Best Wedding Cake Stand Rustic

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1. Wooden Cake Stand Acacia Restaurants

Wooden Cake Stand Acacia Restaurants

Their marble is meant to be decorative so it should be handled with care. Please use a damp cloth to spot clean. One of the best materials that a kitchen turntable can get is made of 100% acacia wood. It's safe and eco-friendly to place and present your cakes with a piece of a 100% sustainable wood. It's easy to understand. Their cake stand is styled in a unique foldable design so that it is easy to assemble and fully immerse in the joy of doing your own thing. You can create all types of patterns on cakes, cupcakes with the help of the cake decorating supplies. It is a perfect choice to accompany dessert at weddings and parties. It's possible to find an IDEAL for large cakes. The stand is 13” in diameter and 5” in height. It is strong enough for both small and large cakes. RABAHA cake stand set comes with a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. They will give you your money back if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Click on " Add to Cart" and " Buy now"

Brand: Rabaha

👤Beautiful! Sturdy. Had to order a second because of a manufacturing defect but it was pretty and nicely made, not to hope another would work out. The replacement was well.

👤Product is not what it is pictured. The second product was the same as the first one. It's a scam! Susan is not close to the picture. I can't order a cake stand three days before I need it. Do not place an order.

👤Not like the picture. It's 2 inches high. Unhappy. I ordered a different cake plate and am very pleased with it. It is beautiful and the same as pictured. It's easy to assemble and clean. A happy customer.

👤Not at all what was pictured. I got a lazy Susan, not a cake stand. I didn't have time to order another cake for my daughter's baby shower so I kept it. It is sturdy and functions well as a lazy Susan. I use it daily in my kitchen, but this is not what I ordered.

👤I love this stand. It is what I needed. I have a platter with fruit, bread and wine on it. I wanted it to sit off the table. It matches the wood very well.

👤The cake stand is beautiful. It will be able to take some weight despite being not so sturdy. It arrived in perfect condition and was a bonus. You can't go wrong. As pictured, it is truly beautiful. The cake stand should not be over weight.

👤I wanted a wooden stand on my table to hold things. From a level below. The problem was solved by this. I wonder why the spatulas are included. The stand is not turning. It is not stable enough to turn with a cake on it. If you want to ice a cake, buy a low turntable. You can buy this stand for display. Spatulas are cheap and add to the price, but they are not worth it.

👤My son used the cake stand for his wedding cake. It was easy to assemble, clean, and very sturdy. I paid a lot of money for it, but didn't use it.

2. Xuanjia Pendants Dessert Cupcake Birthday

Xuanjia Pendants Dessert Cupcake Birthday

If you have a question, please feel free to contact them and they will get back to you. The stand is made from high-quality metal in Gold lacquer finish which is 100% food safe and has crystal beads and gorgeous dangles. Simply screw on the tray top to the base, and you will have an exquisite desserts display. If necessary, Care Instructions can include adding some detergent to wipe the surface. The cake stand is perfect for showcasing your favorite cakes and desserts at any event. It's a perfect gift for Housewarming, Thanksgiving, Chrismas or New Year.

Brand: Xuanjia

👤A gift was given to someone who collects cake plates. I gave a cake. The plate looks great in the photo, but it's made with poor craftsmanship. I tried to level out the plate but it wasn't possible. If I had bought myself, I could have hid the flaws on the presentation. It is a pretty plate in the picture, but not very good in real life.

👤If it wasn't crooked and missing crystals, it would be so beautiful. We wanted to display our cake on a beautiful stand for my niece's 18th birthday and we received a stand that was crooked and missing pieces. What a disappointment.

👤I ordered a gold cake stand. There isn't time to change things. There are a lot of bent pieces. There was a bent side of the tray. I fixed it before taking the picture.

👤Everyone wants to borrow it because it was perfect for my baby shower.

👤It was stained as if it had been used before.

👤I absolutely adore this item. My wedding cake was enhanced by the cake stand. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a sturdy cake stand that will display their cake beautifully.

