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1. OurWarm Envelope Upgraded Reception Graduation

OurWarm Envelope Upgraded Reception Graduation

There are HOSLEY brand products. Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials. Please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations by achieving a neutral carbon footprint. The wedding reception box is large enough to hold over 260 cards or envelopes. You can put money, postcards, envelopes or small gifts in it, and it has an upgraded lock design to keep your card and gift safe. The white Gift Card Box is 0.2 inches thick of good-quality PVC material, which is sturdy than wooden wedding card box, and not easy to break, non-toxic and tasteless. You can use it for a long time. The wedding gift box is unique. The design is foldable for easy assembly. The rubber bands should be tightly held so that the boards can be perfectly combined. The gift card box with lock is suitable for wedding box, baby shower box, graduation box, card box, birthday box, money box, and so on. The card box for the wedding reception has a white box, a card sign, rubber bands, and an instruction manual. You can do a card box following the instructions. The card box for the wedding reception has a white box, a card sign, rubber bands, and an instruction manual. You can do a card box following the instructions.

Brand: Ourwarm

👤This product was damaged and banged up. The lock on the front of the box was broken. The lock park screws are not in the box. It looks like they knew it was broken and shipped it. It is banged up on all sides. The rubber bands they give you to put the box together are hard to put on. This product has good reviews and no bad ones. I have to find a new box and hope it gets here in time for my wedding, and I have to ship this back to my house in time for my wedding a week away. I wouldn't buy this product.

👤My bridal shower and wedding will be held in this box. It is very easy. My mom is related to me. I decided to make it better by adding some things. My mom added fake Succulent to the table numbers and backdrop to make it look more realistic. She will use fake roses for my wedding. It is worth the purchase to be able to use this box for multiple events.

👤This was a great bargain and it was easy to assemble. I need something that would be easy to transport for my wedding. It is sturdy, travels well and looks great. The sign was easy to put together and I don't plan to use it.

👤I loved the box. During the bridal shower, I used it to hold cards. The bride used it at the reception. The lock and key are a bonus. The assembly was very easy. There are rubber bands that hold the sections in place. A beautiful addition to any gift table.

👤The entire experience of assembly was very frustrating. The rubber bands don't stay on because some of the tabs broke. You can't put rubber bands on unless you want long scratch marks on your card box, because the surface gets scratched very easily. The lock is not of good quality. It is already broken. I haven't used it yet. If we breathe in the wrong direction, the structural integrity will fall apart. The lock doesn't lock right when the loop goes through. It is terrible quality and that is being nice. Don't buy!

👤I bought this for my daughter's wedding. It was easy to assemble and look good. We were able to fix a few screws that were not set in properly. In the end, it will look great. It was great for the price. Would buy again.

👤The card box is easy to break and it is not made with durable material. The side pieces broke when I put it together. It is very easy to break into and I will still be able to use it. Even with a lock, rubber bands can easily come off the bottom.

👤It was easy to fix the broken piece. I just put it back together. It was easy to put the plastic bands on. I got it. It will work for one event. I am not sure if it will last for someone who wants to use it more than once. I hot glue some roses on to make it look nicer for our wedding.

2. Beistle Weddings Birthday Graduation Celebrations

Beistle Weddings Birthday Graduation Celebrations

The dimensions are 7.8* 7.8*6 inches. The plain white box is great for receiving cards. It is made of board stock and has a measurement of 12 inches by 12 inches. The box can be decorated. The card board is white.

Brand: Beistle

👤What a great purchase! A friend of mine asked me to make a money card box for her daughter's party. I have never made one before. I have a bit of a creative side and decided to bling out this box. Whoa! This was my first time and it came out pretty. I did alright, but not perfect. The box is worth a lot. It is so easy to assemble. I glue the bottom flaps to make sure they stay flat.

