Best Wedding Bouquets for Bride Royal Blue

Bride 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. JaosWish Boutonniere Handmade Corsage Wedding

JaosWish Boutonniere Handmade Corsage Wedding

There are 100 white flower heads. Artificial silk and 100% handmade are the premium material. About size. The flower men corsage is about 5 cm in diameter. Fashionable match. The pin can be used to match most of your outfits. The men's boutonniere is perfect for weddings, parties or daily uses in the office. There is a package. The men flower boutonniere set includes a wedding boutonniere.

Brand: Jaoswish

👤These exceeded my expectations. They are gorgeous. If you are on the fence, jump off and buy them.

👤The color is perfect. I was scared of trying to match purples over the phone screen. I was surprised how beautiful these are.

👤They were well worth the price.

👤I would buy them again and they came as pictured. If you don't want the hassle of making your own well, these are the way to go. I changed the ribbon color to match my colors and they are great.

👤I was very happy with everything from ordering to shipping.

👤I didn't write reviews for products but I decided that these boutonnires deserved a review because I loved them so much. I ordered the light pink ones and they are gorgeous. They look better in person. I removed the plastic from the top, and now I don't think anyone would be able to tell that it's artificial. I recommend re-wrapping the bottom in a sheer blush ribbon to match your theme, as it really brings out the color of the flowers. They are great quality and look great.

👤The men can suck it up for one day, but Mabey is a little feminine with the gems on the side.

2. Lings Moment Artificial Centerpieces Decorations

Lings Moment Artificial Centerpieces Decorations

Also, note: Silk flowers are made of fabric and can be squeezed a little, please sort the petals or bud first, then the bouquet will look the same as it shows on the picture. The ling's roses are made of a soft high quality PE foam which gives them the look of fresh roses and touches soft. Each rose head has a size. The stem is about 8 inches long. The roses are easy to work with because of their flexible thin wire stem. It's easy to bend, cut down or pull out. They're perfect for making flowers at your wedding, party, baby shower, or home. Each box has 8 rose leaves as complimentary. Also, note: The size of the roses may be different and there may be a color difference between different dye lots.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤These flowers look real. I used 1,000 to create a flower wall. It came out well.

👤They are perfect for my center pieces. Only 16 of the 50 flowers came with green leaves. The rest is notComplicated. Not a flower without the leaves. I want Ling's to send me the leaves. I bought 2 more boxes in hopes of getting more leaves. I hope I can get my problem solved as the flowers are perfect once they are complete. I want to say that these flowers look real. They are perfect for my center pieces. Lings responded to all of my emails in a timely manner, and they were able to take care of my issue, even though I had an issue with the lack of leaves. I think they have updated their information about the leaves. If you want more leaves, they will sell them separately. I purchased more flowers after this first purchase, but I will continue to purchase them in the future.

👤I bought these flowers to make a wedding centerpiece. I was not disappointed when they came. The flower was packaged well and arrived in a timely fashion. Some of the flowers were smooshed. I wanted to see what I could do with them. The stem and leaves of this flower are not eye catching, so I recommend it for arrangements that hide the back. The leaves are made from construction paper. If you look at the ad, you'll see that they don't hide it, but they don't reveal it either. This isn't a problem for kissing balls or bouquets. You may want to look at other options if you want to expose the stems. The flowers are made of foam and are pleasant to look at, but they are not floaty. Don't think about getting them to submerge. Unless you have a heavy anchor, the are very strong and float to the top. I used 10 glass beads as an anchor for a rose and it floated to the top. I found that they perked up when I submerging and that the smooshed petals dried out after drying. This is up to you. The red didn't run after being submerged, but I didn't do it for a long time. I hope this helps some. For my intended use, they are fine.

