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1. Wedding Engagement Toppers Decoration Acrylic

Wedding Engagement Toppers Decoration Acrylic

Birthday, wedding, hen party,Rose Gold cake topper. There are ideal cake decorations for a wedding party. Premium food safe shiny acrylic is the material. The cake toppers can be used again. It's perfect for a 6.0 inches cake. A nice and safe package is what the cake topper comes with.

Brand: Aminjie

👤Great achievement. But. We had planned out on our wedding cake, but we didn't see it until later. Be sure to open and check the packaging.

👤The quote is great but there are dents and scratches on it.

👤Great cake decoration! There were scratches on it but they were not visible from the outside.

👤The piece that broke off was barely touched before the cake was cut.

👤The one I received had some scratches. The cake was due the next day so there was no time to come back. Unless you looked closely, it was barely noticeable.

👤The perfect touch of class for my mother's wedding reception.

👤I came in and it was covered in scratches.

2. Wedding Engagement Toppers Decoration Glitter

Wedding Engagement Toppers Decoration Glitter

The bride and groom are very jealous of each other. There are ideal cake decorations for a wedding party. Premium food safe shiny acrylic is the material. The cake toppers can be used again. It's perfect for a 6.0 inches cake. The color is silver glitter. A nice and safe package is what the cake topper comes with.

Brand: Aminjie

👤I think it's great for the price. The glitter is inside the plastic so it won't fall on the cake. It feels like it's not that different from what other people are saying. They sent me a new one after I ordered the first one backwards. I'm happy.

👤I liked the look of the cake topper and ordered it. It was printed backwards and there was silver glitter on the back of the "Mr. and Mrs." I didn't try again because it was not worth the guessing game.

👤You will need to be gentle with it. I thought it would be more sturdy for the price so it could be saved. I think it looked pretty.

👤This fit perfectly on my cake. Very cute. The glitter on it was gorgeous. Excellent quality for the price.

👤I looked great on the wedding cake.

👤It seems that it will serve the purpose. It looks good to the eye. The price was reasonable and received on time.

👤It was perfect for our wedding cake.

3. Wedding Plastic Topper African American

Wedding Plastic Topper African American

Brand new packaging. There is a package that includes one cake topper. The design is experimental. The cake is adorned with a bouquet of pink flowers and the bride is looking into the groom's eyes. Perfect for weddings. This cake is perfect for weddings and other themed events. Good quality. It is made of molded plastic and has a printed design. Warm note. These candles are not food safe.

Brand: Amscan

👤I thought it was too small for my wedding cake.

👤Hopefully it doesn't fall off my cake as it's light and not sure. It's a good size for a small cake. Its cute.

👤If the bride's face is too angry, it's an ok buy.

👤It was the first black married couple I had ever worked with. We got married!

👤The cake did not sink into the light weight baker.

4. Enesco Legacy Wedding Newlywed Topper

Enesco Legacy Wedding Newlywed Topper

Part of the Legacy of Love collection. The wedding cake is decorated with figurines of the bride and groom. The two will become one according to the Bible verse. It was made from stone.

Brand: Enesco

👤What a great product! It's beautiful, detailed and has a great quality. I have not found anything like that online. The bride lost her earring, but I found it so I could glue it on. The "diamonds" found on both the bride and groom make it so unique and gives a good impression. I like the details. It's large and heavy, so make sure those who will make the cake know about it. You can see it for yourself once you hold it. I can absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a unique cake decoration. It has a Christian theme, which is perfect for us. It's worth the money to buy it.

👤It was perfect for my wedding, it was the closest little people that looked like my husband and I. It looks like you. I think it was the way my cake was made that caused it to fall off. The product is a little heavy. I am content and things happen.

👤If I want to say everything is about it, I need one day to write it all down, it's perfect with all the details. Thanks.

👤At our wedding, my husband and I loved this cake top. We were looking for something that was easy to use and would fit our small cake. This person did the trick perfectly. The groom is wearing gray and it was one of the only top hats. When I found one that was simple and beautiful, I was very excited. The reception and cake went well. Absolutely love it!

