. The main flower is made of high-quality silk, and is perfectly matched with more than ten kinds of small flowers, leaves, and green vines. They are soft and beautiful. Artificial flowers are the best alternative to expensive flowers. They cost less than fresh flowers, so you don't have to care for them as much. They will never fade. In addition to being used in a wedding ceremony, you can also decorate your home with wreathes that are about 20 inches in diameter and hang them over your fireplace, front door, window or living room wall. The wedding flowers bear witness to both your wedding and your happy life.

Brand: Lisuun

👤Muy lindo para decorar.

2. AGEOMET Artificial Hanging Flowers Garland

AGEOMET Artificial Hanging Flowers Garland

It's easy to care for. Make sure the water temperature is lower than 86F, tumble dry, quick iron, or steam clean it when needed. It is easy to use easy care. Each white rose garlands has 4 rose flowers and 5 rose buds. The artificial flowers and leaves are made of high-quality silk cloth. The color is warm and romantic and the vines are real. There are 9 flowers and 101 leaves in the white flower garland. There are 3 silk flowers with a total length of 19 feet. The diameter of the rose flower is 10 cm and the bud is 4 cm. The artificial rose vines leaf is full of luster, the Flower vines are clear, and the leaves can be removed. The artificial flower garland looks just like a real plant but requires no trimming or watering and will stay fresh-looking all year. Artificial rose greenery is ideal for wedding decoration, which can dress up for the wedding arches, chairs, windows, message board, aisle, stairway, fences and etc., also suitable for ceremony, party, centerpiece decorations, home decoration and holidays like Halloween and Christmas Day.

Brand: Ageomet

👤We used the faux flowers to wrap around an arch for the wedding. I think they could be used for decorations. They came in a nice package and I laid them out to refresh before using, but they came in perfect condition. It was really impressed. The flowers look real and the leaves don't fall off like other items. You can bend the "stems" to wrap around things or just bend to your will. This item is a good value because you get a good number of flowers per string. Overall beautiful!

👤I can't say anything else. There is a I thought about what you get for the price. Flimsy and cheap! I was wrong. BUY IT! What a great deal! Everything was perfect. I wrapped them around the rails. They are, and look at it. Awesome!

👤These rose vines are very nice. I had seen rose vines in stores and online that were held together by chain links, but they looked strange. They were used as a part of our table decor.

👤The package was good but it looked cheap and not many roses. I felt like your picture was misleading.

👤Good quality and cute. They are well made and don't look cheap.

👤These are great! They were exactly what I was looking for and were very nice looking. I took two strands and combined them to make it a little bigger. The first picture is how they came, the second picture is how I used them, and the third picture is how I used them. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I used this to cover the arch that I made. I was worried that it would be sparse. It was full. I gave it 5 for drying power and giftable but have no idea what that means. It's worth the money. I will use this for many events.

👤The artificial rose vine is used in my office. The quality is really good. My colleagues said it looked great. It's worth mentioning.

👤Not worth any money, only big flowers, and some cheap stuff, which is hardly of 150 rupee each.

👤Good material, very natural looking. I will recommend it without hesitation.

👤Excellent quality. It looked nice.

👤The roses alternate with full rose and rose, as per the picture. bud is lovely

3. Veryhome Artificial Garland Hanging Arrangement

Veryhome Artificial Garland Hanging Arrangement

The total number of flowers heads is 19 and the diameter is 4.3 inch. The material of the Flannelette. Silk leaves, plastic vine, flowers. Meet. Artificial flower vines can be hung on your wall, doors, cafes, restaurants, aisle ways and anywhere you want to increase color and vitality. These fake rose vines are real and will not fade over time. Cut, bend, or straighten stems for all sorts of arrangements. You can also remove the flowers for more artistic decorations.

Brand: Veryhome

👤I gagged when I opened the package. There was a strong smell. I was afraid to touch it. I was upset. I was going to send it back. I looked at the roses first. They looked like real roses if they were dead. I almost cried. I didn't want to send it back, so I thought about what to do. I live off the beaten path in the country. It would cost me $6 to send back the product. I thought about trying to wash them. I thought I should try it. I'm glad I did. I soaked the roses in a bucket of clean water and softer laundry after rinsing them off, and then I put them in a container of soapy water. I put them on the line outside. They came to life when they fluffed up. They smelled great, like clean laundry. It worked. I have put them up in my room and would like to order more in the future. I recommend. Try what I did. I hope this helps.

👤We made a dining room table centerpiece for our neighbor's 75th birthday using this garland. She likes the color red. The fake roses had red dye on their hands. The flowers were crushed. Good for one use, then throw it away.