👤I was very pleased with the quality of the flowers. You would think they were real up close. I assumed that they would be of a lesser quality since they were cheap, but that's not the case. I was able to make almost all of my wedding flowers. I purchased 2 of the colors and they are gorgeous! My wedding colors are blush and ivory. They are easy to work with. They come packaged in plastic, but I don't need to tug on the petals very much, just squeeze the base of the flower to loosen it. I will definitely be purchasing additional flowers from this company to finish my wedding decorating, because I have recommended these flowers to anyone that I know getting married, and I will definitely be purchasing additional flowers from this company. Thank you for the great quality flower!

3. Arlai Wedding Bridesmaid Corsage Decoration

Arlai Wedding Bridesmaid Corsage Decoration

There is a custom made service available. Please confirm the colors you need, then contact them for more information. Artificial flowers, ribbon. The ribbon to tie on the wrist fits all the people's wrists. The set of 1 wrist flower, pretty wrist corsage, worn on the left hand, fits all the people's wrists. The package includes a wrist flower. Good wedding gift, suitable for bride,bridesmaid, birthday party and other special occasions.

Brand: Arlai

👤Completely fell apart. When I opened the package, the jewel was off. I thought there was no big deal in shipping. I had to glue it back, but it fell off again. I was able to sew the band back together after it came apart in the first 5 minutes. The whole flower came apart. Would not recommend.

👤The quality of the material was good and it looked like the image was good. The little string with beads was wrinkled and folded up when it arrived in a bubble wrap envelope. I don't know how to make them straight out like in the image, so I might have to cut them off.

👤I ordered the same color boutonnieres when I ordered these wristlets. The flowers were beautiful. The wristlets looked cheap. I was very disappointed. I wanted to save time in the planning of the customer's wedding. I had to take the rose ribbon backing off and use the pearl bead strands to make a new creation for the mothers and grandmothers of the brides wedding.

👤I used it for my daughter's wedding in January.

👤The first two that I received were broken. I received a replacement corsage that was broken.

👤The style is what it is. I don't like the work that is done.

👤The gems or beads were loose the first time. What do you think the price will be? It was pretty.

👤The service was very good and the product was very good.

4. Lings Moment Artificial Bridesmaid Anniversary

Lings Moment Artificial Bridesmaid Anniversary

Good wedding gift, suitable for bride,bridesmaid, birthday party and other special occasions. The package includes a bridal bouquet x1 and a white and blue ribbon. Silk flowers and greenery include cacti, austin rose, vendela rose, petite peony, morning glory, delphinium, and gardenia. The bouquet is ready to use. It's perfect for the wedding ceremony, bridal shower, wedding party photo as a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, toss bouquet, or wedding photography props. Ling's senior designer has a lot to do with well-designed, from material selection to color matching to styling design. For the integrity and beauty of the wedding, they also provide 9inch bouquets and 7inch bridesmaid bouquets designed in the same style for you to choose from. The flower is separated from the bouquet handle, so it needs to be tightened together. During handling, storing and transportation there might be a little bit of a change. The flower should be adjusted to recover its shape.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤These are the flowers that are real looking. They are very good value for money. You have to be very close to see that they are not real. I couldn't justify spending a lot of money on flowers for the wedding we had at home. I found Lings Moment on Amazon and I'm really excited about it. I'm converting my bouquet into an arrangement that will be used in my house. I will be using the other flower sprays to decorate my house for Christmas. This product is definitely recommended by me.

👤The photos from my April wedding were beautiful. The only downside was that the flowers were smashed and the white ribbon was stiff as a board. It can be fixed with a manual adjustment and steam from an iron, but it takes a lot of time. The flowers looked real in the photos and were asked several times which flower shop I got them from. You can tell they aren't real from very close up. Next year I will be renewing my vow with my Boquete.

👤The brides, groomsmen and bridesmaids set was purchased by us and we were very happy with it. Everyone gets to keep it as a souvenir of the big day. They were all. Next day delivery was received in stock. They were packaged and not smashed. I would recommend them. The flowers look real.

👤When I received it, it was obvious to me that it was not real. The flowers were broken and the fake was very gaudy.

