Best Wedding Envelopes 5x7 150 Count

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1. Luxurious Envelope Invitation Envelopes Graduation

Luxurious Envelope Invitation Envelopes Graduation

Ensure you have envelopes on hand for when you need them. The A7 Invitation Envelopes feature shimmery gold foil borders. The gum seal is easy to seal, simply wet it and close it. The ivory mail envelopes are great for mailing holiday cards, greeting cards, invitations, announcements, cards, photos, letters, personal mail, and direct mail. 50 ivory 5x7 envelopes are included in this pack. The invitation envelopes are 5.25 x 7.25 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤All I can say is beautiful. I was not disappointed that I got these beautiful envelopes for my graduation invitations. These envelopes are very heavy and firm, they don't feel flimsy at all. The gold shimmers in the paper. I used a wax seal on them. If you do a wax seal, there is a place where you can lick them. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend these beauty's to you.

👤These are beautiful envelopes, but they jammed in my printer. They're thicker than other envelopes I've purchased, so the printer couldn't get them through the back feed tray, even though it prints on 100lb Cardstock. If you're hoping to print on them, just give me a shout.

👤I ordered these envelopes because I am getting married next year and I wanted them to be a perfect match. The quality is amazing, they are thick and strong, and my invitations fit snug.

👤I bought these envelopes for my wedding invitations. They made the invitation look more fancy. The envelope is sturdy and thick, and the colors are pretty. Once wet, the flat stuck well. It is a great purchase.

👤The invitations look pretty. I used transparent labels because it can't be printed. The envelopes are very thick and have a shimmer to them, so they give that extra touch to whatever you are sending. Absolutely recommend.

👤These envelopes are made of paper. If you apply enough water and give it a good press, the gummed seal will adhere very well. Will definitely buy again.

👤Even though I only try with a corner, the color is pretty and the adhesion is good. I like it because it is similar to the one I bought, but it is $3 cheaper. It is nice.

👤I used these for my parents 50th wedding anniversary and they were really nice. The paper and gold trim were very cute. Be cautious when adhering them. I made sure they wouldn't open in transit so a few people had to rip the envelope open to get the invite inside.

👤Our decision to use these envelopes for our wedding invitations was very positive. They arrived on time and had a nice shine. I was able to fit 5x7 invite, 4x6 details card, and 3.5x5 postcard.

👤The paper is shimmery and nice. I used it for my nephew's wedding invitations. It's smaller than 5.25 by 7.25 as per the description. I had to cut my base to fit.

👤Me gust mucho la calidad, tienen un brillo, y el color perfecto. No tiene problema con alguno de ellos. Los uses para las invitaciones de mi boda!

👤Muy bonitos, cumplieron todas mis expectativas.

2. Envelopes Perfect Weddings Invitations Graduation

Envelopes Perfect Weddings Invitations Graduation

The perfect size is 5.25 x 7.25 inches, so you can add a fun photo print to your handwritten letter to bring a smile to your friends and family members. It's perfect for RSVP cards, wedding invitations, announcements and notes. The self-sealing glue is self-administered. The paper is 250gsm. The company philosophy is to provide both beautiful and useful products with reasonable prices. The best services will be offered by them. Within 60 days, the products can be returned.

Brand: Azaza

👤I am very happy with these envelopes. Excellent quality and thickness make them elegant. I bought a file from the website to make an invitation for my grand daughter to attend the event. I searched for an envelope but couldn't find one. They are perfect in shade and style and received in 2 days. Would recommend anyone.

👤The most beautiful envelopes! They came out amazing when used for Minnie Mouse invitations.

👤I thought they would be worse. They are strong. My niece received her graduation invitations in navy blue/gold. I used a gold gel pen to write on them. I don't know how well they stick, I haven't tried to seal them yet. The glue strips are small. I guess we will see! The quality is worth the price. My niece wants to use them for her thank you cards. I guess I will buy another 100.

