Best Wedding Cake Toppers with Cats

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1. Reusable Eyelashes Decoration Shower´╝îWedding Birthday

Reusable Eyelashes Decoration Shower%EF%BC%8CWedding Birthday

There is an overarching purpose. The cake decorations of graduation, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and many more are possible with the girls unicorn party favors. Also can be used as cupcake picks, party food picks, and kid birthday cupcake picks. The kit includes a horn, ears, and eyelash, which are ideal for an 8 to 10 inch cake. The ears are 2 inches in length and the horn is 4 inches. Clear picks mounted flush make your cake topper look seamless. The golden Unicorn horn and ears are made from soft clay and non toxic. This cake top would look great at a baby shower, birthday party, or a theme party. Soft ceramic is the material type.

Brand: Yashell

👤I wanted to make a cake. I used the ears as fins and turned them around. They are not disposable if I ever do a cake with them.

👤I made a cake for a birthday party with a horn and ears instead of making it myself. They looked good. I replaced the little basesticks with something that didn't have a disc on them. If they were to be applied to cake after piping frosting, they would need to be removed, otherwise they would be kept on and hidden.

👤My niece was on my first birthday cake. It can be difficult to place an order for a complete unicorn cake in my area. This product saves the day with it's fast shipping. I was able to surprise her with a cake that I would not have been able to afford otherwise. I found this on Amazon and was able to order a cake that looked like a maine from a book. Adding these made it look like a professional cake and went great with my birthday party theme. Highly recommended product. It looked great on my first birthday cake. It can be difficult to place an order for a complete unicorn cake in my area. I found this on Amazon and was able to order a cake that looked like a unicorn was mean. I added these and it looked like a professional cake and went great with my birthday party theme. Highly recommended product. Everyone loved it and took lots of photos.

👤I was thrilled with the look, but the pieces broke off when I tried to remove them. I think people should know that the ears and horn may break off, given the low price. I would buy again. It was easy to place. The cake was put in the fridge one day before the party so the harder, cooled icing was what made the plastic stick. It was easy to remove the plastic portion from the cake. I would buy it again, but I wouldn't want it to be reuseable.

👤The extra plastic on the ears is a con. I replaced it with a tooth pick and put it on the cake. If you are reading this, you should remove the piece and use a tooth pick to pipe your hair. I loved it and will be ordering again. I painted the eyes gold for my cake picture. The cakes are called Tri_Cakecupcakes.

👤It was easy to make a cake with this. Would purchase again. The eyelashes were stuck on with a little buttercream. Looked perfect. The scale of this is too small for anything bigger than a round cake, in my opinion. I put this on an 8 round, which was the perfect size and allowed me to write on the face of the bottom tier and also cascade the mane all the way down and around the back. I ordered a 10" cake at the last minute. I didn't know the size before I baked. I'm glad I went smaller. This would look like a small object on a cake.

2. MAOMIA Character Toppers Collection Decorations

MAOMIA Character Toppers Collection Decorations

There are stars made of acrylic. It is made of high quality plastic. It is 1.5 to 2.5 inches tall. There are 10 different styles of tree branch cat. Party decorations, cake, bag gifts, plant, automobile decoration. It's perfect for fairy garden decorations, home decoration,desk decorations, school project, and figure project. Great for special occasions.

Brand: Maomia

👤My son had a cat themed birthday party. They were all perfect and so cute. There are pink pads on their feet.

👤The material used to make them smelled bad. I washed them and soaked them. Finally threw them.

👤Our cat obsessed child loved these on their birthday cake.

👤The daughter loved the cake.

👤These were perfect because I collect cat things. Well made and detail is great.

👤These were great for cat lovers. They were able to use them as toys.

👤They looked very cute on the cake.