👤The colors of the cake stand are bright and I like the theme of gold and white.

3. Hearthford Rustic Cupcake Stand Wood

Hearthford Rustic Cupcake Stand Wood

The top tier has a space between it and the middle tier. Make your treats look more delicious and sweet with the help of a Roman astronomer. The two tier tray is made from Paulownia lumber. ATILE WOOD STAND. The large wood slices are easy to disassemble. Use their rustic serveware as a two tiered tray or detach and use each wood slab as a wood platter or cheese plate. Not just. Their wood cupcake stand can be used for many things. You can serve your guests a variety of food with this serving stand. The wood slices are left in their raw state for that authentic rustic farmhouse look. You can either apply your own finish or leave them as is. Their artisans take pride in the attention to detail they put into each cupcake tier stand. If you are dissatisfied, please contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Hearthford

👤We ordered this product to be used for a wedding stand. The middle pillar was cut about 85 degrees instead of 90 so the top tier wasn't level. The founder of the company called me the same day after I sent an email to customer support. Leonard was very kind and helpful and immediately shipped a replacement for us which arrived in time for the wedding! It looks great, was easy to assemble and disassemble, and the customer support is top notch. Would love to do business again.

👤I ordered several to make sure I'd be covered if the others came missing part's, but I still had missing parts, so I returned all of them. Also. If you were going to use the wood for cupcakes at multiple parties, you'd have to deal with the staining on the wood from the icing. I didn't want to chance it with the price.

👤I did not buy it for cupcakes. I bought it for decor and to make it more cute. I have some fall decor on the tiers. It is not thick wood. The weight on it would probably not be durable. It is easy to assemble. I found it at tjmaxx, but I was looking for a similar piece. The piece I have is heavier than real wood. I am happy with my purchase.

👤This item is gorgeous. I didn't think it would arrive on time, so I probably upset the seller with all the emails. It was very true to their word. Thank you so much for it.

👤The cupcake display is gorgeous. I immediately ordered a second one after I received it. You will not regret it if you try this item. It's very sturdy, and it was made beautifully.

👤I bought this to hold my cakes. The teddy bear theme is perfect for the look I am trying to achieve. It was very easy to put together and the shipping was very fast.

👤I had to seal it myself with food grade sealer before putting food on it, but it is very sturdy and beautiful, and I got lots of compliment on it. I would recommend it.

👤I liked how it looked at my wedding. It was a great addition to my wedding table.

4. AW BRIDAL Wedding Anniversary Birthday

AW BRIDAL Wedding Anniversary Birthday

The guest book is 10" x8" The wedding cake knife has a free laser engraving service. You can choose a design for a gift. A wood cake knife and server set are included. These cake cutting sets are made from solid wood and sanded to a smooth surface. It is a stunning addition to your wedding. The cake server is approximately 11.28''W *2.75''D *0.09''H, the knife set is approximately 12.2''W *1.14''D *2.65''H. 2 piece cake knife and server sets are packaged in a gift Wrap. There are ideal wedding gifts for bride and groom, anniversary gift, birthday party gift, Mother's day gift, Christmas gift, bridal party gift, baby shower gifts, engagements gifts and etc. It's perfect for casual or elegant entertaining. Such as wedding, bridal shower, birthday, housewarming, home dinner, kitchen, restaurant, etc. The vintage design is a nice decor. A perfect cake cutter, pie server, pie cutter, serving utensils and cookie cutter are also included.

Brand: Aw Bridal

👤The perfect cake knife and serving set was purchased for a wedding. My daughter didn't like them from the pictures. I told her to trust me. I am glad that ended well. The grain is beautiful and not bulky. It was perfect! Thank you.

👤These are beautiful and affordable. They are perfect for a wedding.

👤These are great. I ordered the more expensive ones first. I paid $50 for them because they were engraved. Save money. The seller had no customer service and the price was not nice. I had to deal with Amazon to get my money back. I ordered them and they were over the top. It was a great price. No one will see them at a wedding. They were in a cotton bag. The other ones did not. The color of these is better.