👤These are absolutely amazing. Rave reviews are not false. I used them for my wedding. I used magnets. They turned out pretty. They are thick. Good quality. The magnet was held well. No bending, scrunching, etc. The glue is very good. Do not try to reopen it once it is sealed. Not gonna happen. Before you seal your creation, make sure everything is inside. I loved them. I wish they were in bigger sizes. That navy blue is gorgeous. The navy blue envelopes came in perfect with my color scheme. I put it with a gold gel pen and gold and white labels. These envelopes are a must buy if you need to mail anything.

👤These envelopes are sturdy and pretty. They are very thick. Do not buy these if you are going to use your printer to run these. They got stuck in the printer because of the stickers. I tried running them through a commercial printer and they still jammed up. These are great if you are going to use sticker labels.

👤I stumbled upon these envelopes while browsing Amazon for envelopes to coordinate with the law school graduation invitations I designed. The A7 burgundy invitation envelopes with the gold border were the perfect cumulative five-star review, the gorgeous nature of the envelopes, the variety in the color selection, and the unbeatable price lead me to purchase them. The envelopes exceeded my expectations. The paper used for these envelopes is very strong. I bought the envelope seals from another retailer for aesthetic reasons. I liked the look of the envelope seals and decided to use them alone. The envelopes have a wonderful glue which will not come apart before the recipient opens the envelope. I used a gold metallic permanent marker for addressing the invitations, which was easy to see even if the envelopes were dark. These are luxurious envelopes that are worth a lot. I will buy these again.

👤These envelopes are gorgeous. Very strong and thick. I love the gold edges. I couldn't print on them on my home printer because of how they think. They couldn't print because they got jammed. They were needed for my wedding invitations. I had to return them because I couldn't use them. I don't know if my printer was the issue. I gave it 4 stars because of this.

3. Envelopes Colorful Assorted Colors Business

Envelopes Colorful Assorted Colors Business

The company philosophy is to provide both beautiful and useful products with reasonable prices. The best services will be offered by them. Within 60 days, the products can be returned. The mini envelopes and cards are perfect for small thank you cards or gift cards. Neon colors: NEON. There are 14 cute neon colored envelopes in each pack of 140. The colors include: baby pink, grey, white, baby blue, orange, turquoise, violet, mint green, sunflower yellow, amber yellow, red, purple, green, and blue. There is a value pack. 140 small envelopes and cards are included in the package. personalize them to fit your theme The Easy Seal Glove is an easy one. These envelopes don't need tape or stickers. Apply some water and seal it.

Brand: Purple Q Crafts

👤There's nothing wrong with these. I failed to check the dimensions. They are too small to be sent via USPS mail, and they are also called MINI. They won't work for mailed thank you cards. I hope you learn from my mistake.

👤I wanted to make a small packet for multiple gift cards to give as a gift. The perfect size was these. I used the white cards to make a note of how much money was on the gift card. I was able to bundle them up with ribbon and paper for gifts. The assortment of colors is great. I will be ordering more in the future, I am finding many uses for these. I am attaching pictures for anyone who is interested in getting a gift card that is larger than the one they are interested in. I took a shot with and without the white card. Hope it helps.

👤I bought these cards after I wrote my husband a love note every day. These are perfect. The little cards have enough room to write a decent message on them, even though they are small. I bought these because of the great value and the fact that you received 140 cards. I bought these again to keep my note cards.

👤These little cards are perfect for my online business. When customers order products, I put them in the packages. I use my stamps to put my message on the blank cards. The product comes with many colored envelopes and the cards are sturdy. My business card is in the right place. These cards and envelopes are wonderful. Cute!

👤The mine was damaged. I didn't reorder because I needed something right away. Half of the envelopes and cards had been damaged and crimped by being secured with a rubber band, before being removed for their final packaging. Some of the little cards had some water damage. I think it was a mistake. The cards and envelopes are light and bright. They are the perfect size for a small note. I wouldn't have been dissatisfied with this product if it hadn't been damaged.

👤It's a little gauche to press cash into someone's hand. These envelopes and cards allow you to say thank you without giving away your intent to those standing nearby. They were perfect, as described. The delivery arrived within 48 hours. They are wrapped in simple cellophane, so to keep them pristine be prepared to transfer any you don't use right away to a box or other storage container. I will recommend this product to others. Thank you!

