Best Wedding Cake Toppers Funny

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1. Married Wedding Topper Silver Glitter

Married Wedding Topper Silver Glitter

This "BOOM!" is the size of 6.22" X 5.91" X 0.1". The cake topper is made of acrylic. It's perfect for engagement, wedding, bridal shower. It is also suitable for country weddings. A unique idea will be sent as a wedding gift. Also used as a photo booth prop. You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a souvenir. You can apply for a full refund if you find the cake topper damaged.

Brand: Tztwodcaz

👤It sums up covid weddings. Only close family made it easy to be married. There was a cardboard backing in the package. The back is made of plastic and laminated with a metallic cloth so that it shimmers and shines, but remains a smooth surface at the front. You can get cute laser cut toppers with this price. Amazon saves the day again because of the lack of planning on my part.

👤I loved it. I wish they had it in gold when I ordered it. I modpodged the gold glitter myself. It turned out to be beautiful.

👤It's fine for a one time use. My newly eloped daughter had a cute cake. If you need something large, check the dimensions.

👤I covered it with flowers because it was not visible.

👤You could imagine the flimsiest of plastic. I was able to pull it out of the plastic, but it broke before I could.

👤It was fun to do things a little different and fit our formal/rugged theme very well.

👤The headline says it all. My husband likes to say "Boom!" This was perfect for a mini-ceremony cake.

👤Nothing special about it. It is plastic and flimsy and could be used for a small bachelor party or something, but it would be nicer if it was used for the reception.

2. Juvale Wedding Cake Toppers Decorations

Juvale Wedding Cake Toppers Decorations

Match with wedding anniversary party accessories. The cake tops are for a wedding. The bride and groom figurines hold a sign with a cheerful "Just Married" message. A good design. This cake set is made of durable resin and has a cute design that will make you smile and make you want to eat your wedding cake. It's a collection. A post- wedding souvenir that will remind you of your wedding day. All of the courts: It's a perfect gift for a bride and groom. A fun souvenir for wedding guests. The measures are 3.25 x 6.25 x 3 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤I ordered this because it looked great from the photos they are advertising. I got this two days before my wedding. I was really disappointed when I arrived. This one was terrible and I had no time to change it. I want a refund.

👤This is a good looking cake topping. It was perfect for our wedding cake.

👤You get what you pay for. I bought these as a gag gift, and they fulfilled their purpose there. I don't recommend buying this item for a wedding. The paint job on their faces was not perfect.

👤The bride and groom are on a table in front of a miniature church. The table is decorated with something that goes along with the monthly theme. I took a while to find a bride and groom figurine. They are holding a sign that says "Just Married" and they look great together. I don't know how to send a photo.

👤A s adorable. I thought it would be light and plastic. It definitely wasn't. It was cute on my cake.

👤The design of this was great, with the words Just Married. It's heavy, well made, and looked perfect atop our white cake for our wedding. Thank you!

👤The packaging worked well for our wedding cake.

👤I had a small issue with placing on the cake, but it was in great condition. If you don't put the cake at the part, it will fall, so I recommend you place the cake at the part first.

👤Avoir mettre sur mon gteau de mariage. Plus encore sur la photo et de grandeure.

👤Reu rapidement, beau format et pour le prix...

👤The veil is made of lace.

👤It was perfect for my sisters wedding. A nice souvenir. I loved it!

3. Bridal Garter Hunter Wedding Dragging

Bridal Garter Hunter Wedding Dragging

The design of your wedding party will be very popular. The cake is made of something. It's about six feet wide and six feet high. Newlywed bride and groom can make a symbol of love with the cake toppers. There is a suit for funny party decor. You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a gift.

Brand: Yzybuaego

👤The Bride and Groom are not Traditional and have a sense of humor. It's not heavy so you don't have to worry about it taking the cake.

👤Simple and cute cake decorations. This bride and groom should have a perfect top. It was cracked down when he arrived. I may have to repair what I received.

👤It's awesome as a gag gift. I used it for a friend and it was awesome.

👤It deserves 0 stars. It was very misleading. I am so disappointed. Not all of it is worth $1099. How can I get it back? I had to give it one star because it doesn't deserve that.