👤I was surprised by the beauty of the rose garland. The flower petals are made of flannel and look real. The garland is 69 inches in length. If you want them to be full, you will need to twist a few garlands together. They were used to decorate an arch for our party.

👤These worked well for what I wanted. I twisted the vines together so the pink and purple blooms alternated. We're going to use twisted up vines and some sheer organza during our vow renewal ceremony. After the ceremony, we'll put a photo backdrop on the back of the arch so guests can take pictures.

👤Absolutely beautiful roses. ! The roses looked real and the colors were vibrant. Several of my guests at our wedding thought they were real roses. My only regret... I wish I had bought more. I only had enough to wrap around 2 poles of a gazebo.

👤It's so realistic and beautiful. The price is a great value. The product photos have some extra glue in them, but they still look good.

👤I'm not sure if it's 6 feet like it says, but it was used to match my bathroom. This is the most realistic fake Rose I have ever seen.

👤On the thinner side. It worked for me. There were 3 garlands that came with mine. The purple color is nice, I was expecting it.

4. Hawesome Artificial Garlands Wisteria Decoration

Hawesome Artificial Garlands Wisteria Decoration

The flowers may have been squeezed a bit due to packaging and shipping. 10PCS is included in the package. The strands are silk. The flower strings look real. For each one, the size is 3.3 ft/100 cm. The ends of the flower strings are tied together. It's perfect for wedding decorations. You need archway, aisle, and any other occasions. The flowers are delicate and can be connected together. They are perfect for daily life and complement your household. The flowers are nicely packaged, so you need to take them out of the package and shake them a bit.

Brand: Hawesome

👤The flowers were used in the decor for my wedding. Everyone thought it looked beautiful.

👤Wow, nothing in the pictures. I imagined a bright red garland for the theme. I need money back. I won't be buying this again. An artificial garlands is cheap. I have had artificial decors before and I can tell you that this looks like something you can get at a dollar store.

👤They have a green tint. I wish they were white. I wanted to replace them with white ones so I ordered them sooner.

👤Not what I was expecting. Not worth the money. The Dollar Store has better things.

👤The flowers didn't look like flowers. Very disappointed. It looks like pieces of fabric are on a string.

👤There are threads all over the place. The garland does its job.

👤I wanted to use this based on the pictures displayed but they are too tightly packed or they are not looking as good as they are shown.

👤It was used on a lot of fake plants.

👤Pésimo... artculo, publicidad engaosa, pésima calidad... No money.

👤Estn super para montar.

👤Ahora, tienen una arbolito, pero las medidas son una description.

5. ELINSON Garland Artificial Flowers Hanging

ELINSON Garland Artificial Flowers Hanging

Package: One red vine adds a white vine. A vine flower is about 66 inches long. There is a flower vine with 9 flower heads. Artificial rose vine is a magic decor. A placement will break the monotony and spread romance. Artificial rose garland can be used to create a special atmosphere at any party. There is an application for a birthright. There are two fake rose garlands in one package. Each rose vine has 16 flowers and 204 leaves. Artificial hanging leaves can be applied in batches, which is more cost-effective. Application deficiency toxicity. The fake rose flowers and leaves have a clear texture. The artificial rose vine with natural 3D shape grows vigorously from stems in a variety of directions. There is a fake rose garland that can be observed. Artificial hanging rose garland is waterproof and durable thanks to the special silk fabric and plastic stem. It can be used indoors and outdoors, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, staircase, privacy screen, and swing stand. Artificial roses are ideal for filling flower boxes. Artificial rose garland can be easily fixed on pillars, fences, walls, and trellis with green cable ties. Hanging plant baskets, wedding arches, garlands, and other poses can be achieved without worry about leaving falling or stem breaking.

Brand: Elinson

👤You would have to have two or three of them together to get the thickness and fullness that is displayed in the photos.

👤I was looking for that for our June wedding. Good quality, perfect, simple. I would buy this again.

👤The balcony looks lovely.

👤These are doing great outside. No fading either.

👤Las corrientes estn en la bolsa.

👤They don't look like the picture. Don't waste your money.

👤When expected, the flowers arrived as described.