👤Most of the jewelry I make can be shipped in a small box. Finding thank you cards that fit inside has been a challenge for years. These little cards and envelopes are perfect. I've included them with the customer's purchase. I love the variety of colors. I would buy more if I could pick the colors I wanted. The quality is excellent and the price is TERRIFIC.

👤The product is sturdy and I love the size. The envelope has a problem with the glue being on the outside. Needs to work.

4. Off White Invitation 5x7 Envelopes Invitations

Off White Invitation 5x7 Envelopes Invitations

The perfect size is 8.25 x 4.25 inches, so you can add a fun photo print to your handwritten letter to bring a smile to your friends and family members. 100PCS STANDARD ECO-FRIENDLY off-white 5X7 ENVELOPES. The envelopes are 7 inches in length. It's perfect for 5x7 cards. There are many events, including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, holiday, party invitation,letters, hand made cards, business and more. The style of piazzas is modern. It comes with a natural touching feeling and pretty colors. Will fit your needs. It is possible to use an easy self seal. Just peel and press, no need to seal with an envelope moistener or lick. Please feel safe using the tape, it is strong. It is made by 140 sm good paper. Excellent quality. You can't see through the envelopes. Your privacy will be protected. They offer the best service. The company philosophy is to provide both beautiful and useful products. The best services will be offered by them. Within 60 days, the products can be returned. Excellent quality envelopes are what your order comes with. You will be happy with your purchase. Feel free to buy!

Brand: Azaza

👤I use papers of the highest quality frequently. The paper is not high quality. It smells like fish, and the feel is flimsy and smooth, almost like there is a coating on it. I wouldn't recommend these envelopes for anything other than a young child's birthday invitation. It is not fitting for a nicer nature. These envelopes are terrible and not worth the money, but I have rarely written a bad review. I think the black color is good for them. Not anything. That is the only good thing I can say about them. I feel terrible writing about the product, I hate being a Debbie Downer. If you want cheap envelopes for a birthday party, Christmas cards, or any other event, then these colors are for you. I suggest airing them out for a week or so and giving them a light smell bath with some atomized room freshener or something that won't leave water marks. It helped to mask the smell.

👤I loved these. The texture worked well for foiling. The silver foil looks great. I was very happy with the result. I feel like they gave them a great look, these are for my save-the-dates. The self-seal is tolerant of the laminator. I blurred out the addresses, but you can see the city/state/ZIP in my pictures. It was very affordable and fit my budget.

👤I have gone through different envelope products and finally found my go to product. The quality of this purchase is excellent and I am very happy with it. The seal strip makes for a fast seal. I can keep these envelopes in a great package for storage. I will purchase these every month and recommend them to anyone who mails frequently. * These envelopes do pick up smudges very easily. A wonderful product. I will keep buying them. I make sure the surface I'm working on is clean before setting them down.

👤I used black ink for addresses and white ink for decoration on my Christmas cards, and it was the perfect value of grey for both to show up well. It looked great! When doing a large amount of mail, peel and stick makes a difference. The thickness of the paper was very nice and didn't look cheap. It was a smooth finish that didn't bleed. I had to be careful not to stack the envelopes before the ink had a chance to dry, but that was due to the type of ink I used. It was nice for writing and sketching on, and would work well with calligraphy if you don't smudge it. I will be looking for more envelopes from this company.

👤These were very beautiful, easy to use, and true to color, even if it was a shade desaturated. The only reason for 4 stars is that it picks up oils and creams on your hands, so you have to wash your hands before handling.

👤I order gift certificates for my business from a local shop. I like to spend my money locally. I get a good price for gift certificates. They take my money on the envelopes. The envelope is of great quality. My gift certificates are perfect for them. They are thick enough that you can't see what's inside the envelope. I'm very happy with them.

