Best Wedding Card Box Beach

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1. SOIMISS Security Anniversary Decorations Reception

SOIMISS Security Anniversary Decorations Reception

The package includes a box holder, card sign, lock and key. Wooden Keepsake Box is a great decoration that adds to your theme atmosphere. It's ideal for all sorts of joyful events. At weddings, anniversaries, and more, this box gives your guests a place to drop their cards and notes of well- wishing, or flower. Favor boxes for small gifts are available. Wood is easy to protect and durable. Exquisite boxes make your wedding unforgettable.

Brand: Soimiss

👤It will hold a decent amount of cards. It is very thin and flimsy.

👤Benia tienes. No me, reembolso.

2. Artmag Reception Anniversary Graduation Birthday

Artmag Reception Anniversary Graduation Birthday

The wedding card box holder is large enough to hold many cards. A card box with slot block can be a great addition to a birthday party, baby shower, or any other party. The unique foldable design is easy to assemble and will make you happy. The package includes a box holder, card sign, lock and key, and user guide.

Brand: Artmag

👤I was scared when I put it together that it wouldn't hold up. Seemed flimsy. I was glad I found the rubber O rings since there is no instructions in the box, but I was happy to know they keep the box together well. I recommend this! They thought about the construction when they made it.

👤I was not happy with my purchase. The product box partially opened, despite the shipping box being fine. There is a The sides of the box won't fit together because of the warped base. The box cannot fit together because the left hinge of the lid was cracked off. There isn't a lock. I needed this to hold my cards for my wedding in 3 days. It would be a nice addition to my gift table. I guess I will be going to Michaels.

👤The envelope box on the picture on Amazon is more fancy than I was expecting. The material is very light and feels like paper. The rubber bands took a minute to figure out. Not sure if it was worth the money. I am not a crafter. I am sure someone could come up with something better if you are. It will work for now. I'll see if it upholds during our reception.

👤The box is a good size. You have to assemble it with rubber bands because it comes in pieces. The rubber bands don't make for a sturdy item. Will it be necessary to add hot glue to make sure it doesn't break on the wedding day? It's a good product, but be aware that it's not the best.

👤This item is the same as pictured. It is easy to assemble. The box is large enough to hold larger cards and has a cute little lock on it. The design is nice. This will make a nice wedding box. Very happy with the purchase!

👤The paint was not finished and had to be re-painted. It was ridiculous to use rubber bands to hold it together. I used wood glue to keep it steady. The person didn't line up.

👤My wedding colors were black and gold, so I was very excited to get this. It totally disappointed me. I glue it together and it fell apart before the wedding. The day before my wedding, I went to my local craft store to get a clear box. Don't waste money or time.

👤I am not sure how this item is rated at 4 stars, the box was flimsy and poorly cut, and the pieces did not fit together, it crumbled in my hands. The lock that comes with it didn't work. If it was $5 or less, it would probably get a 5 star review from me, but not at the price point it is currently listed at. Don't spend your money on it.

3. Wedding Envelop Container Reception Decoration

Wedding Envelop Container Reception Decoration

The wedding reception set includes a wedding card box, white table mat, 8 flicker modes fairy light, 1 piece card sign, and a lock and key. A good romantic atmosphere maker is the greeting card box, which is a classic love hollow out design, with lace and light, it can help you collect greetings, and also can be a gift to surprise your lover, relatives and friends. The wedding card container is made of 3mm non-toxic and odorless thick wood and tie each plate tightly together with rubber bands, it does not break easily, and they have prepared a video for you, you can also fold and store well for reuse. The wedding card holder is about the same size as the dessert table. The table mat is 30 x 24 x 22 cm. Warm white fairy light is approx. 23.6 x 23.6 inches/ 60 x 60 cm. 78.7 inches/ 2 m You can paint it with your favorite colors to match the wedding theme and wrap the light string in different places such as wrapping inside the box, on the box, and gain more compliment for you.

Brand: Hiboom

👤I wanted to keep the five stars because the pictures were beautiful. The locks were broken on the first one I received. There were no instructions to follow. I was sent a new one by Amazon, but it came with broken locks and no directions. It looks great after I figured out how to put it together. It is definitely worth it.

