Best Wedding Decorations for Ceremony Outside

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1. VANVENE Vintage Married Wedding Decoration

VANVENE Vintage Married Wedding Decoration

A powerful 5-layer filter for extra support against debris and dust can help every mask wearer. Not asSEMBLE. You need to punch two holes at the top of each piece of white paper to string them together with a coordinating ribbon or rope. There is a lawsuit for infidelity. Hang or hold this banner for a wedding or engagement party. The banner can be placed at the sweetheart table or on the back of the chairs at the reception. The bride and groom can use it as a photo prop. This banner is the perfect accessory for your car. Cute enough to stand alone, but would also look adorable with greenery or flowers. High quality. The banner is of the highest quality. The shape and letter of your banner is cut for you. The letters and shapes are made from high quality paper. The banner is hung on natural color Jute with enough overhang to hold or tape down and will be beautiful for many years if taken care of. Don't worry about the photo scene, it has a great price.

Brand: Vanvene

👤It's okay. I thought it would be terrible, but it wasn't. I think it's good for the money. I realized that it was missing when I took it out of the package to assemble the sign. There is a sign that says "just arried"

👤Don't open it the night before, double check all the letters are there, and make sure to open it. I did not misplace the letter R. I made one myself out of white card stock, and it turned out great. It looks like the picture and everything, but I was very disappointed to find a letter missing.

👤Cute for pictures. I highly recommend. It took a little time to strain through each hole, but it was worth it.

👤You have to string the squares onto the twine or ribbon. The set comes with a white ribbon and rustic twine. It takes less than a day to put together. The banner we used for our exit looks great in the photos. I highly recommend.

👤My daughter decided to let a small group of family in on her wedding. I only had two weeks to get things ready for her. She ran off to do photos after I bought this banner for her. I put the banner over her bed. She doesn't want to take it down so she hung it in her living room. It is strong and beautiful. Thank you.

👤A nice sign. Even though we tried to use it, it wouldn't get us any pictures out of our wedding pictures because the photographer and wedding coordination were poor.

👤I like this banner because it gives me more inspiration and ideas when I am a person like me who doesn't know how to take a wedding photo. We hang it as a decoration after the wedding.

👤This is what I expected. The cards that the letters are on are strong. Very happy with this. It was on time.

👤It was used for a wedding. It took me about 2 minutes to drive my vehicle to the ditch. It is the best for indoor use.

👤I am happy with my purchase of a wedding prop. Money was well spent.

👤Light weight and easy to put together. Excellent quality!

2. HEBE Artificial Flowers Realistic Ceremony

HEBE Artificial Flowers Realistic Ceremony

Perfect for wedding bouquet, party arches, office, altar, flower basket, stairway, fences,corsages, reception centerpiece. You can hang it anywhere you want, and add romance to your home with these beautiful vine leaves. Each rose vine is about 7.45 feet long, total 29.8 feet for 4 garlands, and has a flower diameter of 2.36 feet. The flowers and leafs are made from silk and the vine is plastic. The leaves and flowers can be picked off and put back together. The Wide Use Hanging Flower is ideal for weddings, festivals, parties, home decorations, gardens, fencing,floral tributes, sheds, Swing frame, air-conditioning pipes, water pipes, door frame, exposed wires, stairs, etc. Artificial flowers will add a beautiful decor to any home, office or special occasion like weddings, showers, party etc. Add a touch of color and romance to your home with these beautiful vine leaves. Artificial rose vine flowers are an easy and inexpensive way to maintain a beautiful home all year long.

Brand: Hebe

👤I bought them for my wedding. They are not white. More off white or warm white. The photo is white. I looked at the ad on the phone. The flowers were dainty, but the issue was with the color.

👤The floral garlands were all full thickness. There are lots of flowers and leaves. Can't beat the price of this product.

👤My daughter put them in her dorm. They look great! She said that they lost a lot of plastic material.

👤The flowers are pretty. They are a beautiful color. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of the garland. I would buy these again.