5. Invitation Envelopes Greeting Announcements Stationery

Invitation Envelopes Greeting Announcements Stationery

The White Self Sealing A7 Envelopes are perfect for party invitations, wedding invitations, greetings cards, thank you notes, love letters, photos, message, announcements, holiday cards, regular personal mail, business cards, stationery, paper crafts, other personalized communications. These envelopes are a great value, ideal for party, weddings, holidays, baby showers, birthdays and banquets. 150 Pack Bulk A9 Invitation Envelopes in White Peel & Press Self Seal are 95 lbs. Paper stock square envelopes. Their envelopes and cards can be printed by laser printers and inkjet printers according to their in house print tests. The A9 envelope has dimensions. It's perfect for holding invitations and announcements, and also perfect for holding a half-folded sheet of paper for homemade card enthusiasts. The A9 envelopes are inside the A10 style envelopes. 95lb quality paper is used for the Business Envelopes. A classic square flap is used in Self Sealing Envelopes. The blank envelopes have a smooth surface for painting and decorating. The Invitation Envelopes are bright white and can be used for all occasions. The White A9 Envelopes are perfect for a variety of communications, from invitations to announcements, greeting cards, love letters, holiday cards, regular personal mail, business promotional mail, stationery, paper crafts, and anything else you can think of. These envelopes are a great value, ideal for party, weddings, holidays, baby showers, birthdays and banquets.

Brand: Windiy

👤I like the quality of the envelopes and the fact that they come in a sturdy white storage box, which is nice to keep on the shelf, and will be useful for something else after they've been used. Very happy.

👤The envelopes are very thin. I wanted a thicker stock. I wouldn't buy them again. You get a lot of them for your money. They were not supported by cardboard in the box, so you might receive them a bit bent up. I could see that this might be a problem in the shipment.

👤The envelopes were very nice and heavy, and the closure was much better than the ones I had been buying at Wal-mart. I will buy these again.

👤I would give this zero stars. I made my wedding invitations by hand. After sending them out, I got blank RSVPs and was confused. The envelopes opened in transit. Several people received empty envelopes or RSVP slips. I'm very sad. I don't know if people are going to receive the invitations because of the amount of work that went into them.

👤I've been using Printmaster to make personalized greeting cards. I've been making most cards at home. These envelopes are well packaged.

👤A lot of the envelopes had bent corners and were wrinkled. There were envelopes in a wrapper.

👤You can't see through this envelope. It is very sturdy!

👤I like the sticky label on the envelopes. I put things inside of them.

6. 3 5x5 White RSVP Small Envelopes

3 5x5 White RSVP Small Envelopes

All envelopes measure 5.25"x. The standard A7 size for greeting cards and photos is perfect for invitations, wedding, party, baby shower, bridal shower and more. The Envelope dimensions are 3 58 X 5 18 inches. Can hold 3.5x5 cards. Perfect for weddings RSVP cards, thank you cards, birthdays, baby showers, graduations and all sorts of party invitation cards. Stuff the envelopes with things you need. The days of licking yucky glue are over. A simple peel and seal. Saving you time and effort. No more paper cuts on your tongue. Perfect envelopes to print on. The envelopes are perfect size and weight, never worry about them being smudged by your printer. Their envelopes are designed to work with all printers. It is similar to having two pieces of standard printer paper together. Not too thin, just right! The envelopes are thick. You can stuff the envelopes with whatever bright color cards you want without having to worry about the contents of the envelope being exposed. For true envelope connoisseurs, Sensei supplies are needed. Get the best value for your money by saving costs. The cost of their product is justified by the benefit of time saved and professional look. You're protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee and world class customer service when you order today.

Brand: Sensei Supplies

👤I was very disappointed in the envelopes. I wanted to make sure that the paper weight and thickness of the envelopes I normally order were still in stock. When I received them, they were not the same paper weight and thickness as the description stated. They are not as strong as they should be.

👤The plan to do our wedding invitations failed. She thought we would have to return them because of the free envelopes. We used these because the printer wouldn't pull the other type through. The printer settings were difficult for this size envelope, but we figured out how to print the addresses and it looked wonderful. These envelopes are great for wedding RSVPs.

