Best Wedding Cake Toppers Beach Theme

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1. Willow Tree Promise Sculpted Hand Painted

Willow Tree Promise Sculpted Hand Painted

Extra postage is required. There is a sentiment written on the Enclosure Card. A couple is embracing or dancing. A woman in a dress and a man in a shirt. The figure is on the base of the roses. Promise Cake Topper is a romantic, remembrance of a wedding or anniversary. The base of carved flowers provides stability. The box is ready for gift giving. The original pieces of the willow tree are hand carved by Susan Lordi. The piece is painted by hand and is based on Susan's original carving. The person is ready to place a cake. Clean by wiping the base with a damp cloth. Food safety is ensured by the use of lead-free paint and resin. Do not wash or submerge the paint in water.

Brand: Willow Tree

👤I love this. It's the quality that you expect. The brand of willow tree. My wedding cake was simple, yet pretty, and it was absolutely perfect. We made it a souvenir and now have it on a shelf in our living room. My aunt-in-law put three thick smoothie straws through the middle of the cake to act as a support system to keep it in place. No one knew the straws were in there.

👤This wedding cake was better than I expected. It was nicely packed with a bag over the entire cake topper, and a Styrofoam piece on the bottom of the box. I don't have to worry about it being damaged in transit to my wedding. The roses are a nice detail on the bottom of the picture. It will be a great souvenir after the wedding. Highly recommended!

👤The cake is beautiful. My hair color is black and my husband is blonde. I was going to use black paint to change the bride's hair color, but I wasn't able to get it on time. I used L'oreal Blackest Black gel eyeliner with a flat eyeliner brush and the results were amazing, the color came out with a matt finish and awesome. See the pictures.

👤My son got married. We had a backyard reception in New Orleans. It was casual. I didn't want a traditional bride and groom. This fit the bill. You can't immerse in water to get the frosting off, so I wouldn't give it 5 stars. The color will come off. I had to wipe the bottom with a damp cloth.

👤I love this cake decoration. We placed the arrangement of blueberries on top of our wedding cake on the table because we wanted a simple one. I can treasure this forever. It is not the typical cake toppers you would pack away. It looks beautiful in my home decor. It is possible to put on top of your cake. Make sure you tell your baker that it is heavy. Mary is an avid Amazon shopper.

👤The wedding cake is awesome. It does sink into the frosting a little, but not bad. There is a It isn't easy to wash because of the damp cloth on the bottom. I'm going to place a dolly between the two. I chose this cake top because it is going to be displayed on our mantel, and it isn't just going to go back in the box and into storage.

👤These willow tree figurines are my favorite gift to get and I have always had a soft spot in my heart for them. I am a Missouri native and I am so proud of this company. My husband got me one for Mother's Day one year after I had my son, so I could only imagine having a cake top for my wedding. It was beautiful.

👤The reason I'm giving a 4 star review instead of a 5 is because I didn't get the cake topper, they sent me the actual statue instead. The statue is taller, heavier, and doesn't come with the circle flower bed under the people, that's the difference. I used it at my wedding. I didn't put it on my cake because of the weight, but it was next to it and looked very nice.

2. Fashioncraft Vintage Double Design Centerpiece

Fashioncraft Vintage Double Design Centerpiece

A special event won't get more romantic than this with their intertwined hearts. The Love Cake Topper is a celebration of eternal love. They can be used as a cake topper and as a centerpiece at your event tables. You can use the hearts as a cake topping and place them on your tables. Your guests will be happy to take one home as a souvenir of your special day. Vintage Wedding Topper: Vintage style double heart design cake topper/centerpiece hearts are hand painted in a vintage ivory color and have gold leaf accents. The intertwined hearts are on a base with a filigree design. The double hearts stand on a solid round base with a filigree design, packaged in an attractive picture box.

Brand: Fashioncraft

👤I read that the cake top was too heavy. I had a humongous cake, as you can see in the image. I was too happy to get married to care that the baker didn't do what I asked, but I was happy that she delivered the cake. This cake top was very pleasant and I liked it. When it was delivered, my sister said it was too heavy to be on a cake. I knew that the wedding cakes I've seen are sturdy. I love it and now it's sitting in my dining room and I think it adds some love to our home.

👤The top of the cake is beautiful but not white. I might spray it with a white color to make it work. It is very pretty and simple, but to the point. I have a problem with it because my daughter has a small cake and the description says it's 1.4 ounces. It weights 10.8 ounces. If you have a small more delicate cake, it will need to be reinforced. It is pretty and made well.

