Best Wedding Favors for Guests Bulk 100 Personalized Hand Sanitizer

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1. Wedding Favors Bottle Organza Aluminum

Wedding Favors Bottle Organza Aluminum

52 pieces of key bottle opener, 52 pieces of chains, and 52 pieces of tags. The package contains 100 pieces of aluminum bottle openers in 10 colors and 100 pieces of white organza bags, the size of the bottle opener is 2.2 x 0.4 inches/ 5.5 x 1 cm, and the size of the bag is 2.8 x 3.5 inches/ 7 x 9 cm. The bottle opener style key chain is a very intimate gift, and can be given to friends who like bottled drinks, if they come to your wedding or anniversary party. The bottle opener is made of aluminum alloy, which is not easy to rust, and it can be applied for a long time. Considerate design: this bottle opener is small, light and easy to carry and place, it can be put in your hand, pocket, car or even kitchen drawer, and each bottle opener has a white organza bag, which is good-looking and easy to carry when it is given. The bottle opener style key chain can be used for many occasions, it is engraved with "Thank you for sharing their special day", making the small gift more exquisite.

Brand: Hicarer

👤There is a bag to present each one. Useful.

2. MHO Containers Refillable Flip Top Bottles

MHO Containers Refillable Flip Top Bottles

Small squeeze bottles are great for travel-sized products. It was approved by the TSA. Ready for labels. These bottles have your branded label on them. There is space on the back of the bottle. Each bottle has a sturdy flip- cap lid and clear squeeze bottle. There are no stymies and no paraben-free. Private label uses. A wide range of products can be packaged. The 2 oz squeeze bottles are perfect for many things. Over the next 24 months, Mho CONTAINERS and the ReSea Project will remove more than 5,300 pounds of ocean plastic waste from waterways.

Brand: Mho Containers

👤I use this product to carry Purell in small containers in day packs and jacket pockets. The gel-like substance of the sanitizer is not very fluid. The containers leak from the narrow opening on top. I have a mess when I open the flap.

👤I put the hand sanitizer in the containers and put the wedding labels on the bottles.

👤I bought these for a wedding. They are the same as any other brand you would expect. I put them with personalized stickers from The Papered Wedding. I bought the sheet from her shop. They fit on the bottles. In case you need it in a hurry, the shop is fast. I bought it at almost 9pm. They sent me my proof at 10:30pm. 3 days later, they were at my house. If you want personalized hand sanitizer, you should highly recommend both products.

👤I put the lotion in the bottles to make it easier to travel with. It is hard to squeeze out any of the lotion or hand sanitizer in a good size. I have to squeeze the bottle at the same time as I shake it to get the smallest amount of lotion out. These might not be a good idea for party or wedding favors.

👤I used these bottles for hand sanitizer and had labels made for the front of the bottle for the baby shower favor. The bottle was the correct size for the labels I ordered from iDesign by Kathy. Most of the bottle caps don't align with the front of the bottle when screwed on. The label is on the front of the bottle, but the cap is on the side. It is not aesthetically correct. The front of the bottle should be facing the cap. If I were using a label, I wouldn't order these again. The bottles are in good shape. They are well made.

👤Didn't get any bottles. It was not long. I was disappointed that the correct number wasn't checked, I got this to use as favors for guests at a birthday party. The bottles fit well with what I wanted them for. The event was the next day and there wasn't time to get a return or exchange going.

👤I am missing bottles from this order. I ordered 2 sets. I was missing a bottle. My second order. I ordered two sets and one bag was missing. I like the bottles. I fear that I will be missing more bottles once I order again. I contacted Amazon too. The bottles are already packaged and sent out by Amazon. I hope that you train staff to make sure the correct amount is in the packages.

👤The opening is easy to fill and they are good quality. I haven't used one yet, but I feel confident that they are worth the price. I think I'll like using several for flights to carry my liquids. I received them very quickly and they were packed nicely.

👤Excellent quality bottles. Will definitely be buying again. I don't have to worry about the bottles leaking.