6. Artificial Garlands Arrangement Reception Decoration

Artificial Garlands Arrangement Reception Decoration

There is a wedding arch flowers kit. There are many wedding decorations that come with one left corner flower of 95 x 29 cm. x 11inch There is a right corner flower of 75 x 29 cm/ 30 x 11inch and a white color chauvin fabric drape of 800 x 73 cm/26.3 x 2.4 ft. Premium Wedding Arch Draping Fabric are made of soft polyester. The smooth and flat nature of these fabrics makes them more graceful than nylon and tulle. The hanging flowers are realistic by handmade, never fade or fall, which can totally replace those easy to wither and expensive real flowers. The artificial flowers are perfect for wedding decoration. The wedding arch decorations come with 6 zip straps to help you fix the flowers on the wooden shelf. You can fix them on any base. It's suitable for outdoor small weddings, beach weddings, garden weddings and reception backdrop decoration. Due to shipping and packing, the artificial flowers might bend a bit, please gently knead the petals to help recover the shape. Draping fabric can be machine-washed separately. Do not twist. Hanging dry.

Brand: Ponatia

👤The flowers were put together nicely. We added some red and blue to our wedding party. The hanging, overlap arch was not created by the sheer fabric for the arch. We went to the hobby lobby and bought fabric that was longer and wider. The sheer in this kit is more useful as a table runner than an arch. The flowers made up for it. It got 2 stars because of the flowers. I wouldn't say no stars. Plan on buying it elsewhere.

👤I just received these and they are very pretty. There was little to no crushed flowers. I appreciated that they were packaged very carefully. They are ready to go. This has been the best value for my purchase, I did a lot of searching and believe it to be.

👤I have been searching the world for arch flowers for my wedding. I tried to make my own. The quality or color of the others I ordered was off. These were beautiful in person and worked perfectly for a wedding.

👤Hella is cute. If you have a large arch, I recommend buying two sheers.

👤The arch flowers were better looking than the ones I ordered first. A flower in the large display was sheared off from the grid, leaving a void in the display. I didn't have time to order a new flower since it was so close to the wedding date.

👤My big day was even better because of this arch kit. Its beautiful pictures don't do it justice.

👤Everything was nicely packed and it was a good deal. It was perfect.

👤I looked great but arrived late. The best looking fake flowers.

👤This made our arch look great for our wedding. The pink curtain and flowers were combined with another sheer white curtain to create a stunning result. The flowers looked realistic. The colors worked well together. We went with this decor for our special day.

👤We ordered these to be mounted on the arch for our wedding. Was hoping to save money. These are just as beautiful as the real flowers. Very impressed.

👤I highly recommend!

👤Material, ribbon, zip ties and flowers. No arch was included. Very nice, added some flowers.

👤The fleurs sont superbes et le Tissus.

7. Huata Artificial Hanging Wedding Garlands

Huata Artificial Hanging Wedding Garlands

The garland is over 6 feet long. The package is made of 3PCS artificial roses and vines Garland, easy to set up and take down, bend it for hanging. There are 6 flowers and 3 buds on each rose flower vine. The greatest Rose vine flowers have been found. You can decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces. Their Rose vine flowers come in a variety of colors. You can find your color and style. The colors are pretty and cute for a wedding. Environmental protection simulation flowers are the first choice of decoration. Environmental protection simulation flowers are the first choice of decoration.

Brand: Huata

👤The roses worked well for decorating a wedding. They were used on a table. The product image shows multiple vines together to get the full picture. If you keep that in mind, you shouldn't be disappointed with this garland. The flowers and greenery are both good quality for the price and they perk up if you hit them with a blow dryer heat. I recommend giving them time to fluff before your event because the come is packed in a plastic bag.

👤Very happy with the purchase. The photo is using only one strand. You get 3 or 4. It is a value because they are very realistic looking. Also true to color! It's not easy to find a very light pink.

👤I was excited to see how many came in because I used these for my wedding. I was surprised to see that I got 9 strands of garland. I will be able to use it in more than one way. I'm going to take the flowers off a couple of the strands and use them for centerpiece stuff. Some people are going to drape around the baptistry. Excited to see how it all comes together.

👤I wanted to give my room some color and I bought these flower garlands to drape over my windows. The greenery has a plastic look to it. They look good for what I paid and for what I am using them for. If you want something that looks realistic, you might want to buy something else. I am happy with my purchase.

👤The roses don't tip at all and thebows are mostly empty space, so this will work well for my project. It is a bow, but it is more like a HawaiianLeigh. The advertisement made it seem like the three were in one.

👤Nzot is happy that these are cheap and bright blue and that the color is brighter than he expected.

👤The base for the grapevine wreath was worked well by the garlands. I added a blue and white bow. The person who received the wreath loved it.

👤It's a vet pretty. I use them to wrap ceramic birds. The birds are very special to me and the flowers enhance their look.

👤The qualité des fleurs is very important. L'emballage is perfect. The 3 GUIrlandes ensemble donnent l'apparence in fournie de l'annonce, ne pas se méprendre. Would do it again!