👤These are gorgeous! I used them to wrap around my mailbox post. I've received a lot of praise from my friends and neighbors.

👤I like this product. I thought it would be cheap. There is a full stream of roses and no gaps or balding. I bought a pack of white roses and they are not too short. It was perfect for what I needed.


👤I ordered them to go around the canopy bed. They are a little smaller than I thought, but still great. I need to order more to get what I want. I am very happy with the purchase.

3. Wisteria Garland Artificial Flowers Vine

Wisteria Garland Artificial Flowers Vine

Semi-sheer fabric is versatile and can be used for any ceremony party theme. It's perfect for wedding stage, party stage, wedding reception, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, photo backdrop and more. Each wisteria contains 5 flower stems, and each flower stem is 15 inches in length. The material is Silk Fabric and Plastic. The stems and flowers are made of plastic and silk cloth, which is easy to clean. The artificial wisteria hanging vine stem is very durable and can be bent easily, and can be hung anywhere you want. Artificial wisteria vine silk flowers are suitable for outdoor wedding ceremony decor, wedding hanging flowers decoration, spaces enough for decorating items you want to adorn life. The symbol of love and happiness is wisteria. They add color to wisteria vine arrangements by creating flower arches and garlands.

Brand: Slanc

👤I bought it for my wedding. I knew it wasn't going to work when I saw it in the plastic bag and it had a horrible smell. I was going to try because I didn't have much time. It worked fine if it sat out in its group to get rid of the smell. I am an idiot. The wedding day is near. 3 hours before my wedding, stand in at the arch and try to untangle the garlands. This little piece fell into my foot. I panicked and untangled as fast as I could while trying not to cry. The strand was cut. I put it all back in the box and cried for 3 seconds, then sent someone to the hobby lobby to get the real thing. If it wasn't cut in an odd spot, it would have been ok. It wasn't cut in half. It was like a third. If my arch had not been cut, it would have been enough to cover it all. It happens and it is not a big deal. They would have replaced it if I had more time. It is pretty. If you want it to look as good as the pictures, you need to order more than one pack. I'm returning an item since I don't need it anymore.

👤Don't spend your money on this. As soon as you open the bag, leaves and flowers begin to fall, it is weak and looks cheap. It smells like death. There are five wisteria on the garlands.

👤Every 4 feet there is a string of petals. To get it to look like they have pictured, you would have to buy at least 100. Not accurately reflected. I will not purchase from this seller again.

👤You will not be happy with the price. These garlands are worth a dollar each from the dollar store.

👤Terrible, cheap, sparse, ugly, disaster.

👤It's nothing like pictured! If I saw them in person, I wouldn't buy them. I wouldn't have paid more than $7. Why are there five separate vines? I could have doubled them up to make them look a bit bigger.

👤The final product looked nothing like the pictures. It was barely covered with flowers. I bought this for my wedding decorations. I couldn't use it in a major decoration.

👤It was in strands when I received it. I was hoping it would look like the picture. All ready to hang. I tried to do it myself and it looked okay.

👤Malsimo tienes super delgado nada.

4. Lings Moment Wedding Decorations Flowers

Lings Moment Wedding Decorations Flowers

Artificial flowers never die. The pew flowers are made of foam roses, rosebuds, silk fairy flowers, Italian ruscus and greeneries. They look very realistic. The drapes have a touch of elegance. The pew flower is approximately 5 feet in diameter, the vines drape is 13 feet in length, and the drapes are 30 feet in length. The value is great. There is a set of 8 pre-made wedding aisle decoration flower pieces. The pew flowers are attached to a long ribbon so they can be tied around any chair you need. You can order these items months in advance since they are all artificial flowers.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤We put these on each chair at our wedding. They were gorgeous. We didn't want to spend a lot of money on flowers for our ceremony because it only lasted 15 minutes. I don't think anyone noticed, these were a perfect stand-in for the real deal. We used a steamer to dewrinkle the ribbon after we received them in the mail. There was minimal effort, minimal cost, and big impact.