3. OurWarm Wedding Favors Skeleton Bachelorette

OurWarm Wedding Favors Skeleton Bachelorette

If you attach this adornment to your keys, you will be distinguished from others' keys. 30 skeleton key bottle opener wedding favors for guests in 3 styles ( heart, crown, rose), 30 thank you tags and 3 rolls of ribbons are included. The wedding favor keys are made of aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable, with electroplating rose gold color finishing to prevent rusty, will be very simple and meaningful gifts for your guests. The bottle opener is 3in long. The cards were 4in x 2in. The keys are made well and are convenient to carry. The wedding favor for guests is amazing. The blank thank you tags include a personalized hand written note, as well as your friends' names and table numbers, which shows the seller really cared about customer satisfaction. Perfect party favors for rose gold theme weddings, bridal shower, birthday, engagement, anniversary, housewarming, and quinceanera are suitable for both sexes.

Brand: Ourwarm

👤They were used as a favor at a birthday party. The event was perfect for the touch of vintage flair. The price is a great value. It was very hard and I would recommend using a different ribbon. The ribbon that came with was function and did its job. I would have preferred it.

👤It is not bad for the price because it looks more bronze than gold. I bought these for my baby shower. The ribbon they came with was definitely orange, but it is still a great party favor gift.

👤Looked great. But... I ordered 3 sets and out of them one was without scratches. Rest had a bit of a chip from the scratches.

👤I gave these away for my birthday. I like to give gifts that have meaning. You wouldn't be able to tell right away that they are a bottle opener with these keys. I had to let everyone know what they were.

👤Unfortunately one of the bottle openers broke when I opened it. I was scared of the keys being damaged. 7 of the cards were printed upside down.

👤Everyone loved it at our wedding.

👤These are similar to the picture. Really cute. I will be using a different color to match my wedding colors.

👤I bought this for our small wedding in August and it is adorable, the item came as described and the skeleton key is sturdy. I recommend wedding gift favors. My fiancĂ©e and I love it. Happy customer!

4. Care Touch Antibacterial Sanitizer Wipes

Care Touch Antibacterial Sanitizer Wipes

The case includes the following: 4 - Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer, refreshing Gel Design Series, bottle designs may vary. The bottles are pump bottles. Easily accessible, discreet, and convenient for home, work, gym, and travel is what Individually wrapped is. Individual packets keep the wipes from drying out. All of the products are free of anyPreservatives that could be harmful and leave no scent behind. Small enough to fit in a pocket or bag. It should be included with your travel size items. There are packets individually wrapped.

Brand: Care Touch

👤I read the reviews of Amazon purchases but I'm usually satisfied with 98% of them. I was very disappointed in this product. I work at a dog shelter and use a lot of Wet Ones, so I was looking for an alternative. These are more like the free hand wipes you get at the casino, which arefolded 8 times and full of alcohol and dries in 4 seconds. They are hard on my skin and fingernails. I am using 10 of these a day now. I will go back to Wet Ones when I run out of these.

👤I began buying boxes of the individually packaged items for the first aid kits. I'm hooked! We prefer the individual packages over the tube. We all have Altoid Tin first aid kits for purses. I made a larger first aid kit with some tins that were a bit larger than the altoid tin. The tins are 3 x 5 x 1 in size. Attached are pictures. There are kits in purses, cars, desk, sports bags, etc. I give kits away for free to my girlfriends, and we plan to make mini kits with the neighborhood kids this summer, except for some of the items I have pictured which are not appropriate for kids to handle. The product can be in the medicine cabinet if you purchase tubes. The individual packets allow us to carry everything with us. When we get home, we simply replace it if we use something. We have been carrying first aid kits for a month and I can't tell you how useful this has been. Attached are pictures. There is plenty of room in my tin to add a few more things, as I have a few more items on order. My 14 year old son got a small burn on his hand while taking something out of the oven while I was cooking. We put cold water on it and it worked well.

👤It's convenient to have during flu season. Sometimes wipes like this seem dried out, but not these ones.