👤I ordered this for my son's wedding. They are having a theme. If man handled it it would break easily. I will glue it together when we get closer to the wedding. We will be able to fix the lock that came off. The lights were easy to use. It was like using a needle and thread. It was pretty when it was lit. The lace cloth has a silver thread, so when it was lit and sitting on the lace, it was very eye-catching. I'm anxious to hear what the wedding guest has to say. The price was perfect and will add to the rustic theme of my son and his fiancée's wedding. After the wedding, I will try and remember to update my comments.

👤At my best friends wedding, this wedding card box looked so cute. It was easy to assemble. The lights were on. The lock broke at the wedding. It was made with cheap silicone that comes off easily. The box has so much potential. The feedback will help fix the lock issues.

👤It was not what I expected. It was so flimsy that I broke it while threading the lights into the front and it was so flimsy that I didn't notice. Not worth the money. If I were you, I would say it would break the cards into it.

👤It was easy to assemble and would be a cute addition to the wedding decor. It is a lightweight wood.

👤The lighting at the wedding was beautiful. Little confused on how to put in the lighting but got in touch with the company and used their video to put the lights in. A box for wedding items after the wedding looks great on a book shelf to remember the special day.

👤The gift box is easy to put together. The LEDs are a pain to put on and take a little while to get used to. The box is very fragile and I don't like it. The front of the curls are free standing and not attached to anything else. One of them snapped in half just moving it from place to place. They should have reinforced it. I might put something inside to line it.

👤I thought this would be a cute box to get for my wedding. I didn't need any instructions, but I feel like the wiring of the lights is going to be a little hard. It is cute, but it is not. It might have to be painted a color of my wedding so people can read it.

4. Beistle Weddings Birthday Graduation Celebrations

Beistle Weddings Birthday Graduation Celebrations

The dimensions are 7.8* 7.8*6 inches. The plain white box is great for receiving cards. It is made of board stock and has a measurement of 12 inches by 12 inches. The box can be decorated. The card board is white.

Brand: Beistle

👤What a great purchase! A friend of mine asked me to make a money card box for her daughter's party. I have never made one before. I have a bit of a creative side and decided to bling out this box. Whoa! This was my first time and it came out pretty. I did alright, but not perfect. The box is worth a lot. It is so easy to assemble. I glue the bottom flaps to make sure they stay flat.

👤It was exactly what I needed for the baby shower. I went to a few stores and couldn't find anything that was cheap. I found it on Amazon. It looks like the picture. The card slot is long and can hold cards of all sizes, and the box has a shiny sheen to it. Very cute! The material is thinner than I would imagine for a formal event but it's perfect for a baby shower with less than 100 people and will be fun to decorate. The box is large enough for me. Make sure the dimensions are what you are looking for. Shipping was on time. It was easy to set up. I don't know if I'm supposed to do this. I might use some tape or hot glue on the bottom flaps to make sure the box stays strong. I would recommend this purchase to a friend.

👤Excellent for the price. I wrapped it with gift wrap and decorated it, because it is a little flimsy, but I used packing tape on the edges.

👤My son wanted to decorate the card box for my wedding so I was looking for one that was plain white. I had to be careful to let everything dry so it wouldn't smudge, but it was what I was looking for. It seems to be sturdy enough for one or two uses, but I don't think it would hold up well for multiple uses as it ships flat. If you're looking for a sturdy box to use frequently, look elsewhere.

👤It was used for a baby shower. It's plain, but my decorator was able to quickly change it to fit our theme. It's very strong. Great price.

👤The gift cards were used for a baby shower. The box wasn't very strong. It was easy to assemble and the bottom portion kept opening. The bottom had to be taped to keep it from opening.

👤It's very easy to assemble. It is a huge box and I wish I would have paid attention to the measurements. I used it for my son's 1st birthday cards. It definitely did the trick.

👤The price and size of the item were great. It's easy to put together. Absolutely recommend.

👤We used this to collect cards at our wedding. It was excellent, even though it was a little on the large side. It would be too good for multiple uses. I would recommend this, but I would also recommend getting the smaller size.

👤The assembly is a bit light so weigh it down.