👤The bouquet was pretty. I was going to get a huge bouquet of flowers. I couldn't justify it since it was more for delivery and we weren't able to travel with all of the bouquets. It was well packed. The ribbon is supposed to be fine. I thought it would take away from it. It is well photographed and looks rustic.

👤The bouquet is made of foam roses and plastic. We put our own foam roses and greenery on top of the plastic 'floral'. The stems of the bride bouquet were filled with glue. It looks cheap. I was expecting more for the amount of money I paid. I think we will use them. I don't want to return the whole bundle. I will keep the flowers close to our wedding date.

👤I loved it. I trimmed off some leaves because I didn't like the look of them, I added a few more flowers I bought through ling. I wrapped the ribbon around it instead of using it for bows on my bridesmaids bouquets. I got nothing but complaints after the minor touches.

👤I did not post before and after much. I added more to the kit I bought. I can't wait to use it on my wedding day, it's beautiful and I can't wait to use it.

5. S SSOY Customizable Romantic Bridesmaid Valentines

S SSOY Customizable Romantic Bridesmaid Valentines

height about 25 cm Artificial pearls are in the material. There are roses decorated with artificial pearls. It's suitable for wedding, anniversary, party, ceremony, bookstore, cloth shop, and all kinds of occasion's decoration. There is a free matching flower included. There is a custom made service available. Fast shipping, well packaged. Please confirm the colors you need, then contact them for more information.

Brand: S-ssoy

👤This was absolutely beautiful. My friend is getting married the day after the holiday and flowers are expensive. I found a bouquet and 2 smaller ones that were all coordinated. I found a set of 4 boutonnires. I ordered all of the photos you see in the picture below for $90 on Amazon Prime. They came quickly, but they looked great out of the box. There were some pink plastic things that were used as an accent. I cut them out because they looked cheap and lessened the look of the bouquet. The result is what you see. I plan to put my bow around the base of the flowers as they should be the back, as the front should be a white daisy and 2 white roses. We are very pleased with everything and this won't be a big deal. I cut out the cheap looking pink plastic things that looked fake.

👤It was pretty for photos. I have them to enjoy for the rest of my life and no one noticed they were not real.

👤I was happy with the bouquet after a few reservations. The flowers are bright, vibrant, and beautiful and pop with the colors and fabric handle. The flowers look amazing in photos. The handle is simple and rustic, but it allows for more attention to be given to the bride and flowers. The materials for the handle are cheap, but they look homemade and rustic with the flowers, so it doesn't look bad. I would buy this again.

👤Beautiful flowers. I bought these for my last minute wedding and I love them so much. Thank you!

👤This is pretty. The lace was easy to remove from my dress. Love the design and size. The flowers were in good shape. My wedding dress is very nice. The greenery is bright. My grandma is going to be with me on my wedding day.

👤These bouquets are of the highest quality. I bought two of them for my bridesmaids and they look real. This product is amazing and I recommend it. I ordered 3 and only received two in the first shipment, so I had to wait another 2 1/2 weeks for the other one to arrive, which for a bride was nerve-racking, not knowing if it would get here in time for the wedding.

👤This bouquet is gorgeous! I wanted a bouquet with soft colors that would complement my wedding day color scheme. I was worried about ordering online. The bouquet is gorgeous. I ordered the larger one for myself and the smaller one for my Matron of Honor. I removed some of the greenery in my bouquet to bring out the other flowers. It is a great value. It looks great in photos.

👤I bought this for my wedding and it was perfect. It looked just as beautiful as real flowers. I wanted to keep the faux flowers in my box. Get them!

👤Absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to use them, just like the photo was bought for my wedding.