👤These wipes are very easy to use. My grandmother doesn't wash her hands the way she is suppose to because she is blind. I couldn't take it anymore. I bought these. They are helpful. She eats before and after. I wipe her off. She cleans up. The wipes don't have a strong smell which is a plus. When we run out, I'll be buying more.

👤It was received on time. I tried one when I received it. I am happy. The wipes I fee will be more convenient and will clear away more germs than just the liquid/gel.

👤These wipes are really nice. They were shipped quickly. They come in two packages and you have to break them apart. I have two boys. I put a wipe in their lunch. The wipes are small for children. You may need two wipes if you have larger hands. They feel good when you wipe them. They don't have a strong smell of alcohol.

5. Advanced Sanitizer Fragrance Portable Individual

Advanced Sanitizer Fragrance Portable Individual

First aid care for small offices, vehicles, home, and job sites is ideal. It's an easy way to clean your hands. Simply bend the pack and use one hand to squirt it. America's No. 1 brand used by hospitals is the Purell brand. It is possible to kill 99% of most common germs without damaging the skin. The packets are known as "PURELL PERSONALS packets" and fit in a pocket, wallet, car, cell phone case, and your smallest bag. Also great for reception areas. The no-leak durable design of the PURELL PERSONALS Packets allows them to always be with you. It's perfect for sharing. The case pack includes: 125 Count Purell Singles Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel. There are single-use packets in the display box. The product is manufactured by a women-owned business.

Brand: Purell

👤Attached a video of actual use.

👤This is the best invention since sliced bread. No kidding! I am so happy with this product that I can't help but see it differently. Everyone and their kids should use this. It's very easy. I put a few of these in my pocket every morning. I don't know they are in my pocket. I whip one out whenever I'm going to eat. I was wondering if it would be difficult to use, but it's easy. Each dose is full. I use this every day for meals away from home. It's so inexpensive, easy, and beneficial that you would be crazy not to use it. I'll never have to eat with dirty hands again. Every day, parents should send their kids to school with a few of these. The potential benefit is huge. I got sick on a cruise ship a few months ago and I'm sure it was from eating with dirty hands. I was sick for 6 weeks. I wish I'd discovered this a long time ago. The minor cost of these is nothing compared to the misery of being sick. It's a no-brainer. The menu you are holding in your hands was last held by a snotty-nosed kid who coughed and sneezed all over it. You are holding the menu in your hand and ready to eat it. Is it gross, eh? The Purell can be used after you've finished the menu.

👤I was scrolling down on Amazon to buy hand sanitizers when I discovered these existed. This is a well-kept secret. I always carried small Purell bottles in my coat pockets. I had to squeeze the bottle to get the Purell in my other hand, then I had to close the top and put the bottle back in my pocket because the gel wouldn't stay in my hand. This is easy to use and disposable. The amount of liquid is sufficient to cleanse both hands. A small miracle of an invention is not advertised. Another small miracle is leaving it to Amazon.

👤It's convenient. My kid's backpack is where I put it. We can use it anywhere. It's more convenient than the bottles we used before. Highly recommended.

👤If you are sharing with someone who wants some of your sanitizer, these things are useful. You don't have to worry about sharing one of those bottles with others and making sure you don't leave it on the table, like I have done before. I keep them in my wallet. I keep my wallet in my front pocket because I never sit on it. If you buy those little pill baggies from the store, you can fit about 4 of these Purell singles in them and seal them up, just in case.

👤I like this product. The amount is perfect in the single use. Purell is not stinky or sticky. I am very happy I found these packets. They are easy to put in your pocket, purse, or vehicle. I will continue to use them after covid is over. I have always used Purell, but never knew it existed. I would give them 5 stars if I could. I bought them for other family members and they loved them as much as I did. The boxes I ordered a month ago have a shelf life of over 2 years. 99% of germs are killed by fragrance free. I don't feel dry after using these. I have always used hand sanitizer year round, but with this covid, you don't have to worry about touching the pump or bottle, and you can just throw away the empty packet.