👤I am happy with the envelopes. They are worth it. I need a lot of envelopes. Since the envelope doesn't have to be memorable, I don't care what they look like. White works for me. These aren't premium envelopes, but they are thick enough that they aren't see-thru. The envelope flap is in good working order and easy to use. Right now, self-sealing is a plus. I would order them again.

👤Each envelope still looks great despite the busted packaging. Not really see-through. It was the perfect size for what I needed.

👤I do a lot of home made cards that are mailed to service members or their family members and these envelopes are similar to the greeting card kits you can purchase. I have only used one or two of them, as I just received them, and the 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 cards fit nicely and the strips held up very well. The envelopes arrived in good condition and are a good buy.

👤I used the envelope for my wedding invitation suite. Couple needed to keep costs to a minimum. This was lightweight and only required 1 postage for the RSVP and details card. I wouldn't use this for a high end suite but for a budget friendly one.

👤The price for the envelopes was good. I would probably pay the same amount at local craft stores. I like the strip that I peel off. I make my own greeting cards and this size is perfect for one-half of a sheet of paper, which makes two cards.

👤Sturdy and not see through! I sell hentai stickers on eBay and customers are always concerned about their stickers showing through the envelope. The envelopes were perfect for keeping the privacy and providing a professional finish. I wish they had more color options for this specific envelope size.

👤Excellent quality. It is difficult to see through and is great for security. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤It was exactly what I was looking for, but it was hard to find. You should recommend it.

👤La Boite d'enveloppes a été livrée. La Boite is arrivée. Autre contenant pour garder mes enveloppes, je vais.

👤Wanted a smaller envelope for small card making. Not very thick. But okay.

👤The sticky strips don't work on them. I have to tape them all shut. Don't like them.

7. Envelopes Wedding Graduation Shower Greeting

Envelopes Wedding Graduation Shower Greeting

100 ENVELOPES IN EACH BOX is a great value to ensure that you have enough for all your needs. Each pack contains 100 brown envelopes with a triangular flap. The size is. The A7 envelope size is the perfect size for 5x7 cards, and it's 5.25" height and 7.25" width. The top quality. The 5x7 envelopes are made from the highest quality paper and are tear proof. The neutral colored envelopes can be used for anything from baby shower cards to holiday greeting cards. The Easy Seal Glove Flopper is a good one. These envelopes don't need tape or stickers. Apply some water and seal it.

Brand: Purple Q Crafts

👤This is not a card that opens, it is a piece of craft card. It was not what I needed. The package arrived a day early, but it was broken open and in a huge bag, so that the contents were bent. Will not be ordering again.

👤I bought the envelopes to mail the Stickers. The envelopes do not move. I used tape to close them. It looks tacky to do that. I wouldn't recommend them. I don't know if I got a bad stack of the bunch.

👤I wish I paid more attention to the fact that these are not cards in the traditional sense. They are cut brown construction paper with matching envelopes. For an envelope and half a piece of construction paper, you're paying about $1.30, which is overpriced. You can buy cards that are actually designed. I should have stuck with the other set. I was looking into the difference between folded and a sheet of paper. It's my fault.

👤I usually read reviews before buying, but I was in a rush and didn't pay enough attention. These are not what I wanted or needed. These are not folded cards. They are just a piece of paper. I don't make greeting cards that work for me. I never looked at the package until I was in the middle of making Christmas cards. I don't recommend this product.

👤I ordered them to use to save the dates and groomsman cards. The glue on the envelopes did not stick very well and they worked fine for that. Many of the cards in my stack had holes in them that looked like someone stapled them and tore them out. The glue on the envelopes is holding me back from purchasing again, so I'm probably going to order these again if I can't find something better.

👤I had to buy some for my friends and family because I loved the garden seed order so much that I had to buy some for myself. They are perfect and fun so far. I don't write to people that often because there are better prices for more envelopes.

👤This is a good value. I've used a children's glue stick to stick them, which has worked great for me, even though the adhesion is not good. These are high quality and sturdy. Great looking envelopes.

