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1. Handmade Silk Like Invitations Bouquets Wrapping

Handmade Silk Like Invitations Bouquets Wrapping

DIMENSIONS A roll of floral wire has 673 feet of high quality bind wire. Each roll will be individually packed and sealed in a pack. The size is 2 wide x 7 deep. 3 rolls of burgundy silk ribbons make 21 yards. A touch of color and rustic aesthetic is added by Beautiful, vibrant colors. If you would like to mix colors in 1 set of silk ribbon, please contact them or search for another link, you can find another mix-color link by Doris Home. The fringe chiffon ribbon is made of silk like a chiffon and feels very fancy with a soft edge. The silk ribbon is very delicate and soft. It is easy to cut with sharp scissors and would be great for bouquets. The fringe ribbon is handmade from start to finish, including dyeing, tearing into edges, rolling and packing. The ribbons have been hand shirred. There are multiple applications. The fringe ribbon with soft frayed edge is an excellent choice for bridal shower decorations, gift wrapping, backdrop decorations, newborn, boutonnieres, wedding bouquets wrapping, and tying fringe ribbon around thank you card on table to match. It would be elegant to do rustic or bohemia craft projects. How many do you need? They suggest 2 rolls for 3 bridal bouquets, and 9 rolls for 130 pieces of 5x7 invites tie, if you want to make a wedding invitation. Remember, you will get 3 rolls of 7 yard fringe ribbon per set, so do the math to figure out how many rolls of fringe you will need. If need be, 100% chiffon and low iron. Please allow thread to come from the unfinished edges, just cut the loose threads with scissors.

Brand: Doris Home

👤I used this to wrap my friends wedding bouquet. It was the color I needed and it was light and sturdy. Would buy again.

👤The ribbon is man made and will not tear or rip for use in crowns, bouts, and other adornments. It won't take dye. At all. If you need the exact shade and size, this is a great ribbon. It is a crepe-like material that drapes and flows beautifully. I received 3 rolls in a box and it was enough for a bridal, 8 bridesmaids and 2 flower crowns.

👤Don't use the Christmas tree ribbon. This ribbon was beautiful and delicate. It's just lovely. I wrapped our tree with it and it did not stay in place. I am giving a 5 star review for quality and the packaging was lovely, so I know this isn't the intended purpose for such ribbon. It's nice to have small touches like the box and message. It's just lovely.

👤10 stars are amazing! These are gorgeous. I bought them in 3 different sets, so 9 total. The bridesmaids bouquets and jars were an elegant addition. It's worth it! I will buy again.

👤I would buy from them. I used the handmade fringe ribbon in my wedding bouquets. The ribbon is soft and luxurious. I was shocked by the quality at the price point. I will purchase more to use for my wedding client stationery photos. Beautiful!

👤It's easy to work with. I use this in my packaging for my small business. It is the final touch for my products.

👤The ribbon was perfect. We had a virtual baby shower for our sister in law and brother and we pre-wrapped all the gifts that were sent in. We saved it for the most special gifts. 3

👤A beautiful ribbon. The fringe gets a little annoying when you cut it, but that's to be expected. It's important for the fringe look because once you cut it you can fringe out the cut edge. You have to be careful. I used this to make a bow for my grand-daughter. It's soft and smooth so the animal is still very soft, and the ribbons will look beautiful in her hair. I thought it was a bit pricey at first, but after I received it, it was worth the money and it arrived the next day.

👤Habe erst berlegt, ob der Preis insgesamt. Ich bevorstehenden Hochzeit in vielen Bereichen ist. Dnn, aber trotzdem stabil. The Band passt perfekt.

👤The colour and fabric texture was the same. The ribbon was elegant and flowy enough to wrap bouquets without issues, but still durable enough to have long tails for the bride. Would purchase again. Makes lovely fabric flowers.

👤Even though not having prime, it was as if excepted and came really fast. They are perfect for what I want to do with them. I would recommend them.

