Best Wedding Favors for Guests Bulk 100 Candy

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1. FlowersWedding Stickers Adhesive Chocolate Stickers(023)

FlowersWedding Stickers Adhesive Chocolate Stickers%EF%BC%88023%EF%BC%89

100 new adventure begins gift bags will be sent to you to ensure you have enough for your next party, event, or special occasion. You will get 270 pieces Wedding stickers, 5 sheets of stickers per package, and these party stickers are easy to match most party decorations and accessories, great for your party decorating,gifts wrapping,invitation envelope seal and so on. The wedding stickers are made of copperplate paper and have a clear and shiny surface, they are easy to peel off, and have a quality self-adhesive function that makes them stick to any surface. The sticker should be 0.75 inch in diameter and fit for chocolate seal, as well as decorate mini candy, water bottle lids, party favors, favor boxes, envelope seal, and more. Wedding decals can be applied on photos, party invitations,greeting cards, or as Wedding gift label,glass wine stickers,Wedding candy wrappers, and are perfect for Wedding party favors, cards, gift boxes, treat bags, toys and crafts.

Brand: Uwukei

👤They were a cute addition to Hershey's Kisses for favor bags.

2. Jutieuo Transparent Birthday Individual Packaging

Jutieuo Transparent Birthday Individual Packaging

The pillow box can be used to hold notes and desserts, but be careful with scissors, as the ribbon can be cut by yourself. The transparent boxes are made from plastic which is more safe than other plastic materials. Please confirm the size of the gift box before purchasing it. The cube box is easy to assemble and perfect for gift giving and display, but please remove the protective film before use. You can decorate your own party favors with white ribbons, which will leave a deep impression on your guests. Their plastic gift boxes are suitable for many occasions, such as wedding parties, baby showers, children's birthday parties or engagement parties.

Brand: Jutieuo

👤Good quality. I only got 80 because I didn't get the correct count.

👤It says 100 packs. I only received 50 pack.

👤The box is protected by plastic. It is difficult to remove but after a few tries it is easy.

3. Openers Skeleton Wedding Souvenirs Decorations

Openers Skeleton Wedding Souvenirs Decorations

The included tassels can be tied on the fan, the key and so on. 60 PCS skeleton key bottle opener, 60 PCS tags cards, and 60 PCSstainless key chains are what you get. The key bottle opener is made of metal. The metal is eco-friendly. Wedding favors for guests. The bottle openers are durable and unique gifts with Individual Gift Package that fits your wedding, anniversary or bridal shower gifts for your family and friends, it's also necessary daily tool in kitchen or bar and convenient to be carried around and your family and friends get from you. The functions are 1. There are tools for opening beer and soda. Souvenirs and gifts are included in wedding party or bridal shower favors. The bottle opener size is 3.1 x 1.1 inches. Each product is carefully polished and screened, and their bottle opener is hand-made. If there is a quality problem, they will return it for free.

Brand: Ykligtn

👤I would buy again, but it's hard to contact the company with my concerns, I spent hours doing labels and stickers for my daughter's quinceanera just for Amazon to tell me I need to return everything, I missed some keys from both of my orders.

👤The keys were a perfect party favor. It wasn't something that would be thrown away. It's a bottle opener so it's perfect to keep in a bag. Convenient and cute.

👤This is the finished product. A bag stuffer. It is fun to do a good value for the price.

4. Kraft Paper Pillow Wedding Favors

Kraft Paper Pillow Wedding Favors

The best thanks The tags show the deep thanks of the new couple and are labeled "Thank you for being a key part of their lives". The bag was applied to wedding favour. The wedding pillowcase boxes are for brides. These paper boxes are made of thicker paper and can be used for small gifts. Make it special. Tie a bow with your favorite twine or ribbon. PRESCORED: The box is pre-scored so it is easy to fold into a perfect shape for your present. Wedding Favors can be handed out at your parties, weddings, or bridal showers. DIMENSIONS The box is 5.15 x 3.15 inches.

Brand: Sparkle And Bash

👤I will definitely be ordering again, these are great.

👤I liked this product. I used it as favors for my guests. Everyone loves this.

👤Cute favor boxes made of naterial. They were a huge hit.

👤I like everything about this order.

👤These are exactly what I was expecting. Can't wait to use them at my wedding.

👤The boxes were a nice touch to my decor.

👤Me gustado totalmente, pero tambien tienen imprimir el agradecimiento en espaol.