👤It was exactly what I needed for the baby shower. I went to a few stores and couldn't find anything that was cheap. I found it on Amazon. It looks like the picture. The card slot is long and can hold cards of all sizes, and the box has a shiny sheen to it. Very cute! The material is thinner than I would imagine for a formal event but it's perfect for a baby shower with less than 100 people and will be fun to decorate. The box is large enough for me. Make sure the dimensions are what you are looking for. Shipping was on time. It was easy to set up. I don't know if I'm supposed to do this. I might use some tape or hot glue on the bottom flaps to make sure the box stays strong. I would recommend this purchase to a friend.

👤Excellent for the price. I wrapped it with gift wrap and decorated it, because it is a little flimsy, but I used packing tape on the edges.

👤My son wanted to decorate the card box for my wedding so I was looking for one that was plain white. I had to be careful to let everything dry so it wouldn't smudge, but it was what I was looking for. It seems to be sturdy enough for one or two uses, but I don't think it would hold up well for multiple uses as it ships flat. If you're looking for a sturdy box to use frequently, look elsewhere.

👤It was used for a baby shower. It's plain, but my decorator was able to quickly change it to fit our theme. It's very strong. Great price.

👤The gift cards were used for a baby shower. The box wasn't very strong. It was easy to assemble and the bottom portion kept opening. The bottom had to be taped to keep it from opening.

👤It's very easy to assemble. It is a huge box and I wish I would have paid attention to the measurements. I used it for my son's 1st birthday cards. It definitely did the trick.

👤The price and size of the item were great. It's easy to put together. Absolutely recommend.

👤We used this to collect cards at our wedding. It was excellent, even though it was a little on the large side. It would be too good for multiple uses. I would recommend this, but I would also recommend getting the smaller size.

👤The assembly is a bit light so weigh it down.

3. Reception Anniversary Birthday Graduation Decorations

Reception Anniversary Birthday Graduation Decorations

It is made with extra thick paper board, making it extremely durable and tough. It can hold over 6 pounds of weight and hold over 100 cards. The box dimensions are 22 cm x 22 cm. It is designed to last a long time so you can use it for many years to come. The size is 12:18"x8". This box is a work of art. It's 8 feet tall on 4 feet wide and 13 feet long. The slot on the top is long. The wedding card box is designed to add a hint of elite elegance. This unique crystal money box has a minimalist look and is specifically designed to hold business cards, collections, or donations.rystal beads that have outstanding clarity and a magnificent shine. This designer money and card box is a perfect accessory to level up the Aesthetics, it has a gorgeous layer of crystals enhancing its visual charm. The designer of this treasure money box created a piece of art. The decorative crystal box has a premium finish and is designed with optimum-quality glass crystals and the finest wire that makes the box stable, firm, and also offersDurability too. The home decor accessory is designed to survive wear and tear. The crystal business card holder is ideal for contemporary or vintage themed events. It has enough space to store and hold the essentials, without any limitations, and it's safe and secure.

Brand: Kyriathe

4. YEUNMU Wedding Card Box Box´╝îElegance

YEUNMU Wedding Card Box Box%EF%BC%8CElegance

Since 2011, UNIQOOO products are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. For more information, contact their customer service. PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS The wedding card box with lock is made of resistant and fine quality wood and will bring elegance and style to your wedding. UNIQUE DESIGN Their wedding box is hollow and fixed with a buckle that holds all the pieces firmly and features a wedding character shape and a beautiful Mr and Mrs pattern. MULTI-PURPOSE The wedding envelope box is easy to install and can be used for many special events. It can be used as a birthday box, a graduation card box, a baby shower box, or a wooden card box. The perfect solution. It's easier to store wedding gifts in their box. The wedding box is what you need for the wedding. It'sOUR PLEDGE. The wedding box for money will surpass your expectations, because all their products check the highest quality standards. You can give wedding card boxes for reception to your family or loved ones. It'sOUR PLEDGE. The wedding box for money will surpass your expectations, because all their products check the highest quality standards. You can give wedding card boxes for reception to your family or loved ones.

Brand: Yeunmu

👤The card box was beautiful but a little flimsy on the Mr and Mrs sides, but once we glue all the sides together it was much better. It was pretty at my wedding, so I would recommend this.

