Best Wedding Bubbles 100 Count

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1. White Double Bubble Bottle Pre Filled

White Double Bubble Bottle Pre Filled

The paper can be used with markers or ink, perfect for wedding, graduation, party, cloth tags, price tags, gift tags, bookmark tags, cupcake toppers, wish trees, love notes, scrapbooking and more. 150 mini double heart bubble bottles are a romantic idea for wedding, anniversary and engagement parties. The mini bubble bottles are about the same height as a car. Prefilled 0.6 oz non-toxic bubble liquid is safe for kids up to the age of 3. The bubble bottle is made of high quality materials and is designed to not leak during transportation. You can make a lot of bubbles by waving a wand or blowing very slowly. Double Heart Bubbles will enhance your outdoor activities, carnival prize, contest prizes, pool bath time, themed birthday, gift bags, and bridal shower. As a souvenir for your guests. The double heart tops and white bottle is a perfect party decoration. Let's make a cute souvenir for guests. The bubble toy is funny.

Brand: Byonebye

👤Just right. I have 75 bottles left if anyone needs them.

👤I hesitated before buying them because of the reviews that said they were hard to open. I'm not sure if they changed the packaging or not. These were easy to do. I was going to spend an hour or so before opening to make sure my guests didn't struggle, but there was no need. I opened about a dozen and it was very easy to open. They produced a lot of bubbles. The bottles are cute. Couldn't have been happier with the purchase.

👤It's easy to open. Excellent bubbles were blowed. People who can't open these are stupid. I'm not sure what all the complaints are about. These were perfect for our wedding. Excellent price and quality!

👤I opened one after reading some reviews about the difficulty in opening, and I am sure it was bought for my daughter's wedding. The little lid popped right back on, there were no problems at all. My granddaughter had fun with the sample bottle. The solution creates a lot of bubbles. The price is not great. The product works well.

👤Our daughter and her new husband were saluted with these bubbles. It was easy to open and perfect for a perfect day.

👤The ones that were harder to open worked well for our daughter's wedding.

👤It's just as cute as pictured. The wedding guest didn't know how to use them. It's odd.

👤Perfect size! Shipping was quick and the item was in great condition. It is thankful.

2. JOYIN Bubble Circle Shapes Decorations

JOYIN Bubble Circle Shapes Decorations

The same smooth, creamy and classic milk chocolate the world has known and loved for decades is dressed to impress for an upcoming wedding celebration. A set of interrelated things. There are 72 pieces of bubbles mini wands in two shapes, it comes in 6 colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white. Easy to use design. There are a lot of bubbles when you blow or wave. It's easy to use and it's great quality. A gift. Great for Themed Party, Activity, Camping Trips, Halloween, Ceremony, Carnival, Easter, Birthday Gifts, Pool, Graduation, Family Reunion Party Favors for Kids. A popular choice for Easter basket stuffers. Kids mini bubble wands are the best gift for boys, girls and children because they are fun to play with. Premium quality and safety. Child Safe is not Toxic. Meet the US toy standard. The safety test was approved. Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin.

Brand: Joyin

👤I only received 66, which was advertised as 72. They were shipped in a plastic cube. There was a cube in the mailer. The mailer appears to be intact, so it looks like I was shorted. These things are bright and cute. There is probably enough liquid in them to make 5 bubbles. They were bought for the Easter Egg Hunt. I tried opening it and it didn't have any issues. We will see how they work when little hands hold them.

👤The little bubble wands were purchased for a party. These were the best deals I could find. I needed about 30 goody bags so I was fine with keeping some extra on hand for the next party or using them for my kids as a way to keep them occupied outside. The pull feature on the top cap broke when some kids tried to play with it. It could be that they didn't pull it out properly or that they were a bit brittle. It was difficult to get the wand out without the top pull feature. My kids were complaining but it wasn't a big deal for me.

👤My child loves them! I use them as a reward for potty training. They blow a lot of bubbles. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because you have to be careful when opening it because if you're too harsh the top of the wand will come off and you won't be able to open it. They are great over all.

👤I received the mini bubble wands today and they were good but I have 5 that leaked so I was shorted my product.

👤I buy this for a friend in Alaska that works with law enforcement and we absolutely love these mini bubbles and they bring joy to the kids. These are great for play dates and birthday parties. Highly recommended!

👤! These are amazing. I am a home health nurse. On my daily route, I carry treats for the dogs and bubbles for the kids. Children and their faces are light up when I see them. There are lots of bubbles with every blow. It's great for birthday parties as well.