👤This is stunning. It looks beautiful online, but to see it in person you realize that the pictures just cannot do it justice. There are jewels in the center of the flowers, and they each have an elegant sparkle. There is a little cross on the back of the base. It was even better than I anticipated. The color of his suit will match the cake perfectly. It's like a slate blue. Beautiful!

👤Very pretty and well made, but also religious. I knew about the biblical quote from the description and was hesitant but I went ahead with it. There is a cross carved out of the back side of the lower portion. The photo does not show this, but the video does. We're not having a church wedding so I will be returning it. It's lovely if you're a Christian.

👤It feels similar to willow tree figures. It was packed in a box of styrofoam that fit perfectly around the object. The dress is shiny and not great in the pictures online, but I like it. The paint job is not perfect but it is better than expected. I had to look for it. I am very happy with the purchase and excited to use it as my wedding cake!

👤I love it! I painted the grey suit black after buying some paint in the craft section at walmart. I added my wedding colors by painting some of the brides flowers. I put a veil on her, it was very easy to glue a piece of tulle on her head. Nobody would ever know that I added a veil. The cake topPER will be able to be put on a shelf as a souvenir after our special day.

5. Willow Tree Promise Sculpted Hand Painted

Willow Tree Promise Sculpted Hand Painted

Extra postage is required. There is a sentiment written on the Enclosure Card. A couple is embracing or dancing. A woman in a dress and a man in a shirt. The figure is on the base of the roses. Promise Cake Topper is a romantic, remembrance of a wedding or anniversary. The base of carved flowers provides stability. The box is ready for gift giving. The original pieces of the willow tree are hand carved by Susan Lordi. The piece is painted by hand and is based on Susan's original carving. The person is ready to place a cake. Clean by wiping the base with a damp cloth. Food safety is ensured by the use of lead-free paint and resin. Do not wash or submerge the paint in water.

Brand: Willow Tree

👤I love this. It's the quality that you expect. The brand of willow tree. My wedding cake was simple, yet pretty, and it was absolutely perfect. We made it a souvenir and now have it on a shelf in our living room. My aunt-in-law put three thick smoothie straws through the middle of the cake to act as a support system to keep it in place. No one knew the straws were in there.

👤This wedding cake was better than I expected. It was nicely packed with a bag over the entire cake topper, and a Styrofoam piece on the bottom of the box. I don't have to worry about it being damaged in transit to my wedding. The roses are a nice detail on the bottom of the picture. It will be a great souvenir after the wedding. Highly recommended!

👤The cake is beautiful. My hair color is black and my husband is blonde. I was going to use black paint to change the bride's hair color, but I wasn't able to get it on time. I used L'oreal Blackest Black gel eyeliner with a flat eyeliner brush and the results were amazing, the color came out with a matt finish and awesome. See the pictures.

👤My son got married. We had a backyard reception in New Orleans. It was casual. I didn't want a traditional bride and groom. This fit the bill. You can't immerse in water to get the frosting off, so I wouldn't give it 5 stars. The color will come off. I had to wipe the bottom with a damp cloth.

👤I love this cake decoration. We placed the arrangement of blueberries on top of our wedding cake on the table because we wanted a simple one. I can treasure this forever. It is not the typical cake toppers you would pack away. It looks beautiful in my home decor. It is possible to put on top of your cake. Make sure you tell your baker that it is heavy. Mary is an avid Amazon shopper.

👤The wedding cake is awesome. It does sink into the frosting a little, but not bad. There is a It isn't easy to wash because of the damp cloth on the bottom. I'm going to place a dolly between the two. I chose this cake top because it is going to be displayed on our mantel, and it isn't just going to go back in the box and into storage.

👤These willow tree figurines are my favorite gift to get and I have always had a soft spot in my heart for them. I am a Missouri native and I am so proud of this company. My husband got me one for Mother's Day one year after I had my son, so I could only imagine having a cake top for my wedding. It was beautiful.

👤The reason I'm giving a 4 star review instead of a 5 is because I didn't get the cake topper, they sent me the actual statue instead. The statue is taller, heavier, and doesn't come with the circle flower bed under the people, that's the difference. I used it at my wedding. I didn't put it on my cake because of the weight, but it was next to it and looked very nice.