5. Scotts Bakery Beautiful Weddings Celebrations

Scotts Bakery Beautiful Weddings Celebrations

Easy care. The cake stand is easy to clean. There are no need to worry about sticky dessert or stubborn sauce stains. It is recommended to wash your hands. Their cake stands are made of high quality metal and are safe for display. They provide a sturdy base with an elegant white finish that will never fade or rust. A party essential. The perfect choice for a celebration. These pieces can be seen at Tea Parties, Baby Showers, Christmas, Weddings, Graduations, Thanksgiving and Home Decor. Excellent choice for gifts too! Beautiful and professional design is perfect for a display for a beautiful cake, cupcakes, pastries, muffins, cookies or any other delicious treats. The decorations for the dining room and living room are lovely. The Scott's Bakery Cake Stand is easy to assemble and use. It's easy to wash and reuse. If you are unhappy with their product, Scott's Bakery will give you 100% of your money back. They will do their best to help you if you have any concerns.

Brand: Reaowazo

👤The display stands were purchased for my party. They were easy to assemble and disassemble after arriving in several pieces. I don't recommend putting them in the dishwasher for fear of the paint coming off. They looked great!

👤It was perfect for what I needed. There is a themed room. They came out perfect after I spray painted them. The white was beautiful, but wanted a bit of color. These are worth the money. 3 other cake stands were terrible and did not make well. I knew I had what I needed when these came. People can have a lot of fun with these. I think I'm getting another set of pumpkins.

👤I love these and they worked well for my holiday deserts. They can be used for any event. It is easy to assemble and take a part for easy storage. Couldn't be happier with the price.

👤The cake stands were vintage looking and metal. I was disappointed in the strength of the stands. We use other metal cake stands. I'm afraid of putting my cakes on them. I can't use our domes with these stands. I will use them for small items. I bought them to use for our cake displays.

👤The stands were not straight at all, every single one of them was not leveled, and no matter how hard I tried it would not level.

👤I have three sturdy glass domes in my room and I have been looking for stands to hold them. These are great. I wanted different heights and different sizes to accommodate my heavy glass domes. They are sturdy, three different sizes, and three different heights. These are metal and white, which makes them look like a farmhouse. The style can be used many different ways. I love them.

👤We ordered this for a wedding cake and it wasn't leveled. The cake was leaning and the stands were so flimsy that one screw wouldn't hold it if it was a big cake. We haven't used it yet. You don't want to trust the stands after all the hard work. The cake will fall if anyone accidentally tips it.

👤My godchild had a baby shower. They are beautiful and well made. It was very easy to put together. The base is screwed into the top. I plan to use them for many future events.

6. Toppers Decoration Sweetheart Anniversary Birthday

Toppers Decoration Sweetheart Anniversary Birthday

For a special day, remember forever. They stand behind their product and are sure to sell it.

Brand: Cuteexpress

👤The cake is not in the photos. The seller was unable to send a photo like the listing photo. I would have to pay for the return shipping. It's not worth it. I don't recommend this product or seller.

👤I felt the wood around the Mr. immediately after unpacking my first order. I decided to return the same item. Although it didn't break, I opened my second package. The wooden outer layer moves and feels like it is ready to break, but for $8 bucks. You should not expect anything more. I like the look of it and will keep it for my wedding. I hope it doesn't decide to break on me.

👤Looks like a different picture. Completely different lettering. And. It doesn't look like real wood. The wood on the outside was peeling off without me even touching it. Very disappointed.

👤This product is not what I pictured. This would be better if it was engraved or wood burnt instead of written in sharpie. This is a story that is moral. Before purchasing, read the comments. It saves you from making bad choices from companies on Amazon.

👤The wood toppers were different and perfect. The wedding cake was small so it was interesting to look for toppers. I don't like those that the bride is dragging the groom. The cake was a naked cake with very little frosting. These were perfect! The couple liked them so much they were surprised at how nice they were.