👤Lings flowers are not worth much. I watched the video and thought it would hold up. The clip wouldn't hold the flowers upright. The ribbon is cheap and ugly. The cheap alternative arrived better packaged and the flowers were not squeezed or flattened on arrival, which I thought was worth the money. After waiting a week for the product to arrive, I was very disappointed with the packaging and quality.

👤The flowers are beautiful. It's packaged beautiful and looks real. I bought them for my wedding and they are perfect for white chairs. Simple yet elegant!

👤I ordered these for my daughter's wedding in 2019. Since we're on a budget, I wanted to get a jump on things. I was excited when they arrived, but after opening them, I discovered they sent us the wrong color. The replacement items were delivered the next day after I statred a return. They are worth every penny. If you're on the fence and you purchase these, you won't be sorry. They match her wedding colors blush, navy, champagne, and rose gold perfectly.

👤These were some of my favorites from our wedding. They looked amazing when we ordered them for our aisle. They weren't noticed unless they looked closer. One guest tried to smell them. I used some twig branches to add to the look we were going for. They are being used as decoration on our canopy bed, and they look great there too! Win!

👤I would give 5 stars to the flowers themselves. The greenery they add in is perfect. I have an issue with Amazon, not Ling's. The package that I ordered was missing the ribbon that was in the description. I contacted Ling's directly and they offered to send me the terra-cotta ribbon because they were out of burnt orange ribbon, or I could contact Amazon for a replacement because their products come straight from an Amazon shipping center. I contacted Amazon because I wanted the burnt orange ribbon. The ribbon is missing again, but Amazon replaced my order quickly. Ling's originally offered to send me the terra-cotta ribbon, but I am now contacting them to go with their original offer. The product is beautiful, but missing part of the order is disappointing.

👤The box was beautiful. There are pieces of threading that need to be cut but they look fine on their own. I didn't cut it. I'm sure nobody noticed either. The colors matched the real flowers my florist provided so everyone thought it was part of our package; I just couldn't justify the outrageous price of real chair clusters so these were the perfect substitution. Everyone thought it was cute. The flowers are really good. It's straight from the box.

5. DearHouse Artificial Flowers Wisteria Ceremony

DearHouse Artificial Flowers Wisteria Ceremony

These vines are very good for hanging behind doors, swings and walls. They are perfect for decorating weddings, parties, homes, offices, etc. This silk wisteria is 6.6ft/2m in length,10 shorter strings each 0.7',pack of 4,suitable for outdoor wedding ceremony decor,wedding hanging flowers decoration,spaces enough for decorating items you want to adorn life. The stem is made of plastic and flowers are made of silk cloth and easy to clean. Artificial wisteria vine silk flowers for home garden hanging flower plant floral decoration for wedding partyfloral Supplies A flower with a green leaf looks and feels like a real flower. Artificial wisteria is a symbol of love and happiness, and it can be used to make beautiful wedding home party decoration. Due to processing technology, those who mind should be cautious.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤The package was a little stinky but dissipated quickly. Not all the same lengths. 3 sets were used to cover an arch. Beautiful!

👤I ordered the garlands to use for my background and everyone at the party has a WOW look on their face. I had to order 2 sets of these in order to get this look. Great item.

👤Made a dream come true. In my gazebo.

👤I bought this for my baby shower and it worked out perfect. I would have liked to have ordered more sets to make it bigger. I am happy with how they look for our photo backdrop. The flower do go flying everywhere if you pull them out of the packaging. The item was described and shipped on time. If you want to get the look of the picture they have up, I recommend ordering more than the two pieces.

👤Really liked this! This was used to decorate a metal panel that was used at our wedding and it really added an elegance to it. I had to separate the flowers from each other when I opened the packaging. It is easy to stick them back on. It had a funky smell. I would recommend ordering at least a week in advance so that you can separate them. Maybe spray them with something. The product is great for a reasonable price.

👤The wall mural paper came in short, so I bought this one to cover the top. The quality of the vine materials is good for the price. I went to the local craft store and couldn't find vines that would beat this price. A picture shows two vines twisted together.