👤Well made cake topper. This one has sharper details which make it classier looking and is similar to ones on the market. We brushed silver metallic nail polish over the gold tone since they did not offer this in silver, and it came out beautiful. The manufacturer wouldn't give you a refund if you changed yours. Don't buy it thinking it was made to be changed. We were willing to take the chance, knowing that if we didn't like the results, we would have to buy another one. We wanted it to be more ivory than white, but if you are looking for a white top, this isn't it. I would recommend this over similar ones.

👤This top hat is pretty and sturdy. I got this so that my mom could keep it out of the closet as it matches her furniture. We washed it off after the wedding after I spray it with peal glitter to give it a sheen that better matched the cake. I would highly recommend this product.

👤My mom's beach wedding will use this product as a wedding cake topping. After ordering last week, it arrived in a few days. It will be a great souvenir after the experience. Would recommend this to anyone.

👤It's pretty! The price is a great value. The color of the icing looks more grey than white. Icing on cake is a cream cheese icing.

👤The cake was beautiful in person and matched the theme of the wedding. I was worried it would be too heavy but it was at the top of the cake. The matching serving set was just as beautiful. We can use it as a decorative piece in our home. Would recommend!

👤It was purchased for a cake. It was well packaged and did not suffer any damage during shippping. Looks great. Can't wait to see it on the cake!

3. Wedding Anniverary Family Topper Glitter

Wedding Anniverary Family Topper Glitter

The side to side width is about 6 inches. The front side is glitter silver and the back side is white. When looking in person, it's even more beatiful. If you need one of the glitter colors shown in the color chart, you can contact them for more information, but they need to be custom made and take about 20 days to arrive. Good for engagement, wedding, anniverary, bridal shower. A unique idea will be sent as a wedding gift. They tried to pack every cake topper in a box before shipping, but if it still breaks during shipping, please contact them and they will be 100% responsible.

Brand: Uniquemystyle

👤When I realized that my husband was the one, I saw this pop up on an advertisement years before a proposal was even brought up. I joked about how perfect it would be if we got married and he laughed and said the cats had the same personality as our two boys. I left it alone for a few years after adding it to a wish list. He proposed in December of last year, and I immediately recall our conversation about it. It was the first thing I ordered, and it lived up to the hype. It is the perfect size, not ostentatious or so large that it will topple over. It fit in the cake and we got a lot of praise for it. Those looking for a cute addition to their special day would definitely recommend it.

👤Pets make us family. The dogs were at the wedding. We searched for a long time before finding the perfect one. It was too wide for our 6” wedding cake, so would recommend using it for 8”+ tiers. It is something we will hang on to forever. Over time, our family will change, but this will always mean a lot to us.

👤I love it but had to order a second one. It was broken when it arrived. It wouldn't let me replace them since they are a third party company. They are pretty fragile, so just a warning to everyone.

👤Our wedding cake was perfect for this. We were careful with it because of the negative reviews. It comes in a small box that makes it a good memory keeper. Thank you!

👤When I received it, it was broken in half. It wasn't sturdy or durable. The metal was very thin. The two boys on the exam were made to have huge ears, like the rest of their size.

👤The customer service is amazing. You get exactly what you ask for from them. They delivered ahead of time because we gave them a very tight time frame. My sister fell in love with this item and no one else would. It's perfect! I highly recommend them.

👤The groom's head snapped off when it was removed from the cake, and we had hoped to keep it as a souvenir. Treat it with care if you want to keep it beyond the wedding.

👤This was a hit. It's adorable! I was worried that the black silhouette would look odd on the cake, but it did.

4. HZOnline Seahorse Starfish Nautical Birthday

HZOnline Seahorse Starfish Nautical Birthday

It's also great for an anniversary, engagement or bridal shower cake. Pack of 48 Ocean Theme Cupcake Toppers are included in the package. There are 6 types of fish. The length is approx 3 inches. Paper and bamboo are high quality. The paper cakes are cute and have a good cutting process. Wide USAGE: The cupcake tops are very safe to put on cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, fruits, cheese, any dish you want to decorate. You can make your decoration more pretty and warm by plugging on cake. Perfect party decorations. The sea animals cupcake toppers are perfect for celebrating your ocean nautical theme party, wedding, birthday, kids party, summer party, bachelorette, baby shower, engagement, or more other theme party decor. cupcake tops are only used for decoration. Please don't place it in the oven. The cake toppers are double-sided.

Brand: Hokpa

👤The fruit and cheese platter was used for the birthday party. It was easy for the kids to serve themselves.

👤The decorations made it possible for my 3 year old to have a cake.

