Best Wedding Favors for Guests Bulk 100 Personalized Cheap

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1. Golden Openers Wedding Decorations Souvenirs

Golden Openers Wedding Decorations Souvenirs

The after-sales service. They will provide valuable advice after your purchase. They will support free return and exchange if there is a quality problem. It's also necessary daily tool in kitchen or bar and convenient to be carried around and your family and friends, and those bottle openers are great wedding favors for guests. Functions 1. There are tools for opening beer and soda. Souvenirs and gifts are included in wedding party or bridal shower favors. The weight is 78g and the material is zinc alloy and silver. Each product is carefully polished and screened, and their bottle opener is hand-made. If there is a quality problem, they will return it for free.

Brand: Vzcbzc

2. Engagement Anniversary Valentines Graduation Celebrations

Engagement Anniversary Valentines Graduation Celebrations

You could add some atmosphere to the festival by adding metallic wire-edged ribbon, washi tape, gift twine, or decoupage paper to the paper gift boxes. You can decorate them with specific ink stamps or stencil. Birthdays, gift favors, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day and Independence day are some of the days where these party favor boxes can be found. 150 Pack Mini Heart Bubble Wands are great for wedding favors. Adding a romantic atmosphere to festivals such as Valentine's Day for girlfriend is a good idea. Great for wedding celebrations, outdoor activities, family reunion, bridal shower, carnival prize, contest prizes, bath time, pool parties, Themed Birthday etc. The event will be fun. When you wave the wand or blow slowly, bubbles will fly in the air. It's a great way to make bubbles for lovers. The cap and bubble soap bottle are made of high-quality materials and are designed to ensure that no leakage occurs during transport. The return guarantee. 30 days free return policy is offered if you are not satisfied with the product.

Brand: Nasidear

👤The product was leaking when it arrived in the box. Some of the bottles are half full.

👤The bubbles were great. They arrived undamaged and without leaks. The newlyweds were sent through a tunnel of bubbles by the wedding guests. Some of the lids were a little stubborn coming off, but many of us just used our teeth to pry them open.

👤I would say that they are worth it for the amount and the value. When I opened my box, I noticed that the packaging was sticky and wet. There are cracks and leaks. The tops are hard to open. We had to remove them. I won't be buying them again for what we'll be using them for.

👤The tubes are cute, but there is a lot of leaking. A sealed bottle of bubbles with a funnel is what the supplier should provide. You would think that would be more work, but be prepared to buy more bubbles, fill all the partial tubes, and wipe down all the tubes. Extra work and overpriced for what it is.

👤My parents will be renewing their vows at the end of the month and throwing a huge reception to celebrate their 50th anniversary. I ordered these for guests, and it turned out to be an excellent idea. They were well packaged and arrived in 3 days.

👤Liquid leaked into the box when these were grouped into many sleeves. We opened them before the wedding. We could discard the ones that were cracked and leaked.

👤I am not happy with these. I had to clean every single one of the bubbles. Each pack contains 15 bubbles. There were cracked bubbles in each pack. If you don't mind cleaning all of the bubbles, then they are alright. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my time.

👤A lot of bubbles for money. I have to dry the bags and store them in a new container because they are completely soaked. A lot of liquid in bottles is a nuisance.

👤The product was delivered the next day after the order was finalized.

3. AerWo Hexagonal Chocolate Birthday Decoration

AerWo Hexagonal Chocolate Birthday Decoration

The best gifts. A nice present for your family and friends. Every moment is being recorded. 50 marble candy boxes and 50 gold ribbons are assembled easily. The party favors boxes will make your party unforgettable. The perfect size of the Favor Box is 3.15" x 1.57" x 1.96", perfect for holding candy, chocolates, cookies, jewelry, bracelet, ring and other small gifts. Fantastic marble print featuring festival patterns with "Thank you" letters, exquisite and fashionable, will create a beautiful atmosphere and add extra elegance to your party. It's perfect for your wedding, bridal shower party, birthday party, baby shower party, Christmas party, anniversary, engagement, other happy occasions. According to the buyer's comments, the ribbon of the box will be replaced with gold. They will always stand by for your 100% satisfied service if you have a problem. According to the buyer's comments, the ribbon of the box will be replaced with gold. They will always stand by for your 100% satisfied service if you have a problem.

Brand: Aerwo

👤The value is great. I bought these favors for my wedding and they looked great on the table. The box was strong enough for my 10 year old devil. I mean son to assemble and tie the bow without damaging it or the holes in the top. The boxes were bigger than I had expected. I had to fill the box with shredded paper because it was deeper than I anticipated.