👤It is thinner than expected because it does not have enough flowers and leaves. It looks great on my mantle and fills in some areas in my kitten.

👤It's easy to use, when you snap the pieces back on. The look we wanted was completed.

👤This item is not like the photo.

👤Product is not as picture as it appears.

👤I wasn't happy with the decoration. The flowers fall apart easily. I wouldn't order it again. It was not worth the price.

6. Twinkle Window Curtain String Light

Twinkle Window Curtain String Light

In waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on are the 8 Modes settings. The quality is high, with a length of 10 feet and 300 white lights. 29V safe output by a plug-in transformer can be obtained from the certificated output and wire. Plug it in and it will be easy to use. The US standard outlet is 120V. The leading wire is 9.9 ft. It is a perfect decoration for indoor and outdoor decorations. Christmas, party, wedding, home, window, bathroom, festival, Holiday, shows, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, shopping center, etc. The lights will make you happy. Also, note: Only sturdy lights, not a cripple, are used for ache. The lights will make you happy. Also, note: Only sturdy lights, not a cripple, are used for ache.

Brand: Twinkle Star

👤They were cute and worked well, however after a week they started developing rust in many of the lights. After taking them down, I can see that most of the lights are old. I was hoping to use them again next year, but I don't think it's a good idea to put them outside. The package says the plug must be kept indoors. Okkk... The box tells you not to close a door or window on the cord or extension cord. If you can plug them in and leave a door or window open, they are only used outside. It is more than a bit disingenuous to say that these are waterproof, outdoor seasonal lights. It is being advertised hanging with curtains, but the safety instructions say not to. This is a cheap string of lights that might work for you but buyer beware, the advertising on this listing is very misleading.

👤My daughter's attic room is where they look lovely.

👤I bought these and they were tangled up. I left them in the box to deal with another time. I took 2 hours to untangle them and they were fine. I can't hang them because they don't hang like the picture shows. I can't believe I spent so much time and money on these.

👤I ordered four boxes for the reception. The lights are on. shards of glass were found in all four boxes. I thought some of the bulbs had broken. I have no idea where the shards came from, they were much larger than the bulbs. Glass fell onto the floor as we pulled the lights out of the box. I don't know how this product could have passed a quality assurance test.

👤I may leave them up all year. I would buy more if I needed them. I tested the waterproofness of them. I like the way the different settings make my patio look. Don't take the twist ties off before you hang them up. I took all the ties off and had to untangle them for half an hour, my mom and sister asked where I bought them. I would refer them to others. You will not be disappointed.

👤Do you think the Dukes will win? We are so disappointed. My son got these for his birthday and had to clean his room in order for me to help him hang them, but he put them under his bed for a while and we realized they don't work. So disappointed. They are still rolled up in the original way. If you want to know if they will last long, you should test upon arrival.

👤I bought one of these lights to hang in my window for a gentle ambiant light. I had the curtains up looking out at our backyard. There are different settings for the lights. These are the right length for a window that is about 2 doorways wide. I was worried that the lights would get hot and cause a fire hazard, but the lights themselves do not get hot or warm. The main string has 10 strings hanging off of it. The plug in cord is long enough that it can reach the floor. I'll most likely be buying another set in the near future.

7. Edvision Operated Christmas Thanksgiving Decoration

Edvision Operated Christmas Thanksgiving Decoration

12 packs of fairy lights in one package. The total number of lights is 7. The space between the LEDs and the lead cord is 10 cm. There are 20 micro LEDs in each strand. Silver wire is flexible and bendable, making it easy to shape in mason jars. The led string lights have pre-installed 2 x CR2032 button cells, which can be used for 48 hours. The battery box has an ON/OFF switch. When the lights get dim, batteries need to be replaced. The mini size battery pack is small enough to hide into your crafts for a perfect visual effect. The mini firefly lights are portable and can be carried and used everywhere. These fairy lights are powered by low voltage batteries and have heat insulated silver wire, which will not cause overheating. The starry string lights can be submerged into water. The battery box should not be near water. The mason jar lights are warm white, which can create a fairy and romantic atmosphere, ideal for indoor or outdoor lighting decorations, such as wedding centerpiece, birthday celebration, senior prom, graduation party, craft projects, patio, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine. The mason jar lights are warm white, which can create a fairy and romantic atmosphere, ideal for indoor or outdoor lighting decorations, such as wedding centerpiece, birthday celebration, senior prom, graduation party, craft projects, patio, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine.