3. Figures Realistic Educational Figurines Collection

Figures Realistic Educational Figurines Collection

Please keep the cat toppers away from the children and the cake toppers are made of quality paper, not intended for decoration only! Each cat figure is intricately sculpted and painted by experts. These cat figures can easily help capture kids' attention and spark imaginative play, suitable for home desktop decoration. It's made of high quality material and thoroughly safety tested to safeguard your child's health. The ideal gift is the model toys designed for children to learn and play with animal characters. There are 10 Cats with 4 standing poese and 6 sitting poses. Each figure is about 0.03 pounds in weight. It's a great gift for children 3 years old and up.

Brand: Eoivsh

👤My set only came with 7 wolves. It was disappointing that we picked this set because it had more. Dang it. I did not look that close until it was time to wrap them.

👤My kids love cats. They have been playing with them for two months. My children have named each one of them. They were one of the most liked things they received on their birthday, and I bought them as a cake topping.

👤I bought these for my child. They are nice figurines. They are painted nicely and there is good variety in poses and colors.

👤Not too small. Very surprised. Have nice faces and expressions.

👤These are cute and detailed and my daughter loved playing with them.

👤My daughter asked for wolves to play with and these were perfect. She loves the small toys. It comes with a baby wolf.

👤My grand daughter loves playing with toys. I bought this set for her because she is into wolves now. She loves it! She likes them all and has them all named. I take a chance on these because I usually don't buy a brand that costs as much. Definitely recommend the quality.

👤Our daughter fell in love with them. The price was better than the competition and they are a great gift. Our daughter was very impressed with her new wolf pack when they arrived.

4. Kissing Silhouette Wedding Acrylic Topper

Kissing Silhouette Wedding Acrylic Topper

Wedding Collectibles created a cake top with a custom base design. Cat and dog lovers will love the best wedding engagement party decorations. Food safe material is used for the cake top. The cakes can be washed and re-used. The package is 4.5 inches wide x 6.2 inches tall and has a thick cardboard packaging for maximum protection. Please rest assured that they stand behind their product and offer 100%.

Brand: Jieein

👤The top is reminiscent of an old fashion silhouette picture. It was made out of plastic.

👤The small cat is very fragile.

👤It was great for animal lovers.

👤This was very cute and good quality. It was perfect for my daughter and husband. A big hit at the wedding!

👤Everyone said how cute the topper was. It will be able to be saved as a momento.

👤My daughter's wedding cake was perfect for this.

👤The return of the first one and the new one at no cost was very simple. I can't wait to see the cake topper on my wedding cake.

5. Cats Wedding Anniversary Cake Topper

Cats Wedding Anniversary Cake Topper

Great for special occasions. It can be used again. The material is thick and black. The size is 6.0 inches wide and 6.6 inches high. It's suitable for people who like cats. Your wedding party is very popular because of the unique design.

Brand: Zilove

👤The perfect size for the top of the cake was this one. It did break in the transport home, but it did not cause any issues at the wedding. Make sure that you keep it very flat, and I recommend in between two pieces of cardboard.

👤This was not sheer. It was a simple medal piece but it looked so cute in my wedding cake.

👤I love this! We chose this cake top because it explains us. We have 2 cats that show their personality. I can't wait to see my gold on the wedding cake.

👤It was perfect for our wedding.

👤I bought this for my daughter's wedding cake. She and her husband loved it because they have cats. It was a hit with guests.

👤It was broken because it was like resin.

👤It was perfect for our wedding. It will look cute at my wedding.

👤I like how cheap it was. It will look great at my wedding. I wanted something that was cheap, but looked good, and this product is just that. It is perfect for one day use. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a cake or cupcake, then you should try it.

6. Amscan Bride Topper Wedding Engagement

Amscan Bride Topper Wedding Engagement

The plastic bride and groom are on a wedding cake. It's perfect for engagement party, wedding reception and wedding anniversary parties. Match with wedding anniversary party accessories.

Brand: Amscan

👤The cake top was beautiful and received many positive comments. If you drop it like I did, it won't break. The hair on the bride and groom was changed. I used regular paint that you can get at any store and a fine brush to redid the colors. The original color is very nice, it looks like a golden brown/ dark blonde hair color on the girl. I apologize for not taking a picture before painting the hair, but I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I loved it. I painted their hair with water paint, it worked great.