👤It is exactly as advertised. I used this on my wedding invitations. I used almost 4 full rolls to add a ribbon belly band to 75 5x7 invitations. I folded them over and taped them shut with wax seals, so I didn't tie them into bows.

2. Handmade Silk Like Colorful Bouquets Invitations

Handmade Silk Like Colorful Bouquets Invitations

The bling ribbon roll can be used for many purposes, such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, anniversaries parties, etc. There are 6 rolls of handmade fringe chiffon ribbons in 1 package, each roll is about 1.5 inch in width and 3 yard in length, which can be cut into different lengths for decorating different crafts projects. The handmade ribbons are soft and rustic, they are cute in design, and each roll of ribbon has a soft edge. The handmade style of silk-like ribbons are completely handmade in each step, including dyeing, tearing into ribbons and fraying, so as to ensure the soft edge and bring you the nice touch feeling. You can apply these fringe ribbons into many different projects, such as bouquet decoration, invitations, backdrop decorations, stationary, newborn and details photography styling, gift wrapping and more. Warm tips, because of the handmade process, please allow small imperfections, pigment marks and slight errors on size, and the color may exist slight difference due to different monitor, kindly noted.

Brand: Willbond

3. Crystal Rhinestone Sparkling Birthday Decorations

Crystal Rhinestone Sparkling Birthday Decorations

If need be, 100% chiffon and low iron. Please allow thread to come from the unfinished edges, just cut the loose threads with scissors. The crystal rhinestone ribbon roll is easy to use and can meet a variety of your needs. You can scissor the length of the ribbons according to your preference. The shiny decoration is added to handmade jewelry, such as hair accessories, clothing, cake decoration, personalized Christmas ornaments, etc. The clear ribbon is easy to stick to and can be stuck by ironing. The bling ribbon roll can be used for many purposes, such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, anniversaries parties, etc.

Brand: Outus

👤Absolutely gorgeous. It's so beautiful, it's DEFINITELY BLING BLING. I went to the hobby lobby and it was $6.00 in a small package. I would need about 20 packages to do what I wanted. I found it on Amazon. It is more beautiful than the Hobby lobby. Any fabric is irons on. It is very easy and sticks. Correct to it. Please make sure the iron is set to correct the temperature of the fabric. You are done. I recommend using hot glue with other projects. This stretches as well. I am ordering more. This is what you really need if you want that bling look. The quality is so worth it, I found it at three yards for the price. Excellent quality! Thank you for the wrap. This isn't a fake wrap that is made of rhinestones. In the last picture. This has real bling. The faux Diamonds look likecrystals and chunks of silver. It's very easy to cut at any length you want. I am in love. After I order more, I want to make more ideas with this wrap. The long bedroom mirror is getting blinged out. You can save $300.00 at the store for a blinged out mirror if you add this wrap and buy a $20.00 mirror at Walmart or elsewhere. I highly recommend! Get this wrap! I promise that you will love how it shines! This review and video and pictures should help. I wanted to add a picture of the wrap that is different. I am going to redo a lot of stuff now. The turquoise wrap on the Orange orchids vase is not as beautiful as the Rhinestone wrap, but it is better than the last picture I put up for comparison. ordered more, blinged out the ceramic plant holder. When it is back in stock, you can order more.

👤I absolutely love this product. It comes with heat glue. I used heat to make my bedroom look better. I used E 6000 glue. I was very happy with the result. I was so happy when I made multiple purchases.

👤I painted and added new hardware to finish off my bathroom. Attaching the painted wood with E3000 is easy. It is very shiny and what I wanted.

👤I am in love with it. It is pretty. It can be made cover more by having a little stretch to it. It's so pretty and thick.

👤This item does not have a stick to it. At the very least uploaded a video. I bought one that had sticky, but this one is worthless.