👤Se ve resistente, aplique un poco ms de fuerza de lo debido al colocar las letras.

👤It was cute and good size.

👤It's easy to put together. I didn't have to pay for an arm and leg at my wedding.

5. OurWarm Reception Anniversary Decorations Graduation

OurWarm Reception Anniversary Decorations Graduation

There are 6 sides of the Clear Wedding Card Box, 1 cards sign, 2 white stickers, and a lock with 2 keys. The box size is 10in x 9.8in x 8.5in. There is a new version. The best wedding decorations. It was designed to outdo the competition. The most durable gift box reception on the market is this 3.6mm thick one. It's a great way to collect gift cards from family and friends at a wedding reception. It is easy to exaggerate. The foldable design of the wedding card boxes will make it easy to assemble and you will be happy. You can stick any pattern you want. It can be brought to your girl or boy for a gift. Perfect location. The party card box allows your guests to put down cards and notes of wishes at the wedding decorations for reception, anniversaries, commencement, donation ceremony, bridal shower or baby showers, 21st birthdays, and more. All orders are covered with a 30-Day hassle-free 100% money-back guarantee, and you will also get a professional team member to help you. You want a wedding gift?

Brand: Ourwarm

👤A large card box. There was plenty of room for more cards in the box. It will go with any decorations because it's clear. The little Thank You sign is something I like. It was put on top where people dropped the cards. The assembly didn't come with good instructions so you had to figure out how to match up the pieces. It's common sense to look at each piece to the box, but it would be nicer to have better instructions. It took me 20 minutes to put the pieces together and put on the lettering. I was very happy with this purchase and will definitely use it for many more functions.

👤It is an absolute piece of junk. It was broken. I missed the return date. Trying to put it together is very difficult. The directions are more misleading when you try to put the decals on the plastic. This product is not good. The lock is useless because the box is being held together with rubber bands so if someone really wanted to get into it they would have to pull it apart. I wouldn't leave the seat from this product.

👤The box was undamaged. The packaging was new and sealed. Thehinge was snapped off and the two screws that held the lock to the slide through were gone, as if it were packaged broken with missing pieces. It is easy to put together. I don't have time to get a replacement, so I hope I can fix it with some UV resin. The protective film on the acrylic was upgraded from clear plastic to a cling paper, which made it easy to remove. It would be a 4-5 star item if it was in good condition.

👤This isn't a good value for money. The box takes a long time to assemble as you have to peel two sides for each piece. I realized that there were no rubber bands to hold the box together after putting it together. I had to go to Michael's to get the supplies I needed. Not worth it.

👤It is a clear transparent box as I wanted, but it is difficult to remove/peel brown protectors film, filmsy, held together by small rubber bands, and lettering difficult to remove from paper and place on box. I'll have to buy lettering elsewhere. The price point is too high for a poorly constructed product.

👤I have issues with the quality of the product and the seller using my credit card for fraudulent charges. The item arrived with all of the pieces wrapped on both sides and sealed from damage or scratches. One piece was broken. The directions don't show any helpful information for putting the box together. After a few tries, I was able to identify the sides, bottom and top. I'm not sure why the lock is there, the box can be taken apart easily by removing the rubber bands. The entire top on either side of the opening was cracked by the end of the evening. To top it all off. I used the credit card I used to purchase this box on Amazon a few weeks ago, but I had a fraudulent charge on it two days ago. Coincidence?