👤They were purchased as wedding favors. We put the cake in the boxes and packed tea bags and sent them to distant family members. The boxes made it easy to assemble for a lot of people. There are 2 hexagonal cake pieces. The cake boxes are too tall for priority boxes but a gentle squeeze made it work. The bow isn't what's in the picture. We didn't tie a bow through the hole. We had to tie the ribbon around the box. It was great because it closed the box. It would have been open. The slack top tie around the box could have been longer. You need small hands to make it work. The gold foil color is shiny and looks good.

👤The design of the shower was slightly more elegant. I made my own coconut macaroons. Back up plan was to fill with a small amount of chocolates. There are a lot of options and a good size. The assembly was very easy. I preferred the gold ribbon over the upgraded ones. Sturdy boxes. I was able to put them in a bag and bring them to the party. I would order them again.

👤These boxes are beautiful. They feel sturdy when assembled. I believe that a little instruction sheet can be added for assembling. The boxes are small. I wanted to give them to my guest at my wedding.

👤The boxes are cute. I ordered them to use for my baby shower favors. I replaced the ribbon with my own pink and gold trimmed ribbons and added a pink plastic pacifier. I put my own label on it to fit my theme. It is cute and elegant. It takes a while to put these boxes together, but it is easy to modify. A good amount of treats.

👤This product was the best choice for our wedding. Absolutely gorgeous and would recommend. Some of the reviews criticized the ribbons, but that's not a problem. I was going to buy different colour ribbons at the fabric store, but after we assembled the boxes, we were in love with the combination. Absolutely gorgeous.

👤These were cute. The maroon ribbon we bought looked great and we used it instead of the gold. There was definitely room for more in the boxes we put one York peppermint patty and twelve kisses in. You wouldn't have been able to tell if the boxes had tears or not because they were put together. They looked great and were sturdy.

👤It was perfect! Exactly what I wanted for my wedding. I can not wait. The ribbon that comes with it is something I would change. The ribbon is not shiny. An ivory or gold ribbon would have looked better with it. Thank you for the fast delivery!

4. Bottle Openers Wedding Decorations Souvenirs

Bottle Openers Wedding Decorations Souvenirs

70 pieces multi-color glow sticks are included. 50 PCS key bottle opener, 50 PCS tags, 50 PCS cards, and 50 PCS key chains are what you get. The key bottle opener is made of metal. The metal is eco-friendly. It's also necessary daily tool in kitchen or bar and convenient to be carried around and your wedding favors are great. Functions 1. There are tools for opening beer and soda. Souvenirs and gifts are included in wedding party or bridal shower favors. The bottle opener has a size of 3.1 x 1.1 inches. Each product is carefully polished and screened and their bottle opener is hand-made. If there is a quality problem, they will return it for free.

Brand: Vzcbzc

👤A nice gift for a bridal shower. It was pretty and sturdy than I expected.

👤Our mini wine bottles were used as party favors.

👤It is not durable at all. They look cute, but that is all.

👤La descripcin dice 50 unidades.

👤We received a rose gold, but was a little disappointed. The picture did not match the color but we had to use them.

👤Came exactly how it was explained. I was happy with the buy, it was better than I thought.

5. PartyTalk Souvenir Decorations Christmas Ornaments

PartyTalk Souvenir Decorations Christmas Ornaments

If you are not satisfied with their products, please contact them in time, they can return the products or give you a full refund. 50pcs Creative Travel Themed Wedding Favors (1.8" in diameter), 50pcs blank gift tags (4" x 2") for easy to write and 50pcs jute twine for hanging are all in one. PREMIUM QUALITY The Mini compass is made of aluminum alloy. The gold and black finish is ideal for travel themed party favors. It's perfect for travel themed or nautical themed party decorations, such as a wedding, Christmas, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary, graduation, celebration and so on. Your family, friends, and guests will remember your big day with amazing and unique gifts that thank them for being part of your adventure and wish them safe travel home. Write your friends' names and table numbers on paper tags to find their seats. Write blessings and wishes. Guests can collect them by hanging them to a tree.

Brand: Ourwarm

👤The Thank-You cards were used for our wedding. People were scrambling for more at the end of the night because our guests loved them so much. I knew that guests don't usually take wedding favours with them, so I thought these were affordable. In the weeks following my wedding, I found out that some people took for themselves, others took for family members that didn't attend, and one even called to ask if I had a spare compass for them. They were a hit. One reviewer said that you won't use these to navigate your way back to land in the middle of the sea, but the compasses work when you lay them flat. We didn't have to make Thank-You cards for them. Win-win.