👤It's easy to cut with scissors if you use glue. This is beyond beautiful and I wish I could bling everything.

👤It was difficult to find something that was thick and easy to use, and didn't fall apart as I tried to use it. I ordered it again because I loved it so much. I was disappointed when I ordered a different one.

👤Very pretty. You won't regret it if you like bling. I put it in my flameless candle. It can be used for many craft projects.

4. StillCool Bouquets Bridesmaid Artificial Creamy White

StillCool Bouquets Bridesmaid Artificial Creamy White

The diameter is in line with the best wedding bouquets. Each bouquet has 16 roses, each rose has a diamond adornment, to greet the bride. The wedding bouquet was manually completed by their worker, can be used as a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid or bound bouquet, suitable for wedding parties, home decorations, churches, photo studios. The handle is decorated with Rhinestone Occasions and wrapped in a ribbon. The package includes a romantic white rose bouquet. If you have a problem, please feel free to contact them, they will try to help you.

Brand: Stillcool

👤These worked out great for my wedding. The color scheme went perfectly after they came as pictured.

👤These are gorgeous. I am in love after ordering the red. I was worried that they would be too small, but I told myself that they were not supposed to be that big. They are the perfect size. The little folded ribbons were not in shape because of the packaging, but that is not the seller's fault. I will have to work with them. The red is vibrant and the crystals are small but not $$$[y. Will definitely recommend. It saved me money to buy my own bouquet.

👤The bouquet was beautiful. It looked real. I was worried it would be small. It was a perfect size. My niece wanted Red Rose's and rhinestones in it, so I added them to it. It was beautiful.

👤The bouquet was packaged well. There was no damage to it and it wasn't smashed into a box. I like the way it was decorated with a ribbon and a stone in the front and a bling ribbon at the bottom. It was a perfect fit for my civil wedding. It was perfect for the occasion. I will use it as a bouquet at my wedding.

👤I bought this as a cheap bouquet for my wedding. The flowers are off-white and the purple was a true Royal purple. Some of the ribbons and petals are wrinkled after my bouquet arrived in a box. Simple fixes for this include using a handheld steamer on the ribbons. The flowers are made from foam, but from afar they look like real flowers.

👤The bridesmaids were given the 4 pack for their wedding. We would have given them 5 stars but they are packed tightly and the ribbon gets creased. I will iron it out, but StillCool needs to work on how their product is packaged. They are sturdy and well made, and you can't beat the price. We are trying to avoid attracting bees due to a severe allergy, so thank you for the alternative. Our venue's gardens are a good place to find unwanted guests.

👤I'm using it for my wedding day. Some of the stones were placed awkwardly and the stones at the bottom were not put properly, so it was loose from the box. Will need to fix it with glue. The ribbon at the base was not straight. It is what you pay for. The wedding day is just a courthouse ceremony and its defects won't matter.

👤Cumple con mis expectativas. Quera un ramo artificial. Muy elaborado. Amigos de satén y las rosas es goma, porque tienes piedrecitas de plstico. Me ha perfecto. Me encanta. No tienes ideal, no tienes mancha. Muy buen producto. Estoy deseando llevarlo.

👤Product was packed tightly and was not very large. We spent some time trying to bring it back to life. I'm not sure if I would buy it again because of the way it was packed. We needed them for a special day.

5. Wedding Bouquet Cabochons Picture Pendant

Wedding Bouquet Cabochons Picture Pendant

A download of their software for Windows and Mac computers is included. The package includes 2 sets of wedding bouquet photo charm kit, each set includes 2 pieces of double blank pendant bases, 2 pieces of oval glass cabochons with 25 x 18mm photo areas, 1 piece of pins, 1 piece of pendant and assorted pieces of jewelry. The kit is made of quality metal and can be applied for a long time. The lace frame around the oval frame is beautiful and eye-catching. You can get a beautiful photo charm if you just link each part with jump rings and cut the picture you want into a shape. The finished product can be ideal for schoolbag pendant, car decoration, and more. You can give this photo charm kit to your wife, partner, grandparents, close friends and more, so you can make meaningful handicrafts together, the beautiful photo can help you keep the memorable time.