6. Plastic Portable Refillable Containers Sanitizer

Plastic Portable Refillable Containers Sanitizer

The perfect set includes 60 empty plastic bottles. flip caps are easy to use for any project. The clear plastic bottle shows the true color of the contents. There are many uses. Their containers and bottles are leak proof. It's safe to store personal liquids and items. There is organized and light travel. If you're going on a business trip or on a vacation, use their flip cap bottles that are perfect for packing your travel products. It is easy to fill. The wide-mouthed lid is easy to fill and refill. Stay clean and organize on your trip with these leak-free bottles. DIMENSIONS The bottles have a capacity of 2 ounces.

Brand: Gails Willing

👤The bottles were packaged individually and the caps were underneath when they arrived. I took one out to see if it was the same one I ordered before. I found them to be clean and new. I'm adding pictures so you can see how packed they were. I have used these to share my shower gels. The bottles worked well. No leaking, no spilling. I was very pleased with these.

👤The bottles are old and used. They are all damaged.

👤Filled with sanitizer and labeled for gender reveal. They were perfect size and did not leak.

👤I love these bottles. I gave them out with candy as party favors. No spills, no problems.

👤The family loved the stickers I made with my computer. Thank you gifts, especially during this time.

👤The bottles were sturdy and the tops fit perfectly. It was easy to make labels.

👤The bottles did not look cracked or used. I am super grateful that they sent extra caps. I bought it with the Germ-X bottles.

👤The bottles were used for the baby shower. Every guest was given a bottle. The bottles are the right size to add your own label. Attach your liquid with screws. It's great for travel.

7. Germ X Original Sanitizer Fluid Bottles

Germ X Original Sanitizer Fluid Bottles

99% of germs are killed without water. In just 15 seconds, you can eliminate 99% of harmful germs andbacteria. There is a lot of moisturizers.

Brand: Germ-x

👤We have had a hard time finding this product, so we were excited to receive it today. I got it out of the box and it was gone by the time I got home. I would like to have it replaced.

👤I received the box after a month. I don't have to look for them anymore. There are 48 bottles. There were some bottles that were a little loose. If you bought that amount at the store, it would average out the same. The store only allows one per person.

👤I like the original scent but not the citrus one. It is fine for people who have no clue what cdc is to say that it is 60% or higher. 70% get your facts straight!

👤The only thing I received was the original scent, when I purchased it. It's not a problem for me. The date was 4/22. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The original scent of the bottles was ok, but I did not receive the citrus scent. I use Germ X to purchase things before Covid 19. It took a long time to get mine. I got it! That is all that matters. Germ X is a good product.

👤I receive mine this week.

👤During the Pandemic, hand sanitizer is one of the hardest things to find. I was very happy to find these minis. Germ-X is a trusted brand in hand hygiene. The bottle says it has alcohol in it and eliminates 99% of germs in 15 seconds. It goes on quickly. I received the original Germ-X instead of the fruit. I'm fine with that. There is plenty of time to use them. The small 2 oz size is good for me. It is easy to put my bag or glove in a compartment. The cap on these twists off so they can be refilled. This product is needed.

👤The description and picture showed the scent of lemons, but I received the original scent. I am pleased to have received this bulk order, because it is hard to find name brand hand sanitizer. I plan to share with my friends and family members that I work in the healthcare industry. The 2 oz size is portable and convenient. It's handy to keep in cars, purses, backpacks, etc. They arrived double boxed as shown in the photos. The bottles are not sealed individually. They all arrived full, there was no leak in transit, and they all have a good shelf life. Thanks to Amazon, these are available during the Pandemic. I think it will be awhile before it is easy to find again.

8. HATTIE Keychain Leakproof Refillable Containers

HATTIE Keychain Leakproof Refillable Containers

The travel bottles made of high-grade transparent PET material are safe and durable. The portable plastic bottles are 5in high and 1.4in wide and can be attached to your purse, bag, or keys. You could put it in your bag or pocket. It's suitable for travel, business trip, sports, outdoor activities, etc. MULTIPURPOSE50ml/ 2oz, is a refill for hand, body, and beauty products. The flip cap design of the 2oz travel bottles prevents liquid from overflowing. The transparent bottle body is easy to use. It is easy to fill the large diameter design. The soft bottle body is easy to squeeze.