5. OurWarm Bottles Wedding Personalized Birthday

OurWarm Bottles Wedding Personalized Birthday

Every event becomes extra special when your colorful cake serving set is used. 48 bottles of cork, 48 personalized label tags, 48 strings, and great wedding favors or decors for your beach theme wedding are included. The mini glass bottle mouth diameter is 0.75 in, bottle height is 2.36 in, bottom diameter is 1.2 in, the capacity 25ml fits for candies, coffee beans, crafts, unique and unforgettable wedding favor for guest. The small glass bottles with cork are made of food grade material, clean and non-toxic, and the cork is a smooth and good seal, not easy to drop. The mini glass jars are perfect for storing small items, such as perfume samples, seeds, and herbs. There are occasions. The small glass jars with cork are perfect for beach wedding, baby shower, birthday party, Harry Potter party, game night, wizard costume party, beach vacation and daily kitchen use. There are occasions. The small glass jars with cork are perfect for beach wedding, baby shower, birthday party, Harry Potter party, game night, wizard costume party, beach vacation and daily kitchen use.

Brand: Ourwarm

👤I bought these bottles to put maple syrup in Chicken and waffles for my daughter's wedding. I thought this would be better than everyone handling one bottle of syrup. The bottle is nice to look at. The tags and string were present. I would highly recommend them.

👤Excellent quality product. The measures are correct. The correct diameter is 1.25 in, not the 1.4 in described. Beware of this. If you need them with the 1.4 diameter, you won't be upset. I will have to return them.

👤I hardly ever write reviews. I was so impressed with these bottles that I needed a few minutes to think about it. The way these were packaged was amazing. They were very secure. I ordered 3 boxes for baby shower favors and one of the bottles was not broken. I was impressed. They had cute little tags with jute string. So cute. The quality of the bottles, corks and tags were better than I expected. I have ordered from Amazon many times and I have to hand it down.

👤This is a great product, it's well packaged and has great quality jars with tags and labels. I am very impressed. You can't go wrong with these. I am using them for sea glass. Well done. The bottles are very sturdy and cute, and the product is better than advertised. One of the one star reviews mentioned that it is easy to fix the problem by using glue to secure the lid. They would get warped trying to get them out if they arrived too tight.

👤The bottles are perfect for what I am using them for, but the box was missing twine and labels. Due to the current world state, it's a bit inconvenient.

👤It's so useful. I keep my herbs in them. They use a cord to attach the label, and they have tags you can write on to identify what's in the bottle.

👤These are very cute. There are many ways to use them. You can put coffee beans in them. You could use them to store sand from places you've visited. There are so many options.

👤I was looking for bottles. They are the perfect size for little candy bottles. The twine and tags that come with them are adorable. The packaging is perfect. Each biddle has its own foam covered spot, which makes it easy to break. It was very well priced. It was worth the money.

6. CUSFULL Souvenir Decorations Christmas Ornaments

CUSFULL Souvenir Decorations Christmas Ornaments

50 pc compasses, 50 pc blank tag cards, 50 pc little boxes, 50 pc jute twine for hanging are included in the package. These party favors can make great vintage decorations. The material is made of high quality aluminum alloy. There is a box that you can put candy or flowers in. The size of the tag card is 3.5inch x 1.8inch and the size of the compass is 1.7inch x 0.4inch. The box is 8 cm x 5 cm and the rope is 24 cm. The compass must be held horizontally and kept away from ferromagnetic objects, high voltage lines and electronic devices in order to avoid errors and reduce the sensitivity of the compass. Occasion: Great for any occasions and themes, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday party, kids, alice in wonderland, graduation, baptism, beach, wedding, fall, Indian, housewarming, engagement, Christmas, bachelorette, candle, princess, wine, coffee, nautical.

Brand: Cusfull

👤We have a travel theme for our kid's birthday party and we are happy with this. It looks great and will make a great addition to the party. I would recommend them to anyone. It is sturdy and feels strong, and can be used to gift in any event, be it a birthday, office party or engagement, etc.

👤This product is very good. It is very easy to assemble. It makes for a unique wedding favor. The box is large enough to hold chocolates and candy. It is not as accurate as the real deal, but it works and can serve as a key chain.

👤I used this as a party favor. It is very easy to hold 10 kisses. Absolutely loved it. Would definitely recommend.

👤It's a great way to make our seating arrangements.

👤The only bad thing about the compass is that it doesn't work properly, it's really good for a wedding souvenir.

👤The compasses don't work that well. They are nice and a good favor.

👤It was a great favor for my vintage travel party decor. The rose gold color made it look more expensive.

👤My daughter's wedding favors were easy to assemble. It was a cute idea. I added a thank you note to the people who attended.

👤The producto con las expectativas is a product of the plataforma.