👤It's perfect for my preschool treasure box. The kids prefer these over other items. Will be ordering more in the future.

👤Put them in a piata for a trip to Africa. The kids loved them.

👤Come sempre top. I formano tantissime piccole bolle...che dire...acquisto super consigliato.

👤Ottima qualit. There is a colori. I come bambini.

👤Finde in schn,dass in the Behlter.

3. Wedding Anniversaries Celebration Supplies Valentines

Wedding Anniversaries Celebration Supplies Valentines

If you want to avoid the balloons bursting, please inflate the balloons with more safe gas like helium and do not inflate them too full. When using balloons, keep away from high temperature areas and sharp objects. Children under the age of 8 need close adult supervision when using balloons. They will make sure to resolve your concern if you have any questions. The mini circle bulk bubble wands are perfect for wedding favors and anniversary parties. It will make your guests feel romantic. The circle tops and clear tube are perfect for a party. Let's make a cute souvenir for guests. It will make the event funnier. Make your event more unforgettable with endless bubbles. The white bubble bottle is leak proof and safe for transporting to your engagement party or event venue. The mini white bubble wands are small and have a small amount of non-toxic bubble liquid that is safe for skin and face. 3 years old and ups are recommended.

Brand: Byonebye

👤I bought these for my wedding and am very happy about it. All the 112 wands came on time. If one of them leaked during shipping, it would have leaked within its own bag and not get soapy bubble solution on the rest of the order. The bubble wands came sealed nicely, but I dressed them up with my wedding theme colors to make sure they didn't leak. I was happy with the fair pricing. I would buy it again for my birthday, but not in the future.

👤The little handles broke, so you couldn't use them. It was basically water, so that didn't matter. Every blow, a bubble would come out. It was for a wedding send off.

👤These were perfect! I bought these for the baby shower. They were a huge hit. The bubble soap is clear and the heart shape wand is clear, which makes it possible to see it inside. Obviously there's not a lot of liquid bubble, but it's a hit and well-priced, because I knew that going into it by the design and shape.

👤Needed affordable bubbles for a large wedding and they were a hit. The adults were nice and the kids loved them.

👤I had to wipe my individual bubbles off as most of them were less than half full. The packaging was all wet and I was very upset.

👤The tops were twisted off at the wedding and could not be used.

👤I haven't opened them all to check them, but the one that I checked was in perfect shape. They are for my guest at the wedding. They are blowing bubbles instead of rice.

👤These are bubbles. I didn't have a break or leak. They blew amazing bubbles, compared to what I expected. They were perfect for the wedding exit. Cute.

4. RUN BRAIN GO Dinosaur Backyard

RUN BRAIN GO Dinosaur Backyard

Customer satisfaction. Their main priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, feel free to message them. The celebrations begin at Joyin. The product is perfect for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, party toys, Easter gift, Halloween gift, holiday toy gifts and New Year gifts for kids. Happy time for family, they like to chase bubbles in the sun. The pictures of children and dogs playing make most adults and elderly people relive their happy childhood. Big Bubble Maker. The cute dinosaur looks and solid touch are very popular with children. With round appearance and high-quality materials, parents can rest assured that their children are playing together. Happy time for kids is perfect for themed parties, carnival, birthday parties, party favors, camping trips, Halloween, weddings, school classroom, easter basket stuffers, outdoor water toy game activities, beach, pack, backyard bubbles or pool party. There is a worry free purchase. The dinosaur bubble gun is compliant with U.S toy safety standards. You will be reassured to buy and play. They offer 7* 24 hours Amazon Messages. Any quality issues with the product will be free to return.

Brand: Run Brain Go

👤Omigod! The furry kind like bubbles. A decent amount of bubbles. There are big bubbles and little bubbles. The dog is crazy for it. This is great for everyone. A big kid is approved. Adult will need to assemble with dogs and little kids. The batteries are not included.

👤I bought a bubble gun for my grandson. What a hit! It entertained him for a long time.

👤Kids were thrilled for hours at the picnic because of the toy.

👤My grandson loves it. Great bubbles!

👤My daughter and I like to play with this. Its very cute and fun.

👤Exceeded my expectations. It is completely worth the price. My kids have hours of fun with these.

👤It took 3 adults to get it assembled and working, but once we did it the bubbles were great. You have to drag the wand.

5. Rhode Island Novelty Wedding Bubbles

Rhode Island Novelty Wedding Bubbles

The application is widely used. It is waterproof and can be used for indoor and outdoor decorations such as patio, balcony, garden, living room, bedroom, doors and windows. These christmas lights are great for any occasion, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, weddings, parties, dances, birthdays, and daily decorations. The height is 2 1/2 inches.