👤The bride had blonde hair and my daughter picked out a wedding accessory for her. The flowers were not black. We were excited to open the package but were disappointed to see that the bride had brown hair and the bouquet was light green. Definitely not what we ordered. My daughter's wedding is in two weeks, so I thought about returning it. I painted the hair and the bouquet with a paint. The bride's dress had a chip on it. I bought pearl white nail polish to fix this. The picture I am including shows before and after painting. The topper is sturdy and has nice details. I was able to make changes to the original. I worry about other customers who may not be as smart.

👤I was able to convert to bald and bearded because of the fast and perfect shape of the item. This saved me a lot of money and made it easy to modify.

👤It was what I was expecting, and maybe a bit better. The one I ordered wasn't broken and might have been luck of the draw. It is easy to see how many people get broken when they see how they package it. It looks decent, lightweight, and cute, and if you wanted to change the hair color, you could, I am sure you could. In one of the pictures, you can see that it is a good idea to reinforce the bottom where the two pieces connect.

👤I love this one! I didn't care to read it because it's a little smaller than I expected. It is easy to make with patience and some basic paint, and a coat of mod podge. I was able to make the groom look like me and I already look like the bride. The same style dress and veil length can be found here. This is a great buy if you need to modify it. The spray painted white would look like a porcelain top. It was stored in a plastic container which was perfect for storing it before and after the wedding.

👤I was a little disappointed that the color was a little off compared to the picture, and there were some small chips in the color like it had been re-packaged or sitting in a warehouse for years. The quality was not up to par, but our guests got a good laugh out of it, and it wasn't enough for me to return it.

7. Unicorn Eyelashes Decoration Supplies Birthday

Unicorn Eyelashes Decoration Supplies Birthday

You can keep this cake top forever as a gift. Non-ToxIC INEDIBLE MATERIAL. The soft felt golden horn and ears of the unicorn cake are suitable for kids to use. Food grade plastic is used for Stake. There is a 5.8" gold horn, a set of ears, and flowers for your party. It's easier to decorate a cake with a plastic stake. The cake looks more vivid with four pairs of eyelashes. The cake topping works best on cakes up to 12 inches. Handmade unsalted cake decorations. Quality assurance is ensured by the hand-crafted Unicorn Cake Topper, which makes your cakes look as delicious as they taste. Catching your eyes is something to do. The first time you see the set, you'll know it's a good one. There is an overarching purpose. The cake decorations of graduation, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Children's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and many more are possible with the girls unicorn party favors. Also can be used as cupcake picks, party food picks, and kid birthday cupcake picks.

Brand: Zkptops

👤I used the glue dots and straw in this way because a lot of reviews weren't sure what they were for. I put them on the back of the horn so that they would fit into the cake. Just fine, holding together.

👤Very happy with this set. I don't know what the straw and glue dots were intended for. I used toothpicks to secure the cake. My cake was easy to make. It's so elegant.

👤The eyelashes and horn/ears look great on a cake. The only negative thing is that both items didn't seem to place sanitary on a cake that was to be eaten. The parts that were supposed to stick to the cake should have been covered. I would have liked the items to have some kind of toothpick-like bottom to place into the cake, rather than sticking right into the frosting. Damage was done to the items when they were removed before eating.

👤I would have given it five stars, but it could really use something to help it stick onto the cake. We had to make two small holes and use toothpicks to get it to stay at the top of the cake. My daughter played with it when we were done. I didn't use the glue dots. I stuck the eyelash parts on the front of the cake, and the icing held it in place. The price was very reasonable.

👤I thought this was something you wear. I wanted a costume for the convention. It's not weird, it's just grown men dressed like characters from My Little Pony and partying. I feel like my true self when I'm in the hospital. I might have been a pony or a unicorn in the past. I can imagine being told to "gitty up" by my master while I am on a forest trail. Break me of my free will and make me your master.

👤It's cheap. It was bent and falling apart when it arrived. I hope McGiver can use it. But. I would recommend buying something else.