6. Silver Card Box Graduations Expressions

Silver Card Box Graduations Expressions

Acid free photo safe. Luxurious finish. A gorgeous gold wedding gift card box can hold more than 100 cards. The paper is made with gold textured paper and comes with a gold foil trimmed white ribbon and an optional "Cards" label as an accessory. Premium quality heavy-duty 4mm thick paper is used for the quick and easy assembly. The top lid has enhanced durability. The squares are secured with straps to eliminate gaps. It can be used in other special occasions. Beauty, style and practicality are included. The gift box is built to last a long time. It's the perfect place to keep your memories. You can reuse from high school to college graduation. You can add your own touches to it. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Love and joy are what their company stands for. If you don't love your gift box, just return it and they'll replace it or refund you the cost. The gift box will impress your guests. Perfect for all types of events, from weddings, anniversaries, graduations, bridal showers, baby showers, 21st birthdays, or simply as a money or donation box at a fund raiser event. The gold gift card box is gorgeous. This large gift box card box is perfect for collecting cards and can also be used as a keepsake box. Perfect for all types of events, from weddings, anniversaries, graduations, bridal showers, baby showers, 21st birthdays, or simply as a money or donation box at a fund raiser event. The gold gift card box is gorgeous. This large gift box card box is perfect for collecting cards and can also be used as a keepsake box.

Brand: Merry Expressions

👤The box is well made and holds over 200 Bridal Shower cards. The brides colors are pink and gold. The proceeds from the sale go to help fight illiteracy, child labor and human trafficking, which is a huge plus for me. We found a gift box. It was perfect for the occasion.

👤This box was used at a client's wedding. I gave this one a try after seeing it go for a lot more. The finish of the box is almost like a pearlescent finish, but it isn't gaudy at all. I will not be using the label card and ribbon, instead we will use an etched "cads + gifts" custom sign on the table. It's sturdy, took 5 minutes to assemble, and is modern and affordable. Half of the time these boxes are in the dark and no one will scrutinize them. Save some money for your flowers.

👤I love this box! I have used a lot of boxes. Most of them are boring or cheap. I've never seen a gold one before and it's a popular accent color. This one is easy to modify to match your decor. The instructions are easy to understand and the seller was very helpful in answering any questions I had about the box. I will use this box many more times in the future for my brides.

👤This is more than just a box. Very strong. Instructions with pictures and a video online make it very easy to put together. These were awesome to have. The box has something called "sturdiness" in it that can be used or not used. A beautiful presentation for a shower for a high school band director. The front of the card was personalized. They arrived to me the same day. I was very impressed with this business. Will have to check out what other products they have.

👤I was expecting a box that was much harder to assemble. This is a tank, if you can compare it to military equipment. This box is sturdy and durable. And reuse! Don't let the strength and masculinity confuse you. It's pretty as well. I am not using this for a birthday or wedding. My plan is to use this for shows where I collect business cards. The box is sturdy enough without using stickies, so I'll be able to break it down each time, put it back in its box, and easily transport it. The box is easy to assemble and is worth the money.

👤I didn't need the instructions because it was so easy to assemble. The box is sturdy and large. The only suggestion is to steam the ribbon. I had to remove the ribbon and start over because the crease did not look good. This was easy to do if you made a mistake. Great product!

👤It is very easy to assemble. You can use the accessories that come with the kit or your own materials to make this very personal. Very pleased with the product. I would highly recommend it. I will be buying from "Merry Expressions" in the future. M.E. donates through purchases to fight illiteracy, child labor, and human trafficking.

7. Lillian Rose White Wooden Wedding

Lillian Rose White Wooden Wedding

5. The material is copper, glass and a terrarium. A simple white finished card box for cards and wishes can be used for a variety of occasions such as anniversaries, showers or birthdays. The box holds between 75 and 100 cards. The box is made of wood and has gold writing on it. The slide off top makes it easy to retrieve the cards. The box is 10 inches wide and 5 inches high. 25 inches deep.

Brand: Lillian Rose

👤I was worried that it would break or something but it came in perfect condition and made my table even more beautiful.

👤This is a great addition to your table. It is nicely made and comes fully assembled. It is heavier than we expected. It's well worth the cost and the choices that were available online.

👤I bought this for my wedding. The box is sturdy and beautiful. The letters aren't stuck on like a sticker. I loved it!

👤I brought it for my daughter. I like that this box can be used for other occasions as well.

👤Very nice. I order 2 just to make sure. I think the delivery package was bad.