6. WJYIKEE Handmade Bridesmaid Decoration Rhinestone

WJYIKEE Handmade Bridesmaid Decoration Rhinestone

DIMENSIONS The bouquet is about 7 x 7 and the handle is about 3 inches. The material is Rhinestones. Artificial pearls. The diameter is 21 cm and the high is 26 cm. The bride bouquet adds romance and magnificence to the wedding. Wedding bouquets are suitable for wedding celebrations, parties, dance parties, outdoor activities, photography and wedding photos. It can be a gift for someone special. 5 The bridal bouquets can bring you good memories and witness your love.

Brand: Wjyikee

👤I love this bouquet. It was beautiful. The flowers are flawless, but I bought the holder separately.

👤It's just beautiful. Pictures don't do justice to a bouquet. Sturdy. Well packaged. It was delivered on time.

👤It's stunning. The white is ivory. I wish I could keep it for my wedding. I needed white.

👤This package has been one of my most unexpected yet happiest moments of planning my wedding due to Covid19, my wedding date has finally been secured and rushing to purchase things for it has been very hard, I read all of the reviews and took a chance on this product, I can truly

👤The pictures don't do it justice. In person, it's much nicer. It's worth the money. I don't think it has weight to it, but not heavy. It is light for everything. It should be given to any bride for their wedding day.

👤I'm completely satisfied with this purchase. I've received a lot of praise. My dress was matched by the bouquet. The roses did not fall apart despite the bouquet being heavy. I took photos all day with this bouquet. The details are "spectacular" for the price. The bouquet sparkled in the sun. I think this bouquet is very good. You will not regret ordering this bouquet. It shines and shimmers. The bouquet is well made.

👤Words can't describe how beautiful this bouquet is for me as the bride, I will be using it for many anniversarys to come!

👤I bought this for my daughter because she didn't like the one that was made for her. We both loved it, but it is a little heavy. She threw her other one.

👤Very impressed. I was going to throw it to the crowd, but it was too pretty to do that. It will be kept as a souvenir.

👤I adore my bouquet, it is absolutely gorgeous.

👤I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

👤I am waiting for my wedding.

👤Bellissimo bouquet regalato a mia madre per i 25 anni di matrimonio. The bouquet was a curato,delle, giuste nĂ© piccolo. Ottimo sento di consigliare, non resta delusi.

7. BenCentre Greenery Artificial Ceremony Anniversary

BenCentre Greenery Artificial Ceremony Anniversary

The bouquet is handmade. The picture may have some differences. You can cut or fold the flowers for your own purposes. This bridal bouquet is made of 9 Austin roses, 2 white Babylon roses, and one wet-feeling Austin Rose, with greenery and flowers, and is a romantic bridal bouquet. The fabric flowers are high quality. The flowers were stuck to one stem, like nature rose, and can be done. A set of 1 natural whites bridal bouquets are attached to a white ribbon. There may be a slight colour difference due to the lighting, computer monitors, etc. You can use it for home, table, wedding, party, meeting room decor.

Brand: Bencentre

👤It was packaged in an eco friendly box. The bouquet is full of roses, tulips, salvia, carnations, baby's breath, berries, and a bunch of other foliage. The bouquet is moving nicely. You wouldn't be able to tell they are artificial from a couple feet away. I think it would match any wedding dress that is white, ivory or rosy shaded. I'm very happy with it. I plan to keep it as a decoration.

👤I wanted to buy a floral centerpiece that I could reuse for future dinners, so I went to the store. The arrangement looks real and everyone likes it. The roses are a lovely color and balance nicely with the baby's breath. I could see how lovely the ribbon would look in a bride's hands. Excited to use these again and again.

👤I absolutely adore this piece. I added my own flowers. The Bridesmaids bouquets were purchased from this seller. The tulips are very soft. Adding in extra flowers is easy with hot glue. Hangs about a foot and a half. Isn't large or small. The photographs are very realistic. I'm so excited to use it for my wedding in March. I added a bud from the blue flowers to the bouquets that I matched the mens bouts I purchased from Lings on Amazon.

👤You can tell it's fake because it's small compared to a picture.