👤The envelopes don't stick well. These are not closed. It's very frustrating when you are mailing a lot of cards. It took about three hours to try and get these to stay shut and many still popped open. I used a sponge to stick most of them, but they still weren't great.

👤I gusto mucho no tengo, pero todo lleg bien.

👤I bought these for my wedding invitations. They fit perfectly. The envelopes are very nice.

👤I like the brown paper. I am glad that I ordered them.

👤Llegaron en excelentes condiciones.

8. Envelopes Printable Invitations Postcards Announcements

Envelopes Printable Invitations Postcards Announcements

Save invitation costs and get the best value for your money with an affordable extravagance. You're protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee and world class customer service when you order today. The 5x7 envelopes for invitations come in a storage box with dimensions of 5.25x7.25 inches. They are perfect for all occasions. TheEEL and SELF SEAL. The invitation envelopes are easy to seal and hold under all conditions. No more having to use your tongue. No pantyhose are being used. The A7 envelopes are made with a premium quality thick paper. Its high quality keeps your privacy contained. Your printing requirement isFULFILS. You can print on these 5 x 7 envelopes with laser or Inkjet printers. The outer color printing is smudge free and rich. It is necessary to strive for the best. They make sure that you get good quality white envelopes. DeskOMO believes in delivering high quality products. Feel free to contact them if you have an issue.

Brand: Deskomo

👤The look and feel of the envelopes is great. These envelopes are not as thick as I 888-276-5932s. The second picture shows what I wrote on the card. I propped the envelope on my desk to take a picture. It's just a thought. I'm okay with sending it. I wouldn't use these envelopes for invitations with sensitive information. I would rather pay more for thicker envelopes. I will use what I have for $6.

👤Excellent product! I use them for hand made cards and Junk Journal projects. They are sturdy and workable. There is no problem with using the strong glue on the flaps.

👤Excellent quality. The peel and self seal is easy to use. It was a nice size. The value is great. Will be useful when working from home.

👤These definitely did the trick, but they are not transparent. Would have preferred something more transparent. The cheap envelope showed my cards as tacky. I liked the self-adhesion strip.

👤The envelope is not damaged. You get what you pay for. It seems strong for me. The self glue is not ideal. A lot of them have a small amount of the glue. I have had at least 4-5 that did not have any glue. I put a piece of tape on every envelope I sent because I didn't think the glue on it was strong enough.

👤These are nice envelopes that I use to give out my handmade cards to people. I like the pull sticky closure. No more bitter taste.

👤I never thought I'd give a review for an envelope. They get the job done and have a peel off sticky closure. You're not licking up anything all day. You can fit your item into them if they are a little bigger than 4x6. Will buy again if I need more.

👤Good envelopes for the price. Some of them don't have their sticky stuff all the way through. Half seals are the only sticky stuff some people have. I'm not going to complain about a few defects, but if you were hoping to use all of these, you should buy an extra pack or be content with partially sealed envolopes.

9. A7 Envelopes Invitations 50 Count Invitation

A7 Envelopes Invitations 50 Count Invitation

We offer the best service. The company philosophy is to provide both beautiful and useful products with reasonable prices. The best services will be offered by them. Within 60 days, the products can be returned. Excellent quality envelopes are what your order comes with. You will be happy with your purchase. Feel free to buy! A7 Invitation envelopes: There is a pack of 50. Birthdays, graduations, holiday, party invitation, letters, greeting cards, and Business Direct Mail are all perfect. The paper is high quality. Brown paper is great for multiple uses and is used in classic square flap envelopes. Simply peel off the attached white paper film from the flap and press down for a secure seal. Printer friendly. You can print on their envelopes with your Laser and Inkjet Printers. The envelopes are perfect size and weight, never worry about them being smudged by your printer. DIMENSIONS The envelopes are 5.25 x 7.25 inches.