5. Mwater Wedding Lock(Acrylic ),Foldable,Gold Pattern

Mwater Wedding Lock%EF%BC%88Acrylic %EF%BC%89%EF%BC%8CFoldable%EF%BC%8CGold Pattern

Make your wedding more beautiful with the golden pattern, elegant fonts and clear acrylic material, the card box is very beautiful. Match all wedding theme colors with clear acrylic material, card boxes of other material colors cannot achieve this effect. In the new style, tear off a corner of the protective film, so that you don't have to worry about tearing the film. The top cover design will not fall. There is a size:11 in. UV ink guarantees that the pattern will not peel, bubble orwrinkle. The card box has a lock on it. Fix your problem within 24 hours. There is no reason to come back within 30 days. The wedding card box is beautiful.

Brand: Mwater

👤The pieces are supposed to slide into each other, but we are not fully punctured, so when we tried to push it, it broke. It served its purpose when we taped it together. I would have liked a better box.

👤Happy to find a well priced locking card box. I had trouble finding some of them, they are pricey. My sister put this together. I think it was not difficult. This fit right in and looked great because we had a lot of gold and acrylic decor. We bought cupcake stands and pedestals to complete the look. "Efavormart 32" and "YestBuy 3 Tier Clear Square Cupcake Stand" are examples.

👤I love this box. It was easy to assemble and not cheap. I wish it didn't have a wedding written on the front because this box can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This is a nice souvenir.

👤The box is beautiful and good quality. It is easy to assemble and can be adapted to your needs. I personalize it with some stickers.

👤It's easy to assemble. The sheets come off without a hitch. The rubber bands that held it together are a little fragile. I stretched them too far. They gave 2 extras so it wasn't an issue. Don't stretch the bands. The box is strong for what it is. It was a good purchase for our wedding.

👤I bought this because it has a lock and doesn't cost an arm or a leg. It's easy to break into if you're worried about someone stealing cards. It did the job for us. It is clumsy because it is held together by rubberbands that snapped easily.

👤This is the best price, not only that it is beautiful and I will be able to reuse over and over, but I did extensive research and found that this is the best look, not paper or wood. This is the right card box to purchase because of the look of the material.

👤The box was purchased for my wedding. I wouldn't have realized until the wedding day that supplies that were supposed to be in the box weren't supplied. The lock, key and elastics are supposed to be in the baggie. It was opened and sliced open. There were only 4 elastics that came for assembly and extra resilience. I will have to buy another box.

6. Kate Aspen Beach Ocean Tides

Kate Aspen Beach Ocean Tides

A way to receive wedding cards, baby shower, gender reveal, gifts and money. This card box is easy to put together, as it is collapsed when shipped, and is assembed with 3m double stick tape, which is a very sturdy design. The calligraphy design is Adorned with a white card with "Cards" printed on one side. An elegant card box for thank you notes, gift cards or congratulatory cards is a perfect way to decorate your wedding or party. The gold glitter card holder is 10. 2” x 10. Pair the Beach or Natural items with other items from Kate Aspen's Beach colllection.

Brand: Kate Aspen

👤Oh my gosh! I can't say better about this box. I ordered a box of cards and well wishing cards for my wedding. This box is of the highest quality. It is very sturdy. It holds its shape well and looks nice. The wedding is over and I want to find a new purpose for this box. You can't go wrong buying this box.

👤It was nice for the wedding. We had to flatten it out to make it work for assembly. It won't last for a long time.

👤The product is very cute. The sides were bent a little, but I didn't like that. It is difficult to put together because it doesn't make a perfect cube, but I will use it for my wedding!

👤I bought this for my son. It was very cute. I liked the design. It was easy to put together. I was very happy. The sides of the box began to detach during the reception. The box collapsed multiple times. It fell apart when a guest put their card in. Maybe if the glue was better it would have stayed together.

👤Well made, easy to assemble.

👤The gift box was perfect for my master's graduation party. Since it arrived on time, it went great with my decor and took no time to assemble. I highly recommend.

👤The glue that held it together came apart easily. We only had a few cards in it. I kept them with our memories.

👤You can make it go flat again by folding it up. My daughter's graduation cards. Very strong.

👤I was not expecting a box of this quality to last forever but I was expecting it to be in good shape when it arrived. I hope they will send me another one. I will revise this after I see the condition of the replacement one.

👤A great box! It is very easy to assemble.

👤Air salle du bois carton robuste.

👤It's easy to assemble for your wedding.

👤It is one of the best card boxes we could find.