7. Forever Souvenir Birthday Decorations Supplies

Forever Souvenir Birthday Decorations Supplies

The package comes with 50 pieces wine stopper and 50 pieces yarn bags, enough quantity to meet your different needs, they can be applied as party favors for parties, birthdays, dinners or other celebrations because of their delicate appearance. The beer bottle openers are made of metal alloy and packaged in a beautiful plastic box, the color is not easy to fade, and also will not break or deform easily, such beautiful and practical tools can serve you for a long time. The "8" shape of the love bottle opener is similar to an infinite symbol, and the golden appearance makes it more attractive and beautiful. The multi-functional bottle opener is very convenient and practical for your daily life, the simple design is easy for you to handle and open bottles easily, quickly and efficiently, does not bring fatigue to the hands, so you can choose such practical and beautiful bottle openers as wedding. The package comes with 50 pieces of love forever bottle openers and each opener is packaged in a beautiful plastic gift box with a bow attached to the box, so these beer openers are very suitable gifts for your family, friends, just share with them. These love bottle openers are great for formal occasions, such as weddings, parties, dinners, reception, restaurants, housewarming, engagement, Christmas, anniversary. It is very convenient for you to use, as it also fits for daily gatherings, camping, hiking, hiking and other leisure occasions.

Brand: Boao

👤I gave these as a gift for the shower. The guest was happy and they were the perfect addition to the event.

👤Everyone loved them! Would highly recommend anyone!

8. HERSHEYS KISSES Chocolate Candy Foils Pounds

HERSHEYS KISSES Chocolate Candy Foils Pounds

There is a bag of Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate Candies in pink foils. Use bulk milk chocolate candy wrapped with stunning pink foils in party favors, treat dishes and candy buffets for a themed snack that looks as good as it tastes. Kosher milk chocolate treats are individually wrapped in a single color for lasting freshness. It's perfect for Mother's Day celebrations, weddings, graduations, breast cancer awareness month and back to school preparation. Milk chocolate classics are perfect for snacking and sharing throughout the day.

Brand: Kisses

👤I bought a lot of these bags of kisses for an event, they were to fill vases for décor. I only needed one. I store a lot of chocolate and use it throughout the year for events and décor, but when I take the pink foil off the bag that wasn't opened, I use it for Thanksgiving decorations. This is what I found. One of the bags was old, white, crumbling and completely inedible. The other bags were not bad. Chocolate has a shelf life of 2 years in temperature controlled settings.

👤Product is what was ordered. The candy was not melted when I received it, but it was still flawed. Dry ice and other cooling packing were not included in my order.

👤Don't buy! The favor is not chocolate. I am not sure if the ingredients are fresh or not. I liked the taste of the gift baskets we prepared. I was embarrassed to give these chocolates as a gift. We had to make quick changes. Costly and disappointing. Amazon! Quality and value are the most important. Not just convenience! I requested to return, but it is not accepted with this product. They were put in the trash. The company doesn't stand behind their product. I was tricked out of money.

👤I'd like to write something. The package was wet. Why was it that way? The "ice" inside was wet. I want to know if the fluid was pure water or chemicals. If it seeped into the bag, did it hurt the candy? I am very satisfied if the candy is ok. I don't know.

👤I love hershey's kisses, but I'm blown away by the packaging! The boxes were insulated and had cold packs inside. There was no melted chocolate. Wow. Thank you! I could only order one package at a time, so I wanted to order more. That was a bit odd. Would you like to fix that?

👤These were in great condition when they arrived. The treat bags for the drive through baby shower had these additions. I had them delivered so that I didn't have to worry about the animals or the heat melting them, because they didn't sit on the porch. I would keep chocolate in mind for delivery.

👤The hershey's kisses are covered in a white substance, which makes them squishy. I have no choice but to use them for the baby shower favors because I don't have time to come up with something else. I am hoping they are still good to eat after the 10th of October. I would expect a good product from the money I spent. Not happy with the purchase.

👤I haven't opened them yet. The package was not cold when I received it. There was a cold packet in it. It was very hot. The candy was melted. I was home all day and no one knocked on my door. It's difficult to return something like this. I will have to use the good ones. They are having a shower on June 12th. I put them in the fridge. Not very happy. I don't like ordering chocolates from Amazon.