👤The cake was for a magical birthday. The horn, eyes, dots, and straw were wrapped in two separate plastic packages. The horn was made of felt and the eyes were made of glitter. The glue-dot is put on the eye and then the straw is used to stick it to the cake. The horn is supposed to stick on the top of the icing. We used extra icing to stick the eyes on our cake instead of using glue dots. We wrapped the bottom in plastic wrap as tight as we could, and used an extra layer of icing to anchor it down, because we didn't want the felt horn to hit what we were eating. The horn was left clean when we went to cut the cake. The only complaint we had was that it had a slight back lean to it, but probably our fault because of the plastic wrap. It was a very cute addition to the cake, and definitely worth the few dollars spent.

8. Meijiafei Groom Wedding Acryilc Topper

Meijiafei Groom Wedding Acryilc Topper

Your wedding party is very popular because of the unique design. There is a color show on the website. The size depends on the shape of the cake. The order by Amazon Shipping only delivers the color and style on the website. Send them an email for your request. Please choose the item you want and send them an email to tell them your order number.

Brand: Meijiafei

👤I didn't expect this to be that long but I did. It is made of a material that isn't fiberglass, which isn't what I thought. Make sure you know what you're buying. Its still cute. We will probably use it.

👤I was unwrapping and the topper broke. I couldn't glue it, so I stuck it in the cake. Success!

👤The product was split in half when it arrived. I came in an envelope, not a box, to make sure it wouldn't break. It was hard to open.

👤This is gorgeous. Our fur babies are a big part of our family. Simple, beautiful and perfect for making kitty parents' day better.

👤Exactly as pictured. The silver glitter version is very nice. If other colors were eligible, it would be nice.

👤I'm going to use this as our cake topping in a couple months. It was in perfect condition when it arrived. Such a cute design!

👤Leider ist die Erste, da das ist und leider ist. Service is toll.

👤My sister bought it for her and she loved it. It looks like the picture.

👤On the cake in October. It's good for us cat lovers.

9. Wedding Vintage Married Bunting Handmade

Wedding Vintage Married Bunting Handmade

There is a banner with 2 wood poles. The wood pole is made of paper and cotton. The banner's poles are 25.5 cm high, it extends 24 cm wide at most. Premium quality. The cake topper is pre-assembled. The wooden poles are attached to the flags with ivory cotton.

Brand: Acuteye

👤We couldn't find a black male and a white female cake topper in 2020. We are very happy that we found an adorable alternative. One of the letter flags came unglued a few days after the wedding, but it's a very simple fix so we can save the cake topper in our wedding keep-sake box.

👤I had been looking at this product for a long time. I bought it for the wedding suite dessert. There are a lot of issues with the poles and I would never recommend this product as a wedding reception topper.

👤This little cake top is very dainty and lovely. It was perfect for our cake. It is very fragile, but comes well packaged and seems to have been made with care. We were very pleased with it.

👤The cake topper is made from simple materials. The cake looks cool. Great purchase.

👤It's perfect for our wedding.

👤It's perfect for my wedding pie top. The strings are long so I will cut them. The strings for hot glue were easy to pull off.

👤The front is cute, but it wouldn't work if no one could see the back of the cake. I had to make my own little flags and cover them with glue. It is cute, but it is too bad.

👤The product is broken and can't be used and I can't return it. I understand that the product was less than 10 dollars but I expect the whole product to come as advertised.

10. Enesco Legacy Wedding Newlywed Topper

Enesco Legacy Wedding Newlywed Topper

Part of the Legacy of Love collection. The wedding cake is decorated with figurines of the bride and groom. The two will become one according to the Bible verse. It was made from stone.

Brand: Enesco

👤What a great product! It's beautiful, detailed and has a great quality. I have not found anything like that online. The bride lost her earring, but I found it so I could glue it on. The "diamonds" found on both the bride and groom make it so unique and gives a good impression. I like the details. It's large and heavy, so make sure those who will make the cake know about it. You can see it for yourself once you hold it. I can absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a unique cake decoration. It has a Christian theme, which is perfect for us. It's worth the money to buy it.