Brand: Rhode Island Novelty

👤I ordered these for my wedding after reading all the other reviews and decided to try them out. I thought so... They could possibly be that hard to open, and someone else had mentioned that they should open theirs before that. I could not open a single bottle of my bubbles after they arrived. I couldn't open the two nails I broke. I tried to stick a butter knife between the cap and the bottle, but I couldn't open a bottle. I felt the need to write this review so that I could save someone else the trouble that I just went through, because my fingertips are sore from trying to open these bubbles. Right away, sending these back.

👤The bubbles bottles are adorable. Multiple other reviewers have stated that they are impossible to open. I was only able to open one out of the entire box because of my injuries. The price is great, but not worth it if my wedding guests can't open the bubbles.

👤One of the bubbles arrived without the lid on and it leaked all over. Some of the bubbles were over full, some were half empty, some had additional plastic on the top, some blew great bubbles, and some of them didn't hold. I needed a lot of bubbles. I would prefer more consistent quality.

👤These are cute, but they are cheap and do not open well. I tried to open one before the wedding. I had to open every one of them because they were hard to open and I didn't want guests to spill their clothes on me. Approx. I wouldn't buy again if 30 out of 200 didn't open.

👤The first experimental blow 8 bubbles came out and were the talk of the reception. People had to return for another bottle after the bride and groom came out. They are hard to open but we had a few people who were not interested in anything. I made one of the best wedding purchases I have ever made, as they work like no other bubble. Well worth it!

👤We bought these for our wedding guests to blow as we left the church. The photos were great. If you don't have strong nails, they are hard to open. Many people helped others open them. I read the only negative in the review before buying it.

👤I ordered them for my wedding. I read that the tops were hard to pop off, so I took them off, thinking that would make it easier for guests to get the bubbles. The boxes did not open at all or were hard to get off. The rest of them were hard to get off. The bubbles would leak out the top after they were finally opened. I had to use paper towels to dry off the tops several times and some of the bubbles still continued to leak. I gave it two stars because of the cute hearts and the fact that there were quite a few bubbles. If you don't have a lot of time to open each bottle, find the ones that refuse to open and then dry them off. I wouldn't buy.

6. Liberty Imports Heart Bubble Wands

Liberty Imports Heart Bubble Wands

There are cute wedding favors bags with Bride and Groom art. The mini bubble wands are small enough to fit into a goody bag. These slender bubble tubes are made in a sleek cylinder tube shape and have a heart motif. The design is easy to use and beautiful. Bubbles have never looked like this. The slender cylinder bottles are a treat. It's a good idea to inject a little bit of fun into your special day. There are uses for wedding favor, party favor, birthday, event, and decoration.

Brand: Liberty Imports

👤There are pros and cons. Excellent customer service; easy to use; cute packaging. There are some things that are CONS: A liquid is being shipped. The others will be sticky and the event a few vials short of the 48. The replacement had the same issue. It was easy to wipe down because we only need 30.

👤I bought these for my wedding and the matching custom stickers from INKYOURSTYLE to give them a personal touch. The idea for photos was less than 20 bucks and it was cute.

👤We bought 2 packs of bubbles for our wedding. One pack was perfect, but the other pack had broken bottles. Had to clean that entire batches because of the spills. I was a little disappointed, but luckily I ordered more bubbles than we needed. Would order again. The heart shaped stopper was prefilled and I love it.

👤My daughter is getting married. They made a lot of bubbles. Some of the bubbles weren't closed all the way when I opened the box. Thank goodness, nothing leaked. I put them in a bowl of mints.

👤When we realized we hadn't planned the send off, we asked the help to plan a friends wedding. I was able to get the bubbles 3 days before the wedding. It was easy to use and give lots of bubbles to send the bride and groom off in style. Highly recommend.

👤I bought these for my 2 year olds party. They were not easy to keep up with. The solution wasn't too crazy. They were not the worst bubbles I've had.

👤I like the product, but I have to wipe it down because of how it was packaged. If the cases broke and spilled soap on the rest of them, they came out, but they were put in a bag instead of a box. My time is being used to clean them up.

👤The product produces many bubbles. The problem is packing the product. They were in a bag. It could have been packed better to prevent possible leaks.

👤The packaging was open and the box was broken up.