Brand: Edvision

👤The 4 dollar fairy lights are better than these. These are the worst lights I've ever bought. I wanted to keep them on for decoration and they died after being on for 2 days straight. I've never needed to change the batteries in my fairy lights at Walmart. I left the ones at Walmart a few times overnight. If these are for a party or a one-night thing, buy them. Don't get them if your decorating for more than a day. 1 star!

👤You can't go wrong for about a dollar each. Great for fairy light jars, or lighting up any jar, cup or bottle. The pictures show how I put a strand through the straw hole in the tumbler to light it up and turn it into a nightlight. The lights in the box were tested and they all lit up.

👤These are easy to manipulate. If you enjoy the lights on, be prepared to switch them out because the batteries lasted a week or so of constant use.

👤I fell in love with the lights. They have batteries that hold their shape. They are not very bright. They make a soft light. I put them in old vases and they are now decorative pieces.

👤I will order more of these. I didn't expect them to come in a plastic case, but it will help store them. They are the same as described. I tested all of them and 11 of them were perfect and one was lacking a cell but I can forgive them for that as I am very pleased with the overall quality of the product! These are long and bright.

👤Quality fairy lights are always in demand. They are great for themed parties. These did not fail to impress! They were delivered quickly, packed nicely, and easy to use. The first picture shows how well the lights worked. The second picture shows how well the lights worked over 48 hours after they were installed. I am very pleased.

👤My sister is having a birthday party. I was skeptical at first as they looked thin, but they worked well. I put the lights on the wooden pillars of the garden and it looked gorgeous. The lights performed well on the party night and have a great battery life.

👤It's perfect for hanging between streamers on the ceiling or canopy. This will fit in so well with the under the sea look for an event that will give that light shimmering through the water look through our decorations as the sun sets.

8. Tytroy Outdoor Indoor Wedding Decoration

Tytroy Outdoor Indoor Wedding Decoration

The flowers might bend a bit due to shipping and packing, so please softly knead the petals to help recover the shape. It's perfect for weddings, birthday engagement bridal or anniversary parties, sweetheart tables, photo-backdrops, dances proms decorations and more. Also for front or back garden training and displaying climbing plants vines roses - decorating your beloved garden in style, and give it a focus. It's also great as an archway into your garden or a special corner. You are free to decorate it as you please. It supports your imagination and creativity. This versatile arch can be adjusted to a shorter table-top arch by removing vertical tubes. Can be built as either a tall 90”x64”x12” or wide 76”x 92”x12” arch. There is a package with a white powder coated steel arch. Plants and decorations are not included. All screws must be tightened correctly to build a sturdy arch. It takes about 30 minutes or more to build your arch with the 43 curved and straight tubes. Assembly instructions are provided.

Brand: Tytroy

👤I bought this arch for a wedding. I like the height because my son is over 6 feet tall. We were able to adjust the height by removing bars from each side. It is a simple fix that support will need to be added once decorations are added. One of the legs was a little bent and I took away a star. If care is taken during assembly and taken down it could be used again. I would order from the company if we needed another arch.

👤One of these came with a missing piece. I now have a shorter one. You can see a size comparison if it works for you. There is a The final product is wobbly and needs support. In my picture, you can see that I covered it with a tile and held them in place. The dirt helped it a bit, but it still wobbles. I created a net to help climbers hold on. I hope my plants like it.