👤I was able to write with a sharpie on the Mrs. and Mrs. that I received.

👤For the price, it was great, we got this for our outdoor wedding. It looked like someone just took a sharpie and wrote on it, which was a little annoying.

👤This item was used for a cake. The product was very cute, but I was sent a MRS andMRS. I ordered a man and woman. It was too late to re order. I had to write my own words on the back of them. It would have been a great purchase.

7. Lipper International 1030 Crackers Doeuvres

Lipper International 1030 Crackers Doeuvres

The center of the top surface is skillfully created by hands. The server is great for serving cheese, crackers, and hors d'oeuvre. Each piece is handcrafted and unique, and is footed. It is made from durable acacia wood with a beautiful, rich dark color that matches any kitchen décor. One tree bark footed server is included. The size will vary due to the handcrafted nature of the product.

Brand: Lipper International

👤My plan was to use this as a wedding cake stand. I paid more for the larger diameter. The fake wooden oval is only 11” across at the longest point and has some plastic pegs hot glue to the bottom. Don't waste your money. Take it from me.

👤I plan to use this for a lazy susan on the table after my wedding. It worked well for the cake, but it doesn't turn as freely as it should, just not the quality of the one my dad made years ago.

👤I was going to use this under my daughter's wedding cake. I knew it would only take 2 days to get to me, so I ordered it on Monday. The item was described as 13' to 15' in diameter and 1 3/4" thick. I opened the package to find that the wood was only 1/2 thick and the measurement was 1 1/2, not the stated 1 1/3.

👤All I can say is wow. I ordered this for my wedding, I fell in love with it, but I couldn't afford it, so I got this one and I love it.

👤I bought this stand as a meditation altar to put candles, crystals, etc. It seems like it is sturdy and nice to me. It looks like it is real wood coated with a lacquer. The bark is intact. I like the fact that real wood has flaws. I am able to make it work for what I want it to be despite it being slightly smaller than I expected. If you're okay with it being a bit on the smaller side, I would recommend it.

👤This turned out to be better than I thought. Most of the tree slices I looked at were too expensive for a piece of wood. The centerpiece I bought was a glass globe. I used this for a rustic look. I put a flickering flameless candle in the center piece. The piece was perfect and true to size. The centerpiece is really beautiful. It was worth the price of around$15 compared to the $35 others wanted for their wood slices. The thickness is perfect for me. The roundness is very consistent. It looks great for what I am using it for.

👤I bought this for a photo shoot. They can get pretty expensive if they're on a stand, and I've been shopping for one for a while. I chose this one because of the low cost, but I'm glad I did. When it was delivered, my husband thought it was plastic, but it was actually very thin wood panels that have been glue together. It's not a solid piece of wood, but I'm still very happy with it. I'm sure I'll use it more now that it's sitting on my kitchen counter. It looks nice and it was a good choice for my pictures.

👤I was looking for a perfect board for meats and cheeses and this one did the trick. I'm very happy with the quality and price of this item. During a holiday party last weekend, I got a lot of praise for using it. It has a lot of space and it has little legs so it doesn't sit on the table. Highly recommend this product!

8. Sweese 709 101 12 Inch Porcelain Dessert

Sweese 709 101 12 Inch Porcelain Dessert

The weighted base is strong and stable. It is suitable for cake less than 12 inches in diameter. The cake pedestal is perfect for serving cupcakes, macarons, candies, cookies, fruit, or other desserts. A wide and weighted base design makes the cake stand more stable, even while holding two- and three-tier wedding cakes. The plate has a raised edge to prevent cakes from slipping out. White is a timeless classic. A gorgeous addition to your kitchen is the modern cake display stand. It can be used as an everyday centerpiece with candles and seasonal decor. Their cake stand is made of porcelain, which is a type of ceramic that is chip resistant and more sturdy than stoneware. It's safe for everyone to use and there's no worry about adding elements to your food. Easy care. The cake stand is easy to clean. There are no need to worry about sticky dessert or stubborn sauce stains. It is recommended to wash your hands.