7. Bulk Wedding Bubbles Anniversaries Celebrations

Bulk Wedding Bubbles Anniversaries Celebrations

Money-back guarantee: Confidence comes from high quality and continuous pursuit for perfectness. They will give you a replacement or a refund if you are dissatisfied. A mega value pack! 48 bottles are held with a wand on inside of the lid. The wedding groom should keep the wedding excitement to a minimum. The Tow Heart Bubbles will make your guests very happy and will be an adorable souvenir for your wedding. The perfect small prize is for weddings, birthdays, carnivals, and much more. Colorful display boxes are available in bulk of 48 and are available for a discounted price.

Brand: Bedwina

👤My daughter can give out at a wedding, so I got these. I didn't open them until the day of. Anyhow... My brother asks me how to open them, as I help my daughter give them out. I told you to pop it up with your thumb. I didn't think of this, so it was a bit embarrassing. I would have noticed people were struggling to open them if my brother had mentioned it. The kids at the wedding used their teeth to open it, but the adults struggled to open it. It was a fail. I wouldn't recommend these. The rpice was great. The bubbles worked well. The design was cute. Good luck trying to open them.

👤Anyone who can't open these things is a moron. I was hesitant to order after reading so many reviews about how hard they are to open. You flip the little side thing and they open. These are great for the price and blow great bubbles. Excellent quality! We bought these for my wedding and were very impressed. Veru is cute and stylish.

👤I bought these for a friend. Nobody could open them. The tab to open them is useless because they are so tight. They hurt your fingers. If you can open them, they make great bubbles. I recommend you bring pliers to the wedding if you buy them.

👤The bubbles were good quality and were shipped on time. I put them in a basket so everyone could grab one at the ceremony. All of them were full of bubbles.

👤They are bubbles. They are better than confetti because there is no clean-up. It is soapy water, so be careful on the dance floor. If there are children at your wedding, it is only a matter of time before they spill the bottle contents, because the caps are pop-off. Again, it is soapy water, so no harm.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. The cap is hard to get off so you will need to help the little ones open it. I filled the bubbles with soapy water and it worked great. These were used by children ages 3-12.

👤The bubbles worked. They were hard to open. I ordered two boxes and one came with half the bubbles in it.

👤The container was hard to open and caused spills. There was a film on the bottles. We had to tape the labels on the bottle.

8. 40 Piece Bubble Wands Assortment Favors

40 Piece Bubble Wands Assortment Favors

It's safe. The solution passed all safety tests. Do not drink. Kids are very safe on their skin and face. The #1 children's advocate. A bulk pack of mini bubble star wands; 40 pieces; ideal party favor, carnival prize, outdoor activity, reunion fun for kids are included. The 40 piece pack is packed into a plastic bucket with a handle that makes it easier to take along on trips to parks, lakes, and other places. Each bubble wand is small enough to fit into your bag but big enough. For the little children. Includes 8 colors. Summer fun with these bubbles will upgrade any kids party. They are fun. The weather was nice and entertaining. Pre-FILLED NON-TOXIC Each ounce is 0.16-Oz. Non-Toxic Bubble Soap Liquid is prefilled in the tube.

Brand: Toyrifik

👤My daughter wants to give some cute cards to her classmates on February 14th. Some of the cards we had already made were ruined by some that were not even full. I had to send the cards in a paper bag with a note to my daughter's teacher asking her to give these out at dismissal because they might leak.

👤I put some of the bubbles in our diaper bag so I could pull them at random if my kids got upset. They were used at a recent BBQ. A little boy was hurt. I gave the bubbles to the little ones. The kids started to have fun after he calmed down. I ordered more on Amazon as I realized I didn't have any left. These bubbles were bright and cute. The colors are vibrant and you can get many for a low price. A lot of kid tears were taken away by bubbles. Many spilled in the shipping process, the lids don't seem to fit properly. They were all sticky, and some are only half or a quarter full now. The bubbles that are still full will not be pushed down all the way by the lids. I will use them if I can figure out how to fit the lids securely on top. It will be worth it if I can dry some sad tears.

👤I will never buy these again. My children's schools Home and School Association has a Secretary. I wanted to do something for the kids, so I supplied the refreshments and snacks. I decided on this set of 40x 4 sets because it was going to be expensive to supply bubbles for 147 kids. I've never been so disappointed. What a waste of money. I knew they were going to be small. They are very small. They came half full and spilled all over the box. I feel defeated now. I wasted $50 of my own money and now have nothing to replace it with. I don't like letting 147 kids down. Considering the contents, the way they were shipped was unacceptable. There was no box to hold them in place so they wouldn't spill. Don't buy.