👤I used this bouquet for my wedding. Everyone thought it was real when it looked gorgeous. I cut some of the leaves off, but it was still gorgeous. Thanks for making a great product!

👤I used this bouquet for my wedding photos. They look natural in photos. I liked that it was more organic and didn't look perfect.

👤These flowers are gorgeous. Multiple people asked where it was from, and they looked very real. I think the size is perfect. This bouquet is perfect for your big day. I tried to buy fake flowers at Michaels to replace this, but it was not as pretty as the flowers from the store, I am so glad I used this for my big day.

👤I was skeptical about purchasing but I am happy to report that these are beautiful and realistic. I was worried that it wouldn't arrive at the right time or that I would hate it. That wasn't the case! The flowers are gorgeous and it was packaged well.

8. Rinlong Wedding Bridesmaid Artificial Decoration

Rinlong Wedding Bridesmaid Artificial Decoration

Also, note: Silk flowers are made of fabric and can be squeezed a little, please sort the petals or bud first, then the bouquet will look the same as it shows on the picture. The blue rose wedding bouquet is ready to use when you get it, the bottom stems are wrapped with a ribbon that is elegant and distinctive. Their artificial wedding bouquets are packed carefully to make sure they reach your side undamaged and in shape. A bouquet of blue and white roses with lambs ear greenery could be used as a wedding bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, or toss bouquet. After unpacking, stretch out the bouquet to get the best looking.

Brand: Rinlong

👤Mi boda compre. Me encanta. Tiene 4 azules. A lindo.

👤I was happy with what I paid. It was full and my husband didn't realize it was artificial until he was close to it. It looks great from a distance.

👤It was nothing special.

👤Very thin. It wasn't full. I could have made this myself. I had to buy more to make it thicker. But it was a part of my wedding.

👤Hermanos tienes para realmente me.

👤The right size and color. We could add it to the price if we wanted.

👤I can't wait to use flowers on my wedding day.

9. Ansofi Sunflower Bouquets Artificial Cascading

Ansofi Sunflower Bouquets Artificial Cascading

These chair decoration flowers are not real. They look very realistic. They can be ordered months in advance. I thought it was dead. The main flowers of the bride's bouquet were burnt orange dried rose, burgundy rose and ivory white sunflower. Even if you touch it, it will make a rustling sound similar to the sound of dried flowers. The wedding was creative. Are you looking for a bouquet for an event? The bouquet will speak to you. The pros used dried elements for a rustic component. It's a great addition to your wedding. High quality jewelry. The silk fabric is used in the cascading bouquet. The silk bouquet is the best choice for all weather conditions because it will not freeze in the cold. Your wedding will look more refined and beautiful if you have a rich color flower head. It's perfect for a retro wedding celebration, parties, church, dances, outdoor activities, anniversary and toss bouquet. Also, note: During handling, storing and transportation there might be a little bit of a change. After receiving the flower, please knead it.

Brand: Ansofi

👤The colors were perfect for fall and it came with a matching boutonnire. I would recommend it. It was perfect for our ceremony and I loved it.

👤So pretty! The bouquet cane is very fast. The flowers are beautiful and high quality. I had to fluff the ones that had been shipped. It was easy. It came with a surprise for my husband. Which was very good quality. It looks amazing because it clips right on. Buy the bouquet!

👤I ordered these for the wedding. They came quickly and were beautiful. When you take them out of the box, you need to fluff them. Also came with a matching boutonnire.

👤The quality was great and it was nicely arranged. The colors are beautiful and everything falls together nicely. I can keep it forever.

👤My fiance thought they were real. It is a pretty choice. It will look great in the Autumn ceremony. It also had a boutinere.

👤When they arrived, the flowers were all smooshed.

👤The flowers look realistic. The bouquet is gorgeous. It is very well made.