Brand: Sweese

👤The stand is simple and elegant. It's perfect for my little boys birthdays and for fancy cakes to be put in our farmhouse style home. There is no large edge to cut cakes. It is easy to clean and the top is level. It was perfect!

👤It's pretty with my glass dome and I like cookies on my counter. I found the top wobbly on the base and when I picked it up, the top was separated from the base. I was able to apply super glue. I am hand washing the glue that is holding. It's easy to wash your hands.

👤The small flourless cake was held by the cake plate. The edges were decorated with flowers. The cake plate wouldn't tip if the cake was cut. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The white round cake stand added to the appeal of my cake. I had enough space to add a bead of frosting around the base of the cake, and still have enough room to start the spatula. I would buy it again. A pair of Sweese scissors was the bonus gift.

👤Exactly what I wanted but didn't get. The 10" stand was sent back as an exchange and received again in the box labeled "12". Gave up trying to get what I wanted.

👤The cake stand is simple and beautiful. It is not ornate. It will go unrecognized with its large plate and raised edge, which makes it a certainty that they won't slide off. I couldn't say with certainty that the short pedestal could handle a heavy cake, but it provided a low center of gravity for stability. I like it. I may buy a second for the Appetizers.

👤The plate was well packaged and did not have any flaws. The plate is large enough to hold cakes, cupcakes, etc. The white color is perfect for all occasions. Some stores have a price that is almost double that of others. I will order another for larger gatherings and gifts. Five stars!

👤There is no assembly required. Well packaged, undamaged, and exactly as described.

9. Olelo Cupcake Macaron Desserts Display

Olelo Cupcake Macaron Desserts Display

The powder on the blade is not dust. It is designed to be realistic. When opening it, be careful because there may be powder dropping. Please contact them by email if you have any questions. This tray is made of 100% organic Acacia mouium wood, which isdurable and food grade wood. The handle is made of steel. Appropriate size is total height. The bottom tray has a diameter of 25 cm. Please allow errors due to manual measurement. The tired serving stand is easy to assemble and disassemble. It could be put in a cabinet. The handle has a circle. It's perfect for putting mini cakes, macarons, finger sandwiches, sliced cheese or other small desserts. The size is suitable for any event such as a wedding, baby shower, or dinner feast. If the packaging is damaged during transportation, they will provide the best service for a refund.

Brand: Olelo

👤I needed a small tray for my coffee bar. This was perfect for the bill. It is sturdy and holds what I need it to with a little room to spare. If you want to do a full on tier tray, this is not for you but for my coffee bar accessories and probably a desert tray.

👤This purchase was disappointing. There were plastic washers that were bigger than the piece that screwed over them so they didn't get used because they were visible against the wood. The screw on the bottom isn't flush enough so there is a wiggle to it. It is much smaller than expected. The wood coloring was what I expected.

👤The quality of the stand was poor, even though the wood was nice. It's easy to assemble, but it's a bit wobbly. The stem broke off before I was able to use it. Disappointed in the quality. I will return both.

👤Absolutely obsessed. I bought a second one after putting this one together. Exactly what I wanted was on the small side.

👤This is cute but not stable. I don't think it would hold anything.

👤I use this product for a display at an event. Good size and quality. It would be great for a cheese board. When it has weight on it, I don't recommend picking it up. It was easy to put it together. I included a picture of how to put the bottom piece. I used mandarins and apples.

👤It was easy to put together, but a lot smaller than expected.

👤This is well made and beautiful. I was very happy with my purchase and the price was great. I used it as a tray for my coffee corner and kept all of my coffee items on it. Highly recommend and even more beautiful in person.