👤It's my fault that I didn't look at the preview pictures long enough, but I didn't think that a compass wouldn't have E and W letters on it for East and West. I wanted to teach a lesson on compasses and navigation to first graders. Without East and West marked on them, they're not nearly as useful. These are great for anyone who already knows their directions.

👤I give this 3 stars because they are cute and work. The metal bent and the rings broke off when 10 arrived broken. The back of my car has custom stickers on it.

👤Absolutely recommend this product. The kids loved them and I used this for my camp. They are a great gift for any occasion. The pieces that came with the compasses worked well. They point North. The quality was very nice and you can't beat the price. Product looks better in person.

👤The customer service team has an annual meeting. We were on the Queen Mary. The meeting was about journeys. I put notes on the cards that said "if you cannot change the wind, adjust your sails". They were a huge hit.

👤Antes de guardarlas en regalos Debes. No todas funcionan de las 50 me. No est mal. No pesan mucho.

👤This was so cute for our wedding. The theme for this was a party favor and we are avid travelers. It is easy to assemble. You can put your own information on it.

👤We hung the quotes from a tree after using them for a wedding. The guest was told to take the one that guided their heart after reading all the quotes. I don't know how well they work, they were just an adventure theme favor.

👤Alle Kompasse ist sogar richtig. Ist unser Gastgeschenk. Sehr gutes Preis Leistungs Verhltnis. Sendungsnummer ist in Deutschland, so wechselt. Ich schnell darber informiert. Beschrieben wie lieferzeit. Leider ist die Anhnger aus Kraftpapier.

👤Ihren Artikel ist gut aus. 50 Kompasse in 50 verschiedene Richtungen ist die Kompass.

6. Wedding Souvenir Vintage Skeleton Openers

Wedding Souvenir Vintage Skeleton Openers

The candy box is 4.5 x 2.75 inches, the key is 3.28 inches, the tag is 3.5 x 1.6 inch, and a bundle of ribbon is 0.25 inch x 25 yards. A must-have set is the weddig favor souvenir set. You can't miss it, it's all in one: a creative pillow candy box, key openers, silk ribbon and white gift tags. The Pillow Candy Box is 5X 3.5 inch and has a ribbon of 8 inches and a key of 3 inches. The Key Bottle openers are made of alloy. The Key to Happiness is Love and the ability to open a bottle, can be used with markers or ink, perfect for wedding, graduation, party, Cloth tags, price tags, gift tags, and more.

Brand: Makhry

👤The keys were a nice weight and the colors were great. I ordered silver and gold. The people at my reception thought the favors were cute, but I don't know if the bottle opener function works as I didn't try it. You have to set the time aside to put these together. If you have a few people, you will be golden, but if it is just you, it may take a while. I wouldn't put something like Jordan almonds in there unwrapped and I recommend putting something with wrapping inside. It is easy for guests to grab.

👤I need to buy some because the ribbon was not included. Disappointed. The event is in 4 days and there is no way to contact the vendor. Beware of buyers.

👤It's perfect for a wedding gift. You can add your own touches or just assembly as is. Everything is in a box. A beautiful gold ribbon, a small box to add mints or almonds, and a key/bottle opener are included. This made it very easy for us to add to the wedding tables. Thank you so much!

👤There are different colors of skeleton key bottle openers. I returned the gold one because it was too bright and bold.

👤The set was supposed to be a gift. The rest of the items were missing. False advertising! Will be returning and will definitely ask for a full refund. Be careful, buyers.

👤I loved it! It looks great. I use it as my small and intimate wedding Favors, and I am in love with it. I put some chocolates in a cute box.

👤It was very nice and sturdy. I thought it was plastic, but it has a nice weight.

👤It is easy to put together. The key doesn't look rusty, that's a good thing We were looking for the right silver.

👤The keys were rusty. Quality is not good.

7. White Double Bubble Bottle Pre Filled

White Double Bubble Bottle Pre Filled

The paper can be used with markers or ink, perfect for wedding, graduation, party, cloth tags, price tags, gift tags, bookmark tags, cupcake toppers, wish trees, love notes, scrapbooking and more. 150 mini double heart bubble bottles are a romantic idea for wedding, anniversary and engagement parties. The mini bubble bottles are about the same height as a car. Prefilled 0.6 oz non-toxic bubble liquid is safe for kids up to the age of 3. The bubble bottle is made of high quality materials and is designed to not leak during transportation. You can make a lot of bubbles by waving a wand or blowing very slowly. Double Heart Bubbles will enhance your outdoor activities, carnival prize, contest prizes, pool bath time, themed birthday, gift bags, and bridal shower. As a souvenir for your guests. The double heart tops and white bottle is a perfect party decoration. Let's make a cute souvenir for guests. The bubble toy is funny.