7. Mimacoo Wedding Envelop Reception Anniversary

Mimacoo Wedding Envelop Reception Anniversary

The wedding card box holder is large enough to hold many cards. A card box with slot block can be a great addition to a birthday party, baby shower, or any other party. The unique foldable design is easy to assemble and will make you happy. The package includes a wedding card box holder, a card sign, and a lock and key.

Brand: Mimacoo

👤The one I ordered holds together with just rubber bands, contrary to a lot of the reviews. It was easy to assemble. The flimsy standee that comes with it is the reason for the mark down. I ordered a silver one. I used construction paper to jazz up the idea of a transparent box. It looks great and it makes sense to do this. I added the paper and lights to the box. It was very easy to do and now I have a fancy box.

👤A pretty card and money holder. It is very easy to assemble. The lock and key are not strong so be careful with them. I believe it can be painted. The package I ordered had a card sign on it. I would order again.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! It's so unique! I used this for my wedding reception and all the envelopes fit. I spray painted it rose gold. It turned out to be beautiful.

👤The card box was so easy to put together that a child could do it, and it went great with the wedding deco, I would buy one again if I needed it for something.

👤It was very flimsy. When we received it, some of the pieces were broken and had to be returned. The second one was for a wedding and we didn't have time to return it so we made due. It was very flimsy for the price.

👤The picture that is displayed is beautiful, but when you see it in person it looks different. It was a very fragile night. I had to glue it together. The rubber bands weren't strong enough. Lifting the panels up will allow someone to steal the cards from the locked box.

👤Cute, but missing a lot of pieces. The lock with keys and rubber bands were missing. The box was very wobbly and had to be glue all the sides together.

👤Assembly was easy if the instructions were clear. There is a bend in the box's top. My husband is going to try to fix it. You can see the bend if you look close. Overall appearance is pretty.

8. Gold Wedding Glass Card Box

Gold Wedding Glass Card Box

A lock with a key is included to make sure that the contents are safe and secure, perfect to use on the centerpiece for a wedding or party, as a gift for room decor. This large gold geometric terrarium with modern style and classic elegance is great for a centerpiece, flower display case, photo storage box, cards, cash gifts, money envelopes. It can hold up to 100 cards. This gold glass terrarium is eye-catching and great for a display box. It is made of reinforced glass and is not easy to break. The package includes a large gold card box and a heart-shape lock with a key.

Brand: Yimorence V

👤Excellent quality and craftsmanship is what this well built building is. The gold color was perfect for the party.

👤It's beautiful to hold cards at a wedding reception.

9. MyGift Whitewashed Wedding Slotted Chalkboard

MyGift Whitewashed Wedding Slotted Chalkboard

The wedding guest card is whitewashed and the gift envelope box is vintage brass. The slotted lid makes it easy to insert cards and gift envelopes in a wedding, graduation, party or other special event setting. Not intended for use with liquid chalk, the vintage chalkboard surface allows you to display personalized messages and artwork. The table and counter top are easy to display. The dimensions are 8.0 H x 13.0 W x 6.5 D and Chalkboard Surface is 8.25 W x 5.0 H. The dimensions are 8.0 H x 13.0 W x 6.5 D and Chalkboard Surface is 8.25 W x 5.0 H.

Brand: Mygift

👤The only thing that would make this perfect was a lock and key. It wasn't really secured because it didn't have a lock and key. The box fit a good amount of cards. The purpose of collecting the cards is similar to the feature of being able to write with chalk.

👤I was expecting something cheap since the price-point was low, but this is not. It's real wood, a nice sturdy chalkboard that is easily erased the hinges move easily and it feels like it was put together well. I'm happy with it.

👤The box is solid and cute. We have used it for two different parties.

👤I liked the box. The chalk that comes with the charm marker is very cheap and will break, so I recommend buying something else. The box is worth it. The chalk can be used to fix something.

👤The box is cute. It doesn't work well. I used a chalk marker and it looked great.

👤I loved this for my wedding. It fit about 120 cards and was beautiful.

👤Highly recommend, used for 2 graduation party's.

👤This card box was very nice. It arrived quickly and was exactly what I expected.

10. Amosfun Wedding Wooden Mailbox Supplies

Amosfun Wedding Wooden Mailbox Supplies

Love the design and quality of the cards. Their unique design was created to make you happy. You can paint it any color you want. Features artistic design, wood material and rustic. Guests can leave their cards and notes at the place of their choice. It can be used to put in money, postcards, photos and mini gifts. The rustic style of the decoration for the wedding is exquisite. A prop used in a wedding ceremony. It can be a delicate decoration that adds to your party theme.