10. Caydo Slices Serving Centerpiece Wedding

Caydo Slices Serving Centerpiece Wedding

If you're unhappy with the product, please email them and they'll send you a new one. There are 5 wood table number holders, 5 cards, 10 glue sticks and 1 piece of large natural wood slices. The diameter of the natural wood slice cake stand is 10inch to 12inch. The thickness is 0.78inch. The table card holders are tall. Round wood slices and wood table number holder are natural and unique. The wood tree cake stand is made from paulownia. The place cards were made from paper. The wood table holder can hold cards as a table number sign and also as a cake stand with dual tape. These can be used for crafts, decor, country wedding decor, wedding centerpiece, cake stands, carvings, arts, woodworking, holidays party decor, cabin, plate coasters, table mat, home decor, crafts and do it yourself supplies.

Brand: Caydo

👤When I received this, it was a letdown. The wood is not as good as I thought. The price point should be less. Went to Michael's and found a much thicker one, still had moss and bark on it, for less money.

👤I used this for my wedding cake. It was perfect!

👤It was a nice stand for the bride and groom's cake.

👤The item was perfect for our cake. The item was easy to clean.

👤Make sure your cake is at least 10 inches.

👤It is amazing that AMAZON has everything we want and live in the same way as AMAZON. The kids are going to love it because it has miniATURE XMAS TREES and CREAM CHEESE SANTA HATS. I didn't know where to find it. I always go to my computer. AMAZON IS A BLEAK HABIT NOW.

11. Wilsons 40003 Basswood Thick Round

Wilsons 40003 Basswood Thick Round

The size and shape of the item will vary due to nature. It's ideal for store displays. There is one basswood round. The measurement is between 11 and 12 inches.

Brand: Wilson Electronics

👤The wood slab was bought for our wedding cake. It is quite the value for the price because it is a pretty thick slab. On our wedding day, it looked beautiful because it was shipped right to our cake baker.

👤Just got the wood. It's not 11 to 12 inches. This one was 10 to 9 inches. I needed this to be at least 11 to 12 inches. I was disappointed because I trusted the seller's description. I need to find another one by tomorrow.

👤I bought this thinking it would be 11”-12” but it was actually 10”- 11. I wish it was true to the size.

👤The wood is beautiful in every way. The weight and thickness are great. A lot of people commented that it was not 11 to 12 inches. I have to confirm that I never got more than 10 1/2 inches on the wood, no matter what angle I measured it at. In the future, I would return the wedding cake because it will only be 9 inches around for the bottom layer. I realize that this is natural wood. It would be helpful for consumers to know that you could receive somewhere between 10”-12” if you gave a variance.

👤I needed wood that would stand up to being soaked and also drying quickly for mounting on a sheet rock wall. It was perfect for my large staghorn. I needed thumbtacks and sphagnum moss to complete my project. The disk cracked after the first soaking, but that did not affect my project. I think it looks cooler than that. If you need a solid disk for something other than this, cracking may be a consideration. Love it. I think it looks great.

👤Our wedding guests love these! I ordered two for height because I wanted to make sure it fit the cake. They aren't a perfect circle or a perfect oval. They are quality and real wood. They are used as a base for our wedding cake and never taken out of the plastic to make sure there were no bugs. We've had them for over a month. It still looks great, I haven't seen any. Our wedding utensils are not a perfect circular or oval shape, but our cake fit nicely and it was a 9 inch cake at the base, which is 6 inches on top. It was what we needed for our wedding and I'm very pleased with them.

👤It was ingrained in me that dragons like basking. Is the wood the perfect size for an adult beardy? Give it a sanding and seal, use a stool style, and add a bridge and a ramp from his desert zone to an alternate basking zone. My guy is set up. According to Amazon, shoppers find images and videos more helpful than text alone. I don't care. People should use their imaginations and pretend they know what I'm talking about. My beardy doesn't consent to the release of his or his habitat's image for public use.


What is the best product for wedding cake stand rustic?

Wedding cake stand rustic products from Rabaha. In this article about wedding cake stand rustic you can see why people choose the product. Xuanjia and Hearthford are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding cake stand rustic.

What are the best brands for wedding cake stand rustic?

Rabaha, Xuanjia and Hearthford are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding cake stand rustic. Find the detail in this article. Aw Bridal, Reaowazo and Cuteexpress are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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