Brand: Hattie

👤Not missing anything, came with 50 in bag. I was scared to miss some tops after reading reviews. The problem was the tops were white. The item is clear on the photo. It is okay. If they don't leak Update, then they are great forchamoy.

👤We used these for adult party favors and they were a hit. The clips are a great product.

👤There are 2 bottles, 2 caps, and 6 carabiners that are missing. Someone needs to go to kindergarten.

👤I got 3 extra hooks after they were all sent with the hooks already attached. They were a little bigger than I had 888-276-5932s. I used them as party favors for my 18th birthday and filled them with homemade hand sanitizer.

👤45 bottles were received.

👤I like the clear caps more than the white ones, but grateful they are the ones I need.

9. Bliss Collections Greenery Watercolor Wedding

Bliss Collections Greenery Watercolor Wedding

Pay one low shipping rate when filling your cart with Andaz Press items. Expedited and 2-day shipping are also available. All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days from California. 50 Pack of single sided tags with a pre-punched hole. Ribbon/Twine is not included. The style is style. There is a beautiful watercolor greenery. Their matching invites, tags, place cards and more are complemented by these tags. Quality design. Their tags are printed on 100lb white card stock. Perfect for: wedding favors, bridal shower favors, baby shower favors, birthday party favors, guest welcome bags, reception place settings and more. All designs are created by their in-house team.

Brand: Bliss Collections

👤A pretty gift tag! I tied the ribbon onto the bags I made. You can personalize the back side of the tag with a short sentiment. The matching thank you notecards were also ordered. It was difficult to decide on the design since they are all pretty. You will not be disappointed.

👤They were attached to bottles of apple cider for the baby shower.

👤There are lovely tags for gift giving. I attached the gift tags to the jars with twine. I am very pleased with the look.

👤They are gorgeous! The tags are smaller than I expected.

👤They were used to wrap our forks and napkins. A cute touch!

👤It was well-made and worked perfectly for me.

👤I am happy with the quality of the tag and image. The back of the tags is blank, with a graphic on one side. They were attached to part favors for a baby shower.

👤They look great in gift boxes.

👤Thank you cards are being used on client gifts. Very happy. Will be buying again.

👤The picture is great, so cute for my wedding favours.

10. Travel Bottles Keychain Portable Plastic

Travel Bottles Keychain Portable Plastic

The 20 pack is 50ml/2 oz and has 20 pc carabiner. The material is made from non-toxic plastic. Each bottle is eco-friendly and safe for use with all your squeeze bottle applications. It's easy to fill. Soft bottle body, easy to squeeze and control dosage, easy to squeeze out the last bits of liquid in order to make sure your liquid isn't being wasted. The travel bottles can be used for many things, they are lightweight, portable, and perfect for cosmetics, camping accessories, and more.

Brand: Xitenbao

👤They didn't actually come with a funnel. The seller said it wouldn't be available to customers until after a certain date. It would have been nice to know that before buying. It seems like a false advertisement to me. The bottles are decent.

👤I bought these a month ago to carry with me. Initially, I was very happy with them and the first time I noticed a leak, I thought it was a joke. The peg that goes into the hole was broken. I realized that the little peg part detached from the lid cap when I looked closer. It looks like the lids don't hold up when exposed to hand sanitizer. It is really disappointing to have the lid open so that the sanitizer can leak all over.

👤These bottles are larger than the standard hand sanitizer bottles that come on a loop or hook. I like these bottles because I can fill them with hand sanitizer and see how much is in there. The lanyard that I connected to the one that came with them was nice. I need to wear a bottle of hand sanitizer around my neck at work. The collapsible funnel that came with the set could be used to fill the bottles with other liquids. The flip top on the bottles stays closed when the bottle is upside down.

👤The advertisement is misleading. The 20 count was ordered in the add. 20 percent. A plastic travel bottle with a carabiner. Only 10 bottles and 10 clips were received. Not a lot of bottles and no funnel at all.