👤There is a crack on the front of the box.

👤So disappointed. This is a poor design. It arrived today with a big crack in the wood. There are a couple spots where paint is chipping off.

👤The corner came damaged because the top wasn't wrapped properly. The sliding lid works well. If it comes damaged or not, it's hit or miss.

👤My box was nice, but it was damaged in several areas.

👤The box was damaged. Not impressed. Will ask for money back.

8. Fowecelt Decorations Transparent Reception Graduation

Fowecelt Decorations Transparent Reception Graduation

The top priority is your satisfaction. Let them know if you have a problem. The wedding card box has a clear box and a lock. The hard thickness is 3.6mm. Guests at your party will be able to leave their greeting cards in the transparent card box. High quality is made of high quality acrylic and it is not easy to scratch the surface. It looks very elegant and easy to use. The Perfect Wedding Card Box is a rustic box with a lock that is easy to assemble and doesn't worry about losing the cards. The packing box is perfect for your activities. Perfect fits wedding reception, bridal shower, baby shower, graduation, anniversaries, commencement, donation ceremony, 21st birthdays. Your guests can put down cards and notes of wishes in this party card box. The Perfect Service Team. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered by Fowecelt wedding card box. Please contact them by e-mail if you have a problem. The Perfect Service Team. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered by Fowecelt wedding card box. Please contact them by e-mail if you have a problem.

Brand: Fowecelt

9. OurWarm Reception Celebration Graduation Decorations

OurWarm Reception Celebration Graduation Decorations

These gift boxes are built to last and are classic beauty and style. It's the perfect place to keep your memories. You can reuse from high school to college graduation. The package includes a wedding card box holder, a card sign, a lock, and an instruction manual. When one key is lost, the box should be closed. The gift card box is gold-colored with a sheen finish, sparkling card box with a gold lock and card sign, is elegant enough to let guests notice it, but not too much to overwhelm the home decor. The wedding envelope box is large enough to hold over 300 cards or envelopes. It's a great purchase for any occasion, you can put money, postcards, envelopes or small gifts in it. The card box with slot is made of 4mm thick of natural and durable wood, sturdy and not easy to break, non-toxic and tasteless, and it can be used for many times. It's ideal for weddings, parties, anniversaries and baby showers. The card box storage is perfect for collecting cards, and can also be used as a keepsake box. It's ideal for weddings, parties, anniversaries and baby showers. The card box storage is perfect for collecting cards, and can also be used as a keepsake box.

Brand: Ourwarm

👤I bought this to serve a different purpose, so it's probably sturdy enough to be used for one night's event, but I wish it was stronger. It's pretty and feminine. I bought it for my baby granddaughter to keep her collection of tarot decks that I ammassing for her, and I am certain it will please her when she's old enough to appreciate the collection. The glitter stays the same. I put it on my table and didn't find a single piece of glitter left behind. It stinks like it's been in a smokehouse. I'm letting it air out until it stops smelling. I let it air out for a few weeks and the smell has been greatly reduced but still there. I put a few items inside and they began to stink, so I removed them. You should assemble the box several weeks before you need it. It is very nice.

👤I bought this card box for my wedding and I really like it. It's easy to build and sturdy. It is beautiful and shiny. The glitter doesn't get on you, but I like how glittery it is. The thick white rubber bands are not something I like. The box is taken away by them. I only used them at the bottom because it's not visible.

👤You have to see this box in person to appreciate it. It looks very rich. It shimmers! It's very easy to disassemble. For a large box, it's best to store it in a small cardboard box. My daughter's wedding is this Saturday and we're using it. We will put it at the reception. It will be used for many occasions in the future. My children will be sharing it. It's sturdy and nice. It's a wonderful price for the beauty and quality of this box.

👤I used this at my wedding to maintain social distance without being rude. It has a small lock and key. It is pretty and shiny. The rubber bands hold it together. It was hard to put together with fake nails. I used needle nose pliers to get them on and hold them. I saved the box to use for future parties after the wedding because it was easy to take apart. I am happy I bought this product.