8. DearHouse Artificial Flowers Wisteria Ceremony

DearHouse Artificial Flowers Wisteria Ceremony

These vines are very good for hanging behind doors, swings and walls. They are perfect for decorating weddings, parties, homes, offices, etc. This silk wisteria is 6.6ft/2m in length,10 shorter strings each 0.7',pack of 4,suitable for outdoor wedding ceremony decor,wedding hanging flowers decoration,spaces enough for decorating items you want to adorn life. The stem is made of plastic and flowers are made of silk cloth and easy to clean. Artificial wisteria vine silk flowers for home garden hanging flower plant floral decoration for wedding partyfloral Supplies A flower with a green leaf looks and feels like a real flower. Artificial wisteria is a symbol of love and happiness, and it can be used to make beautiful wedding home party decoration. Due to processing technology, those who mind should be cautious.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤The package was a little stinky but dissipated quickly. Not all the same lengths. 3 sets were used to cover an arch. Beautiful!

👤I ordered the garlands to use for my background and everyone at the party has a WOW look on their face. I had to order 2 sets of these in order to get this look. Great item.

👤Made a dream come true. In my gazebo.

👤I bought this for my baby shower and it worked out perfect. I would have liked to have ordered more sets to make it bigger. I am happy with how they look for our photo backdrop. The flower do go flying everywhere if you pull them out of the packaging. The item was described and shipped on time. If you want to get the look of the picture they have up, I recommend ordering more than the two pieces.

👤Really liked this! This was used to decorate a metal panel that was used at our wedding and it really added an elegance to it. I had to separate the flowers from each other when I opened the packaging. It is easy to stick them back on. It had a funky smell. I would recommend ordering at least a week in advance so that you can separate them. Maybe spray them with something. The product is great for a reasonable price.

👤The wall mural paper came in short, so I bought this one to cover the top. The quality of the vine materials is good for the price. I went to the local craft store and couldn't find vines that would beat this price. A picture shows two vines twisted together.

👤It is thinner than expected because it does not have enough flowers and leaves. It looks great on my mantle and fills in some areas in my kitten.

👤It's easy to use, when you snap the pieces back on. The look we wanted was completed.

👤This item is not like the photo.

👤Product is not as picture as it appears.

👤I wasn't happy with the decoration. The flowers fall apart easily. I wouldn't order it again. It was not worth the price.

9. Greenery Artificial Ceremony Reception Decorations

Greenery Artificial Ceremony Reception Decorations

If you want to get your own bouquet, please find their customization listing with this ASIN. The wedding arch flowers kit includes 1 piece left artificial flowers of 70x30 cm and 1 piece right artificial flowers of 55x22 cm. The flowers are made from faux roses,rosebuds,oncidium,peony and green leaves. The wedding flowers stay fresh and beautiful all day. The sheer fabric is made of high quality fabric and has good vertical sense. The wedding arch decorations come with zip straps to help you fix the flowers on the wood stand. Artificial flowers stick a 60 cm white ribbon to help you hang onto any base. The wedding decor kit is arranged with great quality. Perfect Wedding Decor:Flower swag is suitable for wedding arch,bridal shower,birthday party,indoor or outdoor wedding,ceremony occasions,wedding ceremony backdrop,aisle archway decoration,sweetheart table flower decor,chair back decor,wall hanging arrangement,door wreath,festival The flower swag are packed into a box which can help you save space. Shipping and packing can cause the flowers garland to bend. Artificial flowers should be unfolded and gently kneaded to help recover the shape. Machine wash or hand wash can be used over and over again.

Brand: Fanqisi

👤The wedding floral was perfect for my arch. The zip ties made it easy to connect the bundles.

👤The flowers were beautiful. We didn't use the drape because it wasn't perfect, but because you may need more than one.

👤My daughter's wedding is going to dress up the ceremony arch.

👤I love it! It will be perfect if I add in extra flowers to match my wedding.

10. Huata Artificial Wisteria Hanging Garlands

Huata Artificial Wisteria Hanging Garlands

The fake flower vine has a size of 3.2 feet. Artificial flowers vines are easy to set up and take down. You've found the greatest wisteria vine flowers. You can decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces. Their top priority is your satisfaction. Their wisteria vine flowers are in a variety of colors. You can find your color and style. The colors are pretty. Environmental protection simulation flowers are the first choice of decoration.

Brand: Huata

👤I bought this 10 piece wisteria at a slightly discounted price. There are only 7 pieces after opening the package. The item was advertised for 10 pieces, with a small cosmetic imperfection on top, front or sides. The item will be in its original packaging. The packaging will be damaged. I need this for a wedding ceremony in 2 weeks. My money is either back or the rest of the pieces are as advertised.