👤It was perfect for my wedding, it was the closest little people that looked like my husband and I. It looks like you. I think it was the way my cake was made that caused it to fall off. The product is a little heavy. I am content and things happen.

👤If I want to say everything is about it, I need one day to write it all down, it's perfect with all the details. Thanks.

👤At our wedding, my husband and I loved this cake top. We were looking for something that was easy to use and would fit our small cake. This person did the trick perfectly. The groom is wearing gray and it was one of the only top hats. When I found one that was simple and beautiful, I was very excited. The reception and cake went well. Absolutely love it!

👤This is stunning. It looks beautiful online, but to see it in person you realize that the pictures just cannot do it justice. There are jewels in the center of the flowers, and they each have an elegant sparkle. There is a little cross on the back of the base. It was even better than I anticipated. The color of his suit will match the cake perfectly. It's like a slate blue. Beautiful!

👤Very pretty and well made, but also religious. I knew about the biblical quote from the description and was hesitant but I went ahead with it. There is a cross carved out of the back side of the lower portion. The photo does not show this, but the video does. We're not having a church wedding so I will be returning it. It's lovely if you're a Christian.

👤It feels similar to willow tree figures. It was packed in a box of styrofoam that fit perfectly around the object. The dress is shiny and not great in the pictures online, but I like it. The paint job is not perfect but it is better than expected. I had to look for it. I am very happy with the purchase and excited to use it as my wedding cake!

👤I love it! I painted the grey suit black after buying some paint in the craft section at walmart. I added my wedding colors by painting some of the brides flowers. I put a veil on her, it was very easy to glue a piece of tulle on her head. Nobody would ever know that I added a veil. The cake topPER will be able to be put on a shelf as a souvenir after our special day.

11. Cupcake Birthday Decorations Toothpicks Supplies

Cupcake Birthday Decorations Toothpicks Supplies

Good for engagement, wedding, anniverary, bridal shower. A unique idea will be sent as a wedding gift. Premium food grade toothpick and high quality card stock are used to make Cat Cake Cupcake Toppers. They can be used to decorate cookies, cakes, cupcakes, fruit, brownies, ice cream and more. You can put the lovely toppers in your party foods like muffin,cupcake or others, which will enhance the party atmosphere, creating a special party and surprising your friends. 24PCS cat cake cupcake toppers are fun and special. Enough to meet your needs. The cat party or the animal theme party is definitely a highlight of the baby shower. The stick length is 4 inches, the cat head is 2.4 inches and the toppers are 5.5 inches. Please keep the cat toppers away from the children and the cake toppers are made of quality paper, not intended for decoration only!

Brand: Cafurty

👤These are hilarious and easy to use, but the pick part is long. I had to cut off part of the sticks for regular cupcakes.

👤I can't wait to use them on a birthday cake for a friend who's a real cat lover, I absolutely love them and can't wait to do it.

👤These are fun. Everyone smiled when they saw them. Highly recommended for homemade cupcakes.

👤Couldn't be more cute! The cat is grumpy.

👤These look cute on your cupcakes.

👤These were very cute. It's perfect for our cat lover.

👤A girl wanted a Cat themed birthday. She liked it.

👤I highly recommend this product if you are looking for cat cupcake toppers. It showed up as advertised the next day. There are no regrets about this purchase. They will be used as part of a joke. These little gems are so nice.

👤I got these for my daughter's birthday. The sticks were long. I cut them. I used some to go with the banner. They are very cute. Would purchase them again.

👤Not worth the price. There are pictures of cats on wood picks. They can be made at home or at dollar stores for $5.

👤These were very cute.


What is the best product for wedding cake toppers with cats?

Wedding cake toppers with cats products from Yashell. In this article about wedding cake toppers with cats you can see why people choose the product. Maomia and Eoivsh are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding cake toppers with cats.

What are the best brands for wedding cake toppers with cats?

Yashell, Maomia and Eoivsh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding cake toppers with cats. Find the detail in this article. Jieein, Zilove and Amscan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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