Brand: Byonebye

👤Just right. I have 75 bottles left if anyone needs them.

👤I hesitated before buying them because of the reviews that said they were hard to open. I'm not sure if they changed the packaging or not. These were easy to do. I was going to spend an hour or so before opening to make sure my guests didn't struggle, but there was no need. I opened about a dozen and it was very easy to open. They produced a lot of bubbles. The bottles are cute. Couldn't have been happier with the purchase.

👤It's easy to open. Excellent bubbles were blowed. People who can't open these are stupid. I'm not sure what all the complaints are about. These were perfect for our wedding. Excellent price and quality!

👤I opened one after reading some reviews about the difficulty in opening, and I am sure it was bought for my daughter's wedding. The little lid popped right back on, there were no problems at all. My granddaughter had fun with the sample bottle. The solution creates a lot of bubbles. The price is not great. The product works well.

👤Our daughter and her new husband were saluted with these bubbles. It was easy to open and perfect for a perfect day.

👤The ones that were harder to open worked well for our daughter's wedding.

👤It's just as cute as pictured. The wedding guest didn't know how to use them. It's odd.

👤Perfect size! Shipping was quick and the item was in great condition. It is thankful.

8. Stickers Chocolate Labels Weddings Engagement

Stickers Chocolate Labels Weddings Engagement

Their promise to you is that they will get you covered. Your purchase includes a money back guarantee. If you don't like your Dishwasher Magnet, return it for a full refund. Their Money Back Guarantee makes it risk-free to try yours. There is no candy included in this listing for hershey kisses stickers. These 0.75" round self-adhesive stickers are perfect for Hershey's Kisses, the top of Reeses Miniatures, or putting on the back of your invitation as seal. You will have an elegant result at the end. A unique favor is a great way to make your celebration memorable. 100% satisfaction guarantee for made in USA.

Brand: Rokapary

👤I was browsing through the Kisses section and thought I was getting over 300 candy kisses. I ordered them to receive candy. It was not an expensive lesson.

👤The print was hard to read. It was a bit pricey for the quality. I printed them on my computer printer. I bought a different type of paper from someone else and it looked better and the print was more professional. Before you buy this one, shop around.

👤The little stickers are cute. They fit on the bottom of Hershey's Kisses.

👤I didn't ask for a refund because I didn't think it was worth it. I tried to shop too quickly. That doesn't make this transaction right or fair. Stop. No more of my time on this.

👤It's perfect for the back of cards or Hershey kisses. The stickers were shipped in an envelope and got bent in half, making them crease in the middle row.

👤Absolutely perfect! It arrived quickly. These are very easy to use. The type is not cheap. They are thick enough to not tear. The wedding guest will love them. I'm ordering more now. Thank you.

👤It was a great way to show our friends and family that we still love them, even though we couldn't have a receiving line with hugs and kisses. We told them hugs and kisses after giving them chocolate kisses. Everyone loved them and smiled and I think they felt a little safer. We put some on the tables.

👤We are giving out candy as wedding favors and will use stickers.

👤You would think that they would put the stickers inside the cardboard to avoid being bent. A bag and sheets of stickers. All of them bend and tinkled. I can't use all of them. These were for my wedding favors.

👤It is hard to read writing.

9. Wedding Favors Bottle Organza Aluminum

Wedding Favors Bottle Organza Aluminum

These love bottle openers are great for formal occasions, such as weddings, parties, dinners, reception, restaurants, housewarming, engagement, Christmas, anniversary. It is very convenient for you to use, as it also fits for daily gatherings, camping, hiking, hiking and other leisure occasions. You will receive 100 pieces of wedding favors bottle openers and 100 pieces of organza bags in one package, you can choose from 10 different colors of their bottle openers, enough quantity can meet your needs for different occasions. The wedding favor bottle opener is made of aluminum, alloy, and drapery, which is sturdy and durable, not easy to fade, and can be applied for a long time, so you don't have to worry. The aluminum bottle opener is 6 x 1.2 cm/ 2.4 x 0.5 inches in size, and the organza bag is 7 x 9 cm/ 2.8 x 3.5 inch in size, which is suitable for carrying around and the set is even better. The wedding favors bottle opener uses the lever principle to open bottles, which means you can easily open them with one hand, it's very practical. A wide range of applications: these aluminum bottle openers with organza bags are suitable for your family members, friends, colleagues, classmates, lovers and other people as a gift on anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthday and so on, helping to bring you closer to each other A wide range of applications: these aluminum bottle openers with organza bags are suitable for your family members, friends, colleagues, classmates, lovers and other people as a gift on anniversary, Valentine's Day, birthday and so on, helping to bring you closer to each other