👤Product is great! I looked beautiful at my event. The petals are not pure white, but are slightly off, and a few fell off while taking off the packaging. The flowers were not straight. I had to leave them out so they wouldn't look bent while hung up. The flowers in my picture are stems from the packaging.

👤We used these for our wedding. We loved them. They are gorgeous! Communication was great with the seller. We had to spend a lot. They shipped them quickly. We had them in a couple of days. Thank you so much!

👤A cute backdrop for a baby shower.

👤Wow! These are terrible. They folded. I pulled them out. They are all bent over. Instructions on how to make them look like the photo you used to sell them is a suggestion. The leaves are not sticking to the ground. Smh!

👤I buy them in the spring. I put them in my pots and replace them with foliage in the Autumn. They look great during the Spring and Summer. It gets really hot on my porch and they hold up well, adding a lot of color and life to my porch. I like them.

👤I loved these flowers so much. I got them in red and pink, 20 in each color, to achieve this look. My backdrop was even more beautiful because of them. I bent the stems to hang over the rod. I got a lot of praise and no complaints.

👤I love them so much. They are in different colors. I love wisteria. I don't know what I'm going to do with them, but I'm sure they will look great.

👤It was advertised as a boys pajama's, but it was actually flowers. To return an item, you need a real gong show. I have to pay for shipping and they will give me a refund. How would they know this cost? I will keep the flowers for the headaches that will come.

👤Bien empaquetado y porque trae los sinchos o corbata del mismo color.

👤La descripcion is correct, son de buena calidad.

👤Bonito color, da mucha vida.

11. Nubry Artificial Hydrangea Centerpieces Decoration

Nubry Artificial Hydrangea Centerpieces Decoration

There is a set of artificial flower heads and stems. There are 6 branches and 54 petals in the faux flower head. The total length is 31CM/12.2in, the stem is 23CM/9in, the heads are 16CM/6in, and the heads height is 10CM. There will be slight errors in the measurement. Silk and plastic are high quality. The stem of the flower is not the same as the one on the ground. Nubry fake silk hydrangea flowers are perfect for wedding, party, home, garden, hotel, washroom, office, dining table, living room, arch, fencing, centerpiece decoration, festival ornament, holiday gift and etc. The flowers may have been squeezed a bit due to packaging and shipping.

Brand: Nubry

👤The dark red flowers were excited to be added to my home. The package smelled weird when we opened it. I was concerned about what we were inhaling. We wiped every stem with a Clorox wipe and then sprayed each flower bunch with tons of Febreze. They were tied up in a garbage bag. It has been a few days. I'm afraid to open the bag. The smell will return if I open it. If it weren't for the smell, flowers would be a good choice.

👤The stems are not attached to the flower head. I took the opportunity to dip each stem into glue before putting it into the flower head. There are no leaves on the stems. I bought them for a purpose. They need to be fluffed. An odor went away after a couple of hours. It is a good purchase.

👤I am es una fada. La verdad nada q ver con la imagen llegaron todas aplastadas,pegadas,feas de las mala calidad.

👤The flowers were pretty and easy to make, but they were a bit darker red than the photo shows. Still gorgeous!

👤The flowers arrived on time. It takes less than five minutes for the stem to attach to the blooms. You have to spread the blooms out. Stems do not have leaves. They would have been amazing. The palm leaves and baby's breath are beautiful in my eggshell vase.

👤These worked well for a party. I didn't expect the stems and flowers to be separate, but it was easy. Febreze made them smell fresh and they dried quickly. Filled out nicely in the vase.

👤The flowers are pretty. They were full, bright and bigger than I thought. The stems were separated so you could choose to have them in low clusters or tall vases. I will definitely buy in other colors.

👤Just like the picture in Amazon.

👤They look nice. There was a substance over the petals. It has an unpleasant smell. I don't know how to get it out, I'm just going to return. You will have to fluff it out. They are a decent size.

👤They are very happy with the product. It is great.

👤I gust por lo. Vienen desarmadas, hay tener paciencia para desdoblarlas.

👤Paraissent mieux sur l'annonce.

👤This product is delivered flowers not the bottom.


What is the best product for wedding flowers for arch red?

Wedding flowers for arch red products from Lisuun. In this article about wedding flowers for arch red you can see why people choose the product. Ageomet and Veryhome are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding flowers for arch red.

What are the best brands for wedding flowers for arch red?

Lisuun, Ageomet and Veryhome are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding flowers for arch red. Find the detail in this article. Hawesome, Elinson and Ponatia are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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