Brand: Willbond

👤The item did not come with instructions or recommendations on how to put it together. Please read other reviews and mine for assistance. I messed up two of my own so I'm ordering it again to fix them before my wedding. I used a Kodak Mini Printer to print off my photos from my phone. I put the glass over the face of the photo using the clear overlays that comes with your kit. I traced it using a marker. I carefully cut around the tracing. I make sure it fits over the silver photo holder. I put Loctite Super Glue Gel in the middle of the silver holder and placed the photo over it after I trimmed it to fit. I put the glass piece over the photo I placed on the silver holders after placing all the photos on them. Make sure to place the drop at the top or bottom of their face to prevent it from being distorted by glue. I put glue in the middle of my photos and it ruined their faces. I couldn't tell at the top or bottom. I will be ordering another to fix my two that got messed up from the glue, but I would have been able to prevent it.

👤You can use the charms to create whatever you want. My daughter's charms were pinned into her bouquet with blue ribbon because she had a memory charm. My son in law wore a memory charm. You have to glue the picture to the charm then glue the glass on top of it. I used superglue on the first one. I had to make another one because it came with four photo charms. I only needed three. It worked great.

👤I loved the product, but I wish it was pre-assembled so I could take a picture.

👤The product was in pieces. There were no instructions on how to put the photos on or how to fix them. Don't buy.

👤I love these! It was a nice surprise for my husband.

👤It was perfect for my bride and groom.

👤The bride loved them because she was able to include her dead loved ones in heaven.

6. EORTA Handmade Decoration Christmas Centerpiece

EORTA Handmade Decoration Christmas Centerpiece

You can choose from 1/2” to 2” wide or 5Yd long per roll. The plastic is high quality and odour free. The bead part is 13 cm and the total length is 25 cm. The bead is approximately 4mm in diameter. Each strand of pearls has 6 counts. They will give you 100 stems. The design is beautiful and bright. It looks nice to add glamour to your event. Can be used for a variety of craft projects.

Brand: Eorta

👤This was a waste. I wanted to do a type of centerpiece that they didn't work for. If you do the types of things in the pictures, they are not versatile. They are fragile. I think I only pulled 2 out of the bundle, the branches fell out of the tape around the stem, so I have to handle with care.

👤There is nothing I dislike about this product. The cost is reasonable. Since we have been stricken with the coronaviruses, it has been difficult to find craft supplies. When I shop at Amazon, the only thing that is out of stock is paint. I like shopping on Amazon.

👤It's used in flower arrangements. The star is not bendable at the tips to arrange around flowers.

👤I put it in a flower center piece for Christmas.

👤A great deal. I have used this bag in many projects. It is easy to work with and looks great.

👤These are very delicate and short, if you want it for a vase, it has to be very small, I have to fill my sponge so it looks a little taller.

👤These are nice picks. I am using them to make hair and they work perfectly. I appreciated that they got here quickly.

👤A bright white vase will look nice as an insert on your Christmas tree, adding to your wreath, etc...

👤Absolutely love them. They are perfect. I used them in my Christmas tree and it was great value.

👤Super pour la déco de 30e ann.

👤They need to be too short disappointed to be a substitute in a bouquet.

👤Bonne quantité.