👤I paid too much for this garbage because I got this on a lightening deal. Don't waste your money if you buy these at the Dollar store. These are not completely filled. They produce bubbles. It might be worth a dollar, but not ten dollars. Beware!

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I bought these bubble wands to put in favor bags for my 4 year olds birthday party. I don't hold high expectations when it comes to multi packs of small bubbles because they seem to have never worked. These were the perfect size and the bubbles were the best I've ever seen. This may sound silly but with every blow there were tons of bubbles. My 1 year old was able to do it. Some of them were sticky from one container. The quality of the recipe was made up for this small problem.

9. Wedding Outdoor Activity Toddlers Inscraft

Wedding Outdoor Activity Toddlers Inscraft

Fansteck bubble machine; manual bubbles blowing bars; user manual. It comes with friendly customer service. They would like to help you if you tell them if your items are faulty. The 90 pack mini bubble wands are in 15 vibrant colors. It was stored in a strong box. There is endless bubble fun. The thick plastic with a long lasting bubble is a perfect gift for pool parties, festivals, carnival prizes, and contest prizes. The best gift for boys and girls is bubbles, children will play for hours with these colorful bubble wands. Premium Quality and Safety: It is very safe for children to be 3 years old, made of non-toxic smelless soap solution. A child can enjoy the spring. Money-back guarantee: Confidence comes from high quality and continuous pursuit for perfectness. They will give you a replacement or a refund if you are dissatisfied.

Brand: Inscraft

👤These are fun and a hit with my middle school students. I have experience with poor quality bubble solution and that is not fun. I liked the variety of colors.

👤I bought 90 boxes. 13 were empty or nearly empty. They had to be washed. The card board was wet. It's so nasty. What a mess.

👤The bubble wands worked well. They are far and away from the bubbles. They fit easily in your pocket and do not leak. They open and create bubbles. The ones in the little bottles were difficult to open and did not create a good bubble. These were better than the others. A good product.

👤We put these in the bags for our daughter's birthday. The tubes are easy to open, but not open on their own. It's not a lot of bubbles in the tubes, but it's good for kids that are prone to spilling. We would buy again.

👤When I opened the box of bubble wands, I found that the top piece of cardboard had mold growing on it from the liquid in the wands spilling out. mold was growing on the box holding the wand. I was able to clean, sanitized, and sterilize about 65 wands. The rest of the wands were leaking and we couldn't give them as gifts so they were trashed.

👤I checked the box immediately after it arrived because of other reviews. I thought it would be better. The tubes were in the bottom of the box. My asthma was caused by the mold and the mildew on this box. It is disgusting and unacceptable.

👤There are 90 different colors and it's great. Enough to give a gift to my kids. They have a bad smell. I wouldn't say the smell is strong, but it's not pleasant. It wasn't enough to give it a really negative review.

👤I would have liked to have taken a picture. The product inside the box was mostly okay, but the packaging was saturated and collapsed. I can tell you that some of the bubbles leaked out. The wands were not put in the box that was pictured. The smell of musty/moldy was present when they fell through the box. The box of bubble wands was supposed to be a donation for a Halloween event for kids who can't eat candy, so I was disappointed at the state of it, so I transferred all the wands into a large Ziploc and delivered them with hopes for the best.

10. Engagement Anniversary Valentines Graduation Celebrations

Engagement Anniversary Valentines Graduation Celebrations

You could add some atmosphere to the festival by adding metallic wire-edged ribbon, washi tape, gift twine, or decoupage paper to the paper gift boxes. You can decorate them with specific ink stamps or stencil. Birthdays, gift favors, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day and Independence day are some of the days where these party favor boxes can be found. 150 Pack Mini Heart Bubble Wands are great for wedding favors. Adding a romantic atmosphere to festivals such as Valentine's Day for girlfriend is a good idea. Great for wedding celebrations, outdoor activities, family reunion, bridal shower, carnival prize, contest prizes, bath time, pool parties, Themed Birthday etc. The event will be fun. When you wave the wand or blow slowly, bubbles will fly in the air. It's a great way to make bubbles for lovers. The cap and bubble soap bottle are made of high-quality materials and are designed to ensure that no leakage occurs during transport. The return guarantee. 30 days free return policy is offered if you are not satisfied with the product.

Brand: Nasidear

👤The product was leaking when it arrived in the box. Some of the bottles are half full.