👤These were cute, but not as cute as they could have been. When I grabbed them out of the package, many fell off the toothpick. I only took off one star. They looked really cute for my daughter's party.

👤The cupcakes were decorated with a piece of cake. I think that's correct.

👤The cupcake tops could be used for baby showers, birthday parties, or any ocean themed party. The cupcakes are tied in with the theme. Simple to use.

👤The toothpicks were very cute with the baby shark theme. Everything was blended on the fruits and foods.

👤It's used for fruit not cupcakes. It worked on the cheese platter as well.

5. Wedding Vintage Married Bunting Handmade

Wedding Vintage Married Bunting Handmade

Premium quality. The cake topper is pre-assembled. The wooden poles are attached to the flags with ivory cotton. The banner's poles are 25.5 cm high, it extends 24 cm wide at most. The wood pole is made of paper and cotton. There is a banner with 2 wood poles.

Brand: Acuteye

👤This was perfect for the top tier of my cake. The cake is 10/8/6 inch. This would work well for a 4 or a 6. The text is double-sided, but not reversed, so the letters in the back are not readable.

👤The product photo looks great, but it's not as stunning as it could be. The strings are tied onto the sticks and not behind the flowers. Ours were too tight. We had to loosen and re-tie them so that the letters weren't squeezed against each other. It seemed like it was thrown together.

👤There are two sticks, a string, and some letters. A trip to Michaels would have given me something better. I would have added flowers all the way down the sticks. It is cute and minimal. I am too busy to make something.

👤The product picture was cute, but it was not handled with care. One flower was missing a box. One of the sticks was damaged. The banners were okay but the flower was damaged beyond repair. It was not worth the price since I had to do it again.

👤I didn't have time to glue the J off, but it was very cute. It wasn't returnable. I am stuck with it. It is cute.

👤I loved it! We stuck this in our two donuts at the top of the donut tower. Looked cute and did the job.

👤This was terrible. I would not want to use it at my wedding.

6. Umbrella Decoration 15Pieces Tropical Decorations

Umbrella Decoration 15Pieces Tropical Decorations

cupcake tops are only used for decoration. Please don't place it in the oven. The cake toppers are double-sided. The beach cake decorations are small and inedible. The cake model is small. It is suitable for cakes of less than 10 inches. You can apply for a refund if you don't like it. The beach cake decorations set includes 15 different styles of micro-landscape decorations, including sun loungers, palm tree, turtles, boats, wood pulp, sun umbrellas, conch, starfish, dolphin,Swimming ring, bucket etc. The glitter is food safe and can be used for a long time. The decorations can be used for fruit salad, aloha cake, cupcake, dessert, and so on. The hawaiian theme cake topper will make a big splash at your pool party.

Brand: Cadeya

👤Unless the cake is larger than 6 inches, it is not shown to scale. Will disappear on a cake for a family gathering.

👤The scale in the photo is not the real thing. The scale that appears in the ad has to be on a 6 inch by 4 inch cake.

👤She was moving to Florida and used it to decorate a cake. If you put it all together in one place, it will look good.

👤I got too many things and didn't have any dolphin or flip flops. Tomorrow is a party. I have no choice but to use what I have. Sucks.

👤I couldn't use the item at the event because it was late. I bought a backup that came on time. It looked like a cute set.

👤So cute! The theme was so whacky that I had to decorate my own cake. The pieces were small and worked well for me. The cake was a hit.

👤The star fish was broken and there were less decorations for the cake.

👤These are very cute. I used them to make my daughter's birthday cake. The decorations were a hit. It's small enough to go on cupcakes. Definitely recommend.

7. Juvale Wedding Cake Toppers Decorations

Juvale Wedding Cake Toppers Decorations

Match with wedding anniversary party accessories. The cake tops are for a wedding. The bride and groom figurines hold a sign with a cheerful "Just Married" message. A good design. This cake set is made of durable resin and has a cute design that will make you smile and make you want to eat your wedding cake. It's a collection. A post- wedding souvenir that will remind you of your wedding day. All of the courts: It's a perfect gift for a bride and groom. A fun souvenir for wedding guests. The measures are 3.25 x 6.25 x 3 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤I ordered this because it looked great from the photos they are advertising. I got this two days before my wedding. I was really disappointed when I arrived. This one was terrible and I had no time to change it. I want a refund.

👤This is a good looking cake topping. It was perfect for our wedding cake.

👤You get what you pay for. I bought these as a gag gift, and they fulfilled their purpose there. I don't recommend buying this item for a wedding. The paint job on their faces was not perfect.