Brand: Best Paper Greetings

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I love the look of paper. I like to make my own greeting cards, and I try to incorporate some of the elements from the movie. It made sense to get these. The envelopes are made of paper. They are fine for formal greeting cards. The paper is very smooth and not a bit rough. I like that the back flap is shaped for a more formal letter or card, and that it has rounded edges. They feature a peel and stick seal which is great because you don't have to lick it, it looks better, and they seal a lot better too!

👤The description doesn't say that you can't use a laser printer with these. The envelope has a slightly waxy finish that won't stick to the printer. We only needed to write a few invitations.

👤I have purchased a lot of these. I put my items in the envelope or on the top to close it, but there was no glue on the sides. Had to use tape to shut it down.

👤The craft paper envelopes were very high quality. They have a peel off sticker which is great for people who don't like licking things. ha! Would buy again.

👤I had purchased them before and they worked well. The strips on the envelopes are dried out. There seems to be an inconsistent product quality.

👤I used my own Christmas cards to mail. They're very high quality, nice heavy paper, and I love that it has a self-adhesive tape strip. These would be good for crafts.

👤I don't like buying envelopes online because you can't tell the quality. These were made from sturdy materials. The glue strip worked well. My invitations fit perfectly. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.

👤I bought them for my wedding invitations. Exactly what I wanted. They are made of heavy paper. I had to be careful with my invitation because it unglued at the seams for some of them. I used a glue stick to seal it. It worked out fine.

👤It was purchased for our wedding. They were easy to use and would recommend.

10. Juvale Pieces Kraft Envelopes Graduations

Juvale Pieces Kraft Envelopes Graduations

We offer the best service. The company philosophy is to provide both beautiful and useful products with reasonable prices. The best services will be offered by them. Within 60 days, the products can be returned. Excellent quality envelopes are what your order comes with. You will be happy with your purchase. Feel free to buy! Save time and money by mailing out invitations for an upcoming kids birthday party, baby shower, holiday celebration, or wedding with this bulk set of v-flap kraft paper envelopes. The cute 4x6 envelopes are perfect for mailing thank you notes, holiday cards, greeting cards, invitations, announcements, stationery, photos, postcards, and pen pal letters. For All Occasions, you can create custom invitation envelopes with calligraphy pens, lettering, stencil stamps, paint, glitter, stickers, markers, or ribbon. Their card envelopes are made from high-quality brown paper that won't easily rip or tear in transit. The perfect size is each invitation envelope that is 4.5 x 6.2 inches and has a fun photo print with your handwritten letter or card.

Brand: Juvale

👤I saw an account on IG and they decorate their envelopes whenever they write to their pen pals. I decided to help the USPS purchase some stamps and send some mail just thinking about you, because I enjoy receiving friendly snail mail. My friends live in different states. Even to my local ones! The picture was attached to the decorated envelope. They have brightened up many days, which was my goal since 2020. You know. A ride. Extra folding of my letters is required because they are not as wide.

👤These envelopes were nice thickness, no see through. What looks like glue is nothing. It doesn't stick after you wet it. These are not compatible with glue.

👤I use these to make cards with my Cricut. They fit the cards I make. I like the look. The glue has not worked on any of the envelopes that I have used. I have had to tape them shut for the ones that I have mailed, which is annoying. These are fine if I send the card to someone else or send it in a package with something else, but not the best for mailing on their own.

👤I make a lot of greeting cards so these envelopes fit nicely. Most of my cards are 4 1/4" X 5 1/2". The price is reasonable and the color is nice.

👤I was satisfied with the product I received. I think that 50 envelopes for what I paid for is better than most office depot stores because of the fact that the glue is not the best. Pros and Cons: cheap and weak.

👤I bought postcards from the lavender farm because of the pictures on them. I wanted the pictures but didn't want a personal note on the post card so these envelopes are the perfect fit. I will need to buy more postcards because there were so many of them. This is also very worth it because of the cost. It is not close to the purchase price of a greeting card. It is easy to send and receive. The quality is there and I recommend them.