👤It looks pretty, but not sturdy. Don't just go by the looks of it, email the seller for a return, and then send the pictures to him? When you can't do jack, why ask to make video and take pictures?

👤I am very happy that I bought this. The lid was not as tight as it could have been if I did something wrong. The hinges didn't stay on. I had to come up with a different way to fix it. I love it.

👤The box was shipped with a broken lock. I already put it together so I didn't want to waste time sending it back. Maybe try another onesie from another vendor.

👤It was easy to assemble and a good value. The rubber bands, the attachment area for the cards sign and the sides of the building are the only things I would change. The rubber bands can be fixed with glitter glue.

10. Gold Wedding Glass Card Box

Gold Wedding Glass Card Box

A lock with a key is included to make sure that the contents are safe and secure, perfect to use on the centerpiece for a wedding or party, as a gift for room decor. This large gold geometric terrarium with modern style and classic elegance is great for a centerpiece, flower display case, photo storage box, cards, cash gifts, money envelopes. It can hold up to 100 cards. This gold glass terrarium is eye-catching and great for a display box. It is made of reinforced glass and is not easy to break. The package includes a large gold card box and a heart-shape lock with a key.

Brand: Yimorence V

👤Excellent quality and craftsmanship is what this well built building is. The gold color was perfect for the party.

👤It's beautiful to hold cards at a wedding reception.

11. NCYP Geometric Keepsake Reception Envelope

NCYP Geometric Keepsake Reception Envelope

We will give you a full refund or replacement if you break it. 1. The Geometric brass glass wedding card box /wishing well box is perfect for reception table collecting and displaying card, envelope from families and friends. 2. A romantic centerpiece can be made with flowers and a flame-less candle. It could be used to display your favorite doll. 4. The middle layer of the double lock design has one piece of glass. 5. Plants and decor are not included.

Brand: Ncyp

👤The piece is worth every cent. It's perfect for displaying the flowers that I didn't have at my wedding. I feel like I have my own personality. A picture of my white bathtub is attached. This piece was not a stage. I feel like I have to make a statement because that picture came out great. I used to dry my flowers with products from Amazon.

👤The price was a bit steep, but I absolutely loved the shape. Lifting up the entire top part of the case makes the bottom accessible. I was under the impression that the middle glass piece would open like a door flap, which would have been much easier and more convenient. I like the look of this case to display my crystal collection in an indoor garden.

👤This works perfectly because I wanted something to display a glass bird collection. It is worth it for my needs. You need to be careful with the closings. They work well and keep the display case clean. You don't notice them. Very nice piece.

👤The product is beautiful. Twice the terarium arrived broken. I am left with the responsibility of taking two large boxes toUPS to send back and the fear of ordering another because the pick up is not offered. I don't know if I will ask for a replacement as I'm pretty tired of getting broken ones. The item is nice and the shipping is one day.

👤I bought this for my wedding and it broke in 2 hours. The latched it open and snapped off. Not horrible. I assumed it would be a little more sturdy because of the price.

👤It was used for our wedding. It is not sure what it will be used for. It is a decent size and cute. I didn't know until it arrived that the bottom was its own section.

👤I wouldn't buy this product again. It arrived with all of the pieces that were soldered together. I tried to make it better for money. I'm very sad.

👤I was worried that it would break in the mail. It will take you around a half hour to open it. Beautiful! It is large enough for any sized cards, and was bought for our wedding. Excited to turn it into a terriarum!

👤This item is very well made and it is exactly as described. Within 10 days of placing my order, I received it.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! There was a small scratch on a glass panel.


What is the best product for wedding envelope box large?

Wedding envelope box large products from Ourwarm. In this article about wedding envelope box large you can see why people choose the product. Beistle and Kyriathe are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding envelope box large.

What are the best brands for wedding envelope box large?

Ourwarm, Beistle and Kyriathe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding envelope box large. Find the detail in this article. Yeunmu, Ourwarm and Merry Expressions are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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