7. Wedding Bouquet Memorial Resizing Bachelor

Wedding Bouquet Memorial Resizing Bachelor

This bridal bouquet decoration is suitable for wedding use, which can make a charming addition to your important day, also fit for you to hang them on the curtain, doll, car, bag, school bag, tree or other household items. This is a beautiful handmade bridal bouquet charm in silver with 3 antique silver colored photo frames for you to put in photos of that special person who will not be able to be with you on your wedding day, with a warm quote and a beautiful design. The bridal wedding bouquet charm is composed of a blue angel pendant, 3 frames with lace, a heart-shaped pendant and a ribbon, and you can tie the ribbon to the bridal oval photo charm bouquet to decorate your wedding, giving your wedding a fairy and romantic atmosphere. The photo frame of memorial bride angel pendant has a clear cover to protect your photograph, you will need a fine nozzle glue to secure the cover in place, just apply a little of nozzle glue around the rim of the glass, then the cover will be fixed firmly. The blue angel pendant has a length of 2.5 cm, the photo frames have a 5 x 4 cm and the heart-shaped pendant has a 2 cm. You can use this bridal bouquet charm decoration for weddings and hang it on the curtain, doll, car, bag, school bag, tree or other household items.

Brand: Mtlee

👤Aunque un poco ms pequeo en realidad tienes una foto 2x2 or 1.5x2 ms o menos. Muy buen broche, estos no traen el pegamento. Todo tiene rpido. Los detalles are divinos.

👤It did what I needed it to do, but there should be a better way to keep the glass on the charm.

👤It was difficult to set up one of the picture charms because it was cracked and chipped. I did fix it myself.

👤The frames are weird and not sure how to put a picture on them.

👤I bought this for a friend to put on her bouquet and was very disappointed. The lockets are cheap and large. The silver color was starting to chip off.

👤I'm very pleased with the product. The item is just as described.

👤It was difficult to find a glue for that.

8. Self Adhesive Crystal Rhinestone Birthday Decorations

Self Adhesive Crystal Rhinestone Birthday Decorations

Warm tips, because of the handmade process, please allow small imperfections, pigment marks and slight errors on size, and the color may exist slight difference due to different monitor, kindly noted. Each roll of diamond rhinestone ribbon is approx 1 yards in length, 4 yards in total, and have 4 widths, including 1 cm/ 0.4 inch, 1.5 cm/ 0.59 inch, 2 cm/ 0.79 inch, and 3 cm/ 1.18 inch. You can change the length of the ribbons. The self-adhesive design of the rhinestones sheet makes it easy to stick on items you want to decorate; Just peel off the paper on the back, paste it to make it firmly stick to the surface; and note: do not expose the sticker to the water. The high-quality materials and easy bonding make the bling ribbons safe and harmless. It is not easy to fall off of a sticker that is sticky, odorless and lightweight. These self-adhesive stickers can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as weddings, theme parties, daily use and happier occasions, and can be put in after receiving the product. Their car decoration stickers are covered with millions of rhinestones, which makes them sparkle in the sun, perfect for decorating your car or clothes to add a golden touch.

Brand: Tayetlly

👤The trim is very strong and not repositional. After you use it, it has a funny smell. The rhinestones are very shiny. They make a thick trim.

👤I bought the color black. The crystals are used to decorate ornaments that are round. The straight tape on the spherical shape was difficult to put on, but the high quality and thick glue made it easy to put on the balls. It's better than expected. It holds. Needs sharp tools.

👤This glitter is very much in love with me. The sizes that I got with this order were perfect. I wanted it to be more of a product for what you pay. It worked for me in 888-349-8884

👤Iblinged the plant stand because it needed something extra to make it interesting. The rolls were easy to work with and the backing was strong. It has a bit of stretch. I love the sparkle!

👤This trim is very strong. I added fabric glue that was stretchable to the trim for extra strength. The trim is very flexible and not stiff at all.

👤There were only one pack of rolls. Not as described. Returning.

👤The product isn't as shown in the pictures. There is a dense placement on the sheet. The white sheet underneath is not as dense. Looks like rubbish.