👤The bride wanted the top of her cake to be like this. I dropped it 6 days before the wedding and one of the legs broke. It is very fragile and very pretty. I ordered a second one and hope it arrives in time. Very cheap!

👤I guess you get what you pay for, but I would have liked it a little bit more.

👤The product is exactly as pictured.

4. Topper Bride Silhouette Wedding Topper

Topper Bride Silhouette Wedding Topper

Send them an email for your request. The material is friendly food safety. The size of your cake top will be between 5 and 6 inches. It takes a few days to deliver your cake topper in black color, it's shipped by seller rather than Amazon, so it needs a few days. If you want to make a custom one, please leave a message for them. The cake topper will be ready in a couple of days. Please note that the protective film is not wrong color and should be removed to see the right black color.

Brand: Kaishihui

👤My son's fiancée has a black lab guide dog and this was perfect for their wedding cake. I love it.

👤If you're on the fence about this item or the vendor, don't be. The item is fantastic and the craftsmanship is outstanding.

👤This was great for our wedding. We were very pleased with it. It was easy to clean and looked like the picture.

👤It's small but perfect for a cake.

👤The cardboard piece was tied to prevent it from breaking. The perfect size for our cake.

👤The cake was just as described. Looking forward to using it.

👤A bridal shower gift. I returned the first one because it was broken. No problem. I get the new one. Also broken. Cheap materials for a lot of money.

👤It's a nice silhouette, but it's only cheap plastic and not sure if it's food grade. We will take the risk. I want to get into the plastic business because it looks nice but is over priced.

👤It was a cute cake decoration at my wedding.

5. Wedding Anniverary Topper Dancing Glitter

Wedding Anniverary Topper Dancing Glitter

The side to side width is about 6 inches. The front side is glitter black. The back side is black. Good for engagement, wedding, anniverary, bridal shower. A unique idea will be sent as a wedding gift. They tried to pack every cake topper in a box before shipping, but if it still breaks during shipping, please contact them and they will be 100% responsible.

Brand: Uniquemystyle

👤Absolutely amazing. I asked for a custom hat for the bride and groom. They asked for the genders and heights of the children and made something so perfect I couldn't have designed it better myself.

👤I haven't pulled off the protective film yet. I said this item was the most important thing at my wedding. To make the children feel special and not left out, I had this made specifically for them. The company answered all my questions very quickly. I would recommend this to everyone. So happy.

👤The cake top is gorgeous. The bride, groom, and 2 boy children are all black. It is black on both sides. It was wrapped in plastic and taped in place so it wouldn't move during shipping, and it was in a nice blue book like box with foam inside. It's much thicker than I thought, and it's really sturdy. We received a lot of praise for this cake topper. Everyone loved it and wanted to know where they got it. I've recommended it to many people. You can't beat the price for such good quality.

👤The back side would remain black if you got a color. The back of the glitter is white plastic. It was in 4 different pieces. Our dogs are on different stakes and a couple is on another. Communication was great. I was able to show our daughter which couple I wanted her to marry, and then choose 3 dog shapes out of 60. None of it broke. It was wrapped in triple bubble wrap. The silver glitter is good.

👤I have a tall girl and a boy from a previous marriage, and wanted a cake that showcased our new family. I don't want a cake that makes my fiancée taller than I am. They sent me a design, but I told them I wanted a larger figure for my daughter, and they sent me a silhouette of someone else's design. They sent me a new design with my suggestion. The result was perfect. I am very pleased with my order and I am in love with the cake top. My friends love it too.

👤I was so excited when I opened the box, it said glitter 2 girls, but it was a male and a dog, not a female and dancing girls.

👤This was the best of the three cakes I ordered. I was looking for a very sturdy and large item, and it was just what I was looking for. A very appreciative surprise came in the box.

👤It's like the picture. I'm worried about how sturdy it will be in my cake. I think it will need more support.

6. Wedding Topper Console Bridal Anniversary

Wedding Topper Console Bridal Anniversary

You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a gift. The Mr and Mrs wedding cake is made of black. The Mr and Mrs Wedding Cake Topper is about 6 feet tall. The Mr and Mrs Wedding Cake Topper is perfect for wedding décor, especially for newly-wed bride and groom to make a symbol of the love. You can keep this cake top forever as a gift.