👤This is a 2 star. I saved the dates with these. I put a magnet in the postcard. When I couldn't keep these envelopes closed, I should have taken the first warning. I promise you that it was not because they were too thick. I had to hold them down until they dried so I could open them. I was working on a craft project. A few people messaged me and asked if I was being silly by just sending a blank card with "put this on your fridge". They said they didn't receive the magnet. It ripped through the envelope. It's too late. A lot of people said their envelope had tears in it, but luckily the magnet didn't come out. If you are placing a magnet or something like that, do not use these reviews. The weight can't be handled by it.

👤Very nice envelopes! They are perfect for the Christmas card project I am doing for my group of long-time friends this year, I will be adding decoration with my Christmas rubber stamps and red and green ink pads. The envelopes were exactly what I needed, they were priced just right, and I only needed a few. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I was given plenty of time to finish my project before our annual holiday get-together.

11. A7 Envelopes Invitations Birthday Lavender

A7 Envelopes Invitations Birthday Lavender

The Easy Seal Glove is an easy one. These envelopes don't need tape or stickers. Apply some water and seal it. Each pack contains 25 black A7 size envelopes. The design is luxurious. The front of the envelope has ROSE GOLD foil borders for an elegant, classy and fancy look. The quick seal. The double-sided tape has a Wrinkle-free closure. Mailing envelopes are made out of 180 gsm thick quality paper. All envelopes measure 5.25"x. The standard A7 size for greeting cards and photos is perfect for invitations, wedding, party, baby shower, bridal shower and more.

Brand: Chriz.z

👤What is the deal here? If you look at other customer photos, you will see the gold foil is crooked or cattywompus. There is a smudge of gold glitter on the front of them. I didn't like the quality of the product that was supposed to be fine and make an impression. I wonder if these things are factory seconds that they are trying to get rid of.

👤A very thick product. Good quality paper and bright white. It is not a very high-end material like it is missing texture to the paper. It is good quality. This misses the mark if you are looking for an expensive looking envelope. It passes the quality test. One of the 25 was missing a gold strip side or the gold foil didn't reach the edge on some. The batches were not consistent but for the price, it was okay. Maybe I wouldn't order again. I was looking for something more elegant and classy and it was okay for a baby shower or birthday invitation, not wedding or luxury material.

👤These are great to pair with the letters I sell. The gold is shiny in person as it is in photos. I've ordered almost 10 packs and haven't found any defects or problems like other reviewers have. The shop owner is very responsive. Highly recommended!

👤thick paper is used to make envelopes, not flimsy like many others. The gold around the flaps is the same color as the one on the other side. I had trouble getting the backing off the strip, but I have short nails. These envelopes say "Class". Will be buying more. I don't want to send the card in an envelope that is cheap. These will be great. Highly recommended.

👤There is no template available for them to use. I had to make my own. They got stuck in six different printers when we tried to print them. You can't print them. You have to write on labels. I don't think that is enough for a graduation announcement.

👤These envelopes exceeded my expectations. The gold trim is shiny and nice. They look more expensive than they are. The paper to expose the strips was hard to peel.

👤The envelopes are pretty. The gold is perfect. I ordered the white after buying the dark red.

👤Needed them to make invitations. Not having to worry about a seal was great.

👤I was disappointed that a lot of the envelopes were stained and needed to be thrown away, but did the job for what I needed them for.

👤These envelopes were not A7 size as stated in the description, they were actually A5 so disappointing as needed smaller envelopes for RSVP cards for my wedding.

👤The item arrived quickly and looks as described. The size is a bit bigger than half A4 sheet. I thought A7 was smaller.

👤No son A7. Pensaba se haban equivocado al enviarlo. Son ms a 5. El dems estn ahora.


What is the best product for wedding envelopes 5x7 150 count?

Wedding envelopes 5x7 150 count products from Juvale. In this article about wedding envelopes 5x7 150 count you can see why people choose the product. Azaza and Purple Q Crafts are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding envelopes 5x7 150 count.

What are the best brands for wedding envelopes 5x7 150 count?

Juvale, Azaza and Purple Q Crafts are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding envelopes 5x7 150 count. Find the detail in this article. Azaza, Windiy and Sensei Supplies are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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