👤The bubbles were great. They arrived undamaged and without leaks. The newlyweds were sent through a tunnel of bubbles by the wedding guests. Some of the lids were a little stubborn coming off, but many of us just used our teeth to pry them open.

👤I would say that they are worth it for the amount and the value. When I opened my box, I noticed that the packaging was sticky and wet. There are cracks and leaks. The tops are hard to open. We had to remove them. I won't be buying them again for what we'll be using them for.

👤The tubes are cute, but there is a lot of leaking. A sealed bottle of bubbles with a funnel is what the supplier should provide. You would think that would be more work, but be prepared to buy more bubbles, fill all the partial tubes, and wipe down all the tubes. Extra work and overpriced for what it is.

👤My parents will be renewing their vows at the end of the month and throwing a huge reception to celebrate their 50th anniversary. I ordered these for guests, and it turned out to be an excellent idea. They were well packaged and arrived in 3 days.

👤Liquid leaked into the box when these were grouped into many sleeves. We opened them before the wedding. We could discard the ones that were cracked and leaked.

👤I am not happy with these. I had to clean every single one of the bubbles. Each pack contains 15 bubbles. There were cracked bubbles in each pack. If you don't mind cleaning all of the bubbles, then they are alright. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my time.

👤A lot of bubbles for money. I have to dry the bags and store them in a new container because they are completely soaked. A lot of liquid in bottles is a nuisance.

👤The product was delivered the next day after the order was finalized.

11. Big Mos Toys Heart Bubble

Big Mos Toys Heart Bubble

The mini bubble wands are small enough to fit into a goody bag. Blowing bubbles at weddings. The event will be fun. A great souvenir for wedding guests. Non-toxic bubble liquid is prefilled with wand and it doesn't stain. The bottle is easy to dispose of.

Brand: Big Mo's Toys

👤After my son's wedding, I ordered these. I ordered 40 packs. One of the 40 packs was broken when they arrived and the bubble wands were leaking inside the box. I was not happy about this as I had read from the seller that this had been a recurring problem that they assured buyers was fixed. It has not been fixed. I'm not sure why the pack broke because the shipping box was intact. It looked like it had been put in a broken box. The package that was not broken had bubble liquid leaking inside. We had to rinse them off and dry them. Most of them had enough liquid in them to be usable. The good news is that once we took care of the sticky mess the bubbles worked great and each dip blew lots and lots of wonderful, tiny bubbles for the bride and groom to run through as they went to their car.

👤Fantastic! I've seen smaller weddings, but this one is much bigger. Our guests loved the ribbon we tied on the top.

👤Very happy with the product. After reading reviews, I was worried about the state of the wands, but, even though the large cardboard box should have had some kind of packing, the wands were in good shape, and I had no problem with it. I've tested the wand with my german Sheppard and she's loving it! Can't wait to use it for my son's wedding.

👤You would think that the merchant would fix the leaking bottles. The bubbles work well.

👤It was the best purchase ever. The bubbles are like HQ, they are in super cute tubes. They blow the smallest bubbles, perfect for a baby shower. Fast shipping and a great price. I can't stress enough that these are great quality.

👤I was uneasy about buying after reading the reviews. I got my order early. The bottom of the plastic was broken but the bubbles were intact. When I took them out to tie a ribbon, I noticed that about 25% only had a small amount of bubbles. I only ordered them from Amazon because everything was closed. I found them at the hobby lobby after the store reopened. I bought extra because of the reviews. They were tied up with ribbon to dress them up. They should be fine. I already tried them out. It's easy to open.

👤The bubbles worked well for me. I read that they were hard to open, but that was not the case. The tubes made a lot of bubbles. It was perfect for a wedding reception. The packaging was my only criticism. Bubble tubes fall out of the containers when they are taken from a shipping box because the plastic containers are cracked. There were a few tubes that leaked. The product worked well for me. The packaging fell short. I was pleased with my purchase. Would have given 5 stars if the packaging was different.

👤One of the containers was missing bubbles. With my son's wedding days away, I didn't bother to say anything, as I didn't have time to order again or wait for a replacement order. We used what we had and called it good. I wouldn't order from here again in the future.


What is the best product for wedding bubbles 100 count?

Wedding bubbles 100 count products from Byonebye. In this article about wedding bubbles 100 count you can see why people choose the product. Joyin and Byonebye are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding bubbles 100 count.

What are the best brands for wedding bubbles 100 count?

Byonebye, Joyin and Byonebye are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding bubbles 100 count. Find the detail in this article. Run Brain Go, Rhode Island Novelty and Liberty Imports are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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