Brand: Tztwodcaz

👤This product was very good. I love to game and that's what it represents. She is happy to take me away from them. I was a little hesitant at first, but in the end it was fine, and in a very simple packaging! It was a great buy for the price and in relation to us.

👤Mi gran dia. Estara excelente, viniera en mas colores.

👤It was broken the day before my wedding. What a waste.

👤It was perfect for my wedding. It arrived quickly and is very sturdy. The bag it came in had folded over on top, so it would have been better if it had 888-282-0465. I was worried that the woman's head would break. It was perfect.

👤We loved it! It was perfect for our cake.

👤It is a fragile product that was folded inside the box and broke the doll's head. Be careful.

👤I am not happy with it and will be returning it not worth the money.

👤It's alright. I took it out of the package and it broke.

👤We can't wait for our wedding to use this cake topper and let other people find it funny.

👤It was disappointing super cute.

7. LOVENJOY Around Romantic Wedding Gift Boxed

LOVENJOY Around Romantic Wedding Gift Boxed

A beautiful set for a wedding. Add a meaning to the cake. The cake topping is 6.9" W x 7" H, perfect for a larger cake. A box for a presentation and protection. It's not easy to get scratches or fingerprints with the thick dual-side frosted black acrylic. All of the design's copyrights are reserved.

Brand: Lovenjoy

👤The little cake top is beautiful. The little hearts are adorable. This can be used for anniversaries, not just the wedding. The box it came in is a perfect gift box and a great box to store it in.

👤The design is pretty, but it needs to be more sturdy and durable, because all of them arrived broken.

👤This will be a perfect fit for my wedding cake. The storage box it comes with is very nice. It is very convenient and well designed.

👤The cake was brought for my wedding but it was not Sturdy and looked childish. When I bought this product, I was told I could not return it if I wasn't happy, but now I'm stuck with something I'm not happy with.

👤This was a great addition to my daughter's wedding cake. She and her fiancé are outdoorsy people. It was easy to use. I would have posted the picture if I had received it yet.

👤It was pretty and the box was nice.

👤I haven't used it on a wedding cake yet, but it seems very nice, and I'm not sure if it will hold up.

👤Die Gre ist fr die richtig Hingucker.

8. LOVENJOY Engagement Anniversary Rhinestone Decoration

LOVENJOY Engagement Anniversary Rhinestone Decoration

This cake top is made with quality metal and can be reuse each year for anniversary celebrations. The meaning is that the two will become one. The gift box has beautiful presentation and max protection. There is a sparkling crystal and silver metal alloy. The wedding cake top is 3.5 inches wide and 8 inches high. It's great for wedding, engagement, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or anniversary.

Brand: Lovenjoy

👤I made a bridal shower cake with this double hearts decoration. It was a sturdy piece with substance and not cheap. It was a pretty touch to the cake I made for the shower. The bride to be wanted to keep the hearts on her cake since they were pretty. I thought I would use them again. The packaging the seller sent was very nice and I want to add it to my collection. It would make a nice gift. I am very happy with the purchase. The hearts were pretty and classy. The silver was not cheap and had the right amount of shine. Thanks again.

👤This is a beautiful piece for a wedding cake, but it is small so read the description carefully. It is a nice piece for the price. I am going to use this to add flowers to a wedding cake. It is very well made and will be reuseable. This could be used in a floral arrangement, on a cake, and in many other ways because of the strength of the construction.

👤The packaging was beautiful. The box that it arrived in made sure that it was protected during shipping and the cake top was very shiny. The cake was pretty, but the sparkle made it look better. I wanted to make a necklace out of it. I can come up with new ideas. The pictures were taken in bad lighting so you can't see the full effect of the sparkle. The stem on the cake top was sturdy, so you can't easily break it, unless you're doing something stupid. It is definitely worth the price.

👤Wow! This is gorgeous! It looks great and is much nicer than I anticipated. The diamond studded silver comes in a lovely box with foam padding, tissue paper and a ribbon tie. If you're looking for a classy cake topping, I recommend this.