👤The bride and groom are on a table in front of a miniature church. The table is decorated with something that goes along with the monthly theme. I took a while to find a bride and groom figurine. They are holding a sign that says "Just Married" and they look great together. I don't know how to send a photo.

👤A s adorable. I thought it would be light and plastic. It definitely wasn't. It was cute on my cake.

👤The design of this was great, with the words Just Married. It's heavy, well made, and looked perfect atop our white cake for our wedding. Thank you!

👤The packaging worked well for our wedding cake.

👤I had a small issue with placing on the cake, but it was in great condition. If you don't put the cake at the part, it will fall, so I recommend you place the cake at the part first.

👤Avoir mettre sur mon gteau de mariage. Plus encore sur la photo et de grandeure.

👤Reu rapidement, beau format et pour le prix...

👤The veil is made of lace.

👤It was perfect for my sisters wedding. A nice souvenir. I loved it!

8. LaVenty Glittery Tropical Greenery Birthday

LaVenty Glittery Tropical Greenery Birthday

We tried to pack every cake topper in a box before shipping, but if it still breaks during shipping, please contact them and they will be 100% responsible. These tropical leaves are great for many different decorations and give your cupcakes and cakes a more tropical look. This cute cake topper is the perfect addition to your tropical or botanical party cake. Are you planning a green wedding? This cake decorating will make your cake look like leaves. Have a theme party with Eco-friendly material? The cake decorating will make your cake look unique. Environmentally friendly materials are used. The package includes seven different kinds of leaves, the size is shown in the picture. If you have a question about their product, you can get a 100% money refund or replace. Purchase with confidence. LaVenty has more products.

Brand: Laventy

👤As advertised, not glittery. The thin colored paper could have been replaced with a card stock. The paper is much higher quality than the other cakes I have made. When they arrived, they were bent and had a dingy mark on one of them. I won't have time to order something different so they won't come back. They should be advertised correctly.

👤This product is cut out of paper. The description says that it's definitely not gay. Some of the leaves were bent and one had a wet mark. Poor quality.

👤I don't know why the description says "glittery" since there is no glitter to be found. I wasn't surprised that the pictures didn't show glitter. They were a lot thinner than I expected. They came to me in a flat envelope, and a few of them were bent and drooped. Cute little decorations for a cake, a nice size, and the shapes were clean cut. Hide the lazy ones in the back.

👤I bought two to place them around. This could be a one time use product. I would consider buying again after I used up what I had.

👤The shapes are the same as shown, but they are cutout on card stock and stuck to a skewer. The oil in the buttercream stained the decorations on my cake. It ruined the look.

👤I would like to read reviews before ordering this. The leaves are so small that you will need a few packs of glue to decorate a cake.

👤Good quality and cute. They are different heights, which is cool when you put them in the cake. I was happy with the purchase.

👤The items arrived damaged. Not glittery as described.

9. HONEYRIBBON Wedding Cake Toppers Sophisticated

HONEYRIBBON Wedding Cake Toppers Sophisticated

You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a gift. Make your wedding even more amazing by creating your perfect memory with this wedding cake topper from HONEYRIBBON! Their wedding cake toppers are romantic and feature a dancing bride and groom that will last from your honeymoon to your 50th anniversary. Unsurpassable elEGANCE: Their bride and cake groom are hand painted and have a shiny finish, which will make them stand out on your wedding day. This traditional wedding decoration adds class to every event, and it makes a beautiful keepsake to preserve the memories of you and your partner expressing your love. The decorative wedding toppers are made with high-quality, durable, and tough resin that will last for years. The figurines are waterproof, and they are balanced so that they will fit comfortably and safely on any wedding cake design. Whether you are planning a classic wedding or are drawn to vintage flair, these bride and groom cake topper figures are a perfect addition to any aesthetic! Their exclusive wedding toppers for cake come with a custom-made box that makes them great bride and groom gifts. They are committed to creating high-quality, handcrafted products that make your wedding day as fun and extraordinary as you have always imagined it! They want their wedding cake decorations and wedding accessories to make your special day with your significant other truly memorable.

Brand: Na

👤I love this figurine. I am very happy with this piece. The gift box is beautiful and the photos show it. I was looking for something different and different from the normal cake toppers and this dancing figurine is perfect. It arrived quickly, thanks to Amazon. I love that it looks great on my shelf. A great way to remember our day. Can't wait to see it on our cake. Also took a picture of it.

👤The material it's made from is glossy and makes it fragile. The box is made of foam to protect it. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤So happy with this score. Way better than we anticipated. It was nice to have a cake that looked good and we were able to keep it on our bookshelf as a reminder of our wedding. Good packaging and sturdy.