9. DECORA Bouquet Arranging Projects Corsages

DECORA Bouquet Arranging Projects Corsages

One roll of floral tape. Strong and strong and strong. It's ideal to use for flower arrangement, stem-wrapping bouquets, artificial flower, gift wrapping, and more. The color will not bleed. The dimensions are 90 yrd. per roll

Brand: Decora

👤I used this tape to make bouquets. I watched videos on the internet about how to build a bouquet and apply floral tape. I had no issues with this tape. I would recommend it to others. I think that user error and not understanding how to use floral tape are more likely to cause low ratings than poor product quality.

👤I've been using floral tape for 25 years and I know it's not good, even though some reviewers say it's all in the technique. A gentle pull and stretch is all that is needed to get the tackiness in a floral tape, but this one did not stick to itself, it didn't matter if I pressed, smashed the end together. The product's waxiness made the glue pop right off. I sealed the ends with an old green floral tape I had laying around for years, but I didn't get the result I wanted with the white stem for the wedding. It was a total waste of time and money to make the trip to return the item.

👤I don't know anything about floral tape or flowers. I was not going to spend over $100 for a couple of prom bouquets. I used this to make my own. It was difficult to wrap at first, but it held up well throughout the event. I wrapped the flowers with tape and ribbon. I'm happy with the product and the bouquets were beautiful.

👤The reviews indicated that the brand was the FloraTape. The brand I received was not the FloraTape brand. I think it was a substitute. Is it sticky or not? Does not stay on the stem. I ordered in advance of the wedding. I have a chance to find something that works.

👤I've been a florist for 35 years and have never used tape like that. I ran out of Oasis tape at the last minute and couldn't get it in time from my regular supplier. The tape that I got from Amazon Prime was not very good and would tear very easily. This stuff is not worth much even at the low price. Real professional floral tape is more expensive because of that.

👤I like the way this floral tape holds up. It was convenient to order online, and I was glad I could purchase 4 rolls at once. The craft store is 25 minutes away. The floral tape is of good quality and saved me a trip to the store. Thanks!

👤The tape did not stick well and tore easily. I used tape and silk flowers to create stems for many of the flowers I was using. I was able to hot glue the wrap to the stems to make up for the lack of glue in the final product. It was difficult to work with while building the bouquet.

👤This is the most frustrating floral tape I have ever used. You pull on it and it breaks. I wonder why there is no chance for a return. Save your money!

10. AUSOGO Artificial Bridesmaid Valentines Anniversary

AUSOGO Artificial Bridesmaid Valentines Anniversary

As a wedding bouquet, or as a home deco flower in vases or pots. Wherever you want a fall style fast and easy. The bouquet flower for bridemaid is important at your wedding ceremony and can enhance value to your wedding. The bridal bouquet is very beautiful, Noble and perfect, such as bridal bouquets, wedding flower decoration, weddings, bouquets for churches and parties. There are purposeMULTI applications. There are artificial flowers that fit for wedding bridal bouquets, wedding celebrations, parties, dances, outdoor activities, photography and wedding photos. It can be used as a romantic gift. The people at the wedding are protected from the disease by the wedding bouquet. The value of life. You can enjoy poetic home life in your kitchen, windowsill, living room, dining table, bedroom, front porch, garden, veranda and balcony with fake flowers. There areARM tips. Artificial flowers can be squeezed and altered in transit, but they will be recovered with a slight adjustment after being displayed. You can use a hair dryer with cold wind to dry the flowers, or you can use boiled water to smoke the flowers and get rid of the smell. If you have any questions, please contact them at first time. You can separate the bouquet and make your own flower group. Plastic flowers are UV resistant and can be put anywhere. The cold weather kills fresh flowers, but this artificial bouquet of flowers always bloom, vibrant and alive with you. 100% risk-free. Buy risk-free artificial flowers. They want to provide a superior customer experience. If there is any squeezing of the product during transportation, please contact them in time and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Brand: Ausogo

👤The bouquet that I ordered for my wife and I wedding was wrinkled and smooshed. The second one was the same as the first one, but not bad. They weren't as nice as the site had shown, even after they sat out and tried to unmoosh the bouquet. If you don't mind that, I would recommend a different fake assortment. Good luck if this is for your wedding!