👤I bought this arch for my wedding. It was buried into the ground to keep it up. It fell multiple times. There were a few pieces that were faulty and a few screws that were missing when it arrived. The majority of the arch was being held together by white duct tape. If you have time, but you need an arch, go with this product. I am giving this 3 stars because it saved my wedding.

👤Since the wedding was on 9/28, I decided to take a chance. It arrived quickly and seemed to be ok. The metal rods were not in-sync with each other, the screws were too small, and some of the holes were too big for the screws to fit. The arch was unstable when it was finally put together because we use other screws. We mounted the zip ties and string to the rails. We threw it away after the ceremony. I've ordered many items from Amazon and have always been very happy with them. This one was disappointing. You can order at your own discretion.

👤I know you're thinking my arches are beautiful, but it is. Like many wedding planners, you need arches for more than one event. This is a one-time use, and it was the first time three pieces broke. During the party, I had it pinned down with heavy logs and the bars broke when a small gust of wind came. I wish I didn't pay this amount for something that is one time use because it was good thing the party was over. I'm still looking for an Arch that won't break before I use it.

👤I think it will work for a couple of years. The vine outgrew the fence. The fence supports most of the weight. The metal is very thin. I tightened a screw and accidentally pinched part. First, tighten your hand with a screwdriver. It was wobbly until I buried it and weighted it down. I wouldn't hang decorations unless it was very light. In a low traffic area where people are not likely to collide with the sides. It's a decent product for $22. Would buy again.

9. Extendable Sensyne YouTube Compatible Phones

Extendable Sensyne YouTube Compatible Phones

A hit at the party is perfect for engagement, bridal shower,hen night party decorations,bachelor party, gift box stuffers. Birthday party decor and any romantic love related party celebration occassion. TheSensyne selfie ring light features a high sensitivity touch panel design that has a longer life than traditional mechanical buttons. It provides full control to adjust the 3 color modes and 10 brightness levels to meet your needs. It's perfect for Photographers, YouTubers, Vloggers, TikTokers, etc. Versatile accessories. The ring light is brighter by over 50% when powered by the AC/DC adapter. The phone holder is compatible with almost all phones and can be extended up to 5.3" wide. A fully portable tripod stand. Their tripod can be adjusted to any height within seconds, short enough to stand on a table, tall enough to fit your height. This light set is useful when you do makeup, live streaming, video calls, and more. You can take selfies or group photos from a distance up to 30 feet with the wireless remote shutter. It's compatible with most Apple/Android smart phones. No app download is required. They will provide you with a high quality after-sales service. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Sensyne

👤The Ring light was easy to setup. The icing is put on the cake by the different light temperature settings. It made my videos look bright and vibrant. The product was undamaged. This light is very good. I was skeptical because it is small. Big things come in small packages. Hahaha

👤We didn't know what to do after our camera broke. I ordered this to illuminate our faces when we record and stream and to hold our phone which records better than the camera. It is definitely worth the money. It is not cheap. Make sure you are satisfied with your purchase by contacting the customer support.

👤Delivery with 24 hours was amazing. It will be great for online meetings and videos, like the options for dimming. Would buy again.

👤The Ring Light is for all your social media needs. It was easy to set up. There is a bag, a wireless remote, and an ac adapter. The clips are easy to use. There are 3 different lights settings. The handle and balance level are what distinguishes it from other Ring Lights.

👤I bought this to illuminate my face during meetings. A lot of light comes through the sliding glass door of my office, making my face invisible. I'm fine with that, but my boss loves to see our faces so this seemed like a great solution. I look like an anonymous source if I don't have the light. I'm illuminated. I haven't used it to take pictures with my phone yet, but I have a larger phone and it was able to fit both vertically and horizontally. I'm trying to get into food photography as well and would like to use it.

👤I love it! The lighting is easy to set up and has 3 modes. If you love taking photos or making videos, I recommend you to purchase my purchase.

👤Wow! I'm very excited. I have been looking for a tripod and a light ring for a long time and finally found it, I have been looking for it for a long time. It's the perfect size, lightweight, and practical. It arrived very fast. Excellent attention. The ring has several light temperatures to suit what you need, the tripod is almost to my size, and it is perfect.