👤I thought this was great. The quality was good. The packaging was great. It said lovenjoy. Did they send me? It was amazing. The book is like a case for Keep sake. I got this for my grand daughters. I would use it for a wedding. I'm not sure if the video loaded if I said something.

👤This is a cake decoration. I bought this for my parent's 60th wedding anniversary. It was stunning. Very strong. It's just right. The box it came in was very nice.

👤This was used for a second wedding. The stones were not loose or missing as some others had experienced. I was very happy with my purchase. Will probably use it again.

👤I ordered this for a court house wedding. Today it arrived. I travel on the morning of the ceremony. The seller didn't respond to my email when the product arrived. Product is beautiful but arrives damaged and lacks customer service.

👤It would make a good gift. I wanted something that looked quality and not cheap and this is the one I found. I like a bargain and this is one, its quality and looks expensive, perfect for the top of a cake, something I wasn't sure about. The company that makes our cake told us what the perfect size was for a top, but they also told us something about the legs that go into the cake for a specific reason, which I can't remember now. She loves it!

9. Engagement Pregnancy Announcement Bachelorette Decorations

Engagement Pregnancy Announcement Bachelorette Decorations

The measures are 3.25 x 6.25 x 3 inches. The cake is made of high quality material. It can be used again after cleaning. The cake is made of high quality material. It can be used again after cleaning. This is an essential cake decoration. The decorations are lovely. Surprise your party. You can join the shopping list. If you have a problem, please contact their team. Have a great time shopping.

Brand: Webenison

👤I got a lot of comments and laughs. I loved it. It snapped easily because it was thin. I had to glue it back together to keep it as a souvenir. I still give it 5 stars because of what it brought to the table.

👤This was a hit at our wedding. The couple with some spunk was perfect for this. I thought I would have to add some sparkle based on what other reviewers had said, but I thought it was perfect! No changes are needed.

👤The cake top is sturdy and well made. I replaced the graduation topper that came with my son's cake with something else. It was great! I'm keeping it as a souvenir.

👤My brother was getting married in Sweden and I bought a bunch of toppers to take with him. Both of us have the same humor. My brother kept it even though his new wife wasn't very fond of it.

👤As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to buy it.

👤A very good size and glittery.

👤I can't wait to use this. It's a little flimsy, but it will work.

10. Mrs Wedding Cake Topper Anniversary

Mrs Wedding Cake Topper Anniversary

Please rest assured that they stand behind their product and offer 100%. The Mr and Mrs wedding cake topper is made of black. The groom and bride are holding flowers and a heavy gun. The funny heavy gun cake topper is a great choice for a heavy gun themed party. You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a gift.

Brand: Tztwodcaz

👤The item was so flimsy that it broke when it was set in the cake.

👤It was perfect for our wedding cake.

11. Wedding Romantic Creativity Silhouette Topper(Book)

Wedding Romantic Creativity Silhouette Topper%EF%BC%88Book%EF%BC%89

Please choose the item you want and send them an email to tell them your order number. The cake top is made of acrylic. It's approx 6.69" wide and 5.6" high. It's perfect for 6 to 10 inch cakes. Place this cake top in a cake or dessert to make it a fun table centerpiece. It's perfect for a wedding or anniversary party decorations. There is an arrest warrant. The cake top is fragile. Since Amazon is responsible for delivery, they don't know if they were in good condition when you received them. If it is damaged, please contact Amazon customer service.

Brand: N/o

👤My daughter's wedding is where I got this. She is a bookworm and he is a game player. It was perfect!

👤The item is cute. Good material. I haven't used it yet, but will update the review once I do!

👤It looked great on top of my cake.

👤The era was lindo. vino roto lo pegue y use.

👤When I opened it, it was in two pieces.

👤Product was broken when it arrived.


What is the best product for wedding cake toppers funny?

Wedding cake toppers funny products from Tztwodcaz. In this article about wedding cake toppers funny you can see why people choose the product. Juvale and Yzybuaego are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding cake toppers funny.

What are the best brands for wedding cake toppers funny?

Tztwodcaz, Juvale and Yzybuaego are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding cake toppers funny. Find the detail in this article. Kaishihui, Uniquemystyle and Tztwodcaz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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