👤I received 6 empty bottles with 2 red, 2 green, and 2 black carabiners and a Silicone funnel in my mailbox today. I'll use the extra cap to replace the broken cap on my old bottle, which was packaged in an opaque bag. The star is -1. The carabiner is small. I don't recommend taking it off as the carabiner is a bit weak and can easily be broken. I will update if the carabiner breaks. The bottles are made of plastic. My rating is based on the bottle and not the carabiner since some buyers might only be interested in the bottle itself. The bottle will be the only factor that will affect my rating. I know from my old bottle that if I fill the bottle with hand sanitizer to the max, the bottle will expand in heat and cause the bottle cap to fail, because we live in a world where it's so easy to misuse it. Several photos and a quarter for size comparison have been included. The carabiner is small. The bag can fit four bottles without overlap, and it's opaque so you can't see it.

👤I would recommend these bottles to anyone looking for travel bottles. It's very convenient to refill with these travel size hand sanitizer bottles. You're better off because these bottles are able to hold 50ml/2oz each, which is twice as much as a travel size Bath 'N Body Works bottle. You have the option of getting these just as "Leakproof Squeeze Bottles with Flip Cap" and an addition as spray bottles. It's easier to travel with them because they are plastic. I would recommend them.

11. Rubbermaid Sanitizer Alcohol Based Bottles 2140739

Rubbermaid Sanitizer Alcohol Based Bottles 2140739

There is a lot of erythr Alcohol, which kills 99.99% of grms. MoisturiZING FORMULA is made with vitamins E andAloe. For sensitive skin, makeup is free. It's easy to make a mess with the pump bladder. It is a great option when soap and water is not readily available. It's perfect for school, work, and home environments. Protect the well-being of you and your family. There is a case pack of two bottles.

Brand: Rubbermaid

👤The smell is like a Bum's Sac. It seems to be good quality, but it is not enjoyable. It does smell a little bit like Vodka that has been sitting in the sun and heat for a while. Disgusting.

👤The dispenser top broke off because the product was wrapped so tightly. They should be more aware of the packaging of their product. There was no padding or air filled plastic inside the box. The smell makes me nauseated, which I haven't experienced with other bad or strong smelling sanitizers. It's pretty frustrating for $30. I feel like I'm left with a film because it does dry up. I would feel bad giving one star. This product is not usable for me.

👤I bought these based on the reviews. I don't know if they had a bad batches or not, but the smell was terrible. It smelled like burning things. I figured I would try it regardless. I had to add lavender essential oil to make it better, I hope it doesn't make the solution less potent, but I wouldn't recommend until they fix the smell.

👤This is how it would smell. The smell of a hand sanitizer made in a Rubbermaid factory is funky and kinda. I recommend about 24 drops of essential oil and 12 drops of coconut oil. Smooths it out.

👤These should smell reasonable. The bottles smelled terrible. They were thrown out as something seems wrong with them.

👤I know why this was 50% off. SMELLS are so nasty. It actually made me. No where in the add does it say not returnable/refundable. I wouldn't have bought it if it had. I would have bought a trusted brand. Very unhappy customer. I would give negative stars if I could.

👤I found the right one after using several sanitizers. It doesn't leave a sticky sensation on hands and absorbs quickly, allowing personnel to complete their cleaning process quickly. After using the product a number of times, the hands are still hydrated. It's the same product as a great brand such as Rubbermaid.

👤Quality hand wash. It doesn't run off your hands if you Gelled it. It is what I would expect. Does the job need to be done.


What is the best product for wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized hand sanitizer?

Wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized hand sanitizer products from Hicarer. In this article about wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized hand sanitizer you can see why people choose the product. Mho Containers and Ourwarm are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized hand sanitizer.

What are the best brands for wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized hand sanitizer?

Hicarer, Mho Containers and Ourwarm are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized hand sanitizer. Find the detail in this article. Care Touch, Purell and Gails Willing are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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