10. Lings Moment Artificial Arrangement Decoration

Lings Moment Artificial Arrangement Decoration

It's a good idea to use nice ornaments for party, they are suitable for weddings, birthday engagements or anniversary parties and events, sweetheart tables, photo background, party decorations to impress and leave lasting memories. The "basic arch flower set" is designed for a small wedding arch, altar, arbor, gazebo, etc. They are made of foam and silk artificial flowers and look very realistic. The flower part is 35" L x12" W and the tie-back flower is 2.5ft L x 0.5ft W. The package includes a large corner flower swag, tie-back flower, white sheer drape, and dusty blue polyester drape. The package does not include arch stand, candles, candleholders, rose petals, lanterns, and lantern flowers.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤My husband and I bought this for my daughter's wedding and I asked them to put it up. It looked great! It was required that we use zip ties to put it up, so be sure to check the requirements where you are using it. The fabric was picked from the rough wood that was wrapped around the wooden structure that we attached it to. It was not noticeable until we took it down. If you don't see it close up, maybe it's ok.

👤I was worried that these would look fake for my daughter's wedding. I was wrong. These are gorgeous! I was able to decorate her arbor and cross after buying 3 sets. I would definitely recommend it.

👤We built our wedding arch from the ground up, and the flowers were easy to attach to the arch, because of the green zip ties.

👤It was a nice purchase for my wedding. I am glad I bought it, but I am not happy with the price of the fabric and fake flowers. The price should be cut in half.

👤Absolutely stunning set. ! It was used for a photo area at our wedding. I didn't use the white drape because my background was mostly white, but it popped with the pink!

👤When I received this order for my daughter's wedding, true professionals put this package with the gorgeous flowers together. More than good quality. I was hesitant to order, but now I am very happy. Ling's flowers are beautiful. The color's were beautiful. Thank you Ling's, would highly recommend.

👤I bought this for my wedding. It turned out pretty. The weather was an issue so we moved in indoors and it turned out great! I liked the way it looked.

👤Very pleased with the appearance and packaging. The arrangement I had had a bad berry. I was not able to contact the seller directly, but I would have to return the whole package. I will keep the flowers and remove the berries. No one will ever know.

11. H FLOLAVIDA Artificial Flowers Centerpiece Decorations

H FLOLAVIDA Artificial Flowers Centerpiece Decorations

It is easy to set up and take down. The material is material. Their artificial roses are made from a high quality PE foam, which gives them a real look of fresh roses and touches soft. The rose head is 3 inches. Each flower has a stem that is 8 inches long,flexible thin wire, and can be cut down or pulled out as you need it. It'sTILE: It is possible to use fake rose in a variety of ways, from wedding arches for ceremony, to making centerpiece for tables, kissing balls, and cake flowers. It is a great gift for your lover to have all the artificial flowers in a rustic style box. Also, note: The size of the roses may be different than the color of the dye lots. If you have a question about their flowers, please contact their customer service, they will be able to give you a satisfactory solution.

Brand: H.flolavida

👤I ordered these for my tree. I couldn't figure out what my tree needed. Then I thought... Hmm... A Christmas tree with roses throughout would be pretty, but not the everyday red rose you see. The quality of these guys was exactly what I was hoping for, and the roses made my Christmas tree stand out. They were cost friendly too. I would probably buy again next year with a new color scheme for my Christmas tree in mind.

👤I recommend these roses for any project as they are light weight, beautiful, and the perfect size. I used them for a custom gift and the recipient was very happy.

👤It was received very fast. The flowers are pretty.


What is the best product for wedding bouquets for bride royal blue?

Wedding bouquets for bride royal blue products from Jaoswish. In this article about wedding bouquets for bride royal blue you can see why people choose the product. Ling's Moment and Arlai are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding bouquets for bride royal blue.

What are the best brands for wedding bouquets for bride royal blue?

Jaoswish, Ling's Moment and Arlai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding bouquets for bride royal blue. Find the detail in this article. Ling's Moment, S-ssoy and Wjyikee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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