Brand: Hicarer

10. WODEGIFT Wedding Souvenir Vintage Skeleton

WODEGIFT Wedding Souvenir Vintage Skeleton

There are occasions. The small glass jars with cork are perfect for beach wedding, baby shower, birthday party, Harry Potter party, game night, wizard costume party, beach vacation and daily kitchen use. You get a skeleton key bottle opener, 100 PCS tags cards, and 100 PCS key chains. The key bottle opener is made of sturdy metal and has a beautiful bronze vintage look. There is a treatment for plating. Lead free,fadeless and eco-friendly. The perfect combination party favors is a great decoration for your wedding, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday, engagement, banquet, Christmas, housewarming, etc. Each key bottle opener has a brown escort cards tag. You can write or stamp it on your own. You can use the key chain to hang the bottle openers if you have a hole on the top of the cards. Memorable Party Favors: Practical, unique and lasting skeleton key bottle openers, which will be a party favors that your guests would remember you long after your wedding or party! If their product fails to please you, they will either replace it or give you a full refund.

Brand: Wodegift

👤I bought these for my wedding reception. The bottle openers are cute and sturdy. The tags have a great message. I bought a stamper with our names on it and stamped the back of the cards to make it more personal. Everyone will love them.

👤I ordered these for my wedding favors and as I put them together tonight, I noticed a few things. I have 50 keys, 50 chains, and 50 cards, but I have 100. Even though it says I get 100 of each Other than that they are beautiful, I will have to place another order to make 100.

👤My daughter's wedding is being held at a brewery and these are perfect. The perfect wedding favor is made from them.

👤These were cute but not functional. It takes a bit of effort to open a bottle, as you have to go around the entire cap, not just a quick flip. Great party favor just doesn't mean much beyond that.

👤I was hoping for a solid 100 keys. I have 87 left over. I ran out of keys. They are heavy and seem good quality.

👤I only have 91 keys and 93 tags, which is bad because they are perfect for our wedding.

👤These are neat and different favors that can be used after the wedding.

👤These are amazing! Don't think twice about buying! They were perfect for our wedding and held up well. It is definitely worth the price. They were easy to assemble and looked more expensive than they were.

11. Pieces Stopper Stainless Organza Wedding

Pieces Stopper Stainless Organza Wedding

You can fill these bottles with anything from candy, mints, or candles, to serve desserts to your loved ones. It can be used as part of your wedding decor. The possibilities are endless. The package comes with 50 pieces of heart shaped wine stoppers and 100 pieces of white organza bags, enough quantity to meet your needs, you can share with your friends, guests or family members as gifts. The heart-shaped wine bottle stopper is made of zinc alloy and silicone, not easy to break, and the surface is smooth and beautiful. The heart wedding wine plug has a shiny look and is suitable for weddings, birthday parties, and other festival use, you can pack them by the transparent yarn bag and take them as gifts for relatives, guests and friends. The heart beverage bottle plug can keep air out of the bottle and make your wine drink taste as good as the day you opened it. You can taste the wine with the easy to use heart shaped stoppers, which are inserted into the bottle mouth to seal. The yarn bag is about 0.85 inch in diameter. These heart wedding wine stoppers fit most bottle sizes, and the white bags are great for holding them.

Brand: Boao

👤Everyone loved them. Our guests loved the heart shaped bottle stoppers, they were the perfect thank you gift.

👤These were given to my mothers 90th. Birthday. They were perfect! Shipping is very fast and cheap. It was perfect.

👤My daughter's wedding favor was very popular.

👤They are great! It's even more beautiful in person. Can't wait to give them out for my birthday.

👤I was very happy with my order. Fast delivery.


What is the best product for wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized cheap?

Wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized cheap products from Vzcbzc. In this article about wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized cheap you can see why people choose the product. Nasidear and Aerwo are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized cheap.

What are the best brands for wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized cheap?

Vzcbzc, Nasidear and Aerwo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding favors for guests bulk 100 personalized cheap. Find the detail in this article. Vzcbzc, Ourwarm and Makhry are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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