Brand: Amosfun

👤It's easy to assemble, cost efficient, big enough to fit envelopes, but the key lock is not strong enough, and it's not sturdy enough. It took me 5 minutes to assemble with my mother in law, and I appreciated how the rubber bands held it together. The key lock is not very good. Since it is plain, I will need to paint it with a type of paint called acrylic. The card box is worth the price for what you get. If you have an emergency and need a card box, I suggest this one with lots of love.

👤My sister said it was cheap to put it together. It doesn't need to be painted. She said it was not real. I returned it. Not worth the money.

11. OurWarm Reception Celebration Graduation Decorations

OurWarm Reception Celebration Graduation Decorations

These gift boxes are built to last and are classic beauty and style. It's the perfect place to keep your memories. You can reuse from high school to college graduation. The package includes a wedding card box holder, a card sign, a lock, and an instruction manual. When one key is lost, the box should be closed. The gift card box is gold-colored with a sheen finish, sparkling card box with a gold lock and card sign, is elegant enough to let guests notice it, but not too much to overwhelm the home decor. The wedding envelope box is large enough to hold over 300 cards or envelopes. It's a great purchase for any occasion, you can put money, postcards, envelopes or small gifts in it. The card box with slot is made of 4mm thick of natural and durable wood, sturdy and not easy to break, non-toxic and tasteless, and it can be used for many times. It's ideal for weddings, parties, anniversaries and baby showers. The card box storage is perfect for collecting cards, and can also be used as a keepsake box. It's ideal for weddings, parties, anniversaries and baby showers. The card box storage is perfect for collecting cards, and can also be used as a keepsake box.

Brand: Ourwarm

👤I bought this to serve a different purpose, so it's probably sturdy enough to be used for one night's event, but I wish it was stronger. It's pretty and feminine. I bought it for my baby granddaughter to keep her collection of tarot decks that I ammassing for her, and I am certain it will please her when she's old enough to appreciate the collection. The glitter stays the same. I put it on my table and didn't find a single piece of glitter left behind. It stinks like it's been in a smokehouse. I'm letting it air out until it stops smelling. I let it air out for a few weeks and the smell has been greatly reduced but still there. I put a few items inside and they began to stink, so I removed them. You should assemble the box several weeks before you need it. It is very nice.

👤I bought this card box for my wedding and I really like it. It's easy to build and sturdy. It is beautiful and shiny. The glitter doesn't get on you, but I like how glittery it is. The thick white rubber bands are not something I like. The box is taken away by them. I only used them at the bottom because it's not visible.

👤You have to see this box in person to appreciate it. It looks very rich. It shimmers! It's very easy to disassemble. For a large box, it's best to store it in a small cardboard box. My daughter's wedding is this Saturday and we're using it. We will put it at the reception. It will be used for many occasions in the future. My children will be sharing it. It's sturdy and nice. It's a wonderful price for the beauty and quality of this box.

👤I used this at my wedding to maintain social distance without being rude. It has a small lock and key. It is pretty and shiny. The rubber bands hold it together. It was hard to put together with fake nails. I used needle nose pliers to get them on and hold them. I saved the box to use for future parties after the wedding because it was easy to take apart. I am happy I bought this product.

👤It looks pretty, but not sturdy. Don't just go by the looks of it, email the seller for a return, and then send the pictures to him? When you can't do jack, why ask to make video and take pictures?

👤I am very happy that I bought this. The lid was not as tight as it could have been if I did something wrong. The hinges didn't stay on. I had to come up with a different way to fix it. I love it.

👤The box was shipped with a broken lock. I already put it together so I didn't want to waste time sending it back. Maybe try another onesie from another vendor.

👤It was easy to assemble and a good value. The rubber bands, the attachment area for the cards sign and the sides of the building are the only things I would change. The rubber bands can be fixed with glitter glue.


What is the best product for wedding card box beach?

Wedding card box beach products from Soimiss. In this article about wedding card box beach you can see why people choose the product. Artmag and Hiboom are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding card box beach.

What are the best brands for wedding card box beach?

Soimiss, Artmag and Hiboom are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding card box beach. Find the detail in this article. Beistle, Mwater and Kate Aspen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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