👤The bouquet will be enjoyed by any bride.

👤The bouquet arrived well packaged and seems very durable. The design, decoration and weight were all good. This bouquet will be a great gift for the occasion.

👤The materials used felt cheap, but they were stunning.

👤It looked like it in the picture.

👤There is a piece in the front of the bouquet that fell off. Frustrating.

👤There is a great selection of flower heads. I am making wedding bouquets and this one was great. The flowers look real and are not all the same color. They look great together, they are off white and cream. They are in a box that helps them not get crushed. They have a variety of flowers that go well with each other. They are a little pricey, but worked great for what I needed.

11. Zippersell Wedding Artificial Bouquets Handmade

Zippersell Wedding Artificial Bouquets Handmade

The silk rose and peonies are handmade. The weight is 7.8 lbs. The actual size may be different from what they provided. A bride and her bridesmaids are holding flowers. The silk bouquets look gorgeous today and will last a lifetime. There are multiple colors of brides to choose from, there will be a perfect color for you. The bouquet might be squeezed some time of shipping, so that it looks the same as it shows on the picture. Please email them if you have a problem.

Brand: Jackcsale

👤This was absolutely beautiful. My friend is getting married the day after the holiday and flowers are expensive. I found a bridal bouquet and 2 smaller ones that coordinated. I found a set of 4 boutonnires. The flower shop quoted over $400 to do something similar, but I ordered all you see in the photo below for $80-$90 on Amazon Prime. They came quickly, but they looked great out of the box. The only thing I didn't like about them was the pink plasticvines that protruded from the flowers as an accent. I cut them out because they looked cheap and lessened the look of the bouquet. The result is what you see after a couple of minutes. I plan to put my own bows around the base of the flowers as they did a great job of placing the front bow on one but the front wasn't in the same place on the other I want them to be the same. We are very pleased with everything and this won't be a big deal. I cut out the cheap looking pink plastic things and they look legit.

👤A bouquet of flowers will be used on my wedding day. I didn't think I would get married again after my husband's death.

👤The bouquet is beautiful. I will cover the area with an extra lace wrap, but it is really good quality. My wedding was going to be white/ivory/greenery but after receiving this bouquet, I am now adding more peach into the decor flowers, the combination is really beautiful! I just fluffed the greens and here it is. Can't wait for this to be a part of our big day!

👤I bought this inexpensive bouquet in hopes that it would be as nice as the one I bought from a different seller, but sadly it was not. The flowers look like plastic. I bought a fake bouquet from a different seller and it looked real. I was hoping to save money but it didn't work out. I used this bouquet as a decoration at my bridal shower. I will put it next to the guest book at our wedding so that I can use it again. It's cute, but not the quality I was looking for.

👤I couldn't fluff it back up after the smushed. I was not a fan of the ribbon and little rhinestone, but just wrapped it around the stems and it came together.

👤We only realized that the long lace ribbon was never fully added when we used our bouquet this weekend. When you get it, please check yours. It is a bouquet that looks real and is held up through the ceremony. This purchase was very nice. We would have liked to have realized the missing lace before the 30 day return time ended.

👤This was packaged in plastic wrap and then thrown in the box. Due to limited time constraints, we are going to have to make it work. A close friend is going to add more flowers to it to fill in the bareness.


What is the best product for wedding bouquet wrap?

Wedding bouquet wrap products from Doris Home. In this article about wedding bouquet wrap you can see why people choose the product. Willbond and Outus are also good brands to look for when you are finding wedding bouquet wrap.

What are the best brands for wedding bouquet wrap?

Doris Home, Willbond and Outus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for wedding bouquet wrap. Find the detail in this article. Stillcool, Willbond and Eorta are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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