👤I love this tripod. The ring light is larger than I expected and it is possible to put a phone in it. The light is bright and the warm/cool options are perfect. It's not a complicated set up, it took me a few minutes to put it together. The phone grip is a closed kind, unlike the spring loaded kind I've used before. It's easier to hold your phone in a certain way. It's stable even when you tilt it down. It's got great manuverability. When I got this in the mail and saw how good it was, I was so excited to use it with my friends, family, pets, and everything else! My photo game has gone up a lot.

10. Amosfun Wedding Directional Decoration Supplies

Amosfun Wedding Directional Decoration Supplies

These chair decoration flowers are not real. They look very realistic. They can be ordered months in advance. The arrow set will bring out laughter and fun in your wedding party. Simple assembly is required for this material to be safe for use. The Wedding Road Sign Kit is a must-have wedding party supply. It is ideal for wedding party use. Guests appreciate the handy signs that help them find the celebration quickly and easily.

Brand: Amosfun

👤Very heavy weight. It rained at our event, but it worked well for us.

11. Flameless Flickering Tealights Christmas Decorations

Flameless Flickering Tealights Christmas Decorations

Premium quality. It's ideal for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, garden decorations. Save money on batteries by using long battery life. Look like and flicker like real candles, with high quality materials and flickering ICs. To control the candle light, simply switch on / off on the bottom. It's safe. There is no risk of fire or wax mess. Children, seniors, and pets are safe at home. It's safe. There is no risk of fire or wax mess. Children, seniors, and pets are safe at home.

Brand: Candle Idea

👤She said yes to the proposal. It is great for nights with a little wind that you don't want to keep lighting candles and can't afford something to go wrong.

👤I could not see a timer or remote in the box. I did not care about this. The candle is soft in color when turned off. The light is orange and flickers when turned on. They are not bad. The light is not the right color for them, but they're pretty bright. It is nice to see a flicker to them. The flicker is better than others that I've tried. The light would have been a keeper of the light. The orange isn't going to work for me.

👤I was impressed with the work of the 72 candles I purchased. These come with batteries, but they are not installed. You will have to do that. After installing 72 bartteries, the battery compartment cover worked. I'm impressed. There is a word of caution. The battery package was loose when it came open. Before tossing the box, make sure you check for loose batteries.

👤I had to buy different candle shapes and sizes from different vendors to make my crazy fireplace display. The small candles are a good match for the larger candles. The battery in the box didn't work out, but I realized it was because it wasn't seated correctly. If you have trouble, make sure the battery is in contact with the silver tab on the side of the compartment. The CR2032 battery does not last long in remote mode. Just got them and can't speak to long-term reliability or battery life yet.

👤They are perfect! I bought these for a candle holder for my wedding and they are perfect.

👤All were tested when I received them. I had a problem with the description of the tea lights. I found out from one of the reviews that these are votive size. This is what I wanted. Tea lights are small.

👤These are cute. We bought these for our votive holders because we can't have open flame at our wedding reception. The light that we tested was warm, softly flickering and had no issues after being lit for over 24 hours. We will need to turn them on before the wedding starts to have them last through the reception.

👤I liked these for my wedding. A nice glow was added to the night. They looked cheap, but you couldn't tell anything in a container. For the price, you can't beat it. The batteries didn't fit well in them and caused them to turn off. When I put them back in, they closed more and had better contact to work.

👤Lousy quality is completely unrealistic. The flames are bright. Absolutely orange.


What is the best product for wedding decorations for ceremony outside?

Wedding decorations for ceremony outside products from Vanvene. In this article about wedding decorations for ceremony outside you can see why people choose the product. Hebe and Slanc are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding decorations for ceremony outside.

What are the best brands for wedding decorations for ceremony outside?

Vanvene, Hebe and Slanc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding decorations for ceremony outside. Find the detail in this article. Ling's Moment, Dearhouse and Twinkle Star are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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