6. HappyPlywood Topper Eucalyptus Wreath Wedding

HappyPlywood Topper Eucalyptus Wreath Wedding

The Happyplywood cake topper is the perfect adornment to your wedding cake and will be a cherished souvenir from your special day. It's perfect to fit a top tier cake. The width of the top tier of your cake should be asked to choose the right size of the cake topper. It was made from plywood with a laser cutter. It is made of plywood. Special strong packaging is used for delivery. The perfect touch to your cake is a cake top. Other models of wedding cake toppers are also offered. You can find other matching products in their store.

Brand: Boolavard

👤This would look great on the cake my wife will be eating at my wedding reception. The price point was great. I liked the shape of the cake and how clean it was. The first one was badly damaged in the package and I was greatly disappointed. I sent it back. I ordered a replacement and it arrived broken as well. I know it's a thin laser cut wood, but I think it should be packed with bubble wrap. Something to look out for is nothing against the seller.

👤I loved it. It worked out perfect. And came so fast.

👤I ordered it for my wedding cake. This was what I wanted. I was very excited to receive it. I knew the packaging was broken when I saw it. It was in a plastic envelope. This would have been the perfect cake decoration.

👤I love this cake decoration. I was impressed with the design of the cake, but also surprised at the care taken in packaging the item for shipping. Sturdy shipping materials were used. The plywood cake topper was protected even though it was sometimes rough handling through the post office. I can recommend this cake top to everyone.

👤The issue is not the product, but the fact that it was broken when I received it. The first one that was broken was shipped in a plastic bag and it was bound to get broken from one place to another. I am done with them.

👤The wood used in this cake top is very smooth. The light wood color is great with floral decorations. The cake is 10 inches and the proportion is perfect.

👤I thought I was getting a piece of silver when I ordered it. It is not a wood look. The wedding is a rustic theme and I was pleased with the raw wood. It's perfect!

👤We used this as a wedding cake decoration. It is very sturdy. It was great!

7. Jimhamhug Fishing Decoration Engagement Anniversary

Jimhamhug Fishing Decoration Engagement Anniversary

The customer satisfaction is 100%. The packing box will hold the cake top. Upon receipt of the returned item, each purchase is void. The Mr & Mrs Fishing Wedding Cake Topper is made of acrylatino. It's about 6.39 X 4.72 inches. It's perfect for 6 to 10 inch cakes. Place this cake top in a cake or dessert to make it a fun table centerpiece. It's perfect for a wedding or anniversary party decorations that are outdoors. You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a souvenir.

Brand: Jimhamhug

👤It's a thin plastic piece. It was a conversation piece.

👤It is very cute but hard to paint and break. It is very cute.

👤The topper can break easily. The fish line and fish on our wedding cake were broken, so we had no choice but to install it without them.

8. Mrs Wedding Cake Topper Anniversary

Mrs Wedding Cake Topper Anniversary

Please rest assured that they stand behind their product and offer 100%. The Mr and Mrs wedding cake topper is made of black. The groom and bride are holding flowers and a heavy gun. The funny heavy gun cake topper is a great choice for a heavy gun themed party. You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a gift.

Brand: Tztwodcaz

👤The item was so flimsy that it broke when it was set in the cake.

👤It was perfect for our wedding cake.

9. Juvale Wedding Cake Toppers Decorations

Juvale Wedding Cake Toppers Decorations

Match with wedding anniversary party accessories. The cake tops are for a wedding. The bride and groom figurines hold a sign with a cheerful "Just Married" message. A good design. This cake set is made of durable resin and has a cute design that will make you smile and make you want to eat your wedding cake. It's a collection. A post- wedding souvenir that will remind you of your wedding day. All of the courts: It's a perfect gift for a bride and groom. A fun souvenir for wedding guests. The measures are 3.25 x 6.25 x 3 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤I ordered this because it looked great from the photos they are advertising. I got this two days before my wedding. I was really disappointed when I arrived. This one was terrible and I had no time to change it. I want a refund.

👤This is a good looking cake topping. It was perfect for our wedding cake.

👤You get what you pay for. I bought these as a gag gift, and they fulfilled their purpose there. I don't recommend buying this item for a wedding. The paint job on their faces was not perfect.

👤The bride and groom are on a table in front of a miniature church. The table is decorated with something that goes along with the monthly theme. I took a while to find a bride and groom figurine. They are holding a sign that says "Just Married" and they look great together. I don't know how to send a photo.

👤A s adorable. I thought it would be light and plastic. It definitely wasn't. It was cute on my cake.

👤The design of this was great, with the words Just Married. It's heavy, well made, and looked perfect atop our white cake for our wedding. Thank you!

👤The packaging worked well for our wedding cake.

👤I had a small issue with placing on the cake, but it was in great condition. If you don't put the cake at the part, it will fall, so I recommend you place the cake at the part first.

👤Avoir mettre sur mon gteau de mariage. Plus encore sur la photo et de grandeure.

👤Reu rapidement, beau format et pour le prix...

👤The veil is made of lace.

👤It was perfect for my sisters wedding. A nice souvenir. I loved it!

10. Wedding Engagement Toppers Decorations Acrylic

Wedding Engagement Toppers Decorations Acrylic

We stand behind their product and are sure to sell it. For the Special Day, make lasting memories. The material is safe, non-toxic and reuseable. They can be used after being cleaned. Approx 5.7 inches wide and 6.8 inches tall. A nice and safe package comes with a thick cardboard packaging. For a special day, remember forever. They stand behind their product and are sure to sell it.

Brand: Jieein

👤I found it too flimsy to place in the cake because I didn't read the fine print. The script was nice and the color is pretty. I didn't use it so it was a waste.

👤This is the cake top for my wedding. It is light weight and fragile and the second prong broke when it was opened. It looked great on our cake, but you have to be careful with it.

👤Remove from packaging and it will be broken.

👤It is beautiful. If you don't want the traditional Bride and Groom figures, this is a great place to start.

👤Beautiful! Just what we needed.

👤Beautiful! It is stable, low weight and keeps up.

👤I ordered the worst quality cake on Amazon. It was broken. It was breaking more when we tried to remove it from the packet. You can't file a return for it. Don't buy it.

👤I received a broken product. My wedding is in a few days and my fiancĂ©e is glueing the pieces together.

11. Wedding Engagement Toppers Decorations Double Faced

Wedding Engagement Toppers Decorations Double Faced

Their customer service is hassle free if you don't like the cake topper they have, and all cake topper was carefully checked before going up to sell. You can apply for a return or reimbursement if you are not happy with the cake. The ideal cake decorations for a bride and groom wedding. Premium double-faced gold glittery card stock. It's perfect for 6.0 inches or larger cake. Each product is complete and easy to use, just insert it into the cake. A cardboard packaging is used for the cake topper.

Brand: Jieein

👤The product was cheap and bent. It is made like a sticker. I should have read reviews when a product is not returnable. I ordered something else from a different company, but I can't use it.

👤The cake was for a family wedding dinner. It was received so many times.

👤It wasn't too flimsy. The coloring was not bad.

👤This should be sold for less than the price. Even though it is pretty, it is very flimsy. Just like the picture.

👤This was the right size for a small wedding cake.

👤I was surprised that the topper was made with thinner paper and was packaged in a regular plastic envelope with out and cardboard to keep it from bending. The mail carrier put the envelope in the mailbox. I think I'll use the topper on the cake at the last minute. Had it been a returnable item, I would have returned it.

👤No lo use llego roto.


What is the best product for wedding cake toppers bride and groom?

Wedding cake toppers bride and groom products from Aminjie. In this article about wedding cake toppers bride and groom you can see why people choose the product. Aminjie and Amscan are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding cake toppers bride and groom.

What are the best brands for wedding cake toppers bride and groom?

Aminjie, Aminjie and Amscan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding cake toppers bride and groom. Find the detail in this article. Enesco, Willow Tree and Boolavard are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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