9. Nicunom Transparent Individual Packaging Minigifts

Nicunom Transparent Individual Packaging Minigifts

Their plastic gift boxes are suitable for many occasions, such as wedding parties, baby showers, children's birthday parties or engagement parties. The package includes 120 boxes, the perfect size as favor gift boxes. The item inside the box can be easily identified, because the box is made from food-safe plastic. Simple and plain, no frills, shiny and trendy. A clear plastic box is perfect for gifts. Their transparent plastic box is flat. You can set up a box in a few seconds. The box is scratch proof once the assembly is complete. These cube boxes are great for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, anniversary and other celebrations.

Brand: Nicunom

👤These were used as wedding favors. They were easy to assemble. I ordered a different kind and those were scratched up, but these came clear. 10/10

10. ZOTOP Anniversary Celebration Birthday Christmas

ZOTOP Anniversary Celebration Birthday Christmas

If the product doesn't meet your expectations, simply return or ask for a full refund. 50 pink and gray marble pattern favor boxes with golden ribbons are included in the package. The bottoms of the party favor boxes are rectangular. The widest point is 4.5". Premium wedding favor boxes are made of high-quality cardboard, does not fade easily, is safe and tasteless, and can be used with confidence. Their wedding bags are made from renewable resources and are not harmful to the environment. The marble pattern makes these candy favor boxes attractive and suitable for all occasions. You can put small gifts in it. Their wedding party bags are great for special days such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, celebrations, halloween and christmas. Their wedding party bags are easy to assemble. 2Fix. The paper box has buttons on both sides. The small holes under the handle of the paper boxes should be poked. The ribbon of the corresponding color should be tied in the hole. The candy wedding bags are complete in this way. Guests who come to the wedding will get a light and compact bag, which can be easily taken home without increasing the pressure of transportation. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Zotop

11. Sealing Cookie Cellophane Searik Wedding

Sealing Cookie Cellophane Searik Wedding

It's great for weddings or showers. Premium quality. Searik bags are made of high quality plastic material that is odor-free, non-toxic and not easy to break. The design of the treat bags makes them stand out and give a deep impression on your guests. You can see what items are inside with transparent design. It's easy to use, no need for twist ties, and it's convenient for both adults and kids. The pastry bags can be kept fresh. There is a wide application. These favor bags are great for cookies, biscuits, desserts, candy, chocolate, hot cocoa bomb, any snacks, or dried flower, jewelry. International Women's Day gift decorations, birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, celebration, bridal shower, baby shower gift and etc are suitable for party favor. It's perfect for commercial use or bake sale packaging. The package has 100 bags with Searik white polka dots and 200 bags with 200 stickers.

Brand: Searik

👤These bags are even nicer than I expected. The material is thick and sturdy, not full of static, doesn't tear easily, and the glue is strong and secure. The design is white. I didn't know there were two different colors when I bought this set. I use the bags to give people homemade herbal teabags and other samples, and it's perfect for that. The bags are larger than I expected, so I'd be fine with the smaller size. I think you will like the cello bags, they are very high quality. These are better than the cheap ones I've gotten before.

👤I love this product. I will definitely use them in the future. The bags are of the highest quality. It was thick, seamed together well. They are the same as in their photos. I chose red because I liked the idea of the ribbon, I got glue dots to hold it in place. It is a wonderful way to say thank you.

👤These were a good size for a large cookie or a small cookie. The bag is thick enough to keep cookies fresh. I added a ribbon to make it a treat.

👤The size is sturdy. The seams are reliable. Little design doesn't take away from what's inside the package. The stickers are strong. I think that thank you for your kindness stickers are wonderful as a thank you gift, but they don't fit in a retail setting.

👤The bags were bought to hold a large cookie at a craft show. Smaller cookies could be put in each bag. I put my labels on the bags, but I haven't used them yet. A photo has been included. I designed the blank price labels myself. The smaller Thank You labels come with bags. I believe that the way you package the product helps it sell. These cute bags fit the bill.

👤I put cookies in as gifts. They were a good size since I wanted to put two big cookies in them and they were a perfect size for that, and I loved the stickers that came with them. Useful!

👤Needed masks for a wedding. I didn't use them, but I loved the thank you stickers that came with them. They are great for cookies.

👤The bags made brownies look great and the 'Thank you' stickers were just right, we used them to put brownies in for our church dinner.


What is the best product for wedding favors for guests bulk 100 candy?

Wedding favors for guests bulk 100 candy products from Uwukei. In this article about wedding favors for guests bulk 100 candy you can see why people choose the product. Jutieuo and Ykligtn are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding favors for guests bulk 100 candy.

What are the best brands for wedding favors for guests bulk 100 candy?

Uwukei, Jutieuo and Ykligtn are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding favors for guests bulk 100 candy. Find the detail in this article. Sparkle And Bash, Ourwarm and Cusfull are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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