👤The cake top is of high quality. It's perfect for our cake. There was some black fluff over the white dress, but it was easy to wipe off with a dry towel. A great figurine. Very pleased!

👤The gift box was nice and we liked this one very much. This is a nice present for anyone, it is beautiful and shiny. Excited to see it on our cake. I will make sure to post pictures. Love the name too.

👤Very nice. Our friends had a similar one on their anniversary. I think this looks better. I was very happy with the choice and my other half gave the nod as well. We love it. It was nicely presented in a box. Excellent quality and shiny.

👤Really beautiful. The packaging is beautiful. It is really secure. It will be used for our wedding.

10. Acrylic Monogram Wedding Anniversary Decoration

Acrylic Monogram Wedding Anniversary Decoration

Other models of wedding cake toppers are also offered. You can find other matching products in their store. The Mr & Mrs silhouette is a wedding cake topper. The Mr and Mrs stick is 1.5 cm. Please contact me if you need a bigger size. Elehere gorgeous Mr & Mrs monogram glitter acrylic cake toppers complement your wedding cake. The highest quality. A beautiful script on the cake toppers makes them a great symbol of your new life together. It's perfect for weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries and vow renewals. A Rubies & Ribbons gift box. Sturdy enough to hold onto for a long time. Wedding cake toppers are used for weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions.

Brand: Elehere

👤Beautiful! I loved it! It was perfect for my wedding cake. It looks pretty and shimmery. It's worth the money.

👤The wedding cake was a great size and looked great.

👤A nice wedding accessory. The stick should be longer so more decoration can be at the base without covering the topper. Otherwise perfect!

👤It took WAAAYYYY long to receive Topper.

👤This cake top is not made of crystals or rhinestones. Just plastic. It is more of a project. Money is wasted.

👤I loved this cake decoration. Our little cut cake is simple and pretty. It was packaged with a hard piece of plastic behind it so it wouldn't break on our way to it and had a plastic peel off protection layer to prevent it from getting scratched. Their packaging is very well thought out.

👤I looked great on our cake. It was very shiny and elegant.

👤It is very delicate but serves its purpose. At our wedding, it was the cake top. It was a pretty good performance.

11. Personalized Topper Valentines Topper Love Anniversary Bachelorette

Personalized Topper Valentines Topper Love Anniversary Bachelorette

If you are not satisfied with the goods you received, please contact me and I will give you a free return. Artificial flowers can be Paste by hand. The width is 6.5 inches and the height is 8.6 inches. Two or more layers of cake decorations of 6 inches or larger are suitable. The design of LOVE is very romantic and beautiful.

Brand: 77 Ponies

👤The cake top is very cute. The package arrived undamaged. The pictures made the cake top look gold. It's actually wood. I made a small cake for the bridal shower and it still looked lovely.

👤You could see a lot of glue when we received it. The flower in the middle was gone. There was a wedding flower added to it. The back is not very pleasing but it is wood and you can paint it or just remove the glue that comes through it. It's a very inexpensive and cute cake topper, it's going to take some work to make it perfect.

👤The stand was broken, the flower came off, and the leaves were glue to the back side of the stand so the love was backwards. Don't buy from this vendor.

👤This was a great addition to a backyard wedding. The cupcakes and cake were very romantic and small.

👤It was a delicate item to handle. If I had more time, I would return it and look for something better.

👤A nice decoration for a wedding cake. The wedding was canceled because the groom died, so I couldn't put it on the cake.

👤It's perfect for what we needed. The leaves are flexible plastic and it is somewhat sturdy. The wood is thin enough to cut to the size you need, and the cute little white flower can be removed if needed to add your own color. I would recommend this product. Thank you.

👤The flowers had fallen off the leaves and looked cheap when opened. Don't waste your money. I was sad because I was excited to use the photo for our wedding and I loved it.

👤It is very cute. We are doing cupcakes as well as a cake for our small wedding cake ad. Adding another flower of the same color as we are using will fix the flower in the middle.


What is the best product for wedding cake toppers beach theme?

Wedding cake toppers beach theme products from Willow Tree. In this article about wedding cake toppers beach theme you can see why people choose the product. Fashioncraft and Uniquemystyle are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding cake toppers beach theme.

What are the best brands for wedding cake toppers beach theme?

Willow Tree, Fashioncraft and Uniquemystyle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding cake toppers beach theme. Find the detail in this article. Hokpa